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Three VA Employees In Denver Accused Of Fraud

Three people have been arrested on charges of trying to steer U.S. government contracts toward particular companies in exchange for either bribes or fraudulent “training fees.”

The Denver U.S. Attorney’s office said they face charges including paying and receiving bribes, as well as conspiracy.

Prosecutors say that these three men tried to manipulate two VA contracts so that their clients would land contract business.

The three are identified as Dwane Nevins, 54, Robert Revis, 59, and Anthony Bueno, 43. Revins declined comment; the other two have not yet been reached for comment. Nevins also faces an extortion charge and a conflict of interest charge.

Nevins allegedly used his post with VA to extort about $10,000 from an undercover FBI agent, telling the agent, “this is a business and businessmen need to get paid… so I can have my Christmas. You know what I’m saying?”

Despicable. If these allegations are true, predatory contractors have plagued the Denver VA for years, potentially wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars.

Prosecutors allege that Bueno said these three would “own all the dogs on the track.” These defendants appear to have been concerned only with their own dominance, not the health and safety of local veterans.

These defendants are contractors and consultants who allegedly schemed to secure these VA contracts for their companies unfairly.

They concealed their scheme, according to prosecutors, through consulting fee kickbacks to Nevins or by requiring payments to Nevins for “sham training classes related to federal contracting.”

To make matters even worse, federal authorities report that the bribery scheme specifically targeted a program intended to help disabled veterans, women and other small business owners to become successful contractors.

This is a developing story and we will keep you posted as changes in the criminal trial process come to light.

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  1. “”

    Per article it seems to me this is small change stuff. A facade pretending to do something, or doing their jobs after allowing conspiracy, kick-backs, fraud, to go on for years? Like they do locally where such so-called crimes or lack of ethics are normal predatory/corrupted business practices… until a sacrificial lamb (s) or escape goats are needed for a little example of some kind of justice working then simple wrist slapping allegations are focused on.

    Everybody knows that when people get elected or appointed into any office, like city or council members/commissioners, X city or county officials/authorities, Congress varmints, and own businesses their businesses flourish and gain many of those so-called ‘sealed bids,” or being part of a clique getting those guaranteed contracts. Yeah right, sealed. The VA and Gov is the same way, contractors too. Practically guaranteed big returns in tax dollars and the extras. Remember the high priced hammers and toilets? That is why there is so much lack of transparency going on, the censoring, difficulty in simple discussions like this with the over-lords, or FOIA request for information that should be public knowledge is so secret, FOIAs ignored. Or the same contractors/consultants/PR firms for anything are constantly used in some area keeping others at bay who are not connected somehow. That’s like K Street and DC lobbyist are nothing more legalized bribes, kick back schemes, etc. Like all the insider trading going on which they claim doesn’t happen with the insiders and wealthy.

    What isn’t predatory or designed to screw us over today? Or to funnel us into the traps to ‘extort’ more money from us, or “pinch” us the old mafia styled ways. Then they just want to offer up a few illusions of law enforcement at the top doing their jobs? Oh and keeping many other things hidden from public knowledge with the help of lying media and corrupted officials at all levels? Indiana news should be filled daily with such reports and arrests but the corrupt won’t allow that much exposure or truth to come out.

    They better hire more study groups, PR firms, legal firms, SES folks, colleges, consultants, think tanks to come in for a look see over all this.

  2. This is not surprising at all! There are more undercover sellouts in silos all across this country. People are sick of this type of behavior, and even if Veterans were serviced by the private sector, we’d be better equiped to deter this through the federal system than we are now. Too many insiders..

  3. Not Enough Time!!


    Police officer gets year in prison for assaulting veteran at VA hospital
    By WILL MORRIS | STARS AND STRIPES Published: September 19, 2018

    ” A former police officer at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Indianapolis was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison for assaulting and wrongfully arresting a patient.

    Michael Kaim, 28, pleaded guilty in June for violating the veteran’s civil rights in connection with the incident, which occurred in April 2017 at the Richard L. Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

    The man, identified only as “D.J.,” told Kaim and another officer named as “D.W.” that he was a patient and employee at the hospital, according to court records. After D.W. told the patient that the clinic he sought to visit was closed, Kaim shoved the man out of the medical center building, pushed him up against a wall, threw him face first to the sidewalk and punched him in the head some six or seven times, according to court documents.

