VA Is Lying Billboard

‘VA is Lying’ Sign Across From Phoenix VA Execs’ Windows

Phoenix VA VA is Lying

Benjamin KrauseVietnam veteran Ron Nesler, and his ‘VA is Lying’ Facebook group, just put up a new sign directly across from the executive offices of the Phoenix VA.

The sign is just 0.2 miles away and sits just across the parking lot facing Phoenix VA and will greet VA employees this morning. Many VA employees had yesterday off for Columbus Day and will no doubt be pleased to see the billboard in the morning.

WATCH: ABC Marine Veteran Interview About Phoenix VA Billboard

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Marine veteran and VA whistleblower Brandon Coleman spoke to local press about the signs and who paid for them in Phoenix, AZ. Surprising to local press was that the Phoenix sign was paid for by Phoenix VA employees too afraid to step forward but too afraid to do the right thing.

Apparently VA is still doing a great job intimidating employees and discouraging accountability at every turn. Think this will ever change without DOJ prosecutions?

In response, a Phoenix VA spokesperson said:

Our nation’s Veterans – among them is 40 percent of our workforce –  served to protect our rights. To this, the Department of Veterans Affairs respects this and any other organization’s or individual’s right to express their opinion.

Phoenix VA Health Care System works diligently to create a collaborative, problem solving environment that is conducive to the needs of our patients.  We encourage anyone with a specific concern to contact our team of Patient Advocates who work as liaisons for the Director’s Office.

Again, in light of the current state of affairs the claim that Phoenix VA is “collaborative” or “problem solving” cannot be further from the truth. No one, not even VA, can believe that line of crap.

The billboard has caused quite a few heads to turn for Phoenix, AZ, news media resulting in numerous radio and film articles yesterday. The next billboard is set to go up in Indianapolis.

Group posts ‘VA is LYING VETERANS are DYING’ billboard within eyesight of Phoenix VA

Phoenix VA criticized with conveniently placed ‘VA is Lying, Veterans Are Dying’ billboard

VA is Lying group unveils billboard near VA hospital

Whistleblower: New Billboard Campaign Will Target Phoenix VA Hospital

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  1. Talked to the news about the billboard and James wanted me to talk to him for a story. I was not wanting to do a story about me but he stated he needed to have someone by 7pm that night for the story. I hurried and met him. I was not prepared for anything as I had got off work. He talked to me and did not use much of what we said. He had a story about the billboard and some comments from me. Not on the main news but a news show after the news. Not much will come of this. This billboard is far from the VAMC and is on an electric billboard that rotates with three or four other billboards. The downtown of Indy and around the VAMC is pretty void of signage. Oh well at least a couple of the news teams did a report in them.
    On another note, I had an appointment today with the Indy VAMC and I was told my pain med would be taken away starting next month because they state there is nothing wrong with me. I talked to the Chief of Primary Care and he told me how it was going to be and I should “forget about the past treatment and focus on what is boing done now”. He also stated something that I argued with him for some time. He stated to me “We have a budget that we run on. We are not going to be prescribing Oxycodone as the price of narcotics are getting to high”. Then he followed that up with “I am not saying we are putting money over the veterans”. I stopped him and then we had a “discussion” on what he stated. He may have slipped something that I have never thought about or have seen as a reason to stop the narcotic pain meds. If the meds cast are high and the cost of having “classes”, old anti depressants, cheap anti-inflammatories, and NSAIDS are more cost efficient, that would make sense. Think about the money they would save by having vets go to classes to “think you are feeling better”. It does make sense.
    Thanks for the replies.

    1. Sorry things didn’t work out! The VA had me on some sort of pain medication for my back, it was so strong, that I told my kids not to let me hold my granddaughter as I felt drunk and was afraid I would drop her!

      The VA stopped giving me the medication and took it out of the pharmacy period!

      They had me on psychology medicine and that was so strong, I was bouncing off walls and then stopped that cold turkey!

      Trial and error I guess! I now take a milder drug and do not use any pain medication, since Colorado passed the m.j. law and that has helped me more than any drugs they were giving me.

      Put it on the ballot, it helps with my back pain and my PTSD and I get to relax!

      Yes, I gave a copy from the outside doctor to the VA and was told, well We can’t give you any pain medication!

