Dr Lisa Nee Hines VA Hospital

Fraud, Poor Cardio Care Confirmed At Hines VA Hospital

Dr Lisa Nee Hines VA Hospital

Benjamin KrauseA leaked report showing violations of law, violations of VA policy and mismanagement at Hines VA Hospital was the subject of news story covering the newest ‘VA is Lying’ billboard in Chicago this week.

Veteran Affairs Office of the Medical Inspector (OMI) confirmed allegations of wrongdoing at Hines VA Hospital in an investigation this June.

WATCH: ABC 7 Hines VA News Video Interview Of Dr. Lisa Nee

Chicago ABC Channel 7 picked up the story and covered allegations leveled by cardiologist Dr. Lisa Nee. OMI confirmed those allegations in an unreleased report sent to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC). OSC relayed the information to VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) to see if they would follow up with a criminal investigation. OIG declined.

READ: OMI Report To OSC Confirming Allegations

Confirmed allegations included a finding of deficiencies in cardiovascular care at Hines that resulted in unneeded heart surgeries, diagnostic errors and falsification of records by one doctor. The specific confirmed allegations included:

  1. Fraudulent charges of services never performed but billed to veterans
  2. Failure to inform 50 affected patients of earlier OIG findings
  3. Hines failed to read echocardiograms in a timely manner from 2010-2011
  4. Falsification of performance records
  5. Mismanagement of workload in violation of VA policy
  6. Possible inflated performance pay linked to falsification of records

After Dr. Nee blew the whistle on wrongdoing, she was harassed and defamed by local Hines VA leadership and even former VA OIG head Richard Griffin.

After Dr. Nee became a whistleblower, she was forced out of her position while pregnant. At that time, Hines VA leadership forced her to work from a closet known to be lined with asbestos. To preserve the health of her unborn child, Dr. Nee resigned her position. She now advocates for greater accountability of Veterans Affairs related to health care administration.

If you read this, push the blue button here to tweet to VA…. Let them know you know what they have been up to…

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Am I the only person not surprised by the findings of the OMI report? When will the Obama Administration start investigating these fraudulent acts and those like them in his backyard?

The ABC Channels 7 news story was one of the best I have seen on this subject. You can watch it by clicking on the link below. Be sure to come back here and post your thoughts after you watch it.

Source: https://abc7chicago.com/news/sign-of-the-times-hines-va-hospital-photobombed-by-billboard/1052681/


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    1. @Don,
      Her email address is;
      agonzalos@bizjournals dot com

      She writes for the
      “Phoenix Business Journal”
      She is the “Senior Reporter”
      She wrote an article about an:
      “Army Veteran ‘dying of cancer’ files $50 M lawsuit against Phoenix VA”
      on Oct. 26, 2015.
      This was/IS a very sad article!
      I hope you’ll google it and read it. There’s also a video.

  1. I got y’all three more articles, the first one namnibor, and a few others on here, will like.

    1.) “UPDATE: Legal Action Against Koch Brothers, Rick Scott & Jeb Bush Goes to U.S. Supreme Court.”
    by Leslie Salzillo
    Oct. 30, 2015
    This has to do with a paper factory “dumping tons of toxic waste water into the St. Johns River” here in Florida. I believe it’s up by St. Augustine, Fl. It’s a kinda long article.
    There’s an “active petition”, also!

    2.) “McDonald rejects VA’s failing grade audit”
    Oct. 7, 2015
    by Anjali Shastry
    Washington Times

    It concerned that $68 million dollar audit that was just released.
    He’s basically being like Hillary in this article. You know making comments (lies) that make no sense. October sure has brought out the “Stupid” in some people!
    He’s saying he’s fixed the problems, but it’s going to take more money, (paraphrasing)!
    I believe he in need of a reality check….smelled too much of that laundry detergent….LMAO!!!!

    3.) “One in Ten Registered Nurses Quit VA in 2014”
    Fri. Oct. 30, 2015
    by Anjali Shastry
    Washington Times

    This “report” must have just surfaced. Y’all should love the “reasons” the nurses give. Seems they were upset at upper management.
    Also it says “…within the next four years, 20% of the nurses (still around) will be eligible for retirement!”
    Like a news reporter on Channel 9 said late last year, “Who would want to work for the VA?”

    1. The nurses know what’s going on and know they better get out before they are scape goats, for upper mismanagement!

      They seen it first hand and those that don’t want TO go to jail are jumping ship!

