VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Urgent Veterans Affairs Supply Shortage Risking Veterans’ Health

An urgent supply shortage in one VA healthcare system impacting multiple hospitals has put veterans’ health at risk.

A supply shortage at Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs Healthcare System has gradually increased to crisis levels over two years. A whistleblower to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette revealed that nurses are running out of gauze, custodians have run out of bleach to disinfect rooms, and lab workers have run out of supplies to stop bleeding after blood draws. Clinicians are out of medication cream.

Sound like a VA medical center near you?

“We’ve run out [of the medicated crèam] before and it wasn’t too big of a deal,” said one employee familiar with the supply problems.

Like many employees at the agency, this one requested anonymity to avoid likely reprisal. “But now it’s in crisis mode because we’re running out of everything.”

“It’s getting to the point where patient care is being affected,” the employee told the Post-Gazette. “You can’t run a hospital this way. It’s bad. Something has to be done.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs started a new supply chain management plan. That plan was aimed at not keeping supplies on hand for more than 30 days. The consequence of that plan is now obvious. The agency is more reliant than ever on the scheduling of private sector vendors.

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In response to reporter inquiries from the Post-Gazette, a VA spokesperson dismissed the concerns raised by the employee.

“Due to product availability, changes or unusually high demand, all health care facilities must overcome stocking challenges from time to time. Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System is no different. To ensure stocking challenges do not impact patient care, Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System uses multiple vendors and supply contracts.”

Is that not a typical response?

However, the anonymous employee says the agency is simply concerned with numbers that make the agency look good rather than the well-being of veterans. “They’re just really hell-bent on statistics, just to make sure the numbers [of stock kept less than 30 days] are in line with what people [in D.C.] want.”

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“They say we need to do it because it shows we’re not keeping unnecessary products on hand for a long time and it saves money.”

Once the Post-Gazette started sniffing around, with various inquiries, what do you think VA leadership did? Of course, VA leadership jumped to action once shortchanging veterans and putting our health at risk was sure to make the news.

“Now they’re running around telling everybody to order anything they need from whoever we can get it from,” the employee said. “It shouldn’t be like that. They should have acted that way before you called.”

I think most of us could’ve called this one. For that past couple of years, VA has been swift to address problems once journalists start to snoop around most of the time.

Good on Post-Gazette for holding agency leaders accountable.

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  1. That urgent supply deficit also came into play there in that The Wizard in VA Oz Lollipop Guildland forgot to order the gray matter for the amygdala brain salad surgeons working there.
    All for the vets my ass!!

  2. @Jim Clement – I just read your post about the passing of your lovely precious wife Erika. I’m so sorry for your loss Jim. I know she was a fantastic woman.

    And may the VA in Texas provide you with your ALREADY EARNED medical care that YOU so deserve, but even better (remember I read your complaint).

    Even though we’ve had differences in the past, YOU’RE still my Brother, and I would always want the best for you.

    Grieve, reflect, hold onto those dear precious memories, and please, don’t beat yourself up bro. Erika isn’t hurting and in pain anymore.

    Comfort, blessings, and love sent your way.

    1. @ANutterVet – – – Erika weren’t nuttin but a sweet & salty cake olive island girl. How I miss her.

      Mahalo Nui Loa for your Condolences. Hope you and Joy doing well . . .

      Got to call the First Unitarian Church tomorrow to let them know of her passing. Barack Obama grew up in that church (before my time) and when I joined after meeting Erika in 1995 and being invited to church, I did meet and get to know slightly (his Grandmother) Madelyn Dunham. She passed in 2008. Many of the older folks that I met in that church during the years that I was active all remembered “Little Barry” fondly.

      Now as to the ‘differences in the past’ you mention, ponder this. You were having MAJOR problems with the VA. I was having MAJOR problems with the VA. WE jointly were TRANSFERRING EACH OTHERS PROBLEMS with the VA onto EACH OTHER rather than LISTENING, EMPATHIZING, and ASSISTING each other as we should have.

      I won’t air your dirty laundry here. I just aired mine. Took me a while out away from Honolulu to see it, but there were some things I should have said to you differently. I also should have recognized some things about you (done a lot of reading since then) that maybe you were throwing out clues about – – – but not directly saying – – – and “Big Brain Jim” was too damn dense to catch their subtlety.

      No judgement here. Only regret.

      Seems the military raked you over the coals far harder than I may have initially suspected. While I tried to help you by suggesting you apply to the BCNR – – – if what I suspect is accurate, there are other things that you could try as well.