      Thanks to the citizens of Colorado, I don’t want or need their drugs for pain and don’t have to be their Ginny pig anymore!

      I know some pain medication is needed for some because of their conditions, I’m just glad it is working for me!

      And no more hangovers! I quit drinking about ten years ago, thanks to God for his medication!

      1. M.J. for personal and medical use is on Ohio’s Election Ballot this November Election and I feel exactly the same. Will no longer take anti-anxiety/anti-depressants, nor the low dos pain meds I am on if this passes because I know MJ is definitely more effective for my PTSD and intense Gastro Issues as well.
        The crazy part about all this is people on Obama Care, specifically, State Medicaid Insurance, not paying a dime for their coverage or meds, get carte blanche for any meds they need, regardless of costs.
        Pretty sad when Political Refugees and Illegals and Felons get better comprehensive medical care than Veterans.
        Thanks Obama! Your Welfare Nation will only make the USA’s path to Third World Status even quicker.


  3. What about the VA regional office in Winston-Salem, NC. One of the worst VA centers there is!

  4. 2 separate civ docs one er one podiatry said I need a neurologist pod said spine specialist too in minutes of seeing me after 2.5 years 4 va docs do everything they can to refuse neurology app 25-27 young man dying of pain dressed in splints they do nothing pod said left foot nerve and below left knee nerve messes up in minutes va let me be tortured to death sent me to a mental hospital having the doc tell me psychosomatic is disrespectful and never say it to me but the definition is her diagnosis for my seizing muscle jerking blood pumping in all limbs chest all around heart and face and thus shut up and die. they gave it to me too with the hpv vaccine dressed in splints before 2nd shot begging them to stop the worst pain of my life no diagnosis at all lied about what they found in my back xray disc space narrowing now its bulging where? consistent with my 27 years of aging physical therapy already had now lift most weights in life still cannot play video games or guitar 2.5 years nothing no diagnosis no neurology have to speak to va social worker about everything as current primary care won’t even write what I say to her in my record and she storms out as I’m still in the back brace after 2.5 4 dif va docs years lifting weights best shape of my life still cannot play videogames or guitar cannot get va to acknowledge nerve pain, senator vet rep says if 4 va docs say its nothing its nothing what can I do? just like all the pheonix va docs said about all the vets waiting and dying that they were good too. does this even matter? where do I go before I stroke out or have a heart attack blood pumps all left side of back around heart so much more this last weekend so many other symptoms no way to get anything treated addressed or taken away cured no diagnosis of any kind either I can go back to physical therapy and show them I can lift like a little body beast p90x3 no hard enough anymore. red burning itching rash on scalp taking away my young hair and hairline and on my testicles while using prescribed ketoconozole cream and shampoo for this whole 2.5 years infertile? I’d put money on it gotta not die first. unexplained double vision horrible piecing draining dry eyes opto cannot explain or take away civ opto. lymph node has been swollen for at least a year now under left ear by little buddy always telling me you’re gonna die little buddy and arms back foot horrible pain too cannot play videogames or guitar.

    1. “Denver vamc told senator Bennett’s office,” I’m dealing with bennets office not caring about me dying TOO

  5. I sent this to fox 59 New here in Indy and the reporter and this is his reply:

    Thanks for the heads up… I’m going to give you a call to talk about this tomorrow. Very interested in doing the story.
    If anyone has some info for me to use, I would like to have it. I am not sure how to get it to me without using this site. Maybe Ben could send it or give my e-mail out. If needed, I will put it on here.

    1. I would love someone to do a full story on how our civil and constitutional rights are being trampled on by the department of veterans affairs Disruptive Committee on how they accuse veterans of being disruptive and they not require any proof and act on hearsay only as proof.

      And the veteran given no way of defending themselves. The VA is judge, jury and jailer!

      If veterans actually are disruptive, they should have to press charges and the veteran have his day in court, a real court!

      The VA has no right to punish anyone! They are not the law!

      If you like, I would be more than happy to tell my story to the news, something has to be done and I for one, DO not want another veteran to be accused of disruptive behavior and not have his day in court to clear their good name!

      Employees need to be held accountable for their illegal actions! The VA has to stop playing God! It’s immoral and against the law!

