VA Doctors Demand Equal Pay, See 50% Less Patients Than Private Sector

VA Doctors

Benjamin KrauseVA illogically prides itself on paying its doctors rates similar to the private market for services but only demands they work half as hard. Now we have nothing more than a bunch of over entitled VA employees who demand more than they deserve.

Last Friday, VA human resources head Gina Farrisee bumbled her way through lengthy explanations as to how it pays its doctors. Anyone listening to her testimony likely came out of it more confused about VA pay than before the hearing.

Nonetheless, any listener could take away that VA has numerous mechanisms at its disposal to ensure their doctors are well paid. Yet, no one can figure out how the wait list failure factors into the bonus and perk structure. Further, why would the same agency charged with caring for veterans allow its doctors to neglect their duties while getting paid a more than fair wage?

Rumor on the street says VA doctors pushed their administrators to manipulate work schedules to allow a reduced workload. Doctors in one facility, Marion VAMC in Illinois, supposedly profit off of deceptive scheduling practices that showed beneficial numbers related to the wait list by fraudulently canceling veterans’ appointments on their own but putting the blame on the patient.

This practice biased veterans’ claims where the record of their attendance impacts benefit adjudication and criminal trials within veterans courts. For example, veterans claiming PTSD but whose record indicates they fail to attend appointments will receive negative “dings” regarding their claim according to various sources. The VA logic goes that if they do not feel they need treatment, they must not truly have PTSD. Sadly, their logic clearly ignores the reality that VA employees have become hardened liars at the expense of their patients.

It is time for lady justice to do what she does and drop the hammer on these foolhardy welfare babies – VA employees who think the agency exists for them to gain high salaries for half-time work. VA no longer supports its veterans. It supports lazy employees who believe the agency exists only to serve their parasitic tendencies.

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Voc Rehab Survival GuideBenjamin Krause is an award winning investigative reporter, Veterans Benefits Law attorney, and disabled veteran of the US Air Force, where he served in its Special Operations Command. He attended Northwestern University and  the University of Minnesota Law School using VA Vocational Rehabilitation.

While in law school, Benjamin won his decade-long fight for full disability benefits and now helps others do the same with this website and his guide, the Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans. Since its first publication in 2011, the guide has helped the veteran community receive millions in untapped benefits through the VA Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment program. 

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  1. I have been harassed and even escorted off V.A. hospital property by V.A. police. Finally stood up to them and asked by what authority are you removing me. Was told it was a lawful order given by them and I had to follow their orders. I refused to go and asked if I was under arrest. No, we don’t want to go that far but you Will be escorted off V.A. proper. Again by whose authority, I haven’t done anything wrong. I told them to write me a ticket fr the violation that I was committing. The ticket was for refusing to follow direct orders of VA police when I was so ordered. Ticket issued, went to fed court, Judge ruled in my favor because they did not show just cause for their order. The police had been ordered to do this by upper level management and they were told it was patent harassment and patient abuse by the way they had issued the ticket without just cause. Abuse of authority. One officer went as far as to put his hand on his pistol when he was giving the order. INTIMIDATION Hang in there sometimes we do win.

  2. I learned about VA doctors the hard way. I came to the VA in ’97 and was assigned a young doctor I developed a rapport with. I thought he was taking care of me until I nearly died in my yard from a heat stroke in 2009. That was a lot of years to trust him while he was holding me in a perpetual “pre-diabetic” diagnosis. I almost died that day and it woke me up big time. After filing a blazing complaint I was moved to another clinic and another doctor who started me on Metformin. Since that time I have been pushed over to about four different NPs who all did nothing for me except renew prescriptions. (PRF in play!) I came to learn that having a doctor is not the best thing as they are smart enough to work against you behind the scenes. They all become galvanized against vets as slackers looking for a free life at their expense. My first doctor did not want this VN vet to get his $100 or $200 a month from the Regional Office. Don’t get me started on the C&P frauds.

