My VA Story

New Website, My VA Story, Collects Anonymous VA Horror Stories

My VA Story

A new website, My VA Story, will allow veterans to submit horror stories about the Department of Veterans Affairs because DC is not getting the message.

The veterans group Concerned Veterans of America (CVA) just set up the website located at the URL Veterans will be allowed to tell their story anonymously to avoid reprisal from VA employees while also getting the word out about their injury.

I think this is a great idea. Washington DC insiders are obviously not listening. The press is presently too busy to report on VA scandals with the same circa 2014 zeal. VA itself is attacking anyone in the press who questions their motives.

It’s a tough time right now to get your story heard.

So, CVA stepped into the gap to make a difference. I wanted to create a similar web property but lacked the funding to get it off the ground. Kudos to CVA for getting it paid for. I hope lots of veterans make use of it.


Dan Caldwell, a CVA spokesman, had this to say to The Daily Caller about the project:

“Even though there are instances that they provide high quality care, it is too inconsistent,” Caldwell says. “It is too often based on quality of management of the hospital, based on, in some cases, pure luck.”

There is no question that veterans have good experiences. But, VA supporters “take these success stories and they hold them up as examples for the whole system, and that’s not accurate to say,” according to Caldwell.

“Even though there are instances that they provide high quality care, it is too inconsistent,” Caldwell says. “It is too often based on quality of management of the hospital, based on, in some cases, pure luck.”

There are many veterans who would certainly agree with Caldwell’s perspective. What about you? What do you think about the My VA Story website?


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  1. Utube video.

    “Rep. Jim Jordan Grills Clinton IT Officials on Email Setup – September 13, 2016”

    It’s not really a “Grilling”. It’s the “timeline” where the IT specialists, due to THEIR emails, are starting to realize they might be getting thrown under the Mac Truck!

  2. Speaking of needles I got a copy of the movie Vaxxed today from Netflix. I see CNN’s Anderson Cooper plays a lead roll in the movie selling out for the drug companies.

    I wonder how much the Clinton Campaign is paying him for those ads he is running for Hillary’s campaign where he lets her call-in over the phone each time she has an episode. So the media can call it and exclusive interview when really it is just a exclusive telephone ad for Hillary.

    Mr. Cooper isn’t what you are doing called Treason?

  3. For some reason the emails from Ben do not get to my in box until later in day but that also is my Time Warner address, if it were the gmail account it would be instantaneous but am tight-fisted on giving that email address out.

    @crazyelf- I have a personal 3-stick rule. If it should take a third stick, that person has reached the end of my patience for subjection to torture. If I were diabetic I would deal with it but for now, I absolutely hate needles.

    1. namnibor,
      My “needlephobia” was a direct result if a nurse in Cincinnati using the same hypo on multiple vets/patients.

      That was in the late 80’s or early 90’s, when medical used those hypos where the nurse had to change the vial each time. Remember those?

      When she got to me, I was out of the chair. Called police. Had her written up. And, the hypo had blood on it from the previous patients, which was enough for the cops to take her away.
      Plus, a couple of vets stayed and confirmed my story.
      Remember also, this was a time period when the “Aids Scare” was at its height!
      Around the same time that “aids infected homosexual spat on that cop” in Cincinnati, remember that. It made national news, big time!

    1. No, but just as I have “down days”, am thinking Benjamin also has “life happens” events as well. That, or Benjamin is crossing his ‘T’s’ and dotting the ‘I;s’ for some really juicy VA corruption story to be rolled-out…or Benjamin had a VA Dr. visit and they are replacing him with an exact replica from VA Genomics Labs…but the VA nurse is still looking for the vein. 🙂

      1. His email came in suggesting a post on the USA today article I mentioned about the VA not reporting statistics on how good their hospitals are as required by law, but the link is broken.

        He could have changed gears and may be writing a new post on the House passing new legislation making it easier for the VA to fire hacks.

        If they choose to use the authority. If the DOJ doesn’t pre-empt it declaring it unconstitutional.
        If hell freezes over.

      2. namnibor,
        The reason I asked this was because I received an email from Ben, today, and then I accidentally deleted it.

        The title was something about “VA refusing medical treatment…” Or something!

        Which is different than yesterday’s blog.

        I also hope nothing’s wrong!
        Yes, I’ve had techs try to locate a vein on me before. One actually stuck my arm numerous times trying to find a vein. After the fourth stick, I asked her, “What the Hell are you doing?” She just laughed at me!

        Finally, I asked for a real nurse to draw my blood!
        By the time I got home, my left arm was black and blue. It remained that way for about two or three days!

        I made a complaint. She has since been fired from that (“contracted”) company. She had multiple complaints against her.
        Then, about two months later, I found out she “…didn’t like Caucasian people!”
        How’s that for a “Racist Embodiment” of hiring practices at VHA’s and the outsourced company!

      3. As long as AFGE President David “little” Cox does not influence things again. They are morbidly afraid of accountability…true accountability.

    2. Ben’s email came in, but the link in the email goes to a 404 page.
      I went to the main address and don’t see a new posting.

      1. I’ve emailed Ben, asking if he has put a new blog on today.
        That was about 15-20 minutes ago.
        How about y’all also email him!?

  4. Here’s two more Utube videos of the Congressional Oversight Committee interrogating the IT Experts today!

    “Rep. Jason Chaffetz Questions IT Official on Setting Up Hillary’s Private Server – 9/13/16′

    (06:48 minutes)

    Looks like Mr. Cooper is “singing” loud and clear! He NEVER had a security clearance while working for the Clinton’s, personally, AND the “Clinton Foundation” – simultaneously!

