VA Gives Away $3.2 Million In Office Space To Union On Taxpayer Dime


Documents leaked from the Department of Veterans Affairs show the agency is giving away over 160,000 square feet of office space to the union in hospitals nationwide.

When converted to rent at $20 per square foot each year, the total value is conservatively estimated to be $3.2 million per year, assuming the data is correct. When you include market rate plus utilities, the value of the space plus parking is likely much higher.

This information comes out on the heels of further details that VA coffers have been used to fund 1.1 million work hours paid for by taxpayers.

One whistleblower gave me a PDF chart of the total square footage allocation to unions within VA health care facilities nationwide about a month ago. I had a chance to synthesize the data – – number 1 and 11 on the list will surprise you.

According to the chart, the largest union office facility is over 7,000 square feet, located at Salem VA, in Virginia. The eleventh largest is surprisingly Tomah VA, in Wisconsin, at 2,500 square feet.

The union reps at Tomah VA enjoys more space than the union at Kansas City, Portland or Miami despite serving a substantially smaller veteran population.

How did that happen?

This information came out following revelations noted above about VA funding union activity totaling 1.1 million hours each year.

Even at the minimum wage, the value of the hours amounts to over $7 million per year in free hours donated to the union, possibly the most corrupt organization holding back progress within VA at this present time.

Now, we know these union lackies earn way more than minimum wage as federal employees. Realistically, they likely earn around $80,000 per year on average or $40 per hour. This would mean taxpayers fund union oriented work costing $40 million.

Top Ten States With Sizeable Union Space Allocations

As you will see below, there appears to be little correlation between union office size and the relative size of the local veteran population. Keep in mind, the largest populations of veterans exist in California, Texas, and Florida.

  1. New York            13,010
  2. California            11,615
  3. Ohio                   9,845
  4. Virginia               9,095
  5. Florida                7,444
  6. Pennsylvania       6,972
  7. Missouri              6,478
  8. North Carolina     6,460
  9. Texas                 6,093
  10. Illinois                5,674

Union Office Size By Facility

Take a look at the numbers below. Does anything jump out at you regarding allocation of square footage on the taxpayer dime?

Rank Facility Location State Net SqFt
1 Salem Virginia 7002
2 Chillicothe Ohio 4140
3 Baltimore HCS Maryland 4072
4 Salisbury North Carolina 4067
5 Brooklyn (OLD) New York 3042
6 Palo Alto California 2684
7 VA Puget Sound Washington 2631
8 VA Boston HCS Massachussetts 2584
9 Dayton Ohio 2563
10 Eastern KS HCS Kansas 2560
11 Tomah Wisconsin 2555
12 N. California California 2513
13 Captain James A Lovell FHCC Illinois 2334
14 Kansas City Missouri 2262
15 Mountain Home Tennessee 2142
16 St. Louis Missouri 2055
17 Long Beach California 2041
18 Greater Los Angeles HCS California 2041
19 Middle Tennessee HCS Tennessee 1912
20 Central Alabama Veterans HCS Alabama 1908
21 Cleveland Ohio 1893
22 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1834
23 VA Hudson Valley HCS New York 1813
24 Indianapolis Indiana 1769
25 Gainesville Florida 1728
26 Columbia Missouri 1715
27 Canandaigua New York 1705
28 Dallas Texas 1667
29 Detroit Michigan 1658
30 Tuscaloosa Alabama 1616
31 Northern Indiana HCS Indiana 1613
32 Lyons (OLD) New Jersey 1600
33 Western New York New York 1479
34 Augusta Georgia 1430
35 Bronx New York 1395
36 Washington District of Columbia 1345
37 Battle Creek Michigan 1334
38 New York Harbor HCS New York 1323
39 Beckley West Virginia 1322
40 Hampton Virginia 1313
41 Ann Arbor Michigan 1294
42 Togus Maine 1286
43 New Mexico HCS New Mexico 1280
44 Asheville North Carolina 1267
45 Muskogee Oklahoma 1260
46 Hines Illinois 1226
47 Sheridan Wyoming 1223
48 Danville Illinois 1200
49 Houston Texas 1194
50 Coatesville Pennsylvania 1179
51 Jackson Mississippi 1175
52 Reno Nevada 1167
53 Tampa Florida 1156
54 Northern Arizona HCS Arizona 1150
55 VA Connecticut HCS Connecticut 1121
56 Lebanon Pennsylvania 1112
57 Miami Florida 1087
58 Las Vegas Nevada 1080
59 Boise Idaho 1070
60 Little Rock Arkansas 1042
61 Portland Oregon 1039
62 San Antonio Texas 1037
63 Phoenix Arizona 1025
64 Cincinnati Ohio 1014
65 Albany New York 1000
66 Temple Texas 1000
67 Roseburg Oregon 992
68 Martinsburg West Virginia 983
69 Columbia South Carolina 973
70 Louisville Kentucky 964
71 Orlando Florida 961
72 Gulf Coast HCS Mississippi 957
73 New Jersey HCS New Jersey 940
74 Bay Pines Florida 933
75 Alexandria Louisiana 919
76 Atlanta Georgia 916
77 Wilmington Delaware 900
78 Huntington West Virginia 826
79 Lake City Florida 812
80 Sioux Falls South Dakota 804
81 Milwaukee Wisconsin 800
82 Minneapolis Minnesota 793
83 Bedford Massachussetts 786
84 Nebraska-W Iowa Nebraska 785
85 Richmond Virginia 780
86 San Francisco California 775
87 West Palm Beach Florida 767
88 Clarksburg West Virginia 755
89 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 743
90 San Diego California 739
91 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 727
92 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania 727
93 Charleston South Carolina 723
94 New Orleans Louisiana 694
95 VA Central Western Massachusetts HCS Massachussetts 692
96 Black Hills HCS South Dakota 664
97 Jesse Brown VAMC (Chicago) Illinois 654
98 Altoona Pennsylvania 645
99 Loma Linda California 600
100 Fayetteville North Carolina 591
101 Bath New York 591
102 Lexington Kentucky 578
103 Memphis Tennessee 553
104 Central Iowa Iowa 552
105 Durham North Carolina 535
106 Fayetteville Arkansas 534
107 Southern Arizona HCS Arizona 534
108 Fargo North Dakota 519
109 Iron Mountain Michigan 512
110 Northport New York 490
111 Amarillo Texas 470
112 Saginaw Michigan 468
113 Walla Walla Washington 466
114 Northern Indiana HCS Indiana 458
115 Salt Lake City Utah 457
116 Manchester New Hampshire 453
117 Denver Colorado 450
118 Grand Junction Colorado 450
119 Montana HCS Montana 450
120 Poplar Bluff Missouri 446
121 Birmingham Alabama 425
122 Shreveport Louisiana 412
123 White River Junction Vermont 400
124 Butler Pennsylvania 399
125 Iowa City Iowa 398
126 St. Cloud Minnesota 366
127 Dublin Georgia 362
128 Wichita Kansas 360
129 Cheyenne Wyoming 358
130 Madison Wisconsin 354
131 Erie Pennsylvania 349
132 Spokane Washington 316
133 White City Oregon 314
134 VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend HCS Texas 280
135 El Paso Texas 275
136 Marion Illinois 260
137 Columbus Ohio 235
138 Anchorage Alaska 225
139 Fresno California 222
140 Syracuse New York 172
141 Big Spring Texas 170
142 Providence Rhode Island 50
143 Honolulu Hawaii 0
 Total Square Feet 162,332



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  1. Ahh, Benjie. You have touched a raw nerve, son. Forget the AFGE. What about all those VSOs with free rent, free telephones, free computers, free desks and free access to the RO. Always remember, this process is adversarial and never intended to help Vets. One day Steve Miller’s words will come true.