      1. James, you hit that proverbial nail on the head.
        Did you google the articles I just gave. The one where Bagdad Bobby said he’s already fixed VA is “pure unadulterated B/S”! All that “poser” wants is more money in his “coffers”! He has done nothing to fix VA, Period, Nada, Zilch.
        He will feel the “Wrath of God” when the time comes for him to “Stand at the Golden Gates of Heaven”! He will be directed in a different direction, Down into “Purgatory”!

      2. I am actually hoping *a very special form of HELL* has been set-aside for these types…with ALL the “transparency” that a furnace flame gives.

        Yes. October has brought-out a very special kind of stupid in a lot of people this year.
        Kind of like that stupid look Rick Scott has whenever ANYONE mentions the phrase “Climate Change” in font of him. (watched a National Geographic special this evening showing how Governor Scott will not even allow anyone in his governmental team to voice the phrase ‘Climate Change’…that shallow empty stupid look on his face was of the same caliber and stock of every picture I have yet seen of VA Sec. McDonald…empty, and in serious DENIAL)

        Good links, as always. Thanks, elf!

      3. namnibor,
        Ol Scotty boy’s got a lot more to worry about than “Climate Change. Or being a part of “polluting St. John’s River”!

        The “Gaming Contract with the Seminole Indian Tribe ran out at midnight 31 Oct 2015”!
        Sources say the ‘tribe’ is extremely (pissed) Scotty boy has allowed an outside source (some say from Vegas?) come into the South Florida (Miami-Dade) area and set up shop. Btw, the Seminoles own ALL lands south of Orange County(Central Florida). They’ve had ‘title’ to that land since Florida became a State.
        That means, firstly, Florida will not receive $1billion in revenue. And will now have to pay a form of ‘rent’ to them.
        Also, the Seminoles have had “exclusive rights by contract on gaming” since the 1920’s or early 30’s! Plus, they have tightened it up a bunch since then.

        If you check out other Native tribed throughout America that have ‘gaming’. You’ll see the Seminole tribe was the one who supplied attorneys to them. Very smart people, the Seminoles!

      4. FYI, The Seminoles are the only peoples who have NEVER had a “treaty” with the American Government!!!! Only “contracts”! Scotty boy is going to be doing lots of backtracking in the next few weeks. You watch.

        Also, there’s been a lot of people down here wondering about where Ol Scotty got all his money?
        He started out as part owner, with his mother, having two small donut shops. Then walla, he’s CEO of an insurance company for some hospitals. Then there’s questions over alleged Medicare and Medicade fraud in the tune of over a few billion bucks. Then there’s been questions over how he continues to replenish his millions of $$$$ every year?
        So you see Ol Scotty boy ain’t squeaky clean. Just like lots of scum we hear about on a weekly basis,

    2. There’s a very close bedfellows between Halliburton and Bush’s and Cheney’s…then there’s Rick Scott that somehow along with slime ball help of Carl Rove I think, Scott becomes a very unqualified nor deserving Gov. after much scandal ongoing. He is painful to look at for my brain and has a Fun House Sinister Smile like he just ate three children with some Fava Beans….LOL!

      Yes, the Seminoles are very smart…as all Native American Tribes. I have a Lakota streak going in my genes. Land Contracts between Tribes and Gov’t are indeed nasty issues, especially upon renewal.
      I lived out in the Black Hills, SD when that land agreement that was for reall actually one dollar for 100 years, the USA tried to not only cheat them again upon renewal BUT they ALSO wanted their Reservation Land….guess why? It just so happened to be so Uranium Rich, the National Guard used o go out there to calibrate equipment to test for radiation…the US wanted their very Reservation land that will not even grow carrots let alone good weeds…so they could open mine the Uranium. The Lakota Tribe won and kept their land.

      When someone starts to grate my nerves going on and on about how they feel discriminated and all their fatherless ‘disenfranchised youth’ (Obama-speak), I will let them know that Native Americans are the people that REALLY got screwed and still do to this day. May require some reading so some people choose to remain comfortably numb and ignorant. Darwinism at it’s finest.

      1. It’s good they were able to win, now the veterans need to stand as tall and not take no for an answer.

        Those who have Morales can win, but it takes people like Ben and other veterans to keep plugging ahead, they can’t continue to ignore the facts (VA) ! That veterans in numbers can make a change!