    “Clinton IT Experts Plead the Fifth and Pull Out of House Hearing on Clinton Email – 9/13/16”

    Combetta and Thornton are two punkass Cowards! They know full well what they did was a Violation of Law.
    Are they afraid? They better be!

    1. Combetta and maybe Pagliano don’t have to be afraid. I don’t know who the other guy is.
      Combetta doesn’t have to worry because Hillary’s attorney fixers, Mills and likely Kendall called him up to delete any emails, and likely told him he either had attorney-client privilege, or that he would get immunity, or he would be sleeping with the fishes.

      I read somewhere though that his immunity would likely not prevent him from testifying before congress, depending on they type of immunity….a promise not to prosecute, or full blown immunity. The article I read said full blown immunity would only come from a grand jury, and since none was seated, his “immunity” likely amounted to a promise not to prosecute, and there would be nothing preventing compelling his testimony to congress.

      But then, this is Obama’s DOJ and the Clintons.

      1. 91Veteran,

        I also had never heard of this “Thornton” character!
        But there sure seems to be a lot of people being granted immunity through the DOJ!
        According to Judges, both retired and active, immunity can only be granted by a federal judge or through a grand jury process in this case.
        I’m surely going to enjoy what is happening in our government!

  5. “Judge Hastings vs Congress”,
    as seen on the “American Justice” TV Show this morning on “channel 9.3 digital”.
    The episode is called, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”!
    This is a very interesting show.

    If y’all can find it, I strongly suggest watching it.
    It goes back way before our “Founding”, 1776. In reality, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” is “…a 14th century belief!” The “Founding Father’s” only redefined the wording, in a effort, so as to not bring false evidence against anyone holding public office, paraphrasing!

    That being said,
    Judge Hastings was “impeached by Congress” even though a court of his peers found him “Not Guilty”, in Florida, over a bribery charge in the 1980’s.

    One could argue, rightfully so, Hillary Clinton could still be held in contempt by the Congressional Oversight Committee. Even though she was given “a pass” on indictment by the DOJ by way of the FBI.
    Then, of course, there’s the possibility of Hillary Clinton having “charges of perjury” brought against her. Where, when she testified, (falsely), during the Benghazi (and her emailgate) Hearings! As was confirmed by the head of the FBI, Director Comey.

    1. In any Case if Hillary won in November Congress could impeach her and prevent her from taking office. If she loses then Congress could refer her to a new department of justice and prosecute her. That is only if Obama doesn’t pardon her and Bill and everyone else involved.

      But lets face it she isn’t going to be in the running very much longer.

  6. I see someone has pulled the floor out on the market again today. Already wiping out the partial recovery from yesterday after Fridays losses. Dropping fast too.

    1. The stock market is not going well. I saw on one of the videos from yesterday, where, “from year to date”,(12 Sept), it only was up by “3.8 points” total recovery!

      As Mr. Trump has said, he “…hopes it crashes…” BEFORE he takes office! So he doesn’t get blamed for all the poor agendas brought about by this, (Obama + Hillary + Kerry + Congress + +++), administration!
      (I know “agendas” is the wrong word, I’m not fully awake yet, lol)

      Mr. Trump has also put out a video using the term “BUBBLE”, (“You heard it here first”), in regards to our economy.

      I do have a bad feeling over this. If it does crash, millions of Americans are not going to react well, and that’s putting it mildly, Seymore!

      If they think the “housing market crash”, of 2008 & 9, was bad. This next one will be even worse!

      Let’s just say, I hope everyone has a green thumb for producing their own food. Like many of our parents did during “The Great Depression!”

      1. Hey Elf,

        I believe the bubble that Trump is talking about is being caused by the interest rates being held low so that the rich can keep borrowing money to buy stocks. The stocks then pay off more then they have to pay on interest on the loans.

        As the rich get richer the more money they borrow to purchase more stocks with borrowed money. With the greater demand for stocks the prices of stocks is driven up.

        So if we do raise the interest rate the rich earn less money. Because they have to pay higher interest rates on the money they borrow to buy stocks. So demand for the stocks goes down and so do the price of the stock.

        So with these low interest rates the banks get richer by borrowing more money and the rich get richer by borrowing more money and buy more stock. All while not contributing any kind of value to the economy or Gross National Product. They are nothing but leaches that are sucking the lives blood out of our economy.

        So the values of the stocks on the market today is really way below the current prices of the stocks on the market due to the borrowing to buy stocks and creating a false demand.

        Wall street knows that if the Clintons win then their system is protected. But if Trump wins interest rates will raise and there will be fewer leaches sucking the lives blood out of our economy. All these fortunes that have been made by these leaches will disappear overnight.

        The problem is that legitimate investors will also be hurt and wiped out in the process of bursting the bubble. Such as retirement funds and pensions funds that have been invested into the stock market because they could no longer remain solvent due to the low interest rates being paid on their collective savings or the low interest rate being paid on bonds. Overnight when the bubble burst they will lose big time.

        An example. Say a company has a real stock value of $50 but after the last 16 years the value has been artificially inflated by the lowest rates and the blood suckers borrowing money to buy the stock with money they do not have. The low interest rates have also forced retirement funds and pension funds to invest on the stock market to remain solvent. So after 16 years of this the stock is selling at $100 even though it’s real value is only $50.

        If the interest rate rises there is less demand for the stock also the last buyers of the stock have to start selling their shares of the stock because the stock value is declining and gets below the price they paid for the stock. To cut their losses they have to sell.

