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VOC REHAB: VA Robbed Some Disabled Vets Of GI Bill Benefits

A big change may be on the horizon, or is already here, for disabled veterans with VA education benefits under both the GI Bill and Chapter 31 Voc Rehab.

An internal decision letter within VA, leaked to me recently, indicates some veterans may be getting shafted out of huge GI Bill benefits due to a legal interpretation error about when the agency can deduct time from overall education benefits. VA regional offices are still trying to figure out how to correctly adjudicate the matter but have apparently withheld the notice of the error from the broader public.

The letter also signifies that the veteran community was negatively impacted. Taken at face value, the letter references an erroneous legal interpretation that led to tens of millions being withheld from veterans for years in the form of GI Bill entitlement.

Simply, because VA misapplied the law for years, those veterans affected missed out while Uncle Sam kept his tight hand on the purse strings.

How will VA fix this one? Maybe they hoped no one would notice?

UPDATE 4/11/2021: VA changed the rule 4/1/2021 for veterans using VR&E before using the GI Bill. These veterans will not have their overall use of the GI Bill reduced if they use VR&E first. Double check with VA or your VSO to ensure the rule change is still in effect when you are evaluating your options.

Previous Update: After October 1, 2016, VA resolved this issue and have gone back to the status quo making the GI Bill decision a non-issue.


Disabled veterans using Voc Rehab first may still be able to use the full entitlement of their GI Bill benefits after receiving rehabilitation services through Chapter 31 Voc Rehab that includes educational services.

I talk about the program extensively in my book, Voc Rehab Survival Guide For Veterans, and this added change will need to be considered by veterans in the program moving forward.

Very simply, disabled veterans eligible for both GI Bill and Voc Rehab benefits, who first used Voc Rehab, may still have GI Bill entitlement without Voc Rehab counting against it.

The only dealbreaker is the fact that all veterans are limited to 48 months of education benefits in any combination unless they have a serious employment handicap and VRE agrees to fund additional schooling.

SEE IT: https://www.disabledveterans.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Advisory-48-Month-Rule-Original-Claims-3.pdf

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  1. HI, Ben? Still haven’t heard back from you yet on this. It’s now been almost 3 months since I filed the consult form, would like to pursue this further with you.

    Brandon S.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I reached out to your legal site for a consult on this issue, but that was about a month ago and I haven’t heard back. Are you running behind schedule, or did you decide to scale back your clients on this one? Please let me know.


  3. So question/advice from you all.

    If I’m in approved plan/contract with VR&E now currently attending school (currently 1/2-3/4 time), should I opt out of the post 9/11 GI Bill for BAH NOW and just use the VRE stipend? I was eligible for the full 36 months at 100% entitled post 9/11 GI Bill (10 yrs Army)…

    Also, what happens when less than 3 years from now using the VR&E, the GI Bill stipend portion is used up, does that mean I revert back to the VR&E stipend per month?

    I just started the college in Jan 2016. I don’t really want to blow through my GI Bill unnecessarily if I decide something later on after the VRE experience.



  4. Something is off here as I was discharged I used 35 months of ch 30 Gi Bill starting in 1999. I applied for SC and got approved then in 2010 stared a 21 month program Un ch31 in 2014 I went from 40 to 70 sc and in 2015 got aproved a gained with 58 days of ch31 eligibility but not severy employment handicap so was not granted extended on services as was having issues with job I was doing do to SC related problems. Does this make any sense or is it helpful to others?

  5. I cannot understand why either benefit would have any effect on the other, or why they would be limited.
    If a veteran qualified for the GI Bill, then that benefit should be allowed. If the veteran also qualified for Voc Rehab, then that benefit should be allowed, regardless of any other benefit available.

    I thought the purpose was to provide betterment of the veteran.

    If a veteran went through a service academy, they received an education. Does that education reduce their available GI Bill?

    What if a veteran used their GI Bill for a degree. That veteran is still a serving member of the Reserves or National Guard, who then is injured on deployment.

    Would the VA say he is not qualified for Voc Rehab because he used the GI Bill?

    1. I was told by a grisly VA Intake Nurse with the door wide-open, when I asked her to close the door for ‘privacy’ reasons, and I swear to God she told me with an evil grimace, “YOU have NOOOOO privacy at the VA”!!!