    Tax the rich, Feed the poor
    ‘Til there are no rich no more.
    Liberal, progressive folks mean well but they don’t think through the consequences of everyone being subsidized for life and no one left to carry the water. The purpose of unions was to protect us from being taken advantage of. That era has disappeared- just like child labor and minimum wage. Get ready for $15 hamburgers at McDonald’s with the new minimum wage rules coming out. It didn’t work in the USSR. What makes any of us think we’re immune to this idiocy?

  2. @Ex va: I think if the va has determined the guy to be 100% disabled and unemployable, then that is that. And if the guy is smart enough to make money doing youtube videos, then good for him. Nobody should be forced to live in poverty if they are smart enough to find a way to make extra money. wtf business is it of this other guys? So if some veteran comes from a wealty family, and is 100% disabled and unemployable, then he shouldn’t recieve a dime from the va for his injuries? wtf kind of thinking is that?

    1. @ cj, i agree with you completely. I hate that mentality that because what someone else receives somehow it takes away from them??? I applaud someone that receives benefits because i believe their is probably ten poor souls who are being denied standing in line waiting behind them.

      A lot of Veterans do not apply for benefits because they don’t want educational benefits and other benefits they are entitled to receive but just don’t want to do that. I knew WWII Veterans that went thru hell and Korean Veterans that wouldn’t apply for benefits. My father in-law wouldn’t apply for compensation and that was his personal choice and he was traumatized and it was something he didn’t want to receive. His decision and his right.

      If someone can figure out how to help themselves financially being disabled i am happy for them. I do not like people suffering in poverty and if they can do something to get out of that all power to them. How does this Veteran know what this other Veterans receives? That is really none of his business. Don’t really care for people who are jealous of what someone else has.

      1. @Ex va: I better get some rest. Hope you sleep well, and as always, God Bless you and your family. Will talk soon.

  3. @Ex va: I watched this utube video, guy was said he was a combat veteran, and a vso. Then goes into this bs about another vet that had 100% service connection and total unemployability. Says this guy has 5 business’s and shouldn’t get anything from the va. I looked up the guy he was talking about and his business’s are youtube channels. I don’t see what the big deal is. he was saying this guy was commiting fraud etc, and taking money away from other vets that need it etc…………….I am not sure what I think about all this.

  4. @Ex va: We moved here from Chicago about 30 years ago. Been stuck here ever since. I wish I could get the heck out of here.

    1. @ cj, i live towards the bottom of state. It is warmer down here but then you have the humidity. It is an impoverished area. Not a lot of industry. We live on an acre in middle of farmlands. Ground is not that great for vegetables.

      1. @Ex va: Same here, this is a depressed town, in the middle of farm country. I can’t stand it here.

      2. @Ex va: I guess this veteran that is making extra money has been bragging about it online, So the other is pissed off. I can’t say what i really think about this, I wouldn”t want there to be any hard feelings amound the other veterans here.

      3. @ cj, really is hard to give an opinion because maybe don’t know the whole story or maybe this guy has some problems and wants people divided on what he is doing or not doing. Some people make stuff up just to get others angry. No, i don’t want to offend anyone either. I try to wish the best for people. I believe in God and karma. Lol. Try to sow good things if possible. I know of one statistic that as far as a Veteran trying to take advantage of benefits was less than one percent that did.

    1. @ cj, i haven’t had any trouble with the browser. I haven’t been on here much this weekend. It said comments were closed. I don’t know what that means.

      1. @Ex va: I think being busy it the best medicine, I am going to start doing more things, instead of doing nothing. i think the more we don’t move, the worse we get. I mean nothing else is working. Have to try something new.

        Anything would be better than the care, most of the people on Bens blog, are getting now. That is IF they are getting any help at all. I don’t know what the answer is, but something has to change.

      2. @ cj, a va insurance card, like healthlink of blue cross/blue shield. Payments are negotiated like a Medicare card. Va doesn’t have a say about any of it. That is where the problem lies when the va gets involved they mess everything up.
        Yes, i agree with you about moving it keeps your joints from locking up. My rheumatologist says once you get locked up then your in worse trouble. I was told by a neurologist that are backs are like joints. That after you get older they do fuse and suppose to be less pain. God i hope so. My back gets me down sometimes.

      3. @Ex va; I was told the same thing by my nuerologist as well, He said the bad news is there is nothing that can be done, the good news is the back will start fusing itself and the pain will start to go away.

      4. @ cj, if you were told that about your back, that gives me some hope. I do have bone erosion from the ra. I could go in remission. Trying to be positive. Do you live in the country up north?

      5. @Ex va: yes a small town about 1/2 hour from the wisconsin border and 65 miles nw of chicago.

      1. @ cj, i am sicker i have to get to a doctor tomorrow. Coughing so hard hurt my back. How are you doing? I hope you are doing better.

      2. @ cj, i think it is the flu these immunosuppressants make my immune system weak i come down with everything. Pisses me off.

      3. @cj, you feeling better? I am probably going to have to get on antibiotics i guess.

      4. @Ex va: Yes feeling much better. This morning was pretty painfull but by noon all was good. These bouts never last longer than a few days.

      5. @cj, good for you. You sounded really sick, glad your feeling better. Spring is around the corner you have to start getting busy. Lol. I am going to try to do more this year. I wish they would put all the Veterans on Medicare or just give them an insurance card and then they could see who they wanted and get decent care.

  5. *Off Topic* – Show Me the Proof – I’m tired on going on individual emotions about the Russians, the Interference of the 2016 Presidential Election, Wire Tapping, etc..

    I want to see proof of any impropriety. All we’ve been hearing about is the probability of something being true. I’m tired of all this emotional tugging back and forth. And, neither do I have time for this type of behavior, nor do enjoy being subjected to it. I can make my own decision. Show me the dam proof.

    1. ANutterVet,
      The only ones claiming “The Russians are behind the ‘hacking’!” are the Democrats and around 12-15 Republican turn-coats.

      I believe the only reason they’re doing it is to disrupt any and all things President Trump, and his newly formed cabinet, is trying to accomplish FOR America!
      Sit tight, relax, everything will work out for the best, I hope!

  6. Seymore, check out this video from;
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    4 Mar. 2017

    “Dept of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites!”

    It’s one of those “Ah Shit!” moments. Especially when you see the list! It’s freaking long!
    Everyone on this site has used numerous ‘words’ on that list! I think I just used a bunch, lol! Bet you have too!

      1. @Crazy elf: Yes your comment is posted. I don’t know why it always says comments are closed. I have been answering comments that have been closed for days, and it still post’s.

      2. @ANutterVet: How are you doing? Sorry I haven’t been on lately, too much pain and too many appointments. Takes alot out of me. You know how that is I am sure.

    1. Hey Elf,

      Here is an article I do believe you will enjoy. Did you know that every single tweet ever uploaded to Twitter by an American has been, and continues to be, archived by the U.S. Library of Congress?

      Here is what Facebook had to say about it back in 2010.

