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VIDEO: Was VA Called Out Over ‘Psychic’ VA Settlement Debacle?

Rep. Jeff Miller called out VA for failing to terminate numerous employees, including Lucy Filipov, an official who pressured subordinates to have psychic readings.

Yesterday, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs held yet another hearing covering accountability failures within VA. Toward the very end of the hearing, Miller exchanged barbs with VA top lawyer Leigh Bradley.

The subject of the questioning is believed to be the refusal to terminate VA official Lucy Filipov despite at least two removal recommendations following agency investigations. Miller questioned Bradley who repeatedly refused to answer the questions. Instead, she provided a VA spin on each that evaded the simple yes or no answer Miller sought.

Notice Bradley’s explanation of how she “knows” VA gave the committee all the disciplinary actions sought for review by the agency. Further take note of her rebuke of the Chairman’s questioning style and refusal to provide direct answers.

This is probably the new rebuff of accountability we can expect to see going into this election style.

Will we ever see real accountability, at least between now and November? Doubtful.


Behind the questioning is VA’s abuse of its settlement authority to pay off bad employees while also whitewashing their records. So, not only is VA paying off whistleblowers. It is also paying off those who attack whistleblowers to avoid unfavorable court proceedings.

Case in point is believed to be focused on Lucy Filipov. She was the acting Philadelphia benefits director who was accused of abusing her position and being too chummy with subordinates. She was also linked to altering veterans claims records and spying on Congressional staffers.

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Assuming this is accurate, and Miller was talking about the Filipov VA settlement agreement, I wanted to provide some background to let you all know how exactly baffling VA’s behavior is in her situation.

If they refuse to hold Filipov accountable, they will hold no one accountable.


There, she pressured her subordinates to receive psychic readings from another colleague’s wife, Gary Hodge. Filipov collected a fee from each of the subordinates and paid Hodge’s wife for her services. Hodge was the pension manager at the facility who was also caught making false statements on his annual Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports.

According to coverage from HNGN, the attendees were none too satisfied from the occultist entertainment that evening:

“Attendees told investigators that they paid between $15 and $35 for the psychic services. They left the money in Filipov’s kitchen, who then collected it and gave it to Hodge’s wife. Most were unhappy with the experience and bickered over who was going to be read first so they could go home sooner.

“The report found that Filipov failed to first check with an ethics official to approve the event, and she misused her authority by encouraging subordinates to attend the readings for the private gain of Hodge and his wife. Further, the report said Filipov failed to maintain adequate distance between herself and the subordinates she handpicked to attend the event, possibly creating “an appearance of preferential treatment” and diminishing “her authority as a senior leader.”


According to Miller and insiders linking his statements to the Filipov situation, her likely settlement with VA was as follows despite IG and an AIB report recommended her removal:

  • Settlement included agreed 2015 performance rating of fully successful with no negative narrative regarding issues addressed in proposed removal.
  • She would receive 137 hours of annual leave restored into her annual leave account apparently for use or lose time off she accrued while on paid leave during the investigation.
  • That there would be no disciplinary acts taken against the employee for any known or unknown acts warranting discipline before the effective date of the agreement.
  • VA agreed to give her a letter of reference.
  • Most insulting of all, VA agreed to pay attorney fees.

This was the agreement despite OIG concluding she should be removed for her behavior. How could this be? Even Rep. Miller was baffled:

“This is for a person who was recommended for removal. I just don’t understand how it could go from removal to all of this. So this person is still employed at the department. This person was charged with retaliating against whistleblowers. It just doesn’t make sense that something like this would be allowed to take place.”

The most insulting of these agreements are the basic whitewash of her performance report for 2015 and that the agency agreed to use taxpayer money to pay for her attorney fees.

She was recommended for removal, after all. OIG confirmed the reports in part, as you will read below.


Filipov is also an executive linked to attempted to spy on House Committee staffers in 2014. The staffers responded to reports that Philadelphia RO was destroying boxes of files. When the staffers showed up. Filipov allegedly forced them into a room with active recording devices that were switched on.