        The sooner they sell the less money they will lose. So they are even willing to sell for less than the current rate of the stock to cut their losses. The lower rate then puts other investors in the same spot and they also now have to sell in an economy that is being flooded by supply with little demand. So as more and more stock for the company is being put on the market and the value of the stock being driven down the stock will go below the actual value before rebounding to its proper value.

        Of course the leaches who have been borrowing to buy stock can always claim their loses as a tax write off or file bankruptcy for protection. But the pension funds and retirement funds who actually invested real money loss the money they invested.

        So if they raise interest rates to shakeout the leaches the market crashes and so do the retirement and pension funds. If they do it now it is on Obama and if they let it go until December it will be on Trump if he wins.

        All so that Obama’s stats look better on growth of the economy even thought the real value of the economy didn’t grow it was just artificially inflated by the low interest rates.

        Just like Bush did to Obama before he took office.

      2. I am also a ‘veteran’ of the 2008 Market Crash in which what I had in what was then called ‘Wakovia’ was all but gone then gobbled-up by Wells-Fargo, who just further screwed many Americans with a scandal that we have not heard the end of yet.
        Dodd-Frank only made the investors go more into the shadows and did not stop the behavior that caused the ’08 banking fiasco in first place.

      3. Sorry to hear that Namnibor.

        The housing bubble robbed millions of America and took the real value of their money into the pockets of the leaches at the top.

        Sadly, when this true equity bubble burst it is going to be much worse. We already have a two tiered system of Justice that is going rob everyone except the 1% at the top.

  7. Hey Elf,

    Quick question!

    Which of the Clinton University scams are you referencing?

    The Clinton Global Initiative University, Laureate International Universities, or the Wake Forest University scam?




    1. All three, Seymore!
      Seems the truth, on any MSM, doesn’t get out to the American citizens like it’s supposed to! Of course, the diehard Democrat supporters don’t care about the truth!

      I wonder, how many “average everyday hard working democrats” believe they will have some sort of “special privilege” once, (IF), “The Hildabeast” is elected?

      I wonder IF they believe they will “financially benefit” from her presidency? If so, I believe, they have a hard awakening fast approaching!

      Seems they are drinking the “Kool-aid” she spouts on everything! Why haven’t they understood, by now, everything she says is only a “way to a means” to her!?

      She flip-flops on every single issue she’s ever been involved in!
      Her 30+ years in government service is rife with scandal after scandal. Yet, no one, in our law enforcement agencies, has ever taken her down. Even back in Arkansas, before she married bill, her record was pitiful!

      Of course, old billy-boy was involved with those “drug cartels” out of South America back then. Remember that little scandal he and her were involved in!?

      Remember when she ran for the Senate? How she was going to bring 200,000 jobs to New York. Then, after she was elected, New York LOST over 68,000 jobs.

      There’s so much people need to understand about this woman. Yet, they bury their heads in the sand. Which exposes where their brains are located!

  8. From “” today.

    “Here’s Where Clinton, Trump Stand on Veterans Issues”

    12 September 2016
    Task & Purpose | by Sarah Sicard

    In my opinion, the author of this ‘op-ed’ is slanted toward the Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton.
    It’s use, or opinions, of the VFW is throughout.
    Hillary Clinton definitely had little use for veterans, until the “poll” came out highly favoring Mr. Trump. As is shown in the article. Mr. Trump has a double digit lead over “The Hildabeast” amoung veterans!
    If you’ll notice, there’s mention of “Trump University”, yet, NO mention of the (fraudulent) university of the Clinton’s!
    I suggest reading the article for yourself.

    1. Hey Elf,

      I was wondering if you have heard, or read, anything about how much Anderson Cooper is getting paid to do those mock phone in interview Campaign Ads for Hillary on CNN?

      I hope it is a lot because he is sure throwing all of his credibility out the window. In the Mock interviews where she has phoned in twice now after health events she always sounds like someone else if you listen closely.


  9. >>What do you think about the My VA Story website?

    With due respect to CVA, I think their site is a good place for veterans and their stories. Like you write, “D.C. isn’t listening…”

    Well, I wrote CVA my story, sent it to their head office and one to the local CVA group. That was a year or two ago. Been writing to Congress for years. Wrote my cousin who is an investigative reporter and he wasn’t interested (typical for that side of the family). Wrote local military & VA beat reporter, he said he had a stack of such letters. My own family didn’t really believe my story, only until legal rep won my case did they even come around. Funny, they seem to have forgotten my years worth of my same story. Wrote my story for a military group a few years ago headed to D.C to speak to Congress on the Congressional floor to lobby for more money for research and treatment. I think they got a couple bucks for that. My story is too bland for most of these places I figure. Nevertheless a VA nightmare journey .

    I feel too jaded to think the CVA will actually get Congress to DO THE RIGHT THING by having Congress members reading or listening to CVA and its website of veterans/VA stories. Have they yet?
    Have we yet? This VA thing & Congress thing, has been going on for DECADES!

    I thought the Koch Bros started/funded CVA, is that correct? Didn’t they say they were sitting out this Pres election due to they don’t like Trump and his stances? So they will fund the state elections of their picked candidates and not the Pres election, or something like that.

    I had such high hopes for the veterans using VA via CVA’s campaign after listening to Pete when he was in town when it first started. Just didn’t seem to work out that way looking back or forward.

    If the billionaire boys can’t get D.C. to listen to veterans and actually get VA to fix itself (gee Congress holds the purse!!) I just don’t see why writing my story again for the umpteenth time is gonna do squat.

