VA employees

‘Slap On The Wrist” For VA Employees Caught Sleeping, Having Sex At Work

VA employees


Benjamin KrauseThere is no VA accountability for some VA employees reprimanded for misconduct while whistleblowers were terminated for trying to improve patient care. The acts of misconduct included sleeping at work and having sex while on the job.

NBC’s News4 I-Team investigated dozens of allegations of misconduct to compare desperate treatment of VA whistleblowers that were terminated and harassed.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from three medical centers around Washington DC showed that more than 300 VA employees have been disciplined.

But what does “disciplined” mean in this context? Is it different for employees caught screwing at work versus VA whistleblowers who are penalized while trying to fix VA?


Here is a brief list of some of the allegations:

  • One VA Maryland Health System employee was reprimanded for failing to treat a patient who’d suffered a head injury in a medical center hallway.
  • In another case, an employee was issued for leaving a medicine cart unattended at the D.C. VA Medical Center.
  • Some employees had sex on the facility grounds, according to the records.
  • In another case, an employee was found sleeping while on the job, beneath a blanket in a patient room.
  • Another employee was investigated for being high on cocaine while on duty.
  • Another worker was arrested for distribution of heroin off-the-job, but was allowed to return to work.
  • In an incident in 2013, the agency suspended a Martinsburg employee for bringing a loaded gun and a knife onto the grounds.

Complaints from whistleblowers have flooded in to the Office of Special Counsel since January 2015. One whistleblower, Dr. Richard Hill, was harassed for filing complaints that his VA facility had shortages in clerical staff. He ended up retiring as a result following a wrongful termination because he blew the whistle.

Dr. Hill explained why whistleblowers are so aggressively harassed, “People who blow whistles are a much bigger threat to administrators than people who do really horrible things.”


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  1. OMG – I can’t believe what I’m reading! Thank you everyone for validating my experience with the VA. You are correct – I was made to feel as if I was the one with the issue, and I knew I was not! I almost died with the VA care,
    and I was ostracized and stigmatized by not buying into the VA employee mentality also. I was told I was not a “Good fit”. REALLY go figure.

    Keep up the GOOD work! Fighting Goliath is not an easy job. I have faith in everyone and will try to do my part as well.

    Again, Thank you.

  2. Guys their right about Medicare I am 100% was taken off all meds and psychiatrist quit seeingredients me.I went to civilian Dr who at first started taking care of me.but during my 3 Rd visit told me go back to VA .who he knew just stopped treating me .This with no explanation from either don’t know what I have done honestly just wish I knew so I could defend myself. I wish someone on here would run for public office and go after these Assholes like Nuremberg trials this applies all across our Govt they should not be able to say just following orders.if I was in office it would be my sole mission to hunt them all down.Sorry my Rant for day .you guys are Right though if you want to stay alive stay out of VA.

  3. 12/07/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    This is Pearl Harbor Day—many thanks go out to the WWII vets.

    Yesterday the Daily Caller published this piece of info:
    “After surveillance video led investigators to their own boss, the investigation was turned over to the Department of Interior IG.
    When he was questioned by DOI IG agents, Wooditch “vehemently” denied wrongdoing and called the witnesses “mistaken.” He said, “I do not admit to doing it. I don’t think I did it… I don’t remember even being in there,” according to the report.
    He refused to take a lie detector test. “Agents asked Wooditch why, given that the VA-OIG routinely employed the polygraph, he did not believe in its accuracy. Wooditch stated, ‘I don’t trust the machines.’”
    DOI IG agents also learned during their investigation of a separate incident in Wooditch’s hometown of LeMoyne, Pa. In 2006, they were told, he made an “inappropriate advance” on his next-door neighbor as she was grieving her husband’s death.
    “She thwarted Wooditch’s romantic advances. Approximately a day or two later, she said Wooditch began to pose nude and masturbate in front of a window that was only viewable from her house” repeatedly, the report said.
    The woman was one of his wife’s closest friends, and “did not want to file a formal complaint, based on her friendship with Wooditch’s wife,” but did have police warn him to stop. Wooditch lectured the police that he was a “high-level government employee.”
    When confronted with this additional incident, Wooditch turned in his retirement paperwork.”

    Maybe Daily Caller marked the VA’s Day of Insanity.

    On the Thanksgiving Day the Arizona Republic editorial board summed it up to insanity.

    But America cannot let them, the VA officials, get away that easy.