      “How Tweet It Is!: Library Acquires Entire Twitter Archive”,
      April 14, 2010 at 10:02am


      1. Seymore,
        The government’s been spying on us for a long time.
        Oh, you might like this short video from;
        “‘Amicus Humani Generis”
        4 Mar 2017
        “President Trump SLAMS Obama For Wiretapping Trump Towers!”

        He tweeted a bunch early this morning. This site isn’t the only one calling out Obama and his minions over doing this!
        To say President Trump ain’t a little pissed right now, would be understating it!

  7. I see the statement “Comments are closed.”

    Just above the Leave A Reply box.

    Are comments posting?

  8. With the Union now calling for a 5.3% pay increase. I am sure they see themselves as still protected.

    As for some of the creative uses they have been using to make money off the office space they are being provided under the Veterans Administrations budget.

    “Credit union branches on VA land targeted for closure”, Staff Writer / Published: June 15, 2015

    Of course the Unions does not want to give up their Credit Union’s use of VA Property. So now it is a long and drawn out fight full of civil actions. Civil Actions paid for by the Veterans Administrations budget. Even though the credit union is being provided for the credit union paid no rent because its membership consisted of at least 95 percent current or former federal employees and their families. They don’t even have a requirement of being a VA employee. To join the Credit union you just have to be a AFGE member or related to one.

    “Federal Government Seeks to evict credit union from VA-owned property”, James Halpin / Published: February 28, 2017


    1. Don’t worry the Credit Unions are fully staffed and no AFGE member has to wait to join and no waiting on fast loan approvals.

      1. I wonder who is paying the salary of all those credit union employees?

        Or better question is how they are using the VA budget to pay those salaries?

    2. Good find Seymore.

      How many other sweetheart deals does the AFGE have with the VA with taxpayers paying for it?

      1. @Seymore Klearly, @91Veteran – As Veterans, where is our protection? Sorry, forgot, we’re disposable. Next in line!

  9. I find it funny that Salem,Virginia has the largest square footage for union office space but serve one of the smallest community of veterans in the state. I live in NOVA and can only do a limited set of medical procedures at the VA Medical Clinic at Fort Belvoir. And still have to travel into Washington DC for most of my appointments. I guess Salem has friends in DC.

  10. @91Veteran – I hope you able to get that pain taken care of, and to get better mobility in your leg. Question, does the VA where you receive PT have a warm water pool? Thanks, and get better Brother.

    To Everyone- Does your VA have a warm water pool?

    1. I don’t believe they have such a pool ANutterVet, unless it’s hidden in a room somewhere.

  11. Let the union pay them. They don’t work for Veterans. After months of executives abuses, the major problem may be the executives themselves. OIG has reported so many infractions in the past few months and nothing much has been done. I’ve heard some say the VA is good. To some it is. To way too many, it’s not. Giving VA space to our enemies isn’t sound. Don’t AFGE have budget for rent? AFGE has no place in the VA building.

    1. There’s no doubt many great VA employees and also exceptionally lazy ones. What happens in especially a corporate type office environment is when you have fraud and corruption rife in the ranks of management, just like a communicable plague of some sort, that corruption and fraud creeps-in and causes the already prone to lackadaisical and lazy work ethics to also start to flourish and they become more brazen with their own perhaps human behavioral quirks that were once sufficiently suppressed to safely be around other humans through much therapy…until it is activated and then THEY start radiating corruption and fraud, it then continues to infect the once very good employees around them because within the system, those fraudsters have been noticed as getting something extra they did not have, and also want, because they observe that they are not getting in trouble and if it’s even brought-up, well the original viral cell, the AFGE will bail out the poisoned by corruption employee, punish and harass whomever dared to utilize the VA Whistleblower Policy, activate the DBC Stormtroopers…holy crap, the VA has been infected systemically with “The Andromeda Strain”. Even the once good employees have become carriers of the plague. The VA unfortunately needs to be treated just like a Legionnaires Outbreak because the corruption indeed is very much a systemic problem that can only be cleansed with a complete enema. Give all Veterans Medicaid in their respective States, no exceptions, until things get sorted out.
      Because almost anything “healthy” pumped into the VA will become infected. It’s very clear. Look how far the VSO’s are up the VA’s ass but have forgotten the very Veterans they supposedly advocate FOR…fun hats.

  12. I cannot in any way comprehend how it is legal to provide any kind of government facilities or resources for union activity.

    Why do unions at private business not have free office space provided by the companies where their unions work?

    Its no wonder they have hundreds of flunkies spending 100% of their time on union activities. Why would they want to leave their lavish offices?

    And I can tell you, anything over 500 square feet is pretty damn lavish, but even that is NOT something that taxpayers should be paying for.

    A 7000 square foot office is an office 70 feet wide by 100 feet long.

    Does anyone have any experience with any other federal agency that allows this lunacy?

    I have been in FAA towers before, and the break rooms provided for air traffic controllers are nice, but they are in no way this huge, and certainly are not lavish. I also believe an argument can be made to provide them a break room for rest periods at busy towers, but what the hell do VA employees need full time union office space for? Do they need to rest up from Facebook games? Abusing veterans? Papercuts? Working out on friggin stairmasters to provide more effective bearings?

    Square footage is a cost to look at. Union thugs being paid to act a full time thug is ridiculous, and is another known cost.

    How many of these offices are provided furniture? Computers? Printers? Internet access?

    Not a damn one of those should be paid for by taxpayers since it makes me an unwilling supporter of these thugs.

    How the hell does congress or the VAIG look the other way on this misuse of funds?

    And Tomah? 2555 square feet?

    Recall those Wisconsin Watchdog articles about kicking those homeless vets out of facilities at Tomah that a non profit was paying rent for? It had been operating for 20 years. They were paying $17000 per month.

    Was that facility anywhere near 7000 square feet?

    Yet union thugs get free office space and other resources?

    Seriously WTF?

    1. 91Veteran,
      Computers and Internet access – Those union thugs, and thuglets, have to keep up with the latest porn site, don’t cha know!

    2. @91 Veteran: It must be modeled after the auto industry, they are required to provide a union office in every auto manufacuring plant. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this same thing in the steel industry as well. The larger the industry the larger the thugery, and all protected by law. Durring the Hearings on:The Use of Official Time for Union Activities at the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was clear the democrats were only interested in protecting the unions, while the republicans were interested in protecting the veteran.

      1. @cj– I can tell you that the couple years while in college working night shift unloading semi trucks for UPS, which was represented by the Teamsters Union, was a really big joke. Union Stewards were just extra paid yes men for other people up the pyramid food chain and the office space allocated for a huge location that was size of several football fields under one huge roof, was the equiv. of size of a regular vending machine break room with coffee machines, nothing more.
        When I did political & community organizing out of college and shortly before my health went to crap, we were affiliated with AFL-CIO, and they would lease for three months armory’s and office space, expensive copiers, you name it…but all seemed to be chaotic last minute decisions from above on everything…the AFGE falls under the master “umbrella” of the AFL-CIO, which is HUGE. They shit money because they have a herd collective that have no choice but to give union dues each and every paycheck, plus all the contracts and deals they get through political back room deals or plain daylight like how Obama catered to every need and want the Unions wanted in his 8 years, esp. the AFGE and AFL-CIO.

        I used to be supportive of unions but I saw the light. When my health became dire, the very thing of guaranteed healthcare and blah, blah we espoused, became oxymoronic because they only wanted me to continue fundraising because I somehow was good at it…that money came before MY health…fuck the unions.

