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VA Attorneys Can’t Fire Or Punish VA Executives Correctly – The Case Of ‘Dirty D’ And Other Agency Misfits

It’s Called “Training” And Why Can’t VA Attorneys Get It Right?

The recent examples of VA rehiring fired executives or reversing on reasonable punishments for fraudulent behavior reveals ineptness of VA attorneys.

Failures to follow reasonable due process standards show the agency is creating a mockery of accountability reforms implemented by President Donald Trump to improve standards and performance of VA employees.

Further failures to train and advise VA executives in how to document and execute termination protocols also indicate deficiencies that likely go to the core of why VA accountability could elude the agency for years to come.

Toby Mathews Rehire, Shreveport VA

In October, VA was reportedly forced to rehired one VA executive previously terminated for misconduct related to threatening employees at Shreveport VA.

While the misconduct was substantiated after an investigation, VA rehired Toby Mathews into is Office of Organizational Excellence likely due to failed legal advice and follow through by the Office of General Counsel.

Mathews was hired into a different location and position type.

Mathew’s work will include “focusing on the GAO High Risk List improvement initiative,” VA Press Secretary Curt Cashour said in a written statement.

Cashour Says Blame Law, Not Attorneys Who Cannot Follow It

Cashour went on blameaim due process laws for VA’s sudden inability to properly terminate its employees who engage in fraud or misconduct.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs had to take back Toby Mathew, the former director of the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center who was removed from duty in February of 2017, as a result of a flawed and outdated civil service personnel system that makes it difficult to remove employees for legitimate reasons,” Cashour said.

This is interesting, right? I remember trying to blame my parents for me being grounded for violating curfew until I was swiftly reminded that it was I who failed to follow the law of our house. How is it VA cannot follow employee rights laws despite its legion of 700 attorneys, paralegals and clerks.

By Cashour’s own admission, the rules VA needs to follow to remove employees have been around for a long time, so long that Cashour believes they are antiquated.

Now, if they are truly antiquated, why do VA attorneys continue to struggle to adhere to the law when firing VA executives?

Apparently, veterans being wrongly denied benefits are not the only victims of VA incompetence.

VA Attorneys, Curt Cashour Need To Point Fingers Inside

According to one insider familiar with the matter, it is known that VA’s legal team is failing to effectively terminate employees leaving room for rehire for failure to follow standard due process requirements.

As evidence by Cashour’s statements above, the agency is behaving like a petulant child that would rather destroy due process protections at the Merit System Protection Board rather than force its attorneys to effectively prosecute wrongdoers the right way.

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These failures not only cost taxpayers undisclosed amounts in resources, but it also forces VA employees and veterans to continue interacting with individuals known to engage in active misconduct. It also erodes confidence that VA can enforce ethical standards.

The Mathew matter is not isolated.

DeWayne Hamlin Rehire, San Juan VA

Let’s take a look at former San Juan director DeWayne Hamlin, a real train wreck who was also responsible for training senior VA leaders about leadership in 2016.

Reports from San Juan VA indicate Hamlin was also rehired into a different position after engaging in fraudulent behavior and harassing whistleblowers. Hamlin was found with drugs that were not his own when caught driving under the influence.

His misconduct was widely reported where he pressured subordinates to make false and fraudulent criminal reports against whistleblowers he targeted for retaliation. When he got caught, he redirected funds from his facility in an attempt to pay-off one victim without VA Central Office leadership becoming aware of his criminal behavior.

In 2017, Hamlin was considered the first big fish to fry for misconduct rather than being allowed to retire like many other troubled executives under President Barack Obama. He was subsequently rehired once the Merit System Protection Board concluded the agency violated Hamlin’s due process rights during the termination.

Brian Hawkins Rehire, Then Refire, Washington DC VA

Hawkins was caught in a massive misconduct, obfuscation, and cover-up scheme at his facility that put veterans lives at increased risk of injury or death. Supplies and surgical equipment was dirty or expired. Over $150 million in supplies were unaccounted for.

The agency originally terminated Hawkins for the misconduct but was unable to effectively prosecute his termination. Shulkin, in shame, was forced to rehire Hawkins only to then fire him again for sending confidential emails to his wife from work. The information in the emails that got him in trouble related to personnel data of subordinates.

Did you catch that?

The executive engaged in massive misconduct and the agency was impotent in prosecuting him for putting veterans lives at risk. He was later terminated for sending emails to his wife, not for putting lives at risk or misplacing $150 million in supplies.

Diana Rubens aka “Dirty D”

The record is replete with examples where VA attorneys failed to prosecute justified terminations resulting in expensive legal fees being paid for by taxpayers while veterans were stuck with bad VA executives.

Diana Rubens is another example, nicknamed “Dirty D” for her antics against whistleblowers after fraudulently accepting a transfer bonus after initiating her own demotion and relocation to Philadelphia VA Regional Office.

Once the scheme was exposed, former Undersecretary Allison Hickey was forced to resign and Dirty D was demoted.

That demotion, thanks to her attorneys, was short-lived and Dirty D returned to the helm at Philadelphia VA. The reason?

Her bosses were in on the scheme but not punished, too, so Dirty D was able to keep her job and saddled taxpayers with her expensive legal bills after she won.

RELATED: Rubens Mocks Congress Over Fraud Investigation

Despite her “get out of jail free” card, Dirty D was forced to look ridiculous while taking the 5th Amendment plea when interrogated by former House Committee on Veterans Affairs chairman Jeff Miller in 2015. The case was ridiculous.