      If you really want to take a shot at getting your situation fixed, put together an e-mail of your story – – – and send it to me. Leave no detail that you remember out. You will have my complete silence until the grave. I will respond within ten days with some hard questions. Right now, submissions to the BCNR may take up to two years from acceptance to hearing.

      I just found my original PTSD rating decision from the VA a few days ago. First time I have ever seen it. Dated 01/08/99. The VA examination was dated December 12,1997. The VA Social Survey was conducted November 24, 1997.

      “VA mental status examination revealed the veteran arrived on time for his appointment and was neatly dressed and groomed. He was cooperative throughout the interview but showed some psychomotor retardation sitting in the chair without moving throughout the interview. His speech was slow and soft. His affect was restricted and his mood depressed. His thought processes were mostly linear although a few times he was circumstantial. There was no apparent delusions although he was preoccupied with his various posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. He reported a history of suicidal ideation’s but currently has none. He denied any homicidal ideation’s and hallucinations. He was oriented as to time, place, and person. His memory was grossly intact. He was able to do abstract thinking. He has some insight into his condition. Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale was given as 50, which is indicative of serious impairment in social, occupational, or school functioning. Diagnosis was posttraumatic stress disorder with moderate to severe symptoms.

      VA outpatient treatment records show the veteran has been attending group and individual therapy sessions on a routine basis. He is an active participant in the sessions.

      An evaluation of 10 percent service connection is granted for the mild symptoms. The objective evidence discussed above does not warrant a higher evaluation.”

      Look at the last seven lines of that VA Decision Rating. Am I the ONLY ONE that sees the BULLSHIT double-speak?

      How did we get from Moderate to Severe Symptoms to Mild Symptoms in less than a paragraph?

      When I found and read that, got so pissed – – – went outside and punched the brick wall several times. Too bad it could not have been the wonks face that wrote the last few lines of that crap . . .

      1. @Jim Clement – Jim no worries about our past. A lot has been going on. Now have major symptoms. If I recall them or write them out its a major trigger for initiating reliving things in my mind.

        There’s a lot to talk about. Do you still have my number or email? I don’t have your contact info. We will have to talk when wife is working.

        I’ve been escorted out of VA at least 3 times, VA Security, local PoPo all have benn involved.

        Get yourself settled with final resting of Erika. Bro if I could, I’d help you out, but VA tenticles has a way of getting into every aspects of your life.

        Sorry bro, been a tough long morning and day. Emotionally wiped out, and memory recall can be and is a struggle. Send me an email with your contact info.

        I hate it when I can’t help others out like I’d like too. Forgive me if this is a little scrambled. I’m not as sharp as before.

  3. Go to the “1hr 30min mark” to see/hear what President Trump had to say about the VA. He’s trying. There’s a number of VHA clinics and hospitals out there not complying with the newly enacted laws! And he’s well aware of these issues!

  4. not on veteran issue but intresting

    More News
    Trucker was watching porn before wreck that killed Minn. highway worker, police say

  5. Hot off the press

    New inspector general report details management issues at Norwood VA

    Nurse training and staffing, leadership and hiring problems plague Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in a new report from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Inspector General.

    A new report from the inspector general for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs points to more mismanagement at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.

    Among the 97-page document’s findings included the VA downplaying the death of a critical care unit patient in late 2018 when a nurse improperly inserted a feeding tube into the patient’s lung. By assigning the death a lower safety score, the VA wasn’t required to analyze its root cause, the report said.

    The death led investigators to discover that only two of 42 critical care registered nurses had adequate documentation of their competencies – such as knowing how to properly insert a feeding tube – in their personnel files. Neither of the two nurses involved in the incident had such documentation.

    In his response to the report, VA Medical Center Director Robin Jackson said the nurse manager overseeing the nurses and one of the RNs had abruptly resigned and that the competency issues would be addressed. During a March 14 visit, however, the facility was unable to provide the inspector general’s office with evidence that all CCU nurses had completed training in proper insertion of the tube, the report said.

  6. Iowa veteran’s survivors sue over VA’s illegal hiring of troubled neurosurgeon

    The survivors of an Iowa veteran who died after brain surgery at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Iowa City are suing the VA for illegally hiring a surgeon with a history of malpractice allegations.

  7. We have so many problems at the va because the penitentiary has taken over the facilities

  8. Best article of the year I mist this one

    Manager at loma linda va a convicted murder

  9. va police hearing a bunch of thugs

    A previous police chief at the same VA in Bedford is in federal prison after pleading guilty in 2014 to “plotting to kidnap, rape and kill women,” according to The Boston Globe. He was police chief when he was arrested, The Boston Globe reported.

