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Former Tomah VA Doctor David Houlihan Surrenders Medical License

Veterans Affairs

After a three year battle, former Tomah VA chief of staff David Houlihan MD agreed to surrender his medical license to evade further investigation.

In a statement from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Dr. David Houlihan has reportedly agreed to permanently surrender his license to practice medicine in Wisconsin.

Despite never admitting fault in the numerous instances of malpractice at Tomah VA, the psychiatrist will no longer practice medicine in the state.

This is a major win for advocacy groups, journalists, and my own clients who fought against the whitewash pushed by Wisconsin lawmakers in covering up Tomah VA failures before 2014. Dr. Houlihan and his supporters fought like mad to keep a lid on the opiate scandal that led injury and death to numerous veterans.

Personally, Dr. Houlihan’s attorney threatened me for writing about the truth as reported by victims and other journalists concerning his outrageous conduct. I am glad he was finally taken to task by Wisconsin even though VA refused to do the right thing.

Houlihan Victory A States Rights Win

This was a States Rights win over attempts by the federal government to whitewash the bad conduct of a powerful employee. Glad fellow Wisconsinites won the day on this one.

The Department of Veterans Affairs needs to reconsider its overt disrespect for the state law and patient rights in medical centers like Tomah VA.

Maybe next time, the agency will cooperate when American citizens confront a medical center about wrongdoing. Tomah VA, despite being small relative to other VA medical centers, received a ton of negative press since the scandal escalated.

Though, had it not been for agency arrogance, no one would have leaked the Hungry Hungry Hippos video clip of Tomah VA employees playing human Hungry Hippos on company time last Halloween.

Those Tomah VA Hungry Hippos

Or, what about this classic video leaked to me where Tomah VA staff made a vaccine parody using Ghost Busters to encourage employees to get the flu vaccine in an attempt to increase employee vaccination from 54% to 60%?

Big Senate Report

Last May, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee released a 359-page report covering the Tomah VA scandal. The report detailed systemic failures by VA and VA OIG in their investigation of the crimes at the facility. According to that report, which led to the newest development, problems included:

“The lack of transparency and not having an independent watchdog over the facility are the primary culprits.  Now that appropriate oversight and publicity have occurred, those responsible for these tragedies have been held accountable.  They no longer work for the VA, and can do no further harm to veterans. I look forward to working with VA officials and the new VA inspector general that I was proud to help confirm to enact necessary reforms to prevent tragedies like what occurred at the Tomah from ever happening again.  The finest among us – our veterans – deserve no less.”

Dr. Houlihan never admitted fault, but he will also never touch another Wisconsin citizen ever again, at least in his capacity as a psychiatrist. As part of his settlement, he agreed to the black marks being including in a national registry against him.

Sen. Ron Johnson Tomah VA Press Release

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,  had this to say following reports that Dr. David Houlihan, also known as “candy man” at the Tomah VA Medical Center in Tomah, Wis., permanently surrendered his license and registration to practice medicine in Wisconsin. Chairman Johnson issued a 359-page report in May 2016 detailing the tragedies at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah. The report can be found here.

“This news brings to mind the Wisconsin veterans and families who were affected by the tragedies at the Tomah VA Medical Center. According to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, Dr. Houlihan failed to provide appropriate medical care to at least 22 veterans and engaged in misconduct over the course of several years. As my committee’s investigation also found, the Tomah VA and Houlihan repeatedly failed to honor this nation’s promises to the finest among us. Our veterans deserve world class care, as well as accountability for those who fail to provide it.”

Wednesday’s order from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services means that Houlihan will never practice medicine in Wisconsin again and that the state’s ruling will be placed in a national physician database.


Now that Candy Man is shut down, at least in Wisconsin, does anyone else wonder exactly what human research he was conducting at Tomah VA with his zombie cocktail that zapped the life out of veterans he treated, both figurative and literally speaking?

Again, this is a massive win for States Rights. The federal government wanted this one to go away, but Wisconsin said, “Hell no!”

I want to give a shout out to my friend Ryan Honl and reporter Aaron Glantz for being on the forefront. Had I not reported on what Glantz wrote, I never would have been erroneously threatened with a SLAPP suit by Houlihan’s attorney.

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  1. I truly enjoy the fact that the twisted little, control freak, drug addict, serial killer, pretend doctor. Has Ben’s VA art work implanted in his mind. It isn’t the justice he deserves but knowing he has seen it and can’t get it out of his mind. Well oddly I find that very refreshing.

    Going to have to ask him about it when he is locked up.

  2. Hypothetically: Houlihan crosses the river, opens up a practice, then responds to that ad from the company in LaCrosse who just landed a 6 billion contract from the VA and is seeking psychiatrists. Just sayin.

    1. @Veteran – A loophole that needs to be plugged. I’m going to get my therapy, spending time with my wife and my K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog. In what order, depends on their moods. Signing out for a while. I’m a little mind warped from posting many comments today.

    2. Veteran,

      He was in trouble in Iowa and was about to have his license revoked there. That is when he applied for his license in Wisconsin. He may have a license already in another state that will not be affected by this decision.

      So you are right about jumping the bridge to Minnesota. Also now with the VA using Telemedicine Tele-a-psych. He can work any where in the country via internet.

      Although he was fired from Tomah he was fight to try and get that overturned. I have not been able to finding out what happed at his last hearing in October of 2016. They may have overturned the firing.

      1. Seymore, there are 3 orders on the WI licensing web site on Houligan.

        I haven’t read through them, so I don’t know if there are any details on them to answer your question.

  3. Seems I missed ONE HELL OF A PARTY during my week long absence. Glad “Candy Man Houlihan” is gone from Tomah – – – but my greatest fear (think Rima Nelson) is that should he NOT retire, he’ll just be relocated to another facility. After all, it is not like they completely pulled his Medical License. He could still practice in other states.

    I hope the worthless fucker don’t like Kulolo. That would be a real shame . . .

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran – Welcome home bruddah. You did miss a lot. Have fun with tour review. Oh, and yes, I believe “Candy Man Houlihan” should of had his license revoked by all states and the Federal Umbrella. Sometimes, crime pays, even if our Brothers and Sisters are murdered, or damaged for life. Brainless cumquating snowflakes.

  4. Loosing his License? He can retire and enjoy the cash WE`VE Given him. That Cocktail to one veteran, Who knows how many more he`s killed. He obviously doesn`t have a conscious or he`d put a pistol in his mouth for the greater good. Karma has one hell of a sense of humor.

  5. @Ben, hope you censor this if it should be censored. Today’s post/comments is like a movie. Based on facts, we basically have a serial killer, his accomplices, spies, state investigations, government investigations, and lies. The truth is out there. Mary, Lem, you have a vital role in this. @Dennis, you’ve been right all along. I’m not good at recalling names very well, but y’all know who I mean. @Seymour, this Dr Houilihan deserves to suffer. He has no heart, calling him names doesn’t touch him. Also, the people who shared his mission of death to Veterans, lost their rights to work for Veterans.

  6. @Crazy elf: thanks.. So the reason the nurse involved with the candyman is still working, even after spokesman said all involved were fired is ?? Nobody fired her. Amazing how anyone in the swamp can be held accountable for anything. I’m ready for justice. Thanks again

  7. @Ben, in your post, italic, you said all involved were fired. Yet Ryan Honi said at least one involved is still there. I have several correspondence with the VA OIG, each one tells me they have no power to force compliance to anything nor the power to do anything other than report. More often than not, they seemed forced to report to whom they are investigating. So, don’t blame them. Their job is getting paid. No results expected.

    1. @Jo3n,
      You are correct. The only agencies allowed to do anything are the DOJ’s (State and/or Federal) and FBI’s or other law enforcement agencies.
      The state law enforcement agencies investigate, separately, along side or in conjunction with, the feds. Then, when the investigation is complete, and the DOJ’s or prosecutors ars informed, a ‘grand jury’s is put together.
      *IF* the grand jury decides there is enough evidence for arrest, trial and a (possible) conviction, the law enforcement agencies, with “warrants” go out and arrest the perpetrators.

      It’s like that in Congress also. The only thing Congress can accomplish is “shedding light” on what’s happening within our different government agencies. They cannot arrest, try or convict anyone!
      Only, that’s not all Congress can do. The “House” has the “Power of the Purse”! I believe that’s why they passed that bill where they can strip monies from agencies, (I wish I could remember the name of it!) I seem to remember someone putting it’s name on here before!
      The Senate is in about the same position.
      Next, the President’s main job is to “make sure all laws are followed as required by the Constitution!”
      Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-S.C.) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Ut), has many videos on UTube discussing exactly what the POTUS’s job’s are. That’s why their so angry over what Obama’s been up to for eight years!

