VA Doctor Arrested For Multiple Homicides

VA Doctor John Sturman Jr

Benjamin KrauseReports show a recently hired VA doctor was subsequently arrested and charged with 16 felony counts and multiple homicides from reckless prescriptive practices over numerous years.

That doctor was ironically hired to be the Chief of Opiate Safety at Danville VA in Illinois.


In April 2015, VA hired Dr. John K. Sturman Jr. after his reckless prescriptive practices resulted in the deaths of possibly up to 35 patients. By August, Dr. Sturman was hauled out of VA in handcuffs and charged with three counts of homicide and 16 other felonies.

VA failed to inform 96 of the veterans treated by Dr. Sturman of the prior disciplinary problems of their doctor despite at least one veteran coming forward with problems. The doctor was supposed to treat his pain but failed while also turning him into an addict.

So how did VA miss all the warning signs before hiring him?

Dr. Sturman was listed in the LA Times’ “Bad Docs” section in 2003. He was reprimanded in California for use of opiates at the time. Indiana revoked his privileges in 2012 after 15 patients died of overdose or toxicity within one month of receiving treatment from Dr. Sturman. Papers related to the charges said Dr. Sturman “recklessly killed another human… by writing and/or issuing prescriptions.”

Did VA think to Google Dr. Sturman before hiring him to implement its “Opioid Safety Initiative”?

One doctor who reviewed the record concluded the following:

“Sturman demonstrates willful blindness with the continued prescriptive use of high dose methadone… There is no evidence that Dr. John Sturman considered psychiatric or substance abuse counseling as part of the treatment plan. The treatment plan is entirely opiate centric.”

Sound familiar?

In 2009, Dr. David Houlihan ascended the ranks at Tomah VA in Wisconsin. That facility quickly developed a reputation for handing out opioids in a careless and dangerous manner. Dr. Sturman makes Dr. Houlihan look like Mother Teresa.


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  1. I have heard that since all of this going on about VA drugs, That they are now bringing in veterans who require sleep medication for those for nightmare medication and taking them off the Veterans and doing away with their medication. The VA through trial and error, finely have me on medication, where I can sleep and when I wake up I don’t remember what I was dreaming and that to me is great, because some of those dreams are very bad.

    I been on them for about 10 years and thriving able to live some what of a normal life. I tell the doctor, when he asks how am I doing, I tell him i’m doing just fine on the medication I am on and don’t want anything changed.

    If they start messing with my medication, they will undo everything and I could fall back into severe depression and could cause me to do something, stupid or is that their plan ! mess with the veterans medication so he will kill himself or need hospitalization, where they can once again, but them through hell, trying to find the right medication. Why reinvent the wheel, when its working just fine.

    How can Bob McDonald live with himself, he does not address the veterans concerns ! I think higher management cornered him and told him, you do as we say and just be a figure head !, well Bob if that’s the case they will set you up for a really big fall and the blame will fall on your shoulders and more that likely you will End up facing many years in Prison.

    So Bob, wake up and take the Bull by the Horns and do what you promised veterans ! Or in the End they will rail road you ! They are not your Friends.

  2. It seems I have a better chance of a longer life by self medicating with things like urine therapy and such. I’m glad to have a computer to do research about drugs, therapy and other information. I was not aware of so much skulduggery going on with the VA. Thinking about cancelling my appointment for an Endoscopy because they put you asleep for it. I’ve had two of them over the last few years, I get this medical treatment at the Iowa City VA. They all seem like good people.

  3. Absolute dog shit society we live in and it is horseshit to charge him with anyones death or make outlandish claims he turned anyone into an “addict” those pieces of shit did that to themselves.

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    As far as the Doctor’s union in protecting these criminal doctors in Redding and other VA hospitals throughout the U.S. can’t the union be treated and tried as accessory to murder knowing what these doctors are doing, and yet protecting them?

    They should be just as any criminal syndicate, like the mafia was in the early 1930’s; they should be just as though they themselves prescribed the deadly dose in case of drugs, oir performed the experimental organ harvesting surgery that the article mentions, why should these unions be immune from prosecution if they are criminals; there is no excuse for what is going on.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  5. I would like if we could do a million Veterans March on Washington. We are complaining on these sites and that’s great but more is need,.