    “How did this fall through the cracks?” asked Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich., ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee Subpanel on Oversight and Investigations at the Tuesday hearing.

    The Office of the Inspector General report found that the VA police force of more than 4,000 not only lacked leadership and oversight but had also wasted millions of dollars in overtime and created security gaps. Members of Congress said they were concerned the lack of governance may have led to criminals on the force.

  10. Im a fan on building the wall but there no greater love I believe than a veteran serving another country. Why veterans don’t get permanent citizenship after boot camp beyond me. VA police open jobs in arkansas were dr killed 12 veterans 3000 misdiagnoses. VA has a shortage of mall cops as high as 50 percent vacancy at some facilities

    Congress introduces bills to increase veteran benefits, refund home loan fees, help women veterans
    Abbie Bennett
    July 15, 2019 – 3:26 pm

    Marine Corps veteran denied entry to US for citizenship interview

    Search Results
    The Boston Globe
    A Revere veteran’s legal marijuana job cost him a VA
    loan. Now, Congress is stepping in

    Search Results
    What a Difference a Day Doesn’t Make
    When Hairston was spotted in the unit later that same day, the VA Police were called and an investigation was launched. The result was a …
    2 weeks ago
    Miami New Times
    Miami Police Covered Up Crash Death, Investigative
    Panel Suggests
    Although Gonzalez stated unequivocally that Miami Police officers had … Colina, a veteran MPD cop who previously ran the Internal Affairs …
    4 hours ago
    Kansas City Star
    ‘Queen of cover-ups’: Head of Kansas City VA hospital
    has history of withholding info
    The leader of the Kansas City VA Medical Center has been under fire for … a patient’s death, allegedly at the hands of Veterans Affairs Police.
    2 weeks ago (blog)
    ‘Two-Faced’- VA Whistleblower Retaliation Still A
    National …
    RELATED: VA Police Bodyslamming Veterans … The state of affairs inside VA related to whistleblower protection is an embarrassment.
    3 weeks ago (blog)
    Urgent Veterans Affairs Supply Shortage Risking
    Veterans’ Health
    A supply shortage at Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs Healthcare System has gradually … RELATED: Veterans Gets Settlement Over Police Brutality.
    2 days ago
    Kansas City Star
    Director of Kansas City VA Hospital has history of cover-
    ups from her …
    Kathleen Fogarty, director of the Kansas City VA Hospital, has withheld information of a Veterans Affairs Police altercation with patient Dale …
    2 weeks ago
    Coos Bay World
    Police log | Crime & Courts
    At 6:36 p.m. on Marion Avenue, a report came in of two subjects outside the Veterans Affairs clinic looking into the windows. Officers responded …
    4 hours ago
    The Philadelphia Inquirer
    Veteran Bucks cop used police database to harass driver,
    police say
    Veteran Bucks cop used police database to harass driver, police say … McClay said he recently began an internal-affairs probe, adding that he …
    1 day ago
    Police Officer Job in Fayetteville, Arkansas – Department
    of Veterans …

  11. nothing surprises me anymore with these dickheads. Thats how they get our numbers down . Trash the applications and start imaginary clinics so veterans die no one held accountable but they will go after veterans and whistle blowers.

    They put veterans on mind altering drugs that cause delusions parinioa and suicide. Than when a vet goes nutz they prosecute them for what they did to them. 90 percent of America is impaired

  12. The VA does what the VA wants. I had to go to private care to get help. Had a lung infection. Couldn’t get into VA pulmonary due to a non service clerk who was playing roll of a doctor. Then the VA healthy vet is a poor excuse for medical data system.

    1. “Robert Taylor”,
      I too have had to resort to private healthcare, due to the incompetence of an advanced nurse practitioner. Who couldn’t even read a lab report. Showing I had a UTI come back in June.
      The sad part is, the June lab report states – everything’s the same as the Nov 27th 2018 lab report. Which caused my PCP, a REAL doctor, to send me, by ambulance, to the nearest emergency room – which happened to be a civilian hospital 7 miles away from the VA’s little clinic! The nearest VA hospital/with emergency room is almost 48 miles away. That’s by a toll road! It’s longer down I-4 to go in the back way.

  13. Y’all are not going to believe this about the Veterans Administration. OR, maybe you will.
    This is on “Reddit”. Published 24 hours ago.


    They are heading more and more towards “privatization”!

    1. Here’s a better article;


      Written 22 hours ago!

  14. Here’s another current article from the “Washington Post” –

  15. (OFF-TOPIC) – – – As many of you know, my wife Erika was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Stone Oak Methodist Hospital here in San Antonio, Texas on June 18, 2019.

