Toby Cosgrove VA Secretary

Vietnam Veteran New A Favorite For VA Secretary

Toby Cosgrove VA Secretary

Sources within the transition team have given a favorable indication to at least one VA Secretary candidate up for the top spot after six weeks of wrangling.

Out of a group of six or so major contenders for the top spot that includes Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), President-elect Trump’s team says he likes Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove, MD the most.

Cosgrove has held the top slot at Cleveland Clinic since 2004, and he was Obama’s top-pick in 2014 to reform VA but withdrew after some deliberation. His position against Obamacare possibly queered the deal resulting in the selection of Robert McDonald instead.

Coincidentally, both McDonald and Cosgrove have a lot in common:

  • Both hail from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Both worked for same company for decades to become CEO
  • Both hold an adherence to putting customers first, at least in theory.

Cosgrove has a reputation for handing out buttons on his first day as CEO stamped to say “patients first.” At Cleveland Clinic, the facility has a same-day appointment guarantee for their patients. He has also worked for the same health system since 1975.

Lately, he has worked on Trump’s economic transition team and commented publicly about problems the Affordable Care Act has experienced.

Can you imagine that? VA giving you an appointment the same day you want to set it up? And what is up with Cleveland?

WATCH: Kooky “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video

About Favorite VA Secretary Option

If selected, Cosgrove would be the first non-West Point graduate nominated to run the agency since Anthony Principi, over a decade ago.

Cosgrove served in the US Air Force as a surgeon during the Vietnam War where he earned a Bronze Star. Recently, related to veterans, he served on the Commission for Care.

What do you think of this contender and how he might run the agency if confirmed?


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  1. @Seymore and others interested in our federal reserve ANTICS.

    “Federal Reserve: Globalist Christmas Gift”
    from: “The Alex Jones Show”, David Knight reporting.
    (19:56 minutes long)
    Dec. 22, 2016- quote, “The federal reserve while it’s neither federal or holding anything in reserve does allow the globalists to keep total control of the United States economy!”
    Since 1947, (until 2013), the ‘dollar’ has lost 90% of its value!
    Also, in the past few days, the federal reserve has indicated it will raise interest rates.
    This is one of many issues we, as Americans, need to keep an eye on!

  2. Reasonable pick but no guarantee of success once he gets in the swamp. Possibly will become a stick in the mud.

  3. Off-Topic but important, what our POTUS has just done. Full story at V0x dot com:

    “[President Barack Obama suspended the program in 2011 — after years of complaints by civil rights groups that the program targeted Muslims and wasn’t effective in preventing terrorism. But it had never been fully dismantled — it was still sitting around for the Trump administration to dust off.

    Until now.

    On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security published a regulation that would totally get rid of the National Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) — forcing the Trump administration to take the time to create something new, and giving civil-rights groups an opportunity to stop them.

    The regulation goes into effect Friday, December 22 — well before President Trump is inaugurated. So when his administration takes office — if it’s serious about finding a way to register people from Muslim-majority countries in the US — it’s going to have to find another way to do it.

    The registry didn’t get destroyed, it just stopped tracking anybody]”

    Obama is throwing metal into the gears to further sabotage Pres. Elect Trump’s efforts on immigration control and proper vetting of refugees. This is really bad. I mentioned this here because it makes me wonder what metal is being tossed into the VA Meat Grinder’s gears to make it even harder for a new VA Sec. to reform the VA??!!!

    1. The title of the article is: “Obama just made it much harder for Trump to build his “Muslim registry”

  4. Here is some information about veterans posting on this site and other sites about the VA. You are in danger and the VA can come after you, for speaking against the VA.

    The Disruptive committee give these examples of Disruptive Behavior that can get a Veteran in trouble and reported to the Disruptive Behavior committee and they can and will punish you.

    From the VA : Disruptive Behavior may be EXIBITED in a Personal encounter or Deployed in any Media, Including Telephone calls or messages, E-mail, Web Site posting, Social Media, Video or written or printed form.

    So the VA can punish you and you don’t have to go to the VA, they will come for you. Do veterans have a First Amendment right ? Evidently not, you are fair game ! Do you think the Disruptive Committee is a committee to help veterans. If you do you all can be reported and the VA can punish you, Freedom of speech can land you with Federal Charges, Arrest and Banishment from all VA care.

    The VA does not need proof all they need to do is say, is your comments can or could be considered Disruptive and boom, your qualify for the VA to punish you. Don’t believe me read the OIG report on the VA Disruptive Committee and how they can use it to punish any veteran they wish, at anytime they wish.

    Remember you don’t have to do anything but tell the truth about the VA and your in trouble. This is just plain Crazy, yet the VA is using this logic to punish Veterans that speak out about how the VA treats you.

