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Unlawful Purge Of Veterans’ Caregivers To Stop, Promises VA Secretary

Veterans Affairs will cease its unlawful purge of veterans’ caregivers from its VA Caregiver Program according to a promise VA Secretary Robert Wilkie made to Congress.

Flanked by the self-funded Veteran Warriors and the Independence Fund organization, Wilkie was confronted by lawmakers over confirmed reports that its Caregiver Program was unlawfully purging caregivers from its payroll pursuant some backroom deal to cut costs.

Secretary Wilkie initially asserted the problems with the program were isolated and resolved. But obviously, the problem is not only not isolated but systemic.

[Note: Skip to 1:05 on the above YouTube video for Caregiver portion]

The Caregiver Program was designed to provide financial support to spouses of severely disabled veterans of the Post-911 era. The spouses would receive financial support often because caring for the veteran was a full time job. The money was intended to support the veteran’s spouse while also keeping those same veterans out of higher cost nursing home or assisted living facilities.

So, it was a benefit to both parties since most veterans would prefer to live at home. And, we all know how VA likes to save a buck.

The “Graduated” Healthcare Fraud

But the dollar signs proved too enticing for some, and an initiative allegedly coming from Meg Kabat, National Director of the Caregiver Program, resulted in many spouses being “graduated” or “downgraded” out of the program based on an erroneous conclusion the veteran recovered.

Now, one element of this relates to veterans with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) where the veteran is statistically unlikely to recover. Nonetheless, that has not stopped some doctors from engaging in medical fraud to purge the spouse with false medical findings not in line with the medical evidence in the record.

Left with only a clinical appeal, as apposed to a benefits appeal, these spouses are then left to appeal back to the same officials engaged in the fraud. The end result?

The spouse’s claim for reinstatement of caregiver stipend is denied without any right to appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. No due process. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Nimble Advocacy

Some of what we see on the reforms facing the Caregiver Program are the result of nimble advocacy from smaller organizations and not the large Iron Triangle VSO dinosaurs.

Enter Lauren Price and her self-funded organization of advocates called Veteran Warriors. Working with the Independence Fund, this group has held the agency’s feet to the fire over the scheme, and now Congress is fired up.

During the hearing, Wilkie was confronted with the truth, that his agency failed to launch its Caregiver 2.0 by the deadline, October 1, 2018. He tried to tell Senator Murray that the deadline was actually in 2019, but he got shut down by the Senator. Apparently, the agency has failed to update its Caregiver tracking system since 2014.

Dr. Melissa Glynn, Assistant Secretary for Enterprise Integration, tried to explain away the issue by saying VA simply gave itself a new deadline instead of the one Congress mandated, like GI Bill. That obviously did not fly with the Senator.

He erred in telling Congress the deadline was actually set for the next year, 2019, and was immediately confronted by the lawmakers and organizations present. When confronted, Wilkie then promised to stop the purge.

“Secretary Wilkie should be commended for immediately stopping these recent and ridiculous demotion and discharge determinations by the VA,” said Bob Carey, Chief Advocacy Officer at the Independence Fund. “The day-to-day obstacles faced by the Caregivers and families of catastrophically wounded Veterans is already a lifetime challenge. Nothing could be worse than a Caregiver suddenly finding out that their financial support, or health insurance, was canceled by an unknown VA official or some obscure VA policy.”

Veteran Warriors Press Release On VA Caregiver Program

I wanted to include the entire Veteran Warriors press release that gives some deeper insight into what is happening, below in italics:

Veteran Warriors has confirmed that yet another “IT” project is holding up services for potentially over 1 Million veterans of the Vietnam era!

One of the key pieces of the recently enacted “The VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act” (MISSION ACT); is the long-awaited expansion of the VA’s “Comprehensive Family Caregiver Program” eligibility. The new law required that the VA “…must develop and implement a new information technology system to support administrative and record-keeping needs. CSP will soon submit a report to Congress with a timeline for implementation (Jr., 2018).”  

What the Secretary did not mention is that the law mandates that this new IT program be implemented, functioning and certified to Congress; NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1, 2018!

Bear in mind; the law also states that the VA will not have to open the program to the pre-1975 (Vietnam era) veterans UNTIL TWO YEARS AFTER THAT CERIFICATION IS MADE. The clock has not even started yet on the two-year waiting period. 

The mandate to implement this “new technology” is a misnomer. The VA already has the “Caregiver Application Tracking System”. This is the program that the VA personnel use to manage the caregiver cases. The problem is; this program does not copy over to the veteran’s medical records; and there have been cases where we have found the personnel utilizing this system to communicate their personal opinions and even remarks about how they plan to create reasons to remove veterans from the program. So, the clause in the law to create yet another program to do this seemed like a stall tactic. 