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One staffer, Rory Riley, former head of the DAMA subcommittee (Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs), found a notepad apparently belonging to Filipov where the executive told her staff to ignore Riley and claimed Riley had a “stick up her ass”. Riley took a photo of the notepad she found carelessly left by a VA employee, possibly Filipov, in the women’s bathroom at the facility.

House Committee Staffers

Filipov was allegedly involved in the destruction of veterans claims records. She was also linked to falsification or manipulation of veterans claims data including changing dates concerning claims evidence.


VA OIG made the following conclusions about her behavior.

“We substantiated that Ms. Lucy Filipov, Assistant Director, Philadelphia VARO, while as the Acting Director, misused her position for the private gain of a subordinate and his spouse, misused her title to endorse the private enterprise, and invited subordinates to her home to take part in psychic readings. We also found that she had a less-than-arm’slength relationship with subordinates whom she characterized as friends. As a senior leader, she is held to a higher standard and should set the tone for her subordinates to follow, and establishing personal relationships with a select group of employees within her chain of authority gives the appearance of preference for those few employees.

“Although we found no actual preference, just the appearance of preference diminishes her position and authority as a senior leader. Further, we found that Mr. Gary Hodge, Manager of the Pension Management Center (PMC), failed to report his spouse’s income on his 2013 and 2014 Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports, Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Forms 450, which he certified as true, complete, and correct. We made a criminal referral of the false statements to the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ), but they declined to criminally prosecute in favor of administrative actions. Mr. Hodge also failed to claim that same financial gain on his and his spouse’s income tax returns. We referred the failure to report income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Pennsylvania State Department of Revenue.”

As of this writing, Filipov still is employed at VA. Maybe the psychic told her she had nothing to worry about?


(NOTE: The photo above is a stock photo depicting a “psychic” that I could post here without violating copyright, but it is not the actual picture of the psychic.)

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  1. Anything this duo does not surprise me in the least. They were dirty rotten scoundrels when I got there and they were dirty rotten scoundrels when I left. They were so inhumane. Someone (hm hm) found claims in a box in a closet but the 2 witnesses did not want to come forth because they feared for their jobs. So, This sort of chicanery was not new to these low life worms. They should have gotten fired. I know they have fired people for next to nothing. Sometime, setting up whoever they didn’t want. But you could look even further. TL, FM, and JM (22) were actively part of this mistreatment. Aw, what’s the difference? Nothing will happen anywat.

  2. WINO @ gas bag vets yo vets will do nothing but gas bag the va dc hq agin wino vets go back to your jack daniels wisky jack daniels wisky yo aint go do nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is shockingly ridiculous. The only logical explanation I can think of is that she had some serious “dirt” on her bosses and higher ups, and she blackmailed them to keep her job with no penalties. That’s the ONLY reason I can think of that an organization would ignore TWO recommendations to dismiss. This would never happen in the private sector. They should fire almost everyone at the VA and start with a clean slate…it’s the only way to restore accountability back into the equation that I can think of. Even when they can fire people they don’t. It’s an “old boys” club or an organization so corrupt that they can’t afford to let “those in the know” go.

    1. I believe, if you follow the timeline of events, you are exactly right.

      The IG starts an investigation at Philly where Filipov was in the middle of dates being changed on claims. The IG uncovers VA FAST Letter 13-10 signed by Tom Murphy and Dave McLenachen instructing VA regional offices to change these dates so their backlogs didn’t look so horrible, and managers could get bonuses. Filipov plays stupid and claims she misunderstood…but must not have called anyone for clarification, or if she did, she got clarification from Murphy or McLenachen.
      McDonald gives veterans the middle finger by promoting Murphy and McLenachen in July. Filipov isn’t going to swing alone, so she makes clear to her supervisors that she still has “clarification” from one of those two tucked away.

      Rather than create a huge mess having to review thousands of claims throughout the VA, the VA decides it would be best for the whole mess to go away.

      Paying off Filipov just tied up loose ends, made easier by the DOJ refusing to prosecute.

      By the way, as of 2015, Filipov was a GS15 making $158,700 per year.

