Yale Law School Class Action

Yale Law School Files Class Action Against Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Monday, Yale Law School filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of veterans exposed to radiation from hydrogen bombs leaking radioactive plutonium 239.

Yale law students filed the class action about the 1966 plane crash incident at the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. An estimated 1,600 servicemembers were believed exposed to the radiation while cleaning up the crash site.

They filed the suit on behalf of US Air Force veteran Victor Skaar who was allegedly exposed to the radiation after the crash. He later experienced health complications he believes are linked to the radiation exposure including a blood disorder, melanoma, and prostate cancer.

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Hydrogen Bomb Plutonium 239

In 1966, one B-52 bomber crashed with a refueling plane over Spain near the village of Palomares. Eleven crew members were killed and four hydrogen bombs were released in the accident. The bombs did not allegedly detonate but they did release radioactive plutonium 239.

Many of the servicemembers experienced unusual cancers, blood disorders, and other illnesses. VA reportedly denied these veterans benefits claiming the exposure was not high enough to qualify them for benefits and free medical care. Without a grant of benefits, many veterans were forced to seek health care from outside VA.

Yale Law School Student On Class Action

“This class action seeks to compel the VA to acknowledge that veterans at Palomares participated in a radiation-risk activity that would make any radiogenic conditions they developed presumptively service-connected. The VA acknowledges this service connection for many other atomic veterans,” Derek Mraz, one of the Yale students involved in the case, told ABC News.

Our history books are replete with examples of veterans being denied service connections for exposure to radiation, often forcing the veteran to self-fund health care for years until the agency finally relents to grant the benefits just prior to death.

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Yale is one of a few organizations leading the charge against the Department of Veterans Affairs for numerous obstructions implemented against veterans preventing fair access to benefits.

Funding for a class action can range over $1 million for some of these benefits claims and require substantial resources while waiting for resolution. Often times, veterans wait years for justice while locked with VA in an appeal backlog.

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  1. “Year-end government waste points to agency mismanagement”
    Richard Williams Tribune News Service
    30 min ago

    “Sen. Rand Paul has a favorite example: the Department of Veterans Affairs spending $300,000 on 300 unusable televisions now sitting in storage. His solution: reward employees for saving the government money and turning it back in.”


  2. I just received this in the mail. It’s the “Agent Orange Newsletter” from the VA.
    If y’all want to receive it, there’s by mail or online.

    By mail:
    “Agent Orange Newsletter”
    Post-Deployment Health Services (10P4Q)
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    810 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C., 20240

    Or, online @—-


    (I’m not sure about either way being truthful in their information!)

  3. After waiting about 4 months for a Neurological doctor thru Choice The VA finds me one. I looked him up on line to see what other people have said and most of them say RUN, Nothing but the best for us Veterans….. I will probably find one on my own..LOL What a joke

    1. I happen to live with chronic poly peripheral neuropathy, and have seen my share of Neuro Specialists, they seem to just about ALL originate from India, and if you utilize my technique of fixing your determined stare and focus and a center point on their forehead when you look at any of them, it will drive them absolutely insane and write anything just to get you to stop taunting them with the Veteran hoochy-cuchy voodoo. 😀

      1. I like your idea man, It should be easy to do afterall isn’t that where the laser poin…ooops dot goes?

      2. With or without red dot laser pointer. I learned some of these techniques in a college higher-level abnormal psych class reading past experimentation notes…Vets gave been used as nonhuman test subjects for way too fucking long. Needs to end. How about we send Meghan McCain to the farm to be poked, prodded, electrodes, drugged, and see how that silver spoon conducts electricity from an old VA Tesla Coil…it happened. Rat Bastards. Lots of old insane asylums with unmarked graves… Yep, in a glum mood…

  4. VA nurse fired for allowing 5,600 patients of the North Bend VA Clinic to be approved for the choice program.

    The VA hired Follett in June 2014 as a medical support assistant. Six months later, she was promoted to primary care management module coordinator. It was a big step up, putting her in charge of organizing primary care teams and their patients.

    She originally lost her job with the VA but was reinstated after she filed suit.

    She was originally fired for refusing to compromise Veterans care by substitute licensed practical nurses for registered nurses who had a higher level of training. An act that violated federal law on what nurses can play doctor as primary care team leaders.

    Full article at:

    “Ex-VA employee claims she was fired for insisting rules be followed”
    CARISA CEGAVSKE The News-Review Senior Staff Writer 5 hrs ago

    1. Essentially, the VA was trying to force her to assign nurses with a two year technical school diploma to be primary care doctors.

  5. I was part of the unit that relocated all Air Force planes from Thailand to Japan and then Stateside. I told the VA Comp and Pen MD that I was worried about Agent Orange. He didn’t think it was important. Then he asked how many different planes did you touch. I said, “I touched hundreds of Fighter Jets because we shutting down every base in Thailand. He gave me a look like you’re screwed!” Am I? Because I was in Okinawa part of the team to recover everyone of those planes.

    When the last plane landed after 40 days of non-stop plane arrivals, the base command shut the Air Field down, and paid for pick-up trucks in a convoy full of cases of beer. He gave a speech, and stated, “It is the end of an Era, the last plane has left Southeast Asia.in 1975!” The next day, the Base Commander, Pilots, and Crew Chiefs were passed out on the runway!..That would have made a great aerial photo…

  6. ……Kudos Yale…..

    VA’s argument; “…exposure was not high enough to qualify them for benefits…”

    This is a leading argument that presupposes something that is a myth. The argument seems to be whether the exposure to Plutonium 239 was high enough or not to cause harm. This is a leading argument because it assume that there exists a level of exposure that causes no harm. I call bullshit!

