VA Accountability

Here We Go Again, Another Bill Passes For VA ‘Accountability’

VA Accountability

I do not plan to waste much time writing about yet another VA accountability bill that is magically passing right before the election cycle just like in 2014.

Like in 2014, the bill is apparently bipartisan in nature. Unlike in 2014, President Obama says he is concerned about this bill stripping rights from federal employees.

In a statement, “The administration believes that the approach to accountability in the legislation – focused primarily on firing or demoting employees without appropriate or meaningful procedural protections – is misguided and burdensome.”


You may recall earlier this year Obama reversed in his tracks and refused to uphold the laws passed by Congress that he signed into law in 2014. I am not going to hold my breath on this one.

I remember Secretary Bob McDonald bloviating to Congress that he would fire bad VA employees if only the law allowed for swifter terminations. Congress passed the law. Then, McDonald refused to fire the employees.

Instead, VA has seemingly stayed the course, kept its corrupt and criminal employees in place, paid off other bad employees, and allowed whistleblowers to be victimized.

It’s a joke.


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  1. This past week I received an email from congressman Jeb Hensarling bragging about his involvement in getting this bill passed and, his prediction that this legislation will produce wondrous results for veterans. ……ahhhhhh….. just in time for the elections ….. sigh…. isn’t it great that we have members of congress who are there for us????
    I responded to him with an email asking him several questions about how these ‘results’ will be calibrated and graded. I also included information about me and my experiences with the VHA and the VBA. Haven’t got an answer to any of my questions … yet …..but, I did get a robo answer to my email thanking me for my opinion, I am going to keep sending him the same email until a real person answers my questions.
    For y’all who advocate for veterans, instead of posting another ‘comment’, send an email to MC, Jeb Hensarling — comment to him about his accountability for the legislation that he has personally promoted.

    1. #29,
      Anyone who is outside his precinct will never receive a reply.
      While your waiting for someone to contact you, my suggestion would be to send “C/C’s”, (Closed Copies) off to your local news stations.
      Representatives don’t like this kind of publicity. Be advised, there could be some backlash!

  2. Utube video.

    “Sen. Chuck Grassley Rips the FBI’s Refusal to Release All Clinton Investigation Files-…

    published Sept 18, 2016
    By; C-Span 2



    Nightly News, Channel 2, NBC, @ 6:30 pm et.,
    Finally admits the bombing in New York City “…was a terrorist attack!”


    What does one expect from our enemies. When we have incompetent leadership!

  3. Seymore, Utube video.

    “RED ALERT: We Have A MAJOR Problem Right Now”

    Quote: “2 F-16’s and 2 A-10’s mistakenly struck Regular Syrian Military Units, killing at least 80 soldiers and wounding 200 more”

    Source: “”

    What’s Scumbag “War Monger” John Kerry got to say now! Where’s POTUS (?) is he out on the 9th fairway?

    1. The POTUS and Friends were attending the grand opening of a rather hideous outer appearance building housing the brand new on the D.C. Mall, next to The Smithsonian, brand new $$$$$$$$$$$$ African-American Museum….where soon, the Nobel Peace Prize POTUS will have a bronze statue holding the golf club on the 9th fairway. It’s probably built upon a sacred burial ground. Hoping for a haunting, D.C. style…Halloween is right around the corner. 🙂
      Veteran Lives Matter. Yeah, I said it.

  4. Thought I would take a moment and state the names and show the pictures of several mass murders operating in the United States today. They are connected the Veterans Administration and are responsible for a growing number of Veterans suffering and dying on mass on a daily basis.

    Oh and they are among the 10 highest paid CEOs in the United States.

    1.) Stephen Hemsley of United Health Group, also known as Health Net, one of the two Veteran’s Choice Programs administrator. His compensation for last year was $48.8 Million.


    2.) John C Martin of Gilead Sciences, Last year’s total compensation was $43.2 Million. Based on 2014 numbers he is murdering an average of 54.8 Americans Daily. Given the current cure for Hep-C was first tested in 2004 and further testing was successfully halted by Gilead, and The Veterans Adminstration’s Dr Schnazi, until 2012 when Gilead’s patent protection ran out on their other Hep-C drug.