  4. 09/16/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA is rewarding the behaviors for those who participate in the “action”—and Rep. Miller cannot see that. Blind to Treason—there is no VA Settlement Debacle coming from Leigh A. Bradly, educated by the “America’s Lawyer” people [Holland & Knight].

    At least Rep. Miller is showing us where the buttons are; so we can push them later.


    Don Karg

  5. Destroyed boxes of records or ready to destroy ! What more do they need to fire someone, They just caught this and how many times have they done this ! How many of our fellow veterans have been impacted.

    Sorry your claim has been denied your records were destroyed by Accident and now you must find someone who was with you when you got hurt ! You must provide all the evidence yourself !

    The veterans evidence was in their control and the VA responsibility, Veterans who have been told their records were destroyed, should have their claims approved until the VA can prove other wise.

    Veteran to VA : How can I get a buddy prove I was hurt, when I was the only one to survive ?

    This, has been going on for decades and again if someone would really look into it, they would find over half or more have veterans claims denied, because of missing records ( VA lied and has them in boxes in a basement waiting for 5 years of inactivity and schedule them to be destroyed due to inactivity.

    Records after so long of inactivity are destroyed !

    This, should have been enough to fire someone !

    Everyone knows, these people are friends or relatives and will not fire anyone, who is willing to break the law, why because they know the trickle down effect ! If I go down everyone goes down !

    Remember, the good old boy system is alive and well and will continue to be alive and well !

    Until, many employees are held accountable!

    This is exactly what I have said about the VA Fort Lyon closing and they placed a Manager in the New CBOC and she made sure she hired people she worked with and are her friends who, would lie for her, as they know each and every year, their friend is going to give them a Bonus !

    Higher, management looks the other way and condones such behavior !

  6. Y’all have to watch this Utube video, it’s freaking funny as hell.

    “Breaking: Email Bombshell Reveals Cheating Bill ” STILL **CKING BIMBOS” BEHIND…”

    Published Sept. 15, 2016

    “Hildabeast is pissed!”
    At least “Slick Willie” is fucking “bimbos” which are “…of age…”, now-a-days! There’s even a picture of the “energizer bunny”!
    Not like when he was flying out to that “Pedophiles Island Resort” years ago. Remember those scandals he was involved in?!?!??!!!
    “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” – really!?

  7. Hey 91Veteran,

    I see Scott Walker made the news today.

    Great article in RT News about it today about a leak of legal papers concerning his pay to play while selling legislation to screw over the Citizens of Wisconsin.

    “Quid pro whoa! Documents link Wisconsin governor to dark money” ,RT news
    Published time: 15 Sep, 2016 03:52


    Another less informative article at:

    “Wisconsin Legislature eased lead paint laws after $750,000 in donations to pro-Walker Group”


    Everyone might remember that Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin. After the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board’s emergency suspension of the Candy Mans medical license. Scott Walker hand picked Administrative Law Judge Jennifer Nashold to overturned the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board’s emergency order.

    She ignored the evidence an relied on a VA report that white washed what happened at Candy Land.

    Were it stands now on Dr. David Houlihan is that he is still practicing but the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board’s held an additional hearing and again found just cause to revoke his license, but now he gets to practice medicine until a new hearing by an Administrative Law Judge is held.

    The RT article is well worth reading.

    1. I have nothing personal against the State of Wisconsin, but I have always gotten bad vibes from both Scott Walker and Speaker of House Ryan…I mean in a never ever get them wet or feed them after midnight kind of way…like gremlins.

      I just knew The Candy Man Houlihan was going to be a floater for a while. He must have kissed a LOT of ass to have so many people willing to scoop him up out of the turd punch bowl. 🙂

      1. His family is very corrupt. But has over come a number of Federal investigations by the FBI that ended up going no where even though the evidence showed they were guilty.

  8. Tonight on Channel 9, “World News with David Muir” on “ABC”
    There was two ‘segments’ on the presidential race.

    The Clinton segment was all positive!

    The Trump segment was all negative!