    On July 11th at 01:35, she passed away. On her last day on this planet, I sat by her bedside holding her hand and talking to her for over twenty hours. I let her know that she was loved, asked her for her forgiveness for my many failings, thanked her for being such a stellar wife for 22 years, and told her that I forgave her for whatever mis-perceived shortcomings she thought she had. I arrived home at 02:20. You can imagine how bereft I am. My whole world is gone. As I have no one here with me, I must endure it alone.

    At 02:25, my phone rang – – – and the sharks began crawling out of the woodwork. All time-critical of course. Organ and Tissue donation questionnaire interviews, and folks wanting to sell me “post-mortem burial insurance”. WTF?

    This screwed up country is long overdue for some national grieving laws with some real teeth in them. At a time when bereaved members of a family are least able to make intelligent decisions – – – that is precisely what is demanded of them.

    Many cultures that we in the United States tend to look down upon around the world actually have (as a society) those cultural laws and traditions in place to protect the family in their hour of greatest vulnerability. Seems to me that the United States could learn many things from other nations – – – if they only cared to. In many ways the “primitive” cultures around the world are far more advanced in the things that truly matter than the United States is.

    The rhetoric of the United States is far different than the reality.

    My plan is to return Erika’s ashes to Oahu – – – to give her a Hawaiian funeral off Lanikai. For now, I must look after the needs of Kolohe Pilikia and little Grundoon. They will (most likely) soon need a new forever home.

    Now, as to my current status:

    Today, I called the North Central Federal Clinic in San Antonio at (210) 483-2900 to schedule a Mental Health appointment. Their webpage is “ “

    What do I get? A Record-O-Bot that lists 5 or 6 options, none of which allow you to schedule an appointment or to speak to a human being. As I am not in crisis, I play phone tag with various Record-O-Bots at various VA numbers for better than 30 to 45 minutes. Now I am in crisis. Call the Crisis Line. State that I am not suicidal but am slowly becoming homicidal and why. Takes Jim on the crisis line a bit of time to get a woman named Cindy at the North Central Federal Clinic teleconferenced into our conversation, and she takes over from there.

    I tell her about my wife, and that I am going off the rails. Smoking after 5 years abstinence. Alcohol after 35 year abstinence. Need Anti-Anxiety medication, etc. Need a priority appointment. When I tell Cindy about the difficulty I had contacting them through their webpage – – – she tells me the correct number to contact them is (877) 537-7348. Roger that.
    With all the money the VA gets in the budget, they cannot keep accurate up to date contact listings for veterans to call?


    We shall see what happens from here . . .

    For those of you who have provided me with telephone and email support since the morning of the 12th, know that I truly appreciate it.

    1. To: “Jim Clement”,
      Our sincerest condolences at a time like this!
      It will get better brother!

    2. Wow Jim C sorry to hear that kind of news. Heart felt condolences to you. If I can do anything on this end let me know. I’d have to dig to find my contact notes on people and especially since having computer issues, and dealing with the crap-storm here.

      “The rhetoric of the United States is far different than the reality.”
      “Cluster Fuck.”
      Sound facts and truth.

      Any vet recovery or grief groups to be found out that way? We have about the same sober time. Careful, that could be like throwing gas on a large commercial leaking propane tank with a satchel nuke inside. Would be for me.

      The cloud’s silver lining is you got to be by her side allowing her to have a love filled send off and Erika was not alone and will not be.

      1. Thanks folks,

        T – – Let me clarify on the alcohol a bit. Not nearly enough for a drunk or even a buzz. Think one or two airline sized miniatures that will help to amplify the effects of some medication I am taking just enough in order to allow me a few hours rest, until I can get into to see a doctor – – – and see what they will suggest that might be able to help me to slow down, take a deep breath, tell the world to politely fuck off, and not have to pay a penalty for having the misfortune of simply being an honest, forthright human being.

      2. @T – – – And yeah. Your analogy is spot on with regards to the alcohol. I have a cooperative neighbor pick it up for me. She has opined that it would be much cheaper for me to buy it in a 750ML bottle or 1L bottle rather than 4 or 6 miniatures at a time.

        Having undergone a live in alcohol detox program in the Naval Hospital Corpus Christi TX in 1982, and abstained since – – – I am somewhat aware of the risks. But if there was ever a time for judicious usage “for medicinal purposes” – – – now is it.

        Will be weaning myself off very soon. Postal tracking # shows Vape Juice with Nicotine arriving tomorrow – – – so will begin weaning myself (once again) off these damn cancer sticks. Worked before. Should work again.