    1. That Koch Brother’s connection with CVA indeed also bothers me but I did not mention it earlier, as many people tend to think that’s innocuous but it’s certainly NOT because we Veterans are the dust on the bottom of the expendable pawns on the Koch Brother’s chessboard. Also a tax write-off. Probably a way to influence VA privatization that only benefits Koch’s. They are indeed Koch’s. 🙂

      1. They want veteran stories about VA experiences, yet CVA backers are sitting this Pres election out because they don’t like Trump!! heck that’s a vote for hillary in a round about way. yet Trump was the only candidate Dem or Rep or Lib that spoke up for veterans this VA fiasco. Raised money too.

        I think your concerns about CVA funders is warranted. With their money and influence they could have if they really wanted could have forced some in Congress to start fixing the VA. No different than Buffet getting prez el dictator to stop that pipeline.

        Wonder why Pete really left CVA? See him on Fox once in awhile so I see he landed ok.

        By and large, we veterans are just the little people.

  10. Update on the Wells-Fargo Banking Scandal: The CEO has left Wells-Fargo amidst the scandal with a $125 MILLION Golden Parachute and she has been PRAISED for her leadership…at the same time Wells-Fargo was fined just under $200 MILLION for scamming their customers. JUST LIKE THE VA….bad behavior is rewarded, no accountability. But HEY…Wells-Fargo FIRED over 5,600 employees….but not upper management that encouraged such gaming of system for Performance Bonuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? WTF? WTF?

    1. Hey Namnibor,

      That “$125 MILLION Golden Parachute” is just Wall Street speak for Her $125 Million cut of the proceeds of the scam. Makes it appear legal when she dancing all the way to the bank with her new $125 million account.

  11. I Only Pray this will jar the Congress and the Public because nothing has worked so far!!
    As a side note Mr. Krause ,on the new site,My Story,you once again forgot their are Veterans living outside the US because the page would not allow my 4 digit Zip Code from the Philippines,There are Many Retired Veterans here besides me,40,000 at last count so can you fix your site to accept our comments also??

    USMC Ret.
    Semper Fi

    1. Hey Bob,

      Ben is not in control of the site in the article. That is run by the veterans group Concerned Veterans of America (CVA).

      Although I do see that you are posting here so you are not having problems with Ben’s site.

      From the new we are getting here in the states it sounds like the Philippines maybe getting hazardous for Americans. Any truth to the articles?

      They are saying that the new leader wants all U.S. Military removed from the Philippines and that Americans are becoming targets for kidnapping and murder.

  12. Sorry that should read “After their failed assassination attempt on Putin the other day have to wonder who all will be at the meeting?”

    and not “assignation attempt”

  13. Hey Elf, Namnibor, 91Veteran, all others,

    “Bill Clinton to replace Hillary at the Nevada rally Wednesday”, by Caroline Bleakley, Las Vegas Now channel 8 news; 09/12/2016

    Full article: “Former President Bill Clinton will stand in for his wife, Hillary, at a campaign rally scheduled for Wednesday in Las Vegas.

    Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia over the weekend and had already canceled her appearances in California on Monday and Tuesday so she could recuperate. Her husband will also attend fundraising events in California.”



    I wonder how much Bill will be charging for a speaking fee for covering for Hillary?
    Of Course the so called rally had been listed as a fund raising event with donors prior to Hillary’s episode.

    I am sure that Bill’s pilot knows the way to the airport after his prior meeting in Nevada with the Attorney General at that airport. I wonder who he will accidentally bump into this time at the airport?

    Will they be using his jet or the other person’s jet for the accidental meeting?

    After their failed assignation attempt on Putin the other day have to wonder who all will be at the meeting?

    “Putin Assassination Attempt kills Driver – Video Slow Motion”

  14. You think I’m a quitter? Here’s your prescription: take 2500 mg of lithium 2x’s per day. Geez doc, why can’t I walk? Oh lol, I made a mistake, my bad! I could have died, the dosage was lethal! It’s a matter of record. She got away with prescribing a lethal dose of lithium. The prescription is a matter of record, but she laughs “my bad.” Funny thing is, it’s a matter of record. She didn’t know that the dosage she prescribed was toxic? Dumbass that I am took it until I couldn’t walk!

    1. Hey tlowm,

      You do know that VA healthcare is hazardous to your health. The safest thing to do is to see a civilian Doctor that is in no way connected to the VA and have them review and get you off any perceptions that have been provided by the VA.

      It is safe to say the leading cause of death among Veterans who are enrolled in VA healthcare is the Healthcare they are receiving from the VA.

    2. The VA did same thing to me but it was with Gabapentin. Both legs swelled-up and feet increased 6 shoe sizes. It was a toxic reaction that somepople cannot take for severe Poly Neuropathies, so Lyrica is used instead, which is a very close cousin of Gabapentin, BUT the VA did not want to RX Lyrica because it was not on the RX Formulary. I was told the reaction would just go away. Ended-up in a civilian hospital and when they asked if I was sure a Neurologist told me that, I reiterated that it was at the VA and a latecomer to the rounds said I need to get away from the VA if they can mess-up the few options even out there for Neuropathies. Just so the VA could save some $$ my health was not the ‘world class care’ the VA loves to tout.
      No longer at the VA and using Medicare. Much happier. Not perfect. But safer.

  15. Seymore, yes,
    Here’s another Utube video you need to watch.

    “Jason Chaffetz Slams FBI Agents Right From the Start Of Hearing On Hillary Clinton Investigation”

    Three interesting facts,
    1.) The “oversight committee” began in 1814!
    2.) The FBI was required to turn over all information as required by law.
    3.) The 7 people being “SLAMMED” make over $1 million/year between them.
    Wouldn’t y’all love that job?

    I do believe this is going to be “The nail in Hildabeast’s coffin!”