      I hope this helps you!

      P.S. I’ve really learned much from watching Utube. Especially the committee meetings and their questions and answers. Plus, how to distinguish between the Representatives, no matter which geopolitical group.
      If you listen carefully, you’ll see who will allow the agencies representatives to get away with bull shit or hold them accountable.
      Example; when Ben spoke in front of all those Democrats. Only one asked anything. That, in itself, was an indication that committee didn’t want to hear FROM him OR what he said about veterans being treated poorly.
      It’s because of watching these videos, on how I cast my votes on who to best represent me!

    2. @Jo3n – Such job security VA employees have. They would be easily tossed out in the private sector. I don’t like being under anyone’s dam thumb. It makes people want to fight for their life, in order to obtain freedom. Been done before.

  8. All that’s really missing on Ben’s “Bad VA Art” today is a sloppy smudge/streak of lipstick across Houlihan’s face kinda similar to The Joker in ‘Batman Begins’…and maybe some mismatched high heels. 🙂

      1. @Crazy elf – Whoopi, the cushion? We know Whoopi is a die hard extreme left liberal. That’s her choice, but not to entertain in my home. One question? Was she named after the buttfart cushion that most of us had when we were growing up, or was she named after “doing the dirty?” Help me here, because I don’t want to get my orifices mixed up. Today’s world without absolutes has me all mixed. Let me get to my appointment at the VA for a cocktail of sorts.

        Back to reality. Who on this blog has dogs as their buddy, companion, service animal, friend, pet, or nowadays a dog for a lover [joking, but may be not]. No seriously, I’d like to know. I’m learning a new website creation software program, and I want to offer products and consulting services for K9’s. Due to many people are being ripped off by high veterinarian costs. In which I believe is a disgrace. Another field filled with corruption and greed, by taking advantage of people who truly love their dog(s).

        When you reply, please share with me what you would like help with pertaining to training, care, pet products, . . . etc. The domain names have been purchased. And, now I’m checking on prices for toll free vanity numbers for call in consulting. Separate audio and video equipment have already been purchased.

        All I need now is a durable cell phone with excellent still shot and video capabilities. I want to offer the last bit of my precious colored gemstone collection and rings for sale. I have sterling silver, 14kt yellow, and only one 18kt white gold ring left.

        Your help is greatly appreciated. I need to create income in order to get out from under the incompetent care of the VA. I don’t know how much more I can take of their asinine bullshit. I never felt this way about my healthcare in my life. My health has greatly deteriorated since being treated by the quacks on staff.

        Help me out by sharing with me your thoughts pertaining to what you’d like to see on a website about K9’s. I tagged this comment for responses.

      2. @ANutterVet, the tips you gave of diet and what is safe for a k-9 friends was very interesting and it was information i did not know about. The unsafe foods, i knew chocolate was bad, but the other foods you stated i did not know. I did not know about the brown rice beneficial and that raw meat was bad because of bacteria.

        Maybe diet flyers/brochures for certain breeds. Maybe educational materials for sale? I think recipes, maybe homemade dog bath treatments, arthritic help for senior dogs, homemade vitamin fortified dog treats i see sell a lot at craft/homecoming events etc.

        When i take my dog to the veteranian what i see the dog toys, bedding, chew treats i see sell at high prices, the quality of products i think is an important issue. If you could do the vitamin fortified dog foods i think you could do well also. Older dogs need the arthritic treatment and that is high at a veterinarian office. I think if you get a website you should do good. That is suppose to be the future home delivery of everything. Some people do really good on the internet. Let us know so we can start purchasing quality treats for our best friends.

        My dogs are like a member of the family. Maybe tailor to how we perceive our pets? You probably already thought about some of this, hope some of it was helpful.

      3. @Ex va – Thank you for your input. What I think dog owners are most concerned about, may be totally different than what owners are really concerned about. I’m really leaning towards creating a special blend of either a treat or daily food fortified with supplements that has a proven track record of health benefits. I’ve already started working on some formulas and recipes. Most people, including my and I, treat our K9 like he is our child. And, like us, we want him to live a long and healthy life. Indicators are strongly pointing to developing antiaging, agility, and K9 common health problems. When starting out, it tends to be vey expensive to cover a multitude of formulas for all different types of health issues. I think it may be best to find the most common denominator with most breeds. Thanks again Brother for your input. Very helpful.

      4. Meant to include the word wife were I stated, “including my [wife] and I.” My mind is just a ticking.

  9. This guy is disgusting. It just goes to show if you destroy a Veteran’s life you get a free ticket out. Obama is always giving money away to other Countries instead of helping our Vets. He just gave away an ungodly amount to other Countries for the fake Global Warming/Climate Change. Folks it’s called weather. GOD made the earth to with stand all of the things we could throw at it. So now the Government has Chemtrails. It’s killing everyone. Veterans who have served our Country has been sprayed with most if not all of the Chemicals that are in the Chemtrails. Insecticides are sprayed in places that would be better from the ground.
    We all need to stand together.
    Thank God Trump will stop most of all of this.

    1. @Katterkat,
      That’s what it’s called, “Weather”!
      Have you noticed, it was first called; “Global Warming”! Then it was changed to; “Global Cooling”! Now it’s; “Climate Change”!
      Evidently, the Democrats can’t make up their minds on its title! Typical liberal Democrat!

  10. @Seymore,
    *IF*, and I do mean *IF*, ‘Lem’ WERE a “True American Patriot”, he would want to be as informed as possible, as to what our whole government is up to.
    Evidently he isn’t like the majority of “real veterans” who come on here!
    In my opinion, I don’t even think he’s even a veteran.
    He’s said things that don’t make much sense!

    1. Elf,

      Lem, sorry I mean David Houlihan! Is having a very tuff day!

      Most likely has already popped plenty of meds and is losing control.

      He is not a Veteran and certainly not an American Patriot.

      1. @Seymore,
        Lem, er Houlihan, should take a little of that medicine he’s been caught giving to veterans.
        Then we wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore!

      2. Elf,

        That is correct Elf! One and the same. With that well known drug problem of his and his was written up for being such a control freak.

        All those years and all those drugs with his problem dating all the way back to Iowa. I am sure that he is baking away right now.

        Can you imagine how dependent he is on his own drugs.

      3. Seymore & 91Veteran,
        The problem with ‘Lem’, or David Houlihan, or whatever his name is, is he must be a fucking druggie himself.
        Plus, he doesn’t know how to act in public.
        Another problem is, he can’t seem to understand he’s not welcome here.
        Just as his “druggie wife” got blasted some time last year. Coming on here to defend his sorry ass. Remember that?!

        All I’m going to say about this is – If he doesn’t like reading material relevant to the massive corruption, waste, fraud and abuse within our government, fuck him! No one is asking him to read anything.

        In my opinion, if the citizens of America can’t stop ALL these agencies from bankrupting America, then we all lose.

        Our “Founding Fathers” are probably very upset at what’s transpiring in our country.

        Tomorrow is going to be very interesting!

      4. @Crazy elf , @91Veteran , @Seymore Klearly , @Ex va – DJ Trump is goal orientated. Hopefully if the new Secretary doesn’t perform, Trump will roll him out the front door. And, Trump doesn’t like negative publicity or to eat face. Who would? The dam leaders in the VA system who are getting an easy out for murder, and screwing up our Brothers and Sisters lives that are putting their trust into a system that is not trustworthy. Assholes! VA better get cleaned up soon. Younger Veterans have the knowledge of new high powered weapons, and the mindset to go off causing extensive damage.

        The above statement is only my opinion. No threats of bodily harm at any VA Medical Center are being entertained in my mind. In my own home, now that’s a different story. Ass wiping air headed VA employees with their Evidence Based Criteria aren’t welcomed in my home. This is my dam turf that I have every right to protect my wife and service dog.

        The above is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t want any liberal non absolute wussy to take what I say out of context. You know who the fuck you are! Keep your stinky fucking shit to yourself.

        As a side note; I’ve never cussed so dam much since getting screwed by the VA’s incompetent healthcare system. Anyone else been experiencing a increase in using foul language more than you did before? Or is it just me? Sometimes it’s hard to control.

    2. I like to get my political news from more valid sources. And I don’t post “news” off topic. If I catch something that is on topic I’ll post it.

  11. 01/19/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    One day before Trump gets into office.


