ford mustang license plate

VA Whistleblower Offers Sloan Gibson Ride In New Ford Mustang

ford mustang license plate

‘THX VA’ says the license plate of one Phoenix VA whistleblower’s newly purchase antique 1968 Ford Mustang.

That whistleblower, Brandon Coleman, offered to take VA executive Sloan Gibson for a spin in his new ride despite the hell Gibson put whistleblowers through at the facility. “I am offering Sloan Gibson IV a ride since he has committed to be at Phoenix at least once per month now.”

Gibson recently announced all is well even though treatment of veterans at the facility remains bleak after numerous scandals surfaced at Phoenix VA in 2014. He has been seen at the facility holding regular press conferences to convince the public that everything is on the up and up there.


Brandon Coleman Ford MustangBrandon Coleman sent me some photos of him with his collectors Ford Mustang, the care he dreamed of buying some day, but could only afford after VA compensated him after letting its employees harass him for whistleblowing:

“I bought a 68 Mustang like I have always dreamed of owning since I was a little kid. The license plate says it all. I’d like to thank the VA for all they have done to help me and my family and to acknowledge the pure hell they put us through [after I blew the whistle and refused to accept VA harassment as status quo].”

VA basically apologized and offered to settle with Coleman after putting him through hell for over one year after he exposed a suicide treatment scandal at Phoneix VA.

Sounds like VA could have saved taxpayers a fair amount of money had they not encourage harassment against whistleblowers through inaction and zero accountability.

However, I feel no remorse that Coleman apparently bought his dream care with part of his settlement. At least the money went to a fellow disabled veteran instead of yet another failed government contractor.


Coleman and numerous other whistleblowers were harassed after exposing problems at the Phoenix VA. Coleman was harassed after exposing that numerous suicidal veterans were allowed to walk out of the facility despite seeking help for imminent suicidal ideations.

After allegations circulated Fox News and other media outlets, Coleman was targeted by numerous VA staffers for illegal harassment including disability shaming. Coleman, a disabled Marine veteran, was ridiculed by VA staffers in Halloween photos.

VA put Coleman on leave for over one year while investigating his case, which interrupted Coleman’s PhD program where he was researching effective ways to help suicidal veterans.

But, guessing from the Mustang, Coleman got the last laugh as he cruises Arizona in style. He now works in a new location helping veterans combat suicide.

As for his offer, should Sloan Gibson take him up and go for a ride in the Stang? If you had the option of driving Sloan Gibson anywhere, what would be your destination?

brandon coleman 1968 Mustang

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  1. …nearest watering hole serving up a cocktail of one part AO & one part GWS with a splash of neptunium/plutonium. leave him out in the desert, maybe a scorpion will help him when his new symptoms start knocking on his minds’ door. you know, those symptoms are only in your head.

    don’t worry, the scorpion will ride you to the nearest VA where you can get test after test with no real diagnosis and all the generic brain food the world has to offer shoved down your throat. you know, those brain foods that cure everything, right?

    while you wait, say, a life-time it will seem, before you can leave that rat-in-a-cage-wheel. your next stop, (think twilight zone), is the other rat-in-a-cage-wheel, VBA claim paperwork, and no attorney help either.

    next stop, Veteran cemetery to say hello to the resting souls of those men & women, America’s best. and remember, don’t call us, we’ll call you. enjoy that stang ride baby!!

  2. I would like to contact Mr. Coleman. I have some ideas on his suicide research from the organic side. Undiagnosed subtle anosognosia and/or with temporal lobe seizures. [email protected]

  3. I just received a phone call from my POA. It seems VA is considering lowering my monthly compensation.
    Has anyone else received a phone call?
    Could this be because Mr. Trump may win the election, and VA realizes they might be in real trouble.

      1. Hey, Seymore.
        The wife thinks this is being done because we turned in a nurse for violation of HIPPA against me.

        Is that a possible reason?

      2. Hey Elf,

        We all know that the VA is vindictive against whistle blowers and Veterans who speak out.

        There is a good chance that it is because you report the nurse or they are coming after you for speaking out here.

        Did your POA say anything about who recommended the reduction?

  4. Former VA whistle blowers. Don’t get a car. Hell the VA all the way to OSC could care less that a former employees are targeted by former coworker

    VA don’t care if the VA is falsely acussing veterans of disruptive behavior and doing so at will

    Seems no one cares. It’s ok. One day it will be you Or someone you know. !

    Then it may become important. But it will be too late and you can be in the same boat !

