Danville VA Chief Japhet Rivera

Danville VA Chief Told Misconduct ‘Cannot Be Tolerated’

Danville VA Chief Japhet Rivera

Benjamin KrauseDanville VA Chief Japhet Rivera took over Danville, IL, Veterans Affairs Illiana Health Care System for only a short time before being terminated for a variety of false reports and misconduct.

Rivera served in the US Army from 1987 to 2007. Before coming to Illiana, he was an executive at Caribbean Health Care System in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Robert J Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita, Kan.

But while at the Illiana facility, he threatened employees, harassed others, and made false statements to investigators evaluating his wrongdoing. According to records received by The News-Gazette, he was fired for conduct unbecoming a senior executive.

His conduct elicited the following written response from Sloan Gibson:

“I consider your inappropriate interactions with subordinate employees to be extremely serious because they create an unprofessional atmosphere in the workplace and they have the potential to distract our employees from their official duties,” Gibson wrote. “Your repeated pattern of involving subordinates in your personal life is contrary to the efficient operation of a medical center and reflects negatively on your judgment as a federal employee and a senior leader.

“Your lack of remorse and your failure to take any responsibility for your misconduct have convinced me that you are not an appropriate candidate for rehabilitation. Your misconduct is inconsistent with the department’s core values and mission of public service and can not be tolerated.”

What are the odds we will see a similar letter written to Philly VA’s Diana Rubens?

Source: https://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2015-10-27/exclusive-va-chief-was-told-your-misconduct-can-not-be-tolerated.html

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  1. Rehabilitation? No remorse? Mr. MacDonald? These are adults. Not children. These VA officials know exactly what they are doing, are fully aware of the rules, laws, and regulations they are breaking. It amazes me that you used this word. Rehabilitate. No Sir. Once caught, once found guilty. Done. Court of law. Judge n jury decide what their fate is. Not termination. Not rehabilitation. Not demotion. Law. Court. Jail. Period.

    1. Linda I have a friend facing similar discrimination issues at a naval hospital. Is there any way she can contact you?

  2. That’s just one VA, keep on moving because there are Executives at every other VA that have done worse than he did. I know this, I’ve worked for the VA for 12 years now and have been to three VA’s.

    Don’t stop at this guy!

  3. Conduct Unbecoming…I like that. What about Fraud—Retaliating against whistleblowers—PERJURY? All punishable by JAIL TIME. Not just firing…

  4. With SES Employees out of control at the VA, and their Supervisors over them like Gibson,and McDonald not really holding them accountable even when the VAOIG says to, it proves noting is really being done to fix the VA.

    The VA situation in Philadelphia is criminal and the Justice Dept seems to continue to be asleep at the wheel, further proves the leadership at the top is just as guilty as their scum SES employees!

  5. I’m with 91Veteran! Let’s start making some examples out of these Senior folks! Prosecute them!

  6. I know of a Senior Executive Engineer in Mather who has had more EEOC Complaints filed against him than the law allows! He yells, bullies and only God knows what else……………Yet he is still allowed to remain? Where else can this occur? Where?

  7. That is the common thread from Upper Management! We heard from employees within Northern CA Health Care System that the newly appointed upper management told his employees while he was in charge of EMS – at an employee meeting no doubt, that “he did not give a damn about a veteran”! The audacity! He must have thought that there were no veterans under his charge nor that was in that meeting – or as it seems, he “really” didn’t give a damn! I mean, maybe he didn’t realize he worked at the Veterans Administration? This type of attitude must be solicited in order for him to have the unmitigated gall to utter such nonsense. The VA is and always has had a hostile environment toward patients and their own employees. This is what we have at the helm! I don’t think McD can do anything! He’s swallowed up by all the bad actors and who can trust him anyways! He’s not doing a thing to help the VA turn-over their bad habits. I bet if OIG and GAO started looking into all upper management’s bank accounts they would find some unusual payments for the whole lot of them. I’m sure as more and more people feel comfortable coming forward, we will cease to be shocked as their dirty laundry airs!

  8. I don’t want to see a letter from Gibson to Rubens for firing. I want to see a letter from the VA IG to the DOJ recommending prosecution.

