VA CHIEF: ‘Thank God’ We Don’t Have To Hire Vets

VA Chief Veteran Hiring

Benjamin KrauseCourt records show one VA chief of dentistry told that being a veteran did not provide any special hiring incentive at his facility, “And thank God.”

The VA chief in question is within leadership at VA Caribbean Medical Center named Dr. Gonzalo Solis Sanchez. The doctor went on to say that someone might get more of a preference for being a Boy Scout leader. The communication in question was about “Title 38” positions for doctors within VA.


How about that for creating opportunities for Boy Scout leaders ahead of veterans?

VA boasts that a veteran fills one in three positions. However, those positions are usually low-level roles. Presently, “janitor” is the only job reserved for veterans.

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Those numbers VA throws around deceives the public into believing it is doing its job when hiring by allowing veterans to enjoy the Veterans Preference we are entitled to by law.

The quote was from an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission deposition. A veteran who was a dentist brought the claim.


The Daily Caller published the following from the transcript from the deposition:

Q: What other factors are considered, aside from the ranking numbers that you award during the interview?
A: Well, probably the awards, recognitions that the person has had. In this interview, I know that there was a section that we used, given to me by the chief of staff, that it was taken into consideration if this person was involved in outside activities, like, you know, being a scout master, or–
Q: Or a member of the Armed Forces?
A: Not really. I’ve been in the Armed Forces, and I was not selected for the position of chief in three occasions, so-
Q: So that doesn’t have any–
A: Not really. And thank God, because I am a veteran, and I prefer for selections to be made on preparation than — I’ve always heard here that in Title 38 positions, that is not taken into — that’s not the main title taken into consideration, or the main attribute taken into consideration. Like I told you … Okay, I was, I’m a veteran and…
Q: And they never did take that into consideration.
A: They never took that into consideration.

What should we do with these clowns? How is it that the role of janitor can be reserved for a veteran but no other role?

This fits my theory that veterans all have the rebuttable presumption of being jokers and losers that only a few can shake only by graduating from West Point.


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  1. I think the VA wants veterans to make disability claims so they have an excuse to work over time and tell congress they need more money. We all know the VA employees still will dismiss the maximum amount of claims and then give themselves bonuses.

  2. I am a long time follower of this site. And yes, the VA sucks (for the most part).

    But what the hell is the matter with everyone?! No one is “entitled” to a job over someone else JUST because the are a veteran! And for goodness sake, I hope that a mediocre doctor would not get hired over a better qualified doctor because they are a veteran. I dont give a fuck if my doc is veteran. I want a good fucking doctor.

    1. @lurker
      Please read my comment to Matt below!
      I believe I explained it quite well.

      1. Crazyelf, everyone is entitled the their preference, I suppose. I for one, prefer training doctors over combat medics though. We aren’t in the jungle anymore, crazyelf. I dont have shrapnel, and I dont have the flu. I have multiple complex medical diseases. Also, training in medicine exists in other countries besides the US. Africans and Indians need doctors too, same as us. I dont discount training just because it didn’t occur within the USA. True “Third world countries” dont have medical schools, btw.

        These are all just my personal views. The real issue, which you didn’t actually address, was the awarding of bonus points because of veteran status and thus using that point advantage as the linchpin for the hiring decision. Ask anyone in business or healthcare HR sector, and they would tell you that is nuts, and that such a policy does not maximize chances of getting the best candidate. And isn’t that what we want?! The best? Instead of a some of the bums we got.

    2. That’s not it, Veterans with training that would qualify the for certain position are not given the opportunity to even apply for many position and keep them in house. Veterans do have preference when applying as a new employee 5 points for being a veteran and 10 points if they have a service connected disability.

      After I was discharged and applied for a job at the VA, I was told the only thing you qualify for is a janitor, so I took the position. I wanted to be in Administration as a file clerk or anything. They would not train me, so I quit. They called me about a month later and told me the IRS had a GS-1 training slot in the file room, I took the position and revamped their filing system and three months later was hired at the Gs-4 level mail clerk. worked 18 months and requested a Revenue Rep position, no your not qualified. So I quit.

      Moved out of state and was hired at a VA hospital Gs-2 file clerk and learned everything I could and started a new position as a Rover my idea suggestion, to train in every position in Medical Administration service to cover position when employees were sick or on leave. With this training I was made file room supervisor and with in five years promoted to a Gs-7 slot as an Administrative Assistant in charge of the Hospital after hours.