    The MSM is still up to their old tricks! Why anyone believes what they report is beyond my comprehension!


    Seymore, with all due respect!
    IF the “bough is now broken”, as you believe, why aren’t more Americans blasting their elected and appointed officials? Why don’t we see more Americans coming forward and expressing their displeasure with this corrupt government?
    I believe a “Multimillion Person March” needs to descend on Washington DC!
    If say 200+ million people were to descend on this corrupt government, and express our grievances (as the “aggrieved party”. Which is outlined in the Constitution). Maybe then, they might get the idea Americans are pissed!
    Until then, the same shit will continue!

    1. Elf,

      you are right. But notice how the corrupt ones are all packing together and the most corrupted are attacking all of the others. With all the leaks coming out even from people involve with case like Scott Walker and that is not wiki leaks.

      The more leaks the brighter the light gets on them.

      As far as Jeff Miller goes he is just trying to make headlines that say he is a good guy before he leaves office and takes the VP position over at Lockheed Martin.

  9. “Seymour” or “Seeless:” Nobody cares to “troll” you. LOL please direct your hostilities to accomplishing sonething. Best of luck…

  10. My claim sat in Pittsburg for over 10 years with nothing being done. Doesn’t Pennsylvania have any good VAROs? Whose finger is in the pie that creates these appointments and blocks dismissal?

  11. This entire circus is damn disgusting.

    So this nitwit misusing her position to force other nitwits into paying for further nitwittery is worse than her manipulating veterans claims? Manipulation that will have life long or life affecting consequences for those veterans and their families, but the psychic is the bigger problem?

    Then to see conduct that is so bad, a referral to the DOJ is made and those worthless bastards decline to do their jobs?

    That right there is the worst problem every American faces and the reason for so many problems in this country. Nobody held accountable for minor things, so those minor actions get worse to the point of lawbreaking, and still nothing is done.

    This bullshit started long ago the very first time something like this happened, and Congress yawned and decided to do nothing when they should have put the screws to agencies flouting the law. If they can’t do their damn jobs then zero out their budget. Quit pussyfooting around with these stupid show hearings that don’t result in any correction.

    You do a search on Filipov and you find out the VA has been jacking around with this worthless POS for over a year.

    Will Bob claim he never heard of her? He might want to see what kind of embarrassing pictures are on the net first.

    Now, if you read Ben’s post from July 22 about 6 worthless hacks being promoted, I commented on a Washington Times article about Tom Murphy and Dave McLenachen signing a VA.FAST letter 13-10 ordering VA regional offices to change dates on claims making it look like veterans waiting for a ruling was shorter than what it was.

    The IG specifically looked at Philly, but once again the VA decided not to punish anyone.

    A Washington Times article from April 20, 2015 shows Lucy was right in the middle of screwing veterans on their claims.

    A quote, “For example, the Washington Times obtained a VA memo dated May 8, 2014, proposing to change the date of a certain veterans benefits claim to the current date, although the office has received the claim seven months earlier, in October 2013. The memo said the agency was taking the action “per FAST Letter 13-10,” and it was approved by Leslie Medynec, assistant veterans service center manager, and Lucy Filipov, the assistant director.”

    Now the article suggests it was Hickeys fault, but an earlier article said that letter was signed and issued by Murphy and McLenachen. That article is from April 15, 2015.

    So clearly veterans get fucked hard, but those responsible for it are promoted, or in Filipovs case, paid off and allowed to keep her job.

    And that flaming idiot Isakson said he thought McDonald should stay on as Secretary?

    1. 91Veteran- “And that flaming idiot Isakson said he thought McDonald should stay on as Secretary?”

      That’s what he mumbled when awoken for his dinner, then the crocodile tear fell to the chamber floor causing a fracture in the flooring. Isakson and McCain and Friends, are all photo examples of dinosaur politicians that just need to go home and retire. They have no clue because they live in a vacuum bubble of existence and as someone posted earlier this week, it’s “Garbage In, Garbage Out, GIGA”, and as long as they have YES MEN such as McDonald, Gibson, Murphy & Pals feeding this GIGA, the meat grinder will continue.

