Veteran Suicide Linked To Deficient VA Telemedicine

VA Telemedicine

Benjamin KrauseThe veteran who set himself on fire outside the Atlantic County CBOC was reportedly being treated there by the new VA telemedicine psychiatric platform. That veteran died on Saturday, according to Northfield Police. News of his death was not reported until Tuesday.

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Many veterans have complained about the apparent media blackout concerning the limited coverage of the event. Insiders now report that VA leadership from Wilmington VA is pressuring VA employees at its Northfield clinic to not speak to reporters.

The blackout campaign has been so successful that Wilmington VA leadership is reportedly bragging about the lack of coverage.

How shameless can these federal bureaucrats be in the face of such an awful travesty? Apparently, the answer is “very shameless” when it comes to shutting down media inquiries.


The Northfield, New Jersey location is new as of 2011. At the time, VA moved the outpatient clinic to help improve access to services with upgraded technology and better care using the VA telemedicine platform. The facility was apparently created to utilize the cheaper but more technology dependent telemedicine model.

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However, reports are circulating that VA has not adequately staffed the clinic. Veterans seeking access to mental health care are reportedly not receiving the timely services the community was promised when the facility opened.


Instead, this CBOC in Northfield, NJ was recently linked to the wait list scandal and discussed briefly within a March 1, 2016 VA OIG report covering Wilmington VAMC and its CBOC clinics. A Northfield VA whistleblower reported:

  • Reminder delinquencies were not handled properly
  • Appointment scheduling procedures were improper
  • Manipulative techniques showed wait times as being “zero” days when they were not

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So what was really going on at Northfield that led up to the veteran’s suicide? Wasn’t VA telemedicine supposed to reduce wait times and increase access to care?


Following publication about the self-immolation on Monday, veterans have expressed concern about the services being provided at Northfield.

One veteran commented:

After checking out more on the VA clinic in Northfield where this happened. It appears it’s main function includes a Psychiatry clinic that uses Telemedicine with a Doctor in charge named Dr. Jane Mary Chamberlain.

When checking her info found something unusual. Although she is listed as certified it shows that she is not current with completing her Maintenance of Certificate (MOC).

The board list it as “MOC Status: Not Meeting MOC Requirements and Is Not Required To Do So”.

Some kind of very special arrangement there given they are required to meet MOC every ten years.

So this is looking like another VA Programed Suicide via prescription with a new twist. Telemedicine.

Another veteran commented:

VA Telemedicine and Psychiatry…what could possibly go wrong? Or, as Melvin coyly implied, it sounds like Telemedicine and Psychiatry could easily take a page from one of my favorites, “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962), “”””””

Not stating that’s what is going on but of ALL things, why have Psych Care Telemedicine and The VA be in the same room with these parasites simply furthering their freaky research…as Dr. Candy Man has shown, and the VA let it go on…and that was also Psych…person to person.

Will the VA’s usual knee-jerk reaction be to have every one of us Vets wearing a Hannibal Lector Mask when on federal grounds? VA will then need another $3 Billion for Disney to market and manufacture said masks? Yeah, a bit flippant there, but that’s the level of “ridiculousness” we have arrived at.

Still another veteran commented:

Thank you for rejecting telemedicine!!!

There are instances where telemedicine, Skype or other remote methods of treating patients is acceptable and even helpful for the patient, which should be the focus, and other instances where it is lunacy to think telemedicine is appropriate.

In the last years I was reviewing veterans medical research for funding, there were more and more research projects being pitched to determine the effectiveness of using telemedicine, and the bottom line reason was to cut costs. Quality of care for veterans didn’t seem to be much of a concern.

I am sure I am not alone in my opinion that telemedicine in some instances shows the doctor just does not care enough about the patient to bother with a face to face visit.

Why not just tell them to search out a few YouTube videos.

Meanwhile, VA and the major news networks are not reporting on the suicide with any degree of detail you would see with most suicide stories.