    I would not worry too much about the low level guy sleeping on the job or being diverted from his duties (act of internal sabotage); I would worry about the Top Management [Murderous behavior—according to Michelle Malkin’s articles this month].

    I would worry about the Men that will be going to battle very soon.

    I would worry about the Men coming off the battle field.

    I would worry about the Men going into the institutions where QTCM and others are waiting for them.

    I would worry about Lockheed’s handling of the intel.

    I would worry about VA Secretary of the VA, Robert McDonald’s next managerial trick.

    I would not worry about a guy caught sleeping in this total meltdown of management.

    Good Work,

    Don Karg

    1. Every dealing that I have had with VHA has left me wanting to smoke a cigarrette…and I don’t smoke. VHA knows without a doubt what their patients need, and they give it to them good and hard.

  4. The People should be outraged! Taxpayers’ dollars are being wasted while VA employees abuse their positions. Who is in charge here and when are these people going to be held accountable? Unbelievable. The VA is hopeless without accountability and awareness. You can read more whistle blowing stories in my book Culturally Ill: An Assessment of Healthcare by a VA Travel Nurse. I’ve resigned from the VA and I’m building a wellness center for Veterans in Moorhead, MN. I do not see the VA changing anytime too quickly and our Veterans can not afford to wait any longer…

    1. Nice plug for your book- I doubt you have a clue of the inner workings of any government agency let-alone the VA.

      1. Product Placement is being unhelpful and out of line. A VA traveling nurse would certainly know where her work fit in the whole picture. She would have some education. Product Placement can go bash women on FB — not here!

  5. WE can thank congress for the last 40 or so years for our govt’s ineptness & incompetence. Make it so s because they’ve been only worried about themselves & their cohorts to just keep on making money with out laws, policies that work, and ethics. To make as much moolah as they can and then they’re out, living in Dubai, or UAE on their own little island. We need to truly vote for someone. real statesmen/women who has the moral terpitude & integrity and who cares for our country and not for the corporations who also contribute to wanting more wars which equals more money. war mongering.. which of course produces more killing nut jobs because corporations are now global. The congress got its wish by taking jobs overseas & importing illegals & visa holders. Now we have even further oppression. because it’s all about profit over people… nothing else.

    1. Respectfully, “voting for the right person” to fix the problem fixes only a persons desire to do something. Anything. I have heard horror stories of VA Roseburg since I can remember walking and eating my mush in a high chair.

      There have been many elected officials since then, but let me ask you my friend, if it hasn’t yet been fixed by now then how can we expect it to work as a tactic now? We can’t.

      The action, I submit, is not in electing like minded officials, it is going after them one by one. Each one of us has almost as much power to infiltrate and investigate as an internal whistleblower. Each one of us should be sending a FOIA request for ANY information about ourselves. This is step one for action. Submit a perfected FOIA request for your own file.

      When you see what they put into it – you will know that corruption and lies are not limited to just those few of us who made it into the media – it applies to every vet. Instead of voting, open your text editor right now. Type up a FOIA request. Sign it. Send it or FAX it. Ask for all the information in your medical record, in VHA police records, Disruptive Behavior Committee records, and any records held as a letter or memo by the Director, Chief of Staff, or Chief of Nursing, that have your information on it.

      If every vet did this, it would be pandemonium because previously content vets would become so pissed off that they too would engage this enemy at this level. It is us that have the power to make change – not the vote we cast or person we elect. The VHA simply gives them the finger because they have the guns, and the money. Our politician do not directly control an armed police force. Our politicians do not enjoy the same protection from wrongdoing that VHA employees enjoy. They simply are not granted the power of office to interfere inside of the Executive Branch.

      Make a FOIA today about yourself. See for yourself what your docs have put in your records. RAISE UP YOUR VOICE and never ever back down from these whack jobs.

  6. After reading about the IG head doing what he did in front of everyone and140 complaints to general council.requesting action for employees to be compensated and employees to be held accountable for retaliation.

    For the fourth time.I sent off an email to Bob McDonald’s office again today and requested once again for his office to have me and the employee or employees who claimed I had been disruptive on many given a polygraph see who the real lyer is.

    Told him next letter will be sent to general council and the VA committee in Washington Jeff Miller and again to congress.

    I requested a formal letter from his office.they were given a packet covering everything.that has transpired within the last 10 years.that shows that I was falsely accused.

