Iraq Burn Pit

Tortured Islamic Terrorists Get Day In Court, Iraq Burn Pit Veterans Get Denied

Iraq Burn Pit

Burn pit veterans are denied their day in court against the contractor responsible for the burn pits, but Islamic terrorists will get their day in court to sue the contractors who designed waterboarding.

So, veterans who fought in the war will not see their day in court but the Islamic terrorists they fought against will get their day in court when suing generally untouchable DOD government contractors.

How is that for irony? And why do you think the outcome is so different?

Stated another way, veterans of the Iraq War who were terminally injured or dead from exposure to burn pit gases will not be able to sue the former Halliburton company, called Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), responsible for operating the burn pits.

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Meanwhile, the terrorists tortured by CIA operatives using waterboarding techniques designed by two psychologists will be able to bring their lawsuit to trail against those government contractors.

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Sound fair? What is the general background?

Both government contractors were involved in harmful actions while fighting the War on Terror and contracted by arms of the DOD to further that mission. So what happened?

Burn Pit Decision

The burn pits created and operated by KBR were known to be harmful but the company operated them anyway at the direction of the federal government. Tens of thousands of soldiers were affected and unknown numbers of veterans were injured from the fumes. Many have since died from cancer or other conditions at abnormally young ages.

The judge in the KBR case refused to let it go to trial because he claims the decision to use the burn pits was solely a military decision that is beyond the jurisdiction of the court. US District Court Judge Roger W. Titus said KBR could not be held liable for what citing what he believed was essentially a military decision to use burn pits for waste disposal.

Judge Titus further elaborated, “The decision to use the burn pits was not made by the contractors” but the military. KBR merely implemented the plan as directed by the military.

Waterboarding Decision

Waterboarding designed by the CIA contractors, while working for the DOD, allegedly killed one person and injured maybe a few hundred alleged terrorists. The contractors who developed the techniques participated in at least one waterboarding session but their techniques were otherwise implemented by CIA outside their direction.

According to the Miami Herald:

The lawyers [for the CIA contractors] had argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed for a list of reasons.

During the hearing, lawyer Brian Paszamant told the judge that simply providing a memo to the CIA suggesting interrogation methods does not make them guilty of aiding and abetting torture. The CIA set up the prisons, chose the detainees, decided who conducted the interrogations and who was present, Paszamant said.

Lawyer Jim Smith said the program was directly controlled by the U.S. government, not the psychologists.

The judge rejected those arguments, saying the evidence supports the claims that the psychologists recommended “enhanced interrogation techniques” and “advocated for waterboarding as a convincing measure,” the judge said.

The evidence is undisputed that the psychologists administered those techniques on the CIA’s first detainee, Abu Zubaydah, including waterboarding, the judge said.

Jessen was physically involved in Rahman’s interrogation, the judge said.

“Defendants have not established they merely acted at the direction of the government, within the scope of their authority, and that such authority was legally and validly conferred,” the judge said.

ACLU lawyer Ladin said the psychologist were paid $81 million for their help to the government. “The defendants were the primary profiteers of this program from the beginning to the end,” he said.

So, KBR is off the hook because the DOD ultimately directed their overt actions. No trial for the veterans.

The terror suspects will go to trial because the CIA contractors allegedly participated in one waterboarding incident at the direction of CIA/DOD.

Alleged terrorists get their day in court. Veterans do not.

More Irony?

The greatest irony could occur if the tortured terrorists are successful in their lawsuit, which could open the door for Iraq War veterans in their lawsuit, at least in theory, since KBR overtly managed and implemented the majority of burn pits.

I am curious to hear what your thoughts are on this matter without sharing what I think.


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  1. 8/17/2017 The plaintiffs Suleiman Abdullah Salim, Mohamed Ben Soud & nephew of deceased Gul Rahman won the case seeking damages from CIA contract psychologists James Mitchell & John Jessen, for aiding & abetting torture, non-consensual human experimentation & war crimes.
    Terms of the settlement are undisclosed.