Even though the fraudulent acts were obvious and verified, Rubens was able to keep her job and is still managing veterans claims to this day.

Dirty D now reportedly gets regular updates from at least one VA whistleblower reminding her not only of her nickname but also that her misdeeds are still known even if she evades accountability within her own fiefdom.

Recently, the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP) cleared Rubens of wrongdoing, again, while excessively redacting the majority of the report.

The outcome reveals OAWP may not be the solution hoped when the office was created by President Trump to reign in wrongdoers. Apparently, they can fire subordinates without a problem but not senior leaders.

One look at the heavily redacted document reveals one thing. OAWP left out the W in its name during that investigation into whistleblower allegations.

.@lina_g148 .@realDonaldTrump #retaliation - We are looking into OAWP report Click to Tweet

Sharon Helman Felony Plea, Phoenix VA

Disgraced Phoenix VA director Sharon Helman also went rounds with VA attorneys at MSPB when the agency tried to terminate her for her role in the wait list fraud and also accepting undisclosed gifts from a lobbyist.

Ultimately, Helman pled guilty to a felony for not reporting the gifts that included an all expenses trip to Disneyland for her and her family, a minivan, and Beyoncé tickets.

However, Helman was not held accountable for her role in the deaths of veterans from the wait list scandal because VA attorneys failed to present a competent argument with evidence supporting her admonishment for acts resulting in death.

Conclusion On VA Attorneys And VA Executives

Again, Dirty D and her misfit VA executives seem well equipped to force VA to follow the rules so long as it affects their own careers.

It is too bad VA attorneys are equally inept at following benefits due process laws as they are VA employee termination laws.

Trump appointed former Lockheed Martin counterintelligence guru Jim Byrne to take over the Office of General Counsel this summer. It will be worth watching whether Byrne uses his skills to terminate bad leaders or whether his counterintelligence mastery will serve dark purposes to terminate whistleblowers.

Do you have any advice for VA attorneys when they try to terminate the next corrupt VA leader?

One outcome to consider is that continued failure of the agency to hold VA executives accountable continue to erode the public trust. It also serves to undermine VA’s credibility in how it cares for veterans leading to more support for more VA privatization initiatives as we see this week with Senator John McCain’s proposed reforms.

Additionally, VA is using its own continued failures to justify calls to reform the Merit System Protection Board to help VA follow the law.

Sound familiar?

It should. VA recently succeeded in hoodwinking veterans service organizations and lawmakers into passing rights reduction laws because the agency cannot follow the law when adjudicating veterans appeals.

The federal government’s answer should never be to reform constituional due process protections because it is not competent to render decisions correctly the first time, or second time.

But, that is what we are dealing with here with the petchulant VA, running around like an angry child blaming everyone else for its own failures.

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  1. Ben funny how a veteran suffering from ptsd and traumatic brain injury can see right through these misdeeds and our elected officials, and VA managers can not.

    something wrong with this picture. 700 lawyers ! Against one disabled veteran. These people need to have federal charges placed upon them and they must be forced to pay for their own defense. not for free by their VA buddies.

    Thank you for everything, we are proud of you !

  2. So here we go “”

    “Sen. Claire McCaskill, the top-ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is calling for answers from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on what it is doing to protect whistleblowers after recent reports of increased whistleblower retaliation at the agency.”

    And so what? What response do you expect to get from sneaky Shulkin? Of course he’s gonna say ‘Nothing to see here, keep it movin’

    Why won’t Sen. McCaskill ask “us” the whistleblowers to give her a report?

    1. A group of us who were talked to like trash, threatened, told, ordered, to take anti-depressants or else, etc., were told the orders came from the top. Homeland Suckerity was also mentioned along with the Obama White House, the DoD, IU med school and on it went. So how is the fox running the hen house going to help? More hypocrisy and two faces lying political crap.

      In Indiana if you dare to speak truth, play “whistleblower” there are severe concequences and no laws or authority figures will help you, period. IE, you work for a local univeristy or school of medicine. “Rat” someone out your job is finished and probably will be told “you’ll never work in Indiana again,” and go through ten tons of hell for the rest of your

      1. life.

        ((Dang it, can’t see and the body doesn’t want to function. Sorry.))

        To even try to get anything done here you have to play the enemies game and let them draw you out so their activist, the corrupt, can then play their retaliation games with you. Bingo… you’ve just been identified, publically known of, made the elected gossip list, and put on the Indiana shit list especially concerning Terre Haute, IN. Locally most offices are all held by Demoncrats, single party rule with names for that, and far far left types. If you disagree with them in any manner, you’re finished and will have zero representation or a voice in townie politics or media again. So “whistle-blowers” laws nor corrupt congress critters could care less about some reality and all the blow-backs they know they can’t or won’t help anyone with. Probably help in ruining the “rat” behind the political scenes or in a kangaroo court. Same thing with making complaints about the VA, contacting our scum leaders, media, etc., once they have your info or access to your so-called private info, well, enjoy the corrupt ride down the razor-blade of life and all the corruption involved. While our fearless corrupt self-serving leaders play their games and talk smack.

        That is why the majority of people and vets here do not want to be known or get involved. Why so many people fear losing their jobs, being black-listed for life, or worse for daring any part of the corrupt establishment. Corruption pays well here and perks a plenty for those who join that herd and all their cliques. It’s also why little negative news gets out of Indiana
        for “public consumption.” And less news gets released about local issues and corruption.