      They did not use veteran preference to promote me, I did this on my own. By training and have learned that no matter who it is they would have to be trained for any position they applied for. Therefore if the VA would give veterans a chance at training in a position, they can learn just like their civilian counter parts and take pride in that position. I did this even though the VA refused my disability for PTSD and a TBI, so if I could do it with this disability almost any veteran could do it if given the chance.

      I have also see and learned about their hiring practices, where their friends and relatives were given positions and then many transferred out, to other VA facilities, where they or their family members knew someone higher up and they get hired even higher and it just goes on.

      So the VA has had many, many years to select people that other wise would not qualify. I seen a girl right out of high school (pretty) obtain a job in the directors office right from the street and her father was the chief of the fire department at the VA. When I asked personnel about her hiring, I was told that she had so many extra circular activities during school, that she qualified very highly. I don’t think so, it was a favor to the chief of the fire department.

      Anyone that says it does not happen is lieing or is very naïve or is covering up something. This has become a racket, where managers meet once or more a year to make deals. The VA is a money making entity, where the more employees one can hire the more the bosses can make on their yearly bonus.

      Employees, will back stab each other trying to get promoted, they will make up stories to get someone in trouble and the bad part is higher management believes them and the one making the allegations would be promoted and then they will cover up or do anything higher management says in hopes of even getting hired.

      The VA in my opinion is afraid to have veterans in Administrative positions, because they will let someone know when they see something wrong. These type of veterans are not rare and that scares management and as long as the Veteran does not fall for their tricks, like if I promote you, will you stop making waves.

      Some may, but most will not stop, if they know its wrong ! So give credit were credit is due.

      The More veterans working for the VA, the better ! They actually know what veterans have really been through and would insure the veterans are given a fair shake ! not excuses !


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        ‘Vets Only’ Jobs at VA are Low-Pay
        Military.comWeek of January 25, 2016
        The only jobs explicitly reserved for veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are janitors or housekeeping aides, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of data from According to the Daily Caller, only about 50 job ads, seeking approximately a few hundred workers, are accepting applications exclusively from veterans. Out of those positions, all but a few pay only $13 an hour. Simultaneously, more than a thousand vacancies, many with no special skill requirements, were being advertised as open only to current civil servants. For more information, read the article on the Daily Caller website.
        For more veteran job news, listings and resources, visit the Veteran Jobs Center.

    3. I don’t disagree with your overall point, but veterans preference in hiring for federal jobs has been a law for years, and is often only required to be used when bringing a veteran in to federal service. That means usually an entry level job or something higher depending on the veterans qualifications. If a veteran is qualified as a janitor, fine. If a veteran qualified as a dentist or nurse, then preference should apply.
      There are many federal jobs where veterans preference does not apply because of the qualifications needed and the grade level the job is at, but there are also many federal jobs that veterans preference applies because a veteran has just as much or more experience for that position than a civilian. That you don’t know that veterans qualify for many positions above janitor just shows you don’t know much about federal jobs, or veterans preference in hiring.
      Preference in hiring came about so as to hire someone who sacrificed to serve their country rather than going to battle against co-eds in a college cafeteria.
      Preference in hiring is not only for doctors, but for any position within the federal government where a veteran would qualify based on experience. That means any clerk, supervisor, IT specialist, clinic manager, etc.
      With preference hiring, it doesn’t mean you can take a tank driver and hire him automatically as a clinic manager. A veteran has to have experience in that field that they will likely be successful at working in, but may not have done hallowed degree from some college…although many veterans have degrees as well.
      Veterans easily qualify for many federal positiins, but it’s up to the hiring agency to follow the law when hiring. That federal agencies have bypassed the law with Congress fully aware shows how lazy congress is in oversight.
      That an agency whose sole purpose is to help veterans more blatantly violates the law than any other is a Fucking travesty.
      That the Office of Personnel Management allows this to go on without stepping on someone’s neck shows the OPM has become as worthless as congress.
      Veterans passed over for a federal job that they are qualified for should appeal that hiring decision to OPM as is their right, or to the EEOC as is also their right.
      Now, you should also be aware that a term in the Peace Corps and in Ameri-Corps can also give preference in hiring. Do you think that is better than veterans preference?

  3. If y’all haven’t seen, “Spotlight” with Michael Keaton. You should!

    It’s about the ‘true story’ of the Catholic Church. Their attempted “cover ups” concerning “Child Molestations” around the world.
    How “The Boston Globe” uncovered it. How “…they (the Globe) went after the system, not the law!”