    Radioactive particles are bullets at a tiny scale. When these bullets hit you they are usually going so fast they go right through. For every DNA strand nuclues that the radioactive particles pierce, something important begins to unravel and nobody can kiss it and make it better. Getting hit with that shit at ANY godamn level is an instafuck experience if you ask me.

    Remember we aren’t talking about dentist chair radiation here. Think about the corners being cut on a day in a nuclear paranoid world when four doomsday devices get littered about the landscape… Any hunches what the DEFCON rating went up to that day? Aren’t we humans supposed to be scared shitless about that kind of stuff when it’s scattered around?

    So for VA to have a position that a “little exposure” to this abomination of man’s creative thinking, Plutonium 239, is not all that harmfull is kind of like?……well…

    It’s like saying that “light exposure” to a close range shotgun blast doesn’t qualify for benefits and care if you cannot produce the shotgun BBs that made the wound – and VA gets to define “light exposure”.

    1. Very-well stated! I used to have to teach nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) classes as my NCO side duty in USAF. I would get creative with photos of delivery pizza boxes to explain what the various types of radiation did to surface of human skin:
      1)Basic Cheese Pizza Photo: Alpha Radiation, which mostly bounces off skin and some clothing but enough of it and the ‘Noid’ still gets your skin.
      2)Pizza with two toppings, well done: Beta Radiation, which pierces most clothing and skin and remains in body. Much more ‘Noid’ skin damage.
      3) Pizza with the works that’s been tossed down a volcano: Gama Radiation, which will pass through just about everything aside from copious amounts of lead and rearranges human DNA into square knots done by a drunken sailor. The ‘Noid’ takes a flamethrower to your skin and then the volcano.

      1. ^incidentally^ The USAF did not take too kindly to my “visual aids” for teaching radiation and it scored me yet another year review with a low score on that: “Adaptability To Military Life”…I never allowed the military to quash my individuality 100%. That really burned their asses like gamma radiation.<–used in a sentence! 😀

    2. Dennis, what pisses me off about this one exposure fits all nonsense that never rises to the level of a health concern is the blanket statement that nobody would be affected.

      There is nothing whatsoever to back up the claim, yet it is accepted as absolute proof, even after the vet falls over dead from whatever disease caused by the exposure.

      They don’t have a damn clue whether a vet was riding a downed nuke like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove or was 5 miles away from the site manning a checkpoint. They don’t know whether a vet ate a C-Rat lunch at the site after picking up contaminated parts all morning or worked at the disposal site unloading barrels into a pit, but they are damn sure there are no health concerns.

      It makes you wonder why they bother with any safety precautions in their xray room.

      1. The lead aprons in the VA radiology are there for we Vet’s protection in the event one of the engorged purple teams should spontaneously mutate from accumulated radiology waste that’s no doubt also leaking into the facilities water supply…so like ‘Godzilla’, we need not any mutating purple teams. Just no.

    3. Dennis.
      I enjoyed reading your thoughts. “Like tiny bullets, destroying the DNA in the body with every shot”. Interesting, true and extremely lethal. Radition Pu-239, some bad, bad shit…
      So I take from it.
      “Dont piss down my back VA, and then tell me it is fucking raining VA”…

  7. I think all goverment officials should have to use the va health care system as we do. If they want to use other care they should have to
    pay out of pocket like we do. Also their should be a term and age
    limit. Say 75.

  8. what a load of crap. why doesn’t yale law school file a real suit to expose the racket? haha. because it’s just more racket.

  9. I find it incredibly ludicrous whenever the VA uses the long tired excuse that whatever a veteran was exposed to was not enough to cause blah, blah, blah.
    Given how many times the VA has been wrong, any question of exposures should be referred to an outside entity to determine health effects, with a presumption of service connection until that question is answered. Not the National Academy of Sciences, not the Institute of Medicine, and certainly not a paid for opinion from RAND.
    The VA has used the same excuse on every veteran back to at least WWII. The atomic tests, Project SHAD, Agent Orange use in Vietnam and every place in between it was used, stored or transported, Depleted Uranium, oil smoke, Sarin gas and other chemical agents, experimental vaccines and pills, Burn Pits, contaminated water on various military bases, etc. Those don’t even include diseases native to the countries veterans have served in.
    Years of denying the exposure occurred, years of denying levels were high enough to cause problems, years of denying X, Y or Z disease was caused by A, B or C exposure, then when most vets are dead and families have lived a life of poverty and misery, the VA is forced to finally admit that health problems could occur.

    The “level was not high enough” excuse is the most infuriating. As if some fat, corrupt little VA toad was standing next to that veteran testing for specific toxins at the time of exposure.

    And even if there is proof, like the Fox chemical vehicles detecting Lewisite in the Gulf War, the Pentagon claims its not acceptable because of chain of custody problems…like a soldier deploys with a friggin lawyer to insure evidence from the battlefield will stand up in court.

    Any VA hack pushing this excuse should forever be forced to get random doses of anesthesia or other medicine and see how that might affect their health. Any congressman allowing this because of the expense should get the same.

    1. 91Veteran,
      It’s way past time for anyone in the [make believe] medical field, opinion field or testing field to start serving their country in combat areas! And I mean areas where they “come under enemy FIRE” every fuckin day!
      I’m only talking about those who want to deny what’s really going on!

  10. From: “military.com”
    Dated: 13 Dec. 2017
    “VA, DOD Report Faster Disability Claims Processing Times”
    By Amy Bushatz

    Take it for what it’s worth!

    Looks like “Disney to purchase Fox”!
    Y’all might want to Google this one also! Because if Disney gets their grimey hands on Fox, the news media part of being unbiased will be gone!

