VA Improper Incentives

IG – Veterans Affairs Made $60 Million In Improper Incentive Payments

VA Improper Incentives

In a recent report, VA OIG concluded the Department of Veterans Affairs made over $60 million in improper incentive payments since 2015.

In 2014, the agency watchdog received a report that the Veterans Health Administration and VA Central Office was improperly incentivizing employees using recruitment and relocation incentives to increase retention.

IG found VHA did not properly authorize 33 percent of the estimated 1,546 recruitment incentive payments and about 64 percent of the estimated 727 relocation incentive payments VHA awarded to non-SES employees in FY 2014.

IG estimates the value of improper incentive payments is $158.7 million from FY 2015-2019 making the average in improper payments being over $30 million per year.

How many doctors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals could be hired with that kind of money to help combat VA’s suicide epidemic?

I have hit on this disgusting problem a few times in the past.

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The publication platform Task & Purpose decided to write about it yesterday. Now, they did not actually write about it but instead paid a vendor called Tribune Content Agency for the story originally published by Stars and Stripes.

Nothing wrong with that, but you are about to see the difference between what they give you and here. There, you get a lot of filler content about the issues that is really intended to score SEO points but really repeats a ton of the same crap we already.

VA is corrupt. Congress failed to help. The corruption continues. AFGE is a communist group of criminals strangling VA and veterans. Et cetera, et cetera.

Since I write about nothing other than VA all the time, my earlier articles provide the background, most of you already know the beat of this drum, and I get to jump right into the good stuff other journalists do not touch on in a typical news story.

VA PAID Program vs VA HR Smart Program

The report indicates at least one failed procedure is at the core of the problem:

HRMOs told us VA’s personnel system, the Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID) system, lacks capabilities to issue alerts when employees receiving incentives change jobs or locations, resign, or are fired. As a result, HRMOs may not be aware of unfulfilled incentive service agreements. This risk is especially pronounced when employees are paid incentives as lump sums at the start of their service agreement period. Paying incentives bi-weekly or as installments throughout employees’ service agreement periods lessens VA’s repayment liability risk. In these cases, employees simply stop receiving incentive payments when they leave VA’s employment.

Supposedly, PAID will be replaced by a program called HR Smart. The HR Smart program was reportedly implemented as of June 2016, and it was the first private sector solution implemented in a federal agency for this purpose.

The Pig AFGE Union

Thankfully, our pig AFGE Union submitted a cease and desist in 2013 to prohibit immediate implementation of the change.

These little piggies at the trough care little about our veterans and everything about preserving their Democratic voting bloc at the expense of veterans lives:

In accordance with Article 47 Section 2 C., of the Master Agreement the National VA Council #53 is formally demanding to bargain on VA HRSmart cited above within the Department…. Please cease and desist any implementation until the bargaining obligation has been met.

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I am unclear how long this “cease and desist” delayed implementation after VA initiated the move to the platform, but I am sure it wasted some taxpayer dollars both in improper payments and in contract delays.

Think AFGE cared a lick?

More About IBM And Its VA HR Smart Deal

The VA HR Smart program is an IBM product. The agency contracted with the private sector provider for $123 million over 10 years to provide the service and software. According to an IBM press release on the VA HR Smart deal:

IBM announced it has been awarded a 10-year $123 million contract by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to replace the agency’s 50-year-old legacy human resources application with a new system delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

IBM will deliver what it refers to as a first-of-its-kind private-sector HR technology solution for the U.S. federal government. IBM has been selected as the HR Line of Business (LOB) Shared Services Center (SSC) provider for the VA and will build, operate and maintain a new HR system to be deployed across the enterprise to deliver a standardized and interoperable human resources experience.

The new HR system will allow the VA to better manage its workforce and will provide enhancements such as new self-service options for VA managers and employees. The VA expects to reduce costs by integrating all HR systems and related processes from its geographically dispersed operational locations.

After implementation, I found an explanation of what the program is doing that maybe explains AFGE’s apprehension. The program will use IBM’s software to create rational rules for employment management.

AFGE clearly hates any form of metrics accountability that can lead to termination of its members that limits interference, fraud or manipulation.

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VA explained how the program will work:

A speaker from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) then discussed HR-Smart, the VA’s HR system transformation.  HR-Smart is currently used by over 370,000 VA employees in a vast structure of clinics, offices and medical centers. The system provides interoperability across the VA, streamlines Personnel Action Request (PAR) processing, facilitates more rational and timely hiring of staff, and delivers self-service capabilities and enhanced customer service. The VA is the first federal agency to migrate to a private sector provider. The VA speaker then reviewed the case for HR-Smart, the issues related to the change of systems and culture, the significant accomplishments to date, and the drive for future improvements.

This platform is part of IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative that started in 2013 following acquisition of Kenexa, a talent management platform that incorporates psychology with workforce management.

VA OIG Improper Incentive Payments

According to the VA OIG summary:

OIG assessed how VA used recruitment, relocation, and retention (3R) incentives to develop and maintain its workforce in FY 2014. OIG conducted this audit following a complaint alleging VA awarded its Senior Executive Service (SES) employees recruitment and relocation incentives without adequate justification, and retention incentives without determining the employee’s intent to leave VA. OIG substantiated part of the allegation, finding VA’s Office of Corporate Senior Executive Management (CSEMO) did not ensure SES recruitment and relocation incentives were properly authorized before making award recommendations to VA. OIG did not substantiate that VA awarded SES employees retention incentives without determining the employee’s intent to leave. VHA didn’t properly authorize 33 percent of the recruitment and 64 percent of the relocation incentives awarded to non SES employees. Most retention incentives awarded to SES employees and non-SES VHA employees, and half of retention incentives awarded to non-SES VACO employees, lacked adequate workforce and succession plans. VA needs to improve efforts to recoup payments when employees don’t meet the recruitment or relocation service agreement terms. VA’s inadequate controls over its 3R incentives represent an estimated $158.7 million in unsupported spending and about $3.9 million in repayment liabilities projected for FYs 2015 through 2019. OIG recommended the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration review and update procedures for Administrations to ensure recruitment and relocation incentives are justified and properly authorized, and develop internal controls for Administrations to monitor facilities’ compliance with developing succession plans to reduce VA’s reliance on retention incentives. OIG recommended the capabilities of the HR Smart system be reassessed to reduce VA’s incentive repayment liability risks.

Will It Work?

VA claims a change in the incentive payment system to HR Smart will help fight against improper incentive payments. The new system will force manual review whenever a payment flags any of the respective flags.