    Just like what we need to do. We need to uncover all the “malignancies within all VA’s Nationwide”.
    Until this is accomplished, everything will remain the same!

  4. Considering his comments are towards doctors I think he’s right.. I want the best I don’t want a doctor just because he’s a veteran..

    1. @Matt
      Problem being is almost all VA physicians, physicians assistants, nurses etc., are not graduates of Medical Universities of America.
      Many physician assistants, at VA’s accross this country, feel they don’t even have to have a ‘full fledged medical degree’ to perform the “duties” of a physician!
      They also do as little as possible for the veteran/patient.
      We, on this and other websites, have known the type of medical care received IS less than adequate! Veterans are dying because of this inadequate healthcare! That’s the facts of it!

      I would much rather put my healthcare in the hands of a physician, “COMBAT MEDIC”, who spent time in a combat zone! Rather than a person who went to an inadequate medical school in a “Third World Country!”

      I do understand what your saying. On the other hand, here’s something to concider. Massachusetts is, right now, the only state to implement the following.
      They went to Yale, Harvard and other highly endorsed medical schools. They “offered” students, who were in the top 10% of their senior class, this “deal”!
      “Sign a 5 year contract to a VAMC’s in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts will pay for your schooling after you graduate!”
      Is this, or will this, help veterans/patients? I don’t know! Yet, I do believe it’s a better “hiring system” than what VAMC’s have now!

      1. Sadly this is true. My primary care doc and my husband’s primary care doc both did not get their degrees in the USA. They also do as little as possible. If my doc had actually been better I believe I would not have lost my hearing. I asked and push the woman for months to send me to ENT.

  5. This just in yesterday. From;
    “Freedom Nation News”
    (“When Conspiracy Becomes Reality”)


    “It’s All Coming To An End: Clinton Insider Leaks Crucial Detail Pertaining To America”

    your host; Lisa Havan, and guest Larry Nichols. (On “Utube”)

    We’ve all heard, “Nothing in government happens by accident!”

    There’s much info discussed during this broadcast.
    What I found interesting was, 1.) the part about the possible “WHY” those Russian jets “buzzed our naval ship” a few days ago. Did they have authority to go against the “Rules” (Geneva Convention) to see what we would do? Or, were these pilots acting upon their own and stupidly!
    And, 2.) Why is the Obama administration cutting our military expenditures and manpower!?
    There’s a part which relates to our U.S.M.C. Pilots and the “…cutting of hours they practice, flight time, each month!” From around 12-15 hours, down to just “4 hours!”
    I’ve also read, don’t remember where, the Obama administration is considering “…doing away with the “Marine Corps.” all together!? If true, our Nation could be in great peril. (We all know he’s cut the U.S.Army. And is cutting it down further by the end of his “reign”). I also believe the the majority of high ranking Marines, and NCO’s, would NOT except an “Unlawful Order” from a Commander in Chief! As is set down within the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” handbook! Could this be “WHY” he’s fired so many generals over the past seven years?

    Some of y’all might think this is an “over the top” Conspiracy Theory!
    Yet, take the time to think rationally. Adams, Jefferson and others, of our Founding Fathers, wrote about this scenario 200 years ago! Their “letters” to one another spelled out, in no uncertain terms, what could happen “IF” a government went unchecked “By the People!” Hence, the “reason” for the “2nd Amendment!” They even wrote, negatively, about Muslims! About the banks! About our rights to defend ourselves!

    Check it out! I promise y’all won’t be sorry!

    1. I don’t think your far off, The world see’s were in a crisis with our government officials and that the citizens have or are loosing confidence in them and they see this as a weakness and its true. Our country as become all about me and not the masses.

      We don’t see our elected officials speaking out about anything, just collecting their pay checks, Our elected officials should be all over the VA Management and stop them dead in their tracks. If they can not even care for the Veterans who have served this country, how are they going to get people to defend it.

      I said it before, our young men and women are not as dumb as our elected officials think, why should they think that they have to defend someone, who does not care about its veterans or citizens. You hear a lot of talk from VA Higher Management, but it seems no matter what they say, it all about the Employees.

      In the VA its not what you know, its who you know and those folks only care about themselves and their yearly Bonus, Veterans Complain about the way they are being treated and its falling on death ears and those veterans that dare to correct the situtaiion are labeled Disruptive and Punished. That is not the American way, that the Nazi way.