    1. It won’t work brother. The union would without any question whatsoever make plants into,that million man march that portrayed us all as crazed lunatics (at best). With one plant they could grab regional news. With 3 well placed actors the union, whom out battle is really against, would easily demonstrate the need to shackle veterans and toss us into mental health wards.

      Let me tell you what you can do that they will fear and loathe far more than one million men marching along shouting slogans: write a FOIA request and submit it: “I request all VHA police reports created in the last year at your facility.” Then keep sending one FOIA after another. You personally do this brother. Keep asking the questions. Never stop. This will land you on the disruptive patient list. Are you prepared to make that decision?

      1. It would work ! The speaker will tell all people through the news.that anyone breaking the law or causing a disturbance will be removed and charges placed upon them.

        It will work !

  6. Follow the money trail that intersects with the multi-billion dollar organ harvesting sales business, and compare this case to the Redding, California case where a major civilian hospital doctor there, in collusion with the Redding VA Emergency Room and Medical Center Clinic. Several medical malpractice lawsuits and multiple felony charges and the criminal arrest of the Redding Hospital doctor followed an investigation of many mysteriously unnecessary heart surgeries on patients including veterans and their spouses: Unsuspecting Emergency Room patients at both facilities were victims of an elaborate conspiracy to allow a surgeon and “O.R. 8” (from the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ cult film “Coma”, i.e., people were snatched up in the same fashion as in Redding and taken to Operating Room 8). They actually had simple problems like acid indigestion or heartburn but were told they needed immediate emergency heart surgery. Then there hearts and other organs were illegally harvested with no one suspecting foul play or malpractice. The surgeon who did more than a dozen of these homicidal heart ‘operations’ (criminal organ thefts by homicidal surgery) was finally arrested, charged and sent to prison. The VA has been doing this all across America just as they are STILL doing in Redding but they have gone deeper underground on how they pull it off without further arrests or suspicion. This is just one reason I won’t go to any VA medical provider or facility or allow my wife to get close to one either, along with how they set me up on the Disruptive Behavior List after I started complaints about VA deep involvement in the organ harvesting murders. The VA arrested me and tried to frame me for conspiracy to murder a VA Clinic Admin Director but my wife and I ended up saving that Director’s life which she fully acknowledges and also got the charges dropped against me in conjunction with my Congressman who instantly got involved and demanded the VA drop all charges against me and stop threatening to arrest me again or arrest my wife. The VA seeks out these ‘Dr. Death’ physicians and other staff as part of their multi-billion dollar nationwide and worldwide illegal/homicidal organ harvesting secret program. They just came at us again after multiple murders and staged suicides (murders made to look like suicides) of our neighbors and acquaintances who took strong interest in trying to stop the Redding conspiracy. The VA is so good at this and they go after vets and non-vets alike. We went through a very trying home invasion incident following several murders a block or so from our home, and now, though it is actually a death by ‘natural causes’ per the Coroner’s report, our house-sitter died in our home while we had fled the country in efforts to get safe medical care in my wife’s native country in South America where we have had to run to literally 15 times in the past 10 years of the VA terrorizing us and our children. Yesterday the bio-hazard service that is going to try to restore our home following this death by natural causes of our house-sitter showed us photos of the interior of our home that looks like something out of a really bad horror film. The VA is in many cases a competent organization, but at the same time it is notorious for getting vets killed, even deliberately. No one can touch them because of the Union that protects them and worthless federal investigators and authorities who encourage the terror program against vets everywhere. Anyone who talks about the Redding Conspiracy is made to look insane, mysteriously vanishes, turns up murdered somewhere by a ‘random’ incident, or is hauled off to prison, or at best, must live with the fall out of the extremely corrupt Disruptive Behavior List and not be able to get medical care from the VA even if they are 100% service-connected disabled vets like I am.