    Don Karg

  12. @Seymore, namnibor, 91Veteran, those who are interested in what’s happening within our government.
    And/or anyone else who “thinks” we on here don’t care about America by posting other information for our “Political Consumption”!
    Originally from; “True American Justice”
    “Ben Carson Rebuilding America Projects”
    Jan. 19, 2017. (7:46 minutes long)
    His ‘three step plan’ is definitely worth the effort, to get people off of government assistance programs!
    His plan is; a.) Graduate High School. b.) Become Employable or get a job. and c.) Don’t have children until your married!
    In my opinion, this is great advice.

    2) (a video) from “”
    “Red Alert: Ex-Intel Agent “BOMBSHELL”- Obama Will Pardon The Clintons Noon Tomorrow”
    Jan. 19, 2017. (6:25 minutes long)
    We might see this happen. Just like Bill Clinton did for “Mark Rich” on Jan. 20, 2001! After Rich’s wife donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Foundation.

    3) also from; “”
    Democrats are going to hate this. Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-S.C.), is now “in charge” of the committee “…to investigate Russian Hacking!”

    Of course, we on here who are interested in what happens in Washington DC. Know that information like what I’ve just posted, *IS* important to our keeping our government “transparent and accountable” to our citizenry’s well being!!!!!!!!!
    For those of you who don’t care. Keep your head in that ‘proverbial hole’!

    1. Why don’t you guys take your political junk to a political board. We don’t need political trolls here. It is off topic and just clutters reading for those who wish on topic posts. Or better yet, set up your own site instead of trolling other sites.

      Your post elf, is the definition of trolling.

      1. Fuck You Lem.
        That’s far from being the definition of a “TROLL”! Education must not be your forte!
        A “TROLL” is someone who comes on a site and “bashes” or “trashes” those wanting the following removed from an agency; Corruption, Non-Transparency and/or Non-Accountability.

        You don’t give a crap about anything or anyone but yourself. You’ve proven that time and time again. Since this morning, I’ve tried my best to NOT respond to your insults. That’s over.

        So, evidently I hit a “chord” on you on what Ben Carson said, and Trey Gowdy is going to be doing!

        Here’s a fucking topic for you!

        “Bikers For Trump” are for three (3) main objectives to either eradicate from America, or to “Stand Beside”!
        1.) “Eradicate RADICAL Islamist Terrorists”!
        2.) “Follow the laws over Illegal Immigration”!
        3.) “Standing Up for Veterans”!
        You seem to be a person who would want our government to go over that cliff and become dependent on other nations.
        I don’t! That seems to be the difference between you and I.

      2. The shoe fits doesn’t it, elf. You do both. loading the thread with your political junk and calling other posters names. And yes, I fit the definition of trolling trolls which makes me a troll.

      3. @Lem,
        Evidently you believe everyone who comes on here should “bend to your will”!
        Ain’t going to happen!
        Most of us on here say what we want “on topic” in two, maybe three, comments.
        Our other comments are to inform others as to what’s happening within and without our country.

      4. Not my thread to monitor but I do ask 2 things. No name calling or trolling political divisive off topic posts. If you are allowed to do it I’m allowed to object by definition.

      5. Lem,

        That also means I can tell you to “go fuck yourself” for coming on here trying to create a hostile environment for posters.

        Clearly you have no real concern about any topic other than fucking with the regular posters on this site.

        So Lem, go fuck yourself!!

      6. Difference is I only do it for hostile posters like you Seymore, not everyone that posts something I don’t agree with or something that seems a little to liberal for you.

      7. @Lem – Your psychology and reasoning is spot-on with most serial killers. That makes you a Serial Troll. Indeed, go fuck yourself.

  13. There is some weird things going on in the site. It says 0 comments when i first came in to this site. Also, i do not believe it is on my side with my iPad. I have notice problems the last few weeks. Anyone else?

    1. Yes, it also says 0 comments on all past articles as well…could be a Snowflake Cyber Attack Tactic, aka: SCAT

    2. Ex va,
      I just came back on. It says “0” comments.
      Something’s screwing with Ben’s site.

      1. I just sent Ben an email to give him a heads-up in-case it was the prelude to something more serious.

  14. The more sophisticated doctors or providers a va medical center can attract the more bonuses and incentives administrators receive. That is the motive for hiring any doctor with big problems and that the Veterans ultimately have to suffer with when receiving treatment.

  15. This credentialing and priveledging doctors, providers, nurses and anyone delivering medical care. Needs to be audited by a legitimate agency, not by the facility that receive bonuses for hiring these doctors who cannot hold a license in the private sector of medical care. This is where a lot of the problems begin in the va system. If the medical care staff cannot pass a legitimate credentialing and priveledging they could not be hired in the va system and they could NOT murder Veterans.

    The the scheduling system needs overhauled it is the key to treatment for Veterans. It is a scam and can infect any unscrupulous clinic with the doctors and medical staff participation.

    1. Credentialing is handled by State Agencies. It is one of the shortfalls that is happening under the “deregulation umbrella”. Our problem is the VA doesn’t verify the credentials presented. If your license is withdrawn they don’t actually go out and collect it. You are just bared at the agency from practicing in that particular state. So licenses need to be verified instead of accepted on faith. And references checked.

    2. On the subject of providers, did you know that if say a doctor is working in AZ, but is licensed in Alaska, Alaska’s board will not ‘entertain’ a complaint on that doctor.

      I use the above situation to point out an experience I had. Not did that happen once, but twice. The other state that does not ‘entertain’ investigating is Hawaii, so you may want to do a check on your VA doctor’s licensing state.

      As far as I know, there is not an agreement on file for reciprocity between states, and true to form the VA made a mess of the doctor/nurse state reporting idea via THEIR rules that seem to be set apart from other rules.

      1. The doctor has to get a license in the state to work in most states, Vic. So the license you want removed is the one that is allowing the bad dr. to work. If material is presented to the state medical board and a license is removed that was based on a license in another stat the other state will be notified and give the documentation for the removal. It will be the judgment, in your case, for the state medical board of Alaska to remove the finale license or leave it open for the individual to use it to move to another state. Part of the problem.

      2. A VA doctor practicing in any state must just be licensed in some state…it does not have to be in the state they are working for the VA.

        The VA has their own credentialing process. You can find the policy at the VAs web site.

        States like CO have specific laws for medical providers operating within the state which requires them to provide a publicly accessible profile on a state web site. That must be done within 30 days of starting practice, or they can be charged with a Class 6 felony.

        VA doctors practicing in CO who are licensed in other states may or may not be exempt from that requirement…I have never gotten a straight answer. Believe me, I have checked.

        If I complained about a VA doctor licensed in another state, that complaint would have to go to the state in which they are licensed in, and it is up to that state to decide whether they will investigate.

        If they are required to have a public profile here in CO as the law states, and I have found no exemption for the VA for that law, I have found at least 17 providers at my VA alone that do not comply with the law.

      3. I called the IG a couple years ago.

        The snotty hack that answered the phone told me the VA IGs office only investigates cases of financial fraud, and refused to transfer me to anyone else.

        I’ve been around long enough to know that was a damn lie.

        That call was when Griffin was still the IG.

      4. 91, You got the wrong section. Write a letter and put the subject on the left corner of the envelope so it gets to the right section. Or if you call ask for the section that deals with you topic. I had good service a couple of weeks (maybe a month ago) as far as the operator. Remains to be seen as far as action. Best to write and copy your congressman.

      5. Lem, rather than arrogantly stating I screwed up and got the wrong section, you should have read my comment more carefully.

        I called when Griffin was still there. A couple years ago.

        Griffin. Who oversaw numerous whitewashes of corruption and malpractice, including Tomah.

        I called the IG hotline…not some random number. Anyone answering that hotline should have directed me to the proper section. They should not have been lazy and snotty and refusing to do their job.

      6. You are right, 91. The operator was wrong and should be reported to IG. Lot of good that would do. I hope you made more than one try. Someone did or nothing would ever have gotten done.

      7. @@ LEM

        No sir, out of state doctors are allowed to come to the VA and NOT have to license in the state they are working in. FACT, that is a VA rule. Go look at the VA site and see their hiring program, and it states just that…no further licensing is required.

        I sited what happened to me, and what I found out through that effort. Somehow I thought that my depiction of events wouldn’t be challenged, I guess I was wrong.

      8. Vic, maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying.

        Are you saying a VA doctor must be licensed in the state they are working in?

        If you are, that is wrong, and easily verified.

        There are a large number of providers at my VA that are licensed in other states, but ARE NOT licensed in CO. The Chief of Staff at my VA was never licensed in CO, but was licensed in FL.

