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The Power Hour: How Much Was Website? Listen As Krause Explains The Answer

In case you missed it, I was on The Power Hour last night on GCN with my good friend Dave Gahary. In 2014, we simultaneously, but uncoordinated, exposed high compensation rates for Disabled American Veterans leadership that presently eclipses half a million dollars.

Gahary was expelled from DAV shortly after demanding the organization immediately reform its grotesque pay practices. Meanwhile, DAV talked smack about me behind closed doors to VA officials in an apparent attempt to cut off my political reach into the agency.

Neither move shut either of us down. We still blast DAV for their enormous egos. And, DAV still gives us more fodder to hit them on including the 40 percent compensation increase of the head DAV slot from $350,000 in annual compensation to over $500,000 during the most scandal-plagued period of VA’s history.

Good time to ask for a pay raise?

Just how can they live with themselves? I guess any guilt is likely assuaged by their fast cars and cabins in the mountains.

Aside from my fun hobby of tracking DAV, for the past 4 years, I have been investigating government contracting. Gahary is presently addressing the USS Liberty Massacre and promoting a movie called Erasing The Liberty, the story of how the US Navy is covering up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty.

During this radio show, I break news about the new website contract I just received and will be looking into in more depth. The new website was created in 2016 by the vendor Ad Hoc LLC for the tune of $40 million.

That is right. I received a FOIA response from VA at the start of the interview and was able to break that news for Dave who was guest hosting The Power Hour this Friday.

Audio Of Interview:

June 29, 2018 (hour 1) – Guest Host Dave Gahary + Guest Ben Krause

June 29, 2018 (hour 2) – Continued w/ guest host Dave Gahary + Guest Ben Krause

For some background, Ad Hoc is one of the companies that worked on the massive failure of a website to launch Obamacare called Now, after the show, I did a little searching around. Ad Hoc was called in to fix the problems rather than guilty of publishing the broken mess, to begin with.

The term “ad hoc” basically means a situational fix that is thrown together not part of a long-range plan.

One of my contacts told me VA really wanted to use the URL but the Department of Labor would not part with it for some reason. So, VA developed the web property instead of fixing the existing website

Why have two websites doing the same thing?

I am not sure at this point. But I promise to look into it.

Here are the show’s notes and links to the audio.

The Power Hour Show Notes

Veteran writer and broadcaster Dave Gahary sits in for Daniel Brigman today on The Power Hour


New show on Rense Radio: The USS Liberty Massacre Hour – Airs Thursdays from 4-5PM CST

Listen here:

Book: Erasing the Liberty: The Battle to Keep Alive the Memory of Israel’s Massacre on the USS Liberty

A full-length feature film based on Phil and Dave’s new book, Erasing the Liberty: The Battle to Keep Alive the Memory of Israel’s Massacre on the USS Liberty is being produced and distributed in 2018.

Movie Trailer:

For information on donating to help fund the movie please visit:

If you would prefer to make a non-Internet donation, checks, money orders or cash can be sent to:

Erasing the Liberty LLC

6256 Bullet Drive

Crestview FL 32536

Ben Krause, veteran advocate and attorney joins David on The Power Hour today to discuss PTSD awareness and shed light on the scandals of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Friday Song: He is Yahweh

Listen to the show live:


Some readers were wondering about DAV and some of our research so I thought I’d post some recent details here.

I suggest you look at the newest IRS 990 to review exactly how DVA is spending its money and where some of the money is coming from.

VA federally gave DAV a grant of $210,966 for its VA Transportation Network. Overall, DAV gets millions from VA federally and all the state level VA organizations each year. It’s like a franchise in how the state chapters fund the national organization.

Those VHA vans serve as massive and free advertising (DAV plastered all over) while also enjoying GOVERNMENT licensure and likely insurance, gas, and volunteer drivers. It’s cheap advertising without the liability.

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  1. Interesting watch for our “freedoms” during the fourth of juju lie.

    On Direct TV satellite they are showing this on Free Speech TV (FSTV) #348 locally. Amazing since they are far from ‘free speech’ and more lefty than not. There are six parts to it that I can’t find them all in order or otherwise. Segments I watched 2 and 3 points out those at “the top” ruling the joint, the whole sheebang of government. Why things won’t change, will never change, and those far above the laws and Constitution. Akin to the SES and far above them. Keeping justice, change, to health care, rights, freedoms, out of our hands down here on the sub-levels of the pyramid scheme of life in ‘Murika.’ Oh, and regardless of party affiliations or their lying platforms of change… or hope.