      I am almost ready to come to conclusion even people such as Rep. Miller are helping turn the handles of the VA Meat Grinder by not going after the Falsification of Veteran Records, and screwing Vets over, for life, as you said. by somehow only going after them for ‘petty psychic parties’…however, I can see where one may have to go after these monsters at the petty stuff in order to properly dress the animal on the table of accountability. 🙂 It’s hunting season! 🙂 Unfortunately, the DOJ are vegetarians. 🙂

      I also am at a point where I think a person like Donald Trump, even just for 4 years as POTUS, to turn this meat grinder of corruption and other federal agencies on their heads and remind them through this chaotic time WHO THEY WORK FOR.

      That includes the likes of “Showman Miller”, whom always does a Shakespearean Show of words but they are a wet noodle.

      1. I was not grumpy until I read “Philadelphia” in Ben’s post and it rang a bell with Murphy and McLenachen.
        When I started looking at the WashTimes articles and the dates, it pissed me off royally to think we have been down this same road, and absolutely nothing has changed other than the dates on another news article reporting on Miller being upset.

        It was upsetting enough to fully understand what a changed claim date meant when I discovered those articles in July, but to think of that again after seeing this same clown show set me off.

        Not a damn one of those fools at the VA, Miller, his staff or any of the rest of that worthless committee seem to understand the impact to a veteran of something like that.

        How many across the VA with dates changed were delayed in getting medical care because they didn’t yet have a piece of fucking paper from some rater stating the obvious…yes, your wounds are service connected. You can now make an appointment to see a doctor. You’re in luck! We are now scheduling for March of 2017!

        …and then add insult to injury by claiming the date on their claim is months after it was submitted.

        How many veterans families suffered because the back pay they thought they may get while waiting on some lazy bastard to do his job was much less because the date was changed?

        In my opinion there are veterans that are committing suicide because they come up against this mind-numbing bureaucracy or are flat out lied to, and the veteran realizes no matter how bad their condition is, nobody gives a shit about it, including Miller.

        Both he and Isakson are perfect examples of what happens when a politician floats around quietly for a long time. They eventually rise to the top, don’t know how they got there but want the prestige of the position, but don’t have a damn clue about what to do.

        I believe the VSOs are as much to blame for this crap. How many of them didn’t say a word when a veterans claim came back with the wrong date?

        I started thinking perhaps Miller was stepping up his game because he wanted the SecVA slot if Trump was elected, then this happens. He might want that slot. But only because he wants a better seat on the gravy train.

      2. @91Veteran- Was thinking Miller also may have been vying for the VA Sec. but more I think about it, it would be much more convenient to where he already lives in Florida to eventually, after retiring from Congress, perhaps some other VA “roosting position”…Lake Nona VA with it’s brand new extra capacity miles of perimeter gates, all ready for yesterday’s announcement by Obama that USA will in October, be allowing…immediately…over 100,000 initial refugees, and yes, most from Syria, but also other places as well, specifically, Africa as well. (?)

        I think Trump would be more apt to appoint someone to VA Sec. along the lines of Wyatt Earp but hell, Marvin The Martian would be better than McDuck and Friends.

        These scandals are scattered and littered ALL across these United States. The problem is systemic. Viral.

      3. Namnibor,

        The refugees that are former “Moderate Rebels” who are now getting the boot from Syria after Russians said they have to go.

  12. After reading the comments, after reading this post, of the many things I agree with, the number one thing to me is, accountability. I just can’t get that for all these murderers and thieves have either admitted, or so much proof of their guilt is proven, they can laugh at congress. Get job back, or better yet, get better job and more money. Personally, I have asked employees at VA if they are a Veteran. Most said no. A few guards, and a clerk, and our pharmacist is a vet, just wouldn’t tell me from what Country. All I could find out about him was he can’t write prescriptions legally in this State. When someone is CAUGHT shredding files, ……..can anyone do it? There are a couple of things that I would like to delete. Like some of the bull I have read in mine. I have to believe Congress has the power to do more.