      That was only but one ticket on the VA Funhouse of Horrors. No longer use VA Death Care. If it would remarkably improve and not be some damn in your face adversarial in nature, I would use my Medicare at the VA…but rather have a real witch dr. rather than the VA variety.

      Privacy Law would be wasted upon the VA, it’s too much of a close cousin to ‘accountability’.

      I now wonder if the VA will swing it’s adversarial arm polar opposite way now that Vets will find out it’s advantageous to use one educational benefit before the other? Will the VA Voc Rehab try to say since given Vet accomplished X in college with G.I. Bill that they now cooperate at too high of a level to qualify for Voc Benefits? You know they will and are probably already doing that as well.

      1. The VA has never in their history been fined under the Privacy Act or FOIA irregardless of anything the last I checked and I check as best I can. Gross violations reported by me and the newspaper resulted in a luke warm response by Health and Human Services when I filed a criminal Privacy Act complaint last November; “HHS has reviewed the allegations and is electing not to investigate. HHS will provide technical support to (VA Roseburg).”

        All other complaints, like when e CBOC manager showed up in Circuit Court with my own med records in his hands, printed off by him, and used to defend against a Restraining Order to Prevent Further Abuse protecting me. They concluded then that no investigation would take place because it was deemed a routine use.

        I just learned two days ago that immediately after the newspaper ran a series on my VA ordeal, that my VA psychiatrist has abandonned my care. My PCP has taken over psych meds. I asked why on Earth they would terminate psychiatric care?

        Answer; “…we thought that we heard you mention that you no longer wanted VA psychiatric care…”

        No, what I did was give 22 seperate interviews which documented in the news gross official misconduct and overt criminal activity by VA Roseburg. The reporter interpreted and wrote about this. Then I filed a Criminal Privacy Act report on VA mental health for requiring (after the newspaper article) two extra AFGE technicians be present at all times while I am in mental health – no consent required per my doc. CBOC doesnt do this. VA Roseburg interpretted this article the reporter wrote to be a request to terminate my mental health care because it highlighted their inability to treat mental illness.

        VA concurs this means I requested termination of services…

        Not much to study there really – if a vet reports gross misconduct by mental health staff, from experience I can now tell you that mental health is terminated. I did get a cheerful offer to sign up for Choice, which I have been informed is my only option now. My Choice is take it or leave it.

        VA concurs.

        This is really all you need to know about what happens with the Privacy Act when used as a tool my friend. At least the CBOC doctor assumed my care. He is a nice fellow from the Phillipines and has a good grip on English mostly, so I should be ok.

        Lighting a big fat doobie now… Could care less if VA concurs…

    2. @redturtle984– You just received the VA Psych Kick from the VA poo machine’s rear quarters. If it’s any consolation, I just recently had my own primary care Dr. take-over my Psych RX’s and am about three or four months away from titrating completely off alprazolam, a med that has helped me since late 90’s, but the new push is to take away this med because they say it can be ‘bad’…well, I just decided to pull myself out because of the direction I see mental health going and it’s swirling around in a porcelain bowl. I care not to be a lab rat for big pharma any more than I would want to be so for the VA. Going mostly homeopathic with what I can and music/art keeps me somewhat sane, and am starting a book but am thinking I need to change-up my surroundings…a remote cabin in Colorado sounds about great right now.
      Had I been at the VA, they would have just yanked the med out from me and let me fend on my own. That’s exactly what happened to one of my best friends here about 6 years back and he is no longer with us. Yes, he was one of the so-called ’22’ Vets a day in USA…I too, think that # is much higher.

      Peace, Always.

  6. Ben, I have been emailing you about myself. I had been found eligible under Chapter 31 in 2012 and also found to have a ‘serious employment handicap’. I have used 13 months of entitlement at my local university and now have 37+ semester hours with a 4.0 GPA. In the Fall of 2015, I asked to change my vocational objective to the business field. This has resulted in the St. Louis V.A. Regional Office, VR&E Division, now finding me ineligible for Chapter 31 and subsequently ‘discontinuing’ my case and sending it to VR&E Central Office on June 14, 2016.—I have made complaints to the Whitehouse, my Missouri Senators and my Congressman with no satisfactory answers yet.—I am making this post so that you can include another way the V.A. is currently not following their own V.A. Regulations.—I received one response from the Whitehouse and they stated, “VR&E is not in the ‘training business’.” —As we all know, current training/education allows one to circumvent their limitations so that one can become employable. The V.A. Regulations state, ‘Employment should be commensurate with the veteran’s aptitudes, interest, and abilities.’ Again, the V.A. is not doing this even for the veterans they have found to have a ‘serious employment handicap’.