      2. I must add this to my little tale: The org. I worked for and by proxy, the AFL-CIO, paid for my entire healthcare and hospitalizations for one full year when I left because of health and conscious…and guess what?
        That once, pretty good community organizing group called “Working America” in which I worked as a Field Manager and was being groomed to take main position for my State–shortly after that year, that once-okay group has gone all-in PAC, which is a “Political Action Campaign or Committee”…the AFL-CIO, which is totally over the AFGE and Federal Employees, spends oodles of $$$$$$$ for political ideology over the human condition and we Veterans get trampled on just the same because we are low-hanging fruit for them.
        The VSO’s support for the AFGE and VA over Veteran’s Choice and well-being and safety, makes those VSO’s no different than union thug bosses getting a little extra for betraying their fellow humans and Veterans.

        My conclusion is Unions have outlived their original reasons for existing and now have been exploiting the taxpayers in a systemic way not much different than that of days of Serfdom and Peasants.
        Guess who are the Peasants in this kingdom shoveling the shit from the meat grinder? You got it, the non-union card holders. Time to take it all back.

      3. @namnibor: All true, I know more about unions then I let on, Sheet metal worker for many years, and a union small business owner for many years as well. I really like that initiation fee, isn’t that special? or when my men had no work, to have them go around to different construction sites looking for non union companies that were doing our work. What for? to boot them off and put our men to work? Hell no, so the union organizer could try and sign the non union company up. Nice of them to “use our men,and their gas money” when they were not making an income. On and on we could go with union mis deeds. It is time they went to some third world country, that might actually need them. Hold on, come to think of it………..Amazon snake wrestlers union #69……..has a nice bite to it………Haitian voodoo doctors local #666……Afgahn poppy growers local # 2high……….come on chime in on new available locals,,,,,we don’t have to be serious all the time lol besides you know talking about unions, is the same as talking about car salesmen, dentists, ambulance chasers……………and yes………taxes.

      4. @namnibor

        Unions have indeed outlived their usefulness, but this does not mean that something much more effective has not been put in place.

        Union membership declined drastically since the 50’s and in their place we have regulation. What I mean by this is that once a group that licenses, say nurses, convinces the government to regulate their industry, then a sure thing is that in order to practice in the industry you must have a license to do so. A corpsmen likely has orders of magnitude more useful care experience than any given RN, but unless the corpseman pays EXHORBITANT dues (in the form of specific education requirements conducted by the licensed folks) then the corpseman would not be able to join that workforce despite being much better at it.

        This has several advantages over the union for those who engage in these occupations. First you need no set organization with a headquarters. You simply pay lobbyists to get government to alter regulations rather than make demands of an employer. Lastly you control the commonality of the group by being in control of the licensing board (which is made up of licensed folks….). If a member gets out of line you do not have to see to it they are fired; you simply refuse to renew their license as the licensing board. Whoever they work for is then forced to fire them irregardless of ability. This is not just medical I am talking about either – in some states you need a license to be a ferret breeder. About a million other licenses from haircutting to palm reading are all a part of this new trend.

        AFGE adds layer after layer after layer of deception and backstabbing and treachery not because they are a unique labor union – they do this because this is what a traditional union ALWAYS becomes. They are not a uniquely corrupt labor union, just an extremely well funded one. What would likely take the place of overt corruption is regulation regarding vets if VA is eliminated.

        By this I mean that logically Congress would pass regulations on the care of veterans or the paying of veterans medical claims that are not the same as any other citizen. There can be zero doubt that when such a noose is left in the law that somebody is going to hang themselves and screw the pooch over this. This is why I oppose unique vets organizations as well. In my opinion if a man or woman is entitled to care then they should all get precisely the same medical card which is dealt with under just ONE set of rules.

        They call this in a free democratic government “equal protection under the law”. Are we free yet?

      5. Very good explanation Dennis on what happens with certain occupations when there is no union, but I believe busy bodies in government insisting on regulating or having power over others is as much to blame.

        Not to mention government bureaucrats wanting to build empires so as to properly oversee those they regulate.

        But then we have the VA, where employees are often both licensed and union members, and no bureaucrat wanting to regulate any of them.

        I so enjoy licensing bureaucrats who regulate a hair dresser but ignored a VA doctor.

      6. Cj, thanks for that. As I said, I wasn’t clear on whether private companies do that. I am sure that is dependent on size of company and union. I notice many union halls are paid for by the union, which is their right.

        If a private company wants to pay for office space and time for unions, that too is their right, and company officials have to answer to their shareholders.

        I notice VA bureaucrats like to refer to us as stakeholders and customers, but they are in no way answerable to us.

        In fact, the VA is the only organization I know of that actively goes out of their way to piss off, act against, ignore, maim and kill their stakeholders/customers.

      7. @91 Veteran: So right about that. 91, didn’t you say you had a knee replacement done at the va? Without pain meds after? Criminal behaviour for sure. How did the knee replacement go? Would you do it over again? They want to replace both of mine. I do not want the va doing the surgery. I also read that when you have a screwed up back, your chances for failed knee replacement is pretty high. They also just reprogrammed my hearing aids, and added some white noise. Much better now, but thinking of having them take the white noise back off. In 84 I had my 3rd left knee reconstruction surgery, I asked that the head of Loyola Universcity Medical Center, who oversee’s the orthopedic surgeries done at Hines va, be present for the surgery. He agreed, and is one of the best surgeons in the world, Dr. Michael Pinzur, you can look him up. After the bothched surgery he personally came to my room and apologized for the va screwing up the surgery, and said he could only advise, but not ‘make” them listen. From that day forward, never again at the va.

      8. Cj, I did have knee replacement surgery at the VA in 2014. I was given morphine which did not relieve the pain or muscle cramping, and the nurses were withholding the Percoset which did help.

        Then on the last day, the nurse on duty stole the pain medicine from the dose of other medicine I received.

        When he came in around 1pm on the day I was discharged, he said he couldn’t give me any more pain medicine from the hospital, and I would have to take it from the prescription I was given that I would have by the time I was ready to go. He said I was already out of their computer. It makes me wonder if he took that dose too.

        He then disappeared for the rest of the day. The nurse my wife found refused a knee brace to get home. She said the doctor hadn’t written the order in my records. She didn’t care when I told her the doctor told me that morning I would get a brace so I could stand the ride home.

        I used a pillow from the VA that the nurse complained about me taking.

        I left, and about half way home my wife saw I still had the IV port in my wrist. I had to go back in that evening to have the VA remove it. They said I was in too much of a hurry to leave. I said my nurse disappeared.

        Would I do it again? Well, it replaced one pain with another, which may have been helped if I had been given proper PT after the surgery. I went weeks after without having a CPM machine at home which helps stiffness and degree of flex greatly. The VA did not want to provide it since they would have to pay rent to an outside company for it.

        My surgery was in April. My congressman got me the CPM machine in August, and only because I could not straighten my leg, and the degree I could flex it got worse.

        By that time, I could only straighten it to about 10 degrees rather than zero, and I could not flex it past 75 degrees rather than over 100.
        After 1 month with the CPM machine, I could straighten it to zero, and flex it to 105 degrees. I can’t get beyond that.

        About 10 months after the surgery, it stiffened so bad and was so painful it was causing lower back problems with pain shooting down both legs.