  2. Personally, regarding Ben’s request for us to consider and state how we feel about the court decisions.

    Where individuals who were suspected of having connections to terrorism, and were tortured, being able to pursue justice through the courts. While Veterans, and their families, are not allowed to pursue justice for exposures and subsequent health consequences caused by the Veterans exposures through the use of burn pits.

    If justice is served for the torture victims it will certainly be a deterrent to the use of torture in the future.

    While Veterans and their families not being able to pursue justice relating to burn pits is not going to going to act as a deterrent. Instead the denial of justice will not only encourage the continued use of burn pits it will also encourage other such risky behavior by the DOD and their Contractors.

  3. The Army chief of staff wants you to get a head start on preparing for the next big war
    By: Meghann Myers …..ARMY TIMES

    Urban warfare. Near-peer adversaries. Russia. Korea. rat’s cockroaches, termites, flea’s, ticks, Zita virus, rabid raccoons…And cant forget the lions, tigers and bears

    Those buzz words are in the news constantly, so Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley wants bookworm soldiers to brush up on what they mean for the future of the military…$$$$$$$ for the big boys

    Milley released his 2017 professional reading list on Wednesday, and it is stacked with expert warnings about what’s to come…….

    “We are the strongest land force in the world, and that strength is not only found in our physical prowess, but also in our intellectual capacity,” he wrote in a Facebook post……..this guy is really smoking some good gaange or Thai stick

    1. Damn! Not the dreaded Rabid Raccoons! Please give the Rabid Raccoons some of that Thai stick to temper their tempers.
      Nasty, vile, deceptively cuddly-wuddly creatures.

  4. Brian Williams: ‘Our Job is to Scare People to Death’ Over NKorea
    Fake news reporter admits plan to control narrative
    Jamie White | – August 9, 2017

    Despite the fact that President Trump and North Korea’s leader have already been exchanging fiery rhetoric over the last few months, the mainstream media continues to fulfill their real purpose: to stoke fears among the people to make them more willing to give up rights in exchange for government protection. [ It’s a protection racket, Bunch of mobster’s LOL]…..Just show me one crumb of proof..Hold on…I just asked my killer little dog jack and he said he didn’t get any proof either, And when jack speaks I listen… And I couldn’t get my other two dog’s and my cat’s opinion, must have found my secret stash and parting somewhere ….MAYBE THE DUCKS PLACE..PARTY AROUND THE POND…LOL……..

    When military force is inevitable, the corporate media will shift from fear mongering to cheerleading military action to get public opinion to support such action once it’s underway.

    The mainstream media’s pro-war propaganda only serves the military industrial complex which needs public support to wage large-scale military campaigns around the world at the taxpayer’s expense……

  5. On a similar, somewhat ironic note, inside sources are saying the va is encouraging managers to consider liability insurance in case they are sued or need legal counsel for work related issues that needs additional resources beyond what general counsel can support.

  6. Unfortunately the contractors are not liable for the choice as the government directed it. As much as it sucks the judge is correct. This will be one on those shitty things the military did but no one can sue them. The people who made the decision, most likely against the contractors input, should be brought up on charges. But that will never happen

  7. Is it anything but a no-brainer?
    Veterans do not get our day in court, by denying Islamic Terrirists theirs.
    Thomas More: …And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned around on you–where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast–man’s laws, not God’s–and if you cut them down…d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.”

  8. Mental Health Inc. book is now being distributed. I just received a call from Barnes and Noble informing me that the book is in for pick-up. – – – Nutter.

  9. On August 2, the Vice Chairman of the federal Merit Systems Protection Board ordered a stay of VA’s removal of the former director of the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center. MSPB’s stay order requires VA to return Brian Hawkins, fired on July 28, to work pending the Office of Special Counsel’s review of Hawkins’ claim that he was wrongly terminated. VA has complied with the order and returned Hawkins to the payroll, but to an administrative position at the VA headquarters in Washington rather than to a patient-care position at the VA Medical Center.

    1. @NiteWish- Thanks. Whack-A-Mole Gameboard Pieces ready, where they land, nobody knows!