Think it will work or are we being led on another wild goose chase?


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  1. I see that Breitbart News has a new article on Esteban Santiago the Ft. Lauderdale shooter. They even cite Ben’s article and some of the content.

    From their article: “, a website founded by veterans advocate and lawyer Benjamin Krause, suggests Esteban may be one of the many veterans who suffer from severe mental health issues and are not receiving treatment at the VA or the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

    The deadly incident “certainly highlights failures between DOD and VA where veterans fall through the cracks who obviously suffer from mental health problems,” reports the organization.”

    The article also contains some information that was included in Comments on Disabled Veterans dot Org.
    For the full article it is at:

    “Former Girlfriend: VA ‘Didn’t Do Anything’ About Ft. Lauderdale Shooter’s Mental Illness”; by Edwin Mora, Breitbart, 01/10/2017


  2. Seymour, I guess I’m banking on President Trump taking care of VA, by shutting it down. I think that Holman Rule may give President Elect to do what must be done. Also, I think Senator Sessions is lying about not going after Hillary. In truth, what you said about him going after the VA,……….I am unsure…Being a Veteran and living in Alabama, he ain’t done no good here. But, none of our government are doing the Veterans well. I just don’t know. Thanks for the wake up.

    1. You know, I didn’t think of this until you said you thought Sessions was lying.

      I don’t believe he is lying, but I don’t like the idea of him recusing himself at all, which in my opinion is just little more than an offhand remark made during a hearing.

      I don’t like an AG recusing themselves because it says politics would affect their actions. What if new information comes to light and it shows more lawbreaking? Would he not take action?

      Regardless of what I think about recusal…if he does do it, it is simply little more than attempting to not becoming a distraction.

  3. I also believe that Senator Sessions knows the Constitution and will defend it. I believe he may surprise many. I think he’s a good choice. And, I didn’t eat the candy.

    1. Jo3n,

      I felt that Jeff Sessions was a great pick right up until he said he would recuse himself from prosecuting the Clintons. The fact that he recognized criminal behavior and spoke out about it during a political campaign is not a very good reason to not do the job he is being appointed to.

      If he is willing to recuse himself just to make himself more palatable for the other criminals in congress. What else is he willing to do.

      “Jeff Sessions says he’ll recuse himself from Clinton investigations”

      1. I very much doubt that he would be willing to pursue charges against any VA employee caught for wrong doing at the VA after this.

        Starting to sell that same old pile of poo.

      2. What if one looks at it from his legal mind and as a legal chess-move, that allows then no other recourse than to appoint a….Special Prosecutor? One of many chess moves this may represent. I would look at the hot coals they are placing in his path in order to find a disqualifying reason because not one of them can deny he’s a hawk and shrewd attorney and he takes no BS from anyone….give it time. Plus, that pesky Clinton Foundation stuff is bound to raise it’s rear-end, which will undoubtedly stir the sediments of all else or…we can move-on with a new President, a much different circumstance in Congress, and as Pres. Elect Trump often says, get-on with Making American Great Again and part of the eventual draining of the swamp will have plenty of Clinton tendrils and lamprey in the sludge…it will clean itself almost. Possibly. All is in flux right now. Obama is giving his “Farewell Speech” this evening from *Chicago*, billed as “His Home Town”….hmmmm, he’s not moving back there anytime soon so I wonder if he will finally address the 1000’s shot and almost 800 homicides in Chicago 2016 alone? Wishful thinking that he might try to quash some of this tension in his last speech? 🙂

      3. I don’t know that Sessions has any choice other than recusal.

        If any investigation went forward and Sessions has any involvement, you would hear leftists screaming like banshees that the whole investigation was political. Sessions would become the sole focus, and the left would do whatever they could to destroy him, even if they saw Hillary eating live kittens while stomping puppies.

        It would be much like the focus on Ken Starr rather than Clinton boinking interns.

        The left will do that regardless of who investigated. Naming a special prosecutor would allow Sessions to focus on cleaning up other messes.

  4. I have to keep reminding myself that POTUS elect is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He’s refreshing. Sen Sessions is a bigot, by definition, and does very little For the low income families, no matter what color. He has legal issues hanging in Alabama. He has issues with race, other than white(rich). Other than that, I am ok with him.

  5. Here’s a video on YouTube.

    “BLM Disrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation With False Racist Charges”

    ‘Rob Dew reporting for the Alex Jones Show’ 10 Jan. 2017 (7:51 minutes long)

    It happens when Sen. Ted Cruz was interviewing Jeff Sessions. He brought out a laundry list of illegal acts committed by Obama and his Democrats.
    You will hear, “The Democrats were silent!” multiple times!
    You will also hear Jeff Sessions epic response, we are a “Constitutional Republic”! Something the Democrats, and (yes) some Republicans, still don’t understand about America and Americans!

  6. Truly I don’t want to spoil anything, but, candy bar was……….free. still, the clinic, without patients, without Dr’s, appeared to be a front. Can’t wait to see that Holman Rule in action.

    1. A free candy bar inside a federal building offered to patients is hardly free lolz! Given VA procurement history, Baby Ruth bars likely exceed $300 per bar, dixie cups $40 each (size tiny), and each napkin $18. Coffee $27 per cup, creamer is $9 each. Toothpicks $4 apiece.

      Jo3n, you can be sure that each item was procured through an affiliate of the AFL/CIO, which carry an additional surcharge of $14 each which OIG has determined has not been authorized.

      The words “free” and “government” aught NEVER be mistakenly used in the same paragraph!

      1. You must be talking about the reduced prices they will be charging Medicare and, or, private insurance or Obama care for that free Candy Bar and Coffee.

        Lets not forget the three additional staff members they had to hire to track the billing for the free coffee and candy bar as it flows through the system.

      2. So, much like the Choice Champions that never bother to improve Choice, we’ll have multiple Candy Bar Champions at every VA for quality control.

    2. Also keep-in-mind that a “freely taken candy bar” from the VA very-well could have some big pharma research attached. That candy bar wasn’t named “Shinazi Nuggets”, by chance? The wrapper may give clues on where to obtain the “newly developed cure” for whatever is on the “Shinazi Nuggets”…. 🙂

  7. Only VA management can dream up the bullshit idea that they need a $123 million system to prevent improper payments to other VA management, while scrutinizing and delaying every penny paid to a veteran through disability compensation or travel pay.

    Here’s an idea! Why not use the same system that blocks those payments to veterans on a whim for this?

