Wells Fargo VA Home Loan Scam

Qui Tam: Wells Fargo Pays Big For Fraudulent Anti-Veteran Lending Practices

Wells Fargo VA Home Loan Scam

Wells Fargo to pay over $100 million for allegations of fraud that included overcharging military veterans using the VA Home Loan, thusly overcharging VA and taxpayers.

The third largest US bank agreed to settle a whistleblower lawsuit that claimed it illegally charged military veterans to refinance their mortgages. The fees were allegedly concealed when the veterans applied for a VA Home Loan guarantee.

It is important to note the federal government declined to help the whistleblowers pursue the lawsuit under the federal False Claims Act, also referred to as a qui tam lawsuit. Such lawsuits can be brought on behalf of the federal government by a private citizen.

Depending on whether the federal government offers to assist, the private person can receive a portion of the recovered damages, from 10% to 30%. If the government intervenes, the person bringing the lawsuit, the “relator”, receives between 15%-25%. If the government does not, the relator receives between 25%-30%. If the government intervenes and most of the information is already public, the relator is only entitled to 10%.

The False Claims Act is also known as Lincoln’s Law (31 USC §§ 3729-3733), which was created to curb government contractor fraud.


Wells Fargo Qui Tam Whistleblowers

Victor Bibby and Brian Donnelly were the two whistleblowers in the lawsuit who sought to recoup losses that the federal government suffered when guaranteed loans went into default.

“Wells Fargo made a lot of money passing off charges to the veterans that Wells Fargo was supposed to pay itself,” James Butler, a lawyer for the brokers, said in a statement.

The duo sued eight lenders to recoup similar losses. The Wells Fargo settlement is the seventh and largest. Other banks sued settled for a combined $161.7 million.

Those other banks were Bank of America Corp (BAC.N), Citigroup Inc (C.N), First Tennessee, JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), PNC Financial Services Group Inc (PNC.N) and SunTrust Banks Inc (STI.N).

The Reuters article on the matter did not mention how much of the combined $261 million Bibby and Donnelly and eligible for, but it can be assumed the two will never need to work again.

Wells Fargo Response To Settlement

According to Reuters:

“We are committed to serving the financial health and well-being of veterans,” Wells Fargo Chief Executive Tim Sloan said in a statement. “Settling this longstanding lawsuit allows us to put the matter behind us and continue to focus on serving customers and rebuilding trust with our stakeholders.”

Wells Fargo has in the last 11 months been addressing fallout from other practices, including a scandal over its creation of unauthorized customer accounts, and its charging of borrowers for auto insurance they did not want or need.

On Friday, the bank said it is examining whether it may have imposed unnecessary financial harm on customers through residential mortgage fees, frozen deposit accounts, and “add-on” products such as identity theft protection.

In 2011, Wells Fargo had reached a $10 million settlement in a separate class action lawsuit claiming it imposed excessive closing costs on about 60,000 refinancing loans for veterans.

The case is U.S. ex rel. Bibby et al v Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia, No. 06-00547.

Given the scope of this scheme, I am personally reconsidering who manages my banking as a disabled veteran and small business owner. What about you?

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-wellsfargo-settlement-idUSKBN1AK1U1

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  1. Very interesting ! Thank you Ben!
    Wells Fargo was already on my Black List! (I don’t like Greedy Mother Fuckers! of any kind)

  2. Here’s another one you may not have heard about 12 min.

  3. With Shithead Shulkin saying he wants all Veterans to have Choice, the 26 new clinics, is to eliminate Choice. Then there’s Wasserman Shultz. What a fucking slap in the face to Veterans. Why is she in charge of anything? This is getting ridiculous. It’s time to take some of these people out. To dinner or ?

  4. Interesting fact:

    With all the problems of accountability by the VA with their major construction projects. Such as the Black hole in Aurora Colorado. Now we have the VA seeking the leases of 26 more facilities in to the Veterans Choice funding bill. Who would do such a dastardly stab in the back of Veterans.

    The Ranking member of the United States House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (Ranking Member) is none other than “Debbie Wasserman Schultz”.