    1. If any vet here (or their surviving spouse) believes they were harmed or killed by this guy,via his VA health care practices, by all means come to ,join, tell us what happened and I will help you either FTCA or Section 1151 those bastards.
      You will need proof from your VA meds recs of negligence and proof of resulting additional disability (or death) due directly to the malpractice.

    2. The crimes committed by the VA against Vet family members is a well-kept secret. It is time to bring it to light and expose the perps!

    3. Interesting stuff, sadly. Media has swept information to protect the evils of selling organs and etc., under the carpet before. I remember years back on the East coast some religious cults to including a mayor was caught dealing with the organ trade and not much more was heard about it, while sentencing seemed light like a slap on the hands. I guess the wealthy in New York and Washington DC need the parts, and it all pays well.

      I thought this article would be about idiots actually killing people or allowing them to die of neglect. It’s back to the anti-pain med stuff and seemingly people wanting to allow the VA to force it’s head dope on people which is killing just as many people, if not more, than the propaganda war against herbs to pain meds.

      The one big lie I have seen is that “accidental over-doses” is NOT really accidental but intentional. Do people actually think they or the family is going to admit to a suicide situation when the insurance will not pay off if that’s the case? Get real. It’s the same game plan as criminals knowing if they blame drugs or alcohol as part or blame in a crime knowing their sentencing will be lighter if they pay extra to go to a court’s buddies “Drug Court’s Counseling program.” And to play the ‘War on Drugs” game which is big money for all governmental agencies except border patrol to seal our borders.

      VA pill pushers damned near killed me by over-dosing all kinds of meds plus by all the waiting and neglect by many layers of their so-called professionals. Seen people die early but no-one cared enough to see why extra high blood pressure was given to patients on top of their usual dosages and stuff.

      No-one mentions that there are veterans and others out there that are just as hooked and get stupid on all that head dope but that’s okay. And that every shooter on the news has been on that stuff or a few scripts of that is given on top of pain meds, which I was forced to do, and the lies of it all working were just that…lies for me and many.

      Then to force vets to sign a special contract for pain relief forcing us to take whatever head med the VA demands and NOT to ever use emergency rooms or civilian health care for anything is okay and never mentioned in the news? We were told ancients had nothing for pain until the 1800s when Laudanum was made. Total BS. That broken bones to heart attacks to arthritis is not issues like migraines for chronic pain. Anti-Depressants are better?

      In Indiana like with the civilian world or worse, if a murder by any means, or accident, or malpractice on some VA Md or workers account or incompetence, would never be heard about let alone make the news. It happens in the civilian world here, in real life, and the same crap no-doubt is going on and will at the trashy corrupt, well censored and hushed-up VA circles. All we get here from VA freaks is defend defend defend, circle the wagons, and attack the vets. And why I left the VA in times of need and being 100% at this age and damages already done by many of our so-called medical professionals in and out of the VA. It’s all too fast paced, greedy, self-serving, liars, and corrupt. Thought it all looks good on TV shows

      I would not ever trust a VA staff to put me asleep again let alone many of the freaks we have in Indiana today. They all take on more patients than they can handle or care for, rushing as many in their offices and surgical slabs as possible to get all those high dollars and appease the medical community and drug companies. This country is going, gone, to hell in a hand-basket in more than one way and that includes us having privacy to the ability to know what we need or to be allowed to care for ourselves without some over-educated greedy freak telling us how to feel or what we need or should do….even if it kills us.

    4. Bruce.the disruptive committee is a very dangerous committee and it is used to punish veterans for what ever reason and must be addressed!

      They act as a judiciary component of our government ! The VA has no authority to deny veterans of their civil and constitutional rights!

      They are the accuser judge and jury and prosicuter ! A win win for VA employees and the disruptive committee.

      But not for the veterans.their civil and constitutional rights are taken away and punished at will.with no recourse.

      To me it’s illegal and must veterans delt with by our real justice system.

      Did you say civil rights has no time limit to file charges.

      Since the VA falsely accused me of disruptive behavior and they did so without any written evidence and punished me without council.I can take them to court.for falsely accusing me and denying me my civil and constitutional rights to defend myself.?