    Way to go Bob McDonald, letting VA employees to go after Veterans for speaking their minds about how they have been treated !

    This committee should be outlawed, How many veterans have to be railroaded or falsely accused, before some one stops them. This is Real and can effect all of us.

    This needs to be brought to the forefront, before they blame another veteran and that veteran kill themselves, because our Country has turned their back on us. This is or should be illegal for the VA to have so much power over Veterans speaking their own mind.

    Those posters are telling VA Employees to keep their mouths shut or you will pay the price and we will retaliate against you for letting the VA’s dirty secrets out in the open. Their not fooling anyone, that’s what it means shut the hell up or pay the Price.

    I wish Mr.Trump would see how many employees are reporting veterans, for no other reason than to get back at them for what ever reason and the veterans do not have any way to fight back. This Committee is ignoring every civil, constitutional and human right Veterans are suppose to have as an American Citizen.

    Really, the VA is acting more like the Nazi’s did during ww2.

    Please write to Trump and ask him to help Veterans from being illegally punished at will !

    This is not a game, they are playing with real lives.

    1. To Seasoned Vets- Can some seasoned Veterans who participate in this blog, add to @James comments about the Disruptive Behavior Committee? Also don’t forget about the EPER reporting system used by some VA facilities. If true, how deep does this type of intimidation REALLY go?

      1. Friend, Bring up VA Disruptive Committee and the OIG report and all can see it for themselves. I am a former VA Employee as an Administrative Assistant for about 25 years of Service. When your an employee on the up and up, you make enemies (other VA employees ), When they closed down Fort Lyon VAMC, My PTSD kicked in and the VA retired me and after hiring an attorney I found out the VA had been lieing to me for 40 years about my records being destroyed.

        I received suggestion awards, Superior performance awards and only worked for the veteran, never had any problems, Until I made a comment about how I felt another employee was doing her job, this pissed that employee off so much, that after I became retired and became 100% disabled for a gun shot to the head and found out I have a TBI, the employee hated me for the comment and she reported me to the Disruptive committee in Denver,

        She told them that I would come into the New clinic,(where she was hired as lead administrator) at least twice a month and become disruptive, don’t know how many months this happened ! As when I requested the Denver VA to furnish me with any and all evidence they used to punish me, I was told we do not have any proof. Well how can you punish me without evidence ?

        was told well those were the facts at the time ? I know working for the VA, any and all concerns an employee may have MUST be put into a report of contact, I told them about the employee only reporting me as a retaliatory act and was successful !

        She not only told the VA this see told my local police department that I wanted to shoot staff at the clinic and notified the FBI and the Denver contacted the Inspector Generals office and punished me by making me go to a clinic 120 mile round trip.

        They placed into my official medical records ICD-9 disruptive behavior and red flagged my official medical records, She was able to do all of this and was not required to produce any written evidence ( which is called for per disruptive committee regulations ) which is on the form from the OIG.

        This employee was given any and all correspondence to answer herself 2 from a senators office and 2 from DAV. How or why would anyone be able to answer inquiries when the employee is the one in question ?

        Now the DAV person, did such a good job at not doing her job, The employee reporting me, Hired the DAV person. So now that DAV person I know told her everything that I had been doing to make this right.

        I know that if they were able to do this to me without evidence, employees are using this tattic to get back at veterans they don’t like. I know of nowhere else an employee can accuse another employee of something and not have to provide any proof, so yes I was railroaded and with out corrective action, many other will have this done to them.

        It does not matter to the VA that they attacked a 100% disabled veteran who actually took a bullet to the head for this country and lived through it, just to have a low life non veteran to get away with falsely accusing me of this terrible lie and get away with it.

        Yes I mad as hell and I will until the day I die, fight the VA from using the Disruptive committee as a took for retaliation. The Truth hurts and some people don’t want to hear the truth ! Sad day when Veterans are denied their civil, constitutional and human rights to a fair trial or avenue to fight back.

        If an employee can accuse you and threaten you with Federal charges, Arrest and banishment from all VA care, I think anyone would be upset.

        Last but not least, Read and you will see by the OIG report, the VA can not even define what Constitutes disruptive behavior. Very Trouble some indeed.

        I may have been shot in the head and suffer from a TBI, But one thing I’m not Stupid and know right from wrong and this my friend is wrong !

        stop veteran ABUSE !

      2. @James Gallegos – Hey brother, I’m get ticked off on how the VA uses intimidation and other things against a person without any proof. They do these backstabbing deeds per their own methods of disrupting a Veterans life, and many will interpret policy, rules, and guidelines to suit their own desires, like they did in your particular situation.

        Veterans on this blog are here to help one another. I personally meant no offense by asking you to clarify. And, I don’t want you to think that I don’t believe in your comments of your post. The VA is so messed up and follow no clear cut path for resolutions, except if it involves a complaint against a Veteran.