  11. Good for Yale. However, why not make an ever larger class action lawsuit and include all the Gulf War depleted uranium, burn pits, and while we’re at it, how about all those Vietnam War Vets *STILL FUCKING WAITING* on the VA and Agent Orange Presumptives? How about all those WWII Vets still fighting VA and DoD on being used as Nuclear Guiana Pigs?
    All I’m saying today’s article topic is only one tiny fragment of a larger scab that needs resolution, not dissolution by the VA’s magic carpet cover-ups.

    1. Agree and it’s not all rocket science. I was a union safety and health officer back in the seventies and eighties. I stumbled on to dramatic numbers of people with “unknown environmental illnesses (later known nuke causations & AO),” cancers, and Nam vets here coming up with specific brain/throat cancers and tumors. Dummy me made the early connections but they, the experts, play games today. When you have several known of vets with the same issues then something is wrong and reports should have been taken seriously. Like miners with ‘black lung.’ Well duh, the proof is there. People are dying and suffering… jump on this issue you professionals and media, but won’t. Or didn’t at the times.

      We here have some of the highest rates of cancer in the country. Oops, not to mention such negatives. Back then I did my own research and neighborhood walks especially within a three mile radius of one particular chemical plant. One state official agreed with my findings but couldn’t get anything done. One other issue was a higher rate of female cancers within that perimeter, and those specific cancers in females home from combat zones. Same brain tumors, cancers. Along with non-serving female citizens living around the plant also suffered higher rates of different cancers… lymphoma and female forms cancers, ovarian, uteran, anal. Those farther outside of the area lessened in numbers or more normal or unaffected. Unless they were around some military base or connected with Nam and nursing services.

      Not very scholarly or academic like, but if a hated townie hick like me could do walk arounds, communicate with others (back then we could) and chart things certainly the VA and thugs at the top could nip these issues at the bud, and could have many years ago. One vet here waited years (in his sixties) for his silver star from youth service in Nam. One year later he died from same forms of brain cancer and tumor.

  12. Hey Elf,

    What do you think will lame brain McCain pull the ultimate screw job on Trump by missing the vote on final passage on the Tax Cut plan?

    His cancer has grown another tumor and he has been undergoing additional rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Currently he is hospitalized and has already missed 3 votes this week. He is also now wheelchair bound.

    It can now be said that McCain is dying for another chance to Screw Trump over.

    “John McCain, battling brain cancer, in Walter Reed from effects of treatment”
    By Paul Kane December 13 at 6:57 PM

    1. Four years from now, they will have a re-elected single-cell survivor test tube Insane McCain that will be casting votes via DNA in square knots. That single-celled McCain Survivor will have been cloned from his ass so the tumor may return at a future date….Mayo Clinic is on it.

    2. Seymore,
      Now the asshole is at Walter Reed!?
      I gotta sneaky suspicion he’s about to drop! Good riddance is all I can say about McCain! His past, and present activities, has caused a great deal of consternation within the veterans community!

      I read an article the other day where “…McCain is refusing to answer questions, from law enforcement, over where he’s receiving [lots] monies from!” You’ve heard of his [fake] foundation and that thing out in a university in Phoenix, Arizona?
      And, of course, his direct connection and involvement in that “FAKE TRUMP DOSSIER” the FBI had received! Which was used, [possibly by Peter Strzok], quote: “…as the source to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on American Citizens!” Which was as illegal as it gets!

      Oh well, Karma is a real bitch!

      1. Walter Reed was obviously closer than a fully equipped Mayo Clinic, as I kind of wondered why Walter Reed *now*? Think about the unfort. Gabby Gifford situation and she respectfully conceded…McCain should be replaced, promptly…and not by another Sen.’Flake’ but I suspect the clone off Lindsay Graham’s ass is not quite done yet. 😀

      2. Does anyone know Senator John McCain in Walter Reed Hospital remember this Money talked when it comes Medical Health Care Issues especially when it comes to Veterans Health Care.

      3. They really shouldnt operate on him because he would look like a severely fucked up reconstructed pez dispenser. Head bouncing up and down like those southpark cartoons and shit.

      4. “Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo, Small and Brown, He comes from you….”… “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCWa4Y0lmcA”

      5. CorpsmanUp and namnibor and others ,
        I think McCain should be allowed to live out his few remaining months or weeks, with his cancer, as he’s been part and parcel of how veterans have!
        That would mean, the only thing he’ll receive is heavy meds [opioids and heroin] to reduce the pain, as the cancer eats away at his useless brain and body! Let him go through what he has/had allowed, through his inaction against VA [DEATH]care, other REAL combat veterans have gone through!

      6. Receive heavy meds…..OOOOO Noooo
        We don’t want him to get Addicted, Let him suffer like the rest of us….
        Fuck the VA, The lying ass bas-turds

      7. Yeah. If little ol’ me just had to endure having my last 7 teeth extracted a few weeks ago…with nothing more than Motrin RX’d because of addicts…then Insane McCain can also endure some Brain Strain.

      8. Agree totally. 2015 at the Roudebush ‘new pain clinic’ a group of us were told if we didn’t like the new VA rules or demands, to hit the street corners and get some heroin or crack for our pain, or go back to being alcoholics, if it applies, or something. Or being told our names were pulled out of a hat to be dropped from the pain med list and make the ‘teams’ look good, and pacify the orders from the top to do so.

        Meanwhile other vets today have seen little change in their pain meds and still get them. No problems. Just us with problems with the VA and staff… got the problems.

        I’ve had to deal with migraines, oral surgeries, digging bone and tooth chips out of my broken jaw for two years, and other raw chronic pain for years and months now while getting smiles or told to go sit in some pain clinic for six hours to possibly get some. Or constantly be told MDs here don’t accept new patients or X VA patients with chronic pain issues and with multiple causes. Ha.