    The assault and arrest came after an earlier encounter in the hospital between the patient and the two officers, in which Kaim swore at the man and told him to leave for being disruptive, according to court records.”

    Full Article At:


    What is sadly lacking from the article is the fact that the Police Officer also filed a bogus arrest report that could have prevented the Veteran from receiving care in the future. The Bogus report also could of end with the Veterans going to prison instead of the officer. The officer deserves at least 5 years in prison for that alone. It really takes a very sick person to beat up a disabled Veteran because you have a badge.

    1. Michael Kaim should have received 5 minimum. Zero time off. Hopefully the veteran who was assaulted will be able to sue this jerkwad for some big $$$$.

  4. Testing the waters in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims on Veterans filing a Class Action suit against the VA. At issue is whether a class-action lawsuit can be filed against the Veterans Affairs Department for denying disability claims.

    Yale Law School students in Connecticut are representing Air Force veteran Victor Skaar, of Nixa, Missouri. They want to expand the lawsuit to include hundreds of veterans.

    Radioactive plutonium was released near Palomares, Spain, in January 1966, after a U.S. B-52 bomber and refueling plane crashed. Four hydrogen bombs crashed to the ground, but didn’t explode.

    U.S. veterans who say they were denied disability benefits after becoming ill from radiation exposure while responding to a 1966 accident involving American hydrogen bombs in Spain.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is scheduled to hear the case Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

    Court to hear arguments over 1966 Spain H-bomb accident
    By Associated Press
    Washington Post
    September 23 at 1:29 PM

    1. No doubt they will end up letting the smoke clear and then plead them out to misdemeanors and per AFGE Regs they will then promote Dwane Nevins out of his current position to protect him from properly being fired. Likely promote him to some where in the Washington D.C. Area as director of purchasing.

  5. Absolutely zero surprise to me. Just another criminal act that leads deeper down the rabbit hole. What was it, almost a $1,000,000,000 over budget and no heads rolled? There is absolutely nothing that the VA does that will surprise me anymore, nothing. The crimes just get worse the more they uncover them, and the usual punishment is to resign with a Cadillac pension, and you know these are just the small time crooks too. Always the Vets that got to pay in one way or another, of course taxpayers are getting raped too…

  6. Why is this such an unusual event. Theft and corruption is rampant in the government. However little is done about it. Almost impossible to bring such issues to trial. Transgenders join the military for sex operations fully intending to leave after that with the tax payer bearing the cost of post surgery which runs in the hundreds of thousands. I have no been waiting for over 2 years for dental work that was started but never finished

  7. There is more to it than that. And it probably reaches to the Director’s office. The only place TBI exams can be done in the Denver area is a contract CBC in Colorado Springs, a 5 hour drive for me one way with a scheduled time taking me through Denver in rush hour extending the time a minimum of 2 hours.

    Transportation wasn’t able to be arranged for me for the BVA remanded TBI exam which wasn’t even scheduled to be in protocol. (over a week at different times of the day.) Apparently the contract didn’t call for in protocol exams but Denver VARO said that was the only location for a “VA qualified examiner”. What good is a “qualified examiner” if the examination is not a “qualified” in protocol examination?

    1. @ LEM,
      I’ve suffered approx 3+yrs., in attempts to arrange adequate TBI testing, with & tbru REGIONAL SEATTLE VA’s.TBI’s 2nd phase imaging…. Transportation issue has been discussed, on multiple occasions. The 2nd team members are present at Seattle VA only one day a week/month…. Whereas, the one day “these life altering informative TBI peeps are physically accessible… Our local DAV does not provide transportation service, and I’ve yet proved capable of secure transportation. Ugh. Vicious circle.
      I feel your pain….

      I’m awaiting results of my recent request to perform TBI imaging via Local resources.
      Still awaiting VA response…

    2. Funny I was sent to Denver for my traumatic brain injury comp and pension examination. I live in la junta 200 miles away.

      Did you make sure your examiner was of the 4 four people who can provide the examination and not someone who attended a simminar a Nurse or medical doctor.

      The VA wanted me to be examined by a Nurse for my ptsd re examination. The nurse took a simminar one day and I cancelled that examination.

      Did get one with a psychiatrist with 32 years of experience. She knew her stuff. I hope.