      An “administrative position”…where Hawkins could easily screw-up many Veteran’s Claim Files or some other damage from another location, same incompetent asswipe.

      Using VA Logic, the VA will make Hawkins in charge of procurement of ALL VHA Medical Supplies….wait for it…

      1. Oh, so much for “easy peasy firing of AFGE Asshats”…that entire MSPB system keeps the Whacky Mole Game in constant dice throws.

  10. A “little” off subject, yet noteworthy!
    This is slowly coming out into the light yesterday and today.

    “DOJ Offers Plea Deal For Hillary Clinton!”

    I just watched a short utube video from “411 Report”. In the video, which references both “The Daily Wire” AND “NewsMax”, she’s basically given “a pass” over everything her and Bill has done!
    When I googled the title, other news outlets had articles about this; “TruNews” etc,.

    Here’s a direct link:

    1. P.S.
      I always thought a person had to be charged with a crime, before a plea deal was offered!

      I guess it’s true. The Clinton’s get preferential treatment! All she has to do is sign on the dotted line, letting everyone know she’s guilty, and the DOJ won’t prosecute!

      I guess the blindfold has been stripped from “Lady Justice!” There’s definitely a “dual standard in our justice system!” If your name is Clinton, you cannot be charged with criminal activities!

      1. Crazy elf-

        Remember, I told you the Clintons have Kevlar tampons and toilet paper. Although Bill Clinton managed to not have any problem getting out of his own Kevlar but wait, that was just a cigar…silly me.

  11. Please tell me N Koreans think they going to get lots of virgins if they cause carnage and die too. It seems like that’s popular.

    1. No they don’t get the 71 virgins. For them it is 69 puggie Filipino Ladyboys.

      1. I just imagined Dennis Rodman’s face on each of the 69 pudgy Filipino Ladyboys. Why, I have absolutely no idea.
        But they do indeed just love Dennis Rodman in N. Korea. That’s a country not ashamed of flaunting their freak.

        If the N. Korean Leader had any brains, he would hold Dennis Rodman hostage for billions of $$$ in a Dr. Evil kind of way then we could just say…keep him. LOL 🙂

  12. So, if i understand this correctly it seems the enemy has more rights than the soldier when it comes to deliberate acts of injury???? The burn pits were contracted out and the contractor disposed the weapons in a way that caused us to have increased our chances of cancers and other neurological disorders and other diseases. While the enemy we were fighting gets to have their day in court for their damages sustained while we were at war.

    This is madness and beyond comprehension. There is no logic to this and the best option is to hope for our enemy to win their lawsuit so we may have a chance at our lawsuit for injury. What about the injury sustained of our captured? Televised programs were our allies and our soldiers suffered beatings and beheadings??? Were is the justice for that? The U.S. courts has a serious deficiency recognizing the damaged parties in lawsuits. They don’t even acknowledge any injury sustained by our military servicemembers.

  13. Big surprise, fuck you gi Joe/Jane!!

    Aww you poor lil moooslum pull start, did the big bad scary spook make you peeeee?

    We’ll show them, 150 Billion and one month in the Hilton of your choice.

    You swore to uphold the Constitution, meanwhile, judge tits r us, swore he has the Constitution to hold you up!


      1. screw the bacon wrap just slap in some hollow points filled with pigs blood. Could use dead and diseased pig carcasses as area denial weapons.

      2. @Wyldechylde- on those “hollow points filled with pigs blood…”, the bacon wrap is essential for lubricating the barrel for the next pigs blood special. Plus, bacon burning is considered aromatherapy to those with high sensitivities. 🙂

        I recently received a coffee mug from a veteran owned coffee co. called Black Riffle Coffee Co. for a recent birthday that simply states in bold words on the tin cup, “Fuck Your Sensitivities”. 🙂
        I suggest that the U.S. Gov’t. utilize this type of mug for future waterboarding as to just get that out in the open before the coughing and gagging.