    Here’s another idea! You want an incentive? Your bi-weekly paycheck is the incentive. You don’t like it? Get the hell out!

    Here’s another idea! On Jan 21, every lawyer working at VACO is fired. Their history of being incompetent at their jobs is shocking…almost as if other VA managers insist on hiring the dumbest lawyers on the planet.

    They can’t manage to put together packages to fire employees caught redhanded, and here they can’t tell the AFGE to piss off when it comes to negotiating over implementation of proper human resource and cost controls. There is nothing to negotiate, unless some senior VA manager believes the delay in implementation might result in more improper payments for themselves.

    …and taking 3 years to negotiate something like that? Seems like the delay was intentional.

    For those who still believe the VA is underfunded, how much waste should be shown until you realize that is a BS argument for how corrupt the VA has become?

    1. Amen, Amen, and Amen! Esp. to this: “[Here’s an idea! Why not use the same system that blocks those payments to veterans on a whim for this?

      Here’s another idea! You want an incentive? Your bi-weekly paycheck is the incentive. You don’t like it? Get the hell out!]”

      I have to clean coffee off my screen because am still laughing because it’s so brilliant that if THAT was given my Pres. Trump as an ultimatum to the AFGE, it would give cause to pull a Pres. Ronald Reagan on the AFGE and have them look for another place to haunt and infect.

      Great suggestions, 91Veteran. Awesome!

      1. It’s just tiring hearing the usual excuses.

        Incentives for VA management? 95 million on food stamps in this country. I’m sure a few could be found willing to do their job just for the paycheck.

        I got tired of hearing that incentive crap long ago when I heard what they were paying Shileala at UW Wisconsin, or the President at OU. The same claptrap about having to pay them such exhorbitant amounts with plenty of perks adding up to many thousands extra per month on top of their salaries…because they had to keep up with other universities so they didn’t lose their precious administrator.

        The President of OU was paid $500k, along with what added up to $20k plus per month for housing in an OU furnished house, car allowance and entertaining expenses.

        He was going to be given another $500k if he stayed at OU 5 years.

        Seriously? Who gives a shit if some flunky moves on?

    2. @91Veteran – – – Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

      @Namnibor – – – “I have to clean coffee off my screen because am still laughing” – Yeah, Brother. The best of the “We LUV our lifer juice” brigade in action! Nam helps DV with “Caffiene Intake” this past Sunday. Today, 91Veteran help Nam to “clean computer screen” with H2O Black. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Kaffeine Karma.

      Now, I must go refill my mug as my red cell count is a wee but higher than my caffeinated cell count.

      1. The unfortunate case is I had added some condensed sweetened milk from the can as my creamer, which made cleaning a comprehensive job after I stopped sneezing. (coffee drinking problem here) 🙂

        For what it’s worth, it was Kroger brand Kona Blend. 🙂

    3. VA lawyers are their to protect VA employees (Management) and are there to give assistance to VA VBA on how not to pay veterans their disability and get away with it. Where are they anyway, attorney’s regional office or do they have an office next to the white house.

      They are the head of the VA, cut them out and see what happens. Employees getting caught at what ever and not have any free attorney’s to defend them. Plus they have the OIG office and FBI to cover up from them.

      I would have thought that the OIG and FBI, require proof of wrong doings. Nope the VA will call both and report a veteran as being disruptive and even telling them the Veteran wanted to shoot someone and Both never ask or requested any proof.

      I know they did it to me and if some one would pressure the VA to provide any proof, they won’t be able to, because what they told them about me never happened and the VA admitted they had no proof. How can someone makes allegation’s that someone wanted to shoot someone and not ask for any proof or evidence.

      immunity, they know the VA is the wild west and the Sherriff is part of it. As long as they know no one can touch them, they have and will run amuck !

      They play that song all day (Can’t Touch This.)

  8. I went to a new VA clinic. I believe it was opened just to make the choice card useless. It was nice. Candy bars, coffee, even creamer. Enough seats for fifty, or more. I counted twelve people working. There were two patients in waiting room, I was one. When I left at 10:30a.m., there was only the workers. I live forty five miles from nearest VA. The waste that goes on in the VA is everywhere. HOLMAN, HOLMAN, if it works, hope POTUS (elect) uses it. Are we supposed to not be angry, and just keep plugging away? Thanks Ben, HOLMAN RULE, although I truly don’t understand the rule, I would like to see it implemented. The VA needs REAL Dr.’s, that clinic didn’t have a Dr. there that day. They had enough of untrained personnel.

    1. Those untrained personnel were serving a purpose for the VA Vendor/Contract for those candy bar machines. Can’t play hungry, hungry hippos without some snacks. 🙂

      I am only surprised the VA has not come out with their own branded candy bars or at least the VSO’s, you know, to drum-up $ to assist Veterans?
      Names of such candy bars come to mind as : Payday, $100,000 Bar, 5th Avenue, and of course, Bittersweet. 🙂

  9. Since veterans can’t sue the VA for anything, what about the AFGE union? Can’t they be sued? Does the union get extra protection under federal law from being sued for harming and killing veterans? Maybe there could be a way the union could be sued in that regard if a union member employee harmed a veteran in any way through negligence, etc. I was wondering if anybody has done any research on that.

    1. How can you sue a brotherhood? The brotherhood protects its own but the brotherhood protections are a bond, like the mafia. It is like suing the allegiance of a cult. The cult acts morally from the basis of their common beliefs and best interests and this bonds them together but the acts of cult members cannot be blamed in court on anyone else simply for holding the same beliefs.

      The AFGE does not need to be sued. The AFGE needs to be broken. It is not the cancer per se but it is a whopping big tumor in America’s ass and it needs to be removed before the fecal material it holds back can flow out again and be flushed. Bring the plunger because it is a GIANT loaf heading out…

      1. One of the acts on the first day by the next SecVA should be to notify the AFGE their master agreement will be renegotiated, then form a team to completely review that agreement line by line.

        I’m sure there are all kinds of little perks throughout it.

      1. Those laws have already been passed for a few hundred years.

        The VA operates outside of those laws. The VA needs to cease as a cabinet level product just like it was before Reagan/Bush elevated it to an untouchable (by courts) level. One of the key dissenters fought hard against Reagan doing this because Reagan insisted that VA be immune from “Judicial Review” and used his popularity to override the dissenters. It means that a few vets fought to keep our righhts to have our day in court but Reagan stood fast and got the Cabinet level VA created without Judicial Review protections in place.