  13. You know, this Congressional Inquisition by Rep. Miller in this video and the readily manufactured, quick, incomplete answers by the VA were already packaged and ready for the VA’s “Autotron Attorney” Bradley to spit-out. Honorable Bradley stating that, “…we have done SOME…”, (not all), is so freaking LAUGHABLE. Her answer of “SOME” as somehow being sufficient to the VA is really no different that a VA Dr. telling a Veteran that we found SOME of your cancer and we removed SOME of the cancer. Not ALL. But, SOME. Some. A couple. A few. NOT ALL, damn it!!!!!!!

    The VA is much like a cancer in that the cancer within the VA will ALWAYS continue to THRIVE as long as ANY cancerous VA employees are still allowed to continue to thrive within the VA. The VA requires many enemas before the cancer at the VA can even be treated properly because there’s way too much CRAP STILL IN THE TUBE!!!!!

    Rant Out.

  14. Rep. Miller was not being intellectually honest in the quoted passage. He stated that this made no sense.

    Bullshit. The agency is rogue and is not in control of The People and he damn well knows it. Never before in history have The People erected billboards across this vast nation to tell our Republic, “These people are godamn liars, cheats, thieves, and hacks, and We The People Have Had Enough!”

    Never before has any agency filled the front pages of every single newspaper in the nation with an alphebet soup list of corruption, death, and deceit. Never before has any agency so blatantly given The People their middle finger and laughed all the way to the bank. Never before have so many hungry, hungry, hippos dropped their trousers and given every United States warrior still alive a big old bare ass in thanks for their service.

    Miller knows it. Obama knows it. Defazio knows it. Your Representative knows it. The Circuit Court knows it. The OIG knows it. My doctor knows it. Your doctor knows it. My grandfather knew it. My father knows it. My child knows it.

    Do not godamn tell me that anybody is mystified that the VA is dirty. It makes no sense for a rogue agency to defy law? Bullshit. It makes all the sense in the world.

  15. With a total failure to enforce existing laws within the Veterans Administration it is time to look at the Obama Administration as a whole. The recent WikiLeaks release is showing just how corrupted our Government is.

    “How much for ambassador? Hacked DNC files reveal plum posts for big donors”, RT News, 9/14/2016


    A third or more of US ambassadors are not career diplomats but political appointees. President Barack Obama came under criticism in 2013 after appointing several big campaign donors to prestigious diplomatic posts. Most recently the US ambassador to Hungary made headlines with some rather un-diplomatic remarks; Caroline Bell had been a TV producer before raising $2 million for the DNC.

    Matthew Barzun, who raised a total of $3.5 million, became an ambassador to Sweden (2009-2011), and is currently the US ambassador to the UK.

    Kirk Wagar raised a total of $2.3 million, and was appointed US ambassador to Singapore in 2013.

    The US ambassador to Spain and Andorra from 2009 to 2013 was Alan Solomont, who raised $2.3 million.

    John Roos raised just over $2 million, and served as the US ambassador to Japan from 2009 to 2013.

    Bruce Oreck contributed $1.13 million, and was US ambassador to Finland from 2009 to 2015.

    Robert Mandell raised $1.12 million, and became the US ambassador to Luxembourg in June 2011; he served until 2015.

    After donating $605,000, Jane Hartley became the US ambassador to France and Monaco in 2014.

    Big donors were also appointed as ambassadors to the Bahamas, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, New Zealand and the Czech Republic, the documents reveal.

    Pamela Hamamoto contributed $605,000. In May 2014, she became the US permanent representative to the UN in Geneva.

    Crystal Nix-Hines gave $600,000, and was confirmed by the Senate in June 2014 to serve as US permanent representative to UNESCO.

    Remember Rob Blagojevich who tried to sell Obama’s vacated seat in the Senate as part of the Chicago Political machine.

    How much did Obama pay for the seat in the Senate in the first place?

    Was TRAP bailout of the big banks and guarantees of no Prosecution the price Obama paid for his current position as the President?