        Recently, I had a run in with an Administrator that was a Veteran. She should have clearly worked in my favor. But when I revealed how flawed the VA actions had become, she sang a different song because she had close relationships to the VA employees that were involved. In our last conversation she lied to me 3 times. At that point I told her to f _ _ k off. I never make a threats of bodily harm or property damage.

        James, with your VA experience as an ex-employee, you insight and findings will enlighten many other Veterans that are trying to get a handle on this mysterious agency [VA]. Your contributions can be very helpful. To help others, keep posting on the issues that you have information on. Oh, and I’m sorry for the BS that you went through, and are trying to get resolved. Keep’m on their toes!

    2. Can you post a link to the report here? In quotes of course.

      I would like to send it to Trump.

  5. I hope they select Miller, I have watched him for a long time in dealing with veterans issues and I believe he’s tired of all the lies told by VA, He has really told them off to no avail. Now he would have a chance to take real action and he’s heard all the excuses and know who the players are and he knows who’s doing what.

    If he would be selected I believe his experience in dealing with Higher management, would be an asset to him and I don’t think they would be able to pull the wool over his eyes.

    I don’t think he would have a problem, telling VA employees enough is enough YOUR fired. Sound like anyone else. I hope Trumps team reads this site as requested ! You folks are the front line and should be heard, many of you people have some very good ideas and thoughts and the Trump team should be able to get some good in site into our problems.

  6. Personally, at first glance, Dr. Cosgrove involvement with the Commission on Care as the Vice Chairperson and the Commission’s ultimate findings and recommendations would make him an ideal candidate for the head of Veteran’s Affairs. There is a but there also, and here it is.

    After reading Namnibor’s comments about the Cleveland Clinics history. I took a deeper look at the problems with the Cleveland Clinic while Dr. Cosgrove was in charge. The problems that I found all began while Dr. Cosgrove was speaking out against Obama Care. After reviewing the information found it is clear that Obama’s prior consider of Dr. Cosgrove to head up the Veterans Administration was a ruse to discredit Dr. Cosgrove’s and ruin his reputation.

    Below are cites and links to articles that were published 3 hours before Dr. Cosgrove removed his name for consideration for the job.

    “Cleveland Clinic cases highlight flaws in safety oversight”, By Joe Carlson | June 7, 2014

    “Cleveland Clinic CEO Cosgrove says no to VA post”, By Timothy Magaw, Crain’s Cleveland Business, June 7, 2014 “”

    Further it seems clear that the Cleveland Clinic was under fire for Dr. Cosgrove’s public stance on Obama care.
    “Selected Cleveland Clinic hospital inspection reports”, By Joe Carlson | June 7, 2014

    Under Obama’s leadership including selective enforcement of laws and regulations it is clear that Dr. Cosgrove and the Cleveland Clinic did in fact pay a price for Dr. Cosgrove’s stating his opinion on Obama care.

    In closing I would like to point out the changes that Dr. Cosgrove supports for the Veterans Administration are clearly shown by his senior role with the Commission on Care. In which the Commission on Care stand up against the VSOs and the AFGE. The recommendations are best stated by the National Association for Uniformed Services article dated September 16, 2016 and is titled “Hearing Held on Commission on Care Recommendations”

    “The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee held hearing on Wednesday, September 7, to examine The Commission on Care and the Future of the VA Healthcare System.

    Nancy Schlichting, chair and Dr. Delos (Toby) M. Cosgrove, vice chair for the VA Commission on Care testified that their report calls for creation of a “fully integrated care system,” which would leverage private sector care providers who fully understand the needs and experiences of veterans would be able to provide care in a system that integrates that care with that provided by VHA providers.

    They also recommended the VA transform its internal processes, including information technology, supply chains, and personnel management. In addition, the commission recommended eliminating the geographic and wait time constraints on veterans obtaining care in the private sector.


    1. @Seymore Klearly- I would hope that the VA evaluates and supports Veterans on a micro managed concept of healthcare instead of ‘Evidence Based’ treatment modalities. The reason that I state is due my current situation. It is not good medicine by putting all Veterans with the same condition, in the same box per treatment methods to obtain the best outcome. Everyone is different, and what works for one may not work for another Veteran.

      1. Just about the entire private healthcare system has moved to an “Evidence-Based” treatment modalities…which translates to it not mattering one bit if a certain treatment has worked for many years with you personally; if “Evidence-Based Care” is applied, it’s big pharma drug companies that call the shots….NOT your own personal ‘evidence based healthcare experience”.
        I just went through this in the private healthcare I receive this year and had to formally remove myself from private PTSD Psych Care because they pushed that “Evidence Based” healthcare on me which meant that although X Medicine has helped me since 1996, “Evidence Based Care” meant ripping that and other meds out from under patients for instead whatever new improved expensive no generic exists medications….and I for one decided to no longer be a pin cushion for them to declare “evidence based care” on…it’s a shit system that does NOT place the patient first…but places billable hours and Big Pharma preferences first…and part of this came out from Obamacare but it started way before Obamacare in private sector and I simply no longer felt safe in that evidence based care system.