        I’ve gone public and more to come on FB and I don’t care what more they do to me. Indiana is nothing but corruption, nepotism demanding silence, assimilation, and bowing from all, but I’m not doing it. Being silent and anonymous doesn’t help. Make one complaint and move from the local CBOC about some felonies/wrongs committed by them or the VA, then I guess, it’s lose any hope for decent medical care from then on. Threats from VA..supported by those “at the top,”completed and constant with a little help from all their friends. It shows the VA and our reps are no different about the VA and all the other corrupt practices that has been allowed to go on here for generations. Just layer upon layer of corruption, never ending.

        More VA headaches:

        More threats of big Gov shut down for a year end scare?

  3. how can i stand by my oath as sworn if the very grounds of protecting such constitutions are corrupted by laws that protect federal union travesty marked by the bureaucratic negligence of a union that considers there own assets and not the assets of the people by the people and from the people that served and died?


  4. “[…The Case Of ‘Dirty D’ And Other Agency Misfits…]”

    How about making each year’s collective of VA Misfits be fundraising collectables sold right here on your site, Ben? They could be in the form of a Chia Pet, but Chia Seeds will not be necessary for the swamp scum to grow but you can for some color.

  5. Can someone with some technical prowess out there put a parody video of Dirty D’s congressional testimony with the Beatles version of the song Money and put it on YouTube?

    1. Also befitting would be that short scene in first “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” movie where he speaks of that lonely stretch of hi-way where a trucker by name of Large Marge roams…

      1. Many large Marges and Fat Pats at the VA for sure.!
        400 pound Nurse :Take your meds
        Me: Stop eatn!

  6. Mspb and the VA attorneys know exactly what they are doing. Ask a whistle blower who gets fired. For being sick with pending reasonable accommodations. 5 cfr clearly states against the law. VA attorneys lied in proceedings before the mspb who ignored all evidence and denied more than one clear cut claim.

    Wake up. VA attorneys work for the VA. Mspb is not there for employees, the truth, or justice. Most are unethical attorneys acting as administrative judges. The system is broke because of these criminals working in the legal field.

    Semper fi

  7. Reading about VA officials getting by without punishment rankles me.
    I am a Navy/Marine Corpsman, honorably served during the Vietnam era.
    Upon writing a letter of support for my friend Paula Pedene, at the VA Phoenix,I was slapped with a RED FLAG by former director SHARON HELMAN and blacklisted for being hired by the VA. She dictated to her Behaviorial Chair, CARLOS CARRERA MD (yes, hard to believe a real doctor is part of this clandestine evil conspiracy against VETS and VA employees!)!!! Both Helman and her right hand henchman DARREN DEERING, MD (unbelievably another doctor!), conspired to have me labeled as a crazy. I never had a meltdown, nor threatened anyone within or outside the VA! So it’s use was HIGHLY ILLEGAL and not for it’s intended use. Ms Helman was known for using such vindictive and RETALIATORY measures, to ensure her unchallenged power.
    She had two OIG officers come to my home’s door in a vey thinly veiled posture of THREAT! I still have the card of one DIANA CAHILL. This was just before all hell broke loose at Phoenix.
    Helman had been persecuting my friend PAULA PEDENE, an honorable served veteran and over 25 year VA employee. Miss Helman did not stop there, she dictated to her HR director, Maria Schoendorrn to have me blacklisted as a hire for any positions. ( applied for well over 120 VA positions!
    When I transferred to the VA San Diego (La Jolla) Dr. Ellen Lavin of the BEHAVIORAL DEPT. investigated my case and it was presented before a board where they hands down dismissed it, for lack of any corroborating evidence…the VA Phoenix failed to substantiate any of their false allegations! Dr. Lavin basically told me that THEY LIED!
    I took out a EEOC case. An investigation was done, but of course the employees at the VA Phoenix lied through their teeth! The VA branch of the OIG deliberately sent all mail and correspondence to my old addresses or intentionally misaddressed a street humber or zip causing long delays in being rerouted to me. thus making it appear I was not responsive, or negligent in returning correspondence! They used this as an excuse to dismiss the case.
    AT THIS POINT I AM IN DIRE NEED OF LEGAL REPRESENTATION, AN ATTORNEY. I KNOW my civil rights were VIOLATED! I do not know if I can reopen this case/appeal, or if I would be able to open this as a flagrant violation of my civil rights in a new case??
    If anyone knows of a San Diego or L.A> (or any)lawyer who could represent me, please contact! me! Thank you.
    Tim Dahlberg
    [email protected]

    1. Sounds to me that Helman, Graves and Co. should all be sent over to Syria so the locals can give them a little reality check of the level of crazy these rat bastards are awakening. Make sure they receive all the glow-in-dark shooting range target wear so the locals can clearly see them…

  8. For those of you with Twitter, check the article again and be sure to tweet the blue linked tweet under the section on Dirty D to let her know the US High Court Of Public Opinion is open for business…

    1. Don’t Benjamin Krause don’t unfriend on Facebook because because you and i destroy the Veteran Affairs Admistation

  9. I see Curt Cashour, the VA’s press secretary opened his mouth again and more VA excrement came spilling out. From the never ending river of VA excrement.

    “High demand for new veteran ID cards crashes VA website”
    Published: December 5, 2017


    1. “Veterans ID Card System Run By Hillary Donor Is Still Down”
      Jonah Bennett, National Security/Politics Reporter, Daily Caller
      10:38 AM 12/06/2017

      “The new veterans’ ID card system, run by the former deputy secretary of veterans affairs, has experienced a litany of technical difficulties and is still offline.