    Ben. You have been the only one that I’ve heard speaking out against the disruptive committee.

    So thanks. For doing that. I think it needs to be brought to the forefront. Maybe the veterans committee in Washington would take action if someone like you would write to them. I’m willing to go to Washington or any where else to help stop the VA. From hurting other veterans using this tatic

  5. Should Gibson take him up on the offer? Coleman should have never made the offer in the first place. He would never get the stink out from Gibson being in his car.
    If Gibson needs a ride, he can always ask Burch for a ride in his veteran financed Rolls.

    Do I have any qualms about this? Absolutely none. There are laws in place regarding whistle blowers and harassment. Coleman was paid according to the law. I wonder though how many others involved in this SHOULD HAVE paid according to the law. How many slug union thugs participated in the harrassment? Did the union look the other way rather than help Coleman? Of course they did, or this would not have gone on so long.

    For any AFGE cheerleader reading this…this harrassment would be allowed by your union to happen to you too…if you had the guts to report wrongdoing.

    How many supervisors participated in or allowed this to happen that have not been fired? Has the VA taken any action whatsoever against the bastards that cost the veterans and/or taxpayers so much?

    I suspect every one of these whistle blowers who have been settled with and have gone silent have signed non-disclosure agreements requiring their silence.

    Without that, the VA would be facing a massive flood of lawsuits demanding settlements.

    …while ignoring the people at the root of the problem.

  6. Off-Topic but very serious: I filled-out and mailed my Absentee Ballot today and just because I am FED-UP, I got much satisfaction in placing the U.S. Postal Service’s very colorful and to-the-point stamp depicting the Planet Uranus. Yes, that gave me more satisfaction than filling-out this ballot. Done. Now just wait for the multitude of “recounts”, “hanging chads”, and all the other fun this will keep giving….

    I think giving Gibson a ride in redturtle984’s Porsche and causing a puckered Uranus would be much more fun but then again, Gibson might lower my disability rating by saying since I can easily shift gears, my health issues mean nothing…

  7. I have a 500 watt subwoofer system installed just behind the driver seat augmenting one one the most killer ssurround sytem stereo in my 2001 Porsche 911 (Carrera 4). My bumper sticker reads, “When it absolutely, positively, has to be destroyed…. United States Marine Corps.”

    My stereo can deafen fire engine personel….

    The song I would play and sing along in perfect harmony is Alice’s Restaraunt. If Sloan refused to sing along, or more radically was not in harmony, I would shift down at 95 mph and punch it. Pucker factor alone can trigger harmony when that baby winds up past 8000 rpm and pulls down a gear! Then grab the top gear and Mr. Sloan might become a tenor! yay! I do like American cars, but nothing says “oh shit” like a Porsche.

    Mr Sloan, you can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaraunt.

    1. My bad lolz, Gibson first…. then if the pilot program is a success, I can move on to others….

  8. “So bye, bye, Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey ‘n rye
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die”

  9. “Highway To Hell”…is what I would play on the radio.

    I would first sit with Sloan and show him my “I Love Me” military documents book with my hundreds of awards and citations, Outstandin NCOER’s, Professional Developement, Managerial, and Supervisory schools. I would show him my Active Duty Combat military records from Desert Shield Desert Storm.

    I would then take him to Bay Pines (now C.W. Bill Young) VA, Bay Pines Florida.

    I would give him a tour of the facility beginning in my prior VA work office, Cytologist office, Department of Pathology.

    I would take him back to the Cytology Processing room, right next to the morgue refrigerated room holding deceases veterans bodies.

    I would close the door behind us, and I would re-inact the way my 6 foot 3 inch, 230+ lb department chief, Dr. Theodore Strickland threatened me foe reporting my 78 year old coworkers illegal abuse of overtime.

    I would take Sloan down to the 1st floor police office next to our Starbucks coffee shop. I went there to file a police report against Theodore for his threats.

    Next stop would be Bay Pines Police Department, where I sat giving my statement to Officer George Jak on 19 APR 2013, for 3 hours.

    I would then take Sloan to the Library, where Bay Pines Union and Bay Pines Human Resources placed me. They removed me from my dept by 12 noon, the Monday after I had filed my police report against my dept chief. I sat in the library for 11 weeks.

    Our next stop would be Dept Prosthetics. Bay Pines Administration placed me there for 9 months.