  7. This “Dude” Aka Doctor LOOKS Like a Junky! Almost in Withdraw. Look at those bags under his eyes. Years of “Chasing the Dragon” I`d check him for “Track marks” Mainlining the Clean Heroin (At no cost) Excuse me, I should say at Taxpayer Expense Aka Obama`s “Free”.

  8. I am at 4 most days, and I told them from start, I don’t want that junk. Tramadol will take edge off enough with ibuprofen and Anti-inflammation. Just to addictive and takes people down dark road. Besides they just charged me for medication and a few visits as I am only 40% apparently you must be 50% to get free care they told I got in 1986, But they charged me for services from 2012? I have not worked since 2012, when they gave me the service they said it was free because of my unemployability, I still don’t have. Got to love these VA characters you could not make up the stories that come from these people. about 50% untrained and incompetent,the rest would give you shirt off their back. I have bad luck and always end up with the untrained and incompetent ones. My doctor is OK, but I don’t think they allow them to actually diagnose people for fear of having them file service related claims. I have to seek outside medical help to get diagnosed, and not mention being a veteran, then I may get diagnosed. Why i am it, they need to get back to VA being about Veterans and not the Governments way of feeding local governments funds and jobs, the top is more about getting free stuff from contractors, and electrical companies, and real estate groups, shaking hands with everyone but the Veteran. Don’t fool yourself they get free lunches, and gifts, etc… and that is how they spend their time instead getting down to business, when you have them pulling this all over country you get backlogs and veterans being neglected, over spending by builders, just waiting for them to drop guard and load them up with solar lights, then move them, and if that is not enough while the bosses are having lunches and getting wined and dined they send sexual emails to each other and have sex in the building, or hiring murders. Unbelievable!

  9. Don’t Worry Crazy Elf a story on Stephens and the Indy VBA is not far off. I promised a congressman I would not post on it until he does his thing. If Ben wants the exclusive he has my email.

    1. @Robin Mitchell
      Can’t wait for it to happen! I hope they all get what they deserve!
      I hope Ben does a fantastic job writing up an expose of the corruption which is VA against your husband!

  10. My VHA psychiatrist started prescribing me 180 mg day of morphine and 40 mg day hydrocodone to stabilize my mental health. I gladly gobbled the poison. He used a secure VHA prescription drug tablet to write scripts for me to take into the community to buy morphune at my expense. I am 100% sc. I hope somebody FOIA requests VHA to see how many VA secure script tablets have been consumed by VHA mental health. A event report I posted online shows they nabbed one from one if our docs purses here. Isolated? Yeah, right.

    1. No Dennis not a isolated incident. Your Doc put your life and welfare at very serious risk and should have been prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

      You should read the report that I linked to further down in the comment sections. It show that in fact it is not an isolated incident and how the IG just covered it up.

      1. It is beyond that. On my blog I posted the criminal report I obtained via FOIA about them passing out potent mental health drugs on the street to me. When ?I called VHA Washington, D.C., the man said to me about it, ” I hope you are used to wearing handcuffs because if you accepted those drugs you committed a felony. Now, would you like to continue?” I hung up. I freaked out. The report is on my blog and others here have seen it. They were handing out drugs on the street and got away with it.

      2. Dennis we have talked before and I have been to your website and read the report. Your doc needs to be prosecuted. Also the cover-up needs to be investigated and those involved need to lose their jobs and also prosecuted.

    2. You belong in prison, you tinfoil hat wearing drug addict. Don’t like the pills? Then don’t take them. That must be magic, huh? Get off the internet and go outside, idiot…

      1. It turns out that when I called DC VA to report the clinic distributing drugs on the street to me that the DC rep from Veterans Administration said the same thing; he said by accepting those drugs I committed a crime. Your words mirror the official VA representatives words to me when I called as a concerned citizen to report the drug crime. Your words speak of a certain style of problem solving is out of my league, but generally speaking the notion that doctors force pills into me is agreeably absurd. I chose to take the poison that my shrink prescribed. The VA chose to threaten me with incarceration for telling in them. Who do you want wearing the tin foil sir?