      The Department of Veterans Affairs announced in October that it would begin issuing Veteran Identification Cards in November, so that veterans could prove they had served in the military without lugging along a cumbersome DD-214 form. Once the application goes through, honorably discharged veterans are supposed to receive the ID card within 60 days.

      However, the roll-out of the system, led by Scott Blackburn, the executive in charge for information and technology, has been fraught with issues. The application form opened on Nov. 29 and promptly crashed. It now features a message stating that the VA is working to fix the problem.

      At this point, the VA has temporarily suspended all applications.”

      Full article at: “”

      1. “TheDCNF reported in May that Blackburn had donated $500 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Blackburn made the donation four months after Clinton stated that problems at the VA were not “as widespread as it has been made out to be” and blamed Republicans for politicizing the issue. Clinton’s campaign quickly backtracked on the claim after withering criticism. Before he was the executive in charge for information and technology, Blackburn served as the interim deputy secretary. He first joined the VA in 2014.

        Congress passed legislation in 2015, mandating that the VA produce these ID cards, so that veterans could easily prove to businesses and others that they had in fact served in the military.”


        One of the benefits of having the card is that Veterans can shop online at the Exchange. But of course Veterans would benefit from that so the VA not only slow rolls the card program but crashes it. Even though the legislation requiring issuing the cards in 2015. Now here we are going into 2018 and still being fucked by the VA over issuing the card.


      2. I haven’t looked into this new ID card so I don’t know how it differs from a regular VA ID card, but this pooch-screw doesn’t surprise me. Hell it took almost 3 years to get my current VA card after having the old purple card for years.

        I gotta ask though, other than shoveling money at a crony, why is this contracted out? What data on veterans is transmitted to a contractor for these IDs to be made?

        Since my current VA card has been accepted by many as proof of my service, this makes me wonder if this is a case of a contractor looking for a job.

      3. Hillary Clinton needs to hang by the neck until dead, screaming out, Baraaaaack, Help meeeeee…

      4. Yeah, the “technical difficulty” is now that they got paid, they could care less to follow through. Why won’t they be obligated to pay back whatever they were paid for this contract if they don’t follow through?

  10. Fuck it. Just shoot all the rat bastards at the VA and also the rat bastards that allow the VA to self perpetuate this greek tragedy.

    As of right now I have no confidence in this government or it’s various agencies to do the will of the people. It has become unaccountable to the people and is a mill stone around this country’s neck.

    Lastly. Fuck you Jeff Sessions. You can have my weed when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

    1. Amen. Time to get serious with these shitheads, a little grenade rolled right into the hooch of the culprit

    2. A bit off-topic, but today, WI. Gov. Scott Walker announced the State will now drug test ALL recipients of food stamps and any other State Aid, to incl. Unemployment Benefits. WTF? (they claim they do not have enough workers for the amount of jobs avail and thus, justifying the Nazi Drug Enforcement)…too bad that does not extend to likes of Tomah VAMC and other AFGE drug dens.

      1. Scott Walker should live in fear of the day somebody sticks a gun in his face and squeezes the trigger.

    3. Jeff Sessions. Douche-Bag of the year 2017. I remember his name very well in the 60’s. He was (and still is) a Ku-Klux-Klanner. Back then, he found out that many of his Klanner friends smoked weed, so he started to “dis” them because of that. The Klan wasn’t “righteous” enough if they smoked some grass. That they couldn’t do their job right of burning people on crosses if they dared smoked a joint. I mean, what’s right is right, after all. What a BIG FUCKING ASSHOLE this man is – our “AG”. What a fucking distorted mind on this piece of work. He is under the delusion that people don’t remember that far back.
      So besides Sessions being picked by the Don, we have Shulkin as Sec. VA. There is one Hoot’n Hollar for you. Don’t get me started on that turnip. I think there is a tie for Biggest Douche-Bag of 2017.
      What the fuck…let’s be realistic…how about the whole fuck’n third-world government we have in the U.S. collectively being voted for Biggest-Douche-Baggers to ever blow wind on the face of the Earth since the big-bang..

  11. Fuck the VA, and fuck any of the scum of the earth that work there. Anybody working in any position at the VA is total scum without exception.

    1. Unless he happens to be you or I who is a mole, dedicated to the downfall of the machinery. As long is you don’t care if they ding you, how many wolves like us inside the VA’s den of thieves could they survive?

  12. I think the issue with Helman points to what is wrong with many of these other cases. If the evidence of corruption, mismanagement or incompetence were followed to its end, it would implicate several more managers above them for being incompetence and corrupt.
    Dig into Helmans wait time and bonus fraud, and you find the fraud us widespread. Fire her for that and you have to fire many more. Same with Rubens and Graves. Those above them were incompetent in overseeing their mismanagement.
    The others? Same thing.
    In all of these cases, the evidence points to incompetent or lazy bureaucrats above the rat, with nobody doing their job.
    This is what happens when political appointments for Secretary are for political purposes rather than for being an effective leader.

    One huge thing missing in all these cases Ben.

    There is no call for the VA to improve things in their own house by asking for training, updating policies or any of the other usual bullshit excuses the VA offers when they are caught.

    No. Its easier for a large group of overpaid hacks to blame a law that has been in place for years. By doing so, they think no fingers of blame point at themselves.

    Its a fairly Rip Van Winkle level of tired excuse, except other agencies have managed to successfully follow the same law for years.

    Advice? The Secretary should have no other choice but to refer every case involving a potential firing to an outside agency like the DOJ. Clearly the VA has a long history of being unable to handle tbese cases.
    Or the entire herd of ambulance chasing hacks can resign.