        Just for trying to find sinus meds here that work for me containing pseudoephedrine I can be arrested if I visit more than one pharmacy after being told one pharmacy is sold out, etc. So then I am ‘drug seeking.’ Or if I am forced to buy a brand containing the stuff, then go to another pharmacy trying to find the old styled pill form, I am a criminal and put on a computer for drug seeking and, or, possible arrest. Total BS, Draconian. and no better than living in China or N. Korea.

        Seen friends here wait, suffer, do without ‘end of life’ meds that came too late due to red-tape, games, and filling out forms. Noone cares. All we get is drug addiction propaganda, fear everyone will get addicted, games, gabapentin or head dope for pain, or the accepted collective punishment for all so the state and government can claim their war on drugs is won.

        I have no sympathy, empathy, mercy, or compassion for his kind, the special elite and celebrities, nor his silver spoon fed whiny daughter or the rest of them in DC or locally who get special treatment. Human rights and privilege for them and we are told to go to hell by word or actions. Kick em out in the streets and let them see how the other half of America has to live or suffer. I will smile and just walk by them and give a spit or two like they do us.

  13. 1. The VA denying these sick men health care. Veterans dying of cancer, and many other disorders and illnesses as they wait for their benefits. The VA denying Veteran’s benefits and health care as they continue to grow worse in health. The “Radiation” was NOT high enough to cause harm to human beings (Pu-239 enriched, leaking from three Hydrogen Bombs), but yet the VA denies these sick former soldiers medical care.

    2. The institution of the VA isn’t as corrupt, as “The Morally Bankrupt” men and women who are employed to serve the institution of VA. The quality of an institution, is only founded on and by the strength of those who are employed at it.

    3. Weber said, Bueauracies take on a life of their own, and their mission changes based on length of time the institutions exist.
    As veteran I can safely say, the institution of the VA no longer exist to serve the men and women who were honorably discharged from military service.
    But the institution of the VA has turned in to a bureauracy, that now only exist to serve those non veteran’s jobs, to give those non veteran catholic’s great pay, and to give those non veteran’s super benefits. All-the-while helping other non veterans to social network in to the VA to obtian for other non veterans great paying jobs (The VA Kult-of-Money).
    All-the-while, keeping the benefits away from those who served (injured vets and disabled former soldiers), who the institution of VA was originally created to serve (injured vets and disabled former soldiers)…

    4. And as band played after the battle of Yorktowne, “A World Turned Upside Down…”

    5. ERIC CANNA VA Employee Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road stated, and Said,
    Eric Canna VA employee VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road stated these quotes.
    Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road
    PETER M. BARACH Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish engaging in “Forensic Fraud” on C and P exams. The VAs Forensic Whore, and The VAs Forensic Prostitute. Peter M. Barach The VA Paid Gun hired to sabotage injured vets and disabled former soldiers benefits. Engaging in lying, misconducting, fraud, and attempting to mislead a DRO decision review officer, judge by “Cherry Picking” and “Checkering” 20 page C and P exams, Peter M. Barach creating “False Narratives” intentionally False stories moving backward in time rather than from the point of injury, about an injured veteran and disabled former soldiers deserving of claims. VA Employee C and P hatchet man, Peter M. Barach, “The Monster of Shaker Heights” Cleveland Ohio…

    1. I am glad you are calling out their names. Veterans should be aware of who they are dealing with when they go to the VA!
      Sounds like they got some real winners over there. The fuckknocks are well entrenched in VA and it appears that they must have that fucked up attitude as curriculum in VA.
      Training that disparages veterans.
      I call it Jekyll and Hyde training. One persona for the public one persona for veterans.

      1. The douche bag mentions the guys religion? Seriously? Read carefully. If someone wanted to discredit this site or Ben they would make postings like that, not too obviously psychotic but enough to be noticed.

      2. Aw shucks, the wp crowd just gave me a thumbs down. I promise to agree with someone if they call Tom Murphy a crooked VBA manager but I’ll call them a scumbag if they call him an Irish Catholic corrupt VA manager.

      3. I think he is just outlining his experience with VA.
        If he did his research of what his statements are and confirmed the individual’s titles, he is merely stating the facts.
        Psychosis involves being out of touch with reality, triggering “diminished capacity”.
        I would believe every veterans account if these allegations and statements were presented in court. There is a pattern, that has been perpetrated by VA , to deny anything a veteran has to say to defend themselves from bad medical care.
        Staying focused on the article, which is about radiation, VA is the epitome of the definition of radiation. There is a radiation =(Secretary) and bad cells =(employees) good cells= (veterans) being destroyed . The good cells are the target of this RICO racket!
        So fuck VA, fuck Afge, fuck Howdy Doody and all fucked in the head employees who think there is no problems. Oh yeah , fuck the OIG for all documentation purposes!

      4. I’m pretty sure I get what some of his points were and there are enough real conspiracies in the world without people going schizophrenic if we disagree we disagree. In all the time I discussed how the mafia that runs the Philly RO hired 400 of their family members and friends and hurt hundreds of thousands of Veterans I never mentioned they are all virtually Italian and Irish Catholic and I would put serious distance between me and someone who would. It just takes one or two toxic personalities to ruin a whole unit.

      5. No group, club, society, nation, race, religion, should be above the laws or immune from discussions, or having fingers pointed at them. Especially when any church, group, faith, whatever, is complicit in organized corruption or attacks on anyone or a veteran out for some truth. Like what I have to deal with here in Indiana. But instead encounters said groups, cliques, religions, sects, with those symbiotic relationships that can get by with murder, threats or harassment of others merely to shut them up. Allow any evil well organized, long standing group to continue on unmentioned, or like some groups have done, make it impossible to shine the light of exposure on them due to something like religious knee-jerk reactions or being called some kind of evil label to shut the complainer or whistle-blower up. And to allow the activist and groups to attack whoever they desire and get by with it without a mention of who they are or who they may be connected with.