    I know.don’t hold your breath. But when your right and known your right.I will never stop day some one will actually do something.

  7. So there ware 300 disciplinary actions at 3 VAMC’s That averages out to 100 disciplinary actions per medical center. Now, there are 150 VAMC’s scattered throughout the country, and if you multiply 100 times 150 you get 15,000. WOW! That many disciplinary actions and no one gets fired?! Simply incredible is all I can say.

    1. without question. and many doctors there still play the psych games of “veteran profiling” even if one has been 100% for years. seems they still try to get some {vapor dirt} to stick to the veteran for their VA nefarious purposes. we can surmise that is for some “deny” awaiting the veteran or something to pay the veteran back. they do it to whistle_blowers and veterans alike.

      repulsive indeed!!

  8. The following story was released by the daily caller news foundation” Top VA Watchdog resigned After Being Caught Masturbating On The Job.

    Jon Wooditch, the Department of Veterans Affairs former top watchdog, resigned after being caught masturbating in the agencys all-glass conference room in full view of people across the street, including school teachers conference.

    Wooditch whose job as acting inspector general and deputy inspector general was to police waste and fraud cases at the notorious troubled federal agency, resigned in 2008 after lying to investigators.

    those investigators confronted him with detailed instances of public masturbation in multiple states, according to a previously undisclosed report by the Department of the interior inspector general and obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    It was during Wooditchs tenure as deputy inspector general that the VA IG first uncovered – then all but iqnored – dozens of clues of the widespread patient wait-list manipulation that contributed to the deaths of Dozens of Veterans.

    in july 2005, which wooditch as acting IG, his staff released a national audit of outpatient scheduling that mentioned false appointment dates were being entered and that secret waiting lists existed, but merely recommended better training and monitoring.

    The VA wait-list scandal erupted into the national headlines in 2013 and led to the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shenseki in 2014, congressional investigations of the scandal continue to this day.

    wooditch seemed to have his hands full with other matters.

    He was caught with porn on his work computer in 2003, but VA officials only “counseled” him. Not long afterward, He was PROMOTED to the Top JOB, which he had for about six months. He returned to his post as deputy IG after the Senate confirmed George J. Opfer as permanent IG in November 2005.

    Wooditch retired with a federal pension without ever facing Administrative Discipline or Criminal charges. He had Testified repeatedly before Congress about INTERGRITY t the VA.

    It was in July 2008 when multiple Teachers attending a conference at the Renaissance Hotel – next to the IG’S Washington, D.C. Headquarters – noticed a man looking at them and Masturbating across the alley, The teachers observed him doing it repeatedly during their weel long stay.

    one of the teachers “described Wooitch’s behavior as being Progressive, She said that during the week, he went from rubbing himself over the top of his clothes to disrobing and fondling his penis,” according to the investigative report.

    On Monday morning he would “peer out the window in the direction of the hotel…. while fondling himself and/or Masturbating.” shortly after, the teachers saw him attend a business meeting in the same room, Tuesday went similary: on Wednesday afternoon, Wooditch was in the conference room wearing exercise clothes, and took them off and put them back on Multiple times in between Masturbation sessions.

    On Thursday morning, two women “woke up early to leave the hotel by 7 a.m. for a function. They both said they observed, Independently of one another, Wooditch alone in the VA-OIG conference room naked from the waist up. “Teachers would later Pick Wooditch out of a line up.

    The women separately alerted hotel security, which called the VA building’s security, At that point, a VA IG staffer took the alert to Senior Management- WHICH WAS Wooditch.

    Bizarrely, instead of sitting on the complaint, Wooditch assigned an investigative unit to track down the offender, as if he either wanted to be caught or didn’t think the IG apparatus would pursue the matter.

    After surveillance video led investigators to their own Boss, the investigation was turned over to the Department of interior IG.

    When he was questioned by DOI IG agents, Wooditch “Vehemently” denied Wrongdoing and called the Withnesses “Mistaken” He said “I do not admit to doing it. I don’t think I did it… I don’t rember even being in there,” according to the report.

    He REFUSEDTO TAKE A LIE DECTOR TEST. AGENTS ASKED wOODITCH WHY, Given THAT THE VA-OIG “ROUTINELY Employed the POLYGRAPH, he did not Believe in its Accuracy. Wooditch stated, I DON’T TRUST the Machimes.””

