VA Chief Gets Prison Time For Lap Dances

Lap Dances Glenn Bates

Benjamin KrauseOne former VA chief was just sentenced to prison time for stealing federal funds that he used to pay for lap dances, hookers and gambling according to a US Attorney.

US Attorney Barbara McQuade said a former head at Ann Arbor VA embezzled $314,000 in cash and property from 2007 to 2013 when he was fired. The employee’s name was Glenn Alan Bates.

Bates supervised the Veterans Canteen Service and the VCS Patriot Store at the facility.


According to the US Attorney’s office:

“He stole the cash receipts of sales of commemorative military hats to veterans and others by volunteers at the VAMC. And he stole the cash receipts of several vending machines there. Bates deprived the VA’s Veterans Canteen Service of needed revenue and used it instead to patronize a strip club in Columbus, Ohio, where he paid for lap dances and sex. He also used the stolen funds to gamble at casinos.”

The judge also ordered Bates to served two years of supervised release and to pay restitution in the amount of $314,000. So after he serves his time, he will still be paying back his debts to the country.

Good for him.


According to Detroit News:

“Bates was hired to manage the VA canteen despite having a criminal record. He served 18 months in federal prison in the late 1970s for allegedly stealing a car, according to the U.S. Pretrial Services Agency. In 1992, he was sentenced to probation for a felony arson conviction.”

Why didn’t Bates pay for his own lap dances like normal Americans?

While I have been a critic of VA for not holding its employees accountability as often as I would like, I do appreciate at least catching those like Bates spending taxpayer dollars on lap dances and hookers.

Leave it to Detroit area VA employees to bring us this kind of VA comedy.


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  1. ​If the Aurora Killer, Charles Manson, or Hasan were to die while begging a prison hospital for help, everyone involved would be fired, arrested, charged, and sued.

    Countless disabled veterans die the same way, and the VA is given immunity and its own police to enforce it.

    I guess it’s not fair to compare the VA to a prison hospital. A prison hospital would never have refused to fire an employee charged with helping suicidal inmates, but then disgracefully mocking them in clever photos of hanged Christmas tree ornaments like Robin Paul.

    No prison, cop, no judge, and no jury in the land would tolerate that kind of behavior towards violent, child-killing felons.

    How can veterans get the same care and legal protection as thrill-kill psychopaths who shoot kids in the face, murder-cult leaders, and the terrorists who crippled them in the first place, after gunning down our unarmed, pregnant soldiers on our own Army base?

    Someone better answer that question before the veterans do. With 22 veterans killing themselves per day, how long do you think it will take to realize there’s no consequences for painting the world red on the way out–and if they are caught before killing themselves, they’ll actually get better medical care in prison anyway. That’s an awful lot of bodies.

    They’re already pouring gasoline on themselves and setting themselves on fire outside VA clinics. Good luck finding it in the news though–I’ve seen only 2 sources in the last week, and I had to dig for them.

    You’d think veterans self-immolating would make the headlines somehow. I guarantee you if it was the Aurora Killer, we’d never hear the end of it.

  2. Here’s a few responses to some questions above. The various amounts that were stated by the us attorney were because the money Glenn stole came from four different accounts where he was “ponzi” scheming them. Because an exact amount could not be ascertained from service baseball caps and high dollar valued iOS devices they did an estimate based on the ones that they could account for.

    Glenn would take product that was listed as returned by employees and resell the iPods and iPads on the outside. The money that went to the hats was mostly from volunteers and donations, much of which went unaccounted for during that time.

    The last part of the $$ discrepancies is the lack of reporting on the remaining product found at Glenn’s storage unit and home.

    The Ann Arbor VAMC is financially corrupt to the point that they a doing all of these cosmetic upgrades to make it look pretty rather than putting that money into staff and patient care. I walked around and counted the “electronic” trash cans (which are about $700 each) and found 16 of them. What is wrong with a regular plastic can with an open top like any other hospital? As far as being pretty, all it needed was to have the employees do their jobs, sweep mop, wipe, take out trash. None of the modifications to the cafeteria were necessary. Nor were many other millions spent on the alterations. Now they are building a Veteran Welcome Ceter and increasing the number of patient parking spaces. The spaces are needed, welcome center is not. The director, Robert McDivitt, apparently is no more than an ass in a seat. He couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, and once he does, resign. He is trash, his underlings, Dr Young, and the CFO can go bye bye also. Lastly, the AFGE is no longer needed as the local union president (Ozzie James) has the vocabulary of a 6th grader and doesn’t care about any employee he represents. His reputation as a cafeteria worker was not good when he was elected, and the last election he cheated to retain his seat. Next election will be different as I have the blessing of Mr J. David Cox (national AFGE president)

  3. I am an employee there and I know Glenn. The only way that guy would have gotten laid was to pay for it. He was very overweight, bad hygiene, and the personality of a wet mop. Because of his actions, our food and goods prices have majorly increased. Now this new guy (3rd chief since Glenn was fired) apparently gets kickbacks for using only Pepsi products in the vending machines. The va Ann Arbor is so crooked!