      1. James,
        You and figure8fan contact Ben so you both can get together.
        If you have written documents proving what you say, that’s great. Allegations are just that, allegations.
        Proof is what’s needed. If you have that great. Read my comment below. I have been involved with politicians for many years. News Reporters are the same. Be direct and to the point. Don’t stray from the topic! Keep focused.

        I wish y’all all the best!

      2. Thanks crazyelf,
        I should have put this is going to be a phone call. I think he is wanting more info for a story and I would like to give him enough to have a series. I have sent him several links to this blog on several things and I think the billboard is going to be a thing he can see and I think he wants to have the upper hand on the other stations.
        I did not want to put my e-mail on here but I did not want to take up space, know what I mean. I am wanting to have somethings to prove that there is something going on with this (the Indy) VAMC. I think this would be a local story but I will ask to see what he is wanting.
        If I had some things he could look up about the Indy VAMC, he might want to dig deeper into this place I have my own story and have put some of it on here. I will take notes and I may have him contact Ben for more VA troubles.
        Thanks again.

      3. My proof is the VA has no proof and I do have paper work where the director of the Denver vamc told senator Bennett’s office, that the VA never took action on the Disruptive allegations and never flagged my records and never punished me and no investigation was ever completed! The Truth is they did ALL the above and more! Yes I have enough evidence to write a book!

      4. figure8fan,
        You might also want to give the reporter this website also,
        It has a nunber of current articles concerning the egregious acts committed by VA.
        I usually go to
        also. This site goes into more detail on many of the stories of VA.
        Another aspect is let the reporter read many of the comments on here.

        Again, I know you will do great tomorrow.

    2. figure8fan,
      First, don’t put your email address on here. If you want ask Ben if he can help you on this issue (email) do so!

      Second, the best info on this issue is this webpage and this “blog”! Explain to the reporter exactly how you explain yourself on here. In essence, BE YOURSELF! This shows him/her your honest and trustworthy. It also shows how concerned you, and millions of other vets and taxpayers, are!
      I always add the “word” taxpayers to any and all emails I send. Why, because that is getting a lot of attention lately. Taxpayers are fed up with the way Obama, Congress and the Senate are conducting business. There are MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of taxpayers that are upset. Whereas veterans are only a small portion of the U.S. as compared to taxpayers who have never served in any Armed Force.

      Third, give the reporter other blogs to look at. For example, Ben’s blog about McDonald being confused over the VHA audit that was on yesterday.
      I found giving direct short answers to direct questions the best advice. Too much in an answer turns people off from listening.

      Lastly, any documents you have which pertains to the reporters questions, by all means show them! Proof positive is the best. That way it’s not an allegation– it’s fact! And if you know of anyone in your area who has factual documentation, have them there. Practice what your going to say! Refer to your documents and any and all news articles which pertains to what the reporter wants.

      Remember, keep your cool. Talk assertive. Be respectful. And calm!!!!
      Just like people you see on the news who receive help getting businesses into trouble for ripping them off.
      This isn’t hard brother. It’s actually really easy. I know you will do fine!

      1. P.S.
        Show the reporter these blogs I mentioned AND the “comment” section.
        If the reporter asks why does so many use “nicknames”. Explain it this way, we don’t want to be “flagged as disruptive” by VA!

  6. The VA has got more ways to retaliate against you than you realize. Nothing will ever get changed unless the US Justice Dept. intervenes and puts a stop to some of this stuff that’s going on with the VA. That is never going to happen unless veterans start getting better organized and force the issue. I hate to admit it but I’m scared of the VA, being that I’m old now and going to have to depend on them for my future longevity. Meanwhile, I hope there’s a merciful God up there looking down on all of this!

    1. Don’t think he likes greedy people, that make a buck off someone else back! Everyone should be afraid, when our government lets it happen over and over! Hang in there!

