CIA ‘Timeless Tips’ At Core Of Internal VA Sabotage?

VA Sabotage

Yesterday, I outted VA insiders that undermines the effective and efficient function of the agency that cannot be anything other than VA sabotage, either conscious or subconscious.

If you have thought there may be something else going on beyond mere incompetence, there is a high chance you are right. That is why I chose to make “sabotage” from within VA the center of my interview with Susan Knowles. The Knowles interview was on her show Stand For Truth Radio. And I definitely did not hold back on this one ranging from my take on Hillary to drunk VA nurses operating on veterans.


Susan talked with me about some research I am working on that has not been shared that involves the CIA and sabotage of VA systems.

For a little background – my friend Eric Hughes and I have been researching sabotage inside the Department of Veterans Affairs through the lens of a CIA manual called “SIMPLE SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL“. The manual was written in 1944 and handed out to allies behind enemy lines. The manuals instructed allies in strategies to undermine the war machine of our enemies.

“Simple Sabotage” was declassified by the CIA in 2008 and published on its website in 2012. Now, it looks like VA insiders have fully adapted its strategies to corrupt the agency from within. No amount of funding can fix an active sabotage scheme that goes unaddressed.



In that manual, you will find what the CIA calls “timeless tips” from the field manual that include exactly what we are seeing inside VA right now straight from the website:

  1. Managers and Supervisors: To lower morale and production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work.
  2. Employees: Work slowly. Think of ways to increase the number of movements needed to do your job: use a light hammer instead of a heavy one; try to make a small wrench do instead of a big one.
  3. Organizations and Conferences: When possible, refer all matters to committees, for “further study and consideration.” Attempt to make the committees as large and bureaucratic as possible. Hold conferences when there is more critical work to be done.
  4. Telephone: At office, hotel and local telephone switchboards, delay putting calls through, give out wrong numbers, cut people off “accidentally,” or forget to disconnect them so that the line cannot be used again.
  5. Transportation: Make train travel as inconvenient as possible for enemy personnel. Issue two tickets for the same seat on a train in order to set up an “interesting” argument.


When you consider each of the top five tips above in the context of all scandal headlines over the past two years, is there any question that at least some senior VA leadership and union leadership are engaged in sabotage? Can such an orchestrated level of dysfunction be anything other than sabotage?


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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Federal Attorneys Created A Secret VA ‘Forum Of Hate’
    Photo of Luke Rosiak
    Luke Rosiak

    From the Daily Caller, “Investigative Group.”

    I guess this all in part is the reason why the VA, CBOC, etc., deletes our online files/communications, changes our hard copy files to read what they want and to delete anything that will connect VA staff or their contractors from any problems or showing how they actually treat some certain vets. Sad when a entire state, the VA, their contractors, local government, media, etc., seem to be on the “same page” when using military tactics seemingly in every aspect of our lives when we try to combat corruption and all these special interest groups to the SJWs we deal with today.

    1. That story at the Daily Caller is amazing, but sadly an attitude that can be found throughout the VA.

      Just WOW! That attorneys would do something like that.

    2. Veterans please call Senators and Representatives to raise the Budget of Veteran Medical Centers so Disabled Veterans who is collecting 100 percent service connected so Disabled Veterans who is 100 percent service connected so you can get G4 implants from a Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist because their is not one absolutely not one works as at a Veteran Medical Centers who is Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist knows how to put in G4 implants even if a Veteran is 100 percent service connected.can you read me now.


  3. Which is worse? Sabotage or incompetence so bad it appears to be sabotage? The problems are top down and myriad, and one of the root causes is an overemphasis on “measurables” whereby the impetus to cheat and fudge numbers increases as you go down the chain. “As long as the report numbers look good…” All of executive management needs to be fired and replaced. They should privatize VA management. I also have to wonder why there is not more emphasis on the debacle that is VA mental health care. When workers utter phrases like “there are no psychologists in the mental health clinic” or you are told to jump through insurmountable hoops to get proper treatment, then there is a glaring problem.