Congress created a law to (finally) include all eras of veterans (over a staggered time table), into the program. The VA has fought this since the Post 9/11 portion of the program was still a Bill. Now, they have found a way to indefinitely forestall the inevitable; effectively keeping eligible veterans still waiting on the VA for earned benefits and services, while the VA Office of IT scrambles around trying to build this program, while fixing the GI Bill program and the VBMS (claims management system). 

We caution our Brothers and Sisters; please don’t hold your breath!

Hold Your Breath?

Hold your breath? Only civilians would be so foolish as to take VA at their word on this one. Hundreds of million in taxpayer dollars are at stake, and VA reportedly tied its bonuses this year with the number of caregivers they can “graduate” aka purge from the program.

So, do not hold your breath.

Despite that, I have to hand it to Wilkie. He probably gave the most honest and forthright answer to Congress I have seen in a long time.

veterans affairsRather than trying to spin his way out, like Bob McDonald used to pull (remember, he said he fired thousands under Accountability initiatives while the real number was 4), Wilkie took the lump on the chin and promised to stop the process.

I can only imagine the car ride back to Vermont Avenue between Wilkie and whatever program manager mislead him about the program and its failure to launch. Was it Meg Kabat who gave him the bad intel or someone else?

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  1. We were one of many who were told that my vet got better. As the caregiver to my veteran spouse I appealed and got denied. We are still in the program but lowered teir level ( because they insisted my vet got better / improved). In the beginning the program was doing good as to follow ups and feedback and support but in the later years, its been more of constant reminders from them stating that my vet can not stay in the program forever and he needs to get better. I have heard other caregivers state the same concerns.

  2. “I bet if you look at the 22 suicides a day you will see VA screwed up in 90%,” wrote Jim Turner, a retired Marine Colonel who took his own life with a rifle at a VA.”

    You will see that number go up since the VA is paranoid about “Opioids” so vets with pain won’t be able to get Rx for the pain and will just check out. The strangest thing, opioids are out but in Michigan as well as other states you can buy all the pot you want.

  3. “…was Wilkie misled by Meg…” or did each of these reprobates get a little richer off the backs of terminally ill veterans and the spouses?
    Follow the money and I’ll bet we’ll find the answer!

    This “scheme” smells like crap warmed up!

  4. Bonuses tied to purges? That pretty much says it all and is probably criminal activity. Bet that whoever dreamed that up won’t be held accountable, and shuffled to another VA facility to retire to get their Cadillac retirement benefits. One thing that is always guaranteed, someone is always covering up and making excuses about the problem, and the situation has to be boiling over to get any attention from outside the VA, and the Vets are usually the only ones to suffer the consequences of the problem…

  5. When are some of these CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS that the VA is no longer immune from going to start?

  6. Yep just as I have gotten better and trying to reduce. I hate the place. Seems they always have tricks. I have no idea what to do.

  7. I love it when I read about people such as Lauren Price and her self-funded organization of advocates called Veteran Warriors and organizations like the Independence Fund, relentlessly working for the benefit of the veteran (you as well Ben). Good Job all you warriors of justice for ALL!

    I feel a change is coming on – Luv it, Luv it, Luv it and thank you for the good information it made my day!


  8. Is there a recourse for those of us who were in the program and were purged last year with nothing but a very clearly highlighted, BS appeal?

  9. What is the plan to reinstate those of us who have been wrongfully “Graduated”?
    Have appealed and been denied already.
    No, I did not magically become healthy either.

    1. Agree, its time to respect the Veterans, Wives, Husbands, and Families with this Caregivers Program. Purple Heart 100% Permanently disabled, qualified from the start should never have been removed. Just wrong. Hope it wasn’t to get votes for the Democrats in this last election???? Reinstate now with back pay for when they just dropped them, with crazy appeal papers that had nothing to do with Invisible Wounds. Post911 Veterans and Families matter, and deserve this program. Thank you for this article Sir.

  10. “VA reportedly tied its bonuses this year with how many caregivers they can “graduate” aka purge from the program”. Medical fraud. Total value system breakdown.

    1. Shouldn’t this rise to the level of criminal conspiracy? Denying one’s financial benefit – income – cash – to enrich others seems like theft to me. Doing this as a matter of policy connotes conspiracy.

      This country just reeks of corruption. Instead of cash in brown bags, it’s all legally blessed and word-smithed into law or policy. We need a revolution. Peaceful is preferred, bloody if necessary.

      1. I think its criminal conspiracy. We’ve been horribly misled, by both parties. Revolution seems to be their goal, the inequality in the country cannot stand. Revolution, let it be on them, the bankers, the corporations, the gov, ignorance is no excuse.


    Maybe Wilkie should join rest of Trump’s rats and jump good ship Titanic lollipop?


    1. Wilkie is a self absorbed moron that likes to hear himself talk. He thinks he’s more than he actually is. I’m sick of hearing him talk his rhetoric shit about his families military history every 5 minutes. I wouldn’t waste my urine pissing on his leg. The only good use for him is fertilizer for my plants. POS.

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