LGBT Pride Flag

Too Inclusive? VA Replaces Military Service Flags With LGBT Pride Flag

The Department of Veterans Affairs is getting flack for one of its hospitals removing all its military flags in favor of flying an LGBT pride flag in an effort to maintain the appearance of being inclusive without truly being inclusive of the disabled veterans the agency is supposed to serve.

Now, some northern Indiana residents are questioning the agency’s decision to remove its military flags to instead fly an LGBT pride flag Tuesday.

Veterans seeking care that morning were treated to the unusual removal where the solitary flag flying in their place was the rainbow flag in honor of LGBT pride at VA Northern Indiana Health Care System – Fort Wayne Campus (aka Fort Wayne VA).

“It’s certainly worth recognizing the veterans who are from that community who have served,” Jarrod Schwartz, a veteran, said. “It’s a little odd, it’s certainly different — definitely questionable — why they would remove the branch flags.”

This is where we see VA logic kick in.

When asked for comment, a VA public affairs officer said the agency wanted to put up a rainbow flag to honor LGBT veterans. However, they noticed there were not places to add the ‘pride’ flag amongst the military flag pools erected at the facility.

So, some moron thought it would make sense to remove the military flags and replace them with a ‘pride’ flag. To ensure all military branches were shamed equally, the removed all the flags and then erected the solitary ‘pride’ flag.

VA planned to remove the flag by the end of the day and to replace it with the military flags, but someone else had a different idea.

Someone, likely a pissed veteran, lowered the ‘pride’ flag at some point in the afternoon and drove off with it. How is that for inclusion?

Most believe agency needs to be inclusive of veterans and mindful of what their mission is related to those they are supposed to serve. That includes veterans who are part of the LGBT community and every other “community” out there.

But by removing the military flags in favor of the solitary ‘pride’ flag, did VA take its inclusivity too far?

At least one veteran thought so.

Are there any other groups VA has attempted to honor in this way? Know of any other examples?

VA Public Statement On LGBT Pride Flag

The VA released the following statement:

“We are aware of concerns voiced by some of our employees and Veterans about the Service Flags removed outside of the Fort Wayne campus. As we are committed to serving all Veterans and June is LGBT awareness month, we are flying the flag that represents and honors these Veterans as a display of solidarity and respect for their service. 

We all serve this nation.

“Due to limitations in the number of flag poles outside our VA, the Service Flags were lowered temporarily. Rather than take one flag down temporarily, it was determined to lower all the flags so as to be equal. The one flag will fly for the day until 5 p.m. and signify that we treat all our Veterans equally. We greatly appreciate our Veterans’ and employees’ passion and loyalty for their individual services. 

“Today, we honor our LGBT Veterans and their service.”

How Is VA Doing On Inclusion?

We know the agency still struggles to address racism in its ranks. Veterans suffering from military sexual trauma still face daily battles in securing benefits and quality mental health care. Many in the LGBT community are going without the benefits they deserve just like every other veteran suffering from the long-term effects of war.

By flying the ‘pride’ flag, it is almost like VA is attempting to appear inclusive while failing to remove barriers veterans struggle with on a regular basis.


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  1. The last I checked — gay pride is not a military service and this does not represent solidarity. The military service flags are flown to represent in solidarity all members of each military service, gay and straight alike. What they are doing is giving special representation to a particular segment of each service.

  2. if the VA wants to be all inclusive, have them try and treat all sick vets the way the people working there would like to be treated

  3. It started with Slick Willy (The presidential Sex Offender ) and Light in the loafers Obama. Being Gay , Transsexual or Lesbian is a mental condition unfit for military service.

  4. I’ve just stopped my monthly contribution. My wife and I will not be involved in this.
    You can just go joyously on your way without our funding.
    I’m sure you will do well, but, after reading about these issues, we believe our contributions are better sent elsewhere.
    Best of luck in the future even without my $$$$.00

    ….me..aka. Dave

  5. Gay, straight, male, female our veterans were all members of the military and to purposely supplant their military service flags to honor only those veterans who are homosexuals, instead of all veterans regardless of their sexual preference, I consider an extremely thoughtless insult to every current and former of the military.

  6. Put another Flag pole and fly ALL of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Military Flags.

  7. Ok so they flay the rainbow flag, will they fly a Christian flag or a Muslim flag or a Irish or (name your flag) up for a day? If they want to fly other flag than a military flag then they need to fly lots of them. I personally think they shouldn’t fly other flags they should fly just the Service flags…

    1. @Retired AF Chief – Thank you for your sensible comment! To answer your question “…will they fly a Christian flag or a Muslim flag or …”, no, they won’t, at least not a Christian flag. This was not about honoring LGBT vets……this was about honoring LGBT above all else.

      Whoever authorized this should be fired. The VA should fly the USA and US Military service flags ONLY.

  8. DISGRACEFUL! The removal of the flag that folks have fought and DIED for, to be replaced by a flag representing QUEERS! The person responsible should be FIRED! ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!

  9. What a disgusting display. I never thought I’d see our AMERICAN flag taken down and a fag flag raised in its place. It’s bad enough that fags are allowed to serve and we have to bathe and sleep with them among us, but to insult our national flag by putting up that specialty flag is abhorrent. The director of the VA in Fort Wayne should be fired.

  10. Leave it up to a VA to botch flag day and the Army’s birthday. A clear violation of the flag code at FT Wayne. June 14 is to commemorate one flag, our flag, the American flag,

  11. I am offended by the Ft. Wayne VA hospital for removing all of our branches of service. It pretty much discrace to all branches of service and a big slap in the face. I hope that President Trump fires the head of the hospital for doing something stupid like that. I don’t mind the LGBT community but to take down all the branch flags for the rainbow flag also is a slap in their faces as well since they served in all branches of service.

  12. It is amazing to me that at near sundown in most of our United States, not one of us posting, including myself, gave a mention of today being Flag Day.
    Thank you for posting the Flag Code.

    1. OT tibits:



      Howdy Rosie. No ma’am, I didn’t forget. And second the motion about James posting the Code.

      I normally just don’t pay much attention to the holidays, observances and such. Just depends on the day, thoughts, health status, and moods. Seen too much facade and BS on TV about such things while in reality just the opposite is shown when the cameras are off or public fades away. Many of them have lost their intentions and meanings for me. Although I will exchange common courtesies and salutations during some holidays even if I don’t engage or enjoy ‘holidays’ and such. I won’t hamper or throw a wrench into others enjoyment machinery.

      It’s like attending meetings, standing up to say the pledge of allegiance with some elected, corrupt, and knowing they are the exact same ones, vets or not, censoring and attacking citizens behind their facade of representing all people and claim to protect our freedoms of speech across the boards of deep division they helped to create per their own agendas and self-serving. So their flag waving and games mean nothing to me since it’s all for show.