  14. DAM…$81 M…Let me get in on this…I know LOTS of ways to get ANYONE to say ANYTHING YOU WANT THEM TO.
    That having been said (tongue firmly in cheek ) we all know that torture is wrong AND unreliable…We should place the blame where it belongs…

  15. Nuclear False Flag Brewing, Brought to You by US Military

    If Guam is soon blown away by a nuke, as the MSM says may happen, don’t assume it came from North Korea, whatever the MSM says:

    “What matters for the purpose of this consideration is not whether or not North Korea does in fact have long-range nuclear capability, what matters is that the US war machine wants you to think that it does right now.

    A narrative is being constructed, and our focus should be on what they are planning to use it for. If, just to put a wild example out there, Guam is flattened by a nuclear explosion next week, I will be the first person to call it a false flag. There is every reason to believe that the pervasively evil US war machine would do such a thing in order to manufacture support for its securing geopolitical dominance on China’s border, and there is no reason to believe that Kim Jong Un would spontaneously do such a thing. There is no mental illness in the DSM which is both hereditary and geared specifically toward unprovoked nuclear attacks; what they’ve been saying Kim Jong Il will do is now what they’re saying Kim Jong Un will do, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Do not believe these people.

    1. I don’t believe for a second that Kim Jong Un is that stupid or crazy. A strike on Guam would accomplish nothing except provoke a war that he can’t win. He’d have more of a body count if he was able to mount his limited number of warheads on his limited number of ICBM’s and strike at mainland America. I think last count put his stockpile at around 60 or so viable nukes, not counting if they have figured out their re-entry problem. My point being he has enough nukes to slap us in the face he doesn’t have enough nukes to end us, so in my mind the point is, why start a war that won’t kill your enemy? It just makes no sense.

      1. Also, the timing of this entire thing…chronological timing, as in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in this particular month back in 40’s, still is emotionally and nationally recognized by Japan and by N. Korea even creating the dialog and psyops of the nuclear subject to the fore is a propaganda win/win for N. Korea if you look at it that way.
        Also, on Guam we have an advanced ICBM intercept system conveniently there for the “testing”, as it’s supposedly never been used in the wild. Yep, sounding an awful like the lead-in to invading Iraq. Wait for it…

        My grandpa was one of those that got stuck with tail end of WW2 and then also the Korean War. All he would talk about those days was how horrific animals the N. Koreans were and my grandfather never knew humans could be so vile and hateful towards each other to do the things done to troops.
        It makes me wonder had my grandfather been alive for 9/11 and all that led up to it and now 17 years later STILL at war, what my grandfather would say about the animals in middle east and how they act towards anyone that does not believe the way they do and if it would be considered more heinous than that he witnessed of the N. Koreans.
        Also, had a relative stationed on DMZ in height of Cold War and everyday there was still exchanged gunfire across back and forth…the Korean War never….never ended officially. Most young punks today do not know this and am betting it was abbreviated from those “core classes” by today’s liberal schools.

        I personally think the leader of N. Korea is mentally ill in the kind of way when the chromosome’s get all gnarly and twisted when your gene pool is too looky-likey. Inbred little pugsly punk.

    2. OM – certainly a concern, but I’m going to throw some shade on this one. China has too many assets in the region that could easily track the source. I also don’t see Japan complicit in the game either and they too would know the source, and likely the residuals/isotopic origins. I will however give you points for mistrust in government. This government.

      1. @Windguy you’re certainly on point with your assessment of tracking capabilities. But, honestly, Who’s going to listen when there are nukes in the air? And who’s going to be left to do anything about it if the situation devolves into a full on global nuclear exchange?

  16. So basically what I’m reading is this.

    Sorry Mr. Veteran we’re all out of help for you. We’re too busy shipping help by the pallet load to a bunch of Muzzie towel head terrorists because we got a few of them wet.

    It amazes me why anybody would voluntarily sign up for the armed forces anymore in this day and age.

    Personally if my health was impacted to a serious degree by exposure to burn pits. I’d start looking at when the next KBR board meeting was happening and I’d waste the ENTIRE room. Hell I might even try and get to Cheney.

    As for judge Titus, well he better hope and fucking pray that shit doesn’t fall apart while he’s still drawing breath. I’m sure there are more than a few veterans willing to run him up a flagpole by his neck.