        VA policy states that a provider must be licensed somewhere, and if they are, they can then practice at a VA anywhere in the VA system.

        The VAs own doctor recruiting page states this as a perk for the provider. Once they are credentialed in the VA system, they can move anywhere in the country and not have to get licensed again.

        If you want to verify this, go to your VA web page. Find the list of providers at your hospital, then search for their names on your states medical licensing page.

        You will likely find several are missing from the state licensing page. That is because they are licensed in another state, and you would have to go to that states web page to get information on their license.

      9. @@91@@ Yes, you’re correct that they have to be licensed in a state, but the two states I have attempted to file complaints with refused to take my complaint stating; ‘got your states board’.

        Yes it is a perk for a doctor or nurse to get under the big umbrella of the VA, and not being touchable while out of their state of licensing. The VA has its own complaint process, but I frankly don’t trust them any more than I believe that Patient Advocates are useful.

      10. Thanks for the clarification Vic.

        In my opinion, a state that tells a veteran to go to their own states licensing board are just too damn lazy to do their jobs.

        Much like what happened in WI with Tomah. Too lazy to investigate what is going on until the bad publicity forces them to.

      11. @ 91 @
        Worse than lazy, these two states have zero requirement in their laws to have to investigate.

        I talked to a state rep on our board, and they push you back to the VA since there is no written reciprocity between states. I don’t think that it’s right that the VA can write rules that dis-allow the normal/sensible flow of complaints.

        Anyway, that’s about it for beating the horse. Bottom line, just another way to be disconnected from accountability, service, and veterans all in one.

      12. @Lem – Doctors are under a Federal umbrella. I believe it doesn’t matter what State a VA Medical Center is located. I could be wrong. But I met plenty physicians who didn’t have a State license. I refused treatment from them. Staff got pissed. Oh well, I was pissed too. We even VA, moog point.

      13. @91Veteran, thank you for your statement of the va having its own credentialing process. People do not understand the va system.

  16. @Seymour, When reading first comment, then Mary?, You are most likely right. What did VA do to him? So many Dr’s are treating Veterans without a license..Ben, again a great job.

    1. Hi Jo3n,

      I made certain that I was correct before commenting about Mary. Also thank you.

      Mary has been posting with the same comma ridden garbage every time Ben post an article on Tomah. In some of this person’s post they claim that they are posting because they live next to the VAMC Tomah facility and has three brothers who have served and that is why they are posting.

      In additional postings this person is telling Veterans to get their doctor back and their much needed medication they need to protest at the VAMC. While not claiming to be a Veteran.

      This person is using a number of names including Paita, Mary W, Mary Willie, M, Maryw and a list of others but I am not going to says those just yet. I will post those latter with links to the statements.

      Note how agitated Lem is?

      I think David has been having a very hard time waiting for this to hit he news, right Lem?

      This person has

      1. I do love the effect that troll candy has on trolls. They just can’t help themselves.

        The State of Wisconsin may be done with you, but I am not. I know Jason Simcakoski was murdered on Federal property. Your paper titled “Serotonin syndrome resulting from coadministration of tramadol, venlafaxine, and mirtazapine”, makes it very clear that you knew what you were doing. When you murdered Jason Simcakoski.

        I also know that you have followed and trolled this blog in the past.

      2. Hey David,

        Gender Identity Crisis?

        Paita, Mary Wille, M, Mary W, Lem

        Just a few of your prior posts are under the flowing Blog articles:

        As maryw:

        “Tomah VA Opiate Prescriptions Skyrocket As Psychiatrist ‘Doped-Up’ Veterans”, By Benjamin Krause, JD, January 13, 2015

        “BREAKING: Media Blackout Of Bloody Veteran Suicide Underway”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – December 29, 2016

        “Sexual Assault Of Female Veterans Reported At Tomah VA”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – January 6, 2016

        “BUSTED: VA Cancer Patient Fights Back With Smart Phone, Records Doctor”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – August 26, 2016

        “OIG Watchdog Hammered By Senate Over Tomah VA Failures”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – June 1, 2016

        “USA TODAY Publishes Secret VA Health Care Quality List”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – December 8, 2016

        As Paita:
        “Dr. David Houlihan Appeals Termination From Candy Land”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – January 12, 2016

        “Tomah VA Opiate Prescriptions Skyrocket As Psychiatrist ‘Doped-Up’ Veterans”, by Benjamin Krause, JD January 13, 2015

        “Wisconsin Lawmakers Take On VA OIG Over Tomah VA Scandal”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – February 2, 2015

        As Mary Wille

        Wisconsin VA Dubbed ‘Candy Land’ Probed for Pain Pill Overkill, Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

        “Tomah VA Opiate Prescriptions Skyrocket As Psychiatrist ‘Doped-Up’ Veterans”, By Benjamin Krause, JD January 13, 2015
        “ “

        As Mary

        “Both Parties Agree, VA Should Answer Phones For Suicidal Veterans”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – November 17, 2016


        You really shouldn’t get high and post conflicting stories in your posts. It destroys your credibility. No go take two Fuk-it-alls and go somewhere else in the mourning!!!

      3. Who is david. Sorry, I was unaware of Mary’s previous pots. Seems like you came down hard on her. Perhaps her source was dried up. One of her brothers supplying her or what? In any case the problem would exist if we had a good pain protocol in the U S. Say similar to Japan’s.

      4. @Seymore Klearly, you are very detailed oriented and seeing patterns in the writing styles of these trolls. That is impressive. Remembering all the names and similiar responses made by these trolls. That is excellent. I use to be like that when i worked in Quality Assurance like 20 years ago. I am glad you are noticing the insincerity of it all too. Thank you for you work.

  17. As for Candy Man, our primary problem with VA pain therapy is we treat distressful pain as an outpatient where the controls are left to the patient. In Japan under the National Health Plan it is treated as an inpatient with the staff controlling the dispensing. I was never under medicated or over medicated for sciatica in Japan. In the VA I was always under medicated to the point of being kept on a suicide watch in a locked ward (2NBC Wadsworth LA AKA West Los Angeles VA Medical and Research Center) from October of 1991 to the middle of January 1992.

    Which is worse, under medicating or over medicating pain? Both are worse. One is torture and the other destroys health.

    1. Lem,

      What does Japanese health care have to do with the topic at hand, huh, HUH?

      ANSWER ME!

      No need to Lem. Just pointing out that some comments might be seen differently by some people.

      What do they say? Perception is in the eye of the beer holder?

      1. Model for treating pain right without addicting and actually relieving pain and preventing suicide. Your call 91. Should it be here?

        “What does Japanese health care have to do with the topic at hand, huh, HUH?

        ANSWER ME!”

      2. @91Veteran– Snowflake tears in their beer, must become more bitter as 1/20/17 closes-in.

      3. You didn’t answer the question, 91? Just more name calling. That all you got? No models or examples of better to present? Only complaints?

      4. I was yanking your chain Lem.

        Where did I call anyone a name in my comment asking about Japanese health care?

        Lighten up Francis.

      5. You didn’t and I didn’t call you on one I don’t think in that response. I think your yank of my chain was helpful. It brought more attention to the purpose of my post. Thanks for the yank and I can get a chuckle out of a worth yank.

      6. @Lem – Hey Brother, I tell you why the VA here in the States doesn’t practice such modalities for pain management; [1.] less profitable, [2.] reduces the probability of corruption [our system has too many loopholes], [3.] Veteran’s health isn’t the top priority [VA façade], and [4.] Japanese take pride mostly in everything that they do [unfortunately we lack in this character]. There is probably more reasons, but I can’t recall.

        And Lem, if PE Trump applies business principles to the performance of the VA, heads are going to roll. I’m sure that you would agree that this would be good to remove those VA employees in whom we can’t trust. Therefore, detrimental to Veteran’s healthcare. Reformation is well over due. Its house cleaning time, because the madness needs to stop, and these criminals need to prosecuted to the fullest extent. My opinion.

        So many Veterans, including yourself, have been through or are continually going through the meat grinder. They are tired of the bullshit. Those that are really experienced, only need a slight sniff to detect a swampy odor. They pick up the scent fast, and have nothing to do with it. I feel the same way. My opinion.

      7. I am truly hoping for business principles. Better controls, nutter, will help a lot. To easy to steel from our Uncle.

      8. @Lem – Yeah, your right they steal all the time from Uncle, and then try to push it off as a reputable business. Happens all the time. That’s why people who know about government contracting usually keep the secrets to themselves.