      Our enemies are and will provoke the United States, just to see if we will flinch and they are growing more bold everyday. They know that our Military is small and they are building theirs up and I think not very long from now, they are going to catch our officials with their pants down and attack.

      Then the citizens will have to care what the VA is doing, because it will effect them directly, as the Draft will come into play and then their sons and daughters will be effected, Then thousands will die and be injured and then reality will hit home ! Maybe too late !

      1. Thank You so much. I read what I wrote, then your ‘reply’, just now to my wife! She stated, “Tell James, Thank You! He hit it right on the head!”

        I believe our, very knowledgeable “young people” will NOT stand for a draft! Their waking up!

        James, What are your thoughts on the following;
        We have five incombents running for POTUS.
        I don’t think Kascich has a chance. That leaves four.
        What do you think our enemies will do when;
        1.) Hillary?
        2.) Cruz?
        3.) Sanders?
        4.) Trump?
        is elected President?
        Tell me your thoughts on each one, then I’ll tell you mine!

      2. This is a very tough question, but I will give my 2 cents.

        Hillary, Her husband is the backbone to her election. The Clintons will not talk about veterans and will stifle any veterans that brings the subject up, due to the E-mails and them not sending back up when needed. Don’t know if the people really trust her. The Middle East under her watch has become worse and they will put our kids right in the middle. She may get the nomination, but the people have show her, that they are made at the way things are going and sanders, just may sneak up on her !

        Sanders, The people are so upset with all elected officials and he has put Hillary right in the middle of big banks. I think that Sanders would have a better chance of beating the GOP ! People are just so mad, Hillary has to many things hanging over her head.

        Cruz, Again the people are so mad at our elected officials and he has the goat of our elected officials and wants change in the way Washington is being out of the loop ! He’s knows the political system and knows who is doing what to whom. He can take pressure most of the time. He seems to know about our enemies and hates Obama care, which is hurting many Americans, If they go (1) $ over the threshold they are dropped from their care, even if a person has had a Heart transplant. I think if it goes to the convention he will get the nod !

        Trump, Trump has brought out a lot of things that needed to be brought to the forefront and at the same time, he has pissed off a lot of people by attacking the everyday citizen. He is very brash and self centered. Its his way or the highway and or double talks. I don’t know if he can maintain in a crisis and not jump the Gun ! Someone needs to settle him down. Mr. Trump has made the world very uneasy and they don’t know if he would start world war three or a revolution in the United states between the races.

        Trump is the type of person who would call the leader of north korea a little slant eye boy and would spank him. Putin, would attack after trump calls him a mommy’s boy and a want to be thug ! It seems he just don’t know when to be quite, some times. I think he needs to speak about his policies and not just say, were going to be great again and spell out what he means.

        There are a lot of people that think he means, that anyone who is not Anglo, he will order deportation and will not care if they are illegals or American citizens. He would tell the cops to arrest anyone who speaks out against his policies. I would like someone who wants change, but not at the cost of tearing the country apart by leaving some out of the American Dream.

        Bob McDonald, Is as patsy for VA Management and the VA is telling him to only do Ceremonies and stay out of the way. Bob has not even looked at his own team of employees, if he would have he would see plainly that they are part of the problem and will cover up for VA Management and not tell him the truth about letters they have received from veterans about how the VA is treating them.

        It will not matter who our next president is, if the Senate and congress keeps doing what their doing, which is nothing, but making deals that benefit themselves. Who ever gets the office, better think about getting the Justice system involved to make all our elected officials and other Government officials such as VA Managers held accountable for their inability to correct the many problems and put some employees in Jail for treason and gross mismanagement, or noting will change and all Americans will have to pay the price and this country will be Bankrupt and the rich will turn us all into their slaves.

      3. P.S.
        To James and all;
        Google the following;

        “Were the Founding Fathers
        “Tolerant” of Islam [Parts 1 & 2]”

        It proves my point as to their “intolerance” toward the (alleged) “Religion of Peace!”

  6. He can join a long list for the unemployment line, of people who should be fired at VA. Although, the majority of employees who should be fired, fit so well with the stink, there’s no way to smell them out. If I had an option, which I don’t have, I would never be treated by VA. They have screwed so many things up. I can never begin to clean it all up. And the anger mounts….

  7. I believe the reason behind VA not hiring veterans, most of the time, is simple.
    “Veterans get the job done!”

    Plus, Veterans who have a ‘working knowledge’ of government’s rules and regs, could in fact, rise within the ranks to take over the positions of those who never served.
    They could, and would, also report and take appropriate actions on violations faster. Which would cause even more problems for those trying to cover-up scandalous behavior.