        The result is untold MILLIONs of $$$ funnelling into AFGE pockets, years of backlogs, wildly different treatment of vets in the same matters, and corruption so deeply held at VA that no single person who works there is untouched and uninvolved.

        When I was in my 20s America set aside veterans rights and took away our day in court. It is a Constitutional crisis that has led to COUNTLESS thousands suffering needlessly.

      2. Dennis, Know that many laws were broken. I’m just hoping that some thing is done this coming year and this new rule just might give us our just due. Regan made a mistake and now someone came along and is trying to fix it with this new rule.

        I’m hoping that Miller will be asked to run the show, I have watched him a lot and just by his body language you can see the frustration in his face. He will cut off VA Managers in their track, when they start rambling. You did not answer the question.

        If anyone would review all of the meeting of the veterans committee, they would see for themselves, how the VA will use different Tactics to avoid a straight answer’s.

        Should have said Law’s with teeth and someone besides the VA to inforce them. I know I might be dreaming, but sometimes Dreams come true,

  10. with all that has happened in the recent past and the VA ignoring the request to stop paying employees the yearly Bonus. They are spending millions on this program. Why, nothing has changed. Those monies must be stopped, that money must be given to the BVA to pay veterans claims.

    Again, its all about the employees, when is someone going to start to ensure veterans are getting their deserved disabilities. It seems to me, the veterans are doing without so some employee can get a bonus !

    Its just crazy, we are dying by the thousands and all they can think about is giving that money to VA employees. Free money for hurting veterans, more employees have received this Bonus than any year.

    Those on disability, get 0 or 1 % COLA, what’s up with that. I am sorry but I’m tired of hearing about employees rights, Bonus money and how they are called everything under the book on how veterans are being treated or not treated. This is an outrage and a big slap in the face of all veterans.

    Shut down the VA and the money saved go directly to veterans, Not as a Bonus but as a way to tell veterans you do matter and we will take care of you, before anyone else. Billions of dollars have been thrown away paying people to attack fellow employees and mainly the veterans.

    Homeless Veterans, Veterans being denied their deserved disability claims, Lead administrators getting over 100,000 dollars to move. Cost over runs. When is enough money going to fix the VA, its not !

    Veterans must be heard, but no one wants to listen, its like speaking to someone and that person speaking to someone else when your speaking. They are their but don’t get the message, because their thoughts are else where.

    Divert, Dodge, and ignore, all veterans. Deny, Deny, Die and it seems this will continue and over looked because of greed. Employees, employees really, What about the Veterans. Hell when a service member is discharged why not just take him into a room and shoot him and save him/her a lot of grief.

    Nope cant be that humane, we want them to be forced to be abused by the VA. So some poor sucker 40 years from now can write on a site like this to tell how the VA has hurt them.

    Why cant people see through this rouse, We are Ginny pigs and nothing more. If they truly gave a dam about veterans issues, this madness would stop and someone would make sure the stats change and instead of 90% of claims denied, Wound read 90% of claims have been approved !

    That will not happen as long as the VA is in control of all Veterans lives and they would loose millions on Bonus money, relocation fees and the well would be dried up and whistle blowers would not be paid.

    It seem everyone is getting money, except the ones who, who actually defended this country.

    Want to save money, then save it. and put a FREEZE on military hiring and give each active duty member a bonus to retire, with no benefits. and those slots will not be refilled.

    This country would last one month and will go to hell, But as long as VA employees keep getting the veterans blood money, they could care less.


    They VA can stay and keep doing what they are doing, they would not even know there are no veterans.

    I, we deserve to be frustrated or even mad. Do you as a veteran matter to the VA, tell the truth !

    1. @James- The combined measly COLA of .001% (not even a full digit %) of both my SSDI and 100% Svc. Connected VA Disability was a whopping increase of exactly $9. per month.

      Meanwhile, my monthly rent went up $50., my really expensive medication went up in retail price by $500. a month to a whopping $2999. for 30 tablets (non-service connected, so Medicare RX copay each month went up $45), and my Medicare Pt. D Drug Plan Premiums went up $31. each month= $126+ increased cost of living before even counting food and energy costs, per month, with a COLA increase amounting to $9. per month leaves me at a $117. deficit each month compared to last year and I live rather meagerly.

      Meanwhile these schmucks at the VA are still getting illegal non-performance bonuses? What’s seriously wrong with this picture and the way damn COLA’s are computed for real people? They keep this up and many elderly will be eating canned cat food again, and maybe we Disabled Veterans as well.
      I know it may seem like sour grapes on my part, but it’s not and I can adapt and live without this or that to make due but these paid-out bonuses are one huge sham. It makes a huge joke out of all the corruption exposed on this site daily, 365 days a year…that’s a lot of scandals!! Year after year…WTF?!!!!!!!!

  11. Here’s an article from, “The Horn News”, dated 10 Jan. 2017.
    “BREAKING: Obama Just Gave Iran Nukes”

    He just allowed tons of uranium to be shipped to Iran.

    1. I see another report where Comey has confirmed in testimony before Congress that the FBI was in fact denied access to DNC servers to investigate any Russian hack.

      1. @91Veteran,
        That’s correct. The FBI didn’t have access to the DNC’s computer. Therefore, how could they come to any hacking conclusion.
        Also, *IF* the FBI HAD access, what would be found? More incrimenating evidence against Hillary, Podesta, Cheryl Mills and others?
        I’ve been saying this for some time now.

      2. I just found it interesting that he confirmed it since other unamed Obama officials were just claiming the opposite.

        The infighting between the FBI and Some in the Intel communities who have sold their soul is intense.

      3. I think in the next 10 days we will see even more of them turn on their own like a bunch of starved piranhas, as the withdrawal starts to mentally set-in that the snowflakes may have trouble launching their golden parachutes when they discover the economy is not as rosy as Peace Price Obama has lead the minion to believe.

        The VA should have a mandatory hiring freeze for all upper management until a massive audit is complete.

      4. The only way I can see a hiring freeze be effective is if it is directed.

        Any freeze implemented should be directed that it is at the VARO level and above, with a mandate that it affects management first.

        Without that, the weasels in management will make damn sure it affects the front line employees first and foremost, so veterans would be most affected and calling their congressman.

        Obama did much the same thing with the government shutdown or sequestration. Shut things down most affecting the public so it causes them to put pressure on Congress.

        That’s why veterans were locked out of war memorials while Obama had other parts of government operating.