    Also the current pricing scheme which has prohibited access to most Americans with Hep-C. John C. Martin is responsible for 240,024 murders of person with Hepatitis C.

    If you throw in the number of patients where a similar scheme has been being used for HIV patients John C. Martin is easily responsible for the murder of nearly one half a Million American lives.


    1. Other than the cost of the drugs what is the price people will pay for the HepC cure. My sister in law was not a veteran, she had HepC, took the drug (interferon?) the one that you inject into body fat & she was cured. In exchange she got lung cancer that moved into her bones & died a painful miserable death in 2006. She had Kaiser Permanente for health insurance & she kept telling them ‘something is wrong with my lungs” which they replied its just a side effect, by the time she convinced them to put a scope in & look, it was too late, the growth was everywhere & untreatable. They said you have 3mos to live & sure enough in the 3rd month she died.

  5. Amazing the VA got this past both houses and without POTUS. We are finally rid of the Merit Protection Board that turned around most all discipline. Still have to contend with the unions.

    1. Wade,
      It still can be “Vetoed” by POTUS.
      Don’t get your hopes up yet. I think he’s said he would veto it!?!?

      And, like you stated, we still have to deal with the union!

  6. Speaking of accountability, there are so,many vets whose credit score has been ruined by he Choice Program failing to pay doctors in a timely manner that VA has set up,an office to assist vets whose credit has been ruined by VA not paying fully authorized care.

    Doctors not paid just turn the patient in to credit unions who hassle the vet. So now, the sick vet not only has to fight for care in the community when it is awarded and used it destroys their credit score and they have to fight credit agencies. AND the American taxpayer is now paying even more VA people to help restore credit that VA themselves damaged??? GOD ALMIGHTY who on Earth is tupid enough to ask the VA to fix their finances for them???

    Any vet who asks VA to fix their credit that Choice Program destroyed for them should be considered 100% disabled for mental health reasons – it is presumtive proof you are crazy.

    This is the cost burden that dishonest and corrupt agencies pose. They shift enormous cost onto the veteran, presumably a very sick veteran, and the best they offer afterward is to help with credit scores???

    Furthermore, even though Medicare pays orders of magnitude more claims for health care, VHA Choice Program, as of 2016, now pays more in interest and late fees on legitimate claims than all of Medicare does.

    Still think corruption doesn’t impact your neighbors? Lack of Accountability = huge $$$. And now we employ even more to fix problems so far outside the scope of VAs capability it boggles the mind.

    And bonuses keep flying out the door at the speed of Presidential Pardons the day after a lame duck election. Warp factor nine, Mr. LaForge…..engage!

  7. Hey Elf,

    You know who John Kerry is he is the current secretary of State. The same guy who let Clintons people sit in the basement of the State Department and decide what files they were willing to turn over to congress for the Benghazi hearings.

    You also know how the Clintons sold 20% of our uranium assets to Russia while she was secretary of state.

    While Kerry is still in charge of the state department he is selling out our American Oil Assets to Saudi Arabia. These sales to Saudi Arabia all have to be approved by John Kerry. He is putting the Saudi’s in charge of our energy assets.

    With the assets they are buying in Texas and elsewhere if the pipeline had been build the Saudi’s would have had control over most of our oil assets and been shipping them out of Texas.

    What a Traitor hey!

    The Iranian payment we just made that is on him also. Not to mention the cease fire agreement that the US is fighting to keep secret in Syria. The Russians are trying to make the agreement public but Kerry is refusing to allow that and wants to keep it secret.

    Source “Saudi Arabia Is Buying Up America’s Oil Assets”, Ellen Wald, Forbes, 09/15/2016


    1. Seymore,
      Isn’t it amazing Kerry was against the Vietnam War, and basically against all wars then. Yet, today he’s FOR war! A complete asswipe, and I’m being polite! I wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$ he’s made by being a “War Monger”?

      I believe Rep. Chaffetz, Rep. Gowdy and Rep. Jordan will get to the bottom of “The Hildabeast’s” email bullshit! At least enough to allow the voters to make an “informed decision”!