  3. I have used the Va system often since 1978 and for the most and larger part i have received very good treatment and not a bad doctor all that time. Could I be the exception?…don`t think so. Now for the long wait time for an appeals claim to be adjudicated, well, that`s another story. A lot of “We need more evidence, we need more evidence, we need more evidence”.

    1. Ed, I have received god treatment as well as bad treatment. You may have just been given the right ones who do care and make sure you are treated as you need. I as of right now am in the process or waiting for a diagnosis for my continued blood loss from 2012. My counts are off and they get to the point that I have to go in and get iron transfusions. No one wants to be the one who takes care of this. I have lost my job, I have no unemployment left, cannot get a job due to the severe pain I am in and I have to survive on my 40% service connected disability and my dwindling savings. I will soon be homeless and living in my car.(I am glad that I paid it off). I continually ask, beg, and even demand that something be done. As a result, I am treated with a very lack of quality care. My last IV infusion, the RN ripped the needle out of my hand with a backward motion that made it bleed so much that the back of my hand was completely bruised. I contacted the Patient Advocate and she was less than helpful by saying she would look into it and get back with me. I never get a call back and my calls have fell on deaf ears. I think that after two years I should know why my blood is continually being lost (I do not see it being lost from me rom either way). I had a camera endoscopy and they told me they actually found on one picture that they could see blood oozing into my intestines yet nothing has been done to correct this. They said they saw a mass in one picture as well. Same thing nothing was done and now they are saying that they do not think that there is a mass. I know that something is in there as I can feel it and it is pushing on me. I can not get an x-ray, MRI, exam, nothing. They seem to want me to be one of the one who die and go away because I do not jump through their hoops and when they tell me to do something I don’t say OK, I ask why. I don’t think they like that. My bad treatment started after I started to not be one of the many who just go with what the VA says to do. I resisted them and now I am paying for it. I will continue to do so and if they do not want to treat me that is OK, I will go elsewhere or I will be dead from their lack of treating me.