        What’s important to note is that “Evidence Based Healthcare” is NOT evidence based upon what’s working currently or not to a patient, it’s whomever has control of the research and RX drug purse strings that controls the flow of Evidence Based Medicine.
        Not a fan of Evidence Based Healthcare having experienced it first hand to my chagrin.

      2. @Namnibor – Thanks for elaborating on this issue, and going into a deeper detail. Your experience and comments are exactly why I brought ‘Evidence Based’ up in the first place.

      3. @ANutterVet- Keep in-mind that the private healthcare system is **feeding** the VA this Evidence-Based Healthcare by training these hacks in their residencies and once they graduate and do not have the scores to go Big Time, they are fed to the VA Meat Grinder to service Veterans.
        “Evidence-Based Medicine” is pretty much an oxymoron of a term, having experienced it first-hand.
        I use Medicare in lieu of my VA Medical Benefits because I at least feel safer in private medical until a given resident or hack mentions they were trained by the VA or being trained there…what I am trying to say is the VA is in their own dastardly way, are further helping to keep the VHA in it’s current state from the outside as long as the VA continues to hire these bottom of class medical hacks at all levels.

      4. @Namnibor – Hey Brother Namnibor, thanks for going even more deeper. I thought that this might be the case, but I didn’t want to mention anything because I had nothing to back it with.

        Therefore, the VA’s problems are even more deeply rooted and entangled by obtaining low end health care providers from the private sector, who couldn’t cut the mustard. No wonder they get agitated when I ask them questions to make them squirm. So the VA gets hires those that fall to the right of the bell curve scoring. C & D’s.

      5. You’ll like to read this then. “”

        McDonald wrote to USA Today and stated “To be clear, no VA medical facility is bad or failing,”

    2. Damn Seymore,
      This Dr. Cosgrove is sounding better and better as time goes on.
      Maybe, he and Rep. Miller could combine their expertise, and be a force to be reckoned with!
      Example: “C.E.O.” for one and “C.O.O.” for the other. When one is absent, the other is in complete control of everything, and visa-versa!

  7. To All- I don’t know what it is, but I have a gut feeling that something is awkward because both McDonald and Cosgrove come from the same company and held the same position [Cleveland Clinic, CEO]. There seems to be to much in common, which leads me to think that there is something more than a coincidence per similarities of McDonald and Cosgrove.

    Statistically speaking, I have a hard time digesting that only Cleveland Clinic has the best candidates for Secretary of the VA. I can’t shake the thought that there is no other individual, in this great nation, that is a Veteran and has the experience to qualify as the top dog to run the VA’s Healthcare System. Seasoned Veterans, is it me, or is this a phenomena?

    1. ANutterVet,

      McDonald came from Proctor & Gamble. Dr. Cosgrove comes from the Cleveland Clinic.

    2. I think the only thing McDoosh has in common with Cosgrove or the Cleveland Clinic is that as CEO of Proctor and Gamble, McDoosh likely agreed to a delivery of suppositories to the clinic.

    3. @ANutterVet, i agree something is not right in Cleveland. What political or financial forces are being played here with candidates coming out of cleveland? There are too many perks to these positions and it is for “haves” and “haves nots”. The leadership is out of touch with reality and i do not know if any of these potential candidates have a heart towards caring for the American Veteran. I want to believe that a potential leader will care and change or break if necessary this system of delivery of healthcare. I believe it can be done, it is going to have to be someone who cares enough about people.

      1. @Ex va – I hear what you’re saying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just bringing up possible points of interest. Do we know how much volunteer time [without pay] that Cosgrove has participated in to help out Veterans? This tells me a lot about someone’s deepest intentions. Just saying.

    4. @Seymore Klearly and @91Vetreran – The reason the I brought this up is because of what is stated in Paragraph 3, bulleted points in this article about what McDonald & Cosgrove’s have in common;

      “•Both worked for same company for decades to become CEO”

      1. Yeah, I did a double take on that too when I first read it.

        I believe Ben means they both worked for their respective companies before becoming CEOs.

      2. @91Veteran – This is why it is very important to make sure that ALL the information published in this blog is accurate. Not only that, but the information must be able to be substantiated. Many Veterans rely on this blog for help in understanding their own situation(s).