    In the past few years, how many of the brave “whistleblowers” have been veterans vs. those who’ve never served?

    I will bet the majority were, in fact, veterans. Out of those, I wonder how many were ‘Combat Veterans’? Again, I will bet many hold this “Honored Distinction!”

    We’ve known for quite some time, most VA employees are in fact, afraid of most veterans. Especially those who’ve spent time in combat zones.
    For some unknown reason, this has caused problems for vets in all aspects of VA. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they watched too many “Rambo” movies!

    I also have this thing in my head!
    Where is all the monies going! If y’all want to find the corruption, “Follow the money trail!”

    Lastly, today is the last day concerning whether or not Houlihan is rehired or not.
    I guess we’ll have to wait until monday for that answer.
    I hope Ben got the story out to the media!

    1. Elf, you nailed it. We HAVE a work ethic, and were mission oriented.

      Veterans, if hired, would, as we always have, find ways to do more with less, and whip the system into shape.

      It’s fear that keeps them from hiring us, and it’s their collective ‘irrational’ fear of us – who’s mentally defective? – that keeps them from treating us like humans.

      I feel that VA employees go out of their way to feel offended, but fact they were ‘non-hackers’ in the military…oh wait, they didn’t serve…life long non-hackers.

  8. “And thank God, because I am a veteran, and I prefer for selections to be made on preparation than — I’ve always heard here that in Title 38 positions, that is not taken into — that’s not the main title taken into consideration, or the main attribute taken into consideration. ”

    The statement made in its entirety kind of makes sense to me. The selection is made on professional preparation. And, typically, being a veteran with a distinguished service record IS given consideration.

    But if your choice is a veteran who went to some medical school in the Caribbean or a non veteran who went to John Hopkins, wouldn’t you want the best doc? Not the one the VA was forced to hire because of The Rules?

    I find it very interesting that y’all are screaming for the VA to hire vets. And this guy Is a vet and he gets called a POS because he thinks the best qualified candidate should get the job. Mind you, this criteria only applies to certain professional positions, requiring advanced degrees, the Title 38 positions.

    In all other areas of the VA, veteran’s get extra points on their job application, 1. For being a vet and 2. Even more for being a disabled vet. So, if all other things (education and experience) are equal, the Veteran will likely always get the job, assuming they don’t pick their nose during the interview.

    I would suggest anyone interested look at the OPM special appointing authorities. has excellent info.

    1. So you are saying every foreign doctor, nurse or other provider hired by the VA was hired because no veteran applied?

      Why ignore the many non medical personnel that are hired where veterans preference is also ignored?

      Since you are aware of OPMs web site, why not explain how pulling a public vacancy announcement in favor of hiring internally is wrong?

      Why not explain how using veterans preference for hiring a veteran as a janitor blocks that same veteran from using veterans preference in hiring for a higher graded position? You know, those positions that are often never announced publicly for veterans to apply for.

  9. There should be FOIA access to every decision to hire any employee by VA. When they refuse to give due consideration, vets should be given legal representation to sue them for the discrimination against us.

    This is why the unions thrive, they force contracts, and then get their people on the inside to hire more union members. It should be stopped, unions do no belong in these jobs.

    1. Currently veterans can appeal not being hired by an agency, but the success may be dependent on how well a hiring official has covered their ass. It also may depend on how long a veteran can wait. I don’t know details of the process, but do know it can be done, but how many months it takes to hear an appeal I don’t know.
      I also have heard that someone not selected for a job can request what is called a blind panel. That is a list of all those who were referred to the hiring official with the names removed from their resume. In theory, you can then see the qualifications of the person selected, and whether you might be more qualified.

      I believe VSOs should be trained in being able to help veterans with hiring into federal jobs. What better way to help a veteran long term than to help them get stable employment?

  10. Yep… West Point is the answer!
    Gen.Petraeus…yep…oh yeah he lies. He cheats, he couldn’t keep secrets safe!
    Gen Shinseki…liar, lost in the sauce!
    Secretary Robert A. McDonald, embellished his career…let’s see what else does?
    If this is what West Point produces, then we are failed as for leadership in all positions held by grad’s of there. Apparently they don’t teach moral fiber to them.or brotherhood either…to bad…for us.