      The “Russian Uranium Deal” is the “reason” why all those ranchers and farmers are losing their lands west of the Mississippi River! The “BLM’s”, “Bureau of Land Management’s”, are nothing more than “full scale TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS!

      I would love for Gussifer, the Russians, Asange (sic) and others to bring more dirt out on ALL the asswipes in our government! I think we’re in store for a “Sept Surprise”!

      Colon Powel is reeling over the emails brought out against him recently.
      Not nice to “talk trash” about a “fellow Dumbocrat”!
      His statements about Mr. Trump pale in comparison to what he said about “The Hildabeast!”

      ISIS is taking credit for the “stabbings” which took place at that mall in Minnesota yesterday, according to “local news channel 9, WFTV, Orlando, Fl., 18 Sept. 2016 @ 12:16 pm ET.”

      “…28 people were treated and released…” over that bomb in New York City late last night. So far, at least not being said yet, no one group has taken credit YET!!!!
      Again, from WFTV, channel 9 local news, Orlando, Florida!

  8. Questions one must ask, not only themselves, but their representatives! Especially of those who wish to destroy, emasculate or eviscerate our “Rights”. Under what our “Founding Fathers” wanted the Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand for!

    “If the population is disarmed, will we lose our Republic!”
    Or, does the Second Amendment ‘bind’ the rest of the “Bill of Rights” together?”

    In the following Utube video, these questions, and more, will be answered!

    “Disarmed: A History of Gun Control Documentary Film”
    A Utube video, May 14, 2014 (31:25 minutes)

    Other questions every citizen should ask themselves and their representatives!
    Note; The answers I give are my opinion!

    “Is the Second Amendment irrelevant today?”
    (“NO!” As the question above eventually implies, and answers, it does “BIND the rest of the Bill of Rights together!”)

    “Is an armed society, a polite society!”
    (“YES!” There are many recorded and unrecorded incidents verifying this! This is answered in the video!)

    “In New York City, a ‘legal gun owner’ is required, by law, to carry a $1 Million liability policy!”
    Is this “law” restrictive, and in violation of the Second Amendment, to ‘legal gun owners’?”
    (“YES”, Because it restricts legal gun ownership to those less financially fortunate!)
    Is it a violation of the “Second Amendment”? (“YES!” There are “NO restrictions” in the Second Amendment! Therefore, it disallows millions of “legal citizens” the “Right to bear arms [Shall Not Be Infringed]!”)

    Question: With the “In your face” government current corruption. How will you see our “Constitutional Republic” in these next few months?


    Another Utube video is;

    “Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God”
    Dec. 23, 2012 (21:42 minutes)

    In this video, is a ‘poem’ written by one who had lost his little girl in a “GUN FREE ZONE!”


    Funny Facts; Did you know “John Wayne”, (the actor), actually bought a battleship? It’s true, he did!

    1. Vice President “Nominee” Mike Pence is talking about this very issue right now on “ABC” with Ms. Martha Radich. She’s trying to “Spin” it, and it ain’t working!

  9. I hope y’all will google this video.

    “Huckabee SHREDS Hillary’s Hypocrites on Second Amendment – 9/17/16”

    At the end of the video, Gov. Huckabee talks about a “documentary” coming out soon. It’s called ~ “Targeted”!
    It’s a documentary which ” exposes the gun control agenda!”
    Or, for more info,
    google this;


    Interesting to say the least!!!!!

  10. Reuters: 09-17-2016: Breaking News: “Russian foreign ministry says calls emergency U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss U.S. air strikes on Deir al-Zor in Syria: agencies”

    Elf, Looks Like the someone put a match to the fuse.

    1. Yes,
      And now, because of Colon Powell’s, (HACKED), emails, the world knows “…that Israel has 200 missiles pointed at Tehran!”
      Plus, we have a hell of a lot more pointed in that same direction!

      How’s that for letting the cat out of the bag!

      We’ve got some real stupid individuals in high places in our government. Who believe it’s OK to discuss this kind of information over the fucking internet!
      This information was reported by a whole lot of “left and right wing” news medias yesterday and today. It’s all over the internet!