So what is so unique about this particular suicide that the media has gone largely dark? Could the linkage between reduced psychiatric care quality, availability and telemedicine have something to do with the lack of coverage?


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  1. I’ve been doing tele-medicine for almost two years now. It was originally forced on me, because the idiots in the DBC are scared of me (wrongly flagged for being disruptive according to them). For the most part, tele-medicine has been a good thing for me, as I can avoid having contact with the fucking VA Police, which makes my PTSD worse, and no travel time.

    For those of you not familiar with this treatment, VA does NOT record our sessions, and it consists of a VA provided web camera sitting on my computer screen, and running a program called: Cisco Jabber Video, which requires one time use ID and passwords, which VA emails to the vet for every appointment. I do my appointments from my living room.

  2. That telemedicine screen also may have subliminals or other mind control mechanisms embedded in the lights emitting.

    The screen also emits electromagnetic radiation that puts us at further risk for more health problems – especially those of us who already have existing radiation poisoning from other electronic devices.

    The VA in KC installed huge steel coverings over most of the parking. The top of the these steel monstrosities are covered with huge, strong solar panels. When you are under these covers with all that electricity amplified through that steel, you can feel the electric field.

    This is a big health hazard for already sick people.


  3. AS disabled nam usmc dmz survivor ptsd vet with tbi . as psychotherapist trained i put my mpls phone # as state suicide nam vets help 1976 on 4 govenor awards etc i went in before police to get gun away help nam vets. i also 1986 got statistics world wide with many news crews tv etc here my ranch 160,000 nam vets suicides then half homless prisons nam vets today over 300,000 etc. i propsed a ptsd center here i told news no vets hosp can heal ptsd. they leave out the most importatnat healing………………also you need to look vet in eyes to see how they are doing not over telea prompter etc….. yet it just keeps going on…our moto VETS WHO CARE SAVED TO SERVE. geof steiner cushing minnesota Chaplain.

  4. Ooops – and when I say reinventing the wheel, I don’t mean reinventing the VA, reinventing movements. Sometimes there are other groups with similar ideas. I am researching all options that I can. Thank you.

  5. Here’s the ONLY article found from this Vet’s suicide in NJ. Please read the comment section below article afterwards. It’s thick with VA Employee Tripe vilifying we Vets as having “unreasonable expectations” and “…the VA is fine, blaming Congress and Vets…”, and specifically, read Shulkin’s quote…insensitive bastard. (remove quotes in fore/after)


  6. I’m an ex VA physician and I think telemedicine has very limited applicability for patient encounters. When VA administrators asked me to prescribe wheelchairs via telemedicine for patients I had never met before and had never examined, I refused. Wheelchair prescription involves physical examination of a patient in addition to interviewing a patient regarding their home environment and mobility concerns. It simply isn’t good medicine to prescribe durable medical equipment without direct patient contact. Did VA management respond to my concerns regarding the ethics and professionalism of this practice ? No – they were belligerent and abusive towards me instead.

    1. I do not like telehealth! They have no clue who you are and all they do is see you through a screen. I had one psychiatrist, Dr. Hong, threaten to call the police on me if I tried to leave the building and drive my car. He said he could tell by my eyes and mannerisms that I was stoned on my medication and unfit to drive. That was not true! I had taken that same med for years and had even worked in the dental side of the clinic before dental moved to Greenville. Dr. Hong had seen me 1 time for less than 30 minutes and about 3 weeks after for approximately previously to this “call the police” appt. I also had a follow on appt with my psychologist after the VA appt which I had to cancel. Telehealth does not work for mental health!! And the worst part is…. Jail is a part of the PTSD that I am dealing with. That there proves that he had no idea who I was!!