      I spent the past couple days and Flag Day, even during the Army B-day, preparing five pages to gubbermint officials detailing the corrupt connections between the VA, threats, and the civilian world of identity politics and health care. Also to prove and ask why so many people can come out of the woodwork to attack one man and prevent health care or to get my medical files forwarded or copies for my own carry. Or how a civilian hospital can be worse than the VA and get by with it. While there are those locally totally covering-up for VA mistakes, attitudes, lack of ethics, incompetence, and attacks. All this leads back to my not getting the support all these special groups and people are allowed to have and can get support and activist support in a mere post or heart-beat. Doesn’t happen for some of us being pigeon-holed old fat, gimped up, white straight boys, hated baby boomers stealing from the younger people and illegals….that college towns and people hate so much. The cause of all our worlds woes apparently. An evil non-conformist cause I don’t take the time or energy to please everything out there, and cannot. I can and have supported all others and never get the same courtesies or support in return, never. Just one sided group think and self-serving activism mainly because I don’t share any pigeon-hole with them.

      I see all the hoopla and hell over an activist planned devious divisive tactic. While there are those like me that can’t get such attention or interview on any media platform. Meanwhile the body count increases per day and ruthless corruption, maliciousness, carries on and gains strength and support. We also have to remember there are those paid activist, plants, agent provocateurs out here and encompasses us in real life, greatly, in mass, to keep real hate and division going. Regardless of what we do or say, or amount of good we may have tried to do in some pathetic community filled with activist of every kind, liars, Marxist, and many more to shake a stick at. Including the college kiddies foreign and domestic hell bent on ruining this country and every form of communication we may have, or about sharing facts and information, or experiences. They get college credits and pay for doing so. Links to that used to be common on the net, don’t know about today. Got better things to do and pains to lick.

      I stick to what I have written before and believe. No special interests, politics, identity politics, activist, malicious group think, PC-ness, etc., does not belong at the VA or any health care systems. When we may see bibles, religious stuff set out for patients to read but thrown away, while magazines from the likes of SPJL, ADL, ACLU, far left materials, activist materials, union stuff, really sad material/coloring books left out for kids to socially engineer minds or expose five year olds to some unsavory info/pictures, Trump hatred, in the name of “tolerance” and other stuff promoted by public academics, or accepted by lefty parent groups, PTA remain,…. something is bad wrong with all health care systems to the “professionals” who allow this to be in their private offices is rather telling.

      Had to get it off my chest, G-night all.

  13. This is a national outrage. There should NEVER be any flag flown except the American flag that ALL of these veterans served under. You are an injustice and whoever allowed this should be fired and deported. It’s not about anyone’s sexual preference. It’s about these United States and putting other things before America. You are a shame and disgrace and I very seriously doubt a veteran.

  14. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    Meanwhile Marcee, “My kind” is still waiting on all those superior congressmen and women to prosecute the murderers called VA Directors, when that happens instead of them getting shuffled around and promoted, you go ahead and let me know. Until then, peddle your BS elsewhere.

  15. It is okay, kinda, but not. In fact it shows me that the VA and the government in whole is changing the way it thinks about people and we are all just people. I learned at least one very important thing at the age of 20 (I turned 21 in the sands of Iraq no big party there in fact few knew and we had patrol that night ohh well I was doing my job as a combat medic and I drank A LOT before the big flight to Saudi. If you can carry a loaded chambered M16 or MP5 then you can have a f-ing beer and I was never carded on base). Anyway, what I learned is we all have a universal language that everyone can understand and that is crying and laughing, when a child cries no matter who he is we understand the pain same with the joy of laughter we understand, so we are all the same. That changed me for the better but it also broke my heart as war can do. Empathy comrades empathy. It can hurt but it is what we need. It is painful at times but never forget the humanity we have protected the good we have done. Yes we have done wrong, made mistakes, bad mistakes, for example the use of agent orange ( not only our poor vets but the people there also have to deal with what it has caused, empathy) or burn pits so close we could smell them 24/7. I would hope we learned something and the government is very slow at learning anything let alone taking responsibility for what we have done. Do not get mad brothers and sisters but the truth is WE and only WE can make change for the better. More veterans are running for political posts than ever before in history and I hope that trend continues. Vote for comrades in arms if you truly want the government to change in respect to veterans. In my mind they should erect another pole if they desire to fly that flag or put it in place of the state flag but not OUR flags. I am sure it would cost the gov around 500K to put up a pole so I will do it for 100K there is my bid. Last point do you think an A10 (my favorite plane and awesome to have your back) knows if the person controlling it is gay or a female? It does not know. So let it go and accept all. We all swore to protect the Constitution in its whole and even if we our out of the military now we our still bound to that oath. The Constitution was not written for us or them but for ALL. Thank you for flying that flag but do it with some intelligence for God sake. I see those flags all the time at the VA and I respect them. I happen to be lucky where I go for care because it is a brand new and state of the art, actually quite an amazing clinic and I have had the same doc for 6 years and that NEVER happens, for me anyway. At the entrance roundabout all the flags fly around a beautiful water effect, or is it affect, anyway they have all flags flying even the POW/MIA flag has its own pole and I am proud they did that. Side note, our USA flag has been half mast way to often and that needs to stop and only WE can stop it, you may disagree with this but it is WE as a whole that can. WOW did I just something positive about the VA? May be the first time. The directors of my clinic are great and have been there for over 10 years and that just does not happen at the VA but in this situation it is true. Still though I get a lot of care outside the VA but I would prefer the VA to handle all my care but they just can not. Who knows better on how to take care of veterans than the VA if only they could get their sh.. together and let doctors be doctors and nurses be nurses (I am a RN that the DOD paid for my degree, hmmm back then, nurse shortage and all) stop the red tape and tying their hands . We as vets have medical issues that private care just does not see often. And often they mishandle or incorrectly treat and worse yet misdiagnose. I know the VA does that also but have faith WE are changing the way the VA operates and thank you so very much Mr. Krause for what you are doing. I would love to hear what my brothers and sisters think about my points. it is the way I, well, we learn. Take that flag down and put it in place of the state flag if you have to but you don’t ever disrespect all our service for this country and that is what you did so correct it. I put in my bid. Does a female or gay really matter in combat? Alls I see is our flag on your shoulder and green or tan nothing else matters. Again does that tank operate differently if you are a female or a lesbian or gay? NO it does not. Get over it brothers and sisters we all served with gays and lesbians and you all know it and they did their job just like the rest of us. Take care all of you!! With great respect, Loren, CPT RET, Army Nursing Corp

  16. Disrespectful of our service to fly any flag other than military service branch, american flag, or state flag. VA should stay out of politics and social statements and just concentrate on healing service members. That director should be fired.

  17. From the “Daily Caller” on the IG Report!


    6:16 PM 06/14/2018 (updated)
    By; Peter Hasson

    “The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog released a much-anticipated report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.”

    ~”The report contained several bombshells.~”

    “Anti-Trump FBI agent showed “willingness” to impact election!”

    “Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to impact the presidential election, according to the new report from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.”

    ““(Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” asked another anti-Trump FBI agent, Lisa Page. “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it,” Strzok replied.”

    “Strzok’s text “is not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects,” the report said.”