  2. I am not surprised. In my case dealing with Ortho for my ankle problems the Dallas Doctors have lied in my records writeen misleading things on my condition and leased me early for surgery after they had me weight bearing day after surgery but was surpose to be non weight bearing for a month. I was told you realy should not be working till your fully healed but lied and never added that to my records and refused after my complaint. Was told by the doctor that finally did a MRI on my ankles they have to be careful what they write in our records. the MRI showed I went from arthidis to needed a ankle replacement.

    1. Yes, they put in the record what they want and when the veteran finds errors, the VA will tell you well those were the facts at the time and if you don’t agree with what’s written!

      Sent us a letter with what was said and how it should read!

      I worked for the VA and I know anything sent by letter, will be filed into your chart!

      The problem is the chart they put it into, is for administrative paper work and it will not see the light of day!

      In other words, it will not be seen in your official medical records! So no one will ever know you wrote it!

      I had one doctor place into my official medical records, that I was stabbed while in the military!

      That never happened to me! I wrote the director of the Denver VA and that is what they told me to do!

      So if for some reason my official medical records were reviewed and they see that the record states I was stabbed! They are going to think that I told the doctor, that I had been stabbed while in the service!

      Can you imagine how that would make me look! Like a lier and could and would be punished for falsely stating I was stabbed!

      Many other lies are in my records, but the veterans have no way of having it correctly documented, so all who can see an error had occurred!

  3. Please google the following;

    “John Oliver breaks down Big Pharma and it’s hilariously ugly”

    It’s about the Big Pharmaceutical Companies & Prescription Drugs in the good ol U.S. of A.

    Have y’all ever notice the large amount of commercials pertaining to prescription drugs on TV?
    Have y’all noticed the “one catch phrase” at the end of each commercial- “Ask your doctor if xxxxxxx is right for you!”?

    Did y’all know big pharma spends an “estimated $24 BILLION dollars each year marketing directly to doctors.” And “only spend[ing] nearly four billion a year marketing to us.”
    Did y’all know:
    “70% (of Americans) take at least 1 (one) prescription each day.”
    “50% take at least +2 (two or more) each day.”

    This is just a ‘sampling’ of factual data in this article with video. It uses ‘comedy’ coupled with statistics, former pharma sales representatives and whistleblower(s) testimony, to get to the “bottom line” ($$$) of what is made. I believe it’s over $330 billion each year.

    I bring this up for one reason. I’ve personally witnessed Big Pharma Reps entering VAs. Just one that I personally saw was from “MERC Pharmaceutical!” It was on the side of his briefcase. There’s been others also.
    When you watch the video, be assured VA is making money. Lots of f**kin money.
    So is Big Pharma. Don’t let them say they ain’t !!!

    In ending, there’s also something I want y’all to listen very closely on– it’s the only two (2) major cities mentioned in the video— they are;
    Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona..
    Is this a coincidence? I leave it up to y’all !!!

    1. This morning I received this from “Townhall . com”. An article written, 30 Oct. 2015, by Guy Benson.
      The title is;

      “Systemic: New IG Report Finds More Mismanagement, Abuse at VA”

      It delves into more VA’s having incompetent healthcare providers, longer wait times, filthy surgical and medical equipment stored with sterile equipment, et cetera. These News Reports are coming out of Alaska, Illinois and California. When, or if, y’all watch the video, the reporter mentions even more ‘states’ fraught with the same or more systemic problems.
      I believe this reporter was trying a form of “Counter Offensive” against what Hillary had stated two fridays ago! If so, in my opinion, he succeeded…..

      1. P.S. people, there’s plenty of negative news articles coming out about VA.
        Each one of these usually have “contact info” to the reporter.
        If y’all would send an email, explaining the “who, what, why, when, where and how” VA has treated y’all and others. It would bolster (our) “claims of distrust, dissatisfaction, distaste and egregious acts over VA’s inability, or “wanton denial”, to do right by us.
        No one has to give their real name. I, myself, say “from a disabled veteran and spouse” at the end.
        I’ve explained I won’t give my name in fear of retaliation by VA.
        Sitting on the sidelines does nothing for this “cause”!
        A few people out of tens of thousands, or even a few million, means nothing.

        Remember this, more articles are coming out now than have in the past year and a half. Especially in the past few months. VA knows they are in the spotlight. In reality, Hillary’s little (bullcrap) assessment of VA two fridays ago. Actually allowed more people to see how VA really operates and has been treating veterans.
        In my opinion, more news magazines, TV news articles and ‘on-line articles’ are hitting VA hard.
        So, in closing, don’t y’all believe the time is now to speak up?