  7. I am familiar with the Atlantic City area of NJ since I am from good old NJ, and I will say that it really sucks down there. There is absolutely no one that gives one shit about veterans and veterans committing suicide anywhere around there. The VA is having a huge problem attracting ANY doctors to work there, board certified or not, in NJ or elsewhere in the U.S. The VA puts forth whatever ragamuffins they gather up to “treat” veterans. People such as Bob McQ-ball and no talk Shulkin have no idea what to do about this stupendous mess. Hope that Hillary doesn’t become the next “leader” folks, because she will take OBcare to the next level – modeling the entire U.S. population first- party healthcare after the VA testing ground on what health care should be for everyone. She sees nothing to make a fuss over – that the VA problems are way too overblown.. Full speed ahead. Crap for everyone. Middleclass is now lower, lower class, and will be treated that way. Chris Cristy, gov. of NJ, has not said anything about this incident either. I thought he wanted complete demolition of the VA last time he uttered any words. Go figure.

  8. This is a tragedy and I can only imagine he psychic pain that vet felt. Just a comment however, employees are not pressured not to talk. It’s that it would be a violation of HIPAA to comment, especially given anything this poor man’s family must be experiencing.

    It is an unfortunate fact is psychiatric care that some patients will die from their disease, due to irrational thinking. Just let cancer will kill a certain portion of those afflicted, so will depression.

    I don’t think it is fair to blame telehealth with more info. You don’t know for certain that he was receiving this care.

    Telehealth is a godsend for people who choose to live in isolated areas, typically rural or for whom travel from home is difficult. It isn’t appropriate for some situations and the CBOC or VAMC can still be accessed.

    Despair and anger are heavy burdens. I pray he found peace.

    1. That was about as clinical and dry as a sand sandwich. Never even mind that it’s called the VETERAN Administration. That human being called a Veteran gets forgotten in it’s sausage factory way too often.

      Are you suggesting that 22 Veteran Suicides Daily is just an acceptable statistic because they were “ill anyway”? All due respect, found that a tad callous pulling the HIPPA flag out when it’s convenient.

      So, is the tree already planted where this happened or is it an employee lounge?

      1. merri busch seems to be the VA apologist here.
        only medical insiders spout the garbage about HIPPA.
        during my lawyer days, I researched HIPPA extensively.
        it is another protection racket for the medical field to hide records.

        it has nothing to protect any patient from anything.
        HIPPA is protection for upper eschalon only.

    2. You know Merri, you can defend this BS all you want and make excuses for the VA, but we have lived this as veterans and can easily read numerous reports of how the VA has repeatedly chosen to ignore veterans in dire need.
      Your attempt to shift blame to the veteran for living in isolated areas is also BS. Northfield, NJ is NOT an isolated area.
      The VA clearly has done this to save money by cutting where it has least effect on bureaucrats. Why not cut bonuses? Construction of palaces? Art work? Putting friggin solar panels all over?
      I don’t buy the bullshit that the VA does not have the money to provide humane care to veterans when they piss away money like it grows on trees.
      It does not matter whether some veterans benefit from telemedicine, it is the one size fits all mentality of the nitwits in the VA that believe if one veteran can be treated with leeches that all veterans can be treated that way.

      A veteran burned himself to death. He did not just snap one day. He suffered for years. The VA should have been able to recognize that and provide proper treatment to him. They chose to cut costs.

      …and you choose to make excuses for the VA.

      Just DISGUSTING!

      1. Just glad it wasn’t just me that found that inexcusable lack of empathy defense pale and insensitive. Must be VA Sensitivity Training Time, the spell wore off.

      2. That comment just epitomizes the callous, don’t give a shot attitude far too many in the VA have.

        I’m tired of hearing excuses.

      3. good one, 91vet.
        you’re right on with your analysis.
        telemedicine? what a joke.

        the VA tried to get me involved in telemedicine.
        i had plenty questions.
        where are the video and audio files saved?
        what uses can the VA (and their fellow racketeers) make of the recorded sessions?
        who can view the files of the telemedicine session?
        can the vet access the files?
        where is the empirical evidence, the research that demonstrates telemedicine for psychiatry as effective modality?

        when not one of my questions could be answered, i just declined and told them they failing to provide care to vets.

      4. Get a copy of this visit. He/she wrote down something. They love to report veterans as being disruptive.

        Even when your not. Don’t be surprised what they wrote. You probably hurt their feeling and they are very vindictive.