    1. For a select “RUNAWAY TRAIN LOAD” of United States Govt officials, Who has Corrupted The “Peoples House”. Jail is too good for them. It is my recommendation that in their Greed, Payoffs & Power crazed acts of Treason by disregarding the U.S. Constitution, From the Senior Executive to the guy that sweeps up,
      Once found Guilty by Military Tribunal, To be tied to a post & shot by a Firing Squad. The only thing I ask is that I not only be awarded the Honor to be on that Detail. Participate (and) Given the Honor to administer the final “Coup De Gras” with my Colt Govt Model.M1911 A-1 sidearm. Which I will then donate to the National Archive “Uncleaned of Powder residue, Blood & gray matter” to be viewed by the American people. As an Example & Reminder of what happens to those who “Regard” their “Oath of Office” as a punchline to a Joke.

      As for Diane Rubens a Piano wire will do. She`s unworthy of a bullet. If you think I`m being too harsh, Wait until the Collapse of the Dollar. You wont have to wait long. Not IF but When your ATM wont work & the door is locked at your bank in the middle of the week & day. W/ A sign; “Closed until further notice”. That means “We`ve hauled ass with your money” Then you`ll come around, But by then it`ll be too late.
      Good Luck my Brothers & Sisters. Veterans & Active Duty. I mean that. May God be with us ALL

  9. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I am unable to comment on either Japhet Rivera’s nor Hillary Clinton’s record nor what they deserve, the best answer I am able ti give is research each one’s record and apply a just punishment just as would be proper for anyone else,without any preferential treatment,and if found guilty be it so.

    1. I get the sense his activity has gone on for a long time and he finally ran into employees who would no longer put up with it. He has moved around quite a bit, like he was a problem shuffled off to someone else to deal with. It would be interesting to hear if employees at his previous locations were also harassed, and if this latest batch include someone who pushed an EEO complaint.

      1. I live in Danville, I’ve met Rivera. There are many there who have done and are doing worse than Rivera who have been there for YEARS!! Surprised that he didn’t
        “Fit Right In.” Our Veterans were suffering before he came and continue to even now, and no one cares. “They” investigated the V.A. during his tenure……and they were considering “squeeky clean”, considering the fact that this dirty mess was going on with Rivera at the same time of the investigation…………what’s that tell you?? We need to “investigate” the investigators, who investigated……..especially if they consider this V.A. has “No Problems.” #Sickening.

        Getting rid of him does not change the hostile climate and suffering of Veterans at
        V.A. Illiana, Danville, IL

  10. I think we need to worry bout the current fk up under Ole Mcdonald instead of focusing on the current liers on camera wanting to continue the scam

    1. Mark, with the voting booths coming soon to a town near you. Many might want to know who the “current liars” are so they won’t be put back in office.

  11. Here’s another scathing article concerning Hillary Clinton…
    It’s from the
    “Hotair dot com” website.
    “Hillary’s defense of VA: One too many rides on the VRWC pony”
    by Ed Morrissey
    10/27/2015 6:41pm Ed.

    This article delves into much more than just what Hillary said last friday about VA. It is, I believe, a must read!
    I believe, as this author also believes, she might take a dramatic plunge in the poles over many things she’s been getting away with lately. At least that’s what I hope!

    1. Crazyelf you might want to search the term “Hillary Clinton Facing Jail Over Murder Cover-Up”

      1. Seymour Clearly,
        Your “article” does have some validity. Yet coming from “the National Enquire” sort of breaks that down.
        So I found two articles concerning “Hillary” you might want to read.

        #1.) “Here They Are: Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals Ever”
        published 05/18/2015

        This article uses “investigative reporting” by the GAO (Governmental Accounting Office), Judicial Watch (a conservative watchdog group) and such newspapers as The New York Times etc., etc.!
        This article does include some, not all, of your article. Only it sees it from a different angle. In my opinion, she might have been part of a “coverup”. We’ll have to wait and see

        #2.) from,
        “The Political Insider”

        “New Report: We Now Know Why Hillary Clinton is Scared of Trey Gowdy”
        by TPI writer
        This one has a video.
        This has to do with the current “Benghazi Hearings”! And Hillary’s alleged coverups on it!

        Have fun. There’s lots more out there. Lots more coverups to uncover. As Ben Krause put it so eloquently,
        “All governments have some corruption”, (paraphrasing the rest), Only, now the American People have to figure out how much corruption they will put up with!”