  2. You know, so many people are concerned about if and how Russia and Putin might have interfered or influenced election and other parts of our govt. Well, just a thought: We KNOW how much influence Israel has on our govt. It seems that everything going on in America has an Israeli tone to it. Seems that if we are concerned about someone interfering in our govt. affairs, we might want to question that part of influence. Just my humble opinion. This comes to mind after reading the story of Israel destroying the USS Liberty. Think anyone else could get away with such actions??

  3. was extremely sick, DAV was handling case. They did nothing and didn’t appeal anything, just had to submit medical notes. Everything is a mess, it doesn’t matter because at the end of time, will work itself out. It just hangs over your head so long and gets stressful. All because an ignorant asswipe took a class and doesn’t matter he was stupid at birth, now an expert working for you. Too messed up to advocate for myself, between them and the the hospital I just can’t take anymore. They have now changed or deleted 60% of medical notes, reports and messages for the last 2 years to cover mistakes. Only liable for 2 years otherwise be more. I’ve called and emailed the DAV for help, I get a letter a day before or the same day the VA is sending something and haven’t talked in 5 years. Asked 10x+ to take off as contact, no one listens.

  4. “”

    Find this scumbag. String them up by their genitals and just let them die slow and agonizing deaths.

    1. I was reading that too wondering if it was vA related, what dirt bags would do that to the oldest living veteran wtf. I have a swearing problem i admit, but sometimes, sometimes.

  5. IRT…
    “and since the VA takes it’s sweet ass time sometimes”…

    It took many years for my VA decision of 40%, and even more years to approve 100% disability.
    I was homeless during much of that time it took VA to decide my claims.
    No Veteran should have to endure such pain of basic living quality of life… That’s one unacceptable issue that pisses me off.

    1. I feel you. I’m fighting 4.5 years currently for 100% PTSD with an OTH and some awols. My attorney and therapist showed up to the NOD hearing and argued successfully that I was insane at the time of conduct.

      The last 2 years have been pretty drag ass. I’m fortunate to have a woman in my life that loves me in spite of myself currently going on 7 years. So needless to say I’m not in as dire straights as the next guy. I have been homeless in my life. Shelters suck. The streets suck. Prison sucks. Winter on the streets in New England REALLY REALLY suck.

      But I keep telling myself to gut it out. Nut the fuck up. Grit my goddamned teeth and get through it. I don’t know whats going to happen next. I keep expecting my phone to ring to schedule a C&P but so far no dice. So instead of pissing and moaning about my situation, which I do plenty of, I decided to also and avail myself of the resources that I have. Namely, the internet. I’m not an expert but I’m getting better and sooner or later I’m going to have the info I need to win my case.

      I guess my biggest fear is walking into the C&P session and the examiner turns out to be a complete quack. I don’t know how I’m going to handle that. Nothing about this process is painless. The VA chews you up and the VA spits you out with impunity. When you get angry or act out they use it to validate their claims that they can’t treat you. Hell now a days all you have to do is give somebody the evil eye and it’s out the door you go. We’re not human beings to this agency. We’re cord wood and afforded about the same attention and duty except when it comes time to shove a log in the fire.

      The one thing I don’t really see on vet boards. Is an abundance of veterans claiming the VA is doing a good job with their healthcare. I’m sure there are a few vets who are getting good quality care somewhere. Unfortunately I feel the vast majority are under served. In light of recently released internal numbers, my opinion would appear to be validated.

      Haven’t seen you around before. So allow me to say hello.

      1. Wylde Chylde, I have to admit that I do get pretty good care. It took me almost 20 years to get the doctor I have now. He is the most caring, compassionate doctor I have EVER met in the VA system. He listens. If a vet has concerns about something, he will put in consult. Inside or outside. Or order a test. What sucks is, he retired last Sept. but working 3 days a week. I make sure that any time I need to go in, he is there. The first time I went to him, he sat face to face with me and wanted to know my entire story. Not what had been falsified in my records. My old lad left me last year after 30 plus years. The first visit I had afterwards he asked where’s Momma”. When I told him that she had all she could stand I guess, and took off. I thought the man was going to cry. He really cares about his patients. Something very seldom seen from VA docs. He calls me at home just to check on me. What really SUCKS is the care I see other vets get here. I’m not trying to defend the VA, by no means. I just thought I would tell my little story. That I know of ONE Good VA Doctor. Thanks for listening. PEACE!