    1. Deborah, christ my ex wifes name is Deborah what is it with cunt’s named Deborah???

      So anyways Deborah “whatshername? slutz?” gives exactly zero fucks about veterans. The only thing she’s concerned with is saving her own fucking gizzard at this point. She’s fucking lucky we don’t have the ol tar and feathers anymore if ever there was a modern day scumbag who deserved it it’s this useless cunt.

      1. Got to admit with Trump saying in one speech after another that more and more Veterans are now able to see the doctors of their choice. Then boosting about how great of an expansion they have had with Tele-Med.

        When in fact the choices we are being offered are seeing a nurse, Physician’s Assistant or a pharmacist acting like doctors on a Television Screen. I guess the choice he is talking about is the choice to change the channel to see who else is on.

      2. The only choice a veteran has right now is the choice to mobilize to action, or not.

      3. @WyldeChylde, @Seymore Klearly – – – Makes a lot of sense to me WyldeChylde. Lets put our differences aside, and see if anyone has any ideas of getting us all together. Numbers speak more than the words from one. For me, I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic, but I must say, I sometimes feel like time is against me, seriously. I want to participate in nailing these ruthless asswipes against the wall. I’m tired of reading how us Veterans are getting raked over.

        Per the Tele-Medicine, good luck with that. If I can’t be seen by a QUALIFIED VA PCP with REAL EXPERIENCE and Certification in Pain Management and PTSD, Tele-Medicine is then a scam. It’ll be just someone to talk too, and I’m tired of talking.

        Even though some believe that this type of service is BS, but for me, it will help. Plus, I won’t have to spend all that time in getting ready, then having to battle whether to take more Oxycodone, then traveling time, and then possibly getting pissed off because of being disappointed of in-person services. This then would enable me to have better control of my time and energy, and to cut them the fuck off from my end. Would give me great pleasure in doing so if necessary. Rat Basturds.

        **CBD-Short Article – – – In the past, many had brought up questions about CBD. Here is a short bit about the this compound derived from Marijuana hybrid strains. I’m using crystal concentrate, tested positive by VA, told them that it is legal, and haven’t been penalized, except for their fucking incompetent and manipulative medical care tactics and treatment. VA does what they want to do.

        For CBD information, visit “https://maximumlifestyles.com/home/is-cbd-oil-really-the-new-miracle-cure-one-company-says-the-answer-may-astound-you/”

        @Seymore Klearly – – – Thanks for you posting Bro. Appreciated it. – – – Nutter.

    2. More interesting Facts

      Guess little big mouth Debbie is helping ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban get some payback against our Veterans who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Muslim counties. Looking forward to seeing Mossad taking her out when they find out what she has been doing while she has been working overtime to harm Israel.

      While she is on the list of Jewish members of the US congress. Her work with Awan has included sabotaging other Jewish members campaigns and Jewish candidates’ campaigns for congressional seats. Additionally, they have been sabotaging white male and female democratic members and candidates’ campaigns.

      The Panama Papers, DNC Hack of John Podesta and Guccifer 2.0 hacks and leaks have been all aimed not at controlling who would win in the elections but instead who would lose. The goal was to put Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota in charge of the Democratic party as chairman of the DNC.

      It almost worked but Ellison lost in the race for the Chairman’s position although he was immediately appoint to the position of Deputy Chairman.

      A little about the new leadership of the Democratic party.

      Rep. Keith Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress and sworn in using the Quran instead of the bible. He is representing a district in Minnesota that contains the largest population of Somali immigrants in the United States. He has stated that he is in support of creating a separate all black nation here in the United States and is a strong supporter of the BLM movement.

      He has received nearly $200,000 in political contributions from Muslim organizations some calling for replacing our constitution with Shira law. A number of his donors have been arrested for funding terrorism.

      Some of his donors of particular interest are:

      •Hisham Altalib (SAAR, etc.) was a close collaborator with Jamal Barzinji and played a key role in several Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations, and is presently an officer of the Brotherhood front International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).
      •Jamal Barzinji (SAAR Foundation/ SAFA Trust) was a major participant in the founding of almost every national Muslim Brotherhood organization in the US.
      •Yahya Basha (Muslim Public Affairs Council) was president of convicted terror financier Abdurahman Alamoudi’s American Muslim Council.
      •Esam Omeish (Muslim-American Society) is the former president of MAS, and was forced to resign from a Virginia commission on immigration in 2007 when video of a 2000 speech showed him praising “the jihad way.”