    1. I would think a veteran, once determined to be eligible would be considered eligible regardless of whether they were training to be an IT security professional or how to play a pan flute.

      Vocation chosen should not be a determining factor in eligibility. That smacks of dictating to the veteran the profession they should go into, similar to a recruiter recruiting based on what field might get them a bigger bonus.

      1. I actually was told back in 1998 when I decided to attend college FT by the VSO that I had to go through when wanting to use my version of G.I. Bill that the I **could not** use it for the legitimate field of Art Therapist. This was going to be a 5 year undergrad and then a MA to certification. I was told outright it was not an “approved” vocation and that was a point in my life that I did not or was not ready to wrestle the VA or it’s derivatives so went it on loans, grants and some scholarship $ from paper’s written but in the end, only completed 3 1/2 of those 5 years as my health crap was an inhibitor.

        I only mentioned my scenario, whether it was outright lie from that VSO or not because they DO go out of their way to dissuade a Vet from actually using said benefits. Bastards.

  7. Another thing I’d like to see clarified is how they figure payments.

    I took a one week lab that cost $1600. Over 18 hours at this school is considered full-time.

    My reimbursement? $31 a day or under $200 for the lab that was well over the 18 hours.

    According to the VA they take the full-time rate and divide the numbers of days you were in class that month. Which means that you have to go to school for 30 days a month with no days off to get the 100% amount.

    A Social Security counselor under Ticket to Work said they live under a lot of the same laws like the scam of declaring a vet incompetent but interpret those laws much differently.

    You hit 18 hours in that classroom and that is full-time you get paid full-time.

  8. by VHA standards your website during that time far exceeded website performance in others sectors. The data was run through a Complex Matrix Scaling Transform for consistency. If you need any other webiste advice, I am here for ya man.

  9. DDOS Attack – I just received notice from my host that my website server experienced a DDOS attack, which is the reason it was offline for 2 hours.

    1. Ben
      I guess we’re putting too much “Truth” on here and they “can’t handle the truth!”

      Is there anything legal you can do to make them stop interfering with our “First Amendment Rights of Free Speech?”

      1. Those damn VA IT Dept. Trolls again. 🙂 It’s called “Ethical Hacking”, on steroids, but Ethical Hacking operates through usually a bias towards their own morale compass, even if it’s malicious from say, Veterans and those that shed the light of accountability, like Ben, and we know accountability is the VA’s Kryptonite.

        I have a higher tier and multifaceted security program here, but they must also get past the moat filled with responsibly starved piranhas, then the outer perimeter with violently happy and rabid wild boars… 🙂 – -and I not only did not get any alert that the attack may have tried to reach beyond Ben’s hosting, but also my complete computer scans showed nothing.

        From my end, was simply not able to log onto the website. Trolls only got a hot pocket slid down the laundry shoot from their mother making lunch upstairs. 🙂

        Patterns really are kind of a thing of mine, hence why music/notation/self-admin. music therapy, has been the thread keeping me hanging-on and with that said, I have noticed distinct patterns on this blog/forum in which depending on the *sting* and *smell-level* of the scandal, either Trolls will come on this blog in galloping droves, usually VA lunch time, and/or attacks on Ben’s host/servers, taking it down or causing it to be down when a lot of people may get their dose of news.
        Do they really think we Vets are dumb as box of rocks?
        As RedTurtle984 aforementioned, great amount of Vets live with the bane of anxiety/PTSD…however, some of the most intelligent, creative, and interesting people happen to come from population of you guessed it, oppressed people. But I hear the news cycle and our very politicians painting us Vets and Mentally Ill in America as the ‘problem that needs dealt with’…remember that Nazi Germany had similar “solutions”…

        Piss-Off Trolls!!!!!! This obviously means some upper management at the VA may have been “skimming” from Veteran’s G.I. Bill by fudging the numbers????? Just saying it, because nothing will surprise me and hell, I expect it to be in the pipes. The VA meat grinder seems to have a steady stream of poo these days, sometimes twice in one day like last Friday. Damn. Too bad you cannot generate electricity from the flow of VA poo. 🙂

        Rant out. Oh…the Wikileaks and DNC thing….more poo….popping popcorn.