    DOI IG Agents also learned during their investigation of a separate incident in Wooditch’s home town of Lemoyne PA in 2006, they were told, he made an inappropriate advance” on his next door neighbor as she was grieving her Husbands Death.

    She thwarted Wooditch’s romantic advances. Approximately a day or two later, she said Wooditch began to pose nude and Masturbate in front of a window that was only viewable from her house” Repeatedly” the report said.

    The woman was one of his Wifes closest friends and did not want to file a formal complaint, based on her friendship with Wooditch wife,” but did have police warn him to stop. Wooditch Lectured the police that he was a “HIGH LEVEL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE”


    Reached by phone by the Daily Caller News Foundation at home, Wooditch denighed everything, saying “I don’t have any comment at all. I didn’t resign, I JUST retired. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard that, I’ve never done that.”

    Federal officials stalled on releasing the IG report after it was sought more than Two years ago by this reporter in a Freedom of Information Act request, The daily caller news foundation obtained the report last week through a source who is a CURRENT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE.

    VA IG Spokesman Cathy Gromek told the DCNF that “the current leadership at the VA OIG had no Knowledge of this Situation until very Recently,”

    Gromek was puzzled by Wooditch’s PROMOTION after the 2003 workplace PORN incident because Wooditch’s was a Member of the career Federal workforce’s ELITE Senior Executive Service, Which have ” A CRITICAL ELEMENT in their Performance plans that Requires HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE.”

    Thought you all would like to see the IG Office in Action, they always say they have a heavy work load and want to get to the Bottom of everything. No wonder were always getting screwed !

    As you can see for your self VA Employees can be made to take Polygraphs TESTS, its used often. I knew it, as I sat in on one myself while an employee. I have asked over and over for them to give me a test and any Employee who stated I had been disruptive. If they would have done this when they first were asked to do the test, I would have been cleared and those Employee or Employees would have not been able to Punish me.


    1. I simply can’t afford to go to Washington. I wrote the President about Veterans Choice and received a damned canned letter explaining that the cute little clinic 22 miles from my home forces me to go 60+ miles for the surgery — and anyway I’m getting the surgery right about now! This was waiting when I got home from the hospital. Salt in the wound. That bitch gets a salary right there in the facility that gave me such a hard time! No little wish for my recovery. It’s us against them. But I can’t go to D.C.

      1. now can live nent door to a VAMC VA CBOC etc if wait is over 30-days auto allowed per Choice Program/ VAs now own rule!

    2. I read that last night. It explains why the VA has been a disaster for a very long time. Avoid or neglect patients? No problem. Busted for heroin? Not a problem, there’s the pharmacy. Choking your chicken on the job, in public so other females can see you? No big deal, now go after those whistleblowers!

      And Congress is doing…what?

      I am getting the sense that those put in the chairs of the House and Senate VA committees were put there knowing they would be in waaaay over their heads and nothing would get done.

      1. I firmly believe that those on the House and Senate VA Committees ALL have their “eyes wide-shut”…along the lines of those famous monkeys doing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…”, even though they indeed SEE and HEAR the cries and complaints from Veterans, Advocates, even those members of Congress whom are honest…I believe the whole committee schema is only there to LOOK like a “form” of accountability “may exist”, but it really does not. How else does one remotely explain how the VA simply does as it sees fit and on top of that, is FULLY EXPECTED TO POLICE ITSELF?
        With that last sentence, there lies the abrasive rub and insult to every veteran’s intelligence as well as tax-payers.

  9. Nothing really surprises me anymore!
    I strongly believe that The VA should run, under the SAME Regulations, Legal frame and SOPs as the DoD does ! We deserve that!
    Also all the VA employees should be subject to some kind of UCMJ!

  10. There are employees even with active warrants that Region 4 Counsel knew about in a case that was adjudicated. The MSPB chairperson had the documents in their file they were aware of and nothing happens to these lawyers who misrepresent facts of a case. The DC Bar will get a copy and I hope any lawyers who did not win cases at MSPB have their cases reopened after this evidence is submitted, but likely the DOK civil claims division will act as though they never recieved any paperwork.

  11. 5 more years and medicare!!!!!

    I am terrified of these quacks. What they did to me Hollywood could not of framed up. I tried to complain about my treatment, I was turned in to the vs cops as being disruptive.