  4. You see, I have learned “the VA game.” When I know it is from the VA they are forced to leave a message. Now, if the PTSD/MST doctor decided for me to make an appointment, I have stated, “you must consult with me first, you should never “assume” I can make it. This doctor, who I know, bring another with you, she should have guessed “I KNEW THE GAME!” Because of my questioning the therapy that is not one that is in any text book I heard of as far as CBT goes. It is some chopped it up, change it up, and “we shall call it CBT Therapy.” For shame. You know, you can report these type of events. If you have to look up every state where a Doctor received “the bless you can practice green light” for not doing their job right. As far as I am concerned? HEY VA, YOU ARE SCREWED!” I would prefer another word than screwed, but, I fear my mom would smack me on the head and say you talk like a truck driver, and I stated, “no, I talk like a G–damn Sailor!” Yes, we had our moments, but I loved to mess with her head because she would annoy the holy crap out of me regarding something I did not wish to pursue. My record, I have mentioned, it is funny to read, because if a person “had” bladder distention, just a normal person no medical knowledge needed, why would they deal with it for 3 months? You see, I went almost a whole damn year with UTI’S or was it cystitis? I was told by a new urologist that they would have to remove a kidney. Now imagine, how stressful of a huge event, preparing my young ones care over Christmas, but, went back, gee, the moron read someone else’s x-ray! I cannot even tell you how many times I was cathed in one day, because I stopped counting.
    And I have stated, “no one hears me when I say “T-Spine.” I could say “Thoracic,” but I fear they still would not hear it. So, I do what I do best! I call and leave a message. I state why can’t anyone understand it isn’t just lower but up higher? Even an x-ray of this where the radiologist stated, “appears to be something in the thoracic region, ( which he does know they each have a number I would hope, but just shows that shortcuts are easy) but it might be the position. Well now, can anyone read besides me? But, as stated, I make them leave a message. You see, when you have a record of a name, of a voice who tells you don’t go to do the ct-scam scheduled for tomorrow, they will call you. Really now? How interesting, because I got called the very next day of a no show, and I explained well I was following her orders.
    MIND GAMES- SUCH A TREAT! The problem is, because I have dealt with all this crap, getting worse, how shall I ever pursue it?
    As I explained to my children, you must be respectful to your elders, but know this as well. Respect is not an automatic you deserve it, respect has to be earned by words, deeds or actions. If you yourself have been disrespected and you are young, then give it to me, and you know I will “fix it.” Oh, trust me. A neighbors son was friends with my daughter, they collected rocks, a boy that constantly annoyed her, she only will put up with so much then you become toast. She forgot about the rocks from the day before. Now the mother of this boy, stated he deserved it, but the school nurse deciding to give out orders and disrespect? Oh no, and I am 5’6″ my neighbors husband huge guy! We all went to have a “chat,” but I did the speaking! Now when someone decides when they have no authority to do so, as in make appointments without my consent, then that becomes YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE! I spoke with this nurse, I asked her, what authoritative power do you have in punishing to kids who are under the age of ten, my daughter was upset to see this boy bleeding, she could not answer my question. So I stated your position is what? A nurse. A nurse who has no rights what so ever to decide punishing children. She hollered to someone else and said this, “do you see what I have to put up with?” Bad choice, wrong words. I said to her, “I am your equal, but actually much higher than your equal because I did not have a cushy job doling out band aides or calling parents when a child was sick. No, I had to “put up with” keeping someone alive. And if you think you can ever treat these two children again the way you have, remember, you will put up with me, and I can become a really bad nightmare for you. Gee. Never had another issue. And the big husband and his taller than me wife were extremely shocked how explained her job, and don’t mess with me. Life gives us plenty of learning skills, some we keep, some we discard, ( although my ex married the second wife on our daughters birthday, and number three which my youngest is quite observant of behaviors, she was an eh so what to me, he chose the date we married, I imagine it keeps it easy to remember!) you almost have to have some kind of tactical skills to “play the game.” Yes, the last time I called that 800 number, I gave that guy a what for with of course nothing but the best corpsman skills and added my sailor words and was furious, he stated this call is recorded, I stated I record this call too, I can do that, got a note for why, but tell the regional office I am one pissed off “B” who is ready to do battle, and I can make them look like the fools they are! Do not call me till after 3pm is simple, yet you idiots cannot get that, why is there such a problem comprehending when we are both in the same time zone? Send that to them, tell them as well, a letter will follow, because the game is up, and I am ready to say “Check Mate!”
    Now, when you discuss security issues, my husband almost always gets pulled to the side. Frequent flyer, but, also frequent in the what no one else knows kinda job? So, he expects it. Me? It is will the metal go off or not in my back. I can tell you one thing, when the twin towers had its first little number in the 1990’s my 12 year old child a male, tan as can be would not think my child but he is. He is the only child who has brown eyes like me, although darker like my grandfather. They pulled him aside, I am with him, I ask what are you doing to a twelve year old child? This happens to be MY SON and you better start talking now and I mean it. They wanted to check his back pack, maybe they hoped to take his game boy? But because he was taller, because of his hair, eyes and skin color he was profiled regardless of his age. Um yeah, they stopped, I will draw attention so others hear the word “TWELVE YEAR OLD SON?”
    Admit it, the world is just crazy, well, not all, but this country is doing some to strange to be a video game-gee, across the pond is looking good to me!

  5. Anyone that can talk might want to spread the word on this thing I have to say. Homeland Security and the VA have for years targeted me. I reported it to the VA and they said I was being ridiculous. But, my PTSD therapist took notes of what I said and in fact gave them to Homeland Security. Mike Carona was in charge of a western region of Homeland Security and he had been targeting me personally for quite some time. He is now in federal prison after my “wild allegations” were proven to be true. If you do mainstream media research on him you will find that he was in fact heavily involved with the Mafia and all kind of corruption. He has been replaced by someone at DHS doing the exact same things to veterans that he did. I literally went to war against him and the VA years ago, and it is only just now that my “wild accusations” have been understood to be absolute fact. DHS has specific missions that target vets by accessing the VA system at every level. Their primary motivation is to redirect funds (billions of dollars) to them by taking it from the VA under the color of providing vital security to VA employees. Expect to hear more about this in the next few weeks in the national media. Every time I say this kind of thing it comes out in the mainstream media, and it is going to this time too, and more so than ever. There is a limit to how far DHS can go in its corrupt, literally mafia based tactics can go on misappropriation of funds, and they reached that years ago. We can and will stop them by simply spreading the word as to what they are doing. Do a little research on “Mike Carona, former Homeland Security Advisor, former elected sheriff of Orange County, California” and you will see for yourself if you connect the dots that are practically touching each other, so I don’t have to explain it here… I’m tired.