    2. I also ran a full scan on my PC nothing turned up. Could not access your site this am & was curious as to why. Thankx for telling us what had happened.

    3. It would be interesting to see the server access logs showing which IP addresses those attacks came from.
      That’s not to say an IP address couldn’t be spoofed or used in an attack, if the owners know (or care) that their system is being used in attacking others.

      It reminds me of running a web site years ago. I could receive interesting information through FOIA, post it on my web site, post a message to a veterans email list that the information was available, then watch for how many IP addresses accessed the information from various DOD domains.

  10. Hey y’all,
    By now y’all are aware Hillary’s “denying” any knowledge of those emails which were “hacked” at the DNC!
    How did she not know what was going on in her own party?
    How can she blame the Russians for her own parties incompetency, when they were using an ‘unsecured server’ (AGAIN)?
    Wait for it. – Will she claim this is another “Right Wing Conspiracy Theory”? Or, will she angrily spit out, “At this point, what difference does it make!”

    That being said, yesterday the wife and I saw the movie/documentary “Hillary’s America”.
    One of the ‘parts’ concerned HOW some criminals get away with scamming people. This is how it’s done! ex: “Obamacare”!
    #1.) “Pick a crew!” (The established crooked government)
    #2.) Give the people, or ‘patsy’, a “pitch”! (Obamacare)
    #3.) Give the people, or ‘patsy’ something free. In essence “set them or it up to fail”, or basically “throw them a bone”. Something which makes them feel good. (“You can keep your doctor” and more)
    When it fails, which it will, (insurers dropping out), then move on to;
    #4.) IF caught, “Deny, Deny, Deny”!

    Does any of this sound vaguely familiar from what’s been going on in our government for decades? It should. It’s been going on since Andrew Jackson. All the way until now. It’s only become more blatant, and in your face, since Obama’s administration!
    If Hillary’s elected, say goodbye to America as it was meant to be!!!!!

    Rant out for now! Not in a good mood today! Especially, after that possible criminal act committed by the DNC! Another damn DemocRAT is rigging the system!

    1. P.S.
      I forgot to add this to #4. Not only should there be “multiple denials”. One should always “shift the blame onto someone else!”

      As far as Obama, and his ACA, is concerned. He, or his administration, has not come out and “shifted the blame for it’s failure” onto anyone else, YET!
      I have a feeling it may happen before the next election though!

    2. You know Elf, I can’t really give a damn about the DNC and their emails. All these do is provide evidence of what has been suspected all along.
      The Gateway Pundit has a good list of the more damaging emails.

      What gets me is how outraged so many are over this. A huge majority of those whining about the unfairness to Sanders all cheered when Sanders said he didn’t give a damn about Hillary’s classified emails.

      Every one of them are getting exactly what they deserve. If they make excuses for crooked politicians when it might affect that politicians blind pursuit of power, they shouldn’t act surprised when that same politician turns against them.

      1. They literally devour their own and each other. Both Parties. I may just have to write-in Gomer Pyle’s name, as at this point I still feel like am a man without proper representation. Man without a party. Maybe I will vote for my cat instead. He’s honest, intelligent, and does not like to be fucked with. 🙂

      2. Hey 91Veteran,
        All I’m trying to accomplish is telling the truth behind what goes on behind the scenes of the DNC.
        People, in my opinion, should have the best possible knowledge of both parties. This way they can make an informed decision on what matters most to them.
        The DNC Party is, and has always been, the most corrupted bunch of asswipes known!

        Here’s a new article out today.
        “Two dead, fourteen injured in a nightclub last night here in Florida.”
        It was for young people, between the ages of 12 to 17!
        Details are still coming in.
        Things are getting out of hand, not only here in America, all across the globe.
        I don’t have an answer to this. Yet, I will be voting for Mr. Trump come November!
        That’s all I’ve got to say.

      3. I hear ya Elf, and apologize that my comment could be taken as directed at you.

        It wasn’t.

        I am just POd at the number of people whining about political dirty laundry who also think having TS SCI information in emails is no big deal. Or that quite a number of people at State were engaged in blatant law brwaking and are skating Scot free.

        It just makes me believe those people would yawn at someone being killed overseas because of her negligence, while demanding 30 days In the electric chair for any local hacker caught breaking into the DNC server.

