Stewart Holds Obama’s Feet To The Fire On VA Failures

130524 Barackalypse Now

Jon Stewart hits a homerun while railing on the Obama Administration for not holding VA accountable for its ineptitude.

Here is the most amazing quote from the bit, named Operation Enduring Wait:

“If we could take the same urgency enthusiasm and clarity of vision you need to get elected to government, and apply those to governing, can you fix some problems? Yes you mother-f#cking can.”

Jon Stewart slams Obama Administration

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In the bit, Stewart highlighted the claimed success of the Obama Administration to get elected and reelected.

For those who don’t know, they were able to mobilize 5 million voters with volunteers in one month. They were also able to get two databases to “talk to each other.”

These are two things the same Administration, VA and DOD are claiming are impossible right now… Or are they?

Interesting question.

Maybe the answer is as Stewart puts it, “I guess running a bureaucracy with a single goal is just too complicated…“

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  1. I was telling my wife the other day that “how in the hell are they (the Veterans Administration) going to handle the thousand’s of claim’s when they couldn’t do it in three year’s? You know that they will just deny most of them in one form or another and what if just two third’s of those denied claims appeal? WE WILL HAVE THE SAME SITUATION OF BACKLOG! This is what Allison Hickey meant when she responded to Sen. Burr when she didn’t listen (trait of the Veterans Administration) his question so, he repeated “what if your plans for a better faster and more accurate VA do not work” Hickey looking like a deer caught in head light’s, said we will adapt!” I received my “decision” the other day and out of thirteen secondary physical conditions caused by a head injury in Vietnam (shrapnel in my brain received in combat May 14th, 1967) they denied all but two. They also previously denied my head wound as my wife mentioned TBI while talking to a C&P doctor…the VA then said they “couldn’t see where I had a TBI)? So, when the VA get’s these appeals it will find itself in the very same boot’s it is and has been in for year’s and I mean YEAR’S! I have to appeal again, I want to sue the bastard’s. I really don’t think the doctors or the Physician Assistant’s I have seen really have a medical degree from a real medical school. The service at Martinez, California VA Medical Clinic and Concord Veterans Outreach Center is piss poor and both places are loaded with racist, bigots and bullies. The American Veteran, one that has gone to war and then those that were wounded in so many horrible way’s WILL NOT BE CARED FOR. FTVA! Jon Stewart for president! I was thinking, I should have a bunch of children because I have been screwed by the Veterans Administration in so many way’s…and you all know I am just one out of thousands that walked the walk that are helpless because of the illiterates that work in the Veterans Administration Claims across the United States. Not all doctors are piss poor, just the one’s I have seen and I have forty five years of experience with the VA Medical System!

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