      Once it’s out into the civilian sector, it’s no longer a secret!


      Seymore, did you read about that “Former Marine Veteran” who was going to fly to Hawaii on November 1st to try an assassination attempt against two Congresswomen?
      Truly a person we don’t need to bring more shit in us!

      1. Oh, and here’s a good Utube video out late last night.

        “Haitian President Exposes The Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!””

        September 16, 2016
        (06:10 minutes)

        He’s begging Mr. Trump to help them!
        I’m not sure. I believe it’s in this video, out of the BILLIONS OF $$$$$ raised to help the Haitian people, only about 2% actually went to them!

        That, “Pay for Play” foundation is having a fundraiser, under the guise of a birthday party for Slick Willie, this weekend to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars!


        “Breaking News: New York Times Admits Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump”

        From: “”
        Sept. 16, 2016
        (08:34 minutes)


        “Report: Clinton Foundation donors give $214 M, get seats to White House dinners!”

        Posted Sept 16, 2016 by Fox News.
        There were 214 donors.
        “Only 6% goes to charitable works!”

      2. That 200 missiles you are talking about the Nuclear tipped ones right?

        “Powell says Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran in leaked 2015 email”, “”

        It certainly seems the fuse is lit and burning down fast.

  11. Hey Elf,

    Is this the kickoff for the big event?

    The US now providing air support for ISIS while violating the cease-fire agreement in Syria.



    1. We are now flying cover support for ISIS and our Frien-enemies, the so called “Moderated Rebels”, are attacking our Special Forces who call in the air strikes.

      “U.S. forces enter Syrian town, then forced to withdraw – rebel source, monitor”


  12. Just in reports of shoots fired at Rose Medical Center in Denver. VA Easter Colorado Health Center and the Denver VAMC are part of the Campus where the shoots were reported.

    All facilities on the Medical Campus were placed on lockdown as of 4:00 pm today.

    1. Seymore Klearly
      Sounds like a drill to me as no one was found shooting & standard male description. Hospital spokeswoman from the Rose Medical Center said all patients & staff were safe. “This is a reality we live in. We’ve all been trained on this.” They called in a heavy police presence now if your curious follow this link & last paragraph has another link that will give a list by county what military equipment your local dept. has on hand to contain the situation. It reads: Select your state and your county to see exactly how militarized your town has become.
      Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.


      1. Many suicides at Denver. Per Denver VA.?

        Denver vamc hurts veterans At will and will continue to do so. Until someone goes to jail. I would love to know what they did to the veteran. To cause them to do something like that if it was a veteran

        Who knows may be an employee was regected from hungry hippos game. The Denver VA without any proof. Accused me of wanting to shoot staff there. First they said I wanted to shoot the rater

        Then changed to the Denver VA and then changed to my local clinic. None of this was ever said by me and the VA can not provide any proof period. Why because they have none. A VA employee started all this and the Denver VA never asked for proof from her

        The Denver VA probably did this to someone else and they could not handle it to. Yet veteran’s are blamed. Dirty shame

  13. Today is a Friday.
    I wonder what will come out, that we will not see or hear about until tomorrow or Sunday?!?!?

  14. Sad family survivor…

    If, by some miracle, some VA employees DO get fired… would that include doctors and nurses at VA nursing homes?

    My father, though in his 90s when he was admitted to a VA home, had lived over 18 years after experiencing a debilitating stroke that should have killed him within 2 years of experiencing it; but through 24/7 family care he lived far longer than most of his civilian doctors expected. When he was eventually admitted to the home, his VA doctor said he would no longer test his blood sugar (my dad developed Type II Diabetes 5 years after his stroke). Within two weeks my dad had a blood sugar of over 800. I’m the one who found him not acting himself during a Saturday visit, but his nurses just shrugged my concerns off. I had to wait till the doctor arrived Monday and insist that he see my dad (the nurses wouldn’t have bothered to tell him).