      9. @Lem – I forgot to mention to you, that I married an Okinawan-Japanese. When they take on tasks, even though I don’t believe in the Buddhist faith, they think the things that they create or do as like raising a child [their babies]. It took me a little while to grasp this. But, I do understand.

        I would bet that the healthcare in Germany, Switzerland, and Israel is better than ours as well. My opinion.

      10. My wife is from Edo (Tokyo). Old banking family that went broke in the great depression. Although class has supposed to have been erased it doesn’t take long to recognize you get some preferential treatment if your wife’s family helped in the Meji Restoration. Never knew how a first time meeting on the street, everyone speaking English for my benefit they knew. I guess from the name.

  18. Congratulations to you three Ben, Ryan and Aaron.

    Given Houlihans history, I have no doubt you saved veterans lives.

    Now, from the top.

    Any reader of this post and my comment needs to remember one thing.

    The VA IG CLEARED Tomah and Houlihan in their initial investigation. It was only publicity that FORCED them to look again.

    Publicity also FORCED the state to act, and ultimately forced some in WI political office to act.

    Which makes me wonder, how much did the IG cooperate in the state investigation? Or in Senator Johnson’s?

    Houlihan might never practice in WI again, and a national registry (which I would like to know which one, hopefully not that docinfo dot org garbage) might prevent him working in the private sector, but a Chief of Staff has a lot of friends, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he landed at another VA. Even if he isn’t practicing his version of medicine, he might end up in an administrative position somewhere.

    Unless Trump puts the fear of Trump into any manager thinking of hiring him.

    I don’t agree Ben that this was a huge win for states rights, particularly since the state refused to act until bad publicity forced them to. I do agree it would be a huge win for states by showing they don’t have to put up with federal intimidation.

    I firmly believe if Houlihan had been licensed in another state, the state of WI might not have acted in a timely manner if at all, and the VA might have shuffled Houlihan off to another location.
    It’s still a mystery why the VA did not do that.

    No. A huge states rights win in my opinion would be any state conducting oversight or investigations into any medical providers practicing within their borders…like the 10th Amendment promises.

    I am thankful for the huge report finally issued on this, but I also recall the state and political officials being slow to act.

    This is proven by the 3 orders on the WI credentialing site showing Houlihan having a history of poor care dating to at least 2003.

    Which also makes me question the VAs credentialing process. Could it be any more sloppy? Clearly their promise of immunity doesn’t have many teeth if a state finally finds the guts to thoroughly investigate.

    As for his human research, perhaps that’s why the VA left him there. To continue.
    A quick search on PubMed shows 4 results for him, all PTSD related.
    One in 2004, 2 in 2011 and one in 2013.

    1. This is a textbook example to show Trump’s Team, whomever Shulkin’s “”helpers”” will be as VA Sec., that the VA OIG is corrupt as the rest of the systemic mess. There’s that term again, Systemic Mess. Take especially note of #3 below and use that analogy/metaphor to the VA and Veterans because as with an insect infestation such as cockroaches, you cannot constantly just play whack a mole and expect to ever resolve the systemic infestation, as goes the VA:

      “Systemic”: (from dictionary dot com, as an adjective)

      1. of or relating to a system.

      2. Physiology, Pathology. a.pertaining to or affecting the body as a whole.
      b.pertaining to or affecting a particular body system.

      3. (of a pesticide) absorbed and circulated by a plant or other organism so as to be lethal to pests that feed on it.

      1. I don’t know the details of the law governing Inspectors General. I don’t know if the President appoints them and congress confirms, or if the President appoints them for a specific term, and congress confirms.

        Recent News reports said Obama was trying to install an IG at the Pentagon I believe. I wonder why he would do that, other than installing his people in certain positions to continue mucking things up.

        My point is, Missal was recently installed at VA as IG. If an IG is appointed for a term, that term might run regardless of who is in the WH…like the FBI director who is appointed for a 10 year term.

        If an IG is appointed for a specific term of say 6 years, we may be stuck with Missal at VA for a while longer.

      2. copy and paste: “”

        §3. Appointment of Inspector General; supervision; removal; political activities;
        appointment of Assistant Inspector General for Auditing and Assistant Inspector
        General for Investigations
        (a) There shall be at the head of each Office an Inspector General who shall be appointed by the
        President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, without regard to political affiliation
        and solely on the basis of integrity and demonstrated ability in accounting, auditing, financial
        analysis, law, management analysis, public administration, or investigations. Each Inspector
        General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the head of the establishment
        involved or, to the extent such authority is delegated, the officer next in rank below such head,
        but shall not report to, or be subject to supervision by, any other officer of such establishment.
        Neither the head of the establishment nor the officer next in rank below such head shall prevent
        or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or
        investigation, or from issuing any subpena during the course of any audit or investigation.
        (b) An Inspector General may be removed from office by the President. If an Inspector General
        is removed from office or is transferred to another position or location within an establishment,
        the President shall communicate in writing the reasons for any such removal or transfer to both
        Houses of Congress, not later than 30 days before the removal or transfer. Nothing in this
        subsection shall prohibit a personnel action otherwise authorized by law, other than transfer or
        (c) For the purposes of section 7324 of title 5, United States Code, no Inspector General shall be
        considered to be an employee who determines policies to be pursued by the United States in the
        nationwide administration of Federal laws.
        (d)(1) Each Inspector General shall, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
        governing the civil service—
        (A) appoint an Assistant Inspector General for Auditing who shall have the responsibility for
        supervising the performance of auditing activities relating to programs and operations of the
        (B) appoint an Assistant Inspector General for Investigations who shall have the responsibility
        for supervising the performance of investigative activities relating to such programs and
        operations; and
        (C) designate a Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman who shall educate agency employees—
        (i) about prohibitions on retaliation for protected disclosures; and
        (ii) who have made or are contemplating making a protected disclosure about the rights and
        remedies against retaliation for protected disclosures.
        (2) The Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman shall not act as a legal representative, agent, or
        advocate of the employee or former employee.
        (3) For the purposes of this section, the requirement of the designation of a Whistleblower
        Protection Ombudsman under paragraph (1)(C) shall not apply to—
        (A) any agency that is an element of the intelligence community (as defined in section 3(4) of the
        National Security Act of 1947 (50 U.S.C. 401a(4))); or
        (B) as determined by the President, any executive agency or unit thereof the principal function of
        which is the conduct of foreign intelligence or counter intelligence activities.
        (e) The annual rate of basic pay for an Inspector General (as defined under section 12(3)) shall
        be the rate payable for level III of the Executive Schedule under section 5314 of title 5, United
        States Code, plus 3 percent.
        (f) An Inspector General (as defined under section 8G(a)(6) or 12(3)) may not receive any cash
        award or cash bonus, including any cash award under chapter 45 of title 5, United States Code.
        (g) Each Inspector General shall, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing
        the civil service, obtain legal advice from a counsel either reporting directly to the Inspector
        General or another Inspector General.

      3. I think it has become customary to leave all IGs in place unless removed for cause. They are supposed to be independent of political bias.

  19. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Veterans being treated as guinea pigs. Many VA Physicians don’t care about what Veterans are going through. Many times, “I feel like a number.” As a life scientist, Tomah VA chief of staff David Houlihan MD should have been legally forced to have his medical license stamped, “void from practicing medicine in any state, and US territories.

    Also, the flu buster promo was a waste of taxpayers monies. There goal was to reach 60% from last years 54% of employees getting the flu vaccination. Wow, that VA Medical Center has very high goal setting standards of shooting for an additional 6% over the previous year of employees participating.

  20. @Ben, thank you for exposing this corruption. Thank you to anyone that stood up to this madness in the va medical care system. Will this doctor suffer any kind of prosecution for his crimes against Veterans? I pray that this evil doctor does not receive a moving incentive/bonus to be transfered to another va medical center. The place he should be serving would be as an inmate in the prison system with multiple life sentences for the lives he destroyed.

  21. Simple solution; Apple app that allows a user to feed it med records obtained through secure messaging, and extract only Physicians and care givers names. Then with user authentication those names along with dates of submition will be sent to VAWatchDogApp. The user will be allowed to comment and comment will show.

    Part two will use google map API and place the names and locations from which the sunmission was sent of all care givers in that persons med record obtained online via the Blue Button feature at myhealthVA. Click on a name on any part of the map, which will show up like the rental apps you see, and that care givers name and comments about them will show but also will highlight anywhere else on the map the person shows up.

    Any name showing up in more than one spot will be coded as a star. One star for each unique location. This will be available to the public.