  11. Does any Veteran know if a Veteran sued a Veteran Primary Care Doctor for Medical Negligence that works for a Veteran Medical Center can the Veteran Primary Care Doctor sued thei Veteran that sueing the Veteran Primary Care Doctor. Please reply back. …Thanks….Semper Fi.

      1. Sorry but I am not sure. Maybe if you hit the contact link on the left and ask Ben. I am sure that he would know.

  12. Every time I ever get the chance, I will speak about and request Congress pass legislation requiring VA providers to be overseen by state medical licensure boards in the state they are practicing in.
    Clearly the VA doesn’t give a damn about the quality of any provider they hire, and clearly they don’t give a damn about investigating any of the quacks treating veterans.
    This must be stopped, and the only way to stop this is allowing a veteran to submit complaints to their state. Complaining about any of this to the VA, IG, Vets Affairs committees in Congress is not doing anything at all to fix this mess.

    Think of how many of these hacks could have been stopped if a veteran filed a complaint in their state against any of these we have heard about over the past few months, and the state sanctioned them. They would not be like this murderer or like Temeck and others and be shuffled to different VAs over 40 years.

    I will be writing letters tonight to my Congressman and both Senators, and will be sending it to both committees in Congress.

    I would really hope everyone reading this does the same, and include a link to this story.

    Call it the VETS Act. Veterans Enforcing Treatment Standards Act.

    1. My father 89 year old veteran was being seen at a outreach clinic in North Bend Or. He kept complaining not feeling well, they refuse to do walk ins, it takes weeks to get him in to be seen..our nearest VA hospital is 2 hours away.
      Last year we ended up taking him to the ER in Roseburg because he was Told by his VA PRIMARY Dr. At the clinic That “his next appt. Would be in a year”?? Come Back in a year for followup”
      He was at a stage three edema in his legs CHF was diagnosed by the local ER … we had to go to many different places before they (The Va) finally sent him to Mercy Medical center for a Pace Maker inplant because his heart was failing, afterwards the VA was mailing him old his old prescriptions and we had to go to an outside Dr. To keep him on the water pills that the Hear Surgeon put him on because the VA clinic didn’t want to authorize him a “New Prescription until his Blood Pressure was under control”
      They had no idea he even went To Mercy even tho they sent him there!

      It has been a nightmare ggetting I’m seen and treated properly…

      We were told we have to chose a primary either in the VA or outside because they don’t want to many doctors caring for him?? Even tho Obama said we can seek Healthcare outside the VA if needed.
      We continue to take him to Mercy for his pacemaker follow ups but the VA is not responding to their “Prior Authorization Requests”
      We are greatfull that he can pay for Medicare insurance that covers his “Other care” besides VA…
      If it not for my Sister, my Family and I doing everything we could think of to help him get cared for all of the phone calls, complaints, and telling outside agencies what happened to him he would not have made it this long….

      1. VA Roseburg and VISN 20 will without a doubt grab attention when their practices come to light. It is outrageous in the extreme and it is disintegrating.

  13. Since this is on everyone’s mind, and it has to do with “illegal drug prescribing”. I’d really like to know what’s being done to Dr. Barbara Temeck, and the others, in Cincinnati?! I wonder how McDonald and Gibson are going to “spin” this?!
    Seems to me we got lots of physicians getting away with Bullcrap all over the VA system!

    Come on Miller, and the rest of you yella bellied politicians, do your freakin job! Put a bunch of asswipes in prison! Show McDonald and Gibson you got some balls, if it ain’t too late!?

    1. Hey Crazy Elf,

      I have been looking into what happed with her in Chicago, Missouri, South Carolina and Ohio.

      Clearly there is much more to her story then meets the eye. Most of what has happed at each location was caused by Dr. Charles H. Andrus. I can say that clearly what happened at Missouri and South Carolina were caused by Dr. Andrus in retaliation for her removing him from the position of Chief of Surgical Services at Hines.

      She really wasn’t given a choice about removing him form the position of Chief of Surgical Services(CSS). It was a decision made before she was even hired. Also while CSS at hines he was also Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery Professor of General Surgery and Director of Surgical Endoscopy at Loyola University School of Medicine.