  8. As I wrote earlier, here’s three videos for your pleasure!
    The first one is to all you “FORMER MARINES” out there.
    “The Connors Report Media Talk Radio”
    dated; 22 Dec. 2016 (4:51 minutes)
    “Dear President Trump, Farewell My Dear Friends. God Bless You All”

    A “FORMER MARINE”, Dr. Larry Lindsey, gives his (possible) last wishes to our new President Elect Trump, Vice President Elect Pence and General Mattis!
    Enjoy, I did!

    From, “The Alex Jones Show”
    dated: 21 Dec. 2016
    “Radical Plan to Disrupt Inauguration Exposed”
    (6;09 minutes long)

    Proof of what the “extreme left” is going to, to try and stop the inauguration come 20 Jan. 2017!
    On the other hand, there could be others who will not take the abuse!

    From: “The Alex Jones Show”
    dated: Dec. 21, 2016 (5:32 min.)
    “Alex and Jordan Maxwell reporting”!
    “Communism Is Ripping The Fabric Of The United States Apart 1”

    A must watch video, in my opinion!
    The “inmates are definitely in charge of the institution”!

  9. I am going to take the view that Mr./Dr. Cosgrove knows, from what we are told in this article, what good medicine is and who should come first (Vets) and has practiced it since his days in Vietnam. He, like our next President probably doesn’t need the money (don’t know that for sure) but the facts that are presented in the piece are clear. CEO Cosgrove could be the next best thing for All of the veterans in this country. As many people said about Pres-Elect Trump during the election. Let’s give him a chance! He is the closest to having “BEEN THERE” as anyone else that has been considered for the position. Just my opinion.

  10. Same day appointments…?? Fucking AFGE is going to “love” that one. I would have better results by calling in a priority fire mission to Elmer Fudd. My apologies to all the “Fuddsters” out there.

    1. Hey, Warhorse,
      I gotta feeling the AFGE, from “Little” Cox on down, ain’t gonna like a lot of things getting ready to happen to them!
      At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

      1. In the recent airing of documentaries on Scientology, many individuals reported violent physical abuse from their Scientology Pope; David Miscavige. When one of those he beat asked him why he did that, Miscavige’s response was “To show you who the boss is.”

        This is clearly the same mentality when Cox stated he will whoop VA Secretary McDonald’s ass if he gets out of line. AFGE clearly contends they are the boss.

    2. Not only the AFGE, but these pampered VA doctors who refuse to see any more than a few patients per week, and whining with so few, they are still overworked.
      On the other hand, what faster way to get a same day appointment “to see” someone than to require every VA employee to act as an intake nurse.

      You can “see” someone the same day. Does that mean the person you see is a doctor? Or some clerk in the VA library?

      1. @91 Veteran, the doctors should perform as in the private sector. The doctors i knew where seeing an average of 2 a week. Disgusting!!!

  11. To all,
    Y’all have got to watch this video from the “Alex Jones Show”, dated, 21 Dec. 2016. (4:39 minutes long)
    “Teenager Tells The Govt. How To Save Money”

    Rex Jones reporting. He’s “on the ball” over what government employees spend money on with their government credit cards! There were some government agencies NOT willing to give out their micro-expenditures, one was the VA, imagine that!!!!!!

    I was laughing my ass off at these “micro-expenditures”! Then, I got pissed!

    BTW, I’m still going through all the videos I’ve received this morning. So I’ll, more than likely, be putting more on today.

  12. It looks like my prediction of senario # 1 and senario #2 has come to pass. Nostradamus, move your butt over. This is nothing more than the VA/Corporate Mafia circling the wagon.
    It’s a Zero Sum Game…only one winner, and it ain’t you.
    I would commiserate less on your PTSD and work on that cognitive dissonance that seems prevalent on the blog on this.
    Nothings has changed, they just switched out talking heads…

  13. This article was written yesterday in “”. It’s titled;
    “Two Vietnam Vets Frontrunners for VA Secretary”
    21, Dec. 2016
    by; Richard Disk

    It’s definitely a must read for everyone.
    I also believe we must contact Mr. Sisk at “[email protected]” to let him know about Ben’s Blog! Plus, our fears of what’s been going on in VA for so long.
    If y’all contact him, please be direct, short and sweet in your concerns over the treatment of veterans by VA!
    I’m sending Mr. Sisk, Ben’s Blog info to show what’s been going on!

  14. A west point officer learns to a MUCH more refined degree precisely what every Officer learns at any OCS. However, West Point can be said to among the elite military schools that have elevated this skill to an art form;

    As an officer, your first duty to America is to kiss the ass of your superiors. Oral gratification is involved as well, however until gays were recognized as human in the military the entire art form was simply named “kissing ass”. West Point grads have proven their hind end smooching skills are refined to a measure beyond what a simple backwoods Oregon trained officer can even dream about. They have multiple pucker scenarios planned in advance!