    1. Most of higher management has the God complex and just don’t get it and will do what ever they want and no one is keeping them in check, You have a chance to be our eyes and ears and you can write directly to Ben under contact and let him know of any wrong doings by Management or staff.

  4. I’m so glad this guy is out of a job with the VA.

    But , as a believer in rehabilitation and redemption, I hate that there is the assumption that no person with a felony should ever work at the VA. I’ve seen miracles happen when a damaged vet, who lost their way, gets help, pays their debt, gets skills training and a second chance to have a good life, complete with a good job.

    And, a small part of me cheered that it was Ann Arbor and not Detroit!#

  5. The VA needs a crap load of work. Over the past decade or so, I’ve ran across my fair share of great staff, and ones that I wouldn’t even wish on my own enemies. What this criminal did is horrible, I agree, but not nearly as bad as the corruption that happens in the higher level of government. This agency, which we are all passionate about because of our service, is just one of many that needs a complete overhaul. The only problem is that I suspect that even if we were to dismantle the whole govt, and start from scratch, it’s just a matter of time before they weasel their way back in. Not even executing people for their crimes would solve this as the hearts of men are easily swayed.

  6. Maybe $67,000 was not enough money for him. He even got a $3,750.00 bonus too.

    Name Grade Pay Plan Salary Bonus Agency Location Occupation FY

  7. Its not only the VA folks.
    Can you think of any governmental entity or any sector of the private enterprise that has not been embroiled in some sort of scandal?
    Our entire system has become corrupt to the core.
    Simply, it is broken beyond repair.
    The worst is yet to come.
    This is what is coming folks: The government will find a way to declare war with a major power. Then they will seize the assets of the middle class to pay for a major world war.
    Meanwhile, the 1%ers, the politically connected, and the major corporation will profit from a war which was artificially created to steal from the middle class.
    Mark my words folks, it is coming.

    1. @Fran
      I also believe in this scenario. I believe it’s going to begin with the Stock Market. Then escalate from there.

      The “Panama Papers” are now closed. No more info will be released! We’re not going to find out who are the “Tax Cheats”!

      “We the People” are being dumbed down and lied to on a daily basis! Our government, and election process, is a shame! The Main Stream Media is complicit on the lies! The “Elitists” are in control, FOR NOW!

      There’s absolutely no government or large civilian business entity that isn’t crooked.

      The people have become lazy and “SOFT”. I blame this on the television. We wake up, sit, sit while driving to anywhere and everywhere, most sit at work, come home and sit to watch television and then go to bed! The next day, it’s repeat and rinse all over again.

      We aren’t the America our “Founding Fathers” wanted! Look how long it took them to “get the lead out” and do something!
      It took the deaths of “Patriots” for them to act! It took the writing of “Common Sense” to anger the populace! It took “The Massacre on the Commons” to “…ignite a spark of Revolution”. It took the “Resolve of the Enemy” (England) to wake up the citizens! It took deaths of the newly formed “Continental Army” at “Valley Forge”, to “Spark Anger!”

      What’s it going to take TODAY to wake up the citizens! What will it take for y’all to say enough?

      I read this morning a number of Syrian Refugees were brought in “WITHOUT BEING VETTED” at all.
      There’s so much negative going on in our country right now, it’s sickening! When will the people tell our government – Stop breaking the laws of our country!!!

    1. I was wondering that myself. This guy stole thousands, was caught and punished. I also wonder who in the VA vouched for him to get such a job, even while a felon.
      In the big scheme of things, what he stole was several thousand less than that stolen by Rubens and Graves, and they got their jobs back.
      Its also peanuts compared to that shoveled out the door and stolen by politically connected contractors.

  8. I find (sickly..SADLY) No reason to believe the VA. Would have done anything better with the money…This thief went and supported one or more communities. Fool hearted to think anything of consequence will be repayed..Not likely. Hate to see the Brothers and Sisters suffer… While this p.o.s. is guilty where the hell are the SUPERVISOR’S ?

  9. I can’t help but wonder how many vets died waiting for care at the Ann Arbor VA while this guy was getting his boner on with a lap dance?

  10. It would be foolhardy for me to believe that corruption withinVHA does not extend down to the vending machines, parking fees, stolen identities, and criminal negligence at every single level.

    There are no VHA facilities that are clean. Corruption reaches every level and cannot be removed with a spanking. Thieves and liars go where the pickings are easiest. He aint the only one.

  11. It’s nice that this career criminal got arrested for stealing money from the sales of overpriced, Chinese manufactured hats. How was he employed with the V.A. in the first place? So, the V.A. has wasted trillions of dollars, thousands of veterans have been F’d over and we celebrate a meaningless arrest like this? The only other person I recall being highly publicized for serving jail time is the “horrible” gentleman that stole V.A. Headstones that were going to be destroyed. There has been Wait list scandals, equipment not properly cleaned and potentially exposing veterans to HIV/Hepatitis, V.A. executives stealing millions, claims being rated properly, V.A. Staff beating elderly veterans to death and still maintaining employment with the V.A. and thousands and thousands of other documented criminal acts. Yet the only two people to serve prison times are the easiest and most convenient cases to prosecute; theft by non management. That is like shooting fish in a barrel. This guy mentioned is indeed a jerk off but we are the ones getting jerked off if we think that this will change anything at all at the V.A.