    3. @namnibor & 91Veteran

      And especially to the VA TROLL, Merri Busch!
      If I didn’t know better, your last name has too many letters in it. Y’all figure out what I meant by that!
      You should be ashamed of yourself. Coming on here and letting your ass overload your mouth the way you did!


      I received this update today on what’s happening in Washington D.C. It’s from –
      “Military dot com Daily News” by Bryant Jordan.
      dated 23 March 2016.

      “Lawmaker Questions Why VA Reinstated Employee Linked To Armed Robbery”

      Y’all should read this. It’s about a female VA employee who helped another person rob a “couple at gun point!”
      Only this is just part of the story!
      The “Human Resources” officer who was involved in helping to get her job back, is “…A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER!”
      Yep, y’all read it correctly. A fucking sexual deviate!
      How’s that for the “hiring practices” of VA?
      Not only does the VA hire sexual predators (remember the “jack-off” asshole who was caught in Washington?), they hire mass murderers and serial killers (I believe Robin explained about that asswipe!), druggies (the Candy Man), Drug pushers and more!

      Y’all have heard the expression, “One just can’t make this shit up?” Well, there’s more than enough blogs on here to substantiate all claims of the legal phrase;
      “More likely than not!”


      Now, Merri Busch, explain how asswipes like these got hired by VA? Come on Troll. Explain how a convicted sex offender and other SCUM like this person gets hired at VA!!!!

      1. I read about both a couple days ago. The sex offender was found out during the clearance process for new employees, and the VA hired him anyway.

        I’m sure if either, by their actions or lack of action, caused a veteran to kill themself, there would still be people defending the VA and blaming the veteran.

    4. Merri Busch,
      Your Comment was so devoid of emotion it seemed Robotic to me and it is obvious you work in the Upper Echelon of VA and making excuses for daily failures at VA!!
      If one Veteran Dies it is a tragedy and it sounds to me you are saying,”it’s going to happen,so let’s not Blame the good folks at VA”,This is utter Bulshit!!

      I am a Vietnam Veteran,a Marine and like all others who served in War did so out of Honor,but VA does not Honor Us,we are the very reason people at VA Have their well paying Jobs and are able to walk freely and live without fear,but each time a Veteran goes to VA for care,we are not sure if it is good care or just enough to get us out of your hair.

      You have no Idea what War is like unless you were there and I can tell from your statements you were not,with all the screwups at VA the truth is coming out little by little and Karma is a Bitch.

      Semper Fi

  9. The VA clinic I go to in Rockford Illinois has introduced the Telemedicine gig. I have been getting psychiatric treatment from a doctor in Madison. I can’t say that I care for it . It’s not the same as being in the same room with the doctor. But I just resigned myself to “it is what it is!”?

  10. We can never know if he was flagged as violent and was therefor barred from face to face meetings. Roseburg VHA has been pushing flagged vets to use telehealth. They wont let me because I have media friends and that terrifies them that others may be watching. These people are completely out of control. Nobody can halt this. This is just one of too many to tally. Here in Eugene, it’s the railroad tracks at 5th st where vets up. Flagged vets.

  11. Thank you so much for digging into this Ben. I seriously hope you continue to follow this issue because I think telemedicine is going to continue to be pushed hard by the VA.
    I also think pushing it to reduce costs is the reason for ass covering VA bureaucrats to be bragging about blacking out any media coverage. They want to protect their little program and bonuses regardless of whether veterans get adequate treatment.
    I really hope more detail on this bragging is provided by an insider because it shows the height of callous disregard and inhumanity infecting so many VA bureaucrats.

    A veteran kills himself by fire and these ghoulish b@st@rds are bragging.

    Given how new this lunatic idea is of treating mental health problems with telemedicine, I am wondering if anyone connected at this VA is connected to research on using telemedicine for mental health treatment, or if this was actually a treatment trial gone wrong.

    Certainly worth more digging.