        I went to PT again for a few weeks at the VA and they got it working again. They gave me a knee brace to wear to help keep it warm in cold weather because they said the metal gets cold causing the pain and stiffness.

        This winter it got cold and painful and stiffened, but that did not last more than a day or two.

        I noticed my circulation in that leg increased considerably, and it’s still better than my other leg.

        Would I do it again? Yeah, at a civilian hospital. If at the VA, I would certainly demand a CPM machine immediately after discharge since it helps speed recovery considerably. Some VA PT exercises help with strength, but they do very little for flex, and almost nothing for muscle problems such as cramping.

        As for your hearing aids, you should tell them you can’t stand the white noise, and ask them to replace them with newer ones that have different settings. Mine have 3 settings, 1 that is normal, 1 with a certain level of white noise, and 1 for music.

      9. @91 Veteran: Thanks for the info. No veteran should have to suffer throught what you have at the hands of the va. I damn sure would have sued their sorry asses. What happened to you, and what they did to me, is exactly why I asked. If I do decide to have the surgery done it will be at a private facility and not the va. I have an appointment with the va for ortho and spine, in 2 weeks. The pcp who said it was “in gods hands now” must have set it up, even after me telling him I would never allow any doctor or surgeon to cut into my back. NEVER. I have seen too many people screwed up for life by what some call the best nuerosergeons available. Remember Rush Limbaugh, and his drug addiction over oxy? That is because he had 3 failed back surgeries. If a guy like Rush with his 100s of millions of dollars couldn’t get a surgeon to fix his back, then I don’t stand a chance lol. Not gonna happen.

      10. I hear ya CJ. My brother has had some disks fused years ago and has had nothing but trouble.

        I had a lower back injury from falling on ice about 10 years ago, ended up In the ER with pain so bad down my left leg it felt like an electric bolt if I put any weight on one leg. I have to be damn careful in what I do. If I twist the wrong way while lifting something, it’s serious pain for weeks.
        When my knee stiffens or is painful, it causes limping which causes problems with my back. Luckily I have been able to recover in a day or two now unless I lift wrong. Last year the stiffening was so bad it caused some serious problems for awhile.

      11. @91 Veteran: I wish the best for your brother. I don’t know how these damn surgeons can claim such a high success rate. I don’t know a single person that was one of those successes. I hope you don’t further any damage to your back as well. You need to be very carefull for the rest of your life.

  13. Off Topic – Trump Signs Executive Order Making English Official Language of World

    President Trump signed a new executive order today making English the official language of the world.

    Titled, “Making English the Official Language of the World”, the order would effectively ban the use of all other languages across the globe. “English is so great. So, so great. This was a real no-brainer. Really something that should have been done a long time ago,” Trump remarked. “English is the best. Literally, it’s the only language that makes any sense. I mean, ‘Ching chang chong’. What is that?”

    “Mucha lupa frucha frito,” Trump continued, disparagingly. “It’s gibberish. Spanish is a disaster. French is a disaster. Whatever Japanese people speak is a complete and total disaster. It’s enough already. “And, added Trump: “This is a good thing. People want this.”

    In order to help enforce his new restrictions, violations of which could reportedly incur sanctions or loss of US funding, American travelers are being encouraged to report the speaking of foreign languages by foreign people in the foreign countries they visit. “If you hear something, say something,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in his daily briefing.

  14. Off Topic: But, politics always slides its brown mass downward via gravity to affect we Veterans and I just wonder if all this Democrats and McCain and all other congress critters screaming all over the airwaves about Attorney General Sessions and anyone remotely related to Russia, is nothing but a massively orchestrated smokescreen of swamp fog to impair any repair or changes Trump’s Team wishes to do with the VA and other parts of draining the swamp in D.C.?
    I ask because why was not all this considered a huge problem when the Hildabeast Hillary and Pres. Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, had and have so many conflicts of interest but they seem rather desperate to be putting so much energy and resources into what seems like obvious obstruction and desperate obstruction at that.
    Anyway, be careful out there. Snowflakes are still melting.

    1. @namnibor,
      I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head!
      I believe it could very well be a “smoke screen” to keep President Trump from fulfilling his promises to America!
      We’ll just have to wait and see!

      I HATE waiting. It’s just like I’m back in the Army or Navy!
      ——- “Hurry up and wait!”———–

  15. As far as today’s blog, I’ve noticed something of importance we’ve touched on.
    That is; “The VHA’s have been yelling and screaming about NOT having enough Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare providers.
    Well, why not take these asswipes who are giving 100% of their time to union activities, and make/force them to perform their duties!
    That way, maybe, we veterans would be seen on time! Maybe, we veterans would receive some kind of healthcare!
    Maybe, those asswipes need to be let go, as in “YOUR FUCKING FIRED!”

    It’s about time for “Shithead Shulkin” to do HIS fucking job! He’s the new Secretary of VA, he’s got to have some kind of power!

    Of course, *IF* he keeps fucking up, I’ve got a feeling he ain’t gonna be around much longer! The President just may put someone in who will be a complete “Ball Buster” against those ungrateful, reprobates who believe they “… can’t be fired!”

  16. The crap the VA has been doing since Dr. Shulkin took over is the crap POTUS said he would stop. Mr. President, make the VA right or give me choice. Dr. Shulkin obviously didn’t understand you. Or, he did and he’s lying. No other options. Get that criminal union out of my health care.

    1. This might seem off topic, and it is, but I wanted to give you hope. New technology has arrived that will ensure the quality of VA care is at least possible. What am I talking about?

      Playstation 4 VR headset. Yep, the headset that lets you play in 3d has arrived, is affordable, and better yet the user can play Surgeon Simulator 2017! Why is this relevant to VA medical care? Well, the program only scored one star out of five by reviewers which is PROOF that VA has been involved in developing this vital training aid! Apparently the game only works 40% of the time as expected which exceeds current VA facility standards by a whopping 30%!!! This MUST have been in the works all along!

      The idea even surpasses the VA program of replacing the snacks in the vending machines with melba toast to curb obesity which boasted an impressive 13% success rate. One star is almost 20% or so, right? (I went to public school) So do not fret about the quality of care on future visits. Just make sure you join the right clan. I definately see changes in the wind at VA! I’m hungry now and want toast.

      1. If you purchase the Surgeon Simulator 2017 package in next 30 minutes, you get absolutely free the VA’s beta version of Pharmacist Technician, which also has the option for inner-app purchases of really swell pharmaceuticals you can create new cures for new diseases you also create, and sell it right back to the VA. Very interactive, even your kids will enjoy it better than that smelly Creepy Crawler Factory, but without even leaving the creepy factor.
        (melba toast for your Veteran patients is extra/inner app purchases as well) Spared no expense.

  17. There’s a lot of great articles on;
    “GOP The Daily Dose”, today.
    This one caught my eye.

    “Obama WOTUS “Pond Convict” – Trump Abolished EPA Rule, Vet Still In Prison!”

    Mar. 2, 2017 | by Rick Wells

    Y’all need to read this article. It’s about an elderly veteran who, in reality, NEVER broke any laws. Because, what he did was put ponds on his own property!
    I wonder how many others out there were illegally thrown in prison?
    Check out the other articles as well!

  18. A lot of the space is in “closed wards”. Because patients are pushed out faster a lot of facilities have unused space. I notice that VA’s with complaint facilities have more union space.