    It is a way that We The People can lecerage the fifth leg of government – the internet. I am an app deceloper out of nostalgia of a career past but the app would be exceedingly easy to develop given that Blue Button is formatted precisely. Security would be Apple quality which to date has not been hacked except by CIA, so the worry about personal info security is moot because the records are already in our governments hands. This app would simply free some of the information from bondage.

  22. Here’s what came out from,
    “” via the “Seattle Times” today, 19 Jan. 2017.
    “VA to Cover Assisted Reproduction for Service Related Injuries”

    Good news for the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Seems this will negate Clinton’s 1994 edict for those vets who received “war groin wounds”!
    The representative, from Washington State, is trying to make it permanent within the VA.
    Good article.

  23. I think Dr. David Houlihan should be relocated to Leavenworth Federal Prison to fill the vacancy of Chelsea Manning in May, 2017, and Dr. Houlihan to be ordered to wear a large sign around his neck that drapes both front and back that states: “I EXPERIMENTED ON AND KILLED VETERANS AT THE VA”, and if he refuses the signage, then no more shirts for The Candyman and he will have that tattooed to both his back and front and on his forehead it shall be tattooed, “THE CANDYMAN”. (maybe tattoo it on his ass as well, so bubba knows as well)
    Lock Block, Set & Forget. The Military/Veteran Prison Population will take care of the rest.
    (and that was being kind & compassionate) 🙂

    1. That is a bit extreme. I think that just tatooing a bullseye centered on the pooper would be sufficient. Bubba is kind of short sighted…

      1. not glow in the dark, but raised brail bumps for the sight impaired. It is an ADA requirement.

      2. LMAO!! “raised brail bumps for the sight impaired”…and also ribbed for bubba’s pleasure. 🙂

  24. To everyone,
    Read this article from;
    “Wisconsin Watchdog”
    It goes into a little more detail.
    “Tomah VA Medical Center ‘Candy Man’s stripped of license”
    By: M.D. Kittle / Jan. 18, 2017
    (Part 41 of 40 in the series Tomah VA Scandal)
    If you’ve forgotten, he was doing the same thing in Iowa!
    This is why I believe he’s going to be transferred somewhere else in short order. Because, the VA loves veterans to be used as “guinea pigs”!

  25. I am glad that the man who was responsible for so much human suffering was held accountable by the state that he was practicing medicine in.

    One drop in an ocean of lies, deceit, treachery, malpractice, and death was removed from the swamp – and it took the power of statehood to do it. It took just one single thing – The Will of The People.

    This proves my point that I make over and over like the beating of a drum; the federal government has dispensed with its duty to The People’s warriors and the VA is a rogue agency. They send the scum of society into our states posing as healers and care providers and they kill our veterans through incompetance, willful negligence, and malfeasance. They turn our soldiers into drug zombies and turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to human suffering wrought upon The People’s warriors, their families, and their neighbors.

    It took the power of statehood to boot this guppy from the school. It took monumental effort on the part of scores of veterans rights specialists, lobbyists, state advocacy groups, family memeber, and it took the death and addiction of countless vets to do it. The one guppy who hurt so many admitted no wrongdoing. The VA school swirls and swarms so it becomes impossible to target any one individual in the pandemonium. One got caught and it took an entire state to bag this little fish who killed and hurt so many.

    VA’s response; “Veterans over 60 are encouraged to check their blood pressure.”

  26. Hey, CorpsmanUp,
    You know how this would have been dealt with Vietnam. Just saying! Like back when the “Old Army”, (Brown Shoes), still allowed a “Soldier’s Fight” to occur.

  27. WELL DONE to Ben, Ryan and everyone who was involved in bringing this asswipe to task!
    Amazing it happening around 48 hrs from when President Elect Trump and Vice-President Elect Pence take their “Oaths of Office”! Coincidence?

    Ben, I agree with 91Veteran. You should slap an ethics complaint against “Candy Man’s” attorney!
    He can’t say he didn’t know about the “crap” his client was up to. There’s too much evidence pointing right at his client.

    Question now is, “Where will this asswipe show up next?”
    I ask this because. Do y’all remember that “Pain Management Physician” who was hired by VHA at the iliana, Illinois clinic in April, 2015? And was summarily arrested in August, 2015 on “charges of THREE COUNTS of MURDER” in Indiana?
    Remember, I put that “news” on here right after he had been arrested. I found out from my “buddy” in Illinois.
    Since his arrest, there’s not been any news of a trial or possible conviction.
    Is it possible the VA is trying to hide it? Because he was caught while working at the VA???????

    Seems we veterans are going to have to be very diligent over who is allowed to practice medicine at VHA’s nationwide!!!!!

    1. Why no news on his arrest/conviction?

      Well, I suspect the VA is minimizing any fallout from others who may have been treated by him.

      Currently, he’s charged with killing 3. Publicizing his arrest/conviction might alert others to come forward with complaints.

      That might impact bonuses.

      The VA is looking at this like a NY city bus accident. Crash the bus with 4 paid riders, but 65 jump on, get off, then file a claim.

  28. Thanks Ben. This agreement will not bring back the veterans he harmed, the employee he drove to suicide, or other whistleblowers whose reputations he destroyed, but I am at least happy he won’t be seeing patients in Wisconsin again. I would have preferred seeing a criminal trial but google shame works too. His attorney Frank Doherty’s wife, Lisa Doherty, still works at the Tomah VA despite having been Houlihan’s narcotics compliance officer at the hospital. The candyman may be out of commission, but all of his peons are still running the show at that embarrassment of a hospital.

    1. Thanks, Ron, and to Benjamin and all else whom helped bring this madman down in WI.

      Benjamin- Again, GREAT “Bad VA Art” today. Befitting of the Candyman.

      “[Dr. Houlihan never admitted fault, but he will also never touch another Wisconsin citizen ever again, at least in his capacity as a psychiatrist. As part of his settlement, he agreed to the black marks being including in a national registry against him.]”—THAT arrogance of Houlihan and the indifference of the VA tells me that Dr. Houlihan will more than likely be relocated to yet another VAMC in these United States. I wish I were more optimistic but yes, it’s GREAT Houlihan will no longer be able to practice in WI but I firmly believe someone like Dr. Houlihan should have lost his ability to practice medicine indefinitely in these United States.
      I truly fear and believe this arrogant God Syndrome on Steroids Dr. Houlihan will be shuttled to infect and haunt another State soon to potentially kill other Vets. This VA protecting thugs and madmen and madwomen must cease and now!
      How do we get ALL 50 States to grow some balls against the VA as Wisconsin has *finally* done? Great job all and thank you to all brave VA Whistleblowers.
      Thanks again, Ron. This is the “legacy” Obama and his DOJ have left. One Tick, tick, tick….

      1. @namnibor,
        Gotta feeling we’re going to see some “TROLLS” today.
        Get your “poop cannons” ready.

      2. Those are Dennis’ Oregonian Poop Canons. Our Poop Canons in Ohio are quite different in that the poop is formed into one large “Buckeye Poop Globule” that’s launched straight-up and USAF fighters from Wright-Patterson swing-by and blast the Buckeye Poop Globule into a fine aerosol to disperse the snowflakes. I bit more involved and complicated here in Ohio and I prefer the simplicity genius of the Oregonian Poop Canons.
        Inauguration Day will be interesting across the USA, to say the least.

      3. @Crazy elf – Sale, Sale, Sale – Our once a year sale for trolls: Goo Poo. 100% bio degradable, no animal testing, no artificial colors, sweetners, additives, no hormones, no antibiotics, non GMO, free roamed then scooped and shaped on Certified Troll Site located in the heart of the DNC. Guaranteed to stick for a second, then slide off. Versatile enough to put it in your food or drinks. Guaranteed to loosen you up, and to get things flowing from all orifices. Now Grab your Goo Poo Today. Call 1-800-GOO-4POO. Limited supplies, weight guaranteed not be accurate.

        I had to put this together because I’m dealing with a die hard liberal that can’t take jokes about the left, but he sure can wing remarks about the right. It’s so bad it get down right nasty. Here is an excerpt from an email that I received last night. My response follow. Caution: English and grammar is on the short side. Here it goes;

        From So Called Friend:

        Good to know your spending your time fact checking this while beating off to the Commi news channel for as able-bodied as you are compared to most PWDs you’d think you’ll have accomplished more than you have by now.

        i have no hands or feet, a GREAT support system and 2 book deals ON CONTRACT! What have you done lately? I can count all your GOOD friends on MY hands and feet!

        If ya can’t stand da heat, get da FUCK out da kitchen!