    Maybe McCain on the Armed Services committee could offer more veterans legislation to clean up this mess. The House and Senate VA committees clearly don’t care.
    But then there would be no excuse to shovel billions at contractors.

  13. Dirty D and her hr manager sleazy cheesy Lina Giampa and her family have been victimizing Veterans for r decades. Over 400 family members hired and promoted including friends and Rubens is just one of the beneficiaries of the family and friends program.

  14. This article lays blame on VA attorneys, but does not mention the attorneys who represent them. The Department of Justice swoops in and defends these wrong doers. It was the DOJ who failed to present a case against Sharon Heilman. I find it extremely troubling that the agency charged with prosecuting wrong doers defends those who commit “legal murder” fraud, and outright malfeasance. But I’m turn prosecutes other civilian agencies for Medicare fraud, false claims, tax evasion or wire fraud. They pass on prosecuting VA employees when they destroy veterans benefits claims and evidence, or falsify wait lists that result is deaths. This entire narrative is a crock of shit. We blame each administration for the VA’s malfeasance, it is the VA attorneys who are corrupt. All 700 hundred. Each administration inherits this corrupt BS. I’m sorry but the VA has been corrupt for generations. No new “accountability” law is going to change it. President Trump like every other president is the “United States”. When Veterans sue, guess who they are ultimately suing under FTCA. President Trump. Why don’t Veterans realize this?!?! Trump like every other president cannot come out and bash the VA. He would be cutting off his own hand. When people realize this change can possibly begin.

    1. Cut-off the head and balls of the AFGE and toss them in a proverbial lake of fire for starters would also free things-up for true swamp draining. As it is, too many floaters plugging the drains.

      1. I wish that fat ass head of the AFGE would have physically bumped me with his protruding gut,

    2. You are right on point about DOJ and you may have to be concerned about the judges as well. They usually come from DOJ offices in their district.
      It is funny how they try the failure to state a claim defense and the office of professional regulations will not investigate during litigation.
      When the case is over , it is best to send them notice of a request for an investigation. They would be so annoyed especially if you send a copy to judicial watch.

        Just think of how far Judicial Watch has brought us in re: to the “discovery” of the corruption of the “Marine”,, Mueller, the corrupt FBI Director Comey, and the political hack, rodney rosenstein??!
        What would have happened if Chesty Puller had just told the North Koreans and Chinese: ”O.K., we give up…..” What do you think would have happened if the General in command of the Argonne Forest had told the Krauts: “O.K. we give in…….” Let’s stop whining and start organizing.
        These VA shits are no better than the other evil forces which have attempted to destroy our country.

      2. The corruption is deep. And you’re right some Judges do come from DOJ. *sigh*. Shit will seemingly never change with the circling of the drain.

  15. Shut the VA down NOW! Shut the whole damn thing down, this includes everyone in the Veterans Administration!
    Let vets use a “medical card” for ALL of our medical care and needs! That would save the taxpayers billions of dollars!
    The VA is nothing more than a criminal enterprise of reprobates! Anyone who can’t see that is either brain dead or just plain DEAD!

    1. There is no way I could work around those in the VA or their contractors, period. NO way could I work around local politicians or local cheer-leading establishments of corruption. I have quit jobs better than that due to lies, creepy pedophile bosses, told to be quiet around customers or about giving them information a boss man/woman may not want known, others doing lousy work around me, listening to contractors or others on any job discussing ripping someone off or divulging private info about people we worked for putting them in dangerous positions for a robbery or worse, or for various types of ripping off or over charging. Unlike those in government and the VA I do have my own personal constitution to live by and I have a conscience.

      Two. Just using Medicare will not always work either. A lot of MDs here will not accept Medicare. The majority here will not accept new patients (too common) after you give them the info they want. Here they put you through sort of like a investigation with credit checks, criminal checks, bankruptcy checks, pharmacy checks to be sure your not “doctor shopping” for drugs, etc. Types of drugs you’ve been on and all local pharmacies that have been used in the past. And on it goes.

      A lot of MDs here are foreigners too and apparently have little grasp of the English language or common comprehension skills. With their snotty staff and attitudes not being much better.

      Will not accept veterans after leaving the VA with major complaints or dealing with chronic pain issues, or dealing with injuries after another MD in the past has done damage to you. Having multiple health issues, chronic pain issues, MD caused injuries, being a new patient, or have left the VA seems to be a total no-no show stoppers locally when seeking care or wanting to change clinics or MDs after making a bad choice after leaving the scum sucking corrupt VA and CBOCs. I think they must have a national hotline set up with some of us on a huge shit-list database to target, abuse, play with, to totally neglect.

      This monkey will also “sling poo” until I die or the locals kill me off. Guess I wan’t trained or brain-washed well enough for them all. I am blamed anyway for anything negative someone writes on any forum anonymously. So hell with it. I am going to fill my CIA Facebook page up with info, finger pointing, complaints, and personal events happening. And post the city councils front man post inviting me back to a Topix forum so I can be censored and banned more by them. Guess I am the only local that’s vocal. They think it’s a game and real hoot to censor me and other people/veterans who have reached out for help, to discuss all the corruption, or to connect with others for support or to group up.

      If I was on Medicaid, in a clique, or an illegal I could get whatever the hell I needed, not as a veteran, townie, or old white boy. Not in college town Indiana.

      1. Well, the VA’s position is that the VA is the ONLY entity with people who are trained in/and understand veteran’s needs. Ha!!!!