      A few links to save me from stating a few thousand words.

      First Muslim congressman sworn in using Quran
      Keith Ellison Proposed Making a Separate Country for Black Americans
      Rep. Keith Ellison on the Black Lives Matter Movement
      Keith Ellison Goes Crazy On Hannity Show
      Keith Ellison Interview with Sean Hannity
      Keith Ellison in Pakistan with the Pakistani Speaker of the House Fahmida Mirza
      Congressman Ellison narrates driving through the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan

      More latter on this subject for sure will prove that I am correct about the DNC wasn’t working to win seats but to lose congressman and woman who would not vote for Ellison.

      1. Ellison fills me with the urge to take a really large morning crap…on his face. Another example of marketable support of adhesive images to place on bottom of toilet bowl with Ellison’s face facing-up for *splat*.
        Extra points if you consumed pork products.

  5. In all facets of the VA, one BIG overhaul (reformation or reorganization) is needed, with a staff of mostly ALL Disabled Veterans, and Veterans with a heart that truly serves their Brothers and Sisters. And, depending on the damn greed factor, this may not work either. VA = a Corrupt and Stagnant Federal Agency. I get pissed off of how they fucking take advantage of us Veterans. One day, this shit is going to go to far. I’m stocking up on somethings that projects an item about 1700 mph (2500 ft./sec.). You can easy figure this out. I’ll tell you this, these bastards will NOT be able to out run this item. Getting tired as well. – – – Nutter.

  6. @Dennis, who said our lawmakers are sane? Sadly, your scenario is correct. Perhaps then, Wells Fargo employees can go to the VHA. Bet it wouldn’t take long for AFGE members selling shares to Wells Fargo. I hear you can get shares cheaper today.

  7. I vote we put VA in charge of Wells Fargo. Then the bankers would each get bonuses for this, the suing vets would be placed under the auspices of a parol officer and wear ankle cuffs, and the Wells Fargo rank and file employees would celebrate with a hearty gymnasium activity pushing each oher around the gym floor gathering balls and toasting the day with Little Debbie snack cakes.

    Then, when the shit hits the fan over is, we can ask congress to bail out the bank and when they do the bank will get further in debt….then we will ask congress to bail out the bank and when they do the bank will get further into debt (and repeat)… Veterans on the VA loan wait list will have to wait no more than 90 days to see a loan officer, although inexplicably there are not enough loan officers to service vets and many vets die before they can get a home loan; so we will ask congress for more funding to provide trained loan officers for vets before they die. Congress will send it. Inexplicanly the backlog will rise and more vets than ever will be homeless.

    Congress will discover that the illegal fees originally discovered have not in faxt gone away! They will find that the number of illegal charges to have risen sharply and are still being perpetrated! Congress will demand answers and pass tough new laws, again. The bank will host free coffee for vets in one of their lobbies in response. Inexplicably, the illegal fees and veteran backlog will grow.

    Then we can ask congress for more money to fix this. Inexplicably Congress will send it. If VA takes over Wells Fargo, we can ensure the bank will never again be in jeopardy of failing – it will become untouchable and very, very, very expensive.

    Pretty ridiculous, right? I mean what sane nation would engage in such a fucked up scenario in any of its affairs as the one I just outlined? Third World? Maybe.

  8. @figure8fan, I am wondering if they did anything to the Flag owner, it may be a great Court case. What could any American have against flying Our flag? Too many unAmericans in our Country. Perhaps OUR President is right, our laws are broken….

  9. I believe that would be the last straw, if someone would tell me I have to take my flag down. I put it up, when I get up. Down at Dusk. If truth be known, I don’t know anymore why I take the time. My Country has been letting Veterans down for way too long. Time these useless pukes wake up.