        I say, to hell with PC-ness. I for one am not afraid of the activist or socially engineered activist out to label others to diminish others experiences or reports. In fact, those who we are trained and attacked for mentioning them should be put under the microscope for more research and total exposure to some truths, facts, instead of demanding all others bow to them, sugar coat it all, never mention them, and hang on every false claim or revised historical claim or power they may hold over us. Yeah, question and stop supporting those we are ‘forced’ to support while never (supposedly) to mention. And there are many of them and all corrupt, should be discussed and exposed. Maybe exposed to some radiation too while they claim special status while others die.

        I have yet to encounter any group here including any church or failth to stand up to corruption and lies. No, instead they ignore it all or in total support of it all since “their hands are tied.” And they may lose the power of the old quid pro quo and perks.

      6. Mr T. Well said. And I enjoyed reading your thoughts. And without bias, WE need truth! Elegantly put. Crystal clear, and YOU are a GO at my station…

      7. Thank you and much appreciated!

        An aside: An X – Fellow at Haahvard Medical School…

        Her and many others have caught a lot of flak trying to expose the dangers and world wide effects from using DU, and etc. Her efforts along with some others go back many years. So where was Yale, our government and censoring media…way back when? But there again there are some toes at the top that are not to be stepped on in any dance.

        Kinda like the high level pedophile ring reporting. Here today gone tomorrow. Out of sight, out of hearing about, out of mind for most.

        Here is another thought that someone here may be able to answer. I have been around or acquainted with a lot of cancer patients. How is it during some radiation treatments with patients/vets they are told, we are told, to not let them go around pregnant women, ill/weakened elderly, or children so long a time after or during treatments? Other MDs say nothing about this. Always reminded me of those warnings about Microwave oven use around pregnant females, etc. Safe?

        Here is one more before lay down time: Told today’s X-rays are totally safe, like small doses for dental they claim. Supposedly no limit on them. Then the flip flop. To try to prove some damages done by the VA and others only to be told we ‘may have had too many X-rays for the year.” May??? Guess that goes along with medical files being scrubbed and permanently deleted for ‘professional courtesy.”

      8. T, in my opinion, Caldicott may have had good intentions, but her actions over time suggest she is more of a self serving activist than she was helpful.
        In the late 1990s, Gulf War veterans were fighting hard for depleted uranium exposure during our service to be taken as a serious health concern by the VA and DOD. We were making progress by sticking to the facts. The DOD was trying to ignore any issue involving DU use during the war, and the VA wanted to stay intentionally ignorant on any health problems related to it.
        They were both losing based on facts, including VA data they kept hidden showing chromosomal damage in some veterans proven to have been exposed to DU.

        Then along came Caldicott and the raging communists at the International Action Center. Their sole purpose was to use veterans and DU in any way that benefited them first, and second, using anything they could as a political attack against the DOD in general, or the US specifically as the cause of everything bad in the world.

        Their actions allowed the VA and DOD to point the media at them and claim anyone concerned over use of DU was just a crazy leftist communist kook, so don’t believe anything they say. If you look at the books she has authored, they are all timed around various events involving nuclear issues, then nothing after. She wrote some book or paper on DU, and like the IAC, nothing has been heard from her since.
        The IAC was busy attacking DU in the 90s to use it for fundraising, up until Clinton used DU in Kosovo. They were quiet for a long time around that period until they found a way to attack the problem without affecting Bill Clinton.
        After Clinton was gone, nothing was heard from the IAC until around 2004 when there were a couple mentions of them around the Iraq War, but nothing since.
        If Caldicott or the IAC gave a shit about DU other than for fundraising, they would still be active over it.
        Caldicott has long since moved on to fundraising over the Fukshima nuke plant disaster in Japan.

      9. Howdy, thanks for the info and reply. Had do wait a while for my eyes to clear up again. I wasn’t aware of the level of damage done to vets by the IAC. I had too much on my plate to deal with back then
        and too many irons in the fire to keep up with everything going on in the world, my own life, and locally. Plus trying to get real time information or find anyone here that knew anything or aware of all the issues of the time was near impossible. Including vet groups that were imploding due to mismanagement, politics, dis-information, to thefts of funds, etc.

        I would have to spend off-work hours at the local library and college to try to get any info or real news I could find. Plus try to study my own immediate issues and needs. I do know of the usual back and forth between the right/left paradigm to control and confuse the masses while serving the same masters and corrupt of the world. Like those who want peace and those who seem to profit from and enjoy wars and perpetual conflicts. Like with NATO/DoD and groups like IAC/CND (?). One group wants disarmament the other demands strength through using nukes and strength for example. Or my take on it all. Then here came all the various activist, groups out of America, England to Canada to push all kinds of agendas on us to confuse more and create more divisions – distractions. The ‘Greenies,’ Marx-feminist, commies, globalist, Heritage Foundation (supporting nukes), to the activist or agents claiming on local campuses if we didn’t support nukes or DU then we must be supporting the Soviets and communist kind of stuff. Then the flip-flop demands we all support socialism, globalism and communism, cultural Marxism, to the vet hating. No winning. Meanwhile we men were losing positions on the job, or losing them, no advancement, couldn’t be hired due to the “feminist agenda” which has never been discussed or the effects known to polite society. They had to prove or attain the required amount of “disadvantaged groups” in the work force. Those decades many things came crashing down and all at once like with it all falling apart or coming down on us all today, one way or the other.

        IMHO it’s all been planned out and intentional. So I dropped all the bias, attempts to force me to be on one side or the other.. to protect one evil/agenda/movement over another..no middle ground or independent thinking allowed. Then came PC-ness and research to asking questions about certain elements in the land or foreigners, nuke/crop/food experimenting, testing, in our own country became damn near illegal or dangerous to do so. Mob rule from one side or the other or from one group, church, activist agenda or the others. Even in academia to our affairs with the VA and our health issues. Locally it’s about supporting everything far left, Marxism, mob rule, supporting lying neocons – all corruption, or else. Again, no win situations. Such is life in a town with three major universities, all far left, with government/media/libraries, etc., to match.