    “~FBI sat on Weiner emails for no good reason!~”

    “When further Clinton emails were discovered on a laptop belonging to former congressman Anthony Weiner, who is married to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, the FBI agents overseeing her case took just under a month to take meaningful action, Horowitz’s report found.”

    “No later than Sept. 29, 2016, FBI executives and the agents who oversaw the Clinton email investigation were informed that “that Weiner investigation agents had discovered 141,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop that were potentially relevant to the [Clinton email] investigation.” Comey didn’t authorize a search warrant until Oct. 27, after he was briefed on them that day, the IG report found.”

    “Former deputy director Andrew McCabe was aware of the emails’ existence on Weiner’s laptop and told Horowitz’s team that he considered them to be a “big deal” but failed to move the investigation forward until agents from the New York field office began asking questions, the report shows.”

    “Horowitz’s team of investigators “did not identify a consistent or persuasive explanation for the FBI’s failure to act for almost a month after learning of potential [Clinton investigation-related] emails on the Weiner laptop,” the report said.”

    “HFBI prioritized Russia investigation over Clinton emails on Weiner’s computer, possibly due to political bias.”

    “The FBI prioritized investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia over the discovered emails on Weiner’s laptop, possibly due to political bias, according to the report. Anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok was intimately involved with that decision.”

    “Noting Strzok’s “willingness” to use the FBI to stop Trump, the report said, “we did not have confidence that Strzok’s decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop was free from bias.”

    ~”Comey acted like the rules didn’t apply to him”~

    “The report portrayed Comey as insubordinate and consistently acting with disregard to DOJ policies.”

    “Both in his decision to publicly announce the results of the Clinton email investigation in July and in his decision to notify Congress when the investigation was reopened, former FBI Director James Comey “engaged in ad hoc decision-making based on his personal views, even if it meant rejecting longstanding Department policy or practice,” the IG report found.”

    “Comey also used a personal email for official government business in violation of DOJ policy, Horowitz’s report found.”

    ~”FBI riddled with leaks, FBI employees receive benefits from journalists”~

    “We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters,” the report noted.”

    “We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review,” the report said.”

    “In addition, we identified instances where FBI employees improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events.”

    “The IG will file a separate report on those investigations when they are concluded, the report stated.”

    ~”More anti-Trump bias at the FBI”~

    “An FBI attorney who worked on the special counsel’s Russia investigation until earlier this year sent numerous anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, according to the IG report. One of the attorney’s texts exclaimed: “Viva le Resistance.”

    “This article is an updated version from an earlier one!”

    Lastly, Sessions was on TV stating bullshit about anyone else caught he’ll fire them?
    Stzrok and Page should already be sitting in prison! So should a whole bunch more reprobates with them!

    1. PS.
      The IG Report also stated “Foreign Actors DID gain access…” to Hillary’s private server. Which contained “classified information”!

  18. DOJIG report links.

    DOJ Press Release: “”

    DOJ’s full 568 page report titled “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election”

    At: “”


    Comey was using a off the books private email account for official business to hide what was going on with the Clinton Investigation. That is while he was suppose to be investigating her for doing the same thing.

    1. Seymore,
      Thanks, brother!
      I “copied” your comment. My wife is going to put it out everywhere on the net!

      It’s gonna take me some time to read this thing!

      Gonna shake the crap out of the crooks in Washington DC!

  19. Thee perfect solution:
    Squads of Soldiers hijack EACH AND EVERY VA FACILITY NATIONWIDE and raise the Confederate Flag… Raise the flag of White Power…. Talk about the VA being criminally deviant!! This will make balidate the VA being anti American and constitutionally negligent. Then again, when a simpleminded black VA employee and womb rejected female, boasts and rants about white privilege…..

  20. Benjamin Krause if you have read these replies, whether they are correct, crazy, totally wrong or just stupid, I think that we as veterans need to come together so that none of our military branch flags ever come down again anywhere. Since we are the ones who served under those flags which fall under ole glory, the director of that VAMC is choosing personal and societal approval for personal vendetta over what we have fought for and have sacrificed mentally and physically! Can you provide any information of groups or organizations that my wife and I could support? This should never happen again on U.S. soil!!! HOOAH

    1. G O O G L E may be a bit cheaper. Last time I checked – – – Ben charges around $300 hourly for his services.

    2. Amen brother it that flag and your shoulder that I saved in combat. I could care less if you sucked dick as long as you had my back while I saved your life!!

  21. My truck would have removed that free of charge, no wait, no line. You’re welcome. I’m inclusive.

  22. How many Homosexuals , Lesbians and Bisexuals lies on their enlistment paperwork ? I believe in the 1980s when I enlisted , it asked . Have you ever been attracted to or had sex with the ” same sex ” ? Likely thousands LIED to that question . And as sick and twisted as it is . Of the ” female ” Army Colonel that had been in the nurse corps for at least 20 years . And during this time had married a man and had how many children with him . To ” come out ” when she retired from the military ? How devastating it must have been to her ” husband ” and ” children ” . She is now living on Whidbey Island with her ” wife ” in Washington State . She is the one that LIED on her enlistment paperwork , feeling so self righteous . And how many were removed during basic training . Because their background check found ?

    1. None that I know of ever got booted for that reason. I lied did you? I am not gay but when i was 15 me and my male cousin had some fun in the 80S and I enlisted at 16. Many males and females first sexual experience is with the same sex for many reasons and that is okay and does not make them gay. BTW my cousin I mention is a full bird right now. OMG run fast who knows what he may do, he is not gay and what a stupid f-ing question that i bet over 70% lied about!! Her kids and ex are fine. She abused them in no way. Sometimes you have to be who you truly are and stop living a lie. They should be happy for her.

    2. @ Peter Rabbit – – – How many Homosexuals , Lesbians and Bisexuals lies on their enlistment paperwork ? I have no hard numbers, but I strongly suspect that those numbers would be FAR less than the numbers of (straight) volunteers who lied during the sixties, seventies, and eighties when asked the question “Have you ever smoked marijuana?”

      For the record: I am a heterosexual. I was not given the choice, that is just how the Universe farted me out. I would not want anyone to hate me/wish ill upon me for something that I had no say in.

      Likewise, I also understand that the Universe does no fart out all human beings to have the same sexuality. I refuse to hate or like anyone based upon their sexuality – – – or what any organized religion says about Human Sexuality.

      Without going into a long typing session, both Marcee and Loren have demonstrated courage, and both have points worth hearing. Particularly those points that deal with responsibility, and being who you are.

      I salute them both.

      1. Thank you my brother, Alls i seen in combat was green and tan and our USA flag on every shoulder I seen nothing else. I love your honesty i think we would be good friends! BTW I said I said i am not gay i am bi and so LUCKY for it!

    1. I respect you because i have read many many of your posts and I Know you know what the hell your talking about Seymore but I do not understand what your saying. Are you a gay hater? If that is true then I lose all respect for you. Please explain your comment.