      2. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        Old Hippy, we always listen to our brothers and sisters here, keep on posting, and we will keep on listening.

  6. So far I haven’t found a single decision under Section 4 of the 14th either asserting Veterans’ claims or denying even the application to a veteran’s claim. In 1988, when I first started trying to get something done for veterans’ with organic brain syndromes, there were two volumes of indexed citations (the books you see in court rooms) on the 14th Amendment. There wasn’t one citation of a case under Section 4 of the 14th.
    So, no I can’t provide anything else. All I can do is argue the case that it applies to all veterans because it was written as a correction of the abuses of the Revolutionary War and its extension, The War of 1812. It is also clear that it changes the Article I Section 7 & 8 as they are currently practiced in Congress.
    Presently, Congress can pass laws that are in effect meaningless. Take the extension of the Choice Act. Feather in the cap of those who voted for it but no appropriation for it so it is meaningless.
    Section 4, of the 14th was intended to end this practice a long time ago but it has never been challenged. The guarantee of debt created by lawful contracts and awards is guaranteed. The Congress, once passing a law and getting the President to sign it has no power to circumvent its effect upon the Treasury by withholding an appropriation. My reading which I can see no other reading given the Citizens United Decision and the Bivens Doctrine which both assert “Constitutional rights erosion” as SCOTUS decision in essence making the Constitution the only Sovereign in the U S.

    Since there are no cases specific to Section 4 of the 14th it appears to me to be an open question for an Appeals Court or SCOTUS to decide.

    1. I do recall a couple of years ago either reading or hearing something to the effect that when you put in a claim for comp/pen you are, in effect, laying claim to property in the form of benefits owed and since the VA takes it’s sweet ass time sometimes to the tune of decades, they are effectively denying you your property without due process. Not sure if that helps at all. And I will also admit that beyond a face value understanding of the USC I’m in deep in that regard.

      I do understand congress passes laws with no teeth. They look good on paper, everybody gets to clap each other on the back and nothing changes.

      I also understand from reading an article last week that really the only time a case makes it to the SC is if there are 2 different challenges to it so that the SC may look at the differing points of view and at what the law says and then render a decision. I suspect you’ll have more luck at the appellate level.

    1. Yeah I saw that to. Talk about complete wastes of money…You could have gotten any halfway decent coder fresh out of High School to do a better job for a small fraction of that nowadays…Government waste at it’s finest. Right up there with the 25million 10 spot parking lot last year or the year before. It makes me wonder what the going price of a hammer is these days or maybe I should get into toilet seats…

      1. That’s a little beyond greedy. Double click and select view page source. Security through obscurity
        I think the VA should be legally obligated to post Enter At Own Risk signs at every entrance, and website, of course that could be in the fine print.

  7. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    See what I mean about the VA? Every single one of these VSO’s have ceo’s cfo’s, presidents, vice presidents, etc, and are staffed by HONORABLY DISCHARGED COMBAT VETERANS……………….. Let that sink in for a second, go back and re read that line……….

    Most of you, if not all, are wanting, or requiring, a HONORABLY DISCHARGED COMBAT VETERAN, to take the top spot at the VA. Is there ANY question at all, in your minds now, that it will not matter the persons background? I say it will not matter, that Veteran or civilian once exposed to the corruption, free money, and unadulterated scum, that is the VA, they to will be converted to swamp dregs. Know what i mean?

    The best idea, I have heard yet, is from WyldeChylde, we band together, and create our own VSO, and start firing back. I think at first, it will be a great thing. I also believe, over the years, it to will become infected by the VA dregs, and end up being, just another funny hat VSO.

    You know there is not a damn thing, that is ever going to change, unless we make it change. It takes more than those deemed honorable by the government, rapists, murderers, thieves, and liars, have all been deemed honorable by the government. No sir, it takes much more than that, it takes the kind of people, that no matter what the fuck is coming down the pike, they have each others back, NO MATTER WHAT!!

    I am not thinking clearly at the moment, and if I continue, I will end up saying something I may regret.

    Happy 4th of July, and stay safe, this day, historically is the most fatal.