    2. I read an article on CNN a little bit ago that Granny is scrambling madly trying to backtrack on what she said. She’s doing so because she’s being blasted by all sides. In the CNN article, she said she knows the VA needs fixing, and that people will see that when she unveils her plan to reform the VA in November. If she were honest, she would have a plan. That we have to wait til November means she has no plan. Even with a plan, why wait til November to take action? She should be publicly calling on Obama to fix it now.

      1. Right! It’s like having an absolute cure for a dreadful disease and waiting until “Black Friday” to put it for sale when it’s October…all calculated like these money vampires are; calculated.

        If she really had a firm viable plan rather than a whispy idea for a ghost writer somewhere, she would USE THAT to gain major attention and help vets…no, it’s probably all about the campaign…that ‘whispy idea’ was just a ‘fart from a pantsuit’…LMAO!

      2. @91Veteran,
        Way too late! She screwed up and now she’s paying the piper.
        If any veteran or taxpayer believes anything she says now, well, I pity them!


        BTW, a NEW article just surfaced on “Townhall dot com”
        by Matt Vespa
        title to google-

        “It’s Official: U.S. Troops Will Have More ‘Direct Action On The Ground’ In Syria And Iraq”
        Oct. 28, 2015

        There’s been other articles posted today concerning this issue (“boots on ground”) also.
        Looks like VA better get ready for the next batch of veterans! Someone once said on one of Ben’s Blogs, “VA ain’t ready for something big happening.” Well, they better get ready!!!!
        That means VA better hire GREAT qualified physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers, besides these puke a$$ rejects they hire now!
        I hope McDonald and the rest in Washington are ready also.

  12. Former Director Japhet Rivera Top Security Clearance and the number of years he spent working at Ft. Dertrick in the US Army Medical Research there in support of the Medical Research Plans and Programs Section, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC).

    Responsible for managing the Medical Research Army Technology Objectives Program and the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System for Medical Research initiatives within the 14 laboratories in the Command.

    He has been in Medical Research most of his working career so What was he doing as the VA Director for VA Health Care at Illiana?

    Most of his time at Ft. Dertrick was during the big push on the anthrax vaccine.

    1. Sorry meant to say “Top Secret Security Clearance” not Top security Clearance.

      Truly have to wonder what research on Veterans at Illiana required a Top Secret Security Clearance.

  13. Hey, y’all there’s a new article concerning that “Black Hole Money Pit out in Aurora, Colorado” from “Townhall dot com”
    Google this;

    “Tale of Two Hospitals: Parkland and the Veterans Administration”

    by David Grantham
    co-authored by Jennifer Vereneulen.
    Oct. 28, 2015

    This article comes out with a lot more disgusting facts about that “Money Pit” in Aurora! It seems Texas, in Dallas County, knows how to build a hospital.
    It’s too bad VA is not only incompetent, but extremely “wanting” in corruption, abuse and waste of taxpayers money.
    Check out the sharp differences between these two “medical wonders” of, or in, the construction fields.

    1. Here’s another really embarrassing story concerning DOD & VA! I just received this through “Military dot com”, “Daily News”!

      “Lawmaker Hits DOD Over Failure to Merge Defense, VA Records System”
      28 Oct. 2015
      by Bryant Jordan

      I’m going to paraphrase her story.

      Seems when this Iraq War veteran enrolled in VA, on her first visit she was required to disrobe for a physicians assistant. Why? To prove she was still a “double amputee”! That incompetent individual couldn’t see that?
      The reason behind this ignorant command, The VA did not have her military medical records in their system.
      Kind of reminds me of a ‘scene’ in the movie, “Article 99”. Where a vet slammed his prosthetic leg on the counter. Because VA lost his records. Remember that one?
      From the story, she then worked for VA until she decided to run for “public office”. She won!
      Her name is;
      Rep. Tammy Duckworth, (D-Illinois)!
      I would more than just quess this is the reason she’s going after DOD & VA!?

      1. I will try replying again Elf.

        Her service was honorable and she was horribly wounded, but Duckworth has had years to address this. Back in the early to mid 1990’s, the VA claimed it was such a problem trying to provide care to Gulf War veterans because supposedly they couldn’t get our military medical records. I believe in the mid to late 1990’s, Congress pass a law requiring the records be integrated.