  23. ” GAY ” is a EUPHEMISM – The use of a word or phrase that is less expressive or direct , but considered less distasteful , less offensive , etc., than another . As to deceive , fool or otherwise ” pull the wool over our eyes .
    HOMOSEXUALITY is not normal , but abnormal and most importantly , IMMORAL !

    1. Hide behind your wall of ignorance. Or maybe what are you hiding? Something from your youth that no one knows about? A person is truly born gay and that is a fact that you can not deny unless you choose to be ignorant and foolish. A child must have written this post!

      1. if I’m ignorant of it how can I hide behind it. No person is born gay it’s a choice, scripture states, because they loved not the truth God will send strong delusions that they will believe a lie.

    2. IF you choose to quote scripture then LEARN from the works and words of Christ as I have done. When asked about the most important commandment what did he say? LOVE. So the LOVE for each other, no matter what, has guidelines? Seems clear not many words to confuse noi ifs and buts. I love you though we differ on this issue of homsexuality and that is okay and healthy. But do quote scripture that the Devil is behind homosexuality because Christ made it clear. If you want to destroy the Devil then destroy hatred and promote LOVE. It is not a choice my friend and many young people have taken their own lives because they could not control the “choice” of being gay and the negative stigma it presents. I would not want your son to take his own life because he is Gay and you are his dad. I, and I am sure you also Junior, would never want a mother to have to bury their child and you and I have seen way to many sons die. So accept and cherish life. Empathy where is it?

  24. If being a Homosexual , Lesbian or Bisexual is now ” righteous ” ? How and why is lying , stealing , cheating and committing acts of prostitution and bestiality , still wrong . The last two are also crimes , the last one against Nature .

  25. 7 Scientific Facts about Homosexuality and it’s adverse effect on Society – Homosexual Deception – Enteric Diseases of Homosexuals – Homosexuals and Their Diseases .

  26. I agree with the sentiment of Jarrod Schwartz that it certainly is worth recognizing members of that community who served. Last time I checked, we all took the same oath, went through the same basic training, etc. Each of us experienced the military differently, but there exists a lot of common overlap.

    Yes, the moron at the VA who had the stupid idea of hauling down the military branch flags is a fucking idiot who should not be working (although with that mentality they fit right in) for the VA. Don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to take fifteen seconds from your day to reference the United States Flag Code. The solution to properly fly the LGBT pride banner without showing disrespect to all other thinking veterans is contained therein.

    I have posted excerpts below:

    The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used. They are:

    The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.

    The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a speakers desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.

    The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard.

    The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations.

    The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind.

    The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.
    When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms. To store the flag it should be folded neatly and ceremoniously.

    The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary.

    When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner.

    Note: Most American Legion Posts regularly conduct a dignified flag burning ceremony, often on Flag Day, June 14th. Many Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops retire flags regularly as well. Contact your local American Legion Hall or Scout Troop to inquire about the availability of this service.

    Displaying the Flag Outdoors:

    When the flag is displayed from a staff projecting from a window, balcony, or a building, the union should be at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half staff.

    Note: The next item below MIGHT HAVE prevented Pyss Poor Performance on the part of this VA Asswipe.

    When it is displayed from the same flagpole with another flag – of a state, community, society or Scout unit – the flag of the United States must always be at the top except that the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for Navy personnel when conducted by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea.

    When the flag is displayed over a street, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east. If the flag is suspended over a sidewalk, the flag’s union should be farthest from the building.

    When flown with flags of states, communities, or societies on separate flag poles which are of the same height and in a straight line, the flag of the United States is always placed in the position of honor – to its own right.
    ..The other flags may be smaller but none may be larger.
    ..No other flag ever should be placed above it.
    ..The flag of the United States is always the first flag raised and the last to be lowered.

    When flown with the national banner of other countries, each flag must be displayed from a separate pole of the same height. Each flag should be the same size. They should be raised and lowered simultaneously. The flag of one nation may not be displayed above that of another nation.

    Raising and Lowering the Flag:

    The flag should be raised briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. Ordinarily it should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset. It should be illuminated if displayed at night.

    The flag of the United States of America is saluted as it is hoisted and lowered. The salute is held until the flag is unsnapped from the halyard or through the last note of music, whichever is the longest.

    Displaying the Flag Indoors:

    When on display, the flag is accorded the place of honor, always positioned to its own right. Place it to the right of the speaker or staging area or sanctuary. Other flags should be to the left.

    The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of states, localities, or societies are grouped for display.

    When one flag is used with the flag of the United States of America and the staffs are crossed, the flag of the United States is placed on its own right with its staff in front of the other flag.

    When displaying the flag against a wall, vertically or horizontally, the flag’s union (stars) should be at the top, to the flag’s own right, and to the observer’s left.

    Parading and Saluting the Flag:

    When carried in a procession, the flag should be to the right of the marchers. When other flags are carried, the flag of the United States may be centered in front of the others or carried to their right. When the flag passes in a procession, or when it is hoisted or lowered, all should face the flag and salute.

    The Salute:

    To salute, all persons come to attention. Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute. Citizens not in uniform salute by placing their right hand over the heart and men with head cover should remove it and hold it to left shoulder, hand over the heart. Members of organizations in formation salute upon command of the person in charge.

    The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem:

    The pledge of allegiance should be rendered by standing at attention, facing the flag, and saluting.
    When the national anthem is played or sung, citizens should stand at attention and salute at the first note and hold the salute through the last note. The salute is directed to the flag, if displayed, otherwise to the music.

    The Flag in Mourning:

    To place the flag at half staff, hoist it to the peak for an instant and lower it to a position half way between the top and bottom of the staff. The flag is to be raised again to the peak for a moment before it is lowered. On Memorial Day the flag is displayed at half staff until noon and at full staff from noon to sunset.

    The flag is to be flown at half staff in mourning for designated, principal government leaders and upon presidential or gubernatorial order.

    When used to cover a casket, the flag should be placed with the union at the head and over the left shoulder. It should not be lowered into the grave.

    1. what do you mean my brother i do not understand? Do you hate Gays? Most gay men seldom have anal sex it is more of fetish than a common gay practice. A lot of men love to have their a-hole played with that are straight. Are you gay if that is a erogenous zone for you? Maybe I have to tell my wife I am gay? She will not care!!

    1. I read it what a fool!!! Based on no science at all just foolish non proven superstition for foolish people!

  27. So what’s next VA??? Perhaps an ISIS flag. Or maybe the Black Panthers banner. Oh wait, you don’t want to leave out ANTIFA.


  28. just proves how much the VA sucks. They take out the Bibles and fly a queer flag and want to talk about inclusion. I’ve been ignored, bullied, and harassed at VAMC because I am white and elderly. A white veteran was beat to death at a VAMC in pineville by a black orderly, same orderly remained at VA four more years before being suspended while under indictment for man slaughter. I figure I’ll live longer if I stay away from this hospital. VA does what it wants because congress doesn’t actually care about veterans, fake va mission statement proves that, it changes nothing.