    1. Hey Elf,

      Did you know that if the FBI goes after the Clinton Foundation they would be going after the brother of Director James Comey. Peter Comey is the Directors brother he is also the man who does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation.

      “Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection”, by Patrick Howley, Breitbart News; Sep 10, 2016


      1. Seymore,
        Like Judge Jeanine Pirro said of Director Comey, quote: “Jim, If you lie with dogs, expect to get fleas!”

        He should have known better than to connect himself with a “foundation” of crooks, Liars and thieves!
        I commend him for trying to protect his brother. Yet, there’s a point where protection isn’t viable!
        If they want to act like the mafia, well, you know what they do when their people get too greedy!!!!!!

        (Note: Director Comey also had something to do with the Clinton administration back in the 90’s.)

        The way I see this coming down is simple ———-
        A bunch of people, ie: “The Hildabeast”, slick “child molester” Willy, “Chelsea” (the girl who isn’t Bill’s daughter), her no account hubby, plus countless others will be heading off to prison. Or, they will run over to some country. Where the U.S. has no extradition laws!


        91Veteran –
        Not only did everyone connected to “The Hildabeast’s” email scandals lie, (commit perjury), and embarrass Congress; ie: the “oversight committee, (est. 1814)”, they withheld tens of thousands of documents! Thereby making fools outta Congress and all the citizens of America!
        Plus, and the most egregious of all, they endangered every man, woman and child in America with allowing her to commit “Gross Negligence”!

      2. I was going to easte some more time posting my near death ecperience at the hands of va quacks, but why bother, no one and I mean no cares.

      3. Bill,

        Did you happen to read the article above?

        They are looking for posing on near death experience at the hands of the VA.

  16. I’m a chicken shit even though I’m a Marine lol. She said “what on earth do you see in this woman.” Shove the Lysol where the sun don’t shine honey. Fluck you! She was from the Middle East, not a problem for me, but I’d much rather see vets who served in Iraq or Afganistan be treated by US doctors. That’s my opinion.

  17. Elf

    Here is a good article from the Daily Caller.

    “Chaffetz: FBI Tried To Recover 27 Clinton Emails From Congress”, Kathryn Watson, The Daily Caller, 09/12/2016 6:18 pm

    Basically the FBI document dump to Congress included 27 emails that the FBI was trying to hide on Clinton’s behalf. They now are asking Congress to ignore them and return all copies. They want them back not because they are secret but it points them in a bad light so the feel the need to hide them from the public and other politicians.


  18. Here’s two more Utube videos from the “oversight committee” today!
    #2 is especially interesting, due to an FBI Agent being served a subpoena while he’s testifying. Has anyone ever seen that before? If not, and you watch this (#2) video, you will!

    “Trey Gowdy Presses FBI Agent on Classified Info Being Sent And Received By Hillary Clinton – 9/12/16”

    “Rep. Jason Chaffetz Grills Panel on Hillary’s Classified Emails – September 12, 2016”

    #2 is a “must watch”.

    1. If FBI agents are being served subpoenas while testifying before Congress, something has seriously pissed off Congress and they might finally do something.

      Most of those buffoons are yawning over this entire issue, and at some point I thought Gowdy rolled over and decided not to press certain issues.

      Its possible either information has come to light either he was not told, or he was lied to. I don’t sense he takes kindly to either, or at being embarrassed by someone lying to him and making him look like a fool.

      He clearly has determined the DOJ is worthless.

      I so wish Gowdy chaired the House VA committee.

      1. Hey 91Veteran,

        That would be a benefit to all Veterans if Gowdy did chair the House VA committee.

        I would really like to hear he is being considered for a possible pick for Attorney General if Trump wins.

        Gowdy knows that he was lied to by Clinton repeatedly during her testimony on October 29,2015. Here is a link to that exchange before Congress during the hearing on Benghazi. She lied her ass off.

        “Trey Gowdy GRILLS Hillary Clinton Benghazi Committee Hearing. ”
        posted by: Donald TV


  19. I should have added, there is a USA Today article today about the VA stopping reporting of VA performance data to a national health care quality site.

    Even though there is a law requiring it.

    I guess the VA has decided we veterans don’t need to know which VA is worse than the other, or how much worse than private care they are.

    1. Apparently the VA is also no longer providing information on investigations at VAMCs.

      Example. “Veterans Affairs conducts internal investigation into OKC VA Medical Center”, by Crystal Price, KOCO 5 News, Sep 09, 2016

      No facts about the investigation or what is being investigated is given only confirmation that an investigation is ongoing. An investigation that has brought about the resignation of the director of patient care services.

      “The investigation comes as the associate director of patient care services put in her resignation”


      1. Hey, Seymore, this is one of those “WOW” Utube video’s. It was published about one hour ago.

        “Trey Gowdy and Chaffetz Set to Grill Three Hillary Tech Workers on E-mail – September 12, 2016”

        (06:53 minutes)

        I don’t believe The Clinton’s have any “dirt” on these two MEN! If they did, they wouldn’t be continuing the investigation.
        This is really a great video!

      2. Not to worry, it’s Sloan Gibson’s new*improved* and **REDEFINED** accountability no less. Our flashlights must have been hurting their troll eyes.

      3. Oh, and by the way, Trey Gowdy, sometime yesterday or this morning, came out and said he’s holding Hildabeast responsible for the lose of the four men in Benghazi!

      4. Y’all ever noticed.

        Every time an investigation begins, someone, or many some ones, jump ship?!
        This is definitely
        normal for VA employees, no matter what their titles!
        Maybe, more will jump ship soon! At least I hope so!