        I never knew why VA would claim this since many Gulf War veterans hand-carried their military medical records to the VA. I did, and they were ignored.

  14. If y’all want to, google the following;

    “VA Scandal | TheBlaze dot com”

    Omit the quotation marks. There’s plenty of juicy articles on “The Blaze”!

  15. I see much more than just “conduct unbecoming”!

    “Fraternization”, “theft of government funds”, “sexual misconduct with subordinates” and “hiring of relatives (sorry, can’t remember the term)”! These would be worse reasons for termination, in my opinion.

    Also, wasn’t it the Danville, Ill, VAMC where that “pain management physician” had been arrested a few months ago, wanted in Indiana on charges of killing people? Seems that VAMC needs a complete overhaul. As do many more across this nation.

    1. P.S.
      I forgot to add, Why didn’t McDonald or any of his cronies, step up and report this crap to the media five months ago? Why did it have to take an FOIA request to get it out?
      If McD, or anyone below him, had taken the advice of what veterans wanted, (make these situations public), we veterans just might garner a little more respect for VA upper management….as it stands, well, y’all get what I’m saying!

      1. He was also, according to the news article, “associate Director for the Miami VA Health Care System.” Seems we have had “commenters” on here complaining about South Florida’s Healthcare system, also?

      2. You got that correct! We are NOT feeling that “New Transparency with all things VA…” that McDonald rattled off like a new product add for a Proctor & Gamble service announcement, with the obligatory crocodile smile/grin he always seems to have…ever notice that? It’s like he just a few cages worth of canaries? LMAO!

        VA needs an ENEMA….with a fire hose or plane deicer diameter and velocity.

        employee’s job security and Professional Careers?

      3. @namnibor,
        Well, I guess we can chock up one more lie by McDonald. I wonder what his total is now?

  16. “[Your lack of remorse and your failure to take any responsibility for your misconduct have convinced me that you are not an appropriate candidate for rehabilitation. Your misconduct is inconsistent with the department’s core values and mission of public service and can not be tolerated.]”

    If he was not considered worthy of “rehabilitation”, this tells me this director probably could not keep his fly zipped in the workplace and quite possibly a sexual addict or something.
    I think this should be same thing Diane Rubens and others that have abused positions, Veterans, and committed fraud…not worthy of rehabilitation…and how about starting to prosecute these scum?

    However, you just never know what the VA will do in that Mr. Rivera here MAY just be demoted but YET as all things VA go, moved to another VA location and promoted…jury still out because of the VA’s track record.

    1. When I read that paragraph I thought, you know, if he just said he did it and that he was sorry, Gibson would have been more than happy to quietly look the other way while he was “rehabilitated”.

  17. Elizabeth Goolsby of the Fayetteville, NC should also get one. She defamed, vilified, slandered and caused veteran to lose benefits as she acted in complicity with a doctor (Kimberly Baptist ) who was covering her a## with the Primary Care Program. Anytime after hospital ERIC has to close down on your watch and Veterans wait for hours before being told no doctor is on duty, that’s serious enough.

    Maybe there should be investigations into the manner in which Veterans are treated by the employees and contractors alike.

    The agency that provides services to my husband 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. (Total 15). Would not provide their employee to accompany my husband who is wheelchair bound, to a Department of Veterans Affairs, medical center, because they were too concerned about the employee going over the 3 hour limit for that day. However, they neither provided make -up hours either. Person in the scheduling office of this company hung the telephone twice because I told her to not be so disrespectful. Requested to speak to the owners and left a message. The gatekeepers take it upon themselves to protect the owners, but who protects the Veterans and the taxpayers?

    Maybe this firing will be the beginning of many more to come.

    Thanks Ben.

  18. I like to see one like this for Indy VBA director Michael Stephens who violated Title 38 duty to assist, Fast Letter 09-52, Training Letter 09-01, etc. Add in DRO Katrina Bone who forgot to turn on the recorder for two out of a four hour hearing, who my husband’s case manager had to remind that it wasn’t an adversarial hearing she was being so nasty. Michael Scheibel who took 60 days to not answer ONE question Congressman Lee Zeldin asked.

    Whatever this guy did must be pretty bad if they let the zoo crew in Indy carry on as usual.

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