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I also forgot to include in my previous comment: for violation of Dr. Lisa Nee’s Constitutional right under the First Amendment to free speech.

    1. Elf, I sent an email to the reporter in Phoenix, about how the VA denighed Veterans their disability by hiding their records, by telling older veterans their records were destroyed in saint Louis fire!

      Also how they are using the Disruptive Committee to retaliate against veterans!

      Lets see what happens, glad you posted the email address!

  5. Hey Brothers and Sisters,
    Here’s an email address of a Senior Reporter who seems interested in getting the “Real Story of VA” out.
    “agonzales@bizjournal dot com”
    Remove the quotation marks.
    Be brief and too the point.
    Above all please, be respectful…

    1. Sorry,
      I forgot to add an “s” to the word “journal”.
      The corrected email address is;

      agonzales@bizjournals dot com

      The more she hears from veterans across this country, she’ll know “VA is Lying & Veterans are Dying”!
      She’s out of Phoenix, so she just might be able to shead a light on people there about what’s going on nationwide.

  6. Ben,

    Thank you for writing this article and providing a link to the OMI report.

    In testimony in a senate hearing Dr. Nee stated she began working at Hines Veterans Affairs Hospital in 2011 and that one of her first jobs was to review 5 to 10 boxes of a yearlong backlog of echocardiograms that represented studies from hundreds of patients who were Veterans.

    In her testimony she states,

    “My shock turned to horror as I realized many of the veterans had suffered cardiac complications, or already died, after the study was performed but prior to it being interpreted,” she said.

    She also said that even though an inspector general report confirmed the problem, no one at Hines VA Hospital has been held accountable and patients were not notified.

    Under the Tort Claim Act for Medical Malpractice there is a statute of Limitation of two years from the date of incident or two years from the date of discovery.


    Doesn’t the VA have an obligation to notify those Veterans who were harmed or the families of those who died?

    Also with the VA now certainly knowing and not informing the Veterans who were harmed or the family members of those who died because of the failure to provide timely care make the liability of the VA even greater when it comes to damage awards?

    The information I provided on Dr. Nee’s testimony comes from and article published in the Chicago Tribune titled “Local Cardiologist testifies about Hines VA Hospital Senate Hearing”.

    1. The employee who denied to prosecute is just as guilty as the offenders and should be held accountable!

      This is inexcusable and the attorney General, should take this case and insure every veteran is notified and charges placed upon anyone involved!

      Is the president supposed to know these injustices are occurring?

      Jail time is the only thing these people will understand and employees will continue to harm veterans, until they see there is a price to pay for putting veterans in danger and killing veterans!

      1. I agree and believe that Richard Griffen should be prosecuted under 18 U.S. Code § 1112 – Manslaughter for Voluntary Manslaughters. Griffin not only knew that he was covering up deaths at the Hines VA Hospital, but he also knew that more Veterans would die when he did it. Those additional deaths being a direct result of his actions.

        I also believe that Dr. Robert Dieter the Chief of Vascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Interventions at Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs should also be prosecuted for murder in the first degree under 18 U.S. Code § 1111 – Murder. As Chief of Vascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Interventions he not only knew of the backlog of echocardiograms that represented studies from hundreds of patients who were Veterans. He allowed it to continue knowing full well that he was causing the deaths of a number of Veterans and other veterans to suffered cardiac complications.

        Dieter should also be prosecuted for his falsifications of records to inflate his stats

      2. It’s totally amazing to me, that anyone can be this callous! I have wondered for years why My Lord has spared my life!

        I have been through a lot of trauma and believe I should not be here! Someone is watching and caring for me and sometimes,I wonder why!

        I think just maybe, because I have always tried to help people and not judge why!

        I truly believe in a higher power and I think he wants me to witness his return!

        If one really looks at what’s going on in the world, man is destroying this world and the devil is in his glory and many people are doing his bidding!

        These people will pay the ultimate price, for not following God’s word!

        Climate change is his first warning! There will be no second warning!

        If humans don’t head this warning and follow his laws!

        Money will mean nothing and your soul will be condemned!

        These people who think they are God like will be the first to feel his full wrath!