    My dad was dead within 9 months, but not after he suffered gi tube feedings, a trach to breathe, MRSA, and eventually dying of Sepsis, due to gangrene. In my opinion the nurses were negligent, and the doctor should have been brought up on malpractice charges. But the nurses and CNAs belonged to a very strong union, and unless one was caught ‘red-handed’ doing something wrong, they could (and probably did) get away with murder. Though I sent a complaint to the State’s Medical Board about the doctor’s action, or lack thereof, I was told over the phone as I requested the needed forms to fill out sent to me, that it was unlikely the doctor would be called to account for his actions. This happened just last year, and I’ll probably never see justice, and thus never get over it.

    1. I told a high up va manager that I was going to contact my congress man about the malpractice they committed on me, she daid, go for it, the will just reger it havk to me.

      I hinestly feel your paid. I am very sorry for your loss.

  15. I knew, sooner or later, some high ranking elected official would say what millions of Americans are possibly thinking.
    Here it is, in full black and white!
    “American Spotlight”

    “Kentucky Gov. Believes Violence May Erupt from Clinton’s Election”

    Quote: “Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) told religious conservatives at the Values Voters Summit this weekend that blood might have to be shed if Hillary Clinton is elected president!”

    An article in the “Chicago Tribune”, originally from,
    Aaron Blake (of the)
    “Washington Post”
    Sept 13, 2016

    Or you can google

    “Kentucky governor: Electing Hillary Clinton may lead to violence”

    And read the original “Washington Post” article!

    1. All they are attempting to do is vilify Trump Supporters. Plain and simple. The media has become quite a fly in the ointment of truth these days. Ratings/Likes and $$.

      1. namnibor, I completely agree. Yet, On the other side of the coin we have a person who cannot tell the truth, keep classified info secret, vilify women who told the truth about her (pedophile) unfaithfull (rapist) husband and a host of other things.
        Then we have two other idiots, Johnson, (wants to legalize almost all illegal drugs), and Stein, (who doesn’t realize socialism does not work), who are beyond belief!

        So, I guess that leaves only one individual who said he will “clean up Washington DC”!
        With all the corruption we’ve seen in the past few months, Washington DC needs a complete enema!
        Mr. Trump says he can do it.
        Brother, I’m tending to believe him more and more each day!

  16. This is nothing to do with the subject. I received my appointment notification from the VA before I went. I noticed that I have a new Dr. The VA Dr., doesn’t exist anymore. 3 years gone. It was a setup to be seen by a nurse. This nurse said, she is this fictional Dr. Just another waste of time and effort, on my part. Just a shared thing.

    1. Jo3n,
      Everything on here has to do with veterans.
      Your comments are a welcome sight.
      Your “waste and time and effort”, at VA, is what we all go through!
      Hell, everything these posers in government do, needs to be brought out into the light of day. Maybe, the sun will burn their sorry asses!

  17. Here’s a great Utube video from a few hours ago!
    The massive presence of military personnel, ie: Medal of Honor Recipients, Generals, Gold Star Families, etc., present is amazing!
    It’s 37:25 minutes long. Well worth watching!
    Title to Google is;

    “Full: Donald Trump Holds Press Conference in DC 9/16/16”

    There is statements made over the “broken VA!”

    This was at his NEW Washington DC, five star, Hotel, which was “under budget” and completed under schedule by at least a year and a half. As Mr. Trump has said on Fox earlier today, “…something unheard of in our government today!”

    1. It looks as though “Wells Fargo” is tied to Hillary Clinton to defraud her supporters! And it ain’t the first time “The Hildabeast” got caught!
      Don’t y’all think Well Fargo would learn from their mistakes?

      Here’s a great Utube video from “” out today.

      “Hillary Campaign Gouges Poorest Supporters”

      (about 04:02 minutes long!)

  18. I guess I’m just not getting it. Why is Congress not getting it? Other than a few hundred VA executives and cohorts, who the he’ll does Congress think they’re protecting? Art of war; cut off the head. My state has voted no on every VA reform. So, I can’t call or write anyone. Feel enabled. Good luck to Veterans everywhere.

    1. @Jo3n- There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or anyone of us that “do not get it”, as I almost believe one has to be in the middle of the fraud and corruption to “get it”, as it absolutely makes no sense at all and if I had any misgivings before about this Administration and POTUS, it’s definitely at this point more than ready for the next warm body in the White Hut…yesterday.
      This also certifies that the AFGE needs to be thrown-out with the bathwater. Reset. Regroup. Carry-on.