        All that aside. I did wonder what happened to her and the other scientist who were on documentaries with early documentaries shown on Satellite TV (back in the day of those big Sat dishes), shows like Free Speech TV or Democracy Now, showing the flow of DU world wide, like up in the jet stream, how it was tested, etc., or over the illegal nuke plants in Israel the US gov help build and plan, then leaked, then all went silent and those two channels I thought good at the earlier times went totally far left then denied such reports or documentaries about it all. I was thinking at the time that such news and documentaries sneaked out of countries to show some truth, and top scientist of the world showing proof at conferences that DU damages were real and not just mere “unknown environmental illnesses” or to birth defects, were real and provable. Guess not due to others hidden or more secretive agendas and lefty activism that took over. No end to it all.

        I would like to see ‘serious’ moratoriums, real investigations, real immediate change in vet care, free speech national conventions minus foreigner activist, minus the PC-ness, gloves off, vets before illegals, we get the care Congress gets, minus shadow governing/special interest groups/identity politics whine. Even a simple free speech chat forum would do. With the first issue starting and ending all decades long veteran issues and problems now and forever- more, at all costs, even stopping all foreign aid, exposing secretive black ops bank accounts for government or to protect politicians over pedophilia (now old news) or touching female staff, exposing where trillions of federal dollars went or lost by the Pentagon and other government officials by the skids full, etc. Charging propagandist and censoring groups like the MSM, Google, alphabet companies, Yahoo. FF, et al, with treason and high crimes
        against Americans and veterans would be lovely too.

        If government and the public wanted real change there would be in a heart-beat instead of their addictions to the NFL, right-left paradigm, sick globalism wanted by both sides, or Hollyweird, etc. I would get equal or better care than my animals. Not in today’s social climate of corruption and distractions.

        Try to have a good day all and try to enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas and all that.

      10. Agreed. However everything, groups, entities, secretive societies, media, the VA, government, medical professions, unions, all have that one persona for public consumption, another for those in their cliques, professional units, clubs or groups. No getting past that simple many times ignored or accepted fact of life.

        Yale? Haaaahvard? Who are those other ‘few’ leading some kind of charge against corruption or the VA? We hear some good and maybe some good reports about their high quality of health care or research in some places but what goes on behind the scenes? Kinda like their secret societies and self serving “Greek Societies” we townies aren’t supposed to question or be aware of. Just see what they may do for a “global community’ media shines a light on so we can see their good sides? Oh those lovely kids and others doing so much good, until their activist and hate switches are flipped behind the scenes or in the shadows or edifies of corruption.

        Wish I had a time machine. Or maybe for my older computers to turn on and function. Perhaps some old copied materials and agendas from the “Ivy League” elite would still be there, unlike their now deleted, now more secretive activism/letter campaigns to Washington DC using their alphabet credentials for power punches. Now censored, pushes or agendas to reign things like “political correctness” or hate crime legislation to stifle free thought to speech. Or of their college rags/forums in support to over-take American establishments and education with Zionism, etc. Oh, and some bashing of veterans over Nam. Yeah, I know, some of those unmentionables but the facts are quite obvious and remains the same. More of that ingrained, socially engineered Jekyll/Hyde aspects of American life, modern lying journalism/media, public schools to gubbermint?

        Surely Yale and others have the people power, resources (unlimited depending on ones DNA or elite professional status), to attack issues from the distant past AND the present which would be much easier to prove and aid countless vets more. No, they all play the game of kicking the can down the road until many have died and suffered, witnesses gone, records destroyed or sealed, but then who ends up with the big money, slaps on the back for good work, high grade for a class project, or some award for the wall. While veterans are being treated differently to physical group meetings were shut down due to ‘too much negative information or chatter about depleted uranium usage – “unknown environmental illnesses” – are being mentioned.

        Surely some of them read or are aware of this forum. Their PC Alumni have infiltrated towns and states like mine to play games. We can call them for some info or help merely to be told frankly and boldly..”you can’t afford our attentions or services.” Crap like this goes way back to the eighties and the present. Wording has changed some though. Today it’s more like “Due to professional courtesies we can’t or don’t want to be involved.” To totally being ignored.

        Smoke, mirrors, games, public performances, bait n’ switch, two faced activism? Hope it helps at least one old vet. While some of us have to deal with retaliation and threats from all quarters including from civilian hospitals, their highly trained staff like the VA claims to have, to not being able to get decent care anywhere locally, or get pain meds I’d “need for life and quality of”, but surely here to see all the lies, cover-ups, vast networks of corruption thanks to the VA, medical societies, media, corrupt globalist politicians, and the long list of others. Not fun. Oh, and all the while the cans and issues get kicked down the road for future generations and the youth to deal with, and the power brokers and “professionals” have their way with much laughter all the way to the bank and country clubs. Or secretive sick Alumni parties at home coming so the cliques can plan more damage controls and attacks on the rest of us.

        LOL How many other vets out there get easily recorded phone numbers leading back to major hospitals, universities, etc., issuing out threats and harassment for us just wanting some investigations, to be heard, and some corruption to be stopped or exposed. All supported by media, politicians top to bottom including the Trump White House just like the Obummer WH, Homeland Security, DoD, VSOs and on it goes. Yale like others would not touch issues here in Indiana due to all the connections, evils, and filth.

        Rage rage rage. Out.

      11. “The Benefit of the Doubt”, huh? Really???
        1. 1600 former soldiers and veterans. Exposed to Pu-239 “Radition” in 1966, and I can see those suffering and dying human beings (our fraternity brothers and sisters)…Well I can see that the VA and those non veterans at the VA are giving these 1600 human beings, “the benefit of the doubt”.