  7. Here’s an interesting article I read on Newsmax this morning.
    Seems two Muslims wanted a job as delivery drivers. Before being hired, it was explained to them they would be required to “deliver alcoholic beverages”! You see Muslims aren’t allowed to do that sort of thing. Both agreed that wouldn’t be a problem. Then, when they were expected to deliver a few truck loads of beer, “they refused”! Stating “it was a violation of their religion!” Consequently, for that, they were fired. No attorney would take their case in that community. Which would have been the end of it, one would expect, right? No so!
    Now comes the NOT so funny part. Can y’all guess who came to their defense?
    If you guessed the OBAMA Administration, you’d be correct. The federal government sent a “slew high profile attorneys” to sue the trucking company. The attorneys even made it a “Jury Trial”, no less.
    What happened in the end is this, they, the Muslims, won their suit. They received $240,000 as a remittance.

    1. @crazyelf-
      This is what I have been talking about with Obama and his DOJ and FBI…yet he has not used them to go after various thugs at the VA. That’s the only reason I mentioned or perhaps suggested that Veterans should flood the NAACP with complaints and see if Obama hears that way…I just do not get it. He rather take stance of protecting rights of the very damn terrorists we are still at war with…and Obama wants to allow many more in the USA. It begs to question where his loyalty lies. Lies.

  8. Dear Mr.Krause:

    If Dr. Lisa Nee, the whistleblower, continues to be harassed for telling the truth, in fighting for the veterans she can sue who ever is behind it all and whoever as is a co-conspirator for summary retaliation.

    1. She needs to have an attorney for this, there is no government agency that will help a former VA employee even if they are retaliated against !

      It seems Hilary is not aware of this! Each agency state’s it another agency that handles those types of cases!

      Some even make you fill that you are wasting their time, like what do you want, after you call and leave message after message because they don’t answer!

      You repeat the problem over and over to different people or make an inquiry to the agency, you mentioned and that agency lets the employee doing the harm answer their own inquiry!

      She, resigned no more getting help for the retaliation, you can’t find attorneys who will handle these types of injustice!

      She made the right decision, since the VA would not even care if they hurt her child!

      Those managers should be investigated and charges of putting a child at risk! For trying to put her into a room with know asbestos!

      Give her and the baby cancer knowing it could end up killing both!

      I guess attempted murder, is just another day at the office!

  9. “Employees at Hines work diligently to create a collaborative, problem solving environment that we hope creates an environment that is conducive to the needs of our Veterans.”
    The Department of Veteran’s Affairs respects any other organization’s or individual’s right to express their opinion. However, as is fair, we will thin those ranks with reckless and unnecessary heart surgeries, diagnostic errors, death provoking cardiovascular care and deceptive bogus data for those no good -son-of a-bitchin– pain-in-the-ass veteran freaks who all deserve to be punished.. That’s collaboration, and that will solve the problemo.”

    1. Do you guys know who really is, it a member from that church in Kansas, that goes to veterans funeral and heckling the veteran!

      This person has small children standing on the curb yelling kill all veterans!

      Their trying to fool us, acting like an employee and who knows it may be a VA employee that belongs to that church?

      Talk about stupid people they take the cake!

      1. James,
        Is “Really says” from that church in Kansas? You know, The ones who come to “Veterans Funerals” and causes problems?

        If so, ask why they didn’t show here in Orange City, Florida a few years back?
        Want to know why, they got scared. Their cowards. That’s why. Their leader was informed, (some say) by many law enforcement agencies, if they showed they might get hurt. Many down here, and from all over the country, were ready, willing and able to put God back in their lives!

      2. If not it’s one crazy employee? Guess Lucifer latched on to another one!

        Hurt, lie, lie and oh yea lie

        Who ever wrote that is sick in the head.

  10. Quote: “These are the times that try men’s souls!” Thomas Paine, Revolutionist, Author of “Common Sense” and a man of vision.

    Seems we here in America have forgotten what and why this great “Republic” was founded!

    When the Continental Congress was signing the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin remarked,
    “Gentlemen, today we are committing treason. If we don’t hang together, we will surely hang separately!”

    These men who were committing treason, did so to start a new country. A country not fraught with corruption, greed and graft. A country where “taxation without representation” would be void! A country where “humankind” would be free to BE what they want. A country where the Federal Government would be “Limited” (in their power)!
    This government was never meant to be all powerful, all seeing or all knowing.
    It was meant to be, “Of the People, By the People and For the People!” That means the People not the Government.

    People of America must wake up before all is lost an gone!

    1. Glad you posted this, makes one think yu, what the hell is going on, all you see and hear is people hurting each other, people and greed will not only tear this country, The world will pay the price and upon his return, there will be a war that will be the end of all war’s!

      Those that are evil will be the first to fill the rath of a very unhappy higher power!