  19. I forgot to mention, but there is no clearer example of the need for fast tracking firing of executives than Lucy Filipov.

    Filipov was under investigation by the IG in 2015 for her direct activities in defrauding veterans of federal benefits. The claim that she didn’t know better or misunderstood the policy is bullshit. Anyone who may just be an entry level clerk at the VA understands the EFFECTIVE DATE of a claim.

    Now it’s late 2016, long after who knows how many veterans have been affected by her incompetence, or are still fighting it, she not only is not fired, but the VA goes to the extreme in the other direction compensating her many thousands of dollars for her incompetence or corruption.

    This after a very lengthy paid vacation from her job.

    …Which may have benefited veterans by her absence.

  20. Unlike his Nobel Prize for Peace, reforms at an agency under his control that target the improvement of care for his nations warriors lack any real substance and unlike the Nobel Prize for furthering world peace they do not merit his serious consideration.

    I can see that.

  21. Yeah, I agree Ben. No need to waste a lot of time on more theatrics on doing something the VA already has the authority to do, but no will to do so. And no will from Congress to force the issue.

    If you read this and the Stripes article, the buffoons in the White House talk about appropriate and meaninful protections for employees.

    There is no mention of appropriate and meaningful protections for veterans who just want to survive an appointment.

    The White Hut talks about the legislation being misguided and burdensome, without a hint of how burdensome it is for a veteran when a VA employee refuses to follow the law.

    Or without mention of the burden on taxpayers paying for incompetence and payouts to whistle blowers, or payouts to other managers when the VA repeatedly fucks up their firing. The first managers fired under this legislation should be those in the General Counsels office who cannot seem to get their act together when firing worthless employees at any level.

    Now, to get to the nut of this, look at the language used by both those who support the legislation, those who are against it, and how the VA management from McDonald on down is allowing this bullshit to be portrayed.


    Quotes from supporters show this allows fast tracking the firing of EXECUTIVES.

    Yet VA management is allowing the White Hut and the union to portray this as an attack against employees, removing “protections” against union members who cannot be fired after beating a veteran to death, or are arrested after an armed hold-up.

    This legislation has NOTHING to do with rank and file union member level employees. It has EVERYTHING to do with firing managers or executives who are BARRED BY LAW from being union members.

    Their position is NOTHING more than an attempt to gin up support from union members forced to work under corrupt managers, with the end result of protecting those managers.

    Meanwhile, veterans continue to shoulder the burden of incompetent employees whose appropriate protections for their job are deemed more important to that little thug in the White House than another dead veteran.

  22. 09/16/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    There has been no accountability for the VA Hospital, they have gotten away with “murder” and “fraud” and “deception.”

    Now, the country is turning its attention to the veterans after years [decades] of neglect from our Senators and Representatives, and the Citizenry as a whole.

    The fact is that this action(s) from the VA was Treason.

    And for all those who guided the action to the end result are also guilty.

    Country is all you have in the end and if it is gone—you are screwed!

    United States vs. Nixon—“no one is above the law and all evidence must be provided…”

    Why did the DOJ not use this on the VA Administrators?

    The Government is out of control and it will take Americans to bring it back to the correct operating procedures.

    Accountability will return.


    Don Karg

  23. What do I think, Let Trump take care of it ! When they plead the fifth ! Your fired, The VA Lawyer your fired ! Top Management your fired ! Veteran Employee, you will be Vetted, if you pass you stay !

    If you don’t your fired !

    They are not Afraid of God, Because they think they are God like ! Maybe Trump will take them down !

  24. Judge Jeanine Pirro was on “Fox News” this morning. Interesting facts coming out.

    1.a.) “In August – 10,000 people caught by Border Agents!”,
    (Which is at a higher level than it should be),

    1.b.) “Mexico is going to build a wall on their southern border!”
    This one is a strange statement. Because Mexico already has a southern wall! Google it, and be amazed at what they have!