    Denver, because of growth is utilizing more of its space than cities of similar size so less union space per employee compared to Long Beach, Greater LA for instance which have a lot of extra space never utilized because of being closed former cavalry forts or Navy bases. Black Hills is another shrinking are and using a closed base closer to Rapid City also. But the Rapid City SD facility also rents space to civilian uses unlike the other facilities. Sheridan Wyoming probably has the biggest union space per employee. But there are a lot of empty horse barns there easily converted to use.

    So difficult to assign a specific value. VA LA doesn’t rent space to civilian use as far as I know. Black Hills and Sheridan do so to the maximum of ability to do so because of population size. They also have fewer complaints of “developers” competition.

    1. On behalf of horses in all of Wyoming, I must say that of all the noble creatures to compare VA too that it seems unfair to single out horses. I bet there are a lot of empty jack ass shacks too. Pig pens are also notoriously empty during VA work a
      hours. Cows are just stupid so empty pastures don’t matter but what about chicken coups??? In most states when you hand the keys to the coup over to the fox it empties out pretty quick, right? AFGE is the fox here. Horses have rights damnit!

      Meanwhile, the fox reports that all is well in the coup and that the hens are happy and healthy. Boy o boy are those some healthy chickens….

      1. However, am betting one could witness a major cock fight when the AFGE Fox and VA Haitian Witch Dr.’s fight over the remaining chickens while the asses watch-on. 🙂

      2. It probably makes sense about the cock fight namnibor. The AFGE folks are definately pricks….

      3. Nam, I think a former IG would wanna get in on that fight.

        He might win hands down. And up. And down.

  19. Ben your numbers regarding cost necessarily focused on what free rent VA is giving away, but honestly this is not the most insideous nor by ANY strecth of the imagination what these places truly cost America.

    The space is obviously used, but the question comes begging about just how it is used, right? I am assuming that vets waiting in the ER are not offered beds to lay on in theses office spaces, but exactly how are these spaces costing us? It is HUGE. Hang onto your hats after you learn just how they go about STAFFING the work that goes on in a place of “free rent”… the use this space to provide work room for “official time”. Hehehe, get your snot rags out because you are gonna weep..

    Cut and paste excerpt from WND Radio May 2014 online article reveals a bit more to this iceburg than just the tip that Ben has identified;

    “Official time is the euphemism for government employees doing the business of their labor union rather than doing the work of the government. Different departments allow different amounts, but even an hour of your time shouldn’t be funded by tax dollars if they’re doing the work of the union. That’s what the union dues are supposed to pay for,” said Fred Wszolek of the Workforce Fairness Institute.

    As early as June 2013, Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., sent a letter to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to express their concern that 257 VA employees working on “official time” were busy doing work for the unions rather than making life easier for veterans, as they are paid to do. A full 188 of those VA employees on 100 percent “official time” would typically be fulfilling roles in direct support of veterans in areas such as health care and security.

    “Documents from your department list 188 VA employees serving in 100 percent official time capacity during the time period spanning January 1, 2012 through February 2013. During this time of sequestration and tight budgets, it is important to know how so many employees can be spared to serve the interest of outside groups, instead of carrying out jobs that are essential to the health, safety and transition of our nation’s veterans,” wrote the senators.

    Portman and Coburn said at least 85 VA nurses, some with six-figure salaries, “were in 100 percent official time status” even while the VA sought “to fill open nursing positions.” Other VA personnel on 100 percent “official time” included four addiction specialists, nine pharmacists and pharmacist technicians, a rehabilitation specialist for the blind, five social workers, 11 health technicians, 12 medical support assistants, two psychologists and six police officers.”

    1. In 2012 there were about 1million hours of official time spent on union business by taxpayer funded doctors.as per “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_uKNgu8FNw”

      Over 200 locals at the va pluss other unions at the va as per “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uCv8j-SN54&t=6923s”

      Again 7 million is way low of a number.

      1. Take the er doctor making over 200,000.00 per year spending 100% of his time on union business, let’s just average it to 50,000.00 per year salary per union member spending 100% on union business that would be 50 million, but I recall the actuall number was something like 111 million. Again include this with the free rent and the repacement doctors and your going to be in the neighborhood of 200 Million plus.

    2. @Dennis– I bet that thing called “official time” and that AFGE Union office suite they haunt gets utilized for ‘hungry, hungry hippos’, birthday parties or any party where mock-up puppets and other party favors are provided that mock and degrade the Veterans they are there to serve, and that “official time” and office space probably comes in really handy dividing-out each day’s take from the pharmacy tech, probably a really large mirror on one large expensive table that changes colors only after you partake in the daily pharmacy grab, and then there’s those pesky orgies and habitual masturbators that prefer the all glass conference rooms but when in a pinch, redwood paneled walls will do…that also change colors only after the pharmacy grab is divvied-up and mirror is cleaned, but sadly, the pigeons or crows get blamed for those pesky window stains. 🙂
      I also wonder how many janitor veteran employees at bottom of VA Employment food chain are able to use 100% of their time on AFGE Union activities and get paid for it? H-m-m-m-m?!!!!
      Coincidentally, on the Science Channel right now they have a show on rats and how resilient they are, just like AFGE rats.

      1. I wonder if the former head of the VA OIG called it “official time” when he was alone in his glass conference room? Or would this be “duty time”?

        I guess the janitorial staff just called it “clean up time”? Those godamn pidgeons leave such a mess when they get in like that!

  20. Wow!

    I live in Ohio and collectively, The VA allocates a total of 9845 Square Feet for AFGE office space and AFGE Union Activities. WTF?
    Here, I live in a 775 square ft. one bedroom apartment @ $711. per month + utilities+, which is probably the largest apartment I have ever leased as a single man with no roommates in this life thus far and care not to pay any more than this in order to live in a safe neighborhood in this city or I will move out of necessity.
    With the above stated about my humble living abode, the VA allocates effectively 13.84 X my monthly rent PER MONTH on AFGE Union HACKS. That means the VA AFGE employees are spending a LOT of time doing AFGE recruiting and whatnots instead of…attending to Veteran Health Care!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why SO MUCH square footage for AFGE Union at VA Facilities in Ohio alone? Could it be Ohio’s key factor in so many elections and the stronghold Unions have their death grips on in order to drive out the “Get Out & Vote” campaign the Democrats push each election? I think there’s a direct correlation because what does not make sense in Ohio specifically is fact that the VA Regional Office is way up in Cleveland, which has 1893 Sq. Ft. for AFGE Union Activities, yet my major city AND Capitol City of Columbus only has 235 Sq. Ft. allocated, YET a city that’s well below Columbus, a very small community called Chillicothe, has a whopping 4140 Sq. Ft. for AFGE Union Activities, the highest in Ohio, even above Dayton, which is on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a HUGE BASE and HUGE VAMC *only* allocated 2563 Sq. Ft, and Cincinnati with 1014 Sq. Ft…..makes absolutely no sense.
    My guess is the AFGE Union simply takes more space at smaller locations in a funny accounting way in order to make-up overhead costs or something…I am sure of only one thing…it has to be advantageous money-wise to the VA or they would not bother with it…something smells like a fermenting steaming pile of poo here.
    Why would the AFGE Union need any more space in any VAMC than what the useless Patient Advocates take-up? It surely would make MUCH MORE SENSE to allocate THAT kind of space to Patient Advocates in the VA System, esp. as in poor condition the VA System currently is in instead of utilizing all that space to protect their corruption, which in-turn reinforces that Cookie Jar Lid for their keeping.

