Senate Considers Rule Change to Overcome Tuberville’s Blockade on Military Promotions

Rule change

In a pivotal move this week, the Senate Rules Committee is set to challenge Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s extended hold on military nominations, signaling a potential breakthrough in the months-long deadlock. The outcome remains uncertain, hinging on whether there will be sufficient Republican support for the proposed plan.

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On Tuesday, the committee will deliberate a groundbreaking proposal to streamline consideration for approximately 350 pending nominations through a single parliamentary maneuver—a departure from traditional Senate procedures. While the plan is anticipated to easily clear the committee, its fate in the full Senate depends on garnering Republican cooperation for final approval.

Sen. Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, has maintained a blockade on expedited consideration for routine senior military promotions and confirmations since the spring. His objections stem from the Defense Department’s abortion access policy. Despite mounting pressure from several GOP colleagues in recent days, urging him to lift the holds due to cascading leadership challenges, Tuberville has thus far remained steadfast in his stance. The upcoming rules committee meeting on Tuesday aims to compel a resolution on this issue, as Democratic leaders and top Pentagon officials assert that the standoff has endured for too long.

Legislative Agenda for November 14-15, 2023

Nov. 14House Foreign Affairs10a.m.Visitors Center H210Afghanistan PolicyJohn Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan ReconstructionEffects of U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan
Nov. 14House Transportation10a.m.2167 RayburnCoast Guard OperationsService officialsCurrent operations discussion
Nov. 14House Oversight and Accountability10a.m.2154 RayburnGeneral Services AdministrationRobin Carnahan, GSA AdministratorTestimony on agency-related issues
Nov. 14House Foreign Affairs2 p.m.Visitors Center H210Afghanistan WithdrawalOutside advocatesImpact of U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan
Nov. 14House Veterans’ Affairs2 p.m.360 CannonSuicide PreventionVA officialsTestimony on new veteran suicide prevention therapies
Nov. 14Senate Rules3 p.m.301 RussellMilitary Nomination RulesSenatorsDebate on changes to military confirmation policies
Nov. 15House Homeland Security9 a.m.310 CannonWorldwide ThreatsAlejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, and other senior officialsTestimony on threats facing the U.S.
Nov. 15House Armed Services10 a.m.2118 RayburnU.S. Strategic PostureMembers of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the U.S.Testimony on findings regarding U.S. strategic posture
Nov. 15House Foreign Affairs10 a.m.Visitors Center H210AzerbaijanRegional expertsTestimony on the conflict between Azerbaijan leadership and officials from Nagorno-Karabakh region
Nov. 15House Veterans’ Affairs12 p.m.360 CannonElectronic Health RecordsVA officialsUpdate on electronic health records modernization program
Nov. 15Senate Small Business2:30 p.m.428-A RussellVeteran EntrepreneurshipOutside expertsTestimony on opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs
Nov. 15Senate Veterans’ Affairs3:30 p.m.418 RussellVA Emergency PreparednessVA officialsTestimony on department response responsibilities in national emergencies

This week’s legislative agenda underscores the multifaceted challenges facing the U.S. government, from military confirmation policies to global threats and critical veteran-related issues. Stay informed as the Senate navigates these crucial discussions, potentially reshaping the landscape of military promotions and broader national security considerations.

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