    It is why they get picked for the good stuff and make the big $$$. It is why they always seem to rise to the top, despite the often used kneeling position. Unless you have experienced officer training it is almost impossible to fully relate how many hind ends an officer of an elite school gets to smooch. “Brown nosing” is done by elite enlisted men. The full french kiss of a senior officers booty is done by West Point grads who get to be VERY good at lip service.

    The current Sec. VA has given a lot of lip service to America. Obviously it has served him well. West Point grads are well taken care of by those that they have served….but at least they finally won a football game against Navy this year! It took 14 years but compared to VBA wait times that seems about right.

    This new guy being picked by the new guy is just another man being tossed the hive of hornets. I do wish him luck. I must say that it is refreshing to see a non-West Point face that never, ever, bent over with his pants down shouting, “Please, Sir, may I have another?” I see the current Sec. VA making an effort, but with all due respect Bob, America can’t wait another 14 years for you to get your own game plan working.

    1. Would love to hear your take on the veteran organizations who are endorsing Bob. It baffles me. As a life member in a number of those organizations, how is it they’re representing me in endorsing him?

      1. @Just Another Veteran,
        It would seem these VSO’s are possibly in bed with VA more than what you or I or anyone really knows.
        Could they be getting something from VA? If so, What?

    2. You mention VBA wait times.

      Last night I saw a post on Grand Junctions VAMC Facebook page. It was about a veteran who after 140 years, had a Medal of Honor delivered to his Grandson.

      I so wanted to comment on that post that I bet his eBenefits page would show his claim still in a pending status.

      1. Guess I got lucky, it only took Forty years to find out the VA had hide my military records, whew the other 100 years would have wore me out. The VA will not change and they don’t even think twice about what may happen in the future.

        Hell, the union president will kick McDonald’s butt and Donald Trumps butt at the same time, just ask him !

        Go ahead and try and fire me, Donald Trump cant do anything about what were doing to Veterans and he knows it, we set Bob McDonald straight and will do the same to Trump. After all we run the VA, Not him.

  15. I believe starting with an AUDIT will produce favorable results. There’s too much fraud going on. Plus, I’m not forgetting the “waste and abuse” of taxpayers monies, brothers and sisters. I honestly believe, It’s going to be a rocky time for VA upper management in the coming months!

    1. P.S.
      If David “Little” Cox threatens the next Secretary of VA. As he did a few months ago.
      I said this before, I’m saying it again, –
      Tell that fat little piece of crap to “Come on Down! Let’s settle this argument once and for all!”

  16. The patients first button is amusing – in theory. Imagine the AFGE folks walking around the clinics with one of those pinned to their shirt collar.

    Cosgrove does have a proven track record of running a successful elite regional clinic. Can he take that to a national level while weeding through the lobbying and self-interest groups? Questionable. The fail rate is so prevalent at the VA Secretary level one wonders if anyone, given no matter how stellar their track record, can turn things around.

    It will take an expert negotiator. If he’s chosen, I’d hope he’d take the job seriously, focus on that patient is number one attitude, and strive to clean up the system from the ground up.

    1. Make sure to give all VA AFGE employees a “Patients First” button with a rusty fly fishing lure pin that gives them a jab from time to time. 🙂
      (it may take biological means to rid the VA of the rats…power enema)

  17. I like the idea he opposed ‘Obamacare’ and he was on the ‘commission for care’, which is directed for/at veterans healthcare.
    NOT being a West Point graduate is another ‘plus’, in my opinion.

    I watched both “videos”, and was shocked and pissed, concerning the way Cleveland has slid into (almost) being a “Ghost Town”! Of course, that’s what’s been happening to the majority of cities nationwide. All due to NAFTA and many other failed government policies!
    Turning around the FUBAR our government has made isn’t going to be an easy task. It isn’t going to happen overnight.
    The people, “Electoral College”, have spoken. They did what was right for us. At least I hope so!
    The VA is NOT the only government entity that’s failed “We the People!” We have been witness to an historic event in the past year and a half. The violent nature, mostly from the Democrat party, shows just how hard they wanted to keep government spending going. Our “National Debt” is now over $20 TRILLION DOLLARS. The Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates, which from past models, can/will/may cause a recession, or even a depression! Our “borrowed monies from other countries” has exceeded $220 TRILLION DOLLARS!
    How, if manufacturing is not brought back to the United States of America, will these debts be paid?
    In my opinion, there will have to be MASSIVE CUTS to many agencies, bureau’s and other entities. Some ‘non-government’ entities will not like what has to be done, ie; “art for arts sake” at VHA’s, “save the whatever”, etc., etc.!

    There’s going to be a lot of pissed off people in the coming months. Those who believe they should receive “grant monies” for researching the ‘sex life of the cockroach’, and other ridiculous research grants, are going to be S.O.L!