    1. I have felt your way many times just keep fighting brother. I have used the patient advocate many time and I also have gone to the very top of the ladder. Be your own advocate or maybe someone can help you. I NEVER go to any appointment alone my son goes with me (he is 33) it is safer and you have a backup plus a witness and NEVER make that person leave even if the doctor asks them to they do not have to it is your choice. Hang in there do not give up brother we have to keep fighting as a whole. I am with you!!

    1. Sodom is still burning under ground, can’t walk bare foot there, fed by underground oil. Homosexuality is a cancer that should be excluded from a healthy body. Society has lost its collective mind when it allows children to choose which sex they want to be. Trans – sexuality is still consider a mental illness. They’re all unstable, I wouldn’t trust any of them with my 6. No wonder this country was going down, but God is still on our side for now, MAGA.

  29. I am really having a hard time understanding what all the outrage is about? Flying pride flag for one day to express solidarity an inclusiveness with a notoriously marginalized portion of Veterans deserves applause not “outrage.” Please disabled, spare us the tired sarcasm and pretend outrage that you continously reply whe it comes to LGBTQ issues. This isn’t the first time you’ve expressed your disdain for the LGBTQ community and framed it in a way to try and pass it of as something else- namely at what is shitty job the VA is doing of representing “all” Veterans. Please! If you really cared about inclusiveness, you would advoacate about women about Veterans of color, about immigrant veterans without cizitenship instrad if bitching about a flag flown for a couple of hours or posting charichatires of drag queens when talking about transgender veterans ( yeah, u remember that newsletter.) I found your site useful when I was nervous about filling for Voc Rehab a few years ago in pursuit of my masters degree. I have recenty graduated with my masters in public policy advocacy from USC. I am happy to report I will be working for a congresswoman who deeply cares about Veterans issues – and most importantly – does something about it – like homeless programs, jobs, scholarships and grants doe small businesses. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Voc rehab. However, I will not be referring anyone to your website for help any longer. You may proclaim yourself to be for all Veterans, but you are letting your true colors show a little bit too much with posts like these – and it anint rainbow or red whit and blue- it’s just ugly. I’m pretty disappointed in

    1. I agree with you Marcee. This site has about eight die-hard miserable, complaining, racist bigots. Never – ever offer solutions. EVER. Thanks for your post.

      1. Getalife,

        You clearly forgot to mention the die-hard miserable, complaining, racist bigoted Trolls. Such as yourself.

        Oh, and get a real life troll.


        How the hell does someone who was forced out of the service end up as a director of a VAMC?

        Michael Hershman was suspended from his command as commander of the McDonald Army Health Care Center in Fort Eustis during an investigated by the Army surgeon general’s office. He was reassigned and retired before the Army surgeon general’s office completed their investigation for a complaint filed by a woman for charges of harassment and discrimination. His second in command Capt. Ross Monfort, commander for Medical Department Activity was also suspended.

        Here is a quote from an article by Brian Francisco of the The Journal Gazette titled “New VA head was target of inquiry”

        “The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Friday that Hershman was being appointed director of the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, which employs more than 1,400 people at medical centers in Fort Wayne and Marion and outpatient clinics in Goshen, South Bend, Peru and Muncie. He is scheduled to start his new job Sept. 6.

        “After a thorough search and interview process, Col. Hershman’s years of honorable service we know will serve the veterans of Northern Indiana Health Care System well,” Victoria Dillon, VA press secretary, said in a phone interview Wednesday.

        Citing confidentiality regulations, Dillon declined to respond to questions regarding the Army’s suspension of Hershman.

        Hershman said his suspension did not come up during his vetting process with VA “that I know of.”

        The U.S. Army Medical Command confirmed his suspension but did not say why he had been suspended from McDonald Army Health Center.”

    2. “I am happy to report I will be working for a congresswoman who deeply cares about Veterans issues ”
      Tell me that bullshit in about 10 years and I MIGHT believe you, But I think you will find out your crystal ball is broke.
      That flag represents fudge packers and carpet munchers, You must think that sick shit is OK

    3. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      Are you ever going to be disappointed, your congresswoman isn’t going to do shit for Veterans, they never do, and never have. Go blow smoke up someone else’s ass.

      1. for the record, the Congresswoman that I am working for has made a difference in my community. I live in a rather small county in Southern California that has TWO Naval bases. I know your kind doesn’t seem to care for facts, but just the same here is a link to her press release where she details securing funding for local veterans form the federal government

        and here is a link to a recent news story of the good that money did, especially for one young homeless veteran that I personally served with on my first deployment.


    4. Marcee,

      You are truly full of shit!

      You are truly disrespecting all Veterans. Not just the ones on this site with the bullshit flowing from your lips. To believe we should elevate LGBTQ beliefs and ideas for the very few Veterans who are part of that community over that of the Veterans who are not part of the rainbow community is total hog wash.

      Facts are that most Veterans do not care anything about the LGBTQ community not positively or negatively. But I am sure most Veterans do not believe your beliefs should be forced on our community of Veterans with this disgusting and disrespectful attempt by the gay community to associate itself with Veterans by raising their flag at a VA Facility.

      Anybody who is connected to raising that flag needs to be fired. The VA is not the place to make a statement about anyone’s sexuality.

      1. Ok, let me clarify something to you – not that I owe it to you. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring freedom ( Iraq and Afghanistan for those who don’t know.) I joined active duty service while I was a senior in high school right after 9/11. My husband and I are both veterans and our children had to adjust to our deployments while they were young. We have sacrificed a lot of ourselves for our country. There is no dishonor or disrespect in our service, sir – now or then.

        We decided to leave active duty life and pursue our education – in the hopes that our talents and knowledge will help our communities and help us live more fulfilling lives.

        I am part of a new *growing* generation of Post 9/11 Gulf War Veterans who are tired of being represented by an older generation of mostly male veterans that chosen to have a closed minded point of view. You’re right – we don’t care if you are part of the LGBTQ community, are a woman, man, or somewhere in-between. We do not care if you are black, latino, an immigrant, muslim, christian, atheist, liberal, conservative, are old, young, have a family, or don’t have a family.

        We don’t care what you do as long as you respect others choices to do the same. Isn’t that what we all fought for – this ideal that people have the choice to do what they wish? You know that!

        As a young woman veteran, I hardly ever feel welcome in any traditional veteran space ( the VA, VFW, etc.) So why do you care if ONE VA hospital chooses to hoist a flag at an *attempt* at inclusivity? Because if will lead to other? I hope it does! How does that effect your life? Answer- it doesn’t.

        My generation of veterans is growing and your way of thinking is dying off. And when you are so hateful with your words and actions ( probably inactions on your part – just hateful trolling) you fracture our less than 1% of the population and we start fighting each other – not working for all vets, just the ones YOU deem worthy. Sorry it doesn’t work that way!

        People do good for our veteran community every day if you choose to see it. I know we all have our own stories about how someone did us wrong during service or at the VA – but collectively, if we can put our own bullshit aside and work for each other – can’t you see how much better off we all would be? Stop using our differences as an excuse to be mad.

