Is Super Committee Eying Veterans Benefits?

Former head of Illinois Veterans Affairs, Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth, finally voiced her concern about the budget being balanced on the backs of veterans.

In a recent article “Duckworth fears cuts to veterans’ programs,” she spoke openly of her concern that the bipartisan “super committee” may ultimately fail in their negation. A failure will cause automatic cuts split between domestic and defense spending.

This comes as no surprise to some veterans who have suspected veterans’ benefits cuts were just over the horizon. Across the board cuts are believed to be the presumed result if the “super committee” can’t sort out their issues and cut at least $1.2 trillion.

Keep in mind, this past year, Republicans and Democrats have eyed various benefits reductions. While many veterans think this hysteria about cutting veteran benefits is new, think again.

In reality, many reductions of veterans’ benefits have been proposed for years, far before the current economic downturn. Lately, one issue has been proposed cuts to military retirement, again. Here’s a quick list other instances our beloved Congress and Presidents have targeted just retirement, along:

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There are oodles more of these but I thought this would get the point across. Our leaders are great at sending us to war. They are also great at cutting benefits after we commit life and limb to missions like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do I think the “super committee” will allow veteran and retiree benefits cuts? Absolutely. It seems like these benefits are almost the first to go when Washington DC forgets to balance their checkbook.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Special thanks to Military Officers Association of America for spending the time and money necessary for the above video “Dear Soldier.”[/note]

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  1. If this happens, I wonder what incentive is left in becoming a soilder. go ahead- turn on your SUVIVORS that made it thru combat and take away their future benefits. See how many enlist now. As for me, the surviving spouse of a retired soilder, I hope to keep the benefits my husband was proud to leave me.

  2. Came out different layout then I typed it, up above. Just think of the good things for cons and the bad for us vets. I see my computer skills are worse than I though. You’re a vet you’re smart, you will get it (-=

  3. I say my prayers and then write your representatives. Even the self appointed spokesman for veterans, Senator John McCain, has “approved” playing with our earned entitlements.

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