  12. Here’s something the wife just asked.

    Have y’all noticed lately, especially since Trump was elected POTUS, more articles and videos are surfacing, concerning the MASSIVE corruption within (almost) every government agency.
    We’re seeing many new articles and videos surfacing on these issues.
    Whether it be the directors or other high officials of government agencies getting their asses chewed out in front of the committees. Or, whether it’s the IG’s getting their asses chewed out. Or, whether these agencies representatives are being threatened with Contempt of Congress. Etc. Etc. Etc…..

    That being said, wouldn’t it be a Godsend if MANY VA employees would come forward to let the American Taxpayers know of all the corruption within VA and tie the AFGE in with it.

    I know this is a stretch.

    Yet, would it not be perfect to bring to justice those who are ripping off the taxpayers? To start a new year by putting those responsible of committing crimes in prison.

    When the new appointments are made, and confirmed, to head, not only the FBI, and the DOJ, wouldn’t it be grand to see multiple indictments come out against those committing crimes against veterans and taxpayers!

    We’re living in an era no one thought would happen. An “outsider” elected POTUS. Someone who will not kow-tao to anyone. I do not believe he’ll bend to David “Little” Cox’s threats.

    Hell, he’s even told the CIA he’s going to “reduce their agency” and send agents out of country to do their jobs! The reason behind this is because the CIA went against him over the fraudulent report over the Russians hacking to make him POTUS.

    1. I just saw a headline about Julian Assange again offering $30000 to anyone with data or information showing the Obama Administration is destroying records before he leaves office.

      Open the floodgates.

      1. I totally agree, Trump should send in the FBI, into every VA and place charges on anyone who retaliated against any VA whistle blower or has a record of harming a veteran in any way. That includes employees whom have reported employees to the disruptive committee.

        Now that their immunity no longer exists. This is once in a life time chance to hold all employees accountable for years of abuse. Fire management first all of them and work downwards.

        You guys have been telling for a long for the VA to have big Enema and I hope Trump gives them so many X lacs that they shit all the way out of the building, it would match their personality. Shitty.

  13. Seymore,
    Check out this video from Fox News last night. It was posted this morning on Utube. There’s going to be a lot of fallout on Hillary Clinton over these 300 emails of “Classified Materials” just now surfacing.
    From; “Fox News”

    “Napolitano – Hillary Busted! Anonymous FBI Source Dumps 300 Pgs ‘Hacked, Clinton Classified Emails”

    It’s coming out. She gave classified information to “unknown persons” while Secretary of State! Lots of Utube videos are reporting on this!
    Did FBI Director Comey know about this back in July, when he gave her a “pass” on Prosecution? Remember, DOJ Lynch said she would “… follow the recommendation [of the FBI]!”
    If so, then he’s guilty as sin on Collusion with her!

    1. Here’s another video from,
      “World Source” (2:07 minutes long)

      “More Clinton Emails Just Leaked! After This She’ll Never Show Her Face In Public”

      Evidently, she had “financial ties” with the king of Brunei. A complete asswipe of the first order over noncompliance for women’s rights!
      Women of the world should be upset and pissed over this new information.

    2. Unfortunately Elf,

      Jeff Sessions has just made clear at his confirmation hearing. ” Sessions also pledged to recuse himself from all investigations involving Hillary Clinton based on inflammatory comments he made during a “contentious” campaign season”.

      To that I say screw Jeff Sessions. He is already promising not to do the job properly just to get confirmation. Useless politician!!!

      That is coming from the Clinton New Network (CNN). “”

      1. CNN the major fake news network. Here is a video about a CNN Crisis Actor that is interviewed at 4 different news events as a person off the street who witnessed the events. Although she is truly only an actor used by CNN to get their narrative story out about what they want people to believe witnesses saw during the event.

        She is interviewed by CNN at:

        1.) She is interviewed at the Boston Marathon Bombing
        2.) She is filmed at the San Bernardino Shooting
        3.) She was again interviewed at Watertown during the hunt down of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects.
        4.) She was also interviewed at the Sandy Hook School Shooting incident
        5.) Again she was interviewed at the NTSB Train Derailment near Philadelphia claiming she was a passenger on the train

        “Crisis Actor Caught For The Fifth Time In The San Bernardino Shooting Hoax”

        Another example of bogus news I would like to point out is another Crisis actor that played dual roles at the Sandy Hook School shootings. He acted in a role as an FBI Swat Member during the initial response, then played a role as a father to one of the Victims of the school shooting, and finally as friend of Obama and a lobbyist in Washington supporting Gun Control.

        “Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ Caught Playing Two Roles • Crisis Actor Parent and Swat Team Member • Part 1”

      2. Seymore,
        Could it be——–
        He’s saying what many attorneys and judges said “Lying Loretta Lynch” should have done. That is; “recuse” [themselves] in order to put a “special prosecutor” in charge of the investigation.
        Which should show the public the DOJ isn’t being ‘politicized’ in their handling of an extremely important decision!

      3. To me it is confirmation that there will be no meaningful investigation or prosecution in all matters involving the Clintons. Any investigation even by a special prosecutor will end up just like the white water investigation of the Clintons. Basically a white washing of their crimes against the United States.

        “Jeff Sessions says he’ll recuse himself from Clinton investigations”

      4. Elf looking back all the way to the 60s. I cannot find even one time were the person being investigated, by a special prosecutor, has ever been charged with the crime they were being investigated for.

        One of the last times a special prosecutor was used was during the Plame Affair. Although laws were clearly broken the only person that was prosecuted was Scooter Libby and that was for crimes not being investigated. He was convicted of lying to investigators. His prison sentence was ultimately commuted by President Bush.

        Prior to that there was President Clinton who was only charged with lying to investigators for the Monica Lewinsky giss stain. Even though there was a mountain of evidence against him and Hillary for White Water.

        Going all the way back to Watergate charges were not even filed then by the Special Prosecutor due to the Saturday Night Massacre.

        Wikipedia “Saturday Night Massacre”

        This is a total free pass for the Clintons.

      5. I see that report slightly different Seymore.

        I see it as an issue still under investigation, and his recusal possibly setting the table for a special prosecutor to be named.

        “Hey! You wanted impartiality, so I recused myself. Here is your special prosecutor.”

      6. That may be 91Veteran, but can you recall anytime time that a special prosecutor actually prosecuted, anyone for the crimes they were being investigated for?

        What I am hearing by his statement is that the Clintons are going to get another free pass.

        Every time that I can remember there being a special prosecutor all that has happened is evidence was collected and hidden while witnesses were eliminated.