    1. Seymore,
      All of these people, and Obama, are breaking the Law.
      Remember the Illinois politician who “…tried to sell Obama’s senate seat!” Was caught, and received many years in prison.
      This new “Gusifer” leak is even more damaging.
      It also had an email(s) from Human Abadin, to others, “joking” about the “attack on Benghazi!”
      The government is, as you say, becoming more and more corrupt each day.

      Sooner or later the “bough will break”.
      Until that time, Americans had better wake up!

      1. Elf,

        Every single American has felt the negative affects of the corruption some of us more than others. Like all Veterans under the current VA.

        You said, Sooner or later the “bough will break”.” It already has that is why less than 5% of Americans believe what they are hearing on the Mainstream Media.

        That is also why the United Kingdom has voted for a Brexit from the European Union. Now the Big Banks are scrambling because they are centered in the United Kingdom and will no longer be protected by the BS laws and protection of the EU.

        That is also why Trump will win in November.

        Notice how the Clinton’s are running around to all of these “Fund Raisers” selling positions like ambassadorships, and no doubt Secretary positions under a another Clinton presidency that isn’t going to happen. Also selling positions as heads of agency’s like the FDA, CDC, Border Patrol , Department of Education, Homeland Security and all to the highest donors.

        Trump has been financing his own campaign and running around to Fund Raisers.

        When the Supreme Court changed the laws on Campaign financing to allow Corporations unlimited financing in elections. It only guaranteed a totally corrupted system of Government.

      2. The line “Trump has been financing his own campaign and running around to Fund Raisers” is incorrect.

        It should be:

        Trump has been financing his own campaign and not running around to Fund Raisers

    2. So what. George Bush rewarded his donors with plum ambassadorships more than his father and Clinton COMBINED! Just Google it. They all do it.

      1. Sorry Seymore. I’m not KRB nor am I a troll. Just a free thinking veteran who happens to disagree with you. So let the name calling begin because it seems that’s what happens here when anyone disagrees with the body think.

      2. You must have forgot you used the name “rosebud” when you change over from KRC the other time you were trolling me. Go away Troll.

        No more comments for you today go feed off your AFGE Site and leave these Veterans pages alone.

      3. Seymore, I do not know who made you king or queen of this site but I am not KRC. I do not know who that is and just saw his post today. I found this site six months ago when I was having problems with my claim. It lead me to, for which I am grateful and I have learned a lot from fellow posters. However, difference of opinions are not accepted here which is odd since we all served to preserve freedom of speech..or so I thought without the harassment one receives here. I spent 9 yrs. in the USAF before my medical discharge. I am a veteran just like you.

      4. KRC, Rosebud what ever.

        I am so sorry lets be friends.

        Now that we are friends I am just going to call you Kathy. I really don’t care if you mind.

        Kathy there has always been several short simple question that I have wanted to ask a Mental Midget with a Swollen Head.

        First one is when you puff your chest out and square your little shoulders back with that stiff neck and you try to look up to me to respond. Does it Hurt?

        Also with those short stubby intellectually challenged fingers of yours do you have to use speak and spell or do you have a special keyboard to help you overcome you intellectual and mental disability?

        Thanks You Friend Seymore!

      5. Kathy are you ok. Are you having a Hillary kind of thing?

        Careful now I do want you to hurt your neck!

  16. The more videos I see of the “Oversight Committee vs. VA”, the more I suspect a “Dog and Pony Show” experience!

    I believe it’s perfectly clear on one issue. That is, don’t these Congressional members, at the very least, have the right and obligation to hold liars in contempt? Why isn’t that being done? Why can’t the members do more than just ask questions?
    Oh, wait, I forgot. They have to have “balls”!
    When a member of the committee gets into “barbs” with a VA employee or VA attorney, and lies are told, hold them in contempt until charges of perjury can be brought.
    Maybe then those asswipes will start singing a different tune!

    1. Thank you! I was wondering about that same thing. Maybe the Clinton faction has something to do with it.

    2. I want to see a committee that goes after the entire VACO with a freaking wrecking ball.

      Zero out their budgets and fire the layers of dead weight, and do it immediately.