    I would take Sloan to Psychiatric clinic where I was “examined” and “evaluated” by a psychiatrist. I would ask Sloan to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

    Next I would ask Sloan to sit down and take the MMPI psychiatric written evaluation. 567 questions. True or False. Testing for 10 major psychoses, Pshycotics and Hypochodriacs being 2 of those 10. I would ask for a copy of “his” final report to see if he passed.

    I did.

    I would take him to occupational health and have him endure the exact same physical examination that Bay Pines Administration forced me to take. If I refused, they threatened to terminate me.

    I passed this exam also.

    I would take him to our Union offices and Human Resources offices and introduce him to those who acted complicitly in the aggressive retaliation against me. Cecil Johnson, Tatishka Musgrove, Clark Hazley, Mark Rosas, Ronald Plemmons.

    I would take him to Dept of Education, the last department Bay Pines placed me. I would introduce him to Lana and Pam, two females who worked diligently in gathering any bogus documentation against me they could come up with.

    I would get a Bay Pines golf cart, the ones that the Union personnel use, and I would take Sloan out next to the edge if the Bay, right next to the water, and I would show him “How” my Union Rep Clark Hazley would “discuss” my situation with me. Which lasted over 2 years. Thats alot of golf cart rides. And private hallway whispering talks. And private “off the book” Union office meetings.

    I would take him to the rooms where Director Klinker and Cheif of Staff Thurriere met with me….along with “THEIR” VA appointed attorney….Tanya Burton.

    No…odd…..I was not provided an attorney. Hmmm…wonder why?

    I would take him to the back dock off of the Post Office, same bldg as Dept of Education. I would show him where I pulled up my car and wheeled down all of my personal belongings from my desk….and loaded my car with them.

    I would take Sloan to the E.R. where I ended up near the end of my ordeal with Bay Pines. At one point I thought I was having a heart attack. No. Not a heart attack. Symptoms were due to the insurmountable stress I’d endured for over 3 years since I transferred to Bay Pines.

    Finally…..I would take Sloan out to eat. Right down the street from Bay Pines VA is an “Outback” restaurant. I would take Sloan there…..and have him sit at the exact same table I sat at…….whilecI waited the 2 hours….for my Union Rep and the VA attorney…Tanya Burton… draw up my settlement agreement.

    2 hours it took them.

    Enduring over 3 years of severe retaliation….no one would even speak to me after I filed the police report against my department chief for a year.

    It took them 2 hours….to get the papers to my Union Rep for me to sign.

    2 hours.


    Wow…..guess…….it is still affecting me right?

    Yes. To the core of my sole.

  10. Personally I wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of a perma-stench of having Gibson in a vehicle let alone risk traveling in any direction he is heading. The stench would probably be worse than hitting a dead bloated skunk in the middle of the road.

    Though I would recommend some AC/DC easy listening music for any trip that Gibson is on.


      1. Hey Namnibor,

        I have been worried about sounding to negative about VA employees especially the SES types. With all us Veterans who have been wronged by the system it would certainly seem they may be buying personal protection or at least consider it.

        Maybe we should all push Robbie McDonald to mandate no more bonuses until the employee pass a very simple gun safety course.

        Would have to make the gun safety course real simple for those simple minded employees. Here is a nice short course they should all be able to follow.

        Step 1 ensure the gun is loaded
        Step 2 ensure the safety is in the off position
        Step 3 insert barrel in mouth
        Step 4 pull trigger

        Then after they completed this simple set of instructions they would then be eligible for there bonuses .

  11. MR COLEMAN VA DC HQ RATS SHIT ON YOUR PARADE NOWW YO SHIT ON THEIR PARADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Since 1989, after Reagan successfully elevated to cabinet level the agency we now call the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) I now read that a brother vet, but employee of VA has been compensated for loss at VA hands.

    Reagan tried to dismantle two of Carter’s American disasters, the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy. He failed because it takes God like powers and agreement to dismantle something once ensconced into power. Reagan hated big government to listen to him, but then again it was him who convinced America (and Congress) to raise the Vets Administration to cabinet level.

    When Congress nearly unanimously voted to create the cabinet level legislation needed to do this, the dissenters attached a single provision to the law the Reagan communicated clearly (his trademark) was UNACCEPTABLE to him. He was willing to trash the law making the Department that he championed if this tiny bit of law was included….


    The dissenters pointed out that veterans at the time, 27 or so years ago, were the only group in America that still did not have the right to appeal decisions about pension and compensation and so forth to the federal court system. Veterans they pointed out vehemently had been left behind.

    The dissenters wanted in law to codify a vets right to appeal VA decisions to the Judiciary or Federal Court system for review.