    Not inly did they not eant to hear thet could care lessas long as they got their Ill gotten pay checks and bonuses

      1. I have Medicare and am 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran an have chosen for 7 years now to use Medicare (not State Medicaid) instead of the VA Health System and I would be certainly dead by now had I continued to use the VAMC’s.
        It may cost me a bit more yearly because I pay all my copays, Medicare premium, and Part D. Drug Plan Premium and all those copays…but I cannot place a price on my safety and sanity.

        Medicare is efficient. The VAMC’s are a circus. Your assessment of Medicare is uninformed unless you have actually used Medicare and know the difference. (not State Medicaid…that’s part of Welfare…am talking Medicare).

      2. Sorry, my assessment is accurate. Doctors are refusing to take medicare and medicade patient because they take too long to pay and only pay less then half of what it costs.

        Oh and BTW, I have had medicade as my primary insurance since 2004, and not by choice.

    1. Bill, Medicare is no bed of roses! If you are “poor” enough to get Medicaid, then you’ll get dental also and, I believe, no co-pays. Good choice of civilian doctors. I kept Medicare despite going to the VA because my VA facility is some distance. When I was stupid enough to look into Obamacare, I was descended upon by greedy insurance people who first asked height, weight and age. I’ve never smoked, but the answer for all of us is to quit smoking, walk more, cook from scratch including fruit and veggies. We can do this for ourselves, dammit!

  12. After seeing what’s occuring with Graves, Rubens and a few others, does anyone expect to see anything happen to other VA employees?
    Until a whole bunch of VA employees are fired. And I do mean publically FIRED! I’m talking “thousands”, it will be “business as usual”! Screw the Veterans/Patients, because VA employees don’t give a rats ass about anything but that paycheck and “Bonus”!
    The news article says VA claims to have terminated, what 1700. I believe those are probably “probationary employees”! You know, employees who haven’t worked there long enough to be classified as “permanent employees”.
    Of course, we keep hearing different numbers. So, who really knows the truth?
    As Ron would say,
    “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying!”

  13. I cannot imagine having to use the VAMC’s in and around D.C. because other than the U.S. Government’s well-known buildings and White House, ALL AROUND these structures representing our U.S. Government and National Capitol, is NOTHING BUT ghetto hood, deep hood. I can only imagine the VA’s pool of employees that come from this cesspool fully is represented by same.
    A lot of people do not even realize that since 2005 to present, Washington, D.C. has the highest AIDS rate of this great Nation and a crime and violent drug culture that is only rivaled by Detroit and thugs in Chicago currently…all viewable from the White House, just beyond the gates.
    These VA Employees that are even allowed to continue to work at D.C. VAMC for selling heroin off-duty, that alone, is so freaking scary they were caught yet remain employed by the VA. I have been told by Veterans that used to live in D.C. area that moved around 6 years ago that they did so solely because of the ghetto state of the VAMC’s in D.C. area, that nothing will ever change at least with those VAMC’s because of the employee base they constantly hire from friends and relatives from the huge hood known as D.C.
    I am proposing that the VA as a whole has become as “ghetto-ized” as the VAMC’s in and around D.C., with our POTUS more supportive of “American Muslims” rather than ANY U.S. Veteran…and POYUS just sent his DOJ to Chicago to support “Black Lives Matter” while Veterans are Dying and the VA continues to LIE.

    I am so ready for the door to slam the Obama family in the asses as they leave…if he does not declare Martial Law before then in order to STAY in office, which is a really scary thought but definitely plausible.

    The VA has it’s problems. Our USA has a HUGE problem in that we have a Terror Supporting POTUS that even yesterday refused to utter “Islamic Extremists” and continued to defend Muslims, even after all we know about the deadly attacks in California.

    Yup…I have entirely lost faith in our current government and so-called leaders. WAKE-UP AMERICA! The time is NIGH! While Veterans are allowed to DIE.

    Monday Rant Over…not happy with no accountability and POS POTUS.

    1. @namnibor,
      I agree with you 110%! Get ready for something more horrendous to happen. Like what happened out in San Bernadino, only worse. The “liberal news medias” are already calling this “the worst tragedy since 9/11”!

      This poser we have in the White House, according to many high ranking (current and past) government (security) officials, “IS the greatest threat to national security!”
      He’s allowing American Citizens to be “murdered in the streets!”
      Therefore, history will define and judge him harshly. Too bad our own Justice Department won’t “judge” him for TREASON. Now, the head of the DOJ, L. Lynch, has said her department will go after anyone who makes any disparaging remarks (slight threats) about Muslims. How’s that for B/S? Read the Quran, it’s full of blatant threats against Christians or anyone who is a “nonbeliever” of Islam!
      Here are two facts;
      1.) France is “closing down all mosques”!
      2.) the “largest mosque in England burned to the ground recently!” Arson was NOT suspected!