    I am still stunned at the lack of coverage of this, and shocked to the core over these a$$holes bragging.

    Over the past couple days whenever I think of this, I just can’t believe how nobody gives a sh*t about this veteran and his horrible death, yet people protested a hunter for killing a lion for weeks.

    Are veterans less than animals?

    They better hope no whistle blower steps forward because it will blow this wide open.

    Please fellow veterans spread this blog post far and wide to as many as you can. I am sending it to Isakson and Miller and asking for investigations.

    1. I also sent to Senator Sherrod Brown (D) and Senator Portman (R), both from Ohio, hitting both sides of the aisle with both Senators strong on Veteran issues. Senator Sherrod Brown and his staff helped me out considerably when I was going through the VA wormhole.
      At least at this point, members of Congress and Veteran Committees cannot state they knew nothing about this because I know many others whom are sending same to their respective representatives.
      I would eat Ramen Noodles again for a few years if Benjamin could go right on Stephen Colbert Show and let the World know about this Veteran’s Suicide and how it’s being covered-up and apparently, even mocked.

      I really think the VA is throwing dirt on top of themselves as they dig at this point.

      1. Thanks for doing that namnibor. I have such a feeling that this veteran has died in vain for what he was trying to do, and clearly he did what he did in an attempt to draw attention to the shitty treatment by the VA.
        When I first read his name, I searched on it, and found he had signed a petition some years ago calling for better treatment for Gulf War veterans. His age puts him at the age of where he would have served then, which means he has likely been trying to get care in the VA for as long as I have.
        If he has been trying for proper care from the VA for years, and he was at the end of his rope being faced with treatment by looking a a fu*%king Etch-o-sketch telemedicine, or his medications were cut off cold turkey as has happened to so many, I could see how he would think doing something public like this would draw attention to the VA.

        Rather than investigating and reporting on why this guy sacrificed himself in the way he did, VA bureaucrats are more concerned with their public image and covering up anything that might make them look bad.

      2. Namnibor, I forgot to add that when I found that petition that this veteran signed, I saw the name of another veteran and friend of mine for many years right above this veterans on the petition.

        That friend of mine committed suicide a little over a year ago.

      3. @91veteran-

        The timeline of ‘world events’ does not explain at all why this Vet’s Suicide has not been mentioned. I could see if he took his life at same time or anytime in days following Brussels, Belgium terror attacks.
        But no, his suicide was days before, so the “Fog of War’ excuse cannot be made as it’s not even plausible.


        Please dig deeper and keep us all updated. This Veteran could have easily been any one of us. Because he is a Veteran, he is part of us.

      4. @namnibor & 91Veteran
        I also informed my Congressman today. Hope he will do something about it – like his damn job!
        I’ve also sent it to Mr. Trump and Mr Holfeld, Channel 6 news, of Orlando, Florida! So far nothing from any of them!

  12. while this may be off topic I want all of my brothers and sisters in arms to PLEASE read this and watch the videos. Thanks

  13. A few facts about Wilmington VAMC and this clinic that All Veterans should know

    1.) Their website list 121 medical health care providers 24 of which are in the field of Mental/Behavior health.

    2.) Of the 24 providers there are three that have medical licenses in New Jersey each as a Medical Examiner.

    Jane Chamberlain

    Gaber Yanni Khalil Yacoub

    Daniel Bright

    So at least there is no shortage of Dr. connected to the clinic to perform the autopsy.

    Very likely there is no wait list for autopsies and more than likely they are not doing them via Telemed.

  14. namnibor,

    You are very correct on TBI. Some days my husband is right there with me and other days it is like I have to help with simple things. Amazingly thru it all he can do some very complex things like higher math and is a walking military history encyclopedia. TBI vets need a little room and understanding.

    I too have had problems, especially on my phone. The post button disappear right away. Sometimes I can hold the post and scroll down but not always. Definitely some sort of glitch in the software of some kind.