      4. @crazyelf- Maybe I am just a grumpy old fart but WHY would ANY parent allow 12-17 year olds to go to a midnight swimsuit party at a bar unaccompanied? Yes, it’s a travesty that happened, but what the HELL are parents thinking these days? Is it just me? Am I puckered-up too tight? 🙂
        So much is wrong with that scenario, aside from what happened in the travesty there.
        Now, get off my lawn!!! 🙂

      5. @91Veteran

        When I gave the “Four Steps” on how to defraud Americans, ie; deceiving taxpayers and veterans, I gave the example of: “Obamacare”.
        I had hoped y’all would have interjected other government and/or civilian “plans” into it.

        Here’s other examples, how about – “the VA ‘Choice Program'” (Destined to fail), or “Common Core Education” (Destined to fail) and possibly some of the so-called “Nonprofit Charities” (Destined to fail)!
        These are perfect examples of the “bait and switch” schemes perpetrated against the American Public! And if you’ll notice, they are the same “schemes” used by our own government against us!


        namnibor, why have you changed your mind on Mr. Trump?

        I look at it this way. IF he gets the wall built, takes care of the immigration and refugee situation and goes after the Quote: “Corrupt Veterans Administration”, (His description of VA), I’ll be a very happy camper! note: Clinton has NOT said one word on correcting the corruption at VA!

        If he, Mr. Trump, brings jobs back, by bringing the factories and other businesses back to America, that also will be a plus.
        There’s other things I like about his agendas FOR America. Only, It would just take too long to explain them!
        Trust me brother. We, Americans all, are at a very critical juncture in this country.
        The more we educate ourselves, the more ‘power’ we have!
        “Knowledge IS Power!”

      6. @crazyelf- Elf, in reality I will more than likely vote for Mr. Trump, if only to hold him to his word on what he’s been saying about the VA. I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised and if he wins, indeed able to get our career dinosaurs to greener pastures and make our USA operate proper again. I am just SO over hearing Hillary’s grating voice and cannot grab the remote quick enough. The only thing just as bad was last time around and the droning, monophonic voice of Senator McCain (in all due respect, retire, you are not helping Vets)…it’s become a Human Zoo. The VA always has been a zoo.

        So Elf, I guess I was hyperbolic when thinking about writing my cat’s name on ballot and am sure I will still consider it in Nov., but I am not one to throw away my vote.

        I still hold that the numbers were fudged and some pockets have been fleeced with this and it could be the next big scandal. God, there’s SO many scandals, Ben’s going to need a separate Server for each year! 🙂

  11. I am gonna cut to the chase; all these myriad programs designed to help always always always fail to help,the most needy. Why? because within our population (vets on VA care) the most needy generally have severe anxiety diagnosis.

    There is no study in the world that can change the symptoms of anxiety. The VHA not only has demonstrated for decades a lack of willingness, courage, or competance to address the issue, the are considered by most vets to be a causal factor in suicide.

    I have sat in these suicide groups and have spent time on the ol ward at VHA. A suicidal vet hears how much the VA cares, then is put in a group with some below average social worker who is barely able to tie their own shoes and still breathes from the mouth. To a man, we looked at this half hearted attempt as a kick in the teeth. We gave everything, we thought, and America gives us the crap. Forget about ongoing deception, look at the care without deception!

    The same with these unfathomable rules. Without meds I awoke many times a night in terror. Absolute terror, sweaty, heart thumping, horrific nightmares. Decades went by without more than about twenty minutes of sleep at a time. This is PTSD. Then us vets are faced with a nightmarishly complex minefield when we get back to safety in America.

    And America pisses so much complexity upon the mentally ill veterans who need a hand with living and instead find the dagger of the DBC in our backs.America, we think, is a lot of happy horse manure, a handshake, and a boot in the ass on the way out the door. This is the America that my brothers and sisters see when we sit in those rooms for help. And yes, they do indeed provide crayons in those groups to draw. Perhaps the safest and least deadly treatment in VHA.

    I did my own godamn study in those groups. Let me tell you what these guys need. Drop all this happy nonsense and find every one of those vets a damn job doing something real. Build a road, a dam, a trail, ANYTHING to make a warrior feel USEFUL instead of the reject kid on the playground with the cooties. Mother Teresa was a collosal bitch by all accounts but she was dead on accurate when she said, “It isn’t important what you do for work, it is just important that you work.”