        2. Hell the VA is giving these 1600 former soldiers and veterans “The Benefits of the Doubt” right up until they are all die suffering deaths. Fuck the VA giving these former soldiers and veterans “the benefit of the doubt” right up until Yale Law School has to sue their fucking asses (the VA).

        3. Maybe because of what “Yale Law School” is doing. Maybe a sense of patriotism, and pride will over take our law schools (the students and professors at them) in America. And maybe a great movement and dimino effect will occur because of what “Yale Law School” is doing! Where those in law will all find reasons to sue the VA (And the reasons to sue the VA are NOT hard to find). Maybe a wave of activism through law, and voluteers in law will spread across our beautiful country, changing the landscape of the VA, and as to the way injured veterans and disabled former soldiers are treated at the VA. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, “Yale Law School” will be the catalyst to ignite “the flame of change”…This will be my “New Year Wish”…

        4. I guess that will be my “new year wish” this year…outside of always wishing for world peace….

      12. CorpsmanUp!
        1. It seems to be like the Devil has been let in the door of the VA in Ohio, and Devil is doing the Devil’s work on Sundays, and hurting injured veterans Disabled former soldiers “six ways to Sunday”.

        2. Found out: Now there is an element of Political discrimination and Political bias at the VA in Ohio. Bias not only based on religion, and non vetran status Vs injured veterans status/Disabled former soldiers status
        It has been confirmed:
        THE VAs LAP DOG: PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 License No.3280 Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger (possible deferment for mental illness)1970-1973, Jewish VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio C and P exam Hatchet Man creating “False narratives” by “Cherry Picking medical notes, and “Checkering” C and P exams of injured vets and disabled former soldiers to sabotage their claims for benefits. The VA’s Paid “Forensic Whore”. The VAs “Forensic Prostitute” The VAs Paid Medical C and P Assassin” Peter M. Barach who is sabotaging, unethical lying in C and P Exams and corruptly lying in C and P exams is now…Well this has come up in. This Peter M. Barach has a political bias against the military

        3. It been confirmed that PETER M. BARACH is “A SOCIAL DEMONCRAT, A Liberal Leftist, Possible Anti-military”
        These people social networking to be hired by the VA are possibly leftist, liberals, and those far to the left. That often have a natural bias against military personal, veterans, and former soldiers. SO PETER M BARACH’s C and P Exams are tainted by his political bias, and political views. that is discrimination…

        1. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road
        2. ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, who stated and said.
        Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road Outpatient Clinic Said and quote thes items.

        MYVA in Ohio. Huh???

      1. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. PETER M. BARACH C and P HATCHET MAN. Engaging in FORENSIC FRAUD. The VAs paid “FORENIC WHORE”, and the VAs paid “FORENSIC PROSTITUTE”. Do the devil’s work on Sunday. And screwing and sabotaging injured veterans and disabled former soldier claims for entitled benefits, “SIX WAYS TO SUNDAY.” PETER M BARACH Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 JEWISH. Just went through medical notes “CHECKERING”, and “Cherry Picked” sentences in order to re-victimize me. Trust me. This mother fucker, PETER M. BARACH, he is about as sick as a bastard can come.

      2. First off, Peter M. Barach Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish. He flunked out of John Hopkin University. Left there in 72-73 due to mental health issues presumed, and ended up at Ann Arbor Mi majoring in “CHILDREN”. At Ann Arbor Mi majoring in “CHILDREN”, less stress where he could get As. Graduated from Ann Arbor Mi with degree in “CHILDREN”, and thus went back to “SHAKER HEIGHTS” Cleveland Ohio.

      3. Where mommy and daddy back at SHAKER HEIGHTS CLEVELAND OHIO wanted ole pete to be a doctor. SO, they social networked at get little pete into the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. Where PETER M BARACH spent the next, how many years? A long time. And finally graduated! Academic incest, if i knew of the word. Also. The Western Reserve College was accoss the street from where ole peter m. barach lived, grew up, and now has spent his entire life at. On the other side of the street, accross the street. Was “THE VA WADE PARK CLEVELAND OHIO”. THE VA CASH MONEY HOG! I guess it safe to say, PETER M. BARACH Non veteran Draft dodger 1970-1973 Jewish. Is an institutional man. An institution man, where his malpractice fees can be paid for. And he get big lump sum of money at his VA CASH HOG. For simply being a VA GATE KEEPER”, and fucking (dry fucking I might add) deserving injured vets, and disable former soldiers of their earned benefits, and deserved claims.

      4. Ole PETER M. BARACH NPI #1396773610 Ohio and Licensen No. 3280 Ohio. Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 (Deferment for mentel illness) JEWISH. With one foot out the door of THE VA CASH HOG. Aka THE MONSTER OF SHAKER HEIGHTS CLEVELAND OHIO.
      Creates the greatest 20 C and P exam, filled with lies. Lying often and a lot. Claiming one point in the C and P exam. “I AM OBJECTIVE”, and “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA”. Yet he PETER M BARACH has two supervisors at the VA.
      1.Diana Johnson Supervisor 1
      2. Ellery Smith Parma VA Supervisor 2.
      YET, PETER M. BARACH has his own VA office, name on the VA EMPLOYEE LIST. AND grew up across the street from the VA WADE PARK CLEVELAND OHIO, “THE VA MONEY HOG”. YET, PETER M. BARACH Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish claims on C and P Exam. “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA”. “I AM OBJECTIVE”. Two VA supervisorsReally? And then why does your family members work at the VA CASH HOG? And your family members even works in the same VA dept, that you claim to have NO TIES TO?