    1. What I would actually do is since I was personally under duress, and our Nation’s Freedoms as well, I would start placing all my flags upside down to show I was under duress. Then I would have a rain dance for that lightening strike on that HOA scooter bitch. 🙂

  10. Just read this about a Vietnam Vet in FL who is going to have to remove his mailbox because it has the American Flag on it. The HOA is the ones who are demanding this. the link is:
    It show the flagged Mailbox and I can see nothing wrong with it. I think it is time to send a bunch of e-mails to the HOA at the Southwood Residential Community Association. This page link is:
    I think the person responsible is: (The article states: “There is a woman who rides around John Ackert’s Tallahassee subdivision in a golf cart, noting all the ways her neighbors’ homes don’t measure up to the standards set by the Southwood Residential Community Association.”)
    Annabelle Blevins
    Compliance Coordinator
    Email: “[email protected]
    repost due to not “” the e-mail address. My fault!!!

    1. I read that story earlier and honestly I’m of the opinion that he should take the decal off the mailbox. Then he should go find the biggest flag he can and fly that sonofabitch loud and proud. Make the HOA earn it’s paycheck amending the agreement and in the process make themselves out to be bigger jackasses than they already are.

      1. oh and fuck the little busy body lady on her scooter or whatever who has nothing better to do with her time than to stick her nose in a veterans business. I hope she breaks a fucking hip in a tragic scooter accident.

      2. I would love to see all his neighbors’ change their mailboxes to be the same as his. Show them they are on the vets side.

      3. Jo3n, this is his mailbox. It has the flag on it. They are threatening to put a lien on his home if he does not change his mailbox.
        The google reviews of this place gives it a 1.3 star rating and most of the recent reviews are telling them to leave the veteran alone.

    2. Fuck all these home owners associations (HOA). They are no different that what one of the primal reason fraternities and sororities exist, to control whom their friends are, or in a HOA case, it’s all about control, controlling those living there, controlling who comes in, and controlling, controlling, controlling…

      So yeah, I too hope the little busy body bitch gets struck by lightening while driving her nibby scooter around and runs into a gasoline truck which explodes into stars, and stripes with scooter no more…

      Telling me I can’t put a flag up would cause the scooter accident incident rate to increase substantially…

      1. Home owner association or small town? What is the difference? Next time I buy in the County.

    3. @figure8fan – – – f8f, I sent an email to that character. Need to splice the golf carts tires. And, get the old lady a job at the Bingo Hall. Or, take her back in the woods, remove her shoes and clothes, tell her this is a warning, and point her into the direction of a large shopping mall. No physical harm, only psyche. – – – Nutter.

  11. @WyldeChylde, I was livid for years. I got a lawyer. Haven’t heard from him in two years. I’m hoping Ben can say something about the time we Veterans spend waiting. Every article I have read, quotes the VA or some representative of the VA. In war, the very rich get richer. After war, Every one but the Veterans get richer. We, Veterans, are mostly trying to survive. I have wasted many years with the VA. Still wasting my time. Hope I beat the Mothers and live long long enough to at least be heard.

    1. @jo3n If you haven’t already I’d double check and make sure my case is still open and I still have an attorney representing me. Something like that would drive me to pull a gun. Thankfully, I’m not there yet but in 3 months time I intend to start attempting to hold feet to fires to get action on my case.

  12. Don’t forget don’t be disruptive, or you will wait an eternity. And if they don’t like you for seeing straight through them. Stay away cuz it always will be twisted.

  13. off todays topic but from the other day
    Seymore Kleary this link has the State-by-state responses to the request for detailed voter data if anyone is interested to look at their own state responses to Pres Trump

  14. I used Veterans United who sold my loan soon after closing to WF. I’ve been in hell ever since.

  15. Congress owns this stinking heap too … you see, most of them are so bought-n-paid for by BIG business they’ve little incentive to safeguard US Vets from vile big bank wellsfucko practices as revealed here, damned shame!

    Shame on US too actually, for allowing the great con that gets them reelected by US, bummers, seems WE own this heap too then.

    1. It came out today, I think through “NewsMax”, that “…congress only works 33% of the year…”!
      Wouldn’t it be a hoot IF somehow Congress was forced to be “in session” 11 months out of the year! A 30 day vacation only!