    Staring at four walls desperately clutching at reasons to choose life ends for most with Mr. Shotgun in the mouth, or stepping in front of the train on 5th street. If we really cared about our vets we would give them a task, or mission, not a stack of regulations so thick it takes an army of staff to explain it with a hoped for accuracy of 50%. If we cared about vets we would allow our honored warriors to feel like men and women again and make them feel like they matter. We would make them feel like they had the courage to keep America safe when the courage of others flagged, and we would make them feel like we are grateful.

    These programs are a slap in the face to a man who cannot sleep, cannot dream, and has no hope of making rent through their own labor. To top it off, we send them to VHA.

    22 per day? Bullshit. Try about a hundred vets dead needlessly per day in our America. Nobody ever showed compassion by tossing dollars and regulations around and my proof are the daily body bags used on veterans who made it home to America, safe.

  12. “Another Scandal” and another day in what VA will not do, and has not done, for veterans!

    In my opinion, ‘IF’ McDuck had called Cox, (AFGE leader), to his office, after Cox threatened him, and “…whooped [Cox’s] ass”! And, maybe ‘IF’ McDuck had called into his office, some of the ingrates below him – and did an old fashioned ass chewing or ” Whooping”. We might have started seeing something good come out of this “out of control and corrupt government agency”.
    Trouble is, we’ve got a real pussy running the VA!
    I believe it was President Hoover who had been caught “strangling” the head of VA decades, early 1920’s, ago. And that was over misappropriation of taxpayers monies! If I remember correctly!!!!

    As it is, every single day, of the past few years, something new comes into the light of day.
    We have VA employees laughing at veterans and all of our “alleged lawmakers”!
    Veterans are dying because VHA hires healthcare professionals from the bottom of the barrel.
    “Benefits” are at risk due to individuals not knowing how to apply a “rule” or “law”, set down by our “alleged leaders”! As is the possibly the case of today’s blog!
    Plus, The union bosses are laughing all the way to the bank – at the taxpayers expense, I might add!

    We need a great leader(s) to take over this failing “Science Experiment”! Someone who’s not afraid of controversy! I believe there are, at this time, two “MEN” running (for the office of POTUS & VPOTUS), which meet that description!


    Yesterday, I put the following articles on here. Here they are again, if y’all didn’t get a chance to read them. I would also suggest seeing the movie/documentary “Hillary’s America”! We saw it yesterday. A great deal of information is given on the “Clinton Crime Family”!

    “A Short History of Democrats, Republicans and Racism”

    (remove the quotes)
    Instead of the words – “Slave”, “African-American” or “Blacks”, inject the word – “Veteran”! There’s a great deal of “FACTS” in this article!

    From ” WND FRONT PAGE”
    a “WND Exclusive”

    “Hillary’s ‘Stronger Together’ Theme A Joke, Says ‘Snapping’ Author”

    “Peace to all my brothers and sisters today!”

  13. From Craigslist help wanted section, misc., 2016,

    Help Wanted: America seeks safety. Looking for competent and bright young men and women to fill our Armed Forces and willing to die for our way of life.

    Benefits include travel to exotic lands, late evenings under the stars, exciting combat adventures, and a lifetime of memories sure to engage amd delight forever.

    We seek those willing to spill their own blood for the continuing safety of Americans home and abroad. Pay scale on an hourly basis is generous (RAND 1926). As far as after service retirement, there is great news! We have a comprehensive set of laws and regulations that the are often understood by the American Public. In a recent study, it has been confirmed that a substantial portion of these regulations are understood by more than the lesser of the second Prime number in the series (adjusted from pre 1943 data, RAND) of veterans and their lawyers which ensures you get exactly what you deserve!

    America has documented in great detail what we believe vets deserve, and it is available in an easy to understand 1017 page pamphlet available on CD, DVD, or as a doctoral thesis, and can be provided in Spanish, Korean, Russian, German, Canadian, Bolivian, Pig Latin, and a condensed version for the publicly educated. Each version is garaunteed to be as understandable as any other.

    Reply to this ad should include your commitment to die while upholding and defending the Great Constitution of this great nation that makes all this possible! We know what our vets need before, during, and after service for the hard work they do and at VA , your sole source of comfort after service, we are committed to giving it to them good and hard.

    God Bless America. Reply soon.