      The following is a link to one of the reports associated with why he needed to be removed from the position and the mess she was hired to fix.


      There are additional reports that when combined make it profoundly clear that Dr. Andrus is the person responsible for causing veterans to suffer and veterans deaths. All for retaliation.

      1. NONE of which you mentioned explains away nor makes excuses for her prescribing opiates/controlled RX’s ON AN EXPIRED LICENSE TO DO SO!!!!!

        How the HELL can THAT be the cause of some disgruntled M.D.??? It cannot! She either wrote an illegal RX or she did not–nobody was twisting her arm to prescribe the Director’s wife those meds…and furthermore, ANY M.D. should be well aware of their licensing and legalities involved.

        Sounds like excuses are being made for her blatant ignoring of THE LAW.

      2. @Kirk R
        That still doesn’t explain why she wrote prescriptions for that Directors wife! Or why she was being paid 6 fiqures (basically “double dipping) for a “surgical position” that she wasn’t performing!
        I think if the “investigative journalists” dig a little deeper. We are going to see a lot more dirt come up on the Cincinnati VAMC AND VARO!

      3. @crazyelf-

        I also think the same thing but even on a larger scale…that particular VISN that includes the Indy VAMC/RO…there’s a story to be found about many reported VA Appointed Fiduciaries in that same “Network or Region”…and WHY exactly is the VA Facilities in Illinois, in particular, often caught-up in VA scandals?

        Do not forget about that Quincy, IL, VA Assisted Living Facility where no less than a DOZEN Vets died of Legionnaires Disease and 50 additional Infected Vets, as of Sept., 2015 at same location:


      4. @namnibor
        Let’s not forget the OIG report(s) they were sitting on for months or possibly years!
        The only one to come out so far, (late feb. 2016), was on Florida! I put the article on one Ben’s Blogs within the past few days.
        How will McDonald and Gibson respond on ALL the corruption which is VA in the coming months?
        I think their going to have a very hard time explaining the corruption this time!

      5. @crazyelf-
        Unless Sloan Gibson “redefined” what corruption means to the VA. You never know. So easy for them to do as long as the Congressional VA Committees remain asleep at the wheel.
        Oh…and the POTUS obviously could care less. I am thinking after Obama leaves office, MANY positions will have to be “cleaned-up”…just look what’s happened to our Secret Service and DOJ?
        I am wondering if they will have to “evict” Obama’s Mother-In-Law, whom has been living with them at the WH since day one? Will she be on a rocker on top of their truck when leaving the WH? 🙂 🙂
        If Trump wins election, many of the problems might just cleanse themselves and jump ship…the rest can be a resounding, “YOU ARE FIRED”!!

      6. Naminbor, Crazy Elf,

        Like both of you I believe she broke the law and needs to pay the full price for her actions. Firing her is not enough she also needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

        I do not mean getting probation real prison time.

        Also the real truly evil monster, Dr. Charles H. Andrus, I am trying to draw attention to in my comment needs to be locked away permanently or given the death sentence. Not only did he put thousands of veteran’s health and lives at risk he is responsible for first degree murder. Just for revenge against Dr. Temeck. When he took his actions against Dr. Temeck he knew he was going to be murdering Veterans.

  14. “Jesse Ventura: I’ll Run for President if Bernie Sanders Loses”

    The former governor of Minnesota likes Trump and Sanders, but says he will get in the race by June if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination.


    1. @Kirk R
      I like this idea.
      Did you know Jessie Ventura WAS the only Govenor to get his state out of debt! Fact!!!!

      And I like his “attitude” towards ALL the “DemoCRIPS” and “RepuboBLOODS”! He even apologized to the CRIPS & BLOODS “…for taking their names in vain!

      He says there’s NO difference between the two parties anymore! I agree 100% with that statement! Their all on the “take”, or “hook”, from someone or some large corporation!

      Also, If he were to beat Hitlery, I believe he AND Mr. Trump would make a great “tag team” as President (Trump) and Vice President (Ventura)! Or, visa versa.

