VA Voc Rehab Reasonable Accommodations At School, Home, Or Work

Requesting reasonable accommodations (RA’s) can be an overwhelming process and most veterans do not know what they can get or how.

Veterans tend to get bogged down in the process or lack the resources they need to receive the benefits or resources we need. Luckily, VA Vocational Rehabilitation is a program that can help if you know how to ask.

This Office Hours session covers what reasonable accommodations you can get from Voc Rehab and elsewhere to help with school, work, or even working from home in your own business. The possibilities are endless if you know what you are seeking.

This session covers what benefits founder Benjamin Krause received from VA when he used Voc Rehab to fund his law school and legal career as a veterans rights attorney.

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Krause received a few thousand dollars of accommodative systems while in law school worth a few thousand dollars. After law school, the agency paid close to $35,000 in accommodative systems to help him help veterans sue VA.

He compares this to exacerbation of his disabilities while studying for his undergraduate degree without reasonable accommodations for the same conditions.

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At the end of the day, the more accommodations Krause received, the better he performed. In law school, he graduated magna cum laude. As a lawyer, he exposed massive scandals within VA and was invited to teach lawyers and veteran service officers about numerous niche disabilities including TBI and burn pit exposures.

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  1. Voc rehab is a joke. I went thru this program for 2 years and they did nothing but dance around issues that would prevent me from succeeding. One such issue that ended this program and this counselor wrote it up as such is a felony I had 30 years ago. So much for second chances ehh? After that they keep sending me surveys to fill out and send back. They used to pay you 20 dollars to fill it out and send back. Now they don’t pay at all. I tore the last one up and now they’re calling me. I gave them my opinion and hung up. apparently that isn’t good enough cause they keep calling me. WTF, My opinion isn’t good enough now you want me to answer yes or no questions? Not happening!

  2. Veterans who reads this contact Benjamin Krause as him what you should do if a VA do you wrong.

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