    1. Hey redturtle, great description of our “new and improved all volunteer military!”
      My friend up north says recruitment officers are having a hard time fullfilling their quota’s. I wonder why, lol!

      1. The recruiter in this town is saying the same thing. Parents are saying stay away from my kid and referencing the VA. I know both sides of my husbands and I families haven’t missed a war since the 1640’s. That ends with us. None of my soon to be 14 grand kids will ever service if I can help it.

      2. The second gulf war, my son wanted to join the USMC. Due to the VA’s action in my case, I FORBID him from joining. I have never forbid him from doing anything nor have I since. But I wouldn’t let him make the same mistake I made. My joining the service was the biggest mistake I made in my entire 60 years!

  14. I have a theory of sorts for consideration:

    What if the VA has actually KNOWN about this for a long time but it was considered a ‘back-burner issue’ until the day arrived where it could be used for a massive cash grab when the VA is running out of $ in the fiscal year? Just like the TBI scandal?

    Create a ‘problem’ and create a solution guaranteed to need further ‘fixes’ (aka Cash Grabs). RAND Corp. concurs.

    What I am saying is, the VA surely could not have all the sudden ‘discovered’ they were screwing over Vets, when already the VA makes it akin to pulling teeth historically, if any given Vet wishes to TRY to use Voc Rehab or G.I. Benefits.

    The VA could ALSO use this ‘created problem’ to further BOOST their cash grab for even more Billion$ in updating their piss-poor IT situation. VA could say that they that the VA Bean Counters need brand new beans on their abacus, while keeping entire system still stuck at 1985 technology.

    RAND Corp. surely agrees that new beans are needed to benefit VA employees and performance bonuses, illegally received, preferably.

    1. I just can’t understand why they are not paying our claims? I can see stupidity, incompetence and morons, but where is all the money going? Why can’t they just pay our claims and give it to us retroactive if we filed at an earlier date and weren’t compensated retroactively? Where does all the money to pay claims just go away? Are they told not to approve claims? Do they intentionally deny us what we are unfortunately entitled to? Why is it that they are so stingy with the money that isn’t even theirs??? I know that this will probably be a bigger scandal when they figure out that they have been denying our valid claims…that’s the next fan that will hit the shit….

  15. RAND Corp. will advise the VA to order ALL Vets to forward their DD214’s to Janesville for consideration to the massive shredder array located therein. RAND advises to simply eliminate ‘the problem’ and by removing all DD214’s from Vets, the VA will surely be guaranteed to both save $ and pay RAND Corp. for this study. The VA concurs with RAND.

    RAND Corp. further advises to have the Disruptive Behavior Committees confiscate all reading glasses, pens, paper, and study materials to ensure that….the “problem” cannot rear it’s head and embarrass the VA again the future…all for our Vets, of course.

    RAT BASTARDS! Instead of actually improving the VA and helping Vets, the VA must use most of that time conniving ways to further screw Vets. RAND Corp. approves and agrees and the VA of course, concurs.

    1. Well I like to Quote Forest Gump a lot” Stupid is as Stupid does” but in the case. With the VA issues they dangle benefits out in front of you and then take them away by claiming incompetency”. Well we should all go to our windown and yell we are as mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more. But then they will take away more of our rights claiming that we are incompetent and confiscating our firearms! The letter I received from the VA said they were claiming that I was incompetent and take away my right to have a firearm. But that letter also stated that no firearm could be in my home. So if an officer came to my home with a firearm he could also have it taken away from him. So it would be my sworn duty to obey the law and take away his firearm as well!
      So take that! Stupid is alive and doing well in the VA but at our expense and they blame the system and it is not their fault. So they should read what they say. And obey the letter of the law! I am as mad as hell ! I have lost hundred of thousands because they did not do what they promise! Brain damage and no neuroligical exam when I asked for one despite that others get retroactive back pay not me because they messed up too many times. I was denied entry into TBI group becsuse I was told it was only for recent returning vets and not for me with30% brain damage with proof per doctors MRI’s

      I understand more and more why vets can’t take it any more! There is a lot more they did I can’t describe !

      1. They owe me hundreds of thousands as well and I am going after them for it. The Army and the VA have totally screwed everyone that has served, except for the generals I can’t understand how and why they withhold the money from us illegally and even when they get caught doing it, they still don’t pay us what they owe. Shameful, just shameful….

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