I Saw the Weirdest Thing at My VHA Today

VA Penis Pumps ErecAid

Shock. My appointment with VA revealed the oddest treatment I’ve ever seen at VA. I’ll have to chalk this one up as the oddest Wednesday I’ve had in a while.

I usually talk about serious topics on here but I thought I’d deviate a little today.

We all know VHA health care providers prescribe veterans with all kinds of treatments for all kinds of maladies. Not much surprises me, but today I was certainly shocked. While sitting in the chair I came face to face with VA’s boxed and prescribable penis pump.

Yes, that’s right. VA struggles to provide care for female veterans but is more than able to give male veterans everything we need and more… apparently much more. While I’m sure these help many vets, I was certainly surprised to see the puppy sitting there on the shelf at the urologist’s office.

Made by ErecAid, the device with accessories costs consumers around $550. I’m not sure how much VA pays for these, but I hope it’s worth it to the veterans who benefit.

All joking aside, while I appreciate the effort, I hope VA is equally as helpful for women suffering from reproductive difficulties relating to sex drive, just like men.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen VA prescribe?



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  1. After a VA approved surgical procedure known as radical prosthesis (complete removal of the prostate) due to cancer in my case. ED is an issue that the penis pump can help with out the use of drugs. I have not gotten a penis pump yet from the VA for the very reasons listed in these “joke” comments posted here. Just because you saw something strange to you, and until you understand it isnt a sex toy, joking about someones medical problems isnt cool.

  2. I will be the first to laugh at my own rating. 30% for the loss of a vital organ,otherwise known as a (blush) hysterectomy!

  3. the weirdest, Viagra for a vet that was already taking too many pills. needless to say, the bro got into a baaaad drug addiction, lost his sight over the years , had one leg amputated and the other one scheduled to be when he died. the moral being, if the “conflict” don’t get you, the “meds” will. sisters be glad you are on the prescription rolls.

  4. Maybe it was a bicycle pump or something, and you mistook it. I wonder if I can have the money instead.. By the way, who at the VA does the testing and selection for their products? Or is it left up to the individual doctors?

  5. I have a friend who was sent to prosthetics in 2013. Who was divorced a few years back. To pick up something that his FEMALE primary care doctor prescribed to him. He had no clue what it could be. When he went to prosthetics to pick up this unknown item. He was called into a room by a FEMALE prosthetic tech. And to his amazement, shock, horror, HUMMILATION and EMBARRASSMENT. It ended up being a penis enlargement pump. The bad part was he and his FEMALE primary care doctor never talked or discussed this matter before. He says he doesn’t need a pump. He and I now live in the same town after the Army. Which was over 6yrs ago. We did two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq together. Till I was wounded by an IED in Iraq. During my first tour. Both of us are (were) Rangers. So we don’t lie to each other. So I believe him. But, yes I do think it is kind of weird for the VA to prescribes penis enlargement pumps. Especially to single Veterns.

  6. So I guess the next time I am at the VA and they ask what am I up too, This is what they actually mean?

    At least the VA is trying to please us or please our spouses

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