    These are my opinions for this Thursday morning, 22 Dec. 2016!

    1. Crazy elf, all pointed to Democrat policies particularly Obama. Obama being a Harvard graduate seems to not have intellectual common sense substance. After all, he only got into Harvard by Affirmative Action. I would love to see his transcripts. Even with graduating from Harvard, this does not guarantee one that he or she can even do a job with professionalism. Obama is a professional toastmaster. Of course though, a community organizer too. Of course though, he may just be intentionally sabatoging America because he does not have real true American values circumvoluting with passion and conviction.
      He wants to demolish America as much as he can before he leaves office. As for the CEO of Cleveland clinic, Trump needs to fine tune him to death. I would be weary because he was an Obama selection previously. Even, though he is a CEO of a current hospital, there could be some under handed process going on due to Obama have been in the picture with him in the past. I could be wrong though.

      1. I am and only including Mr. Obama because the state of this country is due to his and Democratic policies. This is the only reason why I brought him up.

      2. As for yes getting an appointment in the same day would be great Ben; but, however, though, competence needs to be established with both doctors and VA employees. Timely appointments are great but the doctors and whomever have got to be qualified to a degree where they can make a damn decision without killing the veterans.

      3. Angela,
        Do you remember when the doctors made the appointments?
        That wasn’t that long ago.
        When it changed, the doctors got really pissed off!

  18. All I know is I lived up in Cleveland/Lakewood, OH from early 90’s to 2006 and even when I had private insurance, my insurance was *not* good enough to utilize The Cleveland Clinic. I had to use Cleveland’s more public/State Hospital, MetroHealth Hospital instead because The Cleveland Clinic was at least in that time-frame, exceptionally picky about what *flavor* of Health Insurance you had.

    Now, that may have very-well have changed since 2006 since I moved down to Columbus, OH area since ObamaCare was implemented but my old landlady I had up there actually worked for the head M.D. at MetroHealth Hospital doing the “matching” for medical residents across the USA for her location and one thing she said that was consistent is that the Dr.’s the Cleveland Clinic get matched with are only the very top of their classes. She said most of the low scored residents and resident applicants from other countries where take India as an example, what they have for medical degrees still requires at least additional 3 years of USA Medical College but….the VA ***waives*** that requirement and she always used to joke about how all the crap M.D.’s went to the VA for a guaranteed hire.
    So with that said, The Cleveland Clinic is definitely a “Haves & Have-Nots” medical system. Sure, it’s a great hospital but also ungodly expensive and reason Cleveland Clinic’s business model is extremely picky about the flavor of health insurance they will even accept.
    The Cleveland Clinic in my timeframe living up there used to get occasional local news flack when for instance an EMS ambulance would take a person to the closest ER, which happened to be sprawling Cleveland Clinic on the East Side, before a patient was even registered in ER and if the health insurance was Medicare, for instance, Cleveland Clinic would have them taken by ambulance to a more “economic hospital or clinic” instead.
    Not quite sure if Cosgrove would steer the VA in the changes needed but rather, I actually view it as Cosgrove interested in Veterans and Big Pharma=$$$$$. I hope to be wrong but I worry that we Veterans are just seen as non-human lab test subjects at this point and Cosgrove’s business model of exclusion at the Cleveland Clinic worries me somewhat.
    Here’s using dessert to compare the Cleveland Clinic and Pedestrian Options…Cosgrove was against Obamacare mainly because it did not jive with Cleveland Clinic’s exclusivity and profit margin and did not want to be forced to accept welfare patients…fact.
    The Cleveland Clinic= Crème Brule Health Insurance accepted only.
    All other hospital options in area= Little Debbie Cake that’s stale and in back of truck cab from 1992.

    1. @namnibor,
      If Cosgrove could get rid of all the “sub-healthcare providers”. Those from 3rd World countries, that would be a good thing.
      Like I’ve said, massive cuts will have to be done. VA will, in my opinion, take a heavy hit. As well it should. Too many have taken advantage of the monies VA receive. It’s about time VA show where that monies go! Audit VA!!!!!!!

      1. P.S. namnibor,
        If President Trump can get the insurance companies to start competing, as he wants. Then bring back good paying jobs, as he’s promised. And is doing, BEFORE he’s POTUS!
        In my opinion, people will have a chance to get great healthcare!
        That’s my opinion brother!