    BANISH the VA AFGE Employees Union FOREVER from Federal Workplaces. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kinda makes ya wonder how much space was carved out for thug life at that abomination being built in Denver.

  21. Here’s some additional articles from:
    “Military.com/Daily News” and “The Associated Press”.
    “Lawmakers Try Again to Accelerate Discipline of VA Employees”

    3 Mar. 2017 | by Nikki Wentling

    My thoughts are Dr. Shulkin may be trying. He spells it out directly!

    For you long time “BIKERS” out there. Has this ever happened to you?

    “Restaurant Tells American Legion Officers to Remove Vests!”

    2 Mar. 2017 – associated press
    It happened in Kentwood, Mich.!
    I have personal experience over something like this. In my opinion, *IF* a restaurant didn’t want me to eat there, there’s always a restaurant down the street who will!!!!!!!!

    1. Gosh in hyper rural Christmas Valley Oregon back in the ’70s where my father ran the only ongoing bar in town (also one of the seven total structures inside city limits) and served almost exclusively farmhands and cowboys he mostly had to remind the patronage to remove their sidearm at the door, leave the horse outside, and keep your clothes ON (although with the men he was a bit more strict in this). If they didn’t like it they could go down the street 90 miles to the nearest competitor.

      Father was a shrewed businessman…

    2. Both the union and VSO get office, furniture, utilities, computers, printers, phones, phone service and whatever, all paid by the U S taxpayer as deemed by our congressional buddies.

  22. Let me get this straight. The VA pays for the AFGE to be inside a majority of VHA’s!?
    Uhhhh, Why isn’t the AFGE paying for the office space.
    Also, Are the VSO’s receiving “free office space”? If so, Why aren’t they paying? They have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their coffers. They can definitely afford it!


    Although it’s dated yesterday, 2 Mar. 2017. Here’s an article from;
    “Wisconsin Watchdog”
    by M.D. Kittle

    “VA Whistleblower has questions for Congressman Kind!”

    (“Part 46 of 45 in the Tomah VA Scandal”)

    Very interesting, and informative, article. Notice the dates of investigations/inquiries/stonewalling, all done during the Obamination Administration!
    Ryan Honl is definitely taking the fight against the egregious acts committed by VA employees at Tomah and the Congressional leaders.

  23. There is so much corruption between the Department of Veterans Affairs and AFGE they need to shut the whole damn system down. Then they both have the nerve to treat the veterans they serve with poor health care while perpetuating their corruption.

    Trump needs to put Ben on the top of the oversight committee with a ball busting budget to drain and filter the swamp.

    1. One nuerologist who made a tacit bid for President talked directly about how to save huge money and in his opinion lives. He proposed that the VA be completely dismantled. His idea was that ALL veteran functions currently serviced by VA become he resoinsibility of the DOD. Furthermore he went on to say that at least one year prior to discharge that DOD begin the process of re-acclimitization into a civilian population. He topped it off by saying that discharge from the military via DOD healthcare should only be approved if the veteran has been set up for a job from the moment of discharge.

      How can you pay for this? lolz, todays article pretty clearly shows what kind of money is being thrown at this tragedy if democracy. His point was continuity of care from the moment the government hires us Americans willing to go kill at the bidding of America. He is spot on in that at a bare minimum it takes a year to readjust an individual plus his continued care would never be interupted. No records would have to be shared. If DOD can teach a man how to kill then by God they aught to start teaching a man how to live wih it afterwards.

      Currently we toss these young men and women into the most corrupt organization America has ever sponsored as their reward for the blood that was spilled. VA makes many claims but teaching men and women how to go about choosing life is simply not on their list of achievemnets.

  24. And don’t forget the free space at all the Va Regional Offices throughout the country.

  25. Last year the Wilmington Delaware had a premium neurologist as president of AFGE. Dr. Hooker. talk about a waste and use of a physician. Delaware had 2 different unions in the same hospital on 2 different floors as well. Of course Coons Carper and Carney were the VA “Trifecta” at the time . Three retarded ass, pez dispenser shaped head motherfucktwats !
    Trump needs to build a wall around the VA once it has been purged of the filthy McNasties. Extreme vetting of medical personnel. All veterans and there families hired as a transition from the military 6 months prior to getting out of the service. That way the integrity of the agency remains fresh with active duty military personnel actually in the facility. Severe headbutts authorized at the front door to those who get out of line. Otherwise, close that motherfucker, simultaneously blowing them bitches up at the same time! televised

    1. Hey CorpsmanUp!, speaking of neurologists heres one for ya! I went to Mather Va yesterday (400 mile round trip) to see a neurologist about a TBI MRI I had 3 months ago! after he cancelled my previous appt. This guy scared the living hell out of me. He looks like Einstein. He told me my MRI results showed nothing and that I was just showing the signs of old age. This is after getting my head busted open twice and staring down the barrel of a 81mm mortar for a year and a half and listening for problems from a turbine engine on my chopper for a couple years. I’ve been complaining about this for about 20 years now. It’s gotten so bad now its getting to where I’m almost not able drive anymore. ANYWAY, This guy is total CRACKERS! He’s missing at least 51 cards from his deck. This guy got about 18 inches from my face with big white eyeballs and proceded to tell me his home grown philosophy of life. Every time I tried to interupt him to say something he would swing his chair around get in my face and talk about his grey hair and the meaning of getting old. I was about ready to run out of his office screaming for help. Then he gave me an appt. for 6 months from now if I wanted one? I was there for a total of about 30 minutes and in that time he went through 5 other patients before me! I over heard him trying to convince a patient that he had serious heart problem? Everyone there were complaining about him and his indian helper igor was running around trying to keep up. BEN! if your reading this something needs to be done about this guy. I know about the options I have to complain about this guy but I don’t trust the VA. His name is Michael P. Remler, standard title: Neurology attending consult? I checked his facebook account and what I read bothers me a little. Sorry about running off at the mouth CorpsmanUp! but this guy needs to be taken out before someone gets seriously hurt. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.

      1. @Nexdeceptus,
        This seems to be the “excuse”, (old age), used by a majority of healthcare providers at VHA’s nationwide.
        I’ve had the same problem, over my “worsening peripheral neuropathy”, and other military medical conditions, for years.
        Yet, can never get them to talk about it!

      2. I think my neurologist NEEDS a neurologist and a padded room. I’m going to see if I can use my choice card for this BS.

      3. @Nexdeceptus, no problem! I completely understand. The problem with medicine today is that if your doctor or healthcare provider are not adopting your input into your record, they are not meeting the ‘standard of care’ test when it comes to malpractice and tort claims. An expert in court would needed to provide testimony and factual subject matter expertise to prevail. VA knows this and the practice is to buy up all of the subject matter experts available or known to each district court. It is like buying up the media for the VA spin, rinse and whitewash cycle. He is documenting in favor of the VA and you can contest what he is writing in your chart through HHS.
        He has 30 days to clean that mess up!

      4. Interesting. A quick search on him shows he’s a professor of neurology at UC Davis. His faculty listing there says it’s UC Davis Alzheimer’s Center/VA Center.
        His Healthgrades listing shows he works in the Allergy Clinic at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Martinez, CA.
        His LinkedIn profile says he’s Chief of Neurology at VA Medical Center, San Francisco Bay area.
        He graduated med school in 1965 according to his CA license listing.