    5. Marcee,
      We, who served in the armed forces, don’t need to have a “special flag” depicting it.

      I do believe there are “rules and regulations” depicting what kind of flag can be flown on a “government reservation”! Which IS exactly what each VA lands are!

      Again, military personnel should be proud of the “branch” they served in! Those flags depict the honor for ALL the men and women!

      1. Please see my previous post above. You don’t speak for me. I think you are getting the impression that I am not a veteran. Is that because I am a woman? You also contradict yourself – I am sorry to say.

    6. I was in the Army Nursing Corp so I worked with mostly women I am a man not that matters to me. A LOT of the GREAT fantastic nurses that I worked with and taught me so much are lesbians again not that matters. Many served 2 or 3 tours in Vietnam and the wisdom they had was incredible. They made me a great holistic caring nurse and I respect them very much. Many of then activated, yet again, for Desert Storm as I did. Many also said never again and I can understand that Col., Lt. Col, Majors they did their job and saved lives no matter who or what they are. Please understand that a lot of Nam vets fought hard and still are fighting for proper reform of the VA and they have made it so much better for us. I also served in the campaigns you mention until I developed epilepsy and had to have a medical discharge. It broke my heart. I did use the voc rehab to get my masters also in public health. I respect you but please understand that this post said nothing about LGBT but the fact the flag was flown and ours was taken down. That is not okay. Not because it is LGBT but because the guid on saved lives and the flag on your shoulder that you wore told me save that human being first she is a comrade in arms. They could have taken down the state flag or put up another pole. Please in your work have empathy for all it hurts but we are all just people. Thank you never give up young lady!! I respect you.

      1. Really brother? Maybe that stupid cunt as you say (and it makes me laugh at your child like response) had your back one day or will someday again REALLY? Maybe that stupid cunt wont make the shot to save your life? but you dumb fuck retard she would! GROW UP BROTHER and quit being a victim!

  30. Give me a break! The VA again does something outrageous and there is no need for this Unwelcome Flag displayed at the Ft Wayne VA which has no place. We honor Veterans by displaying the U.S. Flag and Military Flag/s which we all served under for our Nation. If a flag needs burned, then someone should take this flag and do just that, it is insulting to Veterans and more importantly to GOD.

  31. Well, this shows how the bureaucratic boobs ARE STILL IN CHARGE AND OPERATE THE VA DESPITE THE CONCERNS OF ALL VETERANS, This guy, Michael Hershman needs to be quickly removed from his position as Director and prosecuted for fraud for his cover up for being removed from the military. He had no authority to remove these service flags. How about these VA boobs just doing their job to administer good medical care to veterans. Politics is not something that should be prevalent at the VAMCs. Screw Hershman. SEMPER FI TO ALL OF US VETS AND PISS ON THE BOOBECRATS.

  32. Then be glad you were not there Chyld as if I had been there on Tuesday, I would have cut the damn rope and then shit on the flag in full view. That is a slap in the face to Veterans. What they do at home is up to them but they do NOT do this on a VA reservation. End of story.

  33. The VA should be ashamed and I feel they owe us a public apology. They currently have an extension set up just to take complaints about this. The pAO has stopped answering calls. Semper Fifyfofum dumb dumb dumba $$

  34. Combining what I can gather from the FW area’s news outlet’s fb pages it has been implied that the director is the flag raiser and that he also beat feet to Marion VA after local veteran’s voicing opinions on the matter, thereby leaving another official to take the heat. If the director was relieved of military duty during “don’t ask don’t tell” ….

    1. The leadership page for VAMC Fort Wayne has his picture on it. He looks like a total fruitcake and the VA does not link to his Bio from that page. As a matter of fact they hide all Bio info for all of the leadership team at the VAMC.

      When you look at his picture it is like looking at a major child molester. He looks like Chester the molester of the old hustler fame.

      Bloomberg Bio for him states that he got the boot in 2016 from the ARMY. It was September of 2016 he took over leadership at Fort Wayne VAMC.


      1. send all of this to Congress, Patty Murray all to Patty Murray, This is the best person honestly I know!

  35. Check this out from “”
    The “comments section” is good too!

    “5 Executives Sentenced in ‘Made in USA’ Boots Scheme”

    From: “The Associated Press”
    Dated: 13 Jun 2018

    GREENEVILLE, Tenn. — “Several former executives of a one-time leading manufacturer of boots for the U.S. military have been sentenced in a “Made in USA” scheme.”

    “The Kingsport Times-News reports the former Wellco Enterprises Inc. executives sold boots falsely advertised as being made in the U.S. The boot uppers and insoles were manufactured in China. The newspaper says workers at a Morristown, Tennessee, factory where the boots’ soles were attached were instructed to remove the “Made in China” tags before shipping the footwear.”

    “Matthew Ferguson and Kerry Ferguson were sentenced to six months in prison Monday. Neil Streeter and Stephanie Lynn (Ferguson) Kaemmerer were sentenced to five years of probation. Matthew Harrison Martland was sentenced to six months of probation last week.”

    “Former president and CEO Vincent Ferguson will be sentenced later this year.”

    Here’s the comments section!

    Leeutpold Vanhaase2 hours ago Where were the boot soles made? “Assembled in the USA” has been a long-term solution to getting around ‘restrictive’ import fees on finished products. Japanese manufacturers have been ‘assembling cars’ from imported parts for decades. Some US auto manufacturers too.

    3654680810 hours ago “Matthew Ferguson and Kerry Ferguson were sentenced to six months in prison Monday. Neil Streeter and Stephanie Lynn (Ferguson) Kaemmerer were sentenced to five years of probation. Matthew Harrison Martland was sentenced to six months of probation last week.”

    Didn’t they see the movie War Dogs

    louis stennes14 hours ago I bought a pair of I think Skechers at the px and it said Made in America. When I got home I noticed that it really said “Box Made in America. Of course the shoes came from China.

    Robert Harrison15 hours ago Yet we cannot get to the bottom of Hillary’s e-mails and server, or her accomplices, nor the congressional IT scandal, or various scandals involving the Footwear.

    36760003Robert Harrison13 hours ago Trey Gowdy hasn’t even started on the unsecured server that Trump is using and his unsecured phone that is monitored by russia.

    Doug S3676000312 hours ago Uh, Trump’s phone is not “monitored by Russia.” Trump is getting instructions on which ally of America to trash and which dictator Trump needs to kowtow to.

    343132813676000312 hours ago I suppose this unsecured server is in a closet in the White House! You must stay up all night every night coming up with all the stuff put out!

    michael 343132817 hours ago Interesting that 0003 and Doug did not list sources isn’t it?

    William Cook15 hours ago Awfully light sentencing for those criminals.

    Richard Oconnor17 hours ago prison time not long enough and, no further gov. contracts

    3655266617 hours ago Crooked contractors going to prison for breaking the law. I LOVE IT, ITS ABOUT TIME !!!!! Sorry for yelling, I couldn’t contain myself. Now they should be permanently banned from obtaining or working on any federal contract, that would be the real punishment. We all know they’ll be doing their time at a federal country club, I think they should have to do it in someplace like San Quentin.