      7. I agree, it likely would turn out to be the usual political theater, millions of dollars spent for a report written months or years from now and released after everybody’s forgotten about it.

        Much like the Cox report on Clinton transferring missile technology to China.

        The problem is that it sets such a dangerous precedent not only for handling classified material, but for the rule of law and it being applied differently depending on what party you belong to.

        For once the Republicans should go after this with a vengeance, just like the Democrats do on everything, including this Russian hacking fiasco.

        The problem is it would end in one of two ways…either Hillary is sanctioned in some manner that ignores the rule of law, or nothing is done, which also ignores the rule of law and how it’s applied.

        There are a huge number of people on Hillary’s side, campaign flunkies, State Department personnel, etc., that are all complicit in her emails and them containing classified material. Many that knew about her server or emailed her server, and did nothing about it. I cannot see going after some lower level flunky without equally going after Hillary.
        Perhaps it will happen, but I doubt it.

        At this point, the best I see happening with this is a Special Prosecutor, with a thorough investigation into every detail of any flunky having knowledge of her server. They may not do prison time, but having their security clearance permanently revoked would go a long ways towards restoring some semblance of accountability regarding classified information.

  14. Whoever said that “crime doesn’t pay” never worked for the VA.

    By the way, here’s a little something something for you to chew on: In the Philippines if memory serves me right, on Phillipino veteran’s are permitted to used the VA facilities. I don’y know what the majority of American ex-pats/military who have retired to the PI do for Medical treatment.
    The corruption of VA services was of epic levels in the PI, and millions of dollars disappeared in fraudulent benifits. I have a friend who retired there, I’ll see if he has an update on any of that. Was a big story in the 80’s if I recall.
    Ben: snoop around down there, it’s off the books criminality.

    1. @John Cokos – The only VA facility located outside the United States is the one located in the American Embassy, Manila, R.P.

      That is where the VA hid Rima Nelson for a few years, after her spectacular performance as the Director of the Saint Louis, Missouri VA. You may recall that a lot of vets were quite probably exposed to HIV/AIDS and other wonderful things there – – – under her “Stellar Leadership”.

      Now, after doing her “Penance” in the Philippines – – – she is at the Phoenix VA, where her “skills” and “leadership abilities” can best be utilized to help veterans in the great State of Arizona.

      I pity those veterans for what they will suffer under Rima Nelson.

      1. Didn’t McDonald go over to Vietnam to break the ground on a new VAMC being built somewhere over there just last year? Correct me if I have mistaken that with something else entirely….maybe McDonald was just on his 18th hole from the HI trip “to end Veteran Homelessness”?

      2. I guess they sent her to finish the Job, others started. She must be really good at messing up. Highest qualifications needed for the Job. The Good employees are in real danger. But the bad ones are probably peeking around the corner, watching other employees in hopes of getting them fired.

        Some people I guess only get their kicks, when they are able to make someone’s else live Miserable. Its truly amazing how bold the VA management can be. I think they have done wrong so long and no one has done anything, They are just Blowing off President Elect Trump words that he going to drain the swamp, thinking Trump is just blowing smoke and would not have the nerve to fire VA employees.

        I hope their not right. I was wrong about Diana Rubin’s and Graves. They told their employees, we will see who has the last laugh. But there is always tomorrow.

  15. How does seeing your Doc by video work for those who are? I think it would be OK if the Doc saw me in person enough to get to know me but if she is Indiana and I’m in Wyoming not much chance of that ergo it doesn’t work for me.

    It was O K in Gillette when I had seen the Doc in Sheridan for 3 months before starting video visits. And why wouldn’t a video visit over a secure connection work better in my home instead of via a truck that comes around weekly? Guess the Docs don’t want you to record a visit so the history given is accurate.

    I think this is also a waste.

    1. It might have something to do with the transmission rates thru a secured network, like a VPN. Or it’s just easier to snoop on you this way, and not go on the record and get caught.

    2. Lem, when I went to my VA psych appt, I was told that the Psychiatrist wanted me to start having (something like ‘Facetime’) appointments with her, where I would show up at the VA clinic, she would be at an outpatient facility in the next city, and we would have our session remotely.
      I told the clinic manager that I wasn’t comfortable with doing that, but that I might consider logging onto my computer from my home (but that I would even have to give that some thought). They said I would need to come to the clinic and couldn’t do it from my home. I told them that I didn’t want to be taped via a link-up with the doctor; they said that I ‘wouldn’t be taped’; I told them I didn’t believe them.
      I have not even signed up with my health e vet, as I don’t feel comfortable with having everything online.
      But I would like to know, also, if others have found this helpful!

      1. The VA probably does not want we Veterans to record those “sessions” on our home computers, meanwhile I can bet that the VA is recording them, if anything so the VA Hack can be paid.
        I would immediately be sent a SWAT Team from Disruptive Behavior Committee because it would be too tempting to write on my forehead just before the “session”…”The VA Is Lying, Veterans Are Dying”…and watch the VA Hack on other side eyes cross and remain that way from stress overload. 🙂

      2. The requirement to come to the clinic likely has to do with computer security and making sure anything said is kept secure.

        I doubt VA systems for telemedicine are set up that would allow any outside system to access it.

        Regardless of security, I would refuse.

      3. @LittleSandyRiver , @Namnibor , @91Veteran – The VA does have Clinical Video Telehealth [CVT]. Both CVT and Home Based Primary Care Program [HBPCP] was offered to a friend of mine, then the VA turned around and reneged on providing these services. Boy oh boy, I wonder why?

        Lock these people up, terminate their employment, and ban them from ever treating Veterans again. Drain the swamp of these misfits! Many VA employees are a detriment to Veterans healthcare.

      4. @Namnibor @ANutterVet – – – You damn well bet the VA WILL be recording those sessions!

        They were caught attempting to “bug” the smoking area outside our clinic some years back in order to catch any scuttlebutt vets may have been discussing. A fortunate accident of emergency urination brought that one to light.

        Was another story going around “our ohana veterans circle” that the VA had rendered a decision that one veteran had PTSD prior to birth, therefore could not be a consequence of military service. WTF? When I heard that story, I laughed it off as pure bullshit. Right?

        Fast Forward a year and a half – – – A Veteran Buddy of mine, who had left the islands for a while – – – an I run into each other at the smoking area outside the clinic. During our “catch-up” conversation, he asks me what is the funniest thing I have heard regarding our clinics FUBAR’s during his absence. I tell him the Pre-Birth PTSD veterans story.