      1. So…Lemme get this straight…You want a multi-millionaire with a bad hairdo and a retired wrestler for pres and vice-pres? Bet you probably think WWF is real…LOL

      2. @Don Avant
        No, actually I’m looking at two very intelligent individuals.

        You can kid yourself about Mr. Trump all you want. Don’t fall for all the negative ads about him.
        I’ve personally met individuals, men and WOMEN, who’ve worked for him over the years. Not one person, has had a harsh word about his Work Ethics, Trade Deals or anything else for that matter.
        My wife has met, and became friends with a lady here in Florida who had a supervisory position! Long before women held such jobs! After she left, she became very independently wealthy because of that experience! By hard work and ethics anyone can! BTW, this is what he demands from employees!
        I won’t say one bad thing about Mr. Trump. Because the people I’ve met, and former employees who have been on the radio, can’t say enough good about him, either!

        Now, as far as Mr. Jessie Ventura. Are you aware his state, while he was Govenor, not only reduced its debt. But also had a surplus, of MILLIONS, when he left office! His state was the ONLY state to do that within the past 50 to 60 YEARS! That says something about his ethics and hard work for his constituents also!
        Secondly, are you aware Mr. Ventura holds a (high) degree in “Political Science”! Many are unaware of this little piece of information!

        Many only see what they want to see when they look at someone. They don’t dig into a person’s past work ethics or education to see if that person is qualified to hold a specific position! Look at VA or our government “appointment proceedures” for example. VA AND OUR GOVERNMENT hiring process is an example of HOW NOT to investigate a person for employment! For IF they had a good process, many of the employed, from McDonald on down, would still be unemployed!

        Don’t be facetious! No, WWE is NOT real.

  15. This is a serious inquiry for anyone who knows of vets, who died in PHX during 2009-2010 receiving care OR denied care at PHX VA? Also were these Vets receiving ‘psyche’ treatment…?

  16. The VA probably read the article.knew his past records and said perfect fit. !

    How many other veterans that seek mental health are harmed?

    Knowing that others look at veterans with PTSD. As crazy people and they can abuse them at will !

    I never wanted to believe that employees were capable of killing over dosing them !

    Really.really scary !

  17. The VA’s recruiting program for doctors makes it impossible to file an official complaint against a doctor, specifically for doctors woking out of their state of licensure. The licensing state will not take complaints, and the state they practice in has no authority to pursue an investigation.

    I’m talking to a state representative, and for now they are saying it’s a federal issue. If it is a federal issue, who do we take our concern to? In my case, I have McCain, Flake, and McSally…and not one of them has anything encouraging to say.

    From VA web site: “At VA, only one active, unrestricted state license is required to practice in every VA facility across all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.”

    I think the VA, and federal government, have colluded to make getting rid of VA doctors impossible, forcing veterans to either accept substandard care, or go out of pocket while allowing the butchers to ‘practice’…on veterans.

    Rattle the chains my sisters and brothers, let all who will listen know that there has to be a way or mechanism, non-VA, that will take and pursue formal complaints with Medical License Review boards…not left to the VA to monitor itself.

    1. The VA does not even follow that. The Ortho doc who did my knee replacement surgery had been sued for malpractice in Missouri, and the restrictions on his license required he be supervised while practicing. The VA has him supervising a PA.

    2. That is a very interesting link, and explains why it is so easy for quack doctors to move to other states.
      A doctor must be licensed in one state, and with every move to any other VA, their privileging process is streamlined.
      If you do a search on “VA career credential”, it brings up your link along with VHA directives on credentialing. I suggest from reading that Directive that it is not being followed, particularly regarding malpractice. If that were followed, then a nurse at my VA who has been sued twice for malpractice while at the Phoenix VA as recently as 2011 would not be working for the VA.
      They actually brag on that page about once being credentialed at one VA made it easier to get jobs at other VAs.
      Reading much of that page, particularly the testimonial from a doctor in their “Locum Tenens” program just POs me. It is such a load of BS and outright lies.

  18. Off today’s topic. Yet, y’all need to read what Obama’s administration has (NOT) done in “Keeping America Safe!”
    It’s from “Judicial Watch”.