  20. I think it’s a great idea. Like most veterans, trust is a big issue. I drove the 200 mile round trip to VA today. Only to get there and learn the Dr. I was scheduled to see, doesn’t work there. So tired of the VA. I’m kinda scared, but I will try the site. Again, thanks Ben for all you’ve been doing.

  21. I applaud them for doing this, but I believe it may be duplicating a web site already put together by a vet on VA is Lying where he posted a link to his site. His site was very well laid out, and I believe he was planning on adding a feature where veterans could rate their congressman if they had to request their help with the VA.
    I would hope he and CVA could work together or that CVA could include his features. It included a Google map of all facilities and allowed for detailed veteran experiences to be entered.
    That web site is VAReview dot net.

    Now, ask youself, why would a regular VSO like the Legion not have this? You know, those organizations supposedly set up to help veterans through the millions of dollars they receive as a non profit?

    How many VSOs will echo what the VA will say..,”well, it’s all anonymous, and just anecdotal anyway. We can’t really do anything about some anonymous comments on the internet that may not even be true.”
    Now, if this site has a way for a reporter to contact a commenting veteran or employee anonymously for follow-up questions, then it would not be so easily dismissed. If they had a reply feature where an email address were anonomized, sorta like responding to a Craigslist poster, then there could be follow up between a reporter and veteran.

    The key to either the CVA or VAReview site is to advertise their availability heavily to counter the BS sites out there that suggest every VA is a rosy Shangri La.
    Sites run by insiders who have no interest in changing the VA.

    1. 91Veteran,
      Do you remember, I’m not sure how long ago, the VFW had a “call-in poll”. Where vets could call in and express concerns over how they (we) were being treated by VA? Then VFW would “…forward our concerns to Congress?”
      Problem was, nothing was ever done to help vets!

      I wonder just how “effective” this “(Anonymous) write-in website” will be by “CVA”?
      Will they be able to force Congress or POTUS to do what is right to help veterans? In my opinion, I think not! No one has done anything yet!
      Or, could it be a “ploy” to get info on veterans to screw with them? This is more of what I believe it’s all about.
      Because, there’s a large number of sites out there, just like this one, bringing negative impacts on VA employees.
      From what I’ve noticed on the web, there are more sites popping up often slamming VA.
      What happens when a group is attacked? They fight back. VA employees are fighting back. Those that are “weak”, will jump ship.
      The closer we get to November, I believe more of the weaklings will abandon VA. Then, the closer we get to Jan 20th, more will go.
      Of course, this is all contingent on one MAN winning!

      1. I vaguely remember the VFW pulling some kind of stunt, then not using the comments.

        I will give the CVA the benefit of the doubt and try. I commented. Its now up to them to do something about it.

        I’m finding calling someone out publicly like on Facebook or Twitter seems to get some attention. I made a few comments on a certain Senators Facebook page, and got a call from an aide that has been ignoring emails asking for a status update apologizing profusely for dropping the ball.

  22. Utube video!

    “Donald Trump FULL Speech National Guard Association DESTROYS Hillary – 9/12/16”

    Nothing more to add on a powerful speech of truth!

    1. I saw that! Masterful, brilliant. Skinned her alive and she never whimpered. I just can’t wait until the debate!

  23. Off Topic but important.

    Just a Heads up to all Veterans.

    For more than a year now some group of bad actors have been using Craigslist Used Car Private Party ads and G-Mail accounts to infect computers with a hybrid virus.

    The method used by the group is to create listings for Cars valued at $8,000 to $15,000 but the asking price is only around $2,000. They also only list a G-Mail account in the ads description of the Vehicle as the point of contact.

    When contacted Via Email they then send a return email with a link to additional photos of the vehicle. If anyone clicks of the link not only does that email account become vulnerable but the computer system, they are using, becomes infected. This group then has full remote access to that system.

    A check of Craigslist Used Car Private Party list throughout the Mid-West show that they are listing in every major city. A check of Washington D.C. listings show that they have a very high concentration of the listings.

    The virus itself goes undetected by all common anti-virus software. I did find that one anti-virus tool included with Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Power Eraser does detect and remove at least portions of the virus.

    In one case a trace of the web-link that was included in the email providing additional Pictures. The link led to a page hosted in Seoul South Korea. The source code for that page was constructed using a hybrid of Korean and English command to implant the virus.

    Given the Viruses ability to evade common anti-virus programs, the method being used more than a year, and the concentration on Washington D.C. It is likely that a very large number of systems in the U.S. have been infected and compromised. This includes Federal, State, County, and City Government systems as well as Banking systems and the Veteran Administration.

    If you have responded to an ad on Craigslist that uses a G-Mail account sell anything for a price to good to be true. It is likely your system is infected. What worked best for me was Norton Power Eraser.

    1. I have an app on my phone called Craigslist Postings. You can set keyword searches for something, and as soon as the ad is posted, I get an alert.
      The kinds of ads you describe have been a problem on Craigslist for a few years, but last week Craigslist was flooded with them…about 50-60 in an hour. That can only be done with a computer that is programmed to do that, and one that spoofs an IP address because Craigslist has the ability to block specific IP addresses.
      The ads are targeted to an area. If it is a rural area, it might pull a sampling of real ads with farm or ranch machinery, then use keywords from those real ads on the fake one so the fake one has a bigger likelihood of being found. The fake ads are easily spotted because the price is always too good to be true, and the text of the ad often has little to do with what is being sold. The other telltale sign is the gmail address prominently displayed in the ad text. Real sellers never do this because of spam.