    2. Forgot to note that on the far East Side of Cleveland, where The Cleveland Clinic lives, in spite of Industrial Blight and overt poverty in periphery, the Cleveland Clinic continued to grow in land acquisition and sprawling buildings to where it was referred to by locals as the city within the city because they actually have their very own zip code, and The Cleveland Clinic caters to all the very wealthy Saudi Arabia, Qatar, oil-wealthy nations and they all have their very own royal suites and heliports…just to shine a little light on the exclusivity of Cleveland Clinic.
      In order for Cosgrove’s Cleveland Clinic business model to even remotely have a chance to mirror that in the VA overhaul, it would indeed require mass firings because The Cleveland Clinic model only hires the top % medical personnel *at all levels* to work there….whereas the VA currently is at, it’s the island of lost toys medical personnel.
      Lastly, one has to wonder why he would consider leaving his huge salary and perks with Cleveland Clinic…what’s the shiny fruit in the bowels of VA meat grinder The Cleveland Clinic could benefit from? Low-hanging fruit of non-human test subjects to benefit the more opulently endowed? 🙂 🙂

      1. namnibor,
        I’d love to see a “massive firing” of the healthcare providers at VHA’s nationwide!

      2. One doesn’t become a city within a city by handing out plush bonuses to chronically late upper management. Their doctors don’t take home their medical equipment to clean it to reuse on their patients the next day. They don’t ignore stroke and heart attack victims in their waiting rooms nor send them home once they do see them. They aren’t held unaccountable for malpractice. They don’t prescribe life threatening medication mixtures. They don’t tell patients they don’t prescribe non-formulary medication. They don’t write excessive damning notes in patient records. They don’t leave dead bodies in the shower for the day shift to take care of. They don’t delete patient waiting lists or referrals. They don’t ignore pain complaints or document a number less than the patient reports. They don’t deliberately withhold or ignore bad lab results. Their employees don’t take out their dissatisfaction with their pay raises or lack of on the patients. They don’t contract medical services and then withhold payment to bring patients back to their city. Their management doesn’t publically dumb down poor patient relations. They don’t make online posts praising their services pretending to be a patient. They don’t secretly red flag patients when patients express dissatisfaction. They don’t tell patients they are too busy to care for them because their city is too full. I could go on – forever.

      3. In some respects, I view this as a positive.
        I think a guy like him as SecVA would be horrified at the level of providers at that clinic, and the level allowed to fester at the VA.

    3. I don’t know what to think of this guy…your details helps if evaluating someone for a private entity watching the bottom line, but how does that translate to the VA?
      Again, I don’t know what to think other than list some positives and negatives.
      Positives? He’s a veteran and surgeon and has worked for an organization with a keen eye on the bottom line, so he might bring some good business sense to the VA that the dead weight there will likely not easily overcome. He knows how a medical facility should run, and might be able to cut through any BS roadblocks thrown up by the union or VSOs. I can’t believe he survived there that long without being able to quickly recognize bullshit.
      Negatives? His business focus on the bottom line likely would not translate well to the VA. We all want to see a VA whose bottom line is a focus on veterans getting proper health care no matter who they are or what their income level is. Fiscal responsibility at the VA would be very nice to see, as long as it does not come at the expense of veterans care…which I for one have seen enough of.

      So many of these could be positives or negatives, all depending on how he applies them.
      He would bring some very good understanding of medical laws as they currently stand in the private sector, including credentialing, so maybe that might be a positive.

      What might be most telling about him is how some establishment hacks and the VSOs react to his name being floated.
      Regardless of whether he is nominated, his name being floated suggests to me Trump is serious about who he selects, and it tells me McDonald or Scott Brown ain’t one of them.

  19. On the surface, he looks good. Only time and actions will tell just how much he really cares about the VETS and their health and how much he can get done for the VETS. I will reserve my opinion until further information has been obtained.

    1. @BenjaminKrause and all, speaking about care. Since when do very young medical students in their residencies not have supervision by a Senior doctor particularly in the surgery department when it involves cancer? Interns nor being allowed to contact doctor or consult him or she when a situation arises particularly when it involves gushing blood and drains. Interns to young and inexperienced to make decisions. 31 or 32 year olds. This is also one aspect of why veterans are dying. Third shift handling the hospital with everyone else on vacation. What is new though? Most of the VA is on vacation. More to story. Veterans left hospital. Possibly assisting vet to get paper work done to possibly get into private facility if necessary. Vet to weak to do paper work on the vet’s own. Vet in tons of pain. Vet left hospital due to lack of medical professionalism and competence. Here is a current example. I do not know hold story but more will possibly surface. Interns need senior doctors overseeing their care. Senior doctors need to be where they can be contacted and not on vacation 24/7. Thanks.
      Here we go to anyone on this blog who is a VA employee current or prior. More to story. Interns did not know what to do. What a shame. Veteran being hung out to dry once again.

      1. While you bring up the issue of interns, it was just last week advanced trained nurses were approved to take the place of doctors excluding anesthesia positions. This was approved as a financial savings while citing nurses have better communication with veterans than doctors.

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