    2. Congress absolutely owns this stinking mess. Both parties have had AMPLE opportunity to fix this bullshit and neither one have done more than pay lip service. Sure they pass laws, which are then promptly ignored. There’s no accountability because nobody in Congress could give a fuck about a veteran. Sure it looks good on the campaign trail to be seen shaking hands with vets while wearing your “concerned politician” face for a few minutes here and there. Beyond that veterans are shoved back in the closet to rot until Veterans Day where their promptly trotted back out and “thanked” for their service, then it’s back in the closet we go.

      There MUST be a mechanism by which we can reign in a corrupt and rogue federal agency. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be such a mechanism is both appalling and concerning. What is the point of both House and Senate oversight committees if there is no oversight?

      1. Today, I went to the Daytona Beach VHA, for a MRI of my right knee. As I left the Radiology Lab, the technician said, in a “monotone, forced like way” – “Thanks for your service!”
        It took me a minute or two to understand he really didn’t mean it!
        Off course, my response was “forced” in saying, “Yea, right!”

      2. I’m gonna start saying “You wanna thank me for my service? Here help take this fucking knife out of my back. Lets start there”

  16. Totally agree, the backlog, for some reason, hasn’t been mentioned for a while. Right now, I’m 18 years waiting for first hearing. This alone should be a crime. Hell, every thing the VA does is near criminal. They still don’t follow the law. Most likely never will.

    1. @jo3n I would be absolutely fucking LIVID if I had to wait 18 years. I’m going on 3.5 years for character of discharge (OTH) my hearing was a NOD in Nov ’16 coming up soon on the 1 year anniversary and my lawyer can’t find out a goddamned thing other than “oh it’s in the queue”

      I can’t remember where I read it but I recall reading something about being denied due process and having been denied your property which if I recall correctly in this case would be your benefits. IE they can’t hold you hostage in limbo indefinitely because that falls under Justice delayed is justice denied. Or something to that effect, maybe Ben could do a piece on that if he knows what I’m talking about.

  17. Seems like every day, it’s us vs them. Veterans appear to lose at every turn. Personally I am ready to turn that around. Most of the Veterans on this site has paid dearly just to be here. We still paying and paying. Why aren’t the Veterans who paid too much getting money back? Again, screw the Veterans and pay the VA. Sick of it. I too hope that Wells Fargo can put this behind them. What they need is a poop cannon up their arse. The thieving bastards.

    1. The only way anything gets done is to gain national news coverage. Get an Occupy movement going and camp the National Mall. You’ll need a strong and simple message that resonates with the general public. This has been tried before, see Bonus Army.

      I’m all for trying to start a movement. I’ve got nothing but time. But the message should be the totality of the VA screwups and not just focused on the medical side. The mountain of backlog in the claims department also needs to be addressed and resolved.

  18. Tried to do that as a pro se litigant against B of A in 2012. Southern CA U S District Court and the 9th shut me down. Trouble with being Pro Se is that the clerks only read and brief on the attorney’s filing. Your briefs are ignored unless you can get the ear of a Judge through a hearing.

  19. Wells-Fargo employee suicides got press coverage but how many veterans died from the stress Wells Fargo caused them & their families.

      1. They need to stop giving in, I seen first hand how they go after someone. Year after year. They r fucken crazy sadistic animals. They don’t get bored from it either. Even when proof becomes evident, they use the word subjective instead of objective. Feelings vs facts. What waisted intelligence to turn blind, for it being management policy, which is fabricated by incentives and no courage, integrity or honor. I feel for interns, I heard them being yelled at for wanting to do proper work Get out of there when you complete. Run run run!!!

    1. NiteWish,
      That’s WHY we believe the “veterans suicide rate” IS MORE than 20 or 22 each day!

    2. NiteWish – – – Good question. I believe the ACTUAL number of veteran suicides daily is more like 30 to 33. For many reasons.

      Stressful day today. Packing carry-ables. Wheels up for mainland tomorrow. Going over TSA website with fine tooth comb to ensure I am 100% “Legal” IAW their rules and regulations. Last time I flew on an aircraft, the TSA did not exist.