        Funny. Seen a lot of violent, fast death in my life. But we had to go on with zero time to grieve. Our very survival depended upon it. So we did, with zero apparent problems at the time.

        After we rotated back to the world – – – it took some of us a while for the collective problems/symptoms known as PTSD that will be with us the remainder of our lives to manifest themselves. And there is no cure.

        But this death. Just a straight, HARD mule kick to the gut. FUCK.

      3. Jim C, thanks for the clarification, had me worried a tad, but kinda had a feeling/know you had enough sense not to take things into the danger zone, and with other things that need taken care of in short order. That, this, is the reason why I tried to keep a local recovery club open for vets having so many issues and late nights is when it seemed to be more needed when all others are in bed sleeping or whatever. Grief issues (and other issues) are not on time clocks or happen in daylight hours only. Or with the laws with cemeteries being open during day time only didn’t help matters. Sure didn’t help me much many many times either. Late night restaurants or bars, closed churches, fair weather party buds are of little/no use. So I gave folks a safe space over those years and if needed a over-seer if they needed a nip or two to get by without the negatives or losing a AA coin or something. Or having to ‘pay any penalties for being ‘human.’ Take care buddy.

        One more post and I gotta do some neck traction, grab a vibration mat and back to bed. lol

      4. So at 10:00 this morning, I received a call from Kelly (Last Name Omitted) Staff Psychologist who actually GETS vets. Spent 36 minutes on the phone with me, and has me set up with appointments which (hopefully) will prove helpful. Kelly was my first contact with the Texas VA other than my Female PCP. BOTH of them to this point have never let me down, and in fact – – – were they the only VA doctors I had ever had, I too would be one of those veterans who sings the VA’s praises . . .

        But I have had 25+ years of absolutely rotten VA care in Honolulu prior to moving to Texas – – – so I am still ever so suspicious and watchful.

        Yet I must be fair and give credit where credit is due. The ‘Texas VA Healthcare’ side of the house has gotten more done right for me in nine months than Honolulu did in Twenty-Five years.

        The Benefits side of the house remains to be seen. That will be up shortly.

      5. Net back up and running and me too a little.

        Good to hear Jim. I too give credit where it’s due but still have to hit them with a broad brush and clarify later, or with precision give a few credits for being decent or good care from. Or until they got orders from the top to be the opposite. If the positives out-weighed the negatives things may be different. Or since the VA seems fit to keep those revolving doors of care givers spinning or replacing a few good ones with the other kinds.

        I sure do hope after all your trials you’ve landed in a decent spot to live in and a VA to do their jobs.

        Oh. Is it okay for Oldmarine to give me your number by FB messenger? Or he can give you mine.

      6. I have zero problem with Old Marine passing you both my number and e-mail. Would love to hear from you, T.

      7. Thank You Very Much, Old Marine.

        Your “Magic Mojo” worked wonders for me today.

        @T – – – Thanks for your time and patience. Really enjoyed the conversation. Have not had that long a conversation with anyone in quite a while. You are very easy to talk with. It was quite beneficial and liberating to me to say the least.

        We will definitely stay in touch. First ‘good’ day I have had since my wife passed.

      8. Yep, thanks OM and same feelings here too for this Humpty Dumpty, Jim C. Also thanks to Ben for allowing for and providing this site for us. Wish more lawyers or others with some punch would do the same and on local levels, won’t happen though.

        Got me thinking of other episodes I noticed about supply shortages or issues with people getting what they needed. But i think we all got the message and some more truth. I got my first TENS unit in a day, others had to wait for months. Didn’t help much so I gave mine to a guy in group that needed one and wanted one badly. His wait at the time was three months and doors weren’t being opened to him on many issues.

        jy, “penitentiary” is where my last (revolving door) PCP came from after retiring and could tell it and part of reason why my leaving the local CBOC. Plus the new nurse standing by acting like a guard, arms crossed, head bobbing, scowl look on her face. “We are the VA and here to help.” “How can we help you.” “Oh no we can’t do that,” or order this for you. Blah blah. “Your E-vet messages got deleted?” “We have nothing to do with that call tech” blah blah.

        Have a nice hot day out there. Hope the A/C goes out at the VA in DC and in director’s offices. lol

    3. Jim, I am sorry for the loss of your wife. Warmest sympathies. Hang in there. Ask God for strength to move forward. Ask God to stay with you always. Jim, you are going to be okay. ?????

  16. To everyone,
    Here’s how the VA acts. Watch this video:

  17. This is from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Check out the bullshit!

    They really are wanting vets to believe their lies!