    Later Gators -!ii!-

    1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      One more thing,, is a useless waste of money, lipstick on a pig, is all it is.
      Adios, see ya on the flipside.

    2. HAH! I must have slipped into an alternate dimension because for the past 2 days this lefty has been on a roll in this right wing town 😉

      I’ll do you one further. I’ll argue that in order to wage a complete scorched earth campaign against the VA we need a national party with a solid hardcore disgruntled veteran leadership. Once the party is in order and properly recognized nationwide we start running candidates for national office in congress. Can you picture a Senate VA oversight committee comprised solely of pissed off veterans? You wanna talk about pucker time… 😀 😀 😀

      That’s definitely a whole lot of goddamned work though with no guarantee of results. It also requires abandonment of preconceived labels we would no longer be right wing or left wing conservative or liberal. Hell I don’t even know what you’d call such a party. I’d like to nominate the ACP or the American Citizens Party. Somebody will probably come up with a better name.

    3. CJ. You put me in mind of this guy who has been fighting for some truth, real information, and change:

      I see his point on this and more but personally I am in the shit too deep to just be silent like so many people and groups desire while they attack the hell out of me. Oh, and disallowed due process of laws, openly persecuted that is supported by all the corruption from local levels to “the top.” If we demand change that means exposing generations of nepotism, countless people getting gov pay checks for doing nothing, to redundant offices that could and should be shut down. But no, money, power, greed, connections, corruption above all else.

      I’ve always known when taking on any issue here or taking stands against things like the VA, et al, is a losing battle. There is just too much deep seated corruption going on plus all the anti-American, anti-veteran, anti-white person (male) sentiments, and much more going on. We aren’t supposed to have national pride, nationalism, nor have any sense of white heritage pride or be labeled a hater or supremacist shit.

      The below shows what this country has turned into for generations and Americans and vets are not part of their concerns or any demands for change and decency.

      Short memories. Guess people side step the old protest years back when foreigners, illegals, were burning the flag and openly stating they are out to destroy white people, destroy our country and “Kill or kick all Europeans off their continent.” The left and Hollywood supported it all too obviously. Now the communist want the USA to be the only nation in the world without borders and to allow us to all become less safe, over populated, and have to deal with more crap and corruption like with the VA and all the corruption we already have here. But the communist want us to live like they do in Venezuela, Mexico, or in White ethnic cleansing South Africa the MSM refused to report on like they bury tons of news, historical events, like the Liberty, erase our history by Cultural Marxism, and much more.

      Then some of us are told to get the public involved or if our nations vets had issues with corruption there would be protest in the streets for us? BS. We are not part of any agenda for change. The VSOs to media, to the “top” have shown that very well.

      Happy fourth. While the TV says we are free and live in perfect global villages.

      1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        I hear what your saying T, I think everyone here can remember a day long ago, when each of us, regardless of our particular past, had a great deal more freedom, national pride, etc.

        It’s all about the money my friend, it’s as simple as that. It’s the money that breeds corruption, and imported slaves (illegals), that funds the pockets of the corrupt.

        What a wonderful life George!

        Later Gators -!ii!-

  8. I’m going to spend the afternoon looking up the U S Attorney’s citations on “Sovereignty”. So far as I can tell the Constitution reserves “all rights not expressly given the government to the States and to the People respectively.” The only way to read that is the only “Sovereign” in the united states is the Constitution which expressly gives the people Due process and other guarantees. Any other Sovereignty has to be invented. And such inventions need to be overturned. One of the Attorney’s citations is a lower court ruling that has never been challenged under the Constitution.

    And the U S Atty is saying I can’t raise a Constitutional Challenge?

  9. So I just reread the 14th sec 4 and I’m not seeing a specific reference to veterans. I do see a lot about payment of bounties and pensions upon successful resolution of an insurrection or rebellion. Do you have anything further to clarify?

  10. For those interested in following my FTCA case, note your interest here or send Ben an email if you have his email address. I’ve sent him the primary Briefs to date which include the Judges Dismissal without prejudice giving me some time to refile.

    The U S Attorney is relying upon a “government sovereignty” against being sued (no where to be found in the Constitution or any authorization for the government to claim sovereignty. 5th Amendment guarantees Due Process and Section 4 of the 14th Amendment guarantees the Debt of the United States including that created by law to veterans except veterans of an insurrection against the United States.