        That is farthest from the truth. They hire Dr. Frankensteins, and have incompetent, rude, and arrogant staff – who are only worried about the cheap buck they can get for themselves. Sadly, many of them are also veterans.

        I say allow veterans to chose their heath care provider and that will open up competition for veteran’s business and drive innovation to better meet veterans’ medical needs. Also, revamp the laws/procedures for adjudicating claims. Lastly, take the hiring process away from the VA. They hire fellow corrupt and incompetent people.

      2. Absolutely right on now lets get a battle plan, get shitty shulkin out and Terriile Turk in.

      3. You are right, BUT if more of us were “moles” inside the VA, we could bust it wide open.

    2. There’s days I think that everyone is looking the other way because the ultimate goal is to privatize the VA (i.e. McCain’s proposal as of late) so that contractors can be the next waive of robbing taxpayers and screwing over veterans. I mean, letting the VA get away with all this isn’t an accident.

    3. The video Ben put in today’s article was done well, but he left out the part where the two piggies in question were Gang-Bitch-Slapped by the Congressmen/women after mumbling something about the 5th.
      The VA is, by far, the worst organization that can possibly exist and perpetuates on our taxpayer money. It should be mandatory that every fucking Business school in every fucking college in every fucking country in every fucking Continent, use “the VA” as an example of what a fucking Colossal Failure an organization truly looks like in their classroom discussions on what garbage things can turn out to be.
      Canada’s version of their VA is bad too, as is VA’s in European countries … if you can believe that. But schools will lose state government funding if they do (if the school is a State institution of higher learning) and private colleges will risk losing big fat funding and private endowments from private sources (companies)that support democratic or republican sides of the aisles. It is a SHAM – up and down the gamut.
      I think “things” have to be settled and focused on the fucking direction of heath-care in this country before dishing out a medical card to anyone as yet. But yes, do- do -do away with the sham – the VA – and close the criminal enterprise downski.

    4. I agree.
      The VA is certainly a criminal enterprise in Ohio. Non Veteran employees just f*cking the disabled former soldiers and injured veterans. There is bad stuff going on also with these support organizations also like the VSC (veteran service center) in summit co Ohio. Also these support groups, caseworker, and this and that. Their hands are in the money pot also. All these support groups and non veteran employees helping veterans. I am not seeing it. Only tens-of-millions of dollars being paid out to the VA adminstration, VA Veteran support jobs, and VA non veteran employees.

      Injured vets and disabled former solders not getting their benefits in Ohio. Proving their claims in a honest way, and an ethical way with evidence, and legal testimony, and private doctors giving vast amounts of evidence. And still, and still the claims and benefits are being denied to deserving injured veterans and disabled former soldiers in ohio.

      There are a lot of politics (discrimination) being played here in Ohio, as to who gets their benefits, and who does not get their benefits. Not all injured vets and disabled former soldiers are created equal. Catholics helping the catholics, certain races helping certain races, and etc…
      These VA psychopaths, and VA sociopaths are like a pedophila ring, “The Kult-of-Money” here in Ohio, and imgaine this is the same across the nation in regards to the corruption at the VA…

  16. What do you expect from an agency that hires the worst of the worst for all positions? Pathetic.
    Again: Close the VA medical system. Take that budget and move it to the Medicare budget. Open Medicare accounts for Veterans, assigning them appropriate levels of coverage, and issue them ID cards. We ALL can then go to the medical providers of our choosing, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CITIZEN CAN.
    Soooooo easy.
    We will then be free of the abuse and irresponsibility we face at the VA AT ALL LEVELS.

    1. That is the right answer but how many boobecrats do you think will lose their “jobs”?? In order to get the mule moving you must hit him in the private parts with a steel bar…. Consider yourself a member of an elite unit, Seals, Marine Corps Special Ops, Rangers, we must pick a target and destroy it, with litigation, publication and harrassment. Legal on the left, Protests on the right,

  17. 3-2-1…get ready for all-out nuclear war now with the predicted move of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and U.S. Embassy move to same…maybe that’s the VA’s end-game: get as much as you can for yourself before the planet is blown-up by the crazies irritating God. (Satan’s assholes)

  18. Well Ben, I think it’s all too big and too corrupt to fight against and reasonably win any battles over. It’s all a big game to them all. When in a state like this, mine, where vet groups and others will not come together for some change, or due to politics to the old quid pro quo games don’t want to get involved but put up a facade in local media making the “community” is taking care of all vets is a sure sign the battle will be till our death like many before us, to no avail. All the goody goody facade community groups ignore us to let the games continue. Including those loving churches and pastors who must fear some truth or afraid to go against the grain of our state’s and local politics. Oh, and we are just labeled as “crazy,” whiners, to wanting special privileges.

    Here in Indiana the corruption, networks of evils, the retaliation, all the secret societies involved like the Freemason, College Greek groups, unions, family mafias, the politics, nepotism, medial groups, colleges, all such symbiotic relations/connections, etc., who are sworn to take care of their own and make sure their own succeed and prosper out-weighs any true concerns over us veterans or tax paying serfs minus those connections. In or out of the VA. That also means taking on some of the state’s most wealthy individuals and groups, or special interest gangs. Such groups/cliques/so-called professionals, et al, are assured safety and support at any cost. We lose and must deal with all the repercussions and retaliatory actions against us.

    I have city politicians and others out to get me any way they can. I can’t get the harassing phones calls from a local hospital and far left activist staff to stop their crap.