    Conrad Vonblankenburg19 hours ago As usual, AP leaves out most of the details of the story. It does not even say what laws were broken. The “Made in America” label is a sick joke! Depending on several factors. What we may buy believing that it was “Made in America” may have, Raw material, refined material, parts fabricated and partial assembly of a finished product made all over the Blue Marble. Then there are the Govt. regulations for Govt procurement that rule. Or are supposed to! I think there is only one shoe “Made in America!” It would be nice to know what laws were broken. How much stuff is “Made in America” by illegal workers here in America. I bet almost all the food fed to our military is.

    Michael LepayConrad Vonblankenburg18 hours ago I believe this is the law broken… “Berry Amendment, USC, Title 10, Section 2533a 2533a Requirement to buy certain articles from American sources; exceptions” from the US Government Publishing Office at

    Michael LepayMichael Lepay18 hours ago Also we live in a global economy whether some like it or not and we are very interconnected and dependent on other countries as they are on us. It would behoove us as a nation to try and maintain good relationships with our allies and trading partners.

    Conrad VonblankenburgMichael Lepay16 hours ago Thanks!

    Conrad Vonblankenburg3655266616 hours ago Thanks!

    Liam Babington19 hours ago When you see something like this…….greed never ends does it! Maybe this will be a lesson for others!!

    Conrad Vonblankenburg19 hours ago What does the law say?

    3676000319 hours ago This is OK and something John Miller and David Dennison would approve of as it will make a “fortune” Look at how Dennison does his deals…

    Alan Davidson20 hours agoReally sad.

      1. Mathew,
        It doesn’t.
        I put it out to show more corruption against taxpayers.

      2. Seymore Klearly
        I have no problem at all with someone’s sexual preference. To each their own. I do have a problem with some idiot placing their sexual preference above us, that have sacrificed our minds and bodies to give them the right to express themselves. If I understand correctly the person that did this is in violation of government standards for displaying flags on government property. Which all VA facilities are and the land that they are on.

  36. “T”
    Google the 6 paedophiles down at Disney who were just Arrested by police!

    1. Police Bust Disney World, Legoland Pedophile Ring

      Police Uncover Massive Pedophile Ring At Disney World

      Cinderella And Snow White Arrested On Drug Charges During Disney On Ice Rehearsals
      WENDELL HUSSEY | Cadet

      This just in Minnie Mouse just legally separated from Mickey Mouse. In her filings she claims that the reason for the separation is that Mickey Mouse is fucking Goofy.

      1. Seymore Klearly:; YOU as usual are right on top of it. POOR MINNIE must have been a lousy lay for MICKEY to go GOOFY..

  37. Must be a slow day at the office. Nice to see the bigots are out in full force.

    1. WC hi lefty! Walk a mile in my SAS shoes… hater. lol Like I said before. You’d fit right in with my commie, communitarian, Marxist, Atheist, two faced community that claim to care for all but are rather selective who they care about and support. It’s all about the lefty agendas or nothing, period. Guess you’d enjoy taking the grandkids out to the park in daylight to see some unsavory sex acts being performed for all to see, go un-arrested, and watch the pedophiles play. With the blessings of our local college cliques and elected officials. Deep subject for dealing with such a sick, twisted, anti-American, and corrupt society.

      1. T OHAI!!!! I’m not sure what SAS shoes are, they sound mighty uncomfortable. As far as fitting into any specific community, well I’d certainly feel right at home with the Atheists since there is no god. I don’t have kids and if I wanted to see some unsavory sex acts I’d simply tell my girlfriend to get busy. You seem to have an unhealthy fixation with the LGBT movement. Perhaps you need a coloring book and a safe space to cry about things?

      2. Oh WC you silly goose you! lol SAS are specialty shoes for folks with bad feet, sugar issues, fake joints and other issues. Can’t wear anything else and costly at around 220 or so $ per pop. Not including custom orthotics or inserts used. Oh you must wear Birkenstock sandals and such or Mother Earth sandals.

        No fixation on the subject. I’d suggest digging up old films or documentaries about some lifestyles of society including Hollywood filth and their secret high dollar membership costing sex clubs out there. Compare them to today’s social issues and spread of disease that is blamed on dope use or the junkies… which is dead wrong diversions. Most of which are unheard of in the contemporary social structure to enhance the facade of what a groovy and perfect society the country or colleges/lefties have built or allowed.

        As usual when dealing with lefties you side stepped some mentioned issues. I guess you’d enjoy watching or encountering idiots doing there thing in public parks for kids to see too huh? Guess so.

        While doing my many years of volunteer work I think I’ve about seen and heard it all. I have sit at the same table with a guy I got along with while him being much older, wealthy, a vet, preacher, music producer, drunk, pedophile protected by city fathers and cliques. He was in his seventies and his boy when first met was fourteen. I also seen him pay off and pay for a nursing education for one gal when he got caught with here very very very young son and runaway. She and the son cracked and broke down over these issues.

        We have a Hep A, B & C epidemic going on which is all blamed on junkies or not washing hands. First reports got it correct then facts dumped. It was primarily from the Gay community and second the junkie crowd. Then all reports about any disease became all about drug use all other issues or causes dropped from the news. No recent news on that particular “epidemic” just like the high cancer rates here.

        Over the years I’ve witnessed many things and the damage done by male and females playing the try it you’ll like it game and other stuff just ruined too many lives and those of kids who didn’t know better. Seen just who was waiting outside female prisons, like ‘professionals’ to make constant scores or knowing about that side of life sweeping back again to the shady things and activities in life.

        I’ve sit and listened to them tell and brag about their “alley cat” stories and with partner or not seeing how many subjects could be scored in a week or month. Some being in the hundreds per month just like the older documentaries shown. The drugging of subjects and victims and on it goes.

        I’ve had Homosexual friends (not BFFs though), been to their parties, bars, worked with many. They knew what I could tolerate and flat out would not stand for going on in my presence or in groups or around people that didn’t need the added pressures, special interest crap going on, the doping, raping, or the games. You know, sober or not and life and death shit I doubt you’d know or care little about.

        Hell man. This freak even dated a local college’s president’s secretary. I know for a fact some of the stuff she had to order, find and do to pacify the upcoming alumni parties, town’s elite, and get togethers…. and all the wife swapping, dominatrix to the big fluffy animal costumes for such goings on. I can point to the the owners and billionaires ranches and fancy hotels used too. WC you can’t tell me shit and you don’t know me or about anything I have seen or done. But you like those around me are sure swift to jump in with the Bull Shit and labeling trying to justify everything you think is fun or should be allowed in public… or going on around academia and public school types. Just like my extended family who support the same as you have never seen the flip side of things, just the nice neighborhood bar super cordial, pleasant cubical workforce grind and mannerly stuff. That is not always what you see is what you get but we are led to believe in those fairy tales.