  15. @namnibor AND Melvin

    I understand where both of you are coming from.
    I’m not going to entertain counting posts. Sorry.
    My objective here is to put as much “Common Sense” dialog on this site as possible.
    The vet who committed suicide in such a horrible way is much more important than a possible troll.
    Today, The wife and I were gone since around 8:30 am till just about a half hour ago. We first had to take our dog to the vet. Then on the way home, decided to stop by Congressman Mica’s (R. Fl.) office to let him know about this “suicide by fire of a Naval Veteran”! And how disgusted we were over many aspects of the “illegal acts” being committed by VA nationwide! His aid, “Zane Beard” took down all the info. And will hopefully be contacting me soon!
    We talked about a great many things. I hope Mica will do his damn job!

  16. A few facts about Wilmington VAMC and this clinic that Veterans should know

    1 Their website list 121 medical health care providers 24 of which are in the field of Mental/Behavior health.

    2 Of the 24 providers there are three that have medical licenses in New Jersey each as a Medical Examiner.

    Jane Chamberlain

    Gaber Yanni Khalil Yacoub

    Daniel Bright

    So at least there is no shortage of Dr. connected to the clinic to perform the autopsy.

    1. Very likely there is no wait list for autopsies and more than likely they are not doing them via Telemed.

    1. I am guessing that your no longer able to hit the reply button and to make your post down in the comments were Namnibors was defending you.

      In stead you had to post 3 piles of troll excrement to bury a post I had researched and posted.

      Why didn’t you take the help yesterday when 91Veteran offered. To easy and then everyone would find out your just a troll.

      What you did to RedTrutle is unforgivable Your troll burst of one line comments to isolate him.

      As for no one being able to count and post a number make it clear we all don’t see the same things on this site.

      1. How about using Common Sense collectively using all out energies to make the VA the best VA it can be for current and future Veterans instead of this rather pensive “post count” obsession?

        That’s what we are here for, right? Let’s stand together and tall. Please.

        Peace, always!

      2. Namnibor

        My post was addressed to James not you. You have already demonstrated that you are incapable of post one little number.

        But when I see the troll posting excrement to carry on his trolling I am going to say something.

        As for you the game you played, instead of posting one little number, You attack me for asking and even claim that posting the number might case the troll troubles. I have definitely lost a lost respect for you today. You even had to troll my post asking elf if he would post the number.

    1. @James
      Contact Ben through this eebsite. There’s a “contact button”, or whatever it’s called, on here!
      Let him know the problem! It may be whatever it is your using, phone, laptop or computer, that’s not working right!
      Keep trying before you blow a circuit lol.

    2. James, if I knew what browser you are using to read and post comments, I could give you the steps for clearing your browser cache which is possibly causing your problem.

      1. If you figure out what browser you use, so a search on clearing the browser cache in xxxx, where xXxX is the name of the browser you are using.

  17. A few facts about Wilmington VAMC and this clinic

    1 Their website list 121 medical health care providers 24 of which are in the field of Mental/Behavior health.

    2 Of the 24 providers there are three that have medical licenses in New Jersey each as a Medical Examiner.

    Jane Chamberlain

    Gaber Yanni Khalil Yacoub

    Daniel Bright

    So at least there is no shortage of Dr. connected to the clinic to perform the autopsy.

  18. I think it’s also fair to assume that the VA Telemedicine not only more or less keeps a Veteran that’s isolated, feeling even more disconnected, when using remote medicine and that the VA more than likely record ALL such sessions….to be edited and perhaps even used against the Veteran as incriminating or something, to screw with the Vet’s Claim for Svc. Connection or to use it to screw with already established benefits.

    Telemedicine with the VA is simply a potential weapon with much larger range and fallout, and can only see the VA bastardizing this into a cost-cutting measure, but probably makes more than up for that in what will be found at a future date (prediction) that VA medical providers using telemedicine inflate their billable hours for same, for none other than big bonus payouts. Hope am wrong, but we already know very well that technology and the VA is like placing an iPad in the hands of a zoo animal, except the zoo animal would at least find a use for it.