    1. One of the problems is that absolutely no one is telling the truth about who’s running the VA! Maybe someone needs to start there. You cannot fix a problem, no matter what the cause, if you do not first know what the problem is. Throwing a bunch of red meat to conspiracy hungry people only leads to chaos which allows organizations like the VA and the contractor running the VA , the Xerox Document Corporation, with greater power than they had before the conspiracy theories started. Please, for the sake of every veteran in the country, stop inventing and then chasing ghosts. This is the gross incompetence of the the White House Office of Contracts that allowed all benefit administration at the VA, and I mean every single benefit, financial or medical or whatever, to be administered by the Xerox Document Company. The deal was inked in Sept 2011 with Shinseki at the Helm. Ben, please stop stoking the fires that are killing vets. Call out the truth and not CIA conspiracy garbage. You’re just helping the VA kill people!

  4. Ben, thank YOU! It was beginning to get a little lonely out there holding the neon light that says…. “question 3 letter agencies”… a very lonely, scary place….. that is, until, we got more people growing the balls to say such things publicly. Like you just did! Thank you, thank u, ty

  5. Given the level of dysfunction throughout the VA, I don’t disagree with your charge Ben, but the question is…why.

    Why would the union actively sabotage the VA? More staff? More union members?
    Why would VA management do the same? More staff? Bigger budgets? Empire building?

    I agree it is happening because what IS happening cannot be excused just by claiming incompetence.

    1. Perhaps because We are a controlled study group – perfect to ‘teach’ Watson.

  6. Let me ask you this ,do you think they would intentionally infect us with c-diff do you think they would cut us off every med & let us suffer withdrawal at same time as c- diff,,I am absolutely 100% terrified of these people, scared for my life I went to Civilian Dr ,& I know that they communicate with Vista,after 2 visits I was told to go back to VA where I came from but this PakistanI Dr lies to cover his ass so I am without .I’d say they are doing good job destroying our VA .so they can steal $ sorry rant over

    1. It would be more along the lines of acquiring C-Diff and/or MRSA from the VA by the employees **intentionally** NOT following proper sanitation measures and properly prepping an exam room after the previous patient(s)…because reading those proper sanitation and cleansing procedures is too hard and takes time…so, through sheer laziness, you sure could acquire ANY *little VA gift*….and yes, I actually acquired C-DIFF *and* MRSA from my VAMC when I used to use it. I was in and out of civilian hospitals more times I care to count in that time fame from the VA’s incompetence.
      Matter-in-fact, the VAMC tried to minimize what C-DIFF and MRSA is by telling me I could pick those up at ANY public place….THAT still did not explain WHY a medical facility was so casual about VERY HARD TO GET RID OF…C-DIFF. My gut has not been the same since that solid year and half of in and out of hospital, every test under the sun with my civilian G.I. Specialist, and many meds.
      I already had serious IBS related to anxiety and PTSD…the VA actually made things much worse. Hopefully, never again!

      Luckily, I had and still have full Medicare and the civilian Dr.’s I still see have told me repeatedly that IF I valued my health and sanity…do not use the VAMC. Luckily, I am fortunate and HAVE that choice but we are not the majority that have this choice.

      I learned from my experience that the VA is at least a full 10 to 15 years behind the civilian medical and professional medical communities.
      The VA’s “Drug Formulary” tells that tale quite clearly…then add the foreign M.D. element and fast food medicine…hopefully, never again!

      1. Thank you namnibor it was definitely unsettle she did not use a brand new bottle of testosterone, 1 and she did not alcohol swab injection site, which was supposed to be my rump not my kidneys ,went got violently I’ll when you get cliff you can tell something is wrong ,so I wet to civilian hospital
        & was in touch with my team they told me to get Dr’s notes so I could get va approval that Bill was 8,000 dollars bet you know how that went,I got stuck with the bill,& found out that in my med jacket said mild case runs.

      2. Did you receive a rating for IBS from the PTSD/ANXIETY. I am trying to claim it. As you know it really reduces quality of life. the VA doesn’t care so I am using civilian DR. Thank GOD I have Medicare w/ supplement insurance. Does your civilian Dr. agree that the IBS is from PTSD/ANXIETY. Did your Dr. write a letter to VA regarding you IBS? Thanks for your help.My email is [email protected], thanks again.

      3. How come their is up the date messages hopefully the Veterans is not only here right now some of them are talking to Congress to improve Veterans Healthcare and the Veterans who is give the name of their Congressman or Congresswoman plus their telephone number. ….Semper Fi……Thanks.

  7. The VA is notorious for systematically sabotaging veterans. Methods that Ben discovered, that look like something out of a CIA Book of Dirty tricks, therefore make perfect sense. I can’t tell if Ben means they actually use that book and he might be saying the CIA is involved, but his points are generally, obviously, valid and helpful feed.