      Looking forward to seeing some old marine friends/old shipmates – – – as well as some cooler weather.

      Last post for a few days.

      Will be fun to play catch-up when back.

      Everyone take care.

      1. James C Have a safe journey please enjoy the TSA patdown & the hurry up & wait & most of all your friends

      2. @James C- Make sure you keep-in-mind that like the FBI, the TSA have absolutely no sense of humor. Also, having an unopened roll of lifesavers candies can actually be a real lifesaver if you ever need a distraction in order to make a run for it for whatever reason, (DBC chasing you from the VA?), you open the roll of lifesavers and throw as hard as you can on the ground and the TSA and VA agents will think it’s a roll of oxytocin hungry hungry hippos time, while you make your getaway before they realize they were only mints.
        Have a great time. Americans have become like cattle on planes these days, it’s not what it used to be. Nope. It’s cattle cars that can fly and the humans act like zoo animals on crack.
        You’ve been warned. People can really suck. *anytime* I have flown, I seem to attract the screaming babies and petulant pimply faced adolescent kicking me from behind. People can really suck. Avoid eye-contact.

      3. Nam, sorry to shorten your name, still real weak. I remember an open pack of gum & chocolate bar will set off the bomb detector. Also a wire in your bra will get you a full patdown, good thing you wont need to wear one of those. James. LOL

  20. Has anyone noted that the President is calling out posser Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), calling him “a phony Vietnam con artist” on Twitter after the senator appeared on television CNN calling for continuing the Russian investigation.

    “Never in U.S.history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like Senator Richard Blumenthal,” Trump wrote on Twitter shortly afterward. “He told stories about his Vietnam battles and … conquests, how brave he was, and it was all a lie. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child.”

    Trump was referencing a 2010 controversy over Blumenthal’s military service. During his Senate campaign, Blumenthal came under sharp criticism for repeated remarks over the years that he had “served” in Vietnam, even though he did his full Marine service in the United States.

    Blumenthal was granted several deferments between 1965 and 1970 and then joined the Marine Corps Reserve, but did not serve in Vietnam. He later said he misspoke and intended to say that he was in the Marine Reserve during the Vietnam conflict.

    exerts from article

    Trump renews attack on Democratic senator, calling him a ‘Vietnam con artist’ on Twitter
    By John Wagner August 7

    1. Seymore,
      Blumenthal should go hide. I’ve met a few of those “Vietnam phonies” over the years! It’s easy to spot their fuckin lies!

      As far as this article today, I wonder IF any veteran who was financially destroyed will see any resolution? I guess that question is stupid, because not one vet will be compensated! Just like when the attorneys won the “Agent Orange Lawsuit”, ($53 million), back in the early 1980’s, not one was compensated! Or, at least that’s what I heard!

      Off subject:
      Y’all gotta watch, and listen closely, to this video!
      From: “Ron Johnson”
      Published on Aug. 7, 2017.
      “9/11 Mystery Passengers Exposed: The Planes Were Switched”

      Quote: “This chilling video will rock you to your very core….”

      “It was framed!”

    2. Most of us have forgiven our senator here in CT. What I find ironic is Trump calling ANYBODY out over military service inflated or otherwise 😉

      Mr “they don’t call me Donny Bonespurs for nothing” Trump should probably attend to his own service records, or lack thereof. 😉

      1. comments must be getting spotty I hear it happens from time to time. Adjust tinfoil accordingly I hear it helps 😀

    3. They do that lying for votes crap. No need for it, as a politician fight the war here on veterans treated like shit act secretly published at ur local VAMC paid by taxpayers pocket, loaded budget for many but not veterans. Though there are those veterans who get involved also, easy prey no morals type.

      1. but see here’s the thing Vets went and occupied Washington before occupying was fashionable. The pigs where called in and I think a couple of casualties resulted and then McArthur was called in and he threatened to turn the Army loose if the vets didn’t disperse. It’s called the Bonus Army google it. Funny I never learned about that part in American History class… :p

  21. This is why we need law establishing Banker season. anything up to 12 oz. deer slug is legal. Bag limit….when you run dry.