  18. Side-bar for Ben. Your email “Read Full Article” button only brings up an orange background “Chapter 31 Appeals Guide”, with no way to navigate away from it. The “Click Here” and “Get Help Now” buttons are in-op. And keep your hands off that IT gal lest we read about you in the paper….

  19. I have seen my appointments canceled remade numerous times without me authorizing it. File a complaint become a target. They won’t allow veterans with other than honorable in but they will hire sex offenders ,falsifiers and corrupt people to run a corrupt agency and point the finger at you when you dont go away and point out the va unethical unlawful practices .

    No hiring one less asshole to fuck your life up.

    1. “jy”,
      Read this article from 06/04/2019. You’ll understand more on the secret wait list.

  20. Implosion! The v.a. cannot support itself. While the v.a. goes out of business, we veterans suffer!

    1. @”Christopher Miller”,
      This is exactly WHY we have to start taking care of ourselves. AND, using the VA’s own “words” against them!
      Like I’ve said; “Shame is a great tool!”

      1. Sorry Elf. One only needs to look at our government’s leadership – at all levels, wearing any color – that shame is a foreign concept.

  21. This one is from June 2019:

    Something not mentioned in the article is how the “accountability act” also applies to VA employees not applying themselves in their field. For example; it was reported in the 2018 VAOIG REPORT, employees were under the microscope for poor performances. That their, quote: “moral was at its lowest point in years!” unquote!
    It would behoove everyone, and I hate the word “behoove”, to download the report and use it against any va employee the next time your attacked!
    Google this statement;
    *”Under new accountability act, VA employees fear one mistake will cost them their jobs!”*
    When a va employee, from top to bottom, insults your integrity, remember these words:
    1.) “Inappropriate behavior” by a VA employee!
    2.) “Sarcastic”, “Rude” and “Obnoxious” behavior!
    3.) “Raising their voices” and/or “Being Belligerent” when they “Refuse to follow Reasonable Requests”: ex; refusing to give the veterans copies of your “progress notes”! That is a federal offence!
    If any VA employee accuses you of anything – be polite and “put your grievance right back on them”!
    Don’t be bullied! There’s laws against that!

    1. Elf, OM, it would be nice if such laws or professional ethics were enforced or could be investigate… VA or civilian. Like stated before laws don’t mean shit in Indiana, in or out of court, in hospitals, according to the elected, media, med boards, lawyers, whatever.

      My OT crapola.
      Need to get back on FB and to look up the house of shame stuff. Took a spill off my truck days back re-doing my sign and frame work. Did a very nice 1 and 1/2 gainer flip and fall/dive over the side. No bounce, no more cat-like landings or soft landings. Such grace to behold, like a hog on ice. Time up is more limited and going to take a bit to recover from. Can’t get comfy and sitting to typing hurts. lol The end.

      Yeah, there is no shame in them at any level. Totally agree. They have the empathy and sympathy of a sociopath, incurable narcissists. Sadist really who do the harassing, networks of retaliation, etc., and fully know what they do to others, scorn, union/activist thuggery. Hmmm oh that’s called burn-out or compassion fatigue so they can have tantrums, run people out of waiting rooms, explode, take it out on patients who don’t need the crap, and give excuses.

      I wrote here about it when I got the box of meds from Canada due to prescription shortages here in the states and the VA. About the same times as the Feds wanting to stop senior citizens from having the ability to order meds from cheaper resources like Canada. Then passing laws to restrict it or the need for prescriptions, etc. Supply more for foreigners and cheaper too while we pay higher costs, have to wait, or do without. Odd.

      Shame? Cant’ shake that one. Don’t think there is much shame or conscious in this present society or culture or in college towns, or expected today from grade 1 up.

      Ouch ouch ouch out.

  22. Elf …That’s the only reason I’m on Spybook, And I don’t give a shit if they try to retaliate, Like T would say what are they going to do Eat Me…LOL

    1. @”Oldmarine”,
      Thanks I needed that.
      My wife wants you to know she just went on Facebook and Twitter and let everyone know how corrupt SOME (NOT ALL) VA employees are!