      1. Through Personal Experience I know that if you respond to the ad you will get an email sent to you to infect your system. Also known is that most of the common anti-virus software today does not prevent or detect the infection.

        With the high concentration of the ads targeting Washington D.C. at this time it is clear they are targeting government email and computer systems.

        I do not know if once released in system if it will infect the whole system but believe that it is likely.

        One of my email accounts and one of my computer systems was infected by this method a year ago August.

  24. I just received these two articles this morning from “”. I guess it’s better late than never!
    “Vets Poisoned at Camp Lejeune Inch Closer to VA Benefits”

    Originally from “Stars & Stripes” | by Nikki Wentling
    10 Sept 2016

    (Why is it taking so long to grant Marines, who were poisoned, what they so richly deserve?)

    “Commission Defends Integrating VA Care and Outside Docs”

    posted by: Tom Philpott
    Sept. 8, 2016

    This is a great article blasting VHA’s nationwide!

  25. I would also suggest calling into any “Talk Radio Stations” in your areas.
    Give them this website, (disabledveterans), and the “Daily Caller” article as reference.
    The more people, (veterans, spouses of vets, and others affected by VA), this gets to – the better!

    Side note;
    In the “Daily Caller” comment section, ‘Judie Bruno’ writes about the VA “pain medicine scandal”!
    This is a pretty good rendition of what’s happening nationwide at many VHA’s.

      1. That’s my only beef with an otherwise great idea for collective of data…but the VA would also love that data and all good intentions often lead to ______(fill in blank), and I am a bit scorned as far as my trust-o-meter when it comes to any VSO group, as have heard that line before of confidentiality in past.
        What if someone does not even use Facebook or Twitter? They seem to be only option of even posting an experience for your VAMC.
        I am not a fan of Facebook and their privacy policies, but also do not trust the VA. Sorry.

        I think it would be much more effective if a bunch of well-spoken Vets took the televised chamber of congress floor at full session. Go right for the big audience. Right for the jugular. This database is still skirting the periphery.

      2. Good question Elf. I think I have to agree with Namnibor on this also.

        Although I do believe having a place where all Veterans who have been injured by the VA could go and share their own personally history of what happened to them at the VA would be a great thing.

        I also believe that the information a Veteran shares on an improperly managed site could cause further greater harm to the Veteran.

        At this time I know very little about the VSO CVA.

        What have they done and what have they accomplished for Veterans?

      3. namnibor,
        I agree 110% with you on a majority of VSO’s!
        Their “record”, “coupled with their inactions” of NOT helping vets is well recorded!

        From what I’ve read, only one VSO has actually accomplished anything for vets, ie; “The Purple Heart Society”!
        I’ve read where 100% of their donations go to helping veterans! That’s unheard of, if true, in today’s climate! There might be one or two other VSO’s out there helping vets. Only, I’ve not heard of them!
        As when Mr. Trump gave away all that money. Have you heard of most of those he gave to? I sure as Hell hadn’t!

        I believe Ben should compile negative feedbacks from this site, and other sites, to let Congress, while in full attendance, hear of our dissatisfaction of VBA’s and VHA’s nationwide. (He should keep all names confidential!)
        I believe he’s tried this many times in the past. Yet, no one is listening!

        Right now, many vets, and their spouses, are reeling from the inaction by Congress.
        They are also reeling from the many lies being perpetrated by VA. And, now we’re hearing VA upper management, or possibly their Public Relations entity, is attacking the media IF they report the truth!
        If we do a “full on frontal assault”, as you suggest. What do you, and others on here, think will truly happen?

        Lastly, when has Congress ever had a “full attendance”? Every time I’ve seen their ‘room’, there’s plenty of empty seats!

      4. That “hypothetical huurruumph” in ‘full session’ would have to be an occasion where they often want to all be seen attending, like a ‘State Of The Union Address” when the new President, whomever it is, takes over. If it’s Trump, we could hold Trump to his promise to clean-up the VA and help Vets and ask to be allowed to make such a full congress, fully televised testimony on the disservice to Veterans, and to also remind all these jello-brained American reality show attention of fruit fly tax payers, that we are STILL at HUGE Wars and our Veterans are being dumped on by the South end of the VA Meat Grinder while the VA Meat Grinder happily grazes on Billion$ with no accountability…and Veterans are still killing themselves and many are homeless.

        Rant out on a hypothetical “Direct Approach”…with Trump, I do not see this being an issue to being direct, with Granny, it may involve riot police and pepper spray…with Obama, arrests. Just thinking it’s about time to show peaceful and well-organized visible protests as am not so sure the billboards are gaining much ground either. Maybe sky-writing over D.C. in rainbow smoke clouds, “The VA Is Lying, Vets Are Dying”? Might be tricky because there’s a lot of hot air pockets over D.C. 🙂

      5. I think a great start would be to appoint an entirely new VA OIG with Disabled or otherwise, Veterans. We Veterans require true representation and Congressional Veteran’s Oversight Committees are sure not doing that and I think it requires Vets to clean-up this mess or it will never get done.

