Unemployed Disabled Vets Bypass Voc Rehab To Get Elite Training

Unemployed Disabled Vets

Benjamin KrauseCBS just covered an amazing program where many unemployed disabled veterans were awarded invaluable elite training to help them transition into great careers – not from Voc Rehab. The training was provided by the NS2 Serves program that teaches veterans valuable jobs skills required to transition from the battle field into lucrative careers.

The interviews and footage included by CBS’ Wyatt Andrews below is incredibly powerful and worth watching.

The program was described as a “lottery ticket” by many veterans who participated. All of these veterans were former enlisted veterans. Many of them were unemployed for months to years prior to receiving the intensive and valuable training that led to a 100% placement rating.

These veterans were trained for 11 weeks by a nonprofit in a software bootcamp that taught them SAP software for data management. SAP is a vital software data management language that is used by major businesses in all industries including banking and military intelligence.

Sadly, there was no mention of any of these veterans using Voc Rehab. Instead, they were unemployed, seriously disabled, and for some lingering on the edge of homelessness and suicide, while VA Vocational Rehabilitation played no part in the training.

VA Vocational Rehabilitation is the VA program that is supposed to provide valuable training and job placement skills exclusively to disabled veterans. Yet, since the departure of Director Ruth Fanning, the program has been accused of being asleep at the wheel by some.

Is Voc Rehab not reaching out to enough disabled veterans? With a budget over $1 billion, why did these disabled veterans need a nonprofit to pick up the slack where VA is lagging?

Watch It: https://www.cbsnews.com/videos/jobless-veterans-get-elite-training-for-new-careers/

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  1. Robert Collins, I couldn’t agree more. Is there some kind of way I can get in touch with Wyatt Andrews? The reporter from CBS news. There’s a case out here in Seattle involving a disabled vet and Voc-Rehab that would change the VA for the better. It’s the most blatant case of discrimination I’ve ever seen. If this got on the news there would be immediate blow back.

  2. I did vokerehab VA style and got an A.S.C.S but I needed to take some Network courses to get a job and was denied because they said I had to stick with C.S. courses…duh. I told them that the courses I wanted to take could be used as electives and they would help me get employed. They denied. I didn’t get any work, no job assistance -even though I applied for internships with federal department including the VA. What a waste of money, time, and dreams for me and taxpayers! Nothing but a series of bad experiences between myself and my VA. Sucks and Depressive!

  3. Disappointed that they only allow vets within 3 years of separation…guess the rest of us combat vets…well, our service isn’t valuable. These programs are great, IF you find out about them in time. Kind of like the PTSD service dogs you see these guys with…never knew and STILL don’t know how to get hooked up with one, would have helped me immeasurably. Instead I struggled for 7 years…on the brink of oblivion. Excuse me for sounding a little bitter…nice to see people getting the help they need but it would be nicer if I got the help I needed in a timely manner. 3 years is a crock…we’ve been at war for 12 years now.

    1. Kevin, the preference of the program is 3yrs but trust when I say that no Veteran is ruled out. The program website is NS2serves.org and they are accepting applications right now brother for their next class. Also the organization which I received my service dog through is called K9sforWarriors. They are a non-profit and if you are dealing with any post combat issues still til this day please reach out k9sforwarriors.org i am an advocate for veterans dealing with PTSD/TBI so please let me know if I can be any further assistance.

  4. Not surprising. I was denied Voc Rehab because “I was an Officer and shouldn’t have any problem finding a Job.”

    1. Warrant,

      Same happened to me. I had a low paying job after I retired but was told since I was currently working I wouldn’t receive any benefits from the program. The VocRehab rep refused to even view my request. Surprisingly the State (HI) offered more programs for certifications in the field I wanted to work in (IT).

  5. Once again the private sector out performs the government. Did anyone expect anything different?

  6. Voc Rehab has been very disappointing to me and refuses to pay for anything and they have a $1 Billion dollar budget. They are supposed to get vets working and they don’t care!

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