Veterans Unite, Candidates’ Feet Finally Held to the Fire

This past month, hundreds of veterans united to tell candidates and incumbents what to expect moving forward. From now on, veterans will not be easily divided and dismissed when it comes to our benefits and overall policy.

Within the recent “Hold Them Accountable Survey,” veterans were largely unified against the forces wishing to balance the budget on the back for veterans and our benefits.

Over the past year, both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have come against veterans’ benefits behind a mixture of strategy aimed at reducing these same benefits. To combat this for 2012, we came up with this survey to ensure future candidates will be unable to easily diminish the country’s commitment to its veterans.

Moving forward, we will pose the Veterans Pledge to all candidates and the current president. Our goal is to keep these politicians accountable. Veterans are sick and tired of lip service every Veterans Day. We’re ready for a change.

This survey is the start of a bigger strategy – unify the veteran-voting block behind core principles to which we all agree. This way, special interests and big business will have a greater struggle when it comes to buying votes with lobbying dollars.

In the new future, a future where veterans are empowered, businesses and politicians will need to pay attention to us or we’ll fire them. End of story. We won’t buy your things and you won’t get our votes.

The time has come for us veterans to show the world just how sophisticated we really are. With the best training in the world of any military in the history of humanity, as veterans, we damn well can turn this country around, with or without Washington’s politics as usual.

To you career politicians in Washington D.C., it’s time to either jump on board or get the hell out of the way. We fought for it. We bled for it. This is our country!

The “Hold Them Accountable Survey” is the first of many surveys of its kind. The time has come for a new D.C., whether the bureaucrats are ready for it or not. The March is on.

Click here to read the results of the Veterans’ Survey.


[Update: Due to demand, survey was reopened. Click here to take the Veterans Survey.]

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