      Facebook, Twitter and other social medias are already judging Obamy harshly, and rightfully so. Even some of the “liberal news medias” are starting to expose his incompetence.

      There’s an unknown amount of people who believe he just might declare Martial Law to stay in “power”! If that happens, God help America!

      I’ve heard the Senate “passed the bill to repeal Obamacare”! It goes to the “House” next. Where it is said, “it will pass easily”! Obamy says he will veto it when it gets to him. I hate to inform him of something. If the “House” passes it with a great majority, (I believe 62 to 65%), his veto is mote! Which means Obamycare is gone. Kapute. No more.
      Already, here in Florida, we’ve been seeing commercials for other “healthcare options”! Hopefully Congress will do what the American Citizens are wanting them to do!

      Now, if we can just get Congress, the Senate and all the other government entities to do something about VA, our “healthcare” and “Claims Processes” just might be a wonderful thing to behold….

      1. As for something more horrendous happening here…Judicial Watch and PJ Media have both reported on 5 Middle Eastern men being arrested in an Arizona town 30 miles from the Mexican border south of Tucson. 2 of them were caught carrying stainless steel cylinders. Only 3 of them had their names entered into a Border Patrol system.
        I am starting to believe it will be a matter of when, not if, that we get hit with chem or bio weapons. With ISIS running all over Syria and parts of Iraq, and with both countries having had WMD programs, it’s only a matter of time before they find something to use, if they haven’t already, and use it. I read another article over the weekend that ISIS has smuggled WMD into Europe.
        Meanwhile, the nitwits in our government are more concerned over climate change and pushing stricter gun laws.

      2. Here’s that article from Judicial Watch and surprise, surprise, not to be found on Main Steam Media, and such reports going back over a year of actual ISIS terrorists at the Mexico/USA Border have ALL been “Disputed by Obama Admn.”: Just place the hyperlink prior to this:

      3. With what is reportedly going on in Syria right now and how the people of this war torn country are now being forced out as refugees just to survive.

        For years being crowed in to refugee camps without basis health care and no real medical system and now a steady flow into all countries, except middle eastern countries, it is just a matter of time before we see a pandemic of MERS.

        With the news MERS vaccines such as the one developed in Germany will reportedly cause the vaccinated to become infected with a weakened version of MERS but able to produce antibodies to the protect the vaccinated host from the full blown version of MERS. The problem is the new vaccinated host going to be contagious to other who have not had the vaccine?

        Are the refugees all going to be the start of a pandemic caused by these new vaccines?




      4. Are these refugees going to be walking, talking Bio-Weapons?

        On this site we all know that you cannot trust VA Health Care because of the way it is managed with no one being held accountable for atrocities commit to Veterans.

        How can we trust a government that allows that?

  14. I underwent surgery recently at a VA facility. I noticed many ways in which care could have been improved only by a change in attitude and without increasing spending. Sometimes I felt they were laughing at me. It is very difficult to sit up and get out of bed after major surgery. Early on, some nurses were tough with me. Later, they said be careful and don’t tear your stitches! Well, which is it? Later I realized some of them had no clue my belly had been cut open! The dietician was arrogant, unhelpful, hardly reassuring. She rattled off her credentials, would not talk about the Blood Type Diet! As I am vegetarian, I could eat most of what they brought. Late one night I was waked up by what looked like a full moon. I asked the RN if it was full. Her answer: I have no interest in the moon. By 5 a.m. that moonrise had made the news, it was so beautiful! At time for discharge, the RN case manager proposed to put me on public transit! There is none. I said, “Lady, you have a lot to learn!” because they don’t listen to the patient! I told them my ride was coming over two mountain passes in a snowstorm to get me. They don’t listen to the patient! They refused to tell me information once they got it. Huge variety in real caring among the nursing staff. My mouth was dry and my thinking was slow, but I was entitled to my truth — and I was just a body to be moved along as fast as possible. Only one man knew what I was supposed to do with the little plastic breathing thing! Whether blow out, suck in and how often how many times. I’m not holding my breath for a “How did we do?” form.

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