      These constant stories of committee hearings and offended congressmen upset over once again being given the finger by the VA are damn old. Either they do something about it or just shut the fuck up until they retire.

      If Miller wants to make a serious impact he needs to seriously turn up the heat. He needs to start holding hearings with substance, and bringing veterans or their survivors up to testify to see what the impact on lives these corrupt bastards have had, and continue to have because Congress refuses to get serious.

      Get a veteran with TBI that is seriously disabled to testify on the impact of having a General doctor perform the C&P resulting in a 20% rating.
      Have a parent testify on caring for their son or daughter disabled by their service, and the worthless VA not helping.
      Have a homeless veteran from Philly testify that he lost his job or his house because these bastards manipulated his claim for months.

      Shulkin wants a big pity party for that poor, sick Phoenix director and whines about veterans calling him out for being jerks or full of crap.

      Show the impact of what these bastards have done to veterans, and maybe Shulkin will get a damn clue.

    3. for years, been wondering the same. difficult to believe the Congress is made up of “lawmakers” yet holds no one accountable in fed gov, except those they deem needed to toss under a bus. oh so close to a 3rd rate banana republic.

      1. Federal agencies fall under the control of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Congress – the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government – controls Agency funding. Imagine Congress cutting VA funding?

      2. @krc , Appreciate your clarification:

        Executive Branch: what I wrote then, same goes for the EB & sitting prez. Do any veterans that use the VA see this prez or any other prez for that matter, holding VA accountable? Say, versus holding veterans accountable?

        >>“Congress – the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government – controls Agency funding. Imagine Congress cutting VA funding?””

        has not the “Congress” given VA increases of funding year after year? Has not the VA a deplorable record of budget management over the years, yet “Congress” keeps opening the purse for VA?

      3. I think Congress has opened the purse for the VA repeatedly the last few years because none of them have the guts to defend a budget that does that.

        They would meekly watch as the left vilified and lied about them in the press if they did so.

        Hell they can’t even demand the press and the White Hut be honest in describing this accountability legislation.

      4. The last time I saw Congress move with any speed to hold some high ranking official accountable for his stupidity was SecDef Led Aspin. A few days after the Somalia debacle he went before Congress and asked, “what should we do”.

        …as if he still had friends in Congress.

        He was fired within a few days because Congress thought he should have the answers, and none of them wanted a bite of that crap sammich.

  17. Under such leadership, VA Veteran-Employees suffered in hostile work environments in many VA facilities and committed suicide.

    1. You mean people who could quite the job and go to work somewhere else?

      Unlike real Veterans who suffered real hostilities in foreign lands and came home disabled or in a body bag. The men and women who could quite and go elsewhere.

      You want to come here and post how hard it was for employees who you are claiming are veterans of working at the Veterans Administration. Not real Veterans!

      It takes some real nerve.

      1. KRC– How about you show PROOF, as in a link, that shows without a doubt that 50% of VA employees are indeed Veterans.
        I do not buy it. Neither at upper management nor below.

      2. Let me be clear KRC here on this site the word Veteran means someone who has served our country in a branch of the Military.

        Having been employed by the VA may make you a Veteran of the Veteran Administration on an AFGE site but not here.

        No Further comment or responses to you today. We have gone a few rounds before and since you are nothing but a paid troll. I don’t care to waste anymore time on you.

        Nothing you say is believable.

  18. I think Filipov and her cohorts should be brought up on charges and sent to prison. She is a disgrace to all humanity.

  19. “[As of this writing, Filipov still is employed at VA. Maybe the psychic told her she had nothing to worry about?]”

    Maybe the ‘psychic’ had some readily available VA Witch Dr.’s construct voodoo dolls of all the attendees to keep them in their place and Ms. Filipov is being employed by the VA’s Telemedicine “Lucy from Peanuts” Psychiatry Booths? 🙂

  20. PENDEJO VETS VA ONE BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET VA BUDGET FOR 2017 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE VAQ RATS WILL STEAL MOST OF THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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