        DROP MIC BOOM!

        My Response to So Called Friend:

        You haven’t changed one bit. I wouldn’t step that low to knock you down about your disabilities. I just proved my point about how our so called friendship has been. Thanks for clarifying. I’ve known braggarts like you all my life. I guess from your loving and caring tone that the tart is scrapped? Geeish, touchy, touchy. Remember, what you have built in months, can go down the drain in a day. You’re the one who can’t stand the heat. Or, is the heat the way you knock people down. I never mentioned any negativity about your lifestyle, your condition, circumstance, relationship with your father, or your disability in any way shape or manner. You think by knocking others down makes you big. Wrong! Stop being so touchy. Now, if I had a lot of bucks to offer you, you’d be singing a different tune. If you said something negative about Trump, I wouldn’t knock you down. Stop trolling! I believe you’re in the heated kitchen. You’re not doing me any favors. And, I hope you make it big with your contracts for your books. I’m happy for you. Or, like you, do you want me to wish you failure. Get a grip. Give my best to your mom. Tactfully, DROP MIC BOOM!

        I Then Followed with Another Email:

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        Snowflake Liberal, Now Grab your Goo Poo Today. Call 1-800-GOO-4POO. Limited supplies, weight guaranteed not be accurate.

      4. Jeez, Crazy elf, you are so addicted to calling others names you can’t even let a comrade in arms alone. Listen. Let us ratchet it up a bit. I’ll call you a bleeding heart liberal and you can call me a greedy conservative. Let us, you and me, get on in a real blow out name calling so you can let it all out. If you don’t like bleeding hear liberal we can switch roles. I can do either side. I’m an independent. Only thing I’ve heard for both sides for me is “troll”. and that fits because I troll for troll cyber bullies who can’t resist calling others names, even those with the same interests. You all just have to pick a fight with someone. so bring it on elf.

        How many suicides do you have under your belt with your cyber bulling? Are you keeping count or you just don’t give a shit?

        As I was saying let us ratchet it up a bit. bring it on

    2. No wonder Ben was threatened.

      Couldn’t have her incompetence as a “Compliance officer” becoming known.


  29. pss,,If u think its sooo great that now u are allowed to commit torture and genocide onto the medically ill w/painful medical condition ,by deny them access to medicine,,,why not look at the petition to congress do no harm,dea target physician,,33,000,,,READ THOSE COMMENTS,,, it your heart does break,,then your more barbaric then the devil himself,,,yes applaud the torture and genocide of the veterans who rely on MEDICINE,,and those medical error’s under surgery,350,00 a year, and the 90 years old w/arthritis ,,that u have now taken their medicine away ,that aids then to NOT suffer in agonizing physical pain,,sicko’s,,This is why death due to untreated physical pain his sky rocketed.,.by people who are sooooo arrogant,they think they have the rite to decide who suffers in physical pain and who does not,,when it is factually impossible to feel the physical pain of another,,Yes applaud all the suicides lately by vets denied there medicine who kill themselves in-front of v.a. offices,,yes applaud that,sickos,maryw

    1. @MARYW – Target your frustration to the VA’s Administrators. At first, I thought there was a misunderstanding. You’re targeting Veterans who want the VA to treat their Brothers and Sisters in a humane and professional manner. Your trolling my dear. You can and will receive incoming from others that know the VA system inside and out, and individuals who take things out of proportion. Wait and standby, its coming.

      1. @ANutterVet – I also really did not know how to take those posts and to frank, am still really confused but I do try to keep-in-mind that some Veterans posting here will inevitably suffer from cognitive ailments that make posts ‘appear’ attacking but really are not or even basic grammar may appear choppy like English as a second language or something.
        This is one of those odd ones that my brain hears swamp water but I cannot quite acquire the scent of swamp monster yet.

      2. ANutterVet, I knew where maryw was coming from when I first read her comments on Houlihan on a post here some months ago.

        It did not seem to bother her that Houlihan was killing veterans. All that mattered was her pain medicine.

        I see nothing has changed.

      3. I m not trolling at all,,posted before,,but no-one has answered my question,,,why does any one think they have the rite to decide how much 1 is too suffer in PHYSICAL pain due to medical illness??why can’t u answer that?Fact,,,I never said death was a good thing ever,,as i see 7 people a day who physical pain that WAS lessen’d by MEDICINES,, has now been taken from them since Tomah,and this opiate phobia,,,Lets talk truth here,,I guess none of u looked at thee 34,000 letters by humanbeing forced into physical; pain ,that was once controlled by MEDICINES,,SINCE TOMAH AND THIS OPIATEPHOBIA,their MEDICINES have forcible been taken,,,,read the suicide notes in those letters., Out of respect for the dead,I will not get into what really happen’d at the psych ward,,but i can state what a RESPONSIBLE ADULT does w/taking medicines as prescribed,,,,they take them as prescribed,they throw out medicines they say don’t work,and they take responsibility for their own bodies as a adult,,and if a medicine does not work,they tell their doctor as a ADULT they no longer want to take that medicine,,,,,Thats what responsible adults do,,thats y we are called adults and not children,,,Now a days u break a leg tough,,u have cancer,tough,pancreatitis ,tough,,suffer in physical pain,,because of Tomah V.A,,and opiatephobia,,humanbeings are being forced to suffer in physical pain,,,

      4. So in your opinion maryw, those veterans who died under the care of Houlihan were irresponsible in following his professional medical advice and should have acted like an adult….and not taken what he prescribed?

        Do you call the phone company to find out why your toilet is not flushing properly?

      5. 91, actually we are all responsible for our health care. We are the ones who die, not the physician, if he makes a mistake. We are the ones damaged for life if our physician makes a mistake. So we need to know our condition better than the physicians or accept our fate. Which is possible with the internet now. We have access to the NIH Library and many medical sites.

      6. I don’t disagree that veterans should know their condition, but suggesting it is their fault they took the advice of someone in a position to provide professional medical care, one with great authority as well over the rest of that veterans care, is blaming the veteran for their death.

        It also completely absolves that bastard for the responsibility of what he did.

        Keep defending that SOB. Keep blaming the veterans. Keep whining about other veterans calling Houlihan out. As long as others get theirs, what’s the problem, right?

        You don’t go to a plumber to manage diabetes. You go to someone that provides professional advice by someone trained in that area.

        Houlihan is the one who had the position, authority and supposedly the training to provide that medical care.


        I don’t give a shit if you or maryw think I am trolling, calling names or any of your other childish accusations.

        Veterans are DEAD because of what Houlihan did. Its time to defend the veteran as you so often call for here rather than blaming them.

      7. No matter how you cut it, the patient who takes wrong advice is the dead one not the giver of advice. Our duty, as survivors is to deal with those who commit malpractice and to have controls (government speak = regulations) that get rid of wrong doers. Before we let the guy kill us or others he needs to be removed from the opportunity. In this case it took too long apparently unless his cocktail was like the one my father’s physician gave him so that as he told me “If I had a horse as sick as I am I’d take him out and shoot him.” My sister and aunt had to do it the hard way. By refusing care. My aunt refused to eat and drink to shorten the process. Dad just to the patient given to him by his dr in private and in secret.

      8. Lem, and maryw, to put it simply, veterans should not need to get a friggin PhD to insure they survive medical care at a VA.

    2. Maryw, it’s rather disgusting to see you claim the right to allow other veterans to die as long as you can live pain free.

      1. how many veterens/citizens have had to use death to stop their physical pain today?because their medicines have been taken from them since tomah v.a,??maryw

      2. If there are veterans choosing death because they can no longer stand the pain, that is because of a medical provider that refuses to practice their chosen professional using acceptable standards.

        That is why the VA needs serious reform. To get rid of the doctors refusing to prescribe needed medication in the face of clear medical evidence, along with getting rid of those who look at veterans as little more than bugs in a Petri dish.

        How many more veterans should Houlihan kill with his unauthorized research before it was too many for you?

        Not calling out Houlihan is like saying that veteran in the wheel chair should not say anything about the broken wheel making it impossible for them to use because it might affect your continued use of your wheel chair.

      3. @91Veteran – I totally agree! @maryw – this is exactly what I’m going through at this present time. I even warned them over a year ago. I’m worse off now then I was before. Primary Care Physicians have the leeway to not prescribe certain medications, but if they feel in their judgement, they can also alter the amount of a prescribed medication. I’ve been going around this horse for quite a while. No wonder Veterans look to the street because VA Physicians will not professionally take care of their patients that are truly in pain. They’re inhuman lab rats. This types of doctors need to be working with organisms and biological processes in a lab, and to not treat Veterans with ailments that cause extreme or chronic pain.