      People would rather destroy this world, than to treat their fellow man with dignity, truth, trust, loyalty, giving, forgiving!

      The planet will be in total anarchy! If ALL people and nations don’t stop trying to say I, We, are number one! And heed the warnings and the signs!

      People that hurt other people just because they can! Will forever be dammed. You know who you are!

      Its not to late to change your ways! ?

  11. I forgot to add.
    Since when has Chicago ever had a good reputation, NEVER! Maybe that Mayor should take off those rose colored glasses. He should also go out and look at that “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying” billboard. That’s bringing SHAME on his city too.

    1. That Mayor (from ex-Obama Admn.) in Chicago has been keeping as much of the mass shootings and all-out war on Chicago’s streets. For ages, those that control Chicago are a bit like that Science Fiction movie Elysium, in that there’s a clear divide in Chicago from those in their ivory towers and the poor neighborhoods…it’s what Detroit has also been going through for ages and the Unions there also keep as much from national new as well. Like: most people did not realize or still do not that not only Detroit went Bankrupt, Mayor in Prison, but a huge % of the city has absolutely no street lights…cannot afford them all on…crime creeps thicker like roaches. As goes Chicago…Emanuel is a thug just like the Dailies before and with him.

      People in these ivory towers have efficient blinders on and would not matter if billboard were 50 yards from their lakeview tower penthouse…blinders…same for upper management at VA. Greed is one strong deadly sin!!

      1. Forgot to add: State of Illinois cannot pay lottery winnings above $600. indefinitely…think Detroit…as goes Chicago…hope not, but these thugs are now running cities in the ground almost like they know asteroids are heading toward earth so it’s “get what you can while you can” mentality.

      2. namnibor, the name of the Spike Lee movie is;
        “Chi-raq”, it’s a word combination of Chicago and Iraq.
        Lee says it’s about ALL the crime in Chicago. That’s why the mayor “summoned” Lee to his office. I wonder what law enforcement is doing about all the crime there?
        Also, John Cusack is the only white actor.
        I agree, Chicago will be like Detroit real soon. So will a lot of other cities if Americans don’t wake up pretty damn soon!

  12. I know this is off subject. Yet it does have to do with what’s going on right now in West Chicago. It came through my wife’s Twitter account. Evidently, Mr. Cusack and Mr. Lee follow my wife or visa versa….

    It seems John Cusack (actor) and Spike Lee (director) are in the process of making a movie. The mayor, Mayor Emanuel, “summoned” Spike Lee to his office.
    The reason, “Your making my city look bad!”
    Sooo, Spike Lee returned to the “movie set” and “Spread the word”! Mr. Cusack apparently “got pissed”! So now, everyone who has anything to do with the movie is taking to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Outlets to show their disgust with “City Hall”!

  13. Hey folks, I just found this site, google ;

    “VA hospitals, Schema-Root news”

    This has lots of articles on it!
    (schema-root dot org/usa/veterans affairs)

  14. So after watching the video, perhaps Rosenblatt can contact that AFGE local and find out how damn foolish he is in investigating VA is Lying without knowing what his own union is doing.

  15. When you tweet VA, send separate tweets to at-HouseVetsAffairs and at-VAChair for the Senate and ask when their going to get serious about doing their damn jobs.
    This is disgraceful! And a direct result of shockingly lazy oversight by them. How the eF can the OIG decline to investigate such serious issues that were substantiated?

    1. My wife tweets anything and everything to everyone, including Congress, Senate, President and more when it comes to VA atrocities. She’s got 564-5 “followers” now. Just think, if each one of them has say 300 to 400 each, and those have the same, et cetera. Just think how many are contacting their representatives, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….
      This could be bigger than we thought. And think on this. How many who don’t follow my wife, yet have Twitter accounts and they have MANY MANY followers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

  16. OIG declined. So, OIG only investigates an issue when trying to block testimony before Congress on upper management fraud? WTF?

    1. 91Veteran,

      All of the investigations in this matter took place before June 30th when Richard Griffin stepped down from his position as Inspector General at OIG.

      There are a number of prior investigations that need to be revisited and VA officials who need to be prosecuted that were protected by Griffin.

      1. Given the number of investigations with blatant lawbreaking or wrong doing that were ignored by Griffin, I cannot fathom why Congress is not going bananas investigating that office. Hell even the lazy bums on the House and Senate VA committees wouldn’t have to lift a finger since the committees on government oversight could do it. What Griffin did in some of these cases is just as egregious as what Lerner and others have done, but Congress doesn’t even yawn over this.