      1. I am now 67,had laparoscopic surgery ended up lower puncture to intestine.hernia repairrecovery at clinics was great evening of release severe spasms occurred to left leg and to back of thigh and.calf ONLY.1002 August surgery2 weeks later made appt.12 years with same.primary care physician,quote doctor’s and surgeons make mistakes but I meaning veteran Wil never get of any wrong , primary care told me I had a pinch. nerve from 2002to2005 had open wound drain the medical field would or could answer to why open wound drainage.infections.occurred and.suture starting popping out.2014 infection became so bad had surgery and surgeon tells me very intense and emotional,also what was surgeon of 2002 thinking of and surgeon of 2014 questions the wisdom.of surgeon of 2002.on top of it all veterans affairs just get it injury was caused,carelennness,negligence by the medical.field , at that clinic because till this year of 2014 no one can give answer to why I drained for three years.embarrassed by this open wound,causing puss,blood and some sticky substance awful vulgar in line and hear other shoppers what is that awful vulgar smell.also in my medical records beginning in 2002to 2014 not one item that was mention to mms y primary care physician entered in all my questions about why open wound.I hope someone.reads this ,I do have a lawyer but even his questions can’t be answered,so from 2002to2014 spasms still.continue and no help from 300.00.again my veterans clinic and I was told.not always can doctors cure everything and to.suck it up.

      2. That is unacceptable and I hope your lawyer will not let them get away with what their doing to you!

        For the life of me I can’t understand why employees seem not to care!

        I think about these horror stories every day and all I can do is shake my head!

        Many veterans have been accused of disruptive behavior, if and when they question staff, they did this to me!

        At 12 noon today, I was contacted by a Stephanie out of Mr McDonald’s office!
        She asked me what facility’s were involved! I advise her the Denver VA and my local clinic in La junta, co!

        She asked for my last four and said that’s all she needed!

        I was able to squeeze in what I been through with an employee that I use to work with, that hates me!

        How she was able to get the disruptive committee in Denver to punish me and they did so Without having to provide any evidence of me every being disruptive!

        Also told her why the employee retaliated against me!

        How they placed into my chart, if they ever hear that I have become disruptive again or don’t do as they say, I would be arrested, Federal charges and banishment from all VA care!

        Also told her I was a disabled veteran 100 percent and suffering from a. Traumatic brain injury after being shot in the head!

        Advised her I worked for the VA for almost 25 years and served three years active duty and not knowing I had a tbi, I joined the national guard under Vietnam try one and served about six years!

        I was really shocked getting this call and I hope they finally make the VA in Denver to provide their office with the proof that I was ever disruptive!

        Told her that when I worked at the VA, anytime there was a situation where a veteran or employee gets disruptive or any other matter, the employee is required to complete a report of contact on each incident!

        IF the employee failed to make a report of contact as proof, then it never happened!

        This was a very short conversation and I begged her to help me clear my good name!

        Employees should not be able to just say someone did something and not be required to prove their allegations!

        If I would of had anyone coming into my office, twice a month and become disruptive, You better bet, I would have covered my butt and documented each and every time! I don’t know how many months this covered!

        I know I should not get my hopes UP of anything being done! I next step is a letter to the president!

        It would really be great if they would get to the bottom of this false reporting of veterans being reported for something they never did in the first place!

        Ten years Is a very long time to be wondering if today is the day, that same employee is going to falsely accuse me again of being disruptive And The POLICE or fbi show up and arrest me, in front of my granddaughter!

        I don’t go anywhere in this rural community, as in small community their are so many friends and relatives that she could have frame me!

        That’s how paranoia this situation has gotten me and I’m sure my family, would like me enjoy life and not always be in fear all the time of being arrested!

        To every veteran this should concern you, as the end result will determine if the VA will be able to falsely accuse you of something you never did!

        The disruptive committee has to have evidence before punishing veterans and even then, if they have proof this should be a judicial matter and the court should be handling these cases!

        The department of veterans affairs should not be involved in punishing anyone (PERIOD)

  7. Hitler’s supporters took down anti-Nazi billboards too. How about a special billboard that says, “VA Nazi Liars.”

  8. When you watch the video of the Marine vet whistleblower giving the interview, in addition to the partial quote Ben used above, the News reporter also includes that you can report any concerns to their team of Patient Advocates. Really? If Patient Advocates were doing their jobs the VA would not be in the mess it is. PA’s are advocates for the VA, period. They do virtually nothing to help veterans, and actually are known to do great harm! Do NOT expect any help from them. They can even contribute to being put in danger if you make the mistake of complaining about something serious that has not been exposed yet, or even a simple issue. They will help put you on the Secret Disruptive Behavior List and that can actually put you and your family in grave danger, with no way to get off of it, including in cases where the was no reason to put you on the list which is the vast majority of cases that end up on the List, then you will forever be led around like a rabid dog by hyped up, DANGEROUS, VA Police whenever you go to the VA for anything!