      5. I would think this is a violation of ethics in Ohio. Lying and misrepresenting the institution you are employed for, while attempting to gain favoritism(while being paid over and over again by that same institution). Then creating these bogus C and P Exams, that “KNOWINGLY” favor the institution you work for, and are paid by. This is called “FORENSIC FRAUD” Aka “A FORENSIC PROSTITUTE”. You are known as “A FORESNIC WHORE”.

      6. In misrepresenting the VA, and lying about your ties to THE VA CASH HOG PETER M BARACH. You are misrepresenting the Vulnerable VA patients you are employed to help and serve, while being paid large amounts of money by the same institution. You are misrepresenting disabled former soldiers by being paid by the same institution. You are misrepresenting injured veterans. And working for the institution, that you are intentionally and “Corruptly” atttempting to sabotage the injured vet’s benefits from. You have an unethical duel role. This is completely unethical. You are paid, but paid to lie, and sabotage injured benefits form injuried vets and disabled former soldiers by the same institution that serve the vet, and pay you. It just seems to me, your misrepresentating your medical field, the institution you serve and get fat pay checks from, and the vulnerable va patients you screw…

      7. I was told, YOU PETER M. BARACH are being told to fuck injured veterans out of their benefits, and earned claims. You are not even being given a wink-N-A-nod. Also what’s up with the retaliation, for injured veterans and disabled former soldiers contacting their state of Ohio reps and alerting to your “FORENSIC FRAUD”?

      8. ERIC CANNA Akron Ohio VA Outpatient clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic, who said and stated,
      Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic said these things.

      9. Then we have, the liar. Pameal Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road. Who only takes conditions, diagnosis from only other Non Veteran Draft Dodgers 1964-1973 Catholics from Lancaster Pennsylvania, whom were only seen for a period of 7 months.

      MYVA in Ohio. Where I get “THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT”…

  14. I’ve always wondered if my abdominal pains could be caused by the hours I spent many days sitting on depleted uranium (counterweight for heavy aircraft flight controls) trying to remove stuck screws then getting blasted by radar during preflight. The doctors get weird when I ask that

    1. You would have to look up the effects of radiation on the gastrointestinal system.
      There is such a thing called radiation enteritis. Patients who are being treated for tumors are at risk for gastrointestinal injury.
      A lot of risk factors involved period.
      The VA has a bunch of meatloafs working for them that can’t stand the fact that veterans in general are well prepared these days to ask questions. Not like before where we took their word on the fact that VA misrepresentated that they are there for the veteran and the fair handshake doctrine.
      I say fuck VA and their fat slimy hands!

    2. To Alexander and CorpsmanUp,
      Yea, docs at the VA, and some civilian healthcare offices, “get weird” when one asks questions they can’t or won’t answer!

      1. I just think the hacks at all levels at the VA have serious God Syndromes in knowing they cannot easily be pried or tried for crimes and fraud so they give a Veteran “Grinch Grin” that’s ear-to-ear with a mouthful of bile when a Vet may question their authority or ask for another opinion. (Boris Karloff’s ‘Grinch’, to be clear)

    3. Alexander, you could ask that question of some VA quack, and the first response would show the quack to be as dumb as a fence post, and after you proved exposure, the response would be that it doesn’t cause X disease.
      When I came home from the Gulf War where I was exposed to DU in either solid form or had been burned, I was nauseous for about a year after. Eating some foods gave me instant diarrhea, and my gastro tract has been messed up since.
      The VA and DOD denied any exposure to any Gulf War vet other than those with DU shrapnel in their bodies that they could not deny. I eventually was tested and found to have a higher exposure than some vets the VA was following.the VA has ignored it since, because the VA takes strict marching orders on what they will or will not admit to from the DOD.
      The Abrams tank uses DU encased in steel for armor.
      DU is mostly Alpha radiation which does not travel far, and is easily blocked with shielding. Even with shielding, I would be concerned over long term exposure, especially if the shield were removed for some reason.
      The VA and DOD position has been that unless you ingest DU, there is no harm. The DOD claimed you could eat it like a candy bar, and there would be no harm because the body expelled it so fast. Bullshit of course.
      DU is what is left over when uranium is enriched, so it is waste. We all know waste often has other contaminants mixed in, so how thoroughly are any other harmful radioisotopes removed? Is some DU contaminated with U234 or U235 which is a damn site more harmful than just U238?

      1. Likely not Alexander, unless you get a PhD in something to prove they are wrong.

        Then their excuse will change.

      2. That may be why education has been so hard to attain. I’d definitely use a PhD for the good of all. Don’t care if it made me less liked by officials who are paid to destroy this country.

  15. 12/13/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    What makes this case different from the MOFO 2007 [C-07-3758] Case?


    Don Karg

    1. Don,

      Might have something to do with the fact that it is a class action. Also that given most of the Veterans who were exposed have already died as a result of that exposure.

      The ABC report on the class action is:

      “Class action lawsuit sought over 1966 Spain H-bombs accident”
      By dave collins, associated press HARTFORD, Conn. — Dec 11, 2017


      Well worth reading.

      1. 12/15/2017

        Dear Seymore Klearly,

        Thanks —-I remember this event and I had copied the article for my 44th book. Why were the 1,600 soldiers not wearing protective clothing or masks when sent to this site?

        “‘These veterans were exposed to dangerous radiation while they faithfully served our nation in the cleanup of the hydrogen bomb accident,’ he [Sen. Blumenthal] said in a statement. ‘They deserve a fair and consistent process for determining veterans benefits related to such exposure.'”

        Who is doing the C&P/ or did for the Soldiers and who blocked the benefits for the VA to deny the health care?

        The 2007 Mofo case took on many issues/hundreds for all veterans and “somehow” got ran into the ground—that is the reason why I was asking.


        Don Karg
        Again thank you

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