    This Navy Veteran’s suicide has really enraged me. The total blackout effort of the VA to keep it out of the news cycle enrages me even more.

    Since employees there are joking about how effective the VA has been with keeping this tight-lidded, I think it will be a matter of time before we see Part 2 to this story when it eventually surfaces that more than likely VA employees took pictures/video of Veteran’s Suicide, and probably did nothing to help. I am waiting for those very videos to be found posted by these stupid ass heartless beasts at the VA.

    The VA wants a blackout on this? Well, let’s keep beating the news media with links on this because if the VA is working SO hard to keep it quiet, that tells me there’s MUCH MORE to this story than we know. Spotlights on.

    I think Satan himself would have more empathy and compassion than the VA.
    There’s a special place is Hell for these basTURDS.

    1. Except at least Max Headroom became “self-aware”, whereas the VA just labels it as “liability aware”. Technology and Accountability are the Achilles Heal to the VA.

  19. Looks like a number of issues going on here. I’ll hit on the few which effect us all, veterans and taxpayers alike!

    1.) The >flippant and disgusting attitude< by the employees and upper management, over the suicide of a veteran in their care. Especially in the manner in which this Naval Veteran took his own life!
    That, in itself, should be enough to warrent an investigation, from an outside source, into possible civil and/or criminal charges against all personnel involved.

    2.) "Wait time falsification by schedulers." Which seems to have never been corrected, nationally, since first scandalized out at the Phoenix VAMC in 2013-14! Where upwards of 35-40 veterans DIED waiting for healthcare!
    There's absolutely NO reason behind this "manipulation" except for the "BONUSES" given out under the (false) entitlements granted to everyone!

    3.) "Increas[ing] access to care", evidently is NOT a priority under this CBOC's upper management's corrupt REIGN!
    I believe we're going to hear more about this in the future. When more veterans come forward with their concerns!

    4.) "$$$$$$"– "Cost Cutting" by utilizing "Telehealthcare". This seems to be nationwide also.
    (On a side note: this is partly the 'reason' WHY my "brother" was killed, (by VA's lack of "investigative medicine!")
    There's something definitely not being handled correctly. That "something" is the "Allocations of taxpayers monies" being awarded to VA each fiscal year.
    In my opinion, Billions of taxpayers $$$'s are somehow NOT being spent wisely, or correctly, by VA!
    The burning question(s) is "TO WHAT" and "WHERE" is the monies going?
    WHY is it every few months Gibson, or some other "Lacky", sits in front of the Veteran's Committee and askes for MORE taxpayers $$$$? Then is granted everything they want?
    We've heard "reports" over a few BILLION of taxpayers monies being "siphoned off" to completely "support the refugees coming in from the Middle East!"
    What else has this corrupt federal agency done with taxpayers monies?
    Where is the outrage by the taxpayers?
    This is one of the reasons WHY our National Deficit is at OVER $19 TRILLION and growing, because of the interest, by the second!

    It's going to get worse. Unless y'all don't stand tall and demand answers!

    1. Hey Elf,

      Please do me a favor and count the number of one line comments that were made by James yesterday in the comment section for Ben’s article “Veteran Died Who Lit Self On Fire” and then just post the number here.

      Thank You

      1. Please just let it ‘go’, Melvin. We all have had our problems posting from various *different* devices on this blog in the past and NO, it’s only been just last past days “James” has had issues posting.
        Again, he suffers from acute TBI from gunshot to head. Please have some compassion and let it go.
        If it bugs you that much, simply ignore and read past it.
        Division amongst the ranks is never a great thing in the military nor as a Disabled Veteran.
        Would you have the same incessant annoyance by similar posts that came from a Veteran with MS, or limited ability to use voice or hands to post because of grammatical infractions?
        Lighten-up., please. We are all on the same boat here. You never assume to know what it’s like to walk in another Veteran’s shoes. We are all war-ravaged, and VA ravaged on here, and last I will say about this.
        How about offering to help “James” rather find fault with him?
        The VA welcomes this kind of division. “James” is no Troll.
        Rant out.