  9. The people with the purse strings and the rules/policies/laws are congress and then the Senate. When the congress gets advice from top economists organizations with the likes Ben Bernanke, and the past Mort Friedman among others to the congress’s liking, which is don’t raise taxes on everyone and divide the same sum of money ( out of the SSA) on more and more getting sick or hurt, is that then we have a totally systemic selfish & dysfunctional government besides the DOD which receives the largest part of the U.S.budget but little of it goes to the vets, we all have to wonder where all of the money goes and what real common good does our legislators have in mind for your best interests at heart. Saving money on the backs of our vets health is immoral and outright criminal. It is being done on and to civilians and this is not why we all pay taxes. The so called entitlements is what we paid for, the safety nets that congress and other legislators promised and who are supposed to care and make sure the vets receive them. How can one be a drain on something you all paid for and were promised? Looks yours contract has been violated besides violations of your constitutional rights The tax expenditures belong to programs like the VA, NOT for legislator’s own whims and dreams but who of them is asking for an VA audit , who of them is making sure the money is spent ON VETS and not folks who run the VA? If the congress and other legislator’s seriously worry about fraud and abuse, then they need to look within the VA need to audit all of it. THE VETS should run the VA since they know what is truly needed for each other. Deadbeat medical staffers or foreigners who vie for bonuses do not know what is needed for vets, these sponges only know what they want for themselves. One day it will figured out as to where the fraud and abuse came from in bringing in deadbeat medical staff and foreigners who only care about them selves. But it always starts from the top, the legislators who write the rules/ laws/policies and those who control the purse strings along with the chaos it all brings to the vets among other American citizens. Its called Congress and whose best interest they have at heart. it’s themselves, corporations and the DOD..

  10. As my great grand pappy from the old country (El boro de salsa fart) used to tell me: VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET FROM AFGE UNION CONTRACTS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I truly despise every time the VA points to any veteran working for them as an example of them treating veterans properly. If that were the case, why does the VA make a veteran employees life a living hell if that veteran points out something wrong.
    In addition, 40% of the workforce are veterans? Why is that not 60-70%? Why doesn’t the VA have specific programs in place to bring in veterans at an entry level, then assist them throughout their career to be promoted into higher level jobs?
    Before they start flinging around how many vets work for them, it would be interesting to know specifically how many veterans are in what position. Should take less than a day to determine that. In addition, how many are direct family members of vets who could help support a disabled vet who are unable to work.

    1. I think most veteran employees are not in management, VA tells veterans only thing your qualified for is a janitor position or nursing assist to clean up after the veterans unable to care for themselves!

      The VA does not like veterans in charge, they may advice management, what their doing is wrong!

      Any veteran has a five point preference and disabled veterans ten point preference! Which is great!

      But the VA will hire friends and family members, before they hire a veteran!

      Did you know that every employee hired, must take the oath, to defend this country against foreign and domestic threats!

      So be an oath to defend America from veterans, that is what their doing!

      The table needs to be turned on them!

      1. I agree James. I think if the VA is going to use numbers of veterans employed, they need to spell out exactly what jobs they are in, and why more are not hired.

      2. Yes, they spend a lot of money, telling employers to hire veterans as they know duty and how to get things done!

        Higher a veteran! The VA don’t want someone with mortality! To much of a threat of telling it like it is.

        The Truth hurts and the department of veterans affairs, hates the truth.

        Phoenix director stating if a veteran has problems with the VA, to please come and tell it to the patient representative!

        That is laughable, it should read. If you are having problems with this VA tell us and we will ensure you won’t have anymore problems as you have become disruptive and you are a dangerous veteran and we must place you on a 72 hr hold! Feed you full of narcotics until you start to drull and not remember anything!

        They have drugged so many veterans some don’t know if their coming or going!

        They use to shock the shit out veterans and they (the veteran walks away saying “duuuuuh” and that all! And then your placed into a nursing home and get the shit kicked out of you for shitting your pants!

    2. If you have degree(s), you can apply as a Veteran and maybe get the job, maybe. If you have no education, the VA has jobs for Veterans as custodians (Wage Grade, I think) and other jobs which start at GS-2’s and GS-3’s (Ward Clerks). Difficult to make a living, especially with a family, with any of those jobs. It’s just plain pitiful!