    Some calls escalated to threats of harm. Which I turned in to the FCC. After a while I answer to question them, get the short threat, then they hang up. Some with phone numbers showing others not. I can call the number back and get a “disconnected” recording. WTF is that about? Coincidences? I called the local activist hospital’s administration and told they’d get back to me which they never did. Also was informed about the hospital’s phones supposedly being hacked and used for nefarious purposes, which makes no sense to me either, why?

    Corruption here was bad/horrible and fighting it unwinnable forty years ago regardless of topic or issue. Today it’s much worse, more deeply seated and protected top to bottom including all the crap with the VA to the civilian medical cliques. That includes thinking any hope will come from Trump and his Indiana X – governor Pence who is, was, a huge part of our problems and cover-ups just like those before him. I am talking decency, truth, and principles before personalities, political party and politics here. Damn odd for years here in Indiana we truth seekers and non-conformist, non-sheep, are treated like we live in N. Korea, Red China or the old USSR. Or totally ignored by all including those medical boards and the rest of the corrupt crowd. The communist manifesto and Marxism is in full swing here for sure complete with heavy handed propaganda to being censored and happily attacked by those in power positions. Sad shit.

  19. My take on it is to implement the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. US 18:1030
    This comes into play when they convene the oh too famous Disruptive Committees to write either in a veteran or veteran employee record.
    Most of this advice usually comes from the Region Counsel office.
    You will never find any database or mechanisms reporting attorneys for their role in retaliation and abuse of process.
    DBC are considered an abuse of process and is a nexus to poor patient care.
    The Office of Shit Can (OSC) and MSPB are nothing but ploys. It is just a method to warn the government of claims against it and the MSPB, EEOC and OSC will obfuscate a claim
    HhS will even obfuscate a claim, even though I had direct evidence of the VA OIG special agent douchebag communicate with a social worker and wrote his name and phone number in my chart.
    That is how I got a national flag removed from my record. VA lied and is Lying.
    Disgraceful Medicine and Major Embarrassment to the good Practice of Law is on the rise.
    Those 700 lawyers are tortious to veterans, especially under the stringent rules of professional conduct where they have “knowledge” of these attorneys conduct.

  20. *VA Whack-A-Mole Official Theme Song Jingle*
    “I am just a lonely turd floating in the toilet bowl I am cold and I am wet and I am feeling so alone. I am feeling rather sad and a little bit forlorn with nobody to keep me company except piece of corn I am a turd not a bird in the sky or a plane Please flush me and end this pain Please flush me and end this pain ‘Please flush me and end this pain *toilet flushes* Thank You!”

    1. Today’s collective of VA Floaters filled me with the urge to defecate and pretend I was flushing Rubens and Co. all away to VA purgatory septic tank…but, “everything floats down here…” -Stephen King’s “IT’

  21. It’s horrible and lost my will to fight. I hope they all go to hell, the real one and not the one I’m living in. Talked to Senator on any progress? He said the VA is being difficult and not cooperating. Wtf! So was thrown on the back burner which means no help. The like the easy ones, solved already before involved and take a picture of the hard work. They all suck and they know the laws better than the VA’s own. I guess will be dealing with until they kill me

      1. namnibor, I hear you, but I don’t know where else to go. I’ve written our President, congressmen, the VA Committee, the VA Accountability Office, OSC, MSPB, etc. No one cares, no one is doing nothing.

        Maybe I need to petition the UN for human rights violations against whistleblowers. I seriously am thinking of doing that.

        I was thinking to protest outside of the VA, but knowing how they have have ability to lie and put things in our medical records (because HHS and OSC will not investigate the VA’s unauthorized access and use of our medical records) and try to label us as “nutz”, I’m scared to go an protest.

        I’m running out of options. I want to fight, trust me, but where do you go when no one cares?

      2. It is a pattern, same thing happened to me. The important thing is to state the elements in your claim , assert jurisdiction and challenge qualified immunity through indemnification if the actors 42 1983

      3. You need to file a lawsuit targeting just one person with fraud and obstruction of justice, whiloe demonstrating just outside of Vermont Ave., N.W. with many compadres.

      4. Remember Churchill’s saying when Britain was being destroyed by Nazi bombers? “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP!!”
        We need to cause the federal government to fund a HUGE group of lawyers to file a mass of lawsuits against the Thugs in the VA.
        When you read a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals, or a case before the Court of Veterans Appeals, you will notice that there are listed at least FIVE GOVERNMENT ATTORNEYS WHO ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST YOU TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING YOUR BENEFITS.
        The government will not pay for an attorney to represent you until you get to the APPEALS lever, but at the appeals level you cannot add any evidence to the case which the snuffy smith veteran, (NON LAWYER) has prepared to the best of his ability, (perhaps with the assistance of a NON ATTORNEY assistant from the Am Legion, VFW, DAV, etc., etc.)
        WHEN I fist tried to get into the Board of Veterans Appeals to review cases, they said, “You Can’t!” Guess what? I did; When I asked to see a particular case at the Court of Veterans Appeals, the guy in charge said: “You can’t” He said: ‘I am in charge and am a retired Army colonel and what I say goes!” I replied to him; “Well, I am a retired Marine Captain and if you want to keep your job, you better hustle up and get that case and bring it to me, “Colonel” !” He did, and I reviewed that case.
        What I am trying to say is that an organized approach/attack is needed.
        We need to get rough with these assholes who are deeply entrenched in their stinking foxholes.\
        Think about how the IRS, keeps the public in line….they target one unfortunate citizen and send him to prison of income tax fraud and then publicize the case.
        We need to do the same thing: Take out one big name VA shithead and then announce: “Who wants to be next?” It is time to call in the big ROTOROOTER. We were all tough little muthas at one time, so lets recall some of that toughness