    1. Oh – it gets better Unmanageable Adolescent. The news today is that there are 100 opiod deaths per day. Heck, that’s five times the number of veterans who pop themselves. See? We’re in great fucking shape.

      1. Of those 100, I wonder if 25% are Veterans? Or is anyone really keeping tally unless it benefits filling the $$$ coffers under guise of VA Suicide Prevention Programs?

  17. Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea

    Political IQ test: What does it mean when CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and the President’s Twitter account all agree that a foreign state poses a suddenly increased threat to America?
    A) If they all agree it must be true!
    B) Well I dislike some of those outlets, but I trust one of them.
    C) The US intelligence community would never lie to us.
    D) Hmm… this sounds an awful lot like the leadup to Iraq?

    The United States power establishment has an extensive history of using lies, false flags and propaganda to manipulate its hundreds of millions of citizens into supporting needless military interventionism. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the false Nayirah testimony to the amazing network of lies spun about Saddam Hussein to the “humanitarian” intervention in Libya to the unconscionable Bana Alabed psy-op in Syria, there is no depth to which the US war machine will not stoop in deceiving the public about the need to unload the military-industrial complex’s expensive inventory onto some third world country overseas, no limit to the evils that America’s unelected power establishment will commit in order to secure geopolitical dominance, and no end to the mass media propaganda machine’s willingness to report war propaganda as objective fact.


      I wonder what kind of “horrendous act(s)” the CIA, or other agency, will pull to get America into a full blown war, conventional or otherwise (nuclear?), with North Korea!?
      This seems to be their “modus operandi” before sending troops “boots on ground” to DIE or be maimed or ????????!

    2. Guam has nothing to worry about. It is protected by the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system. A system designed and implemented to protect against such threats such as a North Korea missile attack.

      Oh, oh, wait a minute that’s right the prime contractor on the THAAD system is Lockheed Martin. Now that does give the folks in Guam something to worry about. That is if there is any truth in the news coming out of those Weapons of Mass Deceptions (WMD) media organizations. About a possible strike from North Korea on the Island of Guam.

      Given how well they did “not” fulfil their contract for VA computers systems security as prime contractor, when they used sub-contractors using foreign workers tele-working from their home countries.

      The contractor had access to all the Austin Information Technology Center’s Unix and Linux servers, including access to the Veterans Benefits Administration data warehouse, corporate applications, health data repository, loan guaranty service, and the My HealtheVet System.

      An excerpt from the VAIGs report on the subject:

      “According to investigators, VA officials often approved the telework requests “because they did not find a specific VA policy prohibiting access to VA’s network from foreign countries, even possible cyber-threat countries.” And although two VA employees from the Office of Information and Technology voiced concerns about VA contractor employees working from China and India, those concerns were ignored

      “We should not authorize this action. Why is the contractor traveling to India with a VA laptop?” wrote Gary Stevens, the former VA director of cybersecurity, in an email following a request to telework from India.

      A few months prior to Stevens recommending against foreign teleworking, a senior VA manager asked if there were any restrictions on teleworking “outside of the US from the countries of India, China, Pakistan and Africa.” Two days later, the manager sent a followup email in which she assumed silence was consent.

      “I have not heard anything further so I’m assuming teleworking from other countries is acceptable … We have an individual planning to travel soon and wants to insure they will be in compliance with VA rules,” the email states.”

      Another excerpt from the VAIGs report:

      “Once acting Chief Information Officer Stephen Warren was notified that teleworking had been approved for China and India, he issued a verbal order for it to cease, according to the IG.

      During an interview with investigators on Feb. 4, 2014, Warren acknowledged that he had not ordered a forensics assessment of VA’s network to determine if there had been any compromise of systems or data because he did not want to interfere with the ongoing IG investigation.

      “VA information security employees at all levels failed to quickly respond to stop the practice and to conduct a forensic examination to determine if there was a risk to any VA data as a result of VA’s network being accessed internationally or to mitigate or alleviate any possible compromise to the system,” the report states. The report also states that Warren’s explanation as to why he did not order a security assessment “was not credible” because his staff had been notified of an IG Hotline complaint nearly a year earlier.