      I asked because I kept hearing about all the jobs for Veterans and this was what I was told a couple of years ago when I worked there (retired after 27 years at the Denver VAMC). And yes, it would be easy to find out exactly how many veterans work within the VA system. Don’t know about your last statement and how easy it would be to get that info.

      1. That’s my point. I could understand a veteran being hired at a lower grade or wage if they have zero education, but many veterans have enough military training to be hired at a much higher level based on that experience alone. I know of veterans with military experience alone being hired as GS-9s, 10s and 11s. Even if they are hired at a lower level, what programs does the VA have for veterans to train into higher positions? The old VRA program allowed for hiring veterans in without competition, then training them until they reached their highest level of the position they were hired into. I get the sense that non veterans at the VA like veterans staying in lower level positions as much as possible. You see, they went to college and have a degree while some veteran was just deployed to some 3rd world sandbox for months.

      2. I have seen the VA hire a girl right out of high school to a position by higher management, working out of the directors office!

        When questioned about her hiring, I was told she qualified for the position because during school she did a lot of community service!

        Laughable, I know her dad worked for the VA and she was not ugly! Hum

        I have seen it over and over where they hire their friends or have family members hired!

        One family had about 6 family members working at the same VA, in rural american this is normal, even if there are laws about nepotism, just ignore it!

        Rural american if you don’t know someone, your sol and if you should get hired, you better not say anything about anyone else! Because you are not fighting one employee, you have to fight their friends and family members, again your sol!

    3. I have a buddy that is a Veteran in Indy and has college degree as well, an has tried for a long time to get hired by Indy VAMC with no luck in past. He found himself in a situation a stone’s throw away from being homeless and guess what? It was ONLY through some local Social Worker Program for Homeless (not Veteran-specific), that he *just* got hired at Indy VAMC….BUT….not as a FULL employee. No, apparently the VA pays like a Temp Service 3x what he will receive in hourly pay, which is around $7. an hour, not a penny more. Apparently, the VA low-balls Veterans regularly with “such jobs”, while “friends and family of VA employees” get preferential hiring treatment…NOT Veterans.
      Apparently, you have a better chance as a Vet getting a job through a Social Agency and the VA is paying these “Agencies” way more per hour than a Vet receives.

      This has placed a weird distance in our friendship and I think he has been intimidated to not speak or pal around with those that oppose or talk negatively about the VA…cannot entirely confirm this because since his part-time only hire, and at an hourly rate you can get working at Wendy’s or McDonalds, meanwhile you have VA employees getting performance bonuses that are more than outrageous.

      Wonder where all the VA $$$$ goes? It’s bad hiring practices such as this. This tells me the VA **uses Veterans** to be able to say they “employ Vets”, when under the surface, a good number of those “Vet VA employees” are found on the cheap…well, the Veteran gets the “cheap part”, while the agencies make the “real ca$h”…this is not right at all.

      I have a family member that has had horrific experiences at the Indy VA…like, regular horrible experiences, and it’s the ONLY thing a Vet can depend on with the Indy VA, is a horrible experience. There’s something exceptionally bad about a so-called “Purple Team” at the Indy VA. Do not know what that means, but have been told this many times.
      So, sure, the VA can SAY they hire *some Veterans*…but the VA is not telling that “those jobs” are the jobs…”nobody else wants nor will do”. Sad. Really sad.

      Is there any confirmations and more info about that Florida VA Billboard being taken down? Wouldn’t that be a breach of contract, let alone a Constitutional Issue?

      George Orwell tried to warn us back in 1948 when he wrote “1984”…and here we are!

      1. namnibor, I just fired off an email to the Volusia Co. Commission concerning that billboard removal.
        I hope they respond soon.
        I will let everyone know as soon as I get a reply.

      2. Thanks, we need to know who these people are and under what pretext are they using as an. Excuse!

        Wonder who they know in the VA, who’s law are they following!

      3. The VA in Denver (anyway) hires a lot of temp not to exceed employees (NTE1yr). They can let them go at any time or renew their position at the year’s end if they choose. They also hire per diem (PRN) Agency employees, so they don’t have to pay benefits or retirement. I have been told by Human Resources (HR) that the application process for NTE and permanent employees can take up to 40 hours on one application. And that sometimes it takes up to 6 months to get the process completed (background checks, fingerprints, etc.) by that time the prospective employee has interviewed other places and gotten hired by somebody else. Who can wait 6 months to be hired? Ridiculous amount of paperwork and I truthfully have never seen anything that would require a top security clearance at the VAMC.