  8. I’ll guarantee y’all Nevins, while awaiting trial, will receive his VA paycheck!

    On Seymore’s video;
    They “…had a meeting in Las Vegas…’!
    Which VSO has “banking ties” in Denver?
    Does the business/contractor have ties to the DAV?
    Which VSO has ties to having their yearly “get together” in Vegas?
    Answer – the DAV!
    I wonder if Nevins or the contractors is connected to the DAV?
    Or, is the DAV connected to Nevins and/or the contractors?
    All of them seem to be criminal in nature!

    1. What does the D.A.V. have to do with this. It’s not mentioned on the above video, so what in God’s name are you talking about. I happen to be a member of the D.A.V. Dr. C.E. Burt, Chapter 7 New Bedford, Ma. Are you a D.A.V. member? If not I would advise you to keep quiet!!! The D.A.V. helps Veterans, we may have made some honest mistakes in the past but we would not get I loved in this. Stop talking out of your ass!!

      1. Smilowitz. You “would advise” what?! “Honest mistakes?” Puuuuuleeeezzze. You another one of those pecker-heads who think if things are just great in your area and fine with you… the rest of the nation is just as pleased and taken care of as you? How about YOU stop talking out YOUR ass! You know the new biological sex orifice ordained/classified by gubbermint, VA, colleges and gubbermint. And too many have their heads up into.

        I was a member of the mighty DAV and others, they didn’t do shit for me and as far as I can tell very little in my area… Indiana. All they want are donations for stickers. Anytime I discussed issues with some spokesperson I was always told the same crap as many others in dealing with VA issues: “Oh that is not part of our mission statement or cause.” “We don’t get involved in politics.” “You and others just need to go back and deal with Patient Advocates who can help you and others in your situations.” Blah blah blah, Hmmm.

        At least going by the photo ops and marketing they must be helping someone out there, at least.

        “Empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity”

        Odd words used: “Dignity.” “Respect.” “Fighting for.”
        “Representing the interests of disabled veterans, their families, their widowed spouses and their orphans before Congress, the White House and the Judicial Branch, as well as state and local government.
        Extending DAV’s mission of hope into the communities where these veterans and their families live through a network of state-level Departments and local Chapters.
        Providing a structure through which disabled veterans can express their compassion for their fellow veterans….”

        (And “judicial branch.”) Not what I was told. What Bull Shit. Who is the PR firm you people use and how much is spent on those purveyors of such garbage?

        Hypocrites, liars, buck-passers, two faced pussies, VA ass kissers, part of the un-caring evil networks of corruption and afraid of local or state politics and media… and truth. I contacted every damn one (VSO or special vet groups/outreach clowns) of them out there imaginable and more than once. Same shit and excuses.

      2. John Shitwitz

        Fuck you and your membership in the D.A.V. A totally worthless Organization that only cares about running their, so called, charitable gambling and Thrift Store rackets. While stealing from Goodwill.

      3. John,

        When I see that help – – – I will be the first to acknowledge its receipt, then let others know. I have been waiting for more than a quarter of a century, not sure how much longer I can hold my breath . . .

        “Honest mistakes” that deny veterans justly earned benefits and take forever to correct fuck those veterans over just as much as the planned corruption of the United States.

        Think about that.

    2. Collect his VA Paycheck? Hell, he’ll either get a promotion and raise – – – or a Golden Parachute on the way out. Don’t want to assume anything – – – but in Honolulu (Not there anymore, Big Blessing!) the VSO’s are so deep in bed with the VA that mattresses get pounded through the floor on a regular basis.

      Biggest bunch of liars and thieves my sorry ass ever ran across in 63 years on the planet . . .

      Can’t speak about my “new” VA yet. Been off the island less than a month. House hunting, eating out at places I could NEVER afford in Hawaii, New PO Box, etc.

      Hello to everyone! Hope this finds you all well.

      1. Hell-o James. Been thinking about asking about you and your move out here, if all went well enough. Figured you’d be busy setting up a new nest area. Hope you landed in half way decent VA terror-tory.

      2. HiYa T !! Well, without getting any more ACTUAL $$ – – – I feel somewhat rich. Price of things where I landed run 25% to 50% of what they were in Honolulu. Also a few “Big Treat” food places I like such as Jimmy John’s which we did not have on the island.

        All the wife’s stuff should be about halfway between Oahu and the West Coast as I type this. She will be reunited with it mid-October. As for me, got my two dogs with me – – – so I am alright. Should have brought the dogs and left the wife, lol . . .

        She is having some “adjustment difficulties”. As for me, so far I like what I see.