      2. Namnibor,

        To me James is the worst kind of troll not only has he trolled me in the past under another name. When you consider his posting anything he says is meant to distract and prevent people from creating and following a comment stream.

        Defend him if you want but I also notice you are unable or unwilling to post the number of one line comments he made yesterday.

      3. @Melvin-
        In all due respect- are you not coming across rather obsessive with this issue of # of post counts? Is not that a bit on the ‘trollish’ side, or could easily be perceived by someone, anyone, that knew nothing about you and your own plight with medical care at the VA or benefits?
        Just saying, sometimes we need to look in the mirror from another perspective. Everyone’s personal hell with the VA and the military experiences, are personal hells, not one catch-all.
        Your obsession with this could even, God forbid, be an emotional trigger for ‘James’ or any Vet, seeing Vet’s tear each other apart. We stand together and fall together.

      4. Namnibor

        The following is a copy of a post by James made yesterday in the comment section of the article on Dr. Houlihan Ben posted March 18th.

        “James says”

        “March 23, 2016 at 12:02 am ”

        “Even as a child I always hatted playing CATCH UP. Or just standing around with one thump up” “”may ass, the other in my mouth waiting for some one to tell me to switch. JUNG.”

        Although he has been claiming for a week that he cannot post more than one line at a time.

        For me I have very limited use of my hands and each post is a project filled with discomfort from researching the information to provide an intelligent post to entering the posts that I make.

        The fact that you are unwilling or unable to post a simple number of one line comments James posted yesterday, well leaves questions considering that he can post more than one line as demonstrated by the comment he made listed above made March 23rd yesterday.

    2. Elf are you willing to post the number of one line comments from James that he posted yesterday?

      1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is what you need to educate yourself about and how it can be like the ‘tide’ in that symptoms wax and wane like the moon with no predictable patterns other than ‘Emotional Triggers’, which this Veteran’s Suicide Article this week very well could be a ‘Trigger’ when posting on very blog about it but not when posting elsewhere…see how that works?

        This Veteran’s Suicide and the Media Blackout has been an emotional rollercoaster for me as well. Affected y sleep, intense IBS is even more so. I am only learning through cognitive therapy to set ‘Boundaries’ and those very boundaries must be ‘fluid’ because like a Vet such as James, PTSD has such similar symptoms.

        Ask yourself why multiple posts are annoying you personally and consider possibility you also could be at one of those ‘Boundaries’ where you do as I suggested, and ignore the posts you are agitated by?

        Coincidentally, this goes hand in hand with topic of benefit/detriment of VA using Telemedicine for Psych Care. Imagine a person being taunted by someone on other side of the screen, but with benefit of seeing that person playing “One Flew Over The Coo Coo Nest”, Nurse Ratchet, to your face?

        Over and out because this has raised the hair on my own neck! For this reason, I do not utilize Social Media Apps because of my peripheral neuropathy, PTSD, Anxiety, and prefer to be just taking it one day at a time with the chronic collective of health issues I have. Perhaps ‘James’ has not come to that point of ‘Boundaries’ or what not?

        We stand together or fall together, it’s that simple.

        Peace, always! Have a great Good Friday and Easter, All!

      2. Namnibor

        Instead of simply posting the number you have basically attacked me for asking.

        You see I have my triggers to and one is when I feel like I am being played as I feel right now.

        Since you seem to want to make a major thing out asking you to post one little number you want to make me look like I am beating up on a Veteran with problems. Instead of posting the number.

        So Please just let it go since you want to defend his actions and not answer one little simple question.


        I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to answer my question of how many single line post did James post in the comment section yesterday. I would greatly appreciate appreciate it.

        Thank You

  20. The V.A. should re-look at this program in treating Vets buy using this form of communication treatment. Vets are served with better care when they can feel the presence of a human contact to there needs not a T.V. screen. This only reaffirms to the vet that the V.A. system is not in his corner.

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