      5. You are right.
        The VA: They are conspiring to keep our benefits away from us. It is terrible. All the money going to these non veteran employees at the VA, who commit fraud “knowingly”, and blantley engage in dishonest acts, and lie with impunity. Earned benefits for honestly being injured in service being denied. Keeping benefits away from injured vets and disabled former soldiers. It is no sense what is happening here in Ohio at the VA.
        These three:
        1. Eric Canna Akron Ohio VA Clinic Waterloo Road Catholic Non Veteran stated and said,
        2. Pamela Sue Sherer Akron Ohio VA Clinic Waterloo Road Catholic Non Veteran
        3. Peter M. Barach Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger Jewish Engaging C and P hatchet Jobs and sabotaging earned and entitled benefits. “Cherry Picking” through medical notes from other Non Veteran Draft Dodgers Catholic to create false narratives, and knowingly lying on injured vets and disabled former soldiers C and P Exams. Creating 20 page C and P “False Narratives”, and throwing these lies with out any objections into injured vets files and throwing these bogus c and p exams in front of DRO (decision review officers) Judge in Cleveland Ohio. Aka The VAs Forensic Whore, The VAs Forensic Prostitute. The VAs Lapdog….

      6. namnibor this guy has the cure for u..Utube

        BOB’S BEST 5: “You Are Not Gonna Have Diarrhea Any Longer!”

        For a simple donation u 2 can be cured

    1. Same thing with my congressmen/representatives. They act like their hands are tied when there is straight up corruption, criminal activities, etc.

      Gessh, this VA racket? I guess I’m on the wrong side of the clique. I need to become a VA gangster and be untouchable because everyone is scared of the VA. Why won’t we declare the VA a separate entity within the United States – since the VA seems to be legally able to govern itself?

      Why won’t our President do any follow up here? Passing these laws isn’t enough. I wish President Trump will reach out to Shulkin and request an update on the implementation of these new laws and continue to request reports and updates and present them to “us”, the people. I mean, our President uses Twitter for so many other things, then why not this issue?

      1. Speak to Shukin? The holdover from the Obama Administration? Who , summarily, sent more presumptive affects from Agent Orange exposure down the pooper?
        Might be too expensive to compensate the widows of many.
        Our President has failed us by his “appointment”. The VA is so rife with “issues”, speaking to his Director will be a waste of Tweets.

  22. Agreed, the VA attorneys and HR are incompetent fools, but the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) is also a big problem. In my case, I lost count of the due process errors; lack of facts; incredible and retaliatory people who the VA used to support the charges/specifications against me – but guess what the MSPB did? They not only looked the other way, but did the same due process violations I complained of (i.e. the administrative judge used evidence not included in my notice of proposed removal to substantiate the VA’s decision).

    So the VA can continue to be incompetent because the MSPB has their back.

    Oh, and the wonderful VA Office of Accountability? Still, no investigation into my claims of retaliation. I just filed a MSPB appeal against them and not holding my breath because for sure, the MSPB will more than likely flush my appeal down the drain – especially when the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) didn’t even lift a finger to investigate my complaint(s) about the VA Accountability Office.

    I’m exhausted and upset. If Congress, the laws passed, President Trump, MSPB, etc. will do nothing, what is left for whistleblowers and/or reform to the VA?

    1. That is why the MSPB is in a Quorum.
      It is set up for failure of any appellant.
      The primary thing is to exhaust your remedies, challenge the title of the AJ, (usually they are only government employees ) Admin Law Judge is the key word to assert your claims.
      OSC is what it is Obfuscating Shitty Counsel.

      1. Agreed. The MSPB and OSC is just a stumbling block to delay your relief. I am gonna take my appeal straight to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) because no one knows if/when the full Board at the MSPB will be put back together. But I’m scrambling to find money to have an attorney represent me. I am confident in my ability to represent myself, but believe they will toss my brief aside if it’s not drafted by an attorney and I have too much to risk at that that level.

        The CAFC has a pro-bono program, but the standard they are looking at is my tax return when I was employed, which “hello”, doesn’t reflect my current financial status. Besides, I don’t wanna risk a pro-bono attorney messing it up for me.

        I’m upset because they are slowly chipping away at our due process rights; however, criminals, union creeps, and VA directors/managers “somehow” get a pass. Go figure.

      2. You have to cite Haines V Kerner in your briefs when they try to obfuscate your claims.
        Judicial notice along wirh affidavits are important.
        They are all assburgers in every sense if the word.
        Good luck to you!

      3. Represent yourselolf if you ARE ABLE, but get legal advice at every step along the way. Do not be afraid to call out the fraudsters along the way. (What are they gonna do to you, “DISBAR” you)

      4. No, I cannot be disbarred, but w/o an attorney I believe the courts want to give you a hard time. The MSPB, in my experience, puts higher requirements on me and endless “passes” to experienced agency attorneys. The agency can be late, wrong, etc. – doesn’t matter. But if I (an appellant) is late, incorrect, etc. – immediate dismissal.

        Curt Cashour recently hit and killed by old souped up pick up truck flying the Marine Corps Flag, Cashour was killed on Vermont Avenue, N.W. after attending a meeting to discuss the upping of his bonus.
        Toby Mathews dead body found recently in the stomach of a 15 foot alligator down in New Orleans.
        DeWayne Hamlin found missing from a recent Shark fishing trip arranged to award “outstanding” VA bureaucrats.

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