        Without a word, he opens his backpack, pulls out a file folder and hands it to me. “Page 4 of the file is a letter I want you to read, nothing else – – – just Page 4” is all he says.

        He was the guy they sent the “Pre-Birth PTSD” letter to! Had I not read that letter with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

        He sued the VA, not sure of the settlement. But you can durn well bet they would not want those records getting out. Now he is living “off the grid” on another island.

        Nothing these idiots do would surprise me. Time to “Torch some Hootches”.

        Go into a VA to teleconference with a Therapist located at another Facility, trusting them to be able to protect my privacy?

        They can go fuck a duck.

    3. Lem, I had a single telemedicine appointment for dermatology trying to determine what rash or infection was on my leg months after surgery.

      It was telemedicine because my VA does not have a dermatologist on staff.

      Two clerks/technicians set up the camera to take pictures and transmit them. It took them awhile since they didn’t know how to work the equipment. There was no interaction with whoever was on the other end. I don’t even recall if I was called about the results or if they are in my medical record.
      The VA told me to buy some over the counter cream to see if that helped.

      Now, I am not saying all telemedicine appointments are the same, but I will never agree to another one. Just having the interaction or ability to ask questions of whoever is on the other end is worth it.

      Insuring the outcome ends up in my medical record is also worth it.

  16. Here’s two articles and one video.
    From “Fox News” dated 9 Jan. 2017.
    “Navy Destroyer Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels”

    From “Conservative Free Press” dated Jan. 8, 2017. Written by “Admin”

    “HuffPo: Federal Workers “Sad” About Trump’s Inauguration”

    3) From; “Political Madness” (video) published on Jan. 9, 2017 (6:08 minutes long)
    “Trey Gowdy’s Vicious Court Outburst On GSA Officials “I Want Indictments Damn It””

    Looks like an IG is catching hell over illegal acts committed by GSA Officials.
    He was definitely in “Gowdy Mode” during this hearing……..
    The GSA was caught doing exactly what VA employees didn’t for their ‘convention’! Check it out.

  17. In 2013 the OIG concluded that the Disruptive Behavior Committee process was so far out of control at nobody know how many vets are flagged or for what reason. They concluded changes needed to be made to comply with the law.

    AFGE issued an immediate cease and desist order until collective bargaining could take place citing the “emoloyee safety” clause as being the reason.

    So Ben, this certainly is far and away not the only time AFGE pissed on veterans. When damning proof of direct harm to veterans rights (and lives) was revealled AFGE demanded hat vhangra cease until they could bargain for $$$.

    The Constitutional problem with allowing government employees to collectively bargain is this; it means that The People have no direct control over the assets of The People or how government operates. Instead The People vote in elected officials who then “negotiate” with the labor union about how government will operate and how assets get allocated.

    Why is this wrong? Because here in Oregon we have zero representation at that negotiating table. A scant few states have representation and virtually no state is directly represented in any meaningful way.

    So we trust one man, whomever the wind blows in this year, to roll in like a tumbleweed and make it all better. We call him a VA Secretary and he or she looks about the same as any other tumbleweed blowing in. Then they blow out of town and when the dust settles a new tumbleweed has blown in. ….. and the sweet, sweet nectar of government honey flows faster than the snake river when the snow melts in Spring.

  18. How many of y’all heard of the – “Khaki Mafia” operating in Vietnam?
    If not google it.
    If you have, it looks like there’s a resurgence of it in Afghanistan. Possibly even in other countries.
    Take a view of this video, from “Political Madness” dated 9 Jan. 2017
    of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, 115th Congress, asking questions about expenditures. It’s only 5:49 minutes long.

    $20 Million Paid For Afghanistan Firewood!!! Jason Chaffetz “What The Hell Is Going On???””

    If y’all think that’s a lot of taxpayers monies. Wait till you hear what happens to trucks leaving the compounds in Afghanistan.
    The corruption in Obama’s administration seems to know no bounds!
    It’s time for the 115th Congress to utilize “The Holman Rule” ASAP!

    1. That $20 Million for “firewood” is very similar to another story a while back where the DOD was paying HUGE $$$ for petrol for desert military vehicles to the very thugs we are ultimately fighting…the gas was not cheap by no means, but it would have been strategically also an issue for USA in Afghanistan because of the terrain in those areas, so the very people that we supposedly freeing from being fleeced by the Taliban of their poppy crops, they in-turn continue to grow poppies and charge the USA 50X rate for gasoline?!

      I know there’s always been waste in gov’t but I think the very reason we have remained in constant war now for 15+ years is because too many hands are happy in the war profiteering cookie jar…never mind the true veterans of their greed. Rat Bastards! Sorry, in a mood. The VA simply should never be able to manage their own funds. Members of Congressional Veterans Oversight Committees should act as full Fiduciaries for the VA so those very members of congress can be held directly liable for one misspent million. Make the VA have to abide by vouchers and contracts using congress more directly.
      Rant Out

      1. namnibor,
        In that video, was information about how “Trucks”, possibly tankers, were “disappearing”. The person/people in charge were receiving $5,000/truck. There was even mention of “fuel” during the hearing.

  19. I believe it’s just more “smoke and mirrors”!
    Nothing said by anyone, in VA, helps veterans. All it will do, is give more monies to VA employees for “Incentives”? Isn’t this just another word for ‘housed’?
    I do believe POTUS gave orders not to pay out bonuses back in 2014 until present time. All due to sequestration!
    So, in my opinion, the VA has figured out a way to pay bonuses, by calling them “Incentives”!
    If I’m incorrect over this ‘wordage’, please correct me!!!!!

    1. Word correction;
      Where it says “housed”, it should be “bonuses”!
      Damn auto correct!

    2. @Crazy elf
      I am equally confused because I do not recall where that order from POTUS was retracted or reversed, and I think you nailed it, the VA simply “redefined” BONUS to INCENTIVE. How is this legal? Seems daylight robbery of the Treasury to me.

      1. namnibor, POTUS did NOT retract or reverse it. Watch the video from “Political Madness”!

  20. That $60 Million amount is rather interesting number because does it not closely correlate to how much more $$$ in VA Bonus $$$ Gibson and McDonald were crying for in excess of previous year’s bonuses?
    I am just trying to find a pattern where the VA micromanages it’s own funding by creating problems to justify the increased budget to no improvements?
    Tell you what, it would give me some glimmer of hope of improvements on the horizon if for starters, “BVA Agent Orange” Murphy were to go before congress and admit that Agent Orange indeed is deadly and to immediately take care of all Vietnam Vets presumed and give them all their due benefits and back pay. Have Murphy admit the same to congress about Burn Pits, Depleted Uranium/shell casings, Gulf War Syndrome. Then, I will start to see some action. A computer program is just that and the greedy rats will find a way to corrupt that as well. Oh…add to that list a bunch of arrests and formal charges for war profiteering of these thugs and abusers of Vets.