    1. “Banker Hunting Season” also should allow the hunters to do as most farming/hunting communities still do with moose/deer/elk/engorged purple team beast…is ride around the community showing-off what you’ve just bagged by having the bankers in this case, strapped to hoods and roofs of trucks…however, there’s not much actual meat on a banker, but you can do the right thing and save a whale from being killed by an Icelandic Whaling Vessel by bagging a banker, as it’s blubber goes much further for burning the midnight oil.

    2. How about letting America’s PATRIOTS have one day a year, 24 hours, to “Purge” our leaders of corruption? No matter who the leadership is, whether it be in the government or in the banking system or in Big Pharma or wherever!??????

      “Ready on the right!”
      “Ready on the left!”
      Ready on the firing line!”

      1. I really liked that concept of that movie ‘The Purge”. Like a self-cleaning oven or a really thorough enema.
        Some cities like Chicago, you would be able to see the constant glow of muzzle flash from orbit from International Space Station for 24 hours.

  22. Wells-Fargo is a classic example of one of many reasons “Dodd-Frank” was nothing but a smokescreen so they could continue shafting anyone they could.

    Oh, where were all those “concerned” VSO’s, you know, the ones stating they always have Veteran’s backs when Veteran’s were getting screwed by the likes of Wells-Fargo?
    It’s a little hard for those concerned piggy VSO’s to see anything with their snouts already deep in the money trough…and the VA’s ass.

    Where were those concerned asshats? You can bet they would be trying to get their share of the Qui Tam Loot if their snouts could have smelled trouble when the Veterans were asking for help.

    “Oui Tam Loot” is also hand flute on planet asshat.

    1. Namnibor you asked “Where were those concerned asshats?”

      The article states that the suits were first filed in 2006 and became public knowledge 2011. All the asshats were busy dodging arrests and trying to hide their illegal gambling. But when the suits became public the asshats were in a fight for their gambling machines all across the nation. Which included picket lines and demonstrations at state legislators.

      Examples photos:


      So of course they were very tied up with preserving their charitable non-profit gambling. With their attorneys tied up defending those who were arrested for running illegal gambling operations and their fight with legislators across the country they were a little busy. A bit to busy to worry about Veterans being ripped off.

      1. Seymore Klearly- Thank you for making it abundantly *clear* that the asshats DO NOT have Veteran’s backs, unless it serves the asshats babyback ribs on Veteran’s backs.
        I just *knew* the asshats were very concerned about the public viewing them all wearing rectum rings around each other’s necks while being literally, asshats.

    2. I want to get some Maui wow I suit. Did anyone expect anything different? Banks in the pot for VA money n vet refi money’s, cause it’s easier 4 refi n also ways to not account for guarantee payments. And move loan to put up incorrect status to try to get veteran to pay taxes on money the VA paid them. New reporting (Is there any not corrupt?) It’s going to be called The fools News by didn’t C Shit. Lmfao

  23. Had to do a re-fi after vet/husband,100% died…WF over-charged by $6K & stole all funds from a joint-held checking account…took (6) mos to straighten a big mess out.
    Got $4K back on the refi scam & thanked GOD, Almighty!!

  24. You have to read in between the lines on this statement.
    Settling this longstanding lawsuit allows us to put the matter behind us and continue to focus on serving/ [shafting] customers and rebuilding trust with our stakeholders.”[so we can shaft u again at a later date and thank u for your support ]…LOL

    1. Gotsta loves me a bankster. Screw people and get caught – pay a fine and start over. Oh – and federal fines are deductible – for banks. We’ve replaced black-jacks, gats, and brown bags of cash with Gucci shod lawyers. The crimes are the same.

      1. The warden threw a party in the county jail
        The prison band was there and they began to wail
        The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing
        You should’ve heard them knocked-out jailbirds sing


  25. I only owe about 3K for some high tech windows and as soon as I get this paid off I an cutting up the card they sent me and never doing business with them again

    1. *I just want to know”Do I get any Money back “and” how do I get it??”
      I am a veteran who refinanced with “Wells Fargo.”****Pete(age 72)****

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