  8. I am not sure who all is the fault of the VA issue’s, I feel it is more just a bunch of unchecked people who are trained to deny benefits, I am not sure why it is this way? They seem to follow the incompetent plan I have heard laid out by many Veterans, I try to balance their actions against some claims that get denied and hard feelings that will result, but have never been able to get the logic they use. I really believe the whole concept of VBA has outlived it’s own need, and no one in the VA is able to use their own rules effectively anymore, or with any precision as to many regional offices making rulings that counter each other. If claims were bullets we would all be dead, as they are inaccurate and need time on the range. They have a whole field of targets and are not knocking them down, as they don’t have the skills to do so. VHA I am worried about as they have no need to keep us alive, and it would be great place for many deviants who would love to just hurt people, they hire anyone as we have seen in the past. At the least i would believe that United States has gained enemies over the years and we have them working in VA, masking themselves, and they are able to sabotage as they are higher ups, as well as lower levels, and they infect new members, and cause enough corruption that they can control the whole VA. It has always been my opinion that in such a free open society as we want, you will get 10% infiltration from outside countries in area’s of Government. They are just cloaked so we can’t see them. Stalin said they just needed one generation, most believed he meant our youth, but same goes for our corporations, and Government agencies. Using computers more, would eliminate some of this type of infiltration, and save tax payers money.

  9. Veterans have you heard about this Army Veteran try to stop this robber from CVS and got arrested and when a Administration of the VA they getaway with a Mistake with it.

  10. As I’m listening (right now) to Ben on radio, I’m forced to remember an “old saying”. I don’t know when this “saying” came about. Yet, it definitely goes with today’s blog!
    What is this “old saying”? It’s;

    “Good enough for Government Work!”

    No matter how bad a VA employee, no matter what position from high SES to janitor, screws something up. They seem to be able get away with whatever!

    The only way I believe “WE THE PEOPLE” can change this is by taking back our country!


    I received this article this morning from “Military dot com”. It’s a new article through “Stars and Stripes” by Heath Druzin. It concerns the “enrollment for healthcare” VA is not being “transparent” about. The total amount of veterans not being taken care of is, at least in my opinion, staggering!
    “VA Failed to Contact Tens of Thousands of Veterans with Pending Claims”

    I believe y’all should google this and become as enraged as I am……


    On a side note. A “brother” is dying this day. We go back many many years. Because of the lack of healthcare, misdiagnosis of cancer, he will probably not live more than a few more days or even a few more hours!
    The VA has got to be stopped. The quality of, or lack of, healthcare providers needs to have a complete overhaul.
    The term, “Quack”, does not fully describe these idiots!

    Sorry about the rant. My “brother” could have been saved if not for the incompetence of VA doctors.

    1. Sorry to hear about that Elf. My condolences to you and the family, his family.

      I’ve seen it too many times to count. I’ve lived long enough and been through enough to have seen and know the drastic and incompetent changes in our countries health care systems. The costs soared from what we had in the seventies to what it is now and being accepted by the sheep as “Excellent” care. Some of it has been overwhelmingly, pathetically, sad and inexcusable. Then we get to sit by and watch lazy butts and illegals get better care than our vets do, or during an emergency have to wait for a foreigner get a splinter pulled out while a vet is hemorrhaging and other stupid stuff.

      So many I used to run back and forth there with sure didn’t seem to me they’d be the ones to die early, or healthy enough to play the VA games to ever changing meds and doses they were on that created more problems for them. It’s all just a total mess.

      A close friend was hit by a car, by local mafia member so no charges or news filed, and later he died last year at a new hospital called Eskenazi by the VA Indy hosp. The helicopter ride for him was twenty nine grand, the five day stay until his death in their ICU that bill was…. catch this…for a homeless man… over ONE MILLION dollars. No surgeries, just keeping him stable until they could attempt to fix him and repair all the damages and broken bones. Of course none of the sheepsters or politicians care. And now I have to deal with bill collectors since He used me as his new contact info after losing his home, and job went to Mexico. Now who the hell can pay that kind of money for modern health care? And can be written off on taxes by those great corporate hospitals and crooks. This is bringing back too many memories.