    “Judicial Watch: Homeland Security Records Reveal Officials Ordered Terrorists Watch List Scrubbed”

    The “terrorists” who murdered the many innocent people in San Bernardino WERE on that list! So were around 1000 others. But, evidently Obama didn’t see the need for Homeland Security to continue to investigate them. WHY might you ask? Because it might interfere with their “civil liberties!”

    Let’s see, how many terrorists does it take to murder hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent lives?
    How many innocent lives could have been spared because of this “Watch List”? How many future innocent lives will be lost, due to Obama refusing to let our Homeland Security Agency to do their jobs?

    To anyone who believes Obama is NOT responsible for this. Remember one thing! When President Harry Truman was President, there was a “Plaque” which sat on his desk. On it were these words,
    “The Buck Stops Here!”
    He was a realist! He knew whatever, (press releases), came out from the White House, he was ultimately responsible for. Unlike this “sitting POTUS today!”

    My thought this cool Wednesday morning!

  19. To all.
    When I “click” onto Ben’s “source”, I get ;
    4.0.4. Page not found

    So I googled;
    “VA chief of opiate safety charged in drug deaths of three”

    It is from “The Daily Caller”.
    There’s additional info of what was occuring at the “Illiana VAMC”!
    One thing, which I found interesting, was the head person, who rarely showed up for work, was basically allowed to retire, because of this issue, with a six (6) figure payout of taxpayers monies!

    As far as the Indiana “charges against Sturman, looks like he won’t be facing a judge anytime soon! Read the article over this B/S!

    Another interesting FACT in the article concerned “a 250 pound welfare recipient” who rarely showed up for appointments. “When she did”, she popped “positive” for illegal drugs! Why would any “respectable physician” continue to prescribe opiates, or other narcotics, to a known (illegal) drug user?

    In my opinion, Sturman was playing the government’s medical system for LOTS & LOTS of profit! He paid his bail, $80K, with monies, I believe he made from his patients!

    The more I read about this asswipe. The more I can see why the VA hired him. He IS the quality type of physician VA would hire. Then, when caught, VA “spins” its web of lies and deceitful public relations where they act like spoiled two year olds, by saying a, “I don’t know!” type of drivel!

  20. Sturman was the pain management physician who was arrested by local law enforcement in July 2015 at the Illiana, Illinois VAMC. He was subsequently extradited back to Indiana on three counts of taking people’s lives.
    My “Real Close Brother” (“Brother’s in Arms – Vietnam) who lives in Illinois called me when he saw the news articles.
    If I’m not mistaken, there’s a Representative asking VA about it’s “hiring practices” because of this!

    I put the first news article concerning this asswipe on here last July!
    I wonder what has happened since?!

    1. Correction:
      It was August 2015 when Sturman was “lead out in handcuffs while attending a meeting!”

  21. How many more “Kevorkians” does the VA still employ? Does anyone actually even READ these Dr.’s Vitae AND thorough background checks before hiring them at the VA?
    Does the VA have some “Transition From Prison/Work At VA Program”? Do they advertise on the Dark Web or Craigslist under category, “Mad Scientist”?

    WTF? And the VA loves to boast they “attract the very best…”. 🙂 Best of what?!

    1. Or….do they advertise in this article’s case, on Craiglist under category, “Chester The Molester”? That mug shot says enough. Wonder what’s buried in his basement?

    2. My third PCP back before my transferring care from a CBOC was a retired freak MD from the prison system. And talked to us like prisoners with no rights or to have the right to know our own bodies, or what actually helps us. Oh, and there is no such thing as chronic pain.

      I have had so many primaries and kinds of them I can’t remember them all they change and quit so often during the year. Then to get stuck with MD idiots that treat us or not treat, after telling us they didn’t have time to read our file. What fun it was.

      1. The PHX psyche my deceased spouse saw kept a wall-size mural of a grave-yard in his VA office. tombstones w/ Celtic crosses. In bold letter over the graveyard was written…May the ShitBag be w/ You!
        ShitBag is a Fictitious name, but very close to actual Dr. name used. It is time to take out the White Coat homicidal, sadist-killers!

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