      2. Also noting that the date the OMI sent the letter and report to the OSC was June 30 the date Griffen was forced to step down.

        Griffens letter in appendix c of the report show just how corrupt he is.

  17. Thanks for holding all from the top down accountable, Many were angry at me for calling out the President. As to another post I am American (black), Maybe going to the NAACP would have help, but I’m sure not after they saw me calling out Obama. I actually thought about doing that, but I am a veteran, this is not racial and I would never describe myself any other than that. This is our fight together, using color divides us and I agree with you that it would not have helped all vets. So I’d rather keep fighting with all of you than to use my skin color to gain for myself. That’s not winning, that’s selling my soul to the devil. I served with honor almost 24 years in the Army. There is no way I will compromise that honor now.

    1. Spot on brother! You hit the nail on the head!
      When we, veterans all, start using “race, creed or color” to define ourselves, we lose the battle AND the war!
      This “war of attrition against VA” must be fought correctly and “above board”, or not at all.
      When VA, VHA, VBA, OSC, VA-OIG or any government entity uses egregious (and SLIMMY) tactics against us, we can and should call them out on it!
      The news medias are doing a somewhat good job of it now. Especially out in Phoenix where all this “stuff” began.
      When a politician who’s in office, or is running for office, makes “comments”, (such as Hillary did last friday), we Americans all need to contact anyone and everyone asap….make these government entities squirm.
      Like I’ve said, there’s going to have to be something so damn big, where VA will be brought to their knees.

      For example, in the news articles I posted on here yesterday, there is “multiple lawsuits” that have been filed against the VAMC in Arizona. I’ve contacted a few reporters at those news outlets. Letting them know the VAMC there is holding a “Q & A” on November 2, 2015 (monday).
      Only one vet isn’t going to get their attention. We need many vets to call, email and tweet their disgust over that VAMC.
      Here’s the news article to google:

      “Army Veteran ‘Dying of Cancer’ Files $50 M Lawsuit Against Phoenix VA”

      When y’all google this, there’s other sites which are from different news sources. ALL of them give “contact” information.

      Let’s get the word out. We can win this……

  18. Something has to be done the situation at the VA Hospitals is a deadly game for all veterans many lives are being lost because of negligence on the part of unskilled doctors and staff, as a patient at the VA in Birmingham, Al I have been treated by some very good doctors and mental health staff but I have found that some things that I know are being addressed by CRNP,s are not being followed up by my primary care doctor. I also have a question why are directors of a large hospital appointed instead of maybe having to run for that position based on there experience and a extensive back ground check lets do this the American way let the veterans have a say in who determines there destiny, just a thought I vote why not give me and other veterans and even the American public vote on who after all it is our tax money that is spent and for the most part unwisely.

    1. Directors are being “appointed” because it’s a “good ol boy type of system”!
      If you’ll notice, upper management has the final say on who goes where. Even if they’ve been caught doing things wrong. They just get transferred. No accountability AND no transparency involved.
      As far as “voting” these pukes in by veterans or anyone else, that ain’t gonna happen!

      Question to you, Stephen,
      Isn’t Birmingham one of the two (2) VAMC’s Rep. Roby was going after?
      I seem to remember something coming out about that there!?

  19. Let’s see, “Sign of the Times”! Yes, that’s about right. “VA is Lying & Veterans are Dying”, especially at many VA’s across this nation.

    Something interesting in this news article though. That is, “Who” helped sponsor the billboard. Quote, “veterans, current and former VA staffers, and some union leaders.” I wonder how long these “Union Leaders” will be around? And the article even names one, “Clarna, President of the AFGE local 781 at Hines”. Ohhh, he’s probably going to do some fast “backtracking”. Like someone else this week is trying to do to save her a$$!

    Also, if the OIG, who was asked to see if “charges should be filed” by OSC, won’t do their job. What will happen next?
    Since “criminal activities” have been reported, “and substantiated”, couldn’t the State of Illinois be forced into filing charges against VA physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals? Oh, wait, Illinois has it’s own problems. How many governors have gone to prison in the past few years?

    Then, of course, there’s that “VA Public Relations Officer”, Denise Van Koevering who dishes out the same old ‘rhetoric. As most VA’s across the country and most in upper management have been doing. It’s “willful misconduct”, to say the least.
    I’ve always been told, “Be careful what you say, because it can come back to bite you in the a$$!” VA’s public relations officials should take note!