      I lost count of the people that would attempt a long drive to Indy for something like a heart-attack because the VA would tell people to go to the emergency room (civilian) and then not pay for it. So they’d rather take the chance with a hundreds of miles drive. Nuts. Game time or total bankruptcy, and there are tons of local bankruptcies going on but media and the elite say we are all well off and ‘progressing.’

      The VA especially the scum at the Roudebush VA hospital should release the numbers of vets they ran off due to their games, or those allowed to suffer and die… intentionally. But people would rather raise hell about a kitty cat or doggy story. That is what I was told by a X-employee. ( Oh and we can’t be non-PC and mention some truth, might offend someone.) To make us miserable while being out-of-sight of others, so we’d get so fed up to leave, or to allow us to suffer since few speak up, or let us expire. It would be so easy to cover-up by the VA way. Since they are allowed to be different from civilian care as in having their very own pharmaceutical list used, their own treatment or non-treatment plans and varies a great deal from ordinary care and must get special considerations for such things as typical civilian treatments at the VA. OR wait for them to train some idiot to do more simple stuff now accepted by them like Chiropractics, which is still frowned upon by them.

      I pity the good people working for the VA having to tolerate those others surrounding them, who couldn’t care less.

      Been told more than once by VA idiots that they practice “archaic” basic medicine. I guess so.

    2. Sorry to hear about your Brother. Best wishes to you and your brother and both your families Elf.

  11. It’s all really a no win situation for the veteran having issues with the VA and those connected with it.

    The top four on the list hits the Roudebush VA to a T. No pun intended. Add in the same tactics and activism by the unions and other special interest groups. Like workers, “the team members” intentionally calling in for days off affecting multiple clinics at the same time creating shortages and over-time pay for others. In one day three clinics in a row I tried to get signed into was dealing with this. Add this crap in with a obviously highly stressed student, new person, etc., with a huge line building up, incompetence, non-English speaking people, a mad rush, our private info being in the open, while dumping our pockets on open counters to go pee for a blood test while our stuff is out in the open to pacify the tyrants. Or part of the stuff thrown in a small drawer that won’t close breaking a Medical Alert item. Oh what fun. Being rushed and pushed while injured, trying to understand foreign gibberish, then looking around and some vets thinking this is all very funny, not trying to help any, just thinking it’s all a joke. Then to keep our eyes and ears open to hear how funny it is to some of the staff and lousy workers who don’t give a damn about us or their jobs, just the unions and their agenda of the day. So like with corruption the “sabotage” is a constant above health care or concerns for the veteran who may not be accustomed to big city attitudes alone, then having to deal with all the internal crap.

    Spend enough time at the VA, watching, listening – inside and out, you can see what it’s about. One, two and four are very obvious big problems. I have no doubt in my mind they can kill people and abuse all they want cause they all will toe-the-line and protect each other no matter what, and why I lost any trust in them at all.

    Hacking; That comes in to play when they want to see some embarrassing or damaging emails removed from places like our Healthy E-vet site. We are told it’s private and only our doctors and select nurses have access, wrong. The tech people, some of which I had to deal with, and was told off by “a strong independent professional woman” and that I was being “unacceptably rude to question their jobs, actions and positions.” Yep, we are never told there is no privacy and that their tech people, or Humana’s over-see that website and our information. They deleted all my emails when I transferred from the local Humama joke of a CBOC to the Indy VA, all gone so I could not prove what I was being told, the arguments to the incompetence, to what I was being told and why. So we have to learn to play ” I Spy” and copy everything just to protect ourselves from the ‘enemy.’ Really we need a small army or staff to keep up with all we deal with in today’s culture and life’s needs…. and all the attacks.

    Who is going to believe us when we report that insinuations were made to go out and buy Heroin or dope on the streets cause the VA is not considering constant daily chronic pain a issue? “Go do what you have to do or sign our new pain clinic contract.” Which also includes us being forced to take anti-depressants (even if we tried them all and had horrible side-effects – didn’t matter.), driving while taking meds when it’s illegal to drive impaired? Or told if we get into a vehicle accident we were told to not use the civilian emergency room but to drive to the Indy VA! (?) I mean we sat and listened to two hours of total BS and insanity. Only around seven of us showed up for that fiasco when the speaker, a dope counselor expected over thirty. Most of us being Viet Nam era folks, all white, and one female, one from the Iraqi deal, with a white councilor/abuser/nut-case. Since it’s all about “diversity” I threw that in. WE were talking to like, worse, than being dogs, and nothing useful came out of it at all. Yeah right, get a call from the Indy VA at one AM to drive hundreds of miles for a pee test to pacify the idiots? To be on twenty four hour call alert? WE aren’t patients we are to be slaves and idiots, never to question the psychos running the system (ad infinitum).