    2.) “Feds going to spend $4.6 million for refugee healthcare!”

    Where is the government getting this taxpayers money? Plus, these refugees, approximately 70%, will be made up of complete families, (mothers, fathers, children, and more)!
    Our deficit is at over $20 TRILLION, FOLKS!
    Will the VA be gutted AGAIN of our money?

  25. It’s called feel-good-lesislation………….there’s going to be a lot of that crap coming up between now and the election, the way career politicians stay in office……lock and load it’s coming………


  27. Here’s another “Infowars” video y’all should watch.

    “Ford Tells Detroit, Adios”

    published on 15 Sept 2016!
    (About 10 minutes long)

    This video has a disturbing message for all of America!
    If you thought “NAFTA” was bad. The “TTP”, and other types of business agreements, WILL ruin the United States of America!

    Plus, there’s still a, albeit smaller, push to stop Mr. Trump. This time from the elites to garner support to “combine the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a “single country”, as is the E.U., (European Union)!

  28. Here’s two Utube videos for your pleasure!

    “They Are Covering This Up ~! Hillary Clinton Wants To Hide This Video!”
    published on Sept. 15, 2016

    “Jason Chaffetz Makes FBI ADMIT That They Covered Up Hillary Clinton’s LIES”
    published on Sept. 16, 2016


  29. I wonder what kind of “pork” is in this “accountability bill”?
    Has anyone actually read the whole thing? Is there any type of “financial” passages? For example, does VA receive more taxpayers money, before Oct 1,?

    1. I too, am concerned that they stuck-in some hidden clause that allows the VA to use RN’s and Medical Assistants as Dr.’s. Maybe I am confusing that with something else but it would be apropos for the AFGE/VA to ensure to utilize this open window to insert something that only benefits the VA and was the end-goal all along? See what I am saying?

      1. Definitely agree with you Namnibor.

        Just another way of insulating Doctors that are using Veterans in human subject research. That way the VA can claim a nursing error and no can be sued for Malpractice.

  30. That statement of, “[The administration believes that the approach to accountability in the legislation – focused primarily on firing or demoting employees without appropriate or meaningful procedural protections – is misguided and burdensome.]”, pretty much guarantees as long as Obama and his DOJ are in office, NOTHING, I mean NOTHING will be done.

    POTUS obviously holds the hearts and souls and well-being of Federal Workers OVER Veteran’s getting the shaft from these same monsters. AFGE Pres. David “little” Cox has also obviously garnered the devoted attention of the POTUS over Veterans that are to be served BY the VA.
    Too bad the VA is serving Veterans a cold deal with no accountability. Nothing will change until we have a REAL President, not someone more concerned with his “kingship’s” legacy…and that’s ALL Obama cares about at this point, his “kingship’s” legacy. NOT Veterans.
    What a joke of a Commander In Chief. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon”!

  31. Perhaps they should have this Bill and Law laser-inscribed onto a boomerang this time around? You know, for convenience and handy reminder when the VA and DOJ again refuse to do the right thing. Coming soon along with other demolitions to lives of Veterans. This is nothing but a ‘Game of Thrones’ to these monsters.

  32. RE: Unlike in 2014, President Obama says he is concerned about this bill stripping rights from federal employees.

    People who break the law and then hide behind civil service protections DESERVE TO HAVE THOSE RIGHTS STRIPPED…What part of that does POTUS not understand?

    1. Long forgotten is the Oath every one of these hacks took when they were hired.

      Nowhere in that Oath does it say federal lawbreaking can be overlooked in favor of “employee protections.”

  33. No, he is reporting facts and pledging allegiance to the flag. Not desecrating it or protesting it in a treason like mentality that people think is a 1st amendment right. If you burn or otherwise disrespect the flag, it is a crime if you look at the flag code. Big fat filthy healthcare providers and others who condone this behavior at VA will be the first targets of a well formed militia quoted in the 2nd amendment. I will be sitting back watching when it goes down waiting for the word from my brothers and sisters. “CorpsmanUp!”

    1. stupid lazy congress yo are putting more lipstick on the va super pig at va dc hq agin pendej VETS yo have been swrewed by congress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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