        Wanna hear some stories about what dumb ass college kiddies do or try that led to emergency room visits? Naw, I’m tired. You get my drift. I don’t care if you or others screw chickens or farm critters. Keep it home and don’t try to push an agenda or lifestyle on others. You don’t want religions shoved down your throat when even a cross necklace offends you and you tell me to find a safe space to cry??? But it’s fine for you and other clowns to try and force others to bake a cake, or support a lefty agenda, play totalitarian petty tyrants or something. We’ve seen what happens many times over when people are nice enough to give in an inch to some cause or group. Which no good deed goes unpunished. The real whiners and division creators, chaos lovers then take a mile, then two, then more to the point we are supposed to grab the kiddies and candy and run to see the big “Gay parade?” Get real. And let those kind rule over the rest of us and have special rights, rules, protections and special allowances. Pullllease. But thanks for the nickles worth and input. Brings back memories fond or not.

    2. Most of the time, anyone who calls someone else bigot, probably is one themselves.

      1. I am a bigot Donald. I am a bigot in that I hate a group of people, VA employees to be precise. But, here’s the difference. VA employees are actually worth the hate. That’s the meal your .02 bought you. Let me know when you want the check.

  38. Conversely, I am open to diversity at the VA…but…I never ever think any Military Service Flag should be taken down in order to fly a rainbow flag.

    Why couldn’t the VA have their troupe of interior designers and landscapers plant a flower garden in rainbow flag format/colors instead, leave the flags alone?
    Or, the cold chicken could be served with genetically modified rainbow blow flies?

    I’m thinking that by the VA flying the rainbow flag, it’s NOT ABOUT VETERANS THAT ARE LGBTQXYZ, no, this is likely the AFGE Union displaying THEIR inclusiveness to “diversity” among THEIR RANKS…not about we Veterans AT ALL.

    Yet, these same assholes couldn’t see diversity if it were a toxic sepsis infection on a rainbow-colored-alligator, let alone a real live nonhuman test subject.

    Sometimes a flag is just…a flag. There’s way more scary shit to deal with at the VA than “scary” rainbow engorged purple teams.

    1. Amen! Times change guys and gals and I could care less if a lesbian was flying that A10 that destroyed the tank ahead of me and the A10 knows no difference! just be on target!!! or if they were right next to me and they were omg they were!

  39. That “flag” has no right being flown on government property. ALL men and women fought for this country in five different branches of service;
    Marine Corps
    Air Force
    Coast Guard
    The question that remains is: “Who were the persons responsible for this bullshit?”
    Personally, I’m glad – at least one brave service member – had the balls to remove it!
    Hopefully this “flag” will NEVER be flown, and disrespecting all the other service members, again!

    How did that director, who was FORCED out of military service, end up in a position of power within the VA? That’s a big problem!

    1. The director got that position because He’s always in the bent over position for his fellow “Queer” superiors

    2. “”

      Indiana and my locale are different beasts. Nothing here is about ethics, abilities, qualifications, top of the class, etc. It’s about DNA, connections, nepotism, cliques, Alumni, ancestry, appeasing or pacifying special interests, etc. Well, DC seems to be akin to here and joined at the hip in many ways.

    3. Maybe we should form a separate army unit. Then they could fly that flag proudly.

    4. How was his forced out information obtained? This really fires me up. He has no business there!

  40. Hawkeye promoting Radar to the rank of Corporal-Captain is hilarious. So is the reaction of the unnamed colonel: “I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.” Nuff said.

  41. Personally I find it very disrespectful to all Veterans to fly the rainbow flag at any VA facility. It has no place being flown at any Government building or facility.

    I see “Michael Hershman” is the the Director who allowed the rainbow flag to fly at VAMC Fort Wayne.

    Big question for you Mikie Hershman.

    How the hell does someone who was forced out of the service end up as a director of a VAMC?

    Michael Hershman was suspended from his command as commander of the McDonald Army Health Care Center in Fort Eustis during an investigated by the Army surgeon general’s office. He was reassigned and retired before the Army surgeon general’s office completed their investigation for a complaint filed by a woman for charges of harassment and discrimination. His second in command Capt. Ross Monfort, commander for Medical Department Activity was also suspended.

    Here is a quote from an article by Brian Francisco of the The Journal Gazette titled “New VA head was target of inquiry”

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Friday that Hershman was being appointed director of the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, which employs more than 1,400 people at medical centers in Fort Wayne and Marion and outpatient clinics in Goshen, South Bend, Peru and Muncie. He is scheduled to start his new job Sept. 6.

    “After a thorough search and interview process, Col. Hershman’s years of honorable service we know will serve the veterans of Northern Indiana Health Care System well,” Victoria Dillon, VA press secretary, said in a phone interview Wednesday.

    Citing confidentiality regulations, Dillon declined to respond to questions regarding the Army’s suspension of Hershman.

    Hershman said his suspension did not come up during his vetting process with VA “that I know of.”

    The U.S. Army Medical Command confirmed his suspension but did not say why he had been suspended from McDonald Army Health Center.”

    This Director should not be employed by the VA in any position.

    1. I have been married for 29 years to one wife and have served our great nation for 21 years. So is there a flag that shows pride in who I am? Oh yeah, there is, it’s “Old Glory.” Stop this madness in displaying the rainbow flag and burn the damn thing or send it back to hell where it came from!


  42. That’s Indiana for ya. Not just Fort Wayne.

    Why don’t they ever address the issues against white veterans and how we are easily dismissed, ignored, or don’t have the same spokes-people, special protections, or groups to run to for support? The hate and disrespect for all vets is bad enough then throw in the movements against whites or lies about “white privilege” just increases or allows for more “over-coming” or destroying us. Like it or not, believe it or not it’s real.


    They are tearing up or destroying war memorials or art/statues. Not just confederate soldiers stuff. Illegals and foreigners swimming, pissing, washing, in what should be sacred waters in veteran and war park memorials while reportedly the law or park rangers do nothing. The removal of crosses but other symbols are okay. Indiana or not some reports can be online easy enough while others show up and then disappear. For years there has been chatter locally and the big cities for separate memorials and events for straight and the homosexuals. Then more separate ones to show females contributions which probably would be enlightening and needful, but not totally separated from the rest. Oh, and the demands to replace old glory with the rainbow flag as a new national item to display “to show and prove how tolerant and accepting we all are as Americans.” I believe that is the big push to force some things down our throats, like it, or be labeled and suffer the consequences. Other things have began at the VA campuses and flowed out into the civilian world for keeps, like socialized medicine, using their studies/research, or corporal punishments, this may be another one. Just like lefty college campus styled living and expectations have easily flowed out into the townies community and nothing to be done about it. White hatred, self hating whites, and the rest. I am far beyond being nice or PC lately.

    Just more distractions in the circus like there isn’t more important issues to focus on and deal with. Tactics of the far lefties and Cultural Marxist to enjoy. Soros too.

    1. Its because we are not a minority. Simple as that….
      Opps, correction: whites ARE a minority in California. No surprise there…

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