    Reagan refused to sign the law and the idea was flushed. In 1989, our Congress over bitter protests refused to grant vets the right to appeal to the courts. The right to a square deal for vets through the courts was killed by the man who created the cabinet and who doubtless sealed the fate of armies of future vets in so doing.

    It is refreshing to see the VA finally be held accountable for harassing one of its own employees. This means nothing to vets. It punishes nobody. The Cabinet decided to harass one of its own, then when confronted by its own folks, decided to compensate one of its own. They money they did all this with did not start out as their own…

    You can take any single man you want for a ride, and why not? American vets have been taken for a ride for decades. Just check the brakes first.

    1. If the money for a settlement came from a hospitals awards budget, you would see a quick turn-around in the thugs willing to harass others.

  13. Here’s some articles from “”, 17 Oct 2016.

    “Generations of PTSD: Veterans Cope in different Ways”

    (I cope by trying not to associate with IDIOTS!)

    “VA Responds to Phoenix Failures with more Funding and Training”

    (Throwing away more taxpayers monies. Plus, how do you train the incompetent and criminally insane?)

    “CIA Reportedly Preparing Major Cybor Assault Against Russia”

    (Their fuckup could cause WWIII)

    This article is from “Next News Network” by Gary Franchi.
    It was put all over the net. Dated 6 Oct. 2016!

    “Breaking; Bill Clinton Just Committed A Horrendous Crime”

    (Looks like “Slick Willie” can’t even trust his own attorneys from ‘leaking’ bad information about the “Secret Meeting” he had with Lynch on board her plane!)

    1. I don’t care to suffer fools and idiots either. It reminds me of incompetence that got people killed.

      As for the VA providing more funding in Phoenix, it might get better results if they started firing some people responsible for settlements because of harassment.

  14. I believe Gibson and I would go to the nearest “Veterans Cemetery”! Maybe even multiple veterans cemeteries!
    I’d make Gibson look at all the grave sites of those that “sacrificed the most” for this country. (Before we got there, I’d research to find the veterans graves who had committed suicide!)
    Then, I’d ask him in front of those graves, on camera, just – “What the fuck are you going to do about this?”

    I believe Gibson would lie his ass off. Just to get out of there!

    1. Gibson would be bailing out of that car so fast before they ever got through the gate entrance, you would think Coleman installed a James Bond ejection seat.

      1. Ah, but Gibson would not be able to bail because Coleman opted for the custom “Personality Restraint Belts”, aka VA Surplus Straight Jackets. No escape of the tour of graveyard. Then Gibson can return and tell the Great Pumpkin (Agent Orange Murphy) what he observed….might as well make it a very Halloween tour of said gravesites.

  15. “If you had the option of driving Sloan Gibson anywhere, what would be your destination?”

    ^THAT could be answered by a great 80’s song by Missing Persons called “Destination Unknown” or a classic scene from the movie, “Thelma & Louise”.

    1. 1966 Ford Thunderbird was in that movie’s classic latter scene. Orig. video for “Destination Unknown” song had a rather large ‘Mustang’ with golden wings. The two form the abstract dialogue for my answer.

    2. “Destination Unknown”, by Missing Persons: Lyrics

      “Life is so strange when you don’t know
      How can you tell where you’re going to
      You can’t be sure of any situation
      Something could change and then you won’t know

      Ask yourself
      Where do we go from here
      It seems so all to near
      Just as far beyond as I can see
      I still don’t know what this all means to me

      Tell yourself
      I have nowhere to go
      I don’t know what to do
      And I don’t even know the time of day
      I guess it doesn’t matter any way

      Life is so strange
      Destination unknown
      When you don’t know
      Your destination
      Something could change
      It’s unknown
      And then you won’t know
      Destination unknown

      Life is so strange
      Destination unknown
      When you don’t know
      Your destination
      Something could change
      It’s unknown
      And then you won’t know
      Destination unknown

      You ask yourself
      When will my time come
      Has it all been said and done
      I know I’ll leave when it’s my time to go
      ‘Til then I’ll carry on with what I know

      Life is so strange
      Destination unknown
      When you don’t know
      Your destination
      Something could change
      It’s unknown
      And then you won’t know
      Destination unknown

      Life is so strange
      Destination unknown
      When you don’t know
      Your destination
      And something could change
      It’s unknown
      And then you won’t know
      Destination unknown

      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange
      Life is so strange”

      Those lyrics say everything. 🙂

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