        I don’t know if it’s the same Michael Remler, but his YouTube channel showing karaoke singing is creepy.

        He fancies himself a research with a grant listing from 1986-1989 titled, Radiation-Controlled Focal Pharmacology for Epilepsy.

        Seems he also fancies himself a romance novelist according to a book he was selling on Amazon.

  26. This article does not have much shock value to me it just makes me sick. This space should be paid by the unions to have any square footage on station in a medical center or clinic.

    I do not understand how they are allowed to conduct union business during business hours? They are not allowed to use va computers for union business, so how are they allowed the office space? What the hell do they do to warrant this office space? Union business is so vital to the operations of a va medical center?

    Space is suppose to be at a premium for va medical centers for clinics and administration. If the union official doctor is using 100% of his time for union business is he still being paid by the va agency? Is that double dipping? You cannot do two jobs at once. Do they receive pay from the department of veteran affairs and receive pay for being a union officer or steward? I would like to know how this all works with the pay and their offices? Who pays for the furnishing of the offices? Why is the taxpayer or Veteran paying for all of this? This is extremely offensive when we have Veterans being denied medical care and services and this kind of nonsense is going on in the va medical centers.

    1. Exva, I had much the same questions below.

      $3.2 million is just the tip of the iceberg in the swamp.

      In answer to your question, yes, an employee is paid whatever they are paid as salary, and then they are often paid by the union. It might depend on the union that determines how much they are paid.

      In addition, the union will also pay for any travel, lodging or meals if they travel somewhere to conduct Union business at another location.

      Finally, I can’t recall details of federal labor law, but I believe it is the right of management to determine how much, if any, official paid time is allowed to conduct Union business.

      This is usually stipulated by management when a union first requests it, and it must be for a specific reason…not just because they want it, and it often is something that might be beneficial to management.

      That the VA has so many employees doing union business full time shows a complete abdication of management rights under federal law.

      Now, it may be possible the AFGE thugs managed to get this agreement from management, but management would be damn stupid to agree to it, and if it is against federal law, it is not a valid agreement.

      Whatever is allowed would likely be in the AFGE master agreement which can be found online…unless it was some BS agreement spelled out in a Memorandum of Agreement or some other stupidity. That would be harder to find.

  27. Why is this spsce donated for veteran usesge insteaf of low life union employees?

    I forgot we are just resourse to foll fill the coffers of all the entrenched organizations that want nothing more than to control vets.

  28. Ben, I think your 7million dollar figure might be a we bit off, considering there is an er doctor that is being payed over 250,000.00 per year alone, that works at the lovell FHCC in Illinois, that spends 100% of his time on union business. How many more just like this doctor? Then for the true cost, add what his replacement is payed, since he is not doing what he was hired to do. In the last oversight hearings they did say they had to hire another doctor to take his place. Get the unions out of the va. I am sick of all these intrenched organizations, and incompetent people. ………………Where is a flamethrower when ya need one.

    ) ( ( (
    ( ) () @@ ) (( (
    ( ( )( @@ ( )) ) (
    ( ( ( ()( /—\ (()( (
    _______ ) ) )(@ !O O! )@@ ( ) ) )
    \___| ) ( @)@@)@ /—\-/—\ )@@@@@()( )
    | /———+ (@@@@)@@@( // /—–\ \\ @@@)@@@@@( .
    | | \ =========______/|@@@@@@@@@@@@@(@@@ // @ /—\ @ \\ @(@@@(@@@ . .
    | \ \\=========—~.—\|@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ O @@@ /-\ @@@ O @@(@@)@@ @ .
    | \ \—-+–\-))) @@@@@@@@@@ !! @@@@ % @@@@ !! @@)@@@ .. .
    | |\______|_)))/ . @@@@@@ !! @@ /—\ @@ !! @@(@@@ @ . .
    \__========== * . @@ /MM /\O O/\ MM\ @@@@@@@. .
    | |-\ \ @ !!! !! \-/ !! !!! @@@@@ .
    | | \ \ @@@@ !! !! .(. @. .. .
    | | \ \ ( / .( . \)). ( |O )( O! @@@@ . ) .
    | | / / ) ( )). (( .) !! ((( !! @@ (. ((. . .
    | | / / () )) )) .( ( ( ) ). ( !! )( !! ) (( )) ..
    | |_< / ( ) ( ( ) ) (( ) )).) ((/ | ( | \( )) ((. ).

  29. This is exactly what the left wants. Their goal is to expand government and unions. Hopefully Trump stops this BS!

    1. All of the left just love the feeding frenzy with the Russians. I hope they take the Russians hope for dinner and sleep with them since they love them so much. The fake feeding Russian frenzy that the corrupt Democrats is keeping going is all about their governing leadership style know as socialism – communism. Sabatoge. This is also the VA leadership managing style. Same as exactly what the Democrats are doing to Republicans, Trump, and American Trump supporters. Yep, with the unions being implemented in all the VAs throughout the nation just an extension of the Democrats / Liberals / Left. All seem to be headed towards the communism with big government. Sad. One thing though, the left may think that power and money is going to be all theirs but if it does come to that they will probably get a fooling. The country will collapse because of so much corruption. And too, nobody will be paying any taxes because no one will be working. Everybody will be probably eating out of dumpsters like Venezuela and dying within no time. Sorry folks but this is the grim side of big government and unions. The bottom line folks is if President Trump and his administration cannot get on the offensive with stopping the recusing where they can hold the Democrats accountable with even prosecutions, folks we are in for more of a civil war, more devastation and more of who knows how rough the road is going to get. Folks we maybe approaching the end of time. Republicans need to get their crap together and implement the Trump administration changes. Take care all.

      1. Reason why I say nobody will be working and paying taxes is, the big government and unions will not be able to hold up because big government salaries come from taxpayer dollars. We will collapse. These liberals, Democrats and leftists do not see the whole picture. My hat is off to them but they will get a fooling probably due to country’s collapse or the Second Coming of Christ.

      2. @Angela,
        Yep, the “extreme Leftist RADICALIZED Snowflake Dumpocraps” haven’t really thought out what’s going to happen when there are no more taxpayers!

        Also, that Russian crap is really getting old.
        Have you seen the pictures of Schumer, and other Democrats, having coffee and donuts at “Krispi Kreme” a few years ago. He was making plans over some business deals with —- wait for it——— Vladimir Putin! Yep, Schumer got caught Lying his rear off. Putin’s expression is priceless!

        Or, how about this little piece of information on Sen. Clair McCaskill (D-Mo) saying she’s “…NEVER met with any Russian diplomats…” at all. Then these little gems pop up. A picture(s) of her in a meeting with the same Russian Ambassador the Democrats are accusing Jeff Sessions meeting with!
        She met with that Ambassador at least twice. Once in 2013, again in 2015!

        Here’s the deal. Jeff Sessions HAD to meet with those many diplomats. Because it was his job. He was the “Ranking Member” of the “Armed Services Committee”!
        The question posed by (weird) Al Frankin was about if Sessions’ met and discussed the Trump Campaign!? His answer was correct, “No!”

        These Democrats are really hitting an all time low! Of course, that’s about all they got left.

        Did you hear where Bernie Sanders is wanting to “split from the Democratic Party” and start his own Democratic Party! Wouldn’t that just destroy all those Leftist RADICALIZED Snowflake Dumbass Democrats!?!??

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