      4. Out of those 34,000 leters at least 100 of them our veterens!!who’s medicines have been lessen’s to ineffective dosage,,,,,what disgusting is torture and genocide onto the medically ill is acceptable to a veteran in their own country!,,maryw

      5. Yeah maryw, it’s better that veterans be used for medical experimentation that they could die from as long as you are comfortable.

      6. How bout 34,000,,that we know of,,FORCED TO ENDURE PHYSICAL PAIN FROM PAINFUL MEDICAL ILLNESS,, never looked up” petition to congress do no harm,dea targets physicians” did u,,,it has nothing to do w/me,,,,for u again know nothing about my physical medical conditions,,,but try reading the 34,000 that we know of,,or the 4,000 comment against these cdc guideline,,or forced endurement of physical pain,,,,If a patient tells any doctor,,,this medicines ,,not worken Doc,,,he is suppose to throw away that medicine,,,,not hold onto it,,,soo he can accumulate 14 different merds,,,,,Again I think its disgusting that SOME vets think forced endurement of physical pain onto adults,,defined legally as torture,,and death onto a group of people based upon medical handicap ,,legally defined as genocide,,,It is sickening some vets think torture and genocide are now thee acceptables treatment for vets physically injured in war,,,In America,,maryw

      7. You have it completely opposite,,30 people a day die,,,for 1,,,what happen to the word FREEDOM,, as adults in america???mary

  30. Well lets see if u were given thee option of,,Either u surrender your liscence or 20 years in prison,,,which would u choose??maryw

      1. ”Free Will,”,,,,,,”informed consent”,,,,as ALLL responsioble adults should use responsibly,,,no-one shoves medicine down my throat,,if i do not want to take any medicine,,I tell my doctors NO,,, for this is what responsible adult do,,,,,and lets get some truth here,,,,this ADULT man passed away in a psych ward,,,,and thee personnel in that facility never did any cpr,,,none,,,soo??Again if u do not believe 100’s have died due to this new forced endurement of physical pain onto the medically ill,,,,check out petition 2 congress do no harm,,dea targets physicans,,U know,,our parents generation was more then capable of saying NO to doctors,,,100000,,,,now are very responsible w/their medicines,why should ALLL suffer in physical pain forcioble now a days,,for thee 1 % who choose not to be responsible??,,,,sooo 1000’s more can die,becausae now they are forced to endure physical pain,and death is their only way to stop the physical pain from a painful medical illness,,,,forced to endure physical pain from medical conditions,,that ,,before tomah v.a. in Wisconsin,,,were being medically treatd,and responsible w/their MEDICINES,,,DEATH IS AWEFUL,,BUT FORCING SOMEONE TO DIE IN PHYSICAL PAIN,,WHEN medicine WERE ONCE AVAILBLE,,,IT DEFINED AS TORTURE AND GENOCIDE,maryrw

  31. Candy Man aka human pez dispenser. What a dweeb!
    Outstanding job Ben! All accolades and a hand salute to you for all the hard work!

    I am glad that the VA OIG has been exposed as well for their nonsense in colluding with the Agency.
    A bunch of grown men and namely some ignorant as Special Agents that are nothing but little bitches making up lies about whistleblowers, trying to intimidate them with false prosecutions.
    It will all come to light in due time, when their actions will bite them in the ass by engaging in the bullshit.
    The same attorney will get his rewards in the same manner by using bogus ass SLAPP tactics , like it has some meaning. That dumbass would have to pay the cost anyway when it gets dismissed.
    I would file an ethic complaint against his dumbass because it is public knowledge that his client broke the law and he essentially is trying to conceal discoverable material in a Congressional investigation. aka tribunal.
    What a bold face , pizza pocket eating, two toned belly fuckbox!

  32. An Online copy of the signed agreement is at:


    1. David Houlihan,

      The State of Wisconsin may be done with you, but I am not. I know Jason Simcakoski was murder on Federal property. Your paper titled “Serotonin syndrome resulting from coadministration of tramadol, venlafaxine, and mirtazapine”, makes it very clear that you knew what you were doing. When you murdered Jason Simcakoski.

      I also know that you have followed and trolled this blog in the past.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – I want to thank you, as well as others, for informing me in an earlier post about Tramadol. Seems to me that there are more Candy Pushers in other VA Medical Centers. Thank you all for having my six.

      2. To,”Nutter” and to all,,,,,I have a serious ??? for u all,with 22 vets a day choosing death,,,My question is,,,,Since it truly is factually,,impossible,,,for anyone to physically feel the physical pain of another,be it from war injuries,desease,doctors error etc,,no matter the reason,,but it is factually impossible for any of u to physically feel the physical pain of another,,,Why,,,,,do any of u think,,u have a rite to decide who suffers in physical pain and who does not???For if your wrong or rite,,,your opinion is forcing the medically ill to forced endurement of physical pain from medical illness,,which is legally defined as torture,,Soo please,im not being a wise ass here,,,I truly would like to know,,why do u think u have the rite to decide who suffers in physical pain and who does not..If u do not believe your opinion has created a ,”witch hunt,” onto anyone in need of MEDICINE, and has caused 1000’s to forcible suffer in physical pain,,check out petition to congress,do no harm,dea targets doctors,,34,000 letters of humanbeing forced to endure their physical pain from medical illness,,,Since this ideology that laymen or not thee actual doctor treating that humanbeing have the rite to decide who is to suffer in physical pain and who is not to suffer in physical pain,,,thank u for your time in answerring,,maryw

      3. @maryw – I hear what you’re saying. Per Tramadol, I was having problems with insomnia due to chronic pain, severe muscle spasms, and PTSD. My VA PCP prescribed Tramadol to me, and it didn’t work for breakthrough pain. It actually keep me up almost all night, only get 1-2 of light sleep. I was wondering why I was losing more sleep after being prescribe the Tramadol. I posted my situation on this blog. That’s when @Seymore Klearly and others informed about serotonin syndrome. When discussing Tramadol with my wife, she told me that when she would take Tramadol she felt like she was on diet pills, and would stay up all night. In conclusion, I stopped taking Tramadol. Sorry for any misunderstanding(s) on my part.

        I know many Veterans are being purposely tortured by the VA due to many factors; Candy Pushers, Evidence Based, Criteria, being treated by Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacologists instead of Physicians, generic medications with less efficacy, Pain Management Physicians who don’t believe in pain medications, and other factors that are agreed upon and talked about behind closed doors. VA needs swift reformation, yesterday.

        As for name calling, many Veterans are tired of the bullshit [goo poo] that dripples out from the VA. They are fed up with the lying, manipulation, corruption, union, greed, nepotism, favoritism, bullying, mobbing [look that definition up], and the lack of a true open door policy so that VA employees can honestly say what changes need to take place to better serve Veterans with their healthcare issues. Does Hippocratic Oath for Doctors, Nurses, and other medical staff come to mind?

      4. There you go again cyber bulling the defensless, Seymore. Why can’t you stick to positive remarks and honest rebutting. No intellect? Actually, it appears from some of your posts you do have a brain. You have just been a bully all of your life and can’t give it up, right?

      5. @maryw – I told you, wait for it. Sure enough you got the pleasant message from @Seymore Klearly. He don’t take no shit from anyone. And, from my personal perspective, @Seymore Klearly is very knowledgeable about the VA. Seymore is a good alley if you want to know something about who, why, when, and the how workings at the VA. Seymore and others are good resources for information.

      6. Same paper I was looking at earlier.

        I wonder what the side effects of each of those are individually, or taken together.

      7. Maryw, I agree I cannot feel others physical pain, but that does not mean I cannot feel emotional pain for veterans being used as human research subjects by soulless bastards.

        You miss the point in many comments made about Houlihan and wanting him held accountable.

        How much does physical or emotional pain matter when there are those killed by the “doctor” supposedly treating it?

        I don’t know if I answered your question, but I would like you to answer a couple of mine.
        1. Is it worth it to have your pain relieved if you know other veterans might die from being medicated by the same doctor you are?
        2. How many other veteran deaths must occur before it doesn’t become worth it?

        I might have to suffer from physical pain if I acted to stop those deaths, but at least I wouldn’t have to suffer the emotional pain for the rest of my life.

      8. Maryw – Did this article spoil your hungry, hungry hippos group session today at Tomah? After reading and rereading your posts, I think I smell troll!


      9. Just have to keep picking on the weaker sex don’t you, Semore. Trying to push mary over the edge to up your body count?

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