      6. Anymore people do not want to ask me ‘what I think.’ Me either today cause my BP sky-rockets. This country, the whole shebang, is corrupt and uncaring to the core. If people, celebrities, corporate mainstream media, all the various special interest groups, veteran’s groups, all the various forms of “professionals” who claim to care about the issues facing veterans and other issues facing American people would be broadcast daily and as much, if not more, than those puppy dog and kitty cat stories and pleas for help we are bombarded with seemingly, constantly. All those ‘hits’ on social media and goofy Youtube sites is the story tellers with the concerns for us or our nation is last on the list of concerns. The truth is, there is more concern and caring about sports, Hollyweird, entertainment, etc., instead of more needful priorities and earned respect or some from of real recognition

        I have sit for years and watched people die off trying to see, or attain, some kind of concern and change to zero avail. In Indiana outspoken vets are rare, More rare are those who really give a damn like our elected officials and the appointed cliques along with our marketers and media who are only concerned with the state’s image and facade. They all have to make things look appealing to make for good little “Communitarian” utopian college towns appear good and perfect.. I guess the threats told to us by the VA about them along with the colleges of medicine, controlling all health care and boards is factual. Complete with seeing to it we are totally ignored and the threats from various libtards, media, unions, Chambers of Commerce, our elected council trash and others are also included. The whole shebang. The only ‘good’ we may see is on TV, not much in real life.

        “Old Yeller” (2007) passed some years ago and we just lost another outspoken blogger with his passing “One Old Vet” with others having to close their info-blogs, leave the state due to threats and backlash for their efforts in fighting the establishments, cliques, and cabals. Now Indiana is down to us not being able to network or form groups so we may have a little voice or have the ability to meet others who are being threatened and raked over hot coals by the entire scheme of things in this very corrupt state with it’s perfected and legal means to shut us up or totally ignore until we are dead or killed off while waiting for change or some form of recognition of the real issues and core problems and people.

        Like others I have contacted every kind of ‘professional’ out there. The VSOs, CVA, Legions, local attorneys who are just as corrupt and uncaring here & blah blah blah… all for naught and total waste of time with plenty of lip service. Ignored by media, totally ignored by punk governor Mike Pence and why Trump picked that lying punk to run with is beyond me. Just in waiting and wanting a simple copy of my medical file and procedures done from a local civilian surgeon I used and paid for is impossible with our attorney general refusing to follow rule of so-called law/claims to us having rights, to again, aid the VA and their corrupt ways over professional misconduct, mass cover-ups, threats, apparent file flagging, and malpractice on all levels. Now even since leaving the VA and refusing to discuss anything with any of their workers I am still being told to go back to the VA as they all ignore my simple request for a small medical file. No, everything has to be a big game and run-around from office to office and a waiting game plus being totally dismissed and ignored. Or being told by some veteran agency, government, the state’s AG to just go hire an attorney. For which I have not had a one single return call wanting to hire one to make a call or send a letter to the doctor or to the AG for my simple request

        That and much more including local news refusing to report on the death of a killed “white man” and who done it? The crap is never ending. Just another example of how Indiana and Terre Haute really is and treats certain people and veterans while putting up a grand loving facade. No, I think the CVA new site is a waste of time when this forum should be noticed nation wide and in some faces. Military forums and others have already deleted stories years ago when changing hands/ownership so why keep repeating ‘crap.’ Why keep wasting time, creating more info-clutter, or pain for us who have trouble sitting or typing, or desire not to waste more breath and time on pretend actions. Not being moderated or our ‘stuff’ censored or disappear like with other military type forums and chat boards. If we use Face book and other trash sites for our issues we put a target on our backs for all the attack dogs with the locals, the state, the feds, the VA, to the loving (sic) unions to special interest groups out there that just want us silent or to just wait and die off, to merely go away. It’s sad we can’t trust or depend on anyone or some group out there. Totally unrepresented while attacked or taxed to death, made to suffer games to laws for simple pain meds, health care supplies, to trying to get the medical care we once had in this country twenty or more years ago instead of what we are forced to use today.

    1. that was a good read from comments ‘judie bruno’. hope her radio talk gathers steam. i would try MM for SCI/D issues but the bizarre hoops to jump since its still a federal crime makes me uneasy.

      we all know the unscrupulous doctors at VA, so if i have MM in home state, go travel to another state with no MM laws and happen to end up at a VA for some reason and a blood test is given, that unscrupulous doctor might write me up as an illegal drug user. technically correct since that state doesn’t honor MM and VA is federal and MM classified up there with heroin. and what VA crap would happen then?

      far fetched maybe but we all have had so called routine blood work that actually was testing for street illegal drugs instead the very health care we are seeing the VA doctor in the first place.

      good luck judie bruno, hope you get some traction

  26. I think EVERYONE should forward this to their lawmakers so they would realize just how we’re being treated and to counteract the VA’s spin doctors and phonied up stats…

    1. What ever you “forward” to your “lawmaker” will at best be read by an intern, or some other staff that really doesn’t give a second thought to it. They will stamp it, file it, and send you some canned response with a signature from a machine. Try to contact your rep…. really try. See how close you get to talking with him/her By now, it’s all a scam and they are well versed. Part of the reason he didn’t go could be due to the overwhelming lack of respect for veterans in Washington. Meetings are all BS anyway, mostly grandstanding. and VA won’t even comply with records request from congress itself… They don’t seem to care or follow up. Some even have the “audacity” to claim the VA hospital’s in there regions are fine as in the lady from Florida. Two fold, the VA may work fine if your on routine meds, a crack head, a felon, or other problem. Second, I googled Florida VA’s and found just as many complaints about care there as anywhere.. TBS total bull shit.

      1. You are correct about the responsiveness of congressmen or senators.
        My congressman has been helpful, but one Senators office has been completely AWOL and his aide gave me a smart ass response when I called his Denver office. The other Senator was initially helpful in receiving a Privacy Release for an inquiry, but I never heard from his office. I copied his aide on email to McDonald, then eventually heard from his aide, then nothing again.

        A few comments on his Facebook page about his office not responding…and I get a call from her yesterday.

        If you want to get your elected officials attention, call them out on Facebook or Twitter where the rest of their constituents can see.

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