    Even with the passage of the 14th Amendment there were Civil War veterans that it didn’t work for: The Sultana steamboat disaster in 1865, at the end of the Civil War, has been called America’s worst maritime disaster. More people died in the sinking of the riverboat Sultana than on the Titanic. She was carrying Union Veterans of the Civil war that had just been release from Confederate prisoner of war camps.
    Sultana [Steamboat] – Encyclopedia of Arkansas

    1. Sounds like their trying to fall back on “The King can do no wrong” defense out of merry old England. The reason being that since a King is supposed to be ordained by god then he must not be capable of doing wrong since god is not capable of doing wrong.

      there should be a wealth of information on the net related to the above quoted doctrine. Hope it helps

  11. Good show Ben. You may have stepped into some deep shit even daring to mention the USS Liberty and our shadow government that rules over us all today, and above any and all laws, morals or ethics. Should be clear how easy it is for some well connected scum, the absolutely corrupt, to attack or persecute people to covering up many things like is done today. Or all out to ruin individuals who may step on some toes trying to seek some justice or simple health care in or out of the VA. Then connect more dots about why the Donald made so many cabinet picks like Pence and Coats among others from the totally occupied state of Indiana. Hmmmm. We even have the IDF and the once embedded American military staff with them here teaching the Israeli way to live, to prevent or secret tactics used against possible school shooters to police, teachers, etc. How nice! Plus we can’t record things at the police station, court house or courts, some meetings any longer. More…. hmmmmm. Oh and the hard line censoring and attacks on people like me. Oh and can’t forget this part… being told in small claims court prior to open court in-chambers about who not to bother with simple claims or courts… while the Masonic rings were being played with, smiles a plenty, no due process or ethics there either. Judge say; Good case buddy, witnesses present, forms filled out well… case dismissed have a nice day. They don’t recuse themselves here either. Welcome to the Gaza Strip and open air prison camp of the USA. The test state for the rest of the nation, now occupied.

    Here is the most recent report from the Senate about my grievances. Some of which they simply just ignored and side-stepped like why local attorneys are getting by with telling vets their VA disability is NOT exempt from bankruptcies when they are told it is per the feds and state officials. Hmmmm.

    As for damages by the VA like the broken jaw I am to file a TORT claim along with more releases of info to spread around. And for the VA regional offices. More waste of time and spread of info. Especially just over the broken jaw thing I can’t find a local dentist or oral surgeon to even X-ray the damned thing. Now I can’t even find a PCP or MD and now supposed to play this game on top of other things going on three years later? And still can’t wear my bottom dentures and go through daily hell with the TMJ stuff plus other crap.

    Nothing mentioned about how civvy MDs, corporate owned hosptials can also refuse to give us copies of our medical files or how they lied on the ones sent out that didn’t match what was seen and told in their offices. After my one week post op check at the VA dental and was told all looked well even with the bruising and swelling. Then when that swelling went down and pulling jaw bone and teeth chips outta my jaw I never returned to the VA or their stupid ass pain clinic. Oh, and nothing was mentioned about our treatment and contract we were told we’d have to sign to continue on with VA care. Must be easy for all the paper pushers to just smooth things up and pass along all the shit, then forget about it all.

    Secure Messaging being scrubbed. Odd, the info wasn’t to be found three years ago by the patient advocates but now they inform me that messages are stored when active for a year? (Then why delete them or scrub them at the time when I could refer to them as proof? Why?) Older than a year can be obtained by more Release of Information forms requests. “Any and all secure messages sent and received on this account may be had.” (??????) Three years later and not at the time of need waaaayyy back when??? After some have no doubt been scrubbed of negativity or mentioning who and what was doing the game playing? Should have been in my requested files for “everything communications included” from 2015 the bastards… more circus maximus.

    Told in same epistle to go back to the VA for a visit and evaluation by the same whore (one of them) I left over in the first place? The same “team/clinic?” “Difficult to determine what kind of care he needs?” Isn’t/wasn’t it all in my files to begin with during their game playing and long waiting times for the PAs or clinic staff to their jobs over simple many years of simple clinic referrals?

    Happy fourth… but we ain’t free, at all.