  23. Here’s an April 2019 article explaining what many vets are talking about;
    Read it carefully!

    1. Crazy Elf, I just read the politico article about Jeff Miller and the Lobbying of the VA. Do you want to hear my opinion of the article? It is a pile of shit. I have been around awhile and I have witnessed the change of the VA. I personally believe it started declining when they started outsourcing care other than fee basis. I remember the before and the now. The problem is everything has become so politicized and a big pile of shit. I never wanted them to fully privatize the VA. I wanted them to enforce laws and hire qualified medical professionals and treat veterans like real decent human beings. When I first entered the VA, I be honest the VA was more in the veterans corner than they are today. After reading this article, this just turned my stomach. Phony medications etc… I will explain this remark later. I have to go to bed. Reading this article has almost made me puke. I will not be voting for any Democrat or Republican. I will not even be voting for a 2020 Presidential Candidate. Not even President Trump. Best.

      1. “Angela”,
        Don’t stop believing you can’t make a difference. If you bow out then the VA wins!

  24. VA needs to keep Veterans on the books. They are also calling up and changing appointments, rescheduling, then changing them back to the original dates. Why? So they can look as though they are seeing the same Veteran multiple times. Or are they trying to confuse the Veteran and make him/her seem unstable. Or get the Veteran on the disruptive list. I say its all of the above.

  25. When you see such egregious acts being committed by VA employees on this and other vet centric sites, put the article on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and any other site to get the word out!
    “Shaming the VA into submission” can be a powerful tool for justice against a corrupt government agency and news medias!

  26. Why are these people, who have NEVER served one day in military service being allowed to run the VA and collect 6 figure salaries? If you have not ever served, then how can you possibly understand the needs of those who have served. If more of those who have or are serving in the military were to be employed to run the VA, this country would not be having this terrible crises with everything the current VA handles. Yes, most of those top DOGS currently employed by the VA are only concerned with their well being and their bank accounts, forget the guys and girls who risked their lives to serve the USA.
    Why are those making $800K and changing DD214’s and other vital records to avoid having to grant a claim for soldiers who risk their life, still making $800K and never been prosecuted for this crime? Only transferred to another division?? To me it says top corruption. The news media very softly reported this incident. I am sure it is not the only one happening throughout the VA.

  27. Betting the Bonus Packages are flowing freely. Unnecessary, yet, still failing computer updates are constant. Contracts to friends of VA employees are funded strong. VA police are still getting paychecks as they beat to death veterans, especially older veterans. Voc Rehab is pencil whipping day quotas while illegally denying veterans education and/or training to be self productive. VA employees at local clinics get away with lying about veterans getting timely care.
    The list of VA self adherence goes on and on and on……..

    Yet!! Nothing gets done. Sites like this only benefit the creator, designer, and owner. How many years, decades, has the VA been getting away with criminal actions, literally murdering veterans at will and denying veterans their EARNED benefits? How long has the VA been ignoring laws, rules, and policies and how long have there been avenues of complaint, without resolve??????

    1. @”OIFMACK”,
      Damn if you didn’t hit that proverbial nail square on its head!
      I gotta sneaky suspicion veterans are heading towards private sector healthcare! All because the top echelon at VA is pilfering taxpayers monies.
      As namnibor and many, many others have stated; “Follow the money!”

  28. “Now they’re running around telling everybody to order anything they need from whoever we can get it from,”
    That will save them a bundle of Money ….Ha Ha Ha……Glad they are going to get smaller Bonuses instead, The greedy Bastards

    1. OldM and Angela. Before I trudge back to bed.
      “But, thousands of hands being involved in the VA process serves in nobody’s best interest.”
      Right on target to the greed. We are up against a monstrous system filled with monstrous greedy freaks of nature, VA or not.

      With some of my trips to ‘Prosthetics’ they seemed to constantly being out of something or sending out the wrong stuff or told “the order is in and waiting” on other materials or needs. TENS units, CPAP filters, other goodies. Guys spoken with had to keep returning for busted leg prosthetics or artificial limbs loosening or malfunctioning like on using stairs or walking, not having the material to fill their needs. Then changing to cheaper goods and makes instead of staying with older tried and truer well tested things, like specialty shoes. Oh no, after getting the bucks they had to go to cheaper made things, longer wait times, and where the monies went to the VA is beyond me but the vets paid the price in the end… cheap stuff and new companies/contractors and to which will not do business with vets on some things as individuals. So products won’t be found to be purchased and used as before. The makers of a nice cushioned sock the VA used to carry can’t be found or purchased today either. Must a been a secret contract and material from the space aliens or something.

      Bed time. I’m too damn old and tore up to be having accidents or flopping around on the ground like a Carp fish on a sandbank.