    We here only put the truth, or our opinions, out for all to see….

    1. We also need to look at this from a military/strategic/chess move kind of way using critical thinking, which by definition is looking outside the box, underneath, even areas you may not want to agree with, but here’s my warning and not paranoia:

      “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…”

      It would not be entirely out of the question for let’s say ‘a few’ VA employees and/or AFGE VA Reps. contribute to “VA IS LYING VETERANS ARE DYING” Billboards, only to nefariously infiltrate and try to then evoke something/a response, that could be taken as ‘violent or threatening’, posted by any Vet, to then use the ‘VA Spin Machine’ to make a public spectacle of depicting Vets as ‘threats’, et al.

      I am seriously not that overtly paranoid of a person…this is trying to think like ‘the enemy/opposition, perhaps a better word”, by using now VA Field Agents to go to a member on here’s cabin in beautiful Brown County, IN, (she called them “Two Stephens”), and Ron having two cars outside his abode…well, we need to be offensive and defensive.
      …or, am I thinking too abstractly? Can take criticism.

      This VA retaliating against Whistle Blowers, even losing a very competent Dr., and the AFGE not doing a thing, there’s new laws supposedly in place right, to protect whistle blowers? How is it protecting and assisting when the VA OIG and OSC send those complaints then directly to the very perps doing it at that VAMC, and even flagging as “Disruptive”…THAT is why I wrote the above. I am sure there’s majority of people contributing to billboard from union reps and VA employees that are genuine…but cannot tell me there’s ‘plants’…and they are of the “Body Snatchers” kind of plants.

      1. No namnibor, your not being abstract in the least. There could very well be a “Trojan Horse” in the mix. We’ll just have to wait and see!

        Also, have you googled the article about that “Army veteran dying of prostate cancer” due to “a misdiagnosis by a nurse practitioner” out at the VAMC in Phoenix? When you google it, there’s other news stations and periodicals taking up the cause.
        When you read some of them, A few things caught my attention, not only did many news sources in Arizona do a number of stories. But FOX, in the “Carolina’s” picked it up. That means it went nationwide. And, in most of the articles it was sited that there are numerous lawsuits against that VA!

      2. It was indy vba director Michael Stephens that sent them out. Ron knows him. Michael thought the patriot kept it secrdt but a green beret has brothers. Fb page desk commandos of the va has the agent pics. I got a call to that take them down. Might be the same two at Ron. On phone sorry for typing

      3. Robin,
        Indy sure is taking chances by intimidating veterans and spouses of vets.

        I was wondering. When I was growing up, bad people who spied on good people were usually run off by local law enforcement, (when law enforcement is called, news media is usually right behind). Because the bad people, it was thought, were using “illegal intimidation tactics”!
        Now, isn’t sitting outside a person’s home, for a lengthy time period with no explanation as to a “WHY”, be concidered an “illegal intimidation tactic”?
        I know many states haven’t changed that law, or haven’t taken it off the books. So, why not use it to (our) advantage? Or would that cause more problems?
        Just wondering????

      4. @crazyelf-

        Just take out the tires of the creep’s cars with a crossbow. Silent but deadly. No beans involved, no one gets hurt, message is quite clear.

      5. namnibor,
        Nah, I like what someone else said to do.
        Call law enforcement and tell them there’s a couple of creeps in a car, (describe the car & occupants), trying to lure children with candy for whatever reasons.
        It’s Halloween ya know.. what better time to abduct a child. And if y’all know anyone with kids——— get the picture?

  20. In order to get President Obama involved as well as his DOJ/FBI is only if the NAACP gets involved on behalf of a future veteran making a complaint thru NAACP. Not just blowing hot air here because currently, he has the DOJ/FBI involved against ANY cop trying to do their job with the perpetrator(s) refusing to obey police, resist, cause police to need to get physical…nevermind Veterans being harmed or killed…it will take a Veteran of Color to make a complaint via NAACP before *anyone* in this Administration will step-up…and it probably will not be to help ALL Vets, just THAT situation and will probably be a huge cash pay out for that claimant as well.
    Harsh and Sad but this is what I and many others are observing.

    Maybe this means that we veterans should flood the NAACP with complaints to see if they get bumped-up to Obama level.

    What part of Veterans Are Dying by hands of VA *not* a “Human Rights Issue”?

    I felt this needed stated because our President is showing extreme ‘prejudice’ in ignoring the Plight of Vets.

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