    1. Please forgive my question, I suffer daily due to multiple TBI’s incurred during active duty:
      Is the reference to “USS Liberty” involve the ship that purposely went aground to allow ADM McCarther(sp?) to escape situation?
      My grandfather shared scrapbook of fellow POWs writing’s on onion skins, ets., While detained. But my brain damaged self suffers memory recall issues. Ugh.

      1. Nope, must have been another ship and story. Watch the movie about the Liberty it’s a good one.

  12. I no longer belong to the DAV, VFW, American Legion, and I stopped supporting Wounded Warrior. All of these are politically oriented, devious, and criminal puppets of thE VA and D.C…….
    And the common link to all of these groups of organized crime, is the mistreatment, disrespect, and manipulation of the veterans, their families, and Soldiers serving.
    I reached out to Chairman Roe. That SOB did not even respond, not even an automated response….
    I am guessing that if a veteran is gonna set himself on fire in front of a VA facility, the worst is yet to come and in the end, veterans will not only win, but own the VA and probably D.C..

    1. The only way you get a response from the power elite in Washington is if you’re persistent. Keep fucking calling. Get to know every single intern by name and present in Washington for meetings. Of course the later involves money to get to and from so that avenue of access is cut off for likely 90% or more of us.

      1. I will say this, in support of Local DAV, they drive a van full of Veterans to the Seattle VA, from my town in Oak Harbor WA, and pick up vet’s along the way.
        Otherwise, it’d be an 11-hour day on public transit. For this, I am grateful.

      2. Otherwise, during my initial DAV review of medical records for possible disabilities, he said to me “Gayle, YOU just won’t die!!!”
        I replied “it’s not for lack of them trying.!!!”

      3. Zackirk, The DAV drivers are paid by the VA. I suspect the DAV also receives the Vans through lobbyists interested in reducing veteran entitlements to travel. One is not required to take the DAV van if available. But if you are in a wheel chair the DAV Van doesn’t have to pick you up. And the VA can refuse to transport you to your appointment even if it is for a service connected position.
        Know this from a 1994 experience with the VA. The Assistant Director of the Cheyenne VA stated he wouldn’t authorize the full travel benefit required to get me from Douglas, WY to Cheyenne, WY because he couldn’t pay unauthorized travel, (those with non service connected conditions and less than a combined rating of 30% travel). I was 50% combined at the time and being seen for my TBI condition then rated as an “organic personality disorder.” Travel was necessary with a wheel chair because I was limited to lifting and carrying less than 3lbs for an as yet non-service connected spinal disc disease. So to take the overnight bag for the required stay over to meet the DAV van schedule I needed my VA provided wheel chair.

        Cheyenne has always been a problem for veteran care.

  13. How can they live with themselves’s? Their morally bankrupt. I hit a young squirrel on the road the other day, couldn’t help it, and felt like ripping my guts out, almost brokedown, but pulled my self together. These people steal money from disabled veterans and go buy creature comforts, while veterans suffer. I think you guys pretty much know how i feel. I guess i have more respect for a squirrel.

  14. I used the DAV last year and they neglected to file my paperwork with the VA for combat related injuries. I received a letter from the VA declining any responsibilities in my case – same old tune since 1968 from the VA. I then hired a Legal VSO and all my cases have been reopened. Avoid the DVA and other “free” VSO’s and hire a real caring legal VSO. Mine is CCK out of providence, RI. Great firm…

  15. DAV is a non-profit charity, Charity watch gives DAV a “D” rating. Their charter, i believe needs to be revoked by congress. Many other VSO.s get an “F” according to

    1. That was a 2013 report, I’ll see if i can find an update, but pretty sure they didn’t change, or is probably worse. There is no update on that seem strange?

      1. Not strange at all, they got wind that somebody was snooping around their organization so they simply limited public access to their data. It’s a typical scumbag organization move.

  16. There has to be consideration for service. You pay dues to the VSO. That is consideration. The individual cannot be sued if he is a volunteer. But if he is paid by the VSO to do service for you both he and the Organization are liable for negligence if it occurs.

    The VSOs have attorneys that are supposed to represent you before the BVA. They can be sued the same as any other attorney for misrepresentation.

  17. I think one thing that would go an extremely long way towards keeping VSO’s on the straight and narrow path of accountability would be to roll out a very tough and in-depth certification curriculum mandatory in all states.