      Oh Angela, forgot to mention. We deal with all those phony PACS too along with the rest, and lobbyist scumbags. At the old Legion I belonged to I had a chance to meet some of those freaks on both sides of the “political action committees.” All they did was blow smoke, play games, lied, ignored, and both could report all the PACS being on the same side of issues. Didn’t care much about vet issues, censoring, retaliation issues, etc. But they sure do join together to being in casinos to give vets something to do or ruin, all supporting every evil anti-American issue out there including open boarders and doing what all the rest want because they don’t want to upset all the masters and controllers out there which is a very very long list including foreign nations we are to bow to. All those out there and on TV claiming to be do-gooders and feed the hungry or care are phony behind the scenes and self-serving.
      Now some trac and bed.

      1. Oh I agree with you T.
        In my opinion the only credible organization for feeding the poor is named, “Food for the Poor.”
        Organization puts Bible verses for the day in it’s emails and on it’s website. Laura Ingram stands up for this organization.

  29. *”the agency [VA] is simply concerned with numbers that make the agency look good rather than [for] the well-being of veterans.!”* I believe one could say that should be the VA’s “motto”! We’re in July, so the “numbers” have to start looking good for VA’s employees. So they can receive their bonuses come September!

    As for this being a way to force veterans into the private sector. Where we would have to pay out of pocket. I’m starting to agree with you. Especially over what I have been experiencing over the past 8 or 9 months!

      1. I should not have made this statement because ultimately I do not like what his happening. What I have noted across the board regardless of the issue whether it be immigration or VA or ??? there are only a handful of people in both government and in private sector who want to follow the laws and enforce the laws. They want to blame everything on racism or some category of identity politics. As per the VA, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to just enforce laws in the VA, hire more qualified medical personnel, and act with decency.
        But, you see they do not want to do what is right for the agency and the veterans. All they are doing is turning the VA agency into a money laundering system for lobbying companies and federal contractors. They are a big pile of shit to me. If I were to run into Jeff Miller over in the panhandle, I would tell him to his face this very statement. About lining more pockets and to hell with the American veterans. I have always thought to correct what we have. But you see from the way I see it is, they themselves contributed to a problematic VA. They derail it; and, then claim, “Oh we have to fix it.” All a ploy to disguise the money flow out of the VA into many companies’, politicians’, and elitists’ hands. None of these individuals are really that concerned to honestly deliver to the American veterans. At one point in the past, I had thought Jeff Miller might have been an ethical and decent person. I knew he was heading to the lobbyers after he left Congress. But, I did not realize the situation would turn into a pile of corrupt shit. Oh, yes, in my opinion, they have all lost sight of purpose over a dollar bill.???? I do not see that veterans are being treated with any respect ???.
        I honestly don’t. All a phony facade to weasel into the system to position themselves to where it looks like they are providing services to the veterans and in reality they are not. These companies / lobbyists / politicians in my opinion are acting indirectly as wolve leeches wearing sheepskin clothing. Hear my truth Benjamin. If it was shutdown, then nobody could keep this money trail going. But not sure what the veterans would do though. This is the issue.

    1. Crazy Elf, hear my comments below or above. Not sure where this post will be positioned.

    2. Years ago when I entered the VA, there were just a few lobbyists. Over the years, the Congress and the Senate have been sources for many of the problems in the VA. Also, the DOD has also been part of the problem. My points relate to how the VA has just served as their dumping grounds with being left in the dark at many given times. Oh yes. Yes, the VA has had it’s issues but like I mentioned previously the VA years ago was more in the Veteran’s corner. Now, Benjamin I am not knocking Secretary Robert Wilkie either. He inherited the problems. But, thousands of hands being involved in the VA process serves in nobody’s best interest. I am not taking up for the VA all the way because they could have been more accountable with the physicians and the medical personnel that they were hiring. Plus, they could have honored laws and acted with a greater degree of humaneness as well as ethicality. Finally, I do not agree with all these lobbyists involved in the VA process. Plus, all these companies. They are taking away instead of adding to it’s real purpose. Too many hands collapses.
      Keep It Simple Stupid.????

  30. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that Uncle is working at breakneck speed to plunge VHA healthcare into the private sector. That, then forces us to pay out of our own pockets for our EARNED healthcare benefits promised to us when we signed the line.
    I have no working knowledge of Contract Law, but why does it seem that Uncle can change contract terms to suit weekly whims, which ultimately always work against the veteran’s best interest?

    1. Yup. The squeeze is on. While the Choice flag is being waved, Pig Med is dragging its feet on Pharm, consumables, and Durable Med Equip. I had to wait an extra six weeks for a very simple cheap med to get filled. It normally would have been turned around in a week or less, from the time I hit “send” on MyHealthEVet. I asked about the delay – all I got was “back-ordered”. More motivation to stay healthy.

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