  6. I have had appointments canceled that I didn’t make. I only have one that a VA Dr. made for me and I didn’t even know it was made. I didn’t show up for it and was given a no-show template for it. I complained VERY much about this and asked for them to correct their mistake and was told that they couldn’t do that. I said “fine” and went to ROI and put in what happened and made sure it was put in my record. They want to play their games I can play mine. I don’t see how they can want more money as they make plenty now. The only benefit I can see out of seeing less patients is the ability to spend longer time with each patient; however this would also cause other problems like needing more Dr’s, longer wait times, ETC… I would like to see my Dr. and get things taken care of without the “We are out of time, if you need to discuss more things then make another appointment and we can go over them”. But to do what they are doing with the appointments is so wrong. I now print out my appointments and keep them and if I cancel an appointment, then I make sure to reprint the new appointments showing that the appointment is now cancelled. I take this with me now so I can show them if they try that on me. My proof so they can’t get out of it.

    1. +100 Document everything (…it was by very nature of my military job we had copies of copies for everything for sheer security nature of what I worked around….by applying this with my own health and medical records or otherwise, it made my particular battle with the VA/DOD way more stream-lined because tangible evidence/documentation exists and I have hard copies. Now mind you, I am not some ‘hoarder of things’, but just always believed beyond critical thinking and imagine the negatives of everything being relied upon in electronic format only….way too easily to manipulate or erase or totally lose tracking…a server could simply go **poof** (conveniently, of course, on demand); so I advise Veterans of all lengths of experience to keep organized and detailed records. Kindly ask for a copy of any test result but I will tell you this ahead of time, VA PSY Dept. will make you go through the records dept. and requisition/order copies. If you actually get copies, actually read their written notes regarding a visit and YOU….very often you can tell there’s a “choppiness” in a vey “edited” way by time PSY Dept. complies to copies. Also look at the amount of time. For me, what was supposed to be a billed 50 minutes, it was always no more than 20…seriously, what a disservice to scam the Veteran and tax-payer, and yet these VA Dr.’s are claiming they want even more money as equal pay?


      Most of these “welfare attitude VA Dr’s and staff” seem to be from other countries (no BUY/EMPLOY AMERICAN’s CLAUSE going on here), and I do not think they should even be unionized as it surely further grants protection of habitual offenders of everything these United Stated stand for!

      Make copies and always CYA.

  7. Sure, terrorize and harass PTSD and TBI vets with Homeland Security stormtroopers raiding VA clinics and hospitals, traumatize them so much they won’t go to the VA for PTSD care or any medical care, not even to get their medications that stops seizures from head injuries/TBI, then say the veteran is non-compliant, disruptive, and won’t submit to the fucking ASSHOLES from Hell that are still running the VA. Gibson is a bastard from Hell, and incompetent clone of Shinseki, so he must go, and soon. Spread the word to get that fuckhead out of the VA. He just sacrificed two VA Assistant Secretaries in an effort to dump blame on his. We are supposed to believe he did not know all this shit was and STILL IS going on?

  8. The VA is a medically based organization. Henceforth, the MD’s run that organization: NO doctors; no VA. They are organized and have the ability to shut it down, work stoppage or slowing the process down to nearly a stoppage. This is not all of the MD’s as there are some great doctors who put veterans first!

  9. Ah, the word liar, used in context, appropriately, professionally; that one word says it all. The VA is ran by the father of all lies, the Devil!


      1. PSY-OPS at it’s very worse, used upon Veterans. The song “Rats In A Cage” by Smashing Pumpkins comes to mind here.

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