        As I did not get to hit the gym for the last 45 days on-island due being a one man moving force for a 16x8x8 container, THAT is a much higher priority to me than the VA at the moment. Although I will register with them soon.

        I need a few weeks in the gym to get feeling right with me. I been thinking about you and Rosie and others from this board. Still keeping my Hawaii phone # until I get a permanent pad – – – then will have to change to the local area.

        How are things going with you?

        @Rosie – – – Hope this finds you well. If you and T are by any chance in touch with each other, please do me a favor and pass my number to him.

      3. James Clement. Off topic stuff first then on to my article ponderings in upcoming post. Damn pain and spasm, plus.

        Jimmy Johns! Still haven’t tried them out yet. Due to the broken jaw the VA gave me I don’t go out to eat anymore. Three plus years since and I still can’t chew well and have to deal with the denture thing… and pain. They are on the bucket list since I got a food chopper to use, but other priorities keep popping up.

        Censoring and attacks have increased. Utility thugs about burnt my house down. If not home instead of doing my usual protest sign drive around time to shut power off the house would have torched. “Lost neutral.” Smart Meter is just fine. But they claimed no workers were around my place. Two crews were out here. HA. Plus other stuff so security and upgrades has been number one.

        I am not hiding. Facebook is “Tell Tryon.” If I have to take-on the world I will. Since I am censored, being ignored so much (local businesses told not to do anything for me, hassle me, or show up), plus the threats, being black-balled from easy found medical care which I gave up trying to find I am going to step things up a bit. Got a megaphone (a fancy one) to use, more sign material and going to do a one man show at the local court house now the weather is cooling. Next to the very far left winger and townie/freedom hating college campuses and in the face of the local corrupt downtown cliques demanding total silence from me. While fair weather friends among the rest run for the side-lines and watch the show taking on corrupt city hall, lying politicians/phony vet orgs/media/legal beagles/authorities, and all other lying trash/pretenders here. I have pissed off everything, everyone mainstream, the establishment/the machines/religions/evil networks/cliques/secret societies/etc., out there. LOL

      4. Ouch! Just had my first JJ’s last week. Get one and run ‘er through the chopper! Your tastebuds will thank you. All those years I thought my once every 3 month Subway on Oahu was a treat . . . Man, I’m tellin ya, Subway Sucks.

        I do not use facebook. Any chance I can look you up on together we served? Or do you use wire?

      5. I was on Wire but can’t find the info on it now. Will have to try to get on there later. Was trying to be on there during the barrage of phone calls and harassment going on then. Two of us was on there last time I checked.

      6. I need a few days to get it set up on wife’s computer. Mine is packed with Household Goods. Hers weighs 4 pounds. Mine around 75. Too Big to fly with. So it is taking a slow boat to California, then a truck ride.

        Based upon what you told me, did a bit of googling. Fairly certain that I have a good fix on you. Are you a legal third, per chance?

        Hope this finds you well.

      7. James. Yes sir, it be me. So far so good living in deep enemy territory encompassed with about two hundred thousand pissed off and angry enemies of all sorts. LOL Can’t get these damn muscle spasms/locking up cramps to ease up. Must be from all those evil eyes and curses being put on me. lol

        OT side info on stuff while out here.


      8. Give me a week to ten days, and I’ll be getting in touch. Would love to hear your story, if you would care to share. I like the late, great Bourdain think the real story is everything.

        ANYTHING the U S Goofymint would do, or try to do at this point would not surprise me – – – but probably just pyss me off more than I already am.

        What did we fight for – – – that the Politicos have pyssed away?

        Most of the remainder of this week/beginning of next will be spent looking at places – – – and after selecting one (Mama’s Job) then getting a local bank account started and moving most of our accounts in Hawaii to this side of the pond.

        Damn! Miss my computer! Trying to type on this is really something. Words jump all over the place, and it does not take much to activate these extremely soft-touch keys. No software adjustments to help.

        Miss my 12 year old keyboard as I just about have it broken in . . .

        Another week or two and all will be “normal”. Normal at these prices will be 2 to 4 times better than normal in Honolulu. And while still below most Americans standard of living – – – it will suit me just fine. I don’t require much to be comfortable.

        We’ll be in touch soon.

  9. More on the Story —

    VA Official Accused Of Taking Bribes In Exchange For Contract Information
    By Stan Bush, DENVER (CBS4), September 7, 2017 at 6:21 pm


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