    1. @Namnibor, good point. I believe you could find many patterns of abuse. I know they do it on a medical center scale and at VISN level and beyond. They test all processes and find the weakness and exploit it to their benefit. It is sickening.

    2. Wasn’t the electronic wait list a computer program?

      Didn’t VA employees manipulate that in committing their fraud in obtaining bonuses?

      1. @91Veteran, the scheduling is done thru a huge database that is connected to every va agency and d.c.. Every va uses that same database for scheduling, financial, inventories for equipment, payroll, operations, records, e-mail etc. This is how the va pulls data and funds allocated for clinics and medical centers.

        At the va i worked they manipulated this system by exploiting the weaknesses in the scheduling of appointments by creating appointments that Veterans had no knowledge of. This made some of the clinics look booked full with appointments. This created waitlists because no Veterans were being visited with provider and these appointments were accounted with being a “no show”.This is just one of many schemes they use to manipulate the scheduling. The Veterans would not receive a phone call or letter if they placed appointment in a hidden time frame because the system was so overloaded with appointments.

        The scheduling managers and providers in on scheme always received bonuses because of their positions, not being efficient of effective in the delivery of healthcare. There is data to show evidence. They continue with their crimes and no accountability because vaoig dumps complaints against them. If you look at some of those vaoig reports it states that they cannot substantiate and that reason is because they simply do not investigate. Also, the dumping of complaints. Which that made a lot of sense to me because of my experiences.

      2. I am not surprised the IG would dump complaints about wait list manipulation.

        Imagine how hard they would have to work if they substantiated a complaint. They might almost have to refer someone to the DOJ for fraud.

      3. I had this done right in front of me. Made an appointment and I said it would not work for me. So they put down patient cancelled the appointment. I was still right in front of the employee.

        So. They do say veteran cancelled and their the one’s that made the mistake. I believe I still have the print out of my appointment and that proves it also.

        Don’t know why they did not think I would catch it. I try to save everything. Never know when u will need evidence.

      4. @james Gallegos, save every appt. letter you get your hands on. You can ask for them to print off future appointments at any clinic. Every time you go to the va get a print out. Do not let them “no show” you, that is their justification for failure of treatment and because in truth it is a “cancel by clinic” on Veterans to deny care and other benefits.

        The percentage of clinic failure to treat is over 70% and they use every excuse to explain poor clinical performance, never the truth of what they do. This is the best advice i can give if you are in the system.

  21. Great article, Ben. Love the “AFGE Piggys At The Trough” imagery. David “little oink” Cox, AFGE Pres. fits the description perfectly.
    However, I look at this with a measure of trepidation if I am understanding this remotely correctly; even with this new IBM Program, the VA Managers *still* have a “manual override” capability. as do employees? What I am getting at is, what’s to prevent manipulation of the data the program is fed by the VA, you know, “garbage in, garbage out” holds true with even the most advanced computer and program…the human piggy element at the VA is strong, it is.
    My basic point is the piggies are still there, now wearing a new color of lipstick brought to you for ten years of more hell if it does not work by IBM.
    What if this is yet more crap to try to make McDonald look like the best candidate for VA Sec for Trump? Yep, I do not trust these bastards, esp. in light of unfolding VA fail on yesterday’s article. Lipstick on a bunch of piggies. let’s hope this lipstick is laced with that VA Kryptonite called Accountability. 🙂

    1. I can only assume that if some manual override occurs, some flunky would have to justify and sign off on it.

      Which means we would see another IG report in a few years stating that improper payments continue to rise without adequate justification attached after it was manually overridden.

  22. Informative article, Ben.

    Speaking very generally, upgrading to the HR Smart System for tracking incentive/bonus payments throughout the VA nationwide could work. The primary drawback that I see (provided this thing really does come to fruition within a reasonable roll-out time) is that once the system flags an employee as possibly receiving an improper payment – – – it will require a manual review.

    What about having the system set up to place a hold on the payment – – – until the review is completed, and it is ascertained to be a proper payment?

    Also, who will be the final arbitrator at VA centers of which bonus/incentives are “proper”? What specific “flags” will be used to determine if a payment is proper? If an employee is shuffled/moved within the system to a different geographical location (think Rima Nelson) will the record follow them nationwide?

    I have a serious problem with “black marks” being removed from employee’s records for financial misconduct. Perhaps the VA requires a “3 strikes, you’re out rule” that will result in permanent termination for every employee with no chance of ever being rehired by the VA at any facility?

    We have all seen the fraud, waste and abuse by the VA. True, there are some good employees there. But these good employees are harassed/abused by their bosses until they “toe the line”. This causes further damage to all in contact with the VA system.

    What is really required for improvement within the current VA System is for more employees to begin to realize that they need to put veterans needs above their own, and speak out about the wrongs within the system. And to start being honestly helpful to veterans when asked questions on-site, without fear of reprisal from their supervisors.

    Until some real honesty is injected into the lying culture of the VA, not much change for the end-user AKA “the veteran who has borne the battle” will occur. And until some serious penalties for misconduct are in place with mandatory enforcement, the required honesty is unlikely to emerge.

    Particularly from the current crop of “leadership” so richly illustrated by SucVA McDipshit and Company.

    Keep fighting the Good Fight!

  23. I agree with what is being said. The incentives and relocation monies should be paid back if they were never entitled to them. I wonder if some of these where senior employees who were apart of some of the crimes and were caught and had to transfer to another va medical center.

  24. Honestly I don’t know enough about it yet, but at this point since it is coming from the VA I am sure there is a wild goose chase involved.

    Also given the hell some of the California National Guard members went through for accepting reenlistment bonuses that they then had to repay. It is time to ensure these improperly paid incentives paid to VA employees is now repaid.

    Although most of the National Guard members now after five years of harassment over their reenlistment bonuses now do not have to pay them back. These VA employees know dam well they were not truly entitled to the incentive bonuses and must be made to pay them back.

    1. More to the point, how many incentives were paid to employees that do not exist?….has anyone bothered doing a head count?

      1. Great question Dennis.
        Also, how many were given out to people not still employed, yet made it into another person’s bank account?
        I agree, head count is appropriate!

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