      “When he learned that VA contractor employees worked remotely from China and India, his only instructions were to cease the practice, as his focus was to determine what ‘the rules should be’ rather than was there any compromise to any VA data,” the report states, referring to Warren. “Had he and other OIT employees taken a more active approach, they would have found that at least one VA OIT employee and numerous VA contractor employees improperly accessed VA’s network from foreign countries on numerous occasions.””


      So, if you live in Guam and believe anything said by the Weapons of Mass Deceptions you can start shitting bricks and sweating bullets. Given the prime contractor (Lockheed Martin) on the data shield to protect Veterans data didn’t do the job they collected hundreds of millions for. You can bet Lockheed Martin’s system THAAD system is only designed for one thing and that is to stop test missiles designed for testing the shield. So, they could collect their pay.

      “Exclusive: VA network accessed from China, India by foreign contractors”
      Dan Verton Fed Scoop April 14th, 2015

      1. Guam would have more to worry about if Halliburton decided to build a massive Pacific Headquarters for yet another offshore, non-prying eyes, staging war profiteering machine on Guam.
        From my understanding, THAAD has *yet* to be truly tested in a real-live rogue or test flight….kind of really odd. My guess is THAAD is much more than just THAAD.

      2. It’s all about the quandollies ($$$$).

        “N. Korea crisis spurs surge in global missile defense requests to Lockheed Martin”
        Published time: 9 Aug, 2017 03:04

        ” The Pentagon’s top weapons supplier, Lockheed Martin, says that customers’ requests for missile defense systems are rising, and North Korea’s continued threats as well as the US reaction may be responsible.

        Acquiring missile defense systems is at the top of some countries’ to-do list, as interest has risen over the last 12 to 18 months, the vice president of Lockheed’s Air and Missile Defense business, Tim Cahill, told Reuters.”

        “The level of dialogue around missile defense is now at the prime minister and minister of defense level,” he said.

        The uptick in requests comes on the heels of North Korea’s recent long-range missile tests. On Saturday, the United Nations Security Council voted 15-0 in favor of slapping North Korea with sanctions that could cost the country $1 billion annually by targeting its main exports.

        Lockheed shares are up almost 8 percent, to $300.10, since North Korea’s first long-range missile test on July 4. Meanwhile, Lockheed’s stock is also up 20 percent, year-to-date.

        On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed concerns related to threats from North Korea against the US.

        “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” he said.

        The US government has accounted for roughly 70 percent of Lockheed’s revenue in 2016. Lockheed’s international customer base accounted for 27 percent of revenues and they are trying to grow in that area.”

        “US shouldn’t ‘jump the gun’ on North Korea – fmr CIA agent”

    3. Only one concern, there will be no boots on the ground this is nuke based. And king pu of n Korea is not a stable guy. Yes they advanced there arsenal while we avoided some precautions that could of been put in defensive positions. Yes we can flatten them. But catastrophic shit will happen. In the background for one Iran. Time for US to wake up, be example for diplomacy turn off the bandits of war profit quit taking on wars and calling them ours. Yes help n train those in need. Reputation to 3rd world countries is we r invader and aggressors.

      1. ex, a read a news article, something about privatizing the afghan war, & that it would save billions. Didn’t look much into it but that was the jest of it. smucks & war mongers

      2. I’ve heard the formerly named private black ops army for hire “Blackwater” name in the news on NPR and other places last three days or so of marked increased regularity and their current name, which escapes my brain now…remember that scandal? Just like VA whack a mole employees that show-up elsewhere, Blackwater simply changed their name and stripes. Would not surprise me one bit. Smells of McCain and Graham.

  18. The terrorist must have been elevated to a cabinet level post like VA. Terrorists kill American vets. So does VA. Terrorists refuse to answer questions about it. So does VA. Terrorists have rights in court that veterans do not. So does VA. Terrorism despite untold human tragedy has an ability to flourish and grow. So does VA. Terrorists lie, cheat, steal, maim, and kill.