    You want to be a VSO? ok take the course pass the tests and get licensed. I’m not saying a VSO should have to go to school just like an attorney because they are only involved with a very narrow part of our law. But they should absolutely have to be highly knowledgeable and able to effectively represent their client. There also needs to be penalties for inadequate and ineffective representation up to and including loss of license.

    A national, public, VSO database would be good as well. Transparency, afterall, is a wonderful thing.

    Me personally. I’d like to see some legislation that limits the income of a non-profit CEO. I find it distasteful that the CEO of the fucked up DAV is raking in half a million + a year off the backs of dead and and disabled veterans.

  18. File breach of fiduciary duty against the DAV and other VSO’s that don’t file an adequate brief to the BVA for you. Insist they file an appeal of your rating decision and review your file thoroughly by certified letter. They’ll bounce it off to the BVA Judge asking for a De-novo review. They are still supposed to file a brief of your case including any errors and failure to identify the cause by the C&P examiner which will cause the BVA to remand for an etiology statement, (cause). They are not supposed to leave it all to the overworked judge.

    My plan is to try to join as third parties the DAV and American Legion for their failures in representation in my current case.

    1. The question I have. Is a VSO able to be sued for ineffective and inadequate representation much the same way an attorney can be held liable for their representation.

      As far as I’m aware a VSO can simply shrug their shoulders and say “Well I tried” with no other legal recourse available to the freshly injured vet. Does anything in 38 CFR cover this?

    2. I used the DAV last year and they neglected to file my paperwork with the VA for combat related injuries. I received a letter from the VA declining any responsibilities in my case – same old tune since 1968 from the VA. I then hired a Legal VSO and all my cases have been reopened. Avoid the DVA and other “free” VSO’s and hire a real caring legal VSO. Mine is CCK out of providence, RI. Great firm…

      Thank you Ben Krause for all your diligent work on behalf of honorable Vets…

      1. I’m assuming when you say “Legal VSO” that you are in fact referring to an actual attorney?

    1. “”

      This link contains information on how to get a congressional charter for an organization. Step one to confronting the DAV and other useless mad hatters: Get an organization going and obtain a congressional charter. Obtain equal footing and start firing.

  19. The DAV and most of VSO’s out there are nothing but barnacles growing on the backs of lamprey called the AFGE, whom are sucking the life out of the V.A. Titanic because they are…parasites.

    We Vets are the hosts. It’s Ross Perot’s giant sucking sound and it never ever stopped!

    Suck my ass DAV.

  20. Where does the DAV get the money to pay those salaries? Military Industrial Complex? Is this the reason the DAV is no longer giving proactive representation like I received in 1974? It had gone to hell by 1985 and I’ve been suspicious ever since. Would like to get my lifetime membership back. Sure would take a hell of a lot of those to pay one of those high end salaries even for just one year.

    Same goes for the rest of the VSOs. Too much being paid in salaries so it must mean the organizations, like the political parties are being bought to shift budget dollars away from veteran entitlements.

    1. DAV pushes hard for lifetime memberships from people they “help” There where stories that they would pay vets to get up on stage at their meetings/functions and tell everybody how wonderful the DAV is and how they really helped the person out. It’s all bullshit and it’s all designed for self perpetuation. In fact this organization is modeled after the AFGE union. Dissent is silenced and pushed out so that corruption and greed may flourish.

  21. I know “Songbird McCain’s” dad, an Admiral, was involved in the “Liberty Scandal”!
    As for the DAV, there are two incidents they were involved in that are my favorite!
    First one is where they tried to steal a VFW Post down here in Florida. The second one was up in Wisconsin, I believe!
    DAV is, in my opinion, the worst VSO in the nation! Now they have lots of commercials wanting money! I can understand why. They have been shutting down their individual posts! Which means no more money from the local vets and citizens!

    1. I also know of “Songbird McCain’s” dad… My grandfather was, unfortunately, a POW at Hanoi with daddy McCain.

      1. Sidenote: my grandmother, via VA medical services: transfused her with the wrong blood type; placed the wrong type/size of plate in her hip which broke 1st time walking; and put balloon in wrong artery…. She was paralyzed for years prior to VA “basically” killing her.
        Yet, I joined the NAVY, served 20-years, resulting in 100% disability.

      2. Grandfather also created a pad lock for his toolbox, to prevent the stealing of his tools, which became common practice. Years later, he noticed a lock, similar to the one he perfected, in a store window…

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