    That is the session where we were all told “if one veteran breaks the law or mis-uses their meds we all will.” We are not educated or responsible enough to take pain meds or to know what we need.” (Fascist socialism of VA care.) We are all alike, no individualism at all, and the VA to the DoD, AMA boards, politicians, cops, or Homeland Suckurity knows best.

    Who will believe us when we are told heart attacks to broken bones are NOT pain issues and NOT to use civilian care or emergency rooms for any care, but to drive hundreds of miles to the Indy VA hosp? Or to wait months for a return call about a need or injury? Then play the phone call and email game they all use, especially towards us who dare question and don’t play the door-mat game.

    I have had to use several different clinics some good, some bad. With ever changing PCPs and getting worse with each change. The more specialty clinics used, the more chances of seeing how conflicting and stupid some of them can be, and the total incompetence of new staff and uncaring attitudes from the lefty trained MDs. Not all of us were afforded the same constant care that should have, could have, flowed easily from new PCP or MD to the other, but not with me and not with the VA today.

    For any real change to happen the entire nation, media and their hacks, and establishment would have to change. Give us cards to use for civilian care and force doctors to accept us instead of charging top dollar and forcing what the government says we must do or not do. We lost this country, health care, rights and freedoms years ago and not getting any better, but worse now that we are considered “Domestic Terrorist” and don’t have the brains to research things on our own or to know what helps us or not. Not to forget Indiana being A+ on censorship and attacking us for blemishing our fine state’s reputation and lies.

  12. This would partially explain why a Veteran buddy of mine has been recently sent BY the VA to classes titled, “Ethical Hacking”. I had never heard of the field of “Ethical Hacking” before until he mentioned that the VA was sending him to intensive class/workshops on this subject.
    He is in a Social Services Program for Homeless Veterans that placed him in a VERY part time basement position at the Indy VAMC. This class he just finished taking was approved BY the VA and PAID FOR by the VA.
    Nothing about the VA is “ethical”, so I cannot fathom how and why the VA is utilizing “Ethical Hacking”, but today’s blog article topic sort of partially explains where the VA would utilize such methods.
    Seems to me that it’s a huge oxymoron of a field to focus on: “Ethical Hacking”, and yes the “hacking” part is completely about computers and networks.

    This tells me “it’s more likely than not” that the VA infiltrates such websites as this fine blog and others, making it more pragmatic to not use your real name on here as a form of “preventive maintenance” and personal sanity.

    I agree with what Benjamin suggests because nothing else makes any sense at all. I have noticed a clear pattern of the VA releasing information on either late on a Friday or their favorite, late in the day on a long Federal Holiday Weekend, as they did with the Cincinnati VAMC/RO/VISN growing scandal. They have done the exact same thing with past scandals as well, with obvious hopes it will get buried in whatever is going on in the MSN at the time.
    What 91veteran brought to our attention yesterday regarding the thug down at the Louisiana VAMC that through blunt force trauma, killed a 70+ yr old Veteran Patient….91veteran brought attention to fact they have moved that killer VA Employee’s trial to September, 2016…his was probably done on purpose hoping all the noise from the heated-up Presidential Election will completely cover-up the VA attempting to get their killer employee off the hook by “claiming it was an accident”, rather than what the Coroner testified to…definitely right along what Benjamin is talking about…PsyOps, by another name. Still PsyOps.

    1. If you really think about it, it shows not only how pathetic the IG was back then, but shows how management was fully comfortable in rolling over the IG knowing nothing would be done by them when they flat out lied, knowing the IG had witnesses.

      An employee beat a veteran to death, the IG had witnesses, and VA management decided to lie about it and cover it up.

      On another topic, I saw a press release today from a senators office about legislation they are proposing to fix the Choice program. Lots of meaningless drivel, particularly if Congress goes to sleep right after passing it with no oversight.
      There are a couple of good news articles and video on KKCO NBC 11 News web site here in Grand Junction about the Choice program.

  13. 03/07/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Does that not spell out Treason?


    Don Karg

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