    So does VA.

    I conclude therefor that terrorism must be a cabinet level posting designed “To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself”. The fit is perfect.

  19. From: “ News”
    Dated: 9 August 2017
    “Vets More at Risk of Opiod Abuse in Private Care: Inspector General”

    by: Richard Sisk.

    It’s about how “outside healthcare providers”, when vets use Choice, aren’t communicating with VHA officials/physicians! Basically saying, there’s a higher risk of overdose by vets. Because the outside healthcare providers don’t know about service connected disabilities! (paraphrasing what I understood from the article!)

    1. I saw that and what it’s really all about but they conveniently sidestep the elephant in the room is the VA does not participate in active database systems them talk to civilian private medical…unless it’s a major university medical center where the VA can make $$$ from.
      In a nutshell: The VA does not update nor talk to other electronic systems outside the VA making it easier for a “potential drug-seeking behavior patient” situation and thus, overprescribing,

      The VA refusing to communicate. Petulant children and my guess is the USA’s chronic opiate and heroin addiction crisis is in large part responsible from the VA’s overprescribing or even the VA selling it on streets in communities. PsyOps through pharmaceuticals? Would not be the first time in history.

      Basically, the VA WANTS Choice to fail. They are ensuring it does through heaps of extra incompetence.

      Rant Out.

    2. Dr shopping. VA looking to blame elsewhere from their participation of drug diversion and over prescribing opioids. Yes I seen vets dancing in halls when they got their roxys etc. Even had 1 at pharmacy line tell me to get something stronger after I had a surgical procedure. It was plenty strong So one has to think how strong were they receiving n y hanging out at pharmacy pickup asking what u got and saying go back tell em u want stronger. I already knew they r addictive, can turn a human to animal seeking more n more. A nurse a good one after knee surgery told me don’t take all them start weening yourself off, she knew how many they prescribed. That is a good human being.

      1. They kept trying to get me to go to pain clinic, I went and confronted a nurse abt procedure that was malpractice so to speak mildly, she tried to get in my face for even mentioning it. Snowflake back off. Then a vet using a walker comes to me says he been waiting for hip placement a couple years and pain was intense all while that nurse standing there. Lol he wanted me to put her lights out I think. He watched how open I was with what went on. Gave her dirty look for the way they let that man live in that pain, left never went back.

  20. What if the scenario were such that those Islamic terrorists filing suit against USA for being waterboarded had utilized all the crap from a burn pit to construct a dirty bomb that blew-up in Judge Roger Titus’s home state and city here in USA?
    Perspective is everything. So is the dollar amount for plausible deniability and that’s all this is ultimately about, just a modern day Agent Orange event, the Veterans are considered disposable…and I know that sounds harsh as shit but that’s what this all comes down to, plausible deniability.

    Another hypothetical scenario: What if it was John McCain or better yet, his politically active daughter or family harmed from burn pits and toxins? Is there a separate kangaroo court and judge for the ring-knocker club or are enlisted and officers in the same quagmire as far as burn pits and presumptives?

    My guess is John McCain’s grandkids play on same playground as Judge Titus, so of course the Mayo Clinic would have a special wing just for the tarnish to be removed from those knocked-up rings from particulates from spent uranium casings.

    In a mood. Why? Just as it continues to be with Agent Orange, we all unfortunately know deep inside that the U.S. Gov’t. will stand behind Halliburton/KBR/Blackwater or even the very terrorists….before EVER standing behind those sent to fight or support such wars. Fact. Unfortunate shit sandwiches we Veterans keep coming back for more.
    Maybe we need to convince Americans to no longer support our military and policing of the world when we can’t even take care of the policemen and woman. Think?
    Judge Titus is obviously on Halliburton or subsidiary name payroll that is collected via an account in Caymans.
    Oh, we Veterans also know that the military would not have built these burn pits in another sovereign nation WITHOUT the CIA’s ass right there every step…you betcha…as Sarah Palin would say.
    Sounds like Judge Titus and BVA Agent Orange Denier Thomas Murphy probably have kids in same school as well…or pig trough.