  12. Great art work Ben……..made the old ticker skip a beat…………If Rubens and Graves ever get busted spare us this kind of art, that could make the ticker stop……………

  13. I have a few things to say about this.

    1.) Do y’all remember the “Khaki Mafia”? A group of high ranking NCO’s during the Vietnam War, who ran the “military base clubs”!? One of which was the Sergeant Major of the U.S.Army!? Who, BTW, was given a “Dishonorable Discharge!” When he sat in front of Congress he stated: “Fuck You! I’ve already made my millions!” Much of the monies was never recovered!
    They were also heavily involved in the “Black Market”, “Gun Running” and any other illegal enterprise of the time.
    There was even a “No. 1 Best Selling Book” on the subject!
    This article brought those memories flooding back!
    It also makes me wonder IF there are others out there doing the exact same thing at other VAMC’s!?

    2.) This asswipe went and spent his illgotten money on Hookers, Strip Clubs and Gambling Halls! Plus, who truely knows what else!
    This is a continuation of what we’re hearing now about the “alleged” egregious acts committed by politicians and public officials who frequented the establishment run by the “D.C. Madam!”
    Why is this important and possibly linked?
    Because, these “elected and appointed public officials”, current and past, ARE paid with American Tax Dollars!
    This “…15,000 page…” document needs to be exposed to the American Voter!

    3.) This shows, without a doubt, the VA’s “hiring proceedures” needs to be broken down and completely revamped! There are too many ‘criminal elements’ being hired by VA!
    We have heard of a number of these despicable individuals being hired. Then the VA wonders WHY veterans and taxpayers get angry when their caught AGAIN!? Ripping off the taxpayers!!!!!!!
    Now here’s an interesting question I have. When this asswipe gets out of prison, “How’s he going to pay back that money?” Will the VA rehire him? That sounds ridiculous. Yet, that seems to be the “VA Way”!!!

    1. You and I think way closely alike at times. I was wondering if the VA would even have him still working with an ankle collar on? This also calls to question what kind of kickbacks do VA personnel like this asswipe, that deal with the Starbucks in almost every VAMC replacing the once free coffee swill the VA offered? Like Veterans can typically afford such a luxury, it makes me wonder. Funny thing is, Starbucks will no longer send free coffee to our troops because they oppose the wars yet populate VA’s nationwide. Hypocrisy level here pisses me off.

      1. Yes brother we do seem to think alike. We’re on the same page, most of the time, with other’s on here also.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if that asswipe was seen AFTER his prison term. Right back at VA with an “ankle bracelet” and performing the same job!!!

    2. P.S.
      I googled the article namnibor mentioned. I found some possible discrepancies between all that has been written.

      1.) According to Ben, who I trust the most, the US Attorney stated he “…had embezzled $314,000…”!
      The article namnibor references has two amounts mentioned, first; “…federal charges allege $150,000…” yet the “…officials found out they were short $478,000…”!

      Plus, he’s only to pay back “…$314,000…!” If they were short $478,000, then there’s a $164,000 discrepancy!
      I can see the VA allowing him to skip out on that much!

      Am I the only one who caught these different $$$$ amounts? Why are there so many different $$$$ amounts?

      1. Thanks, crazyelf, as my brain has not enough caffeine to do that math but glad you figured it out, and very reason I posted it due to additional details conveniently left out perhaps?
        Yet another reason why this site of Ben’s is so great because it surely helps him in collective of articles and critical thinking among we Vets in a hive- like way. 🙂

      2. Whatever the amount they stated, whether 478,000 or the lesser number, I would venture it was a heck of a lot more than either figure. That is what they can prove.

        I ran businesses which did tens of millions of dollars in business per year. I could also read a financial statement, which is what VA management hasn’t figured out. It is not rocket science to anaylze cost of goods sold, inventory, cash on hand and historical data before you realize there is a thief in your midst.

        The person who was in charge of oversight for this department should be fired for gross malfeasance. Once again, the VA makes out like they are heroes for uncovering criminal activity, when in fact their management is just as culpable.

      3. Now we all do think alike I was wondering the same thing But when and how this war will happen I don’t know it can’t go on like this forever cause it will happen It’s just a matter of when – and i spect it won’t be long

  14. Interestingly, since I LIVE in Columbus, this has NOT made ANY of my local news stations but am sending this to all of them this morning. This article does not surprise me one bit. Again, am only surprised the VA Spin Machine was able to keep it out of my local news. We shall see because this evening my local station is doing a story about War Veterans having incredibly hard time getting ANY care, let alone timely care at the Columbus, VAMC.
    Am staring to think that the VA sees prior infractions with the Law as an asset to becoming a VA employee. Does the VA even do such background checks on their potential hires?

    1. Here’s another supporting article on this: “””″””

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