    1. That elitist production line at such places as West Point has fueled for many decades the established measure of separation between Enlisted and Officers. It’s kept at a low hum and not overtly obvious but in 20/20 hindsight it’s easy to now understand what two different Branches of Officer relatives of mine explained to me.
      Most think that elitist BS is just in civilian world but when I have been told by one of my private specialists, whom is USAF M.D. Retired, he was turned away from the VA for a job and was actually told he was *overqualified*, yet the VA was seeking a Gastroenterologist and that was what he was. Instead, someone from India got that job at the VA.
      Why are we not utilizing our own great trained minds? Officers and Enlisted, at the VA?
      Larger ??…Why is the VA not following Congressional Orders to do just that? Does the VA only count all the revolving doors of Veteran Homelessness Social Service part time Vets that only can work said job at min. wage for 3 months and part time at that?

  11. I think we all need to b on r toes. Because we no that the big gov .wants to privates r hospitals and we must let r veterans know what their want to do to r VA. and if we do not do anything they r going to run over us .and that is not good ..when we have the next Townhall meeting we must band together and let them know not only r we going to loose r VA .but they r going to loose their jobs .wake- up everybody.its r time to unite.

  12. Absolute truth. Higher positions are not available to Veterans in the VA.
    Applied to a VAMC Chief of Radiation Oncology position. Fulfilled all the Education, ( M.B.A., B.S. Health Care Administration and the requisite A. S. Of Radiation Therapy Technology.)
    Experience requirement was also fulfilled.
    A couple months later, saw notice, Job posting has been recalled. Never stated it had been filled nor did I get any form of response letter saying I did not meet their requirements.

    1. When the position is recalled, it means they hired internally or decided not to fill the position, typically due to budget issues. Hiring internally typically means that an existing employee was promoted, which they will do.

      1. I agree with what you said Merri, but if they hired internally, why advertise the job publicly? Even if they hired internally, they would have used a public job announcement, which means they still have to follow the law if it were open to veterans, or cancel the announcement entirely and advertise it again, internal only, properly.
        If they decided not to hire due to budget issues, then they wasted money on advertising it in the first place, and yes, it does cost money for every federal agency to advertise a job opening. But then, the VA has never cared about wasting money.
        Hiring internally often means a manager already has someone in mind for the job, so they don’t care about following the law anyway.

    2. Federal hiring officials will sometimes (often?) reject an entire panel of applicants when they are a veteran at the top of the list. Some person they know, went to the same college or was recommended by a friend is further down the list, and the only way to hire their buddy is to reject the whole list. Once they do that, they advertise the job again, or only advertise it internally, and hope the veteran does not apply again. Congress has said that is against the spirit of the law, but they have done nothing to close that loophole. Federal hiring managers whine about having their hands tied, not having flexibility, not being able to get the best candidate, yahdah, yahdah, but in reality it is blatantly ignoring the law and veterans.

  13. I truly think what is revealed here is a probable systemic mind-set throughout the VA, with it varying in no order whatsoever from VAMC to VAMC and State to State. Sure, there’s bound to be just as many, if not more VA employees, Dr.’s or otherwise, that do NOT feel this utter disdain about Veteran Hiring Preferences being respected, but there’s more than enough to cause this cancer in the VA that falls South on we Vets in Veterans dying while in VA Care by craptastic employees roaming internet for porn, or as in Leavenworth VAMC, Kansas where yet ANOTHER VA medical assistant was sexually abusing A LOT of Veterans, and more.

    I am rather in a pissed state that NONE of the media is covering the current VA scandals where Veterans have been *just recently* killed at various VAMC’s.

    I am equally pissed that it’s well-known amongst Veterans, because when using the VA most of us have gone out of our way to ask if a certain employee here and there is a Veteran, and it seems you need to go to the janitorial dept. where the VA hires mostly Part Time with no benefits through local Social Svc. Vet. Homeless Programs and even that is constant rotation because a buddy of mine said it’s only for 3 months at a time and regardless of education or military experience, it’s Minimum Wage or 20 Cents above, and for instance, working in filing or basement, resupplying medical stuff, etc. Nothing that’s an upward spiral anywhere else in VA. I am sure there’s some exceptions that fall into that who you are related to or know category, but of many Vets I have listened to, today’s article is par for course.

    Sorry folks if I meandered on and off topic but like I said a few days ago, anytime the VA tries to announce something that supposedly benefits Vets but costs private and public $ like the slated VA Repository in Dayton, it’s been my observation it’s always a smokescreen for some serious shit going on. Patterns are my thing.

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