    1. namnibor,
      Maybe it’s time for ALL the military personnel to retire from active duty!
      When their time is set to “ETS”, get the fuck out!
      Let all the “Congress Critters” do the bidding of going to war

      1. Matter of fact ask the judge next time before you so-called torture a

        terrorist (Ahhh judge can i do this to him?) Is that to hard judge? Can

        i file his nails? Can i wash his feet? Can i comb his hair? It’s all about

        profit and nothing else!

  21. When I first started to read Ben’s “op-ed”, the first thing that came to mind was – “Is the CIA involved?”
    Then, later in the piece, there it was! The CIA was involved!
    Y’all remember that little group who assassinated President Kennedy! About 10 days AFTER he said he was going to “…break the CIA into a thousand pieces!” During his televised speech!

      1. They should have been shipped back over seas immediately! I believe those stupid lawyers & the judge are marked that’s not patriotic whatsoever. All of these stupid stupid laws are going to kill us all one day!

  22. “We the people” no longer applies. Should be re-worded to say ” We the corporation”. Fuck the VA and DOD.

    1. United Corporations of America….ever since ‘Citizen’s United’, it’s official. Veterans are the peasants delivering the toxic weaponry and going in harms-way for the elite with their nervous twitchy gaming fingers on the ‘Stratego’ or Chessboard game piece on the war room maps.
      In the near future, the DOD will instead use armies of drones, like insects, to deliver nanobots to do their bidding. If we only utilized such technology to end homelessness and grow food and clean water for all on earth with all that $$$$ instead.
      Remember, Halliburton at the very start of these escalated wars after 9/11 relocated and built a massive world headquarters over in Qatar, where it remains far away from peering eyes…with more than enough $$$ to pay off any sitting judge to ignore pesky burn pit claims by we Veterans *but* listen candidly to the cuddly wuddly Islamic terrorists that are butthurt because they got tortured? Fuck the towelheads. Maybe we should have waterboarded them with water imported from Flint, Michigan? 🙂

  23. Falls back on VA and military. Action was started but against the wrong parties. The military should have been included in the suit. Many suffered damage beyond the VAs normal compensation route of “disability compensation claims.”

    The Judge had jurisdiction. The attorneys just didn’t name all the defendants. They should have named the military also and let the attorneys from DOJ and KBR fight out responsibility. The victims would then have had DOJ in the pinch of having to fight the case by blaming KBR.

    Was this a deliberate buy out drop by the attorneys for the plaintiffs? Cheaper to buy the attorneys than pay the award.

    1. Your right Lem..It is cheaper to buy the attorneys out, they like that fast guaranteed buck…..And don’t forget those judges they get a cut also , … ..I told my divorce lawyer it was a kangaroo court, Well he didn’t like that to much but F$$K H$M.. thats perty bad when I have to study the law after I paid someone….It’s always about GREED $ GREED $ GREED..LOL….WHEN THERE IS NO JUSTICE THEIR IS JUST-US…..

  24. Judge Titus said he had no jurisdiction. Then went on to say, if the military knew of the dangers and choose to do it, it’s not KID’s fault. Sounds like a lot of people knew what the results would be. If he didn’t have jurisdiction, who? The torture, the fact that CIA was there…. Bet they were at the Pit also. I would like to hear from the surviving Veterans of this crime. God Bless the Veterans and their families..

    1. Not only sad, but the ignorance of believing the lungs can filter burning jet fuel with catch all burn everything breathe it, eat it and sleep in it. Read military warned contractors of safety’s, but also ignored. That may be reason to sue contractors, along with studies by non federal gov scientists. Common sense and fire scene regs and training non existent. This is too sad and disturbing, I can’t believe the ignorance and greed why this even happened in the first place. War time doesn’t equate to failed leadership is normal. Bet these soldiers had no clue of different class of fire burning, which normally they be putting out wearing OBA as not to breathe it with their lungs. So fucken sad.

    2. Update D.C. Director unfired. When will legislative branches give up on trying to fix medical centers. Now demand it. Just heard on news.

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