        I know of no program within the VA that trains anyone within the VA system. There are programs the VA will pay tuition assistance for once you are hired …..LPN to RN, RN to BSN, BSN to Master’s, etc. This is likely because they need nurses badly. However, I sent two Veterans with BSN’s over to HR and neither of them even got an interview. If these men would have gotten an interview, they would have gotten the job. Both bright, articulate and impressive. After I heard neither of them even got an interview, I told both of them to call their Congressmen/women and complain. The VA supposedly gives Veterans Preference, but I haven’t seen that practice. I know of no other programs for any other professionals or “non-professionals” within the VA.

        I also recently heard that one of the Asst. Chief Nurses helped her Niece get hired and this woman (Niece) has had two very good positions at the Denver VA (within two years) and neither job has worked out for her. So you are right, family members in high positions employed at the VA can get their relative’s jobs within the system. There is a lot of nepotism at the VA and we have policies and regulations against it, but no one in Management wants to get involved as they are all worried about their own jobs. The VA should be a great place to work, but it isn’t, and it has nothing to do with the patient’s, it has to do with corrupt Management. If we were to ever get a good Manager, that person would be gone within a year because they had ethics and couldn’t take the threats. After they left their positions they never wanted to tell anyone, because they “might need a job reference.”

        I know well what you are talking about re military experience and giving credit, but VA Management doesn’t seem to care about military experience and they may well be frightened by it, as many of the Leadership Team have never served. The Denver VA now has a Chief Nurse, with military experience and I understand things are running smoother. Finally! Somebody who understands the military.

        Another problem, I have seen is HR is responsible for the review/classification of all applications and they do not know how to recognize military experience. If HR does not see the EXACT WORDING for your experience, plain and simple you do not get credit for your experience.

        We may be getting this bright and shiny new (over priced, not needed) hospital in Aurora/Denver, but as long as they bring the dirt with them, nothing will change.

      4. What they need to due is make a position called a rover. This would be a slot where they can hire an employee at the lower end of the pay schedule!

        They train in each position of that section to learn the positions,which allows them to get the training and chance for upward mobility!

        These employees can cover positions when the original employees are off, sick or on leave!
        I was able to get the VA to start this, when I worked for them!

        I was surprised that I was the only one to apply and trained in every position in medical administration and after five years, went from a gs2 employee to a gs7 administrative assistant!

        If they wanted to they could do this for veterans and it works!

        Retired now after they pushed me into severe depression,which exacerbated my PTSD to the point, I had to take a medical retirement!

        That still didn’t stop the VA from going after me! An employee was able to tell management that I would come into the outpatient clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive!

        No proof of me EVER being disruptive, but they took her word and not mine and proceeded to punish me and me now as a veteran, had no where to go to seek assistance in fighting back!

        It’s against the law to retaliate against former employees, but the law does not matter to Satan’s followers!

      5. mamnibor,
        I am homeless living in transitional housing and I was offered that type of job working for the VAMC. Janitorial job was the only one offered to me and having bad knees I was not sure of it. The “program” is a work type of job that is supposed to help; however, it was $7/hr. and no more than 20 hours a week. No exceptions. It was a temp job and you could be “let go” at anytime. I said no thanks. I am sure I would not have lasted long anyway. I am trying to think of the name of this but you have a couple of options and this was one. Another one was to have these “employment specialists” help you with your resume, interviewing skills, job placement, ETC… I looked into this and it was such a joke. These people look at the job boards and send you links for jobs they think you could do. They told me that any type of employment that was accepted would end their helping you as they did not have the manpower to make sure you continued your employment. Their resume help was to look over your resume and say add this or take away that and “you’re good to go”. Nothing more. It is all a numbers game. The more they claim to help, the better they look. It is not about actually helping us vets who need it. So sad.

      6. Are you service connected for any conditions, are your problems related to the service! Have you applied for any disability service connected or maybe a pension!

        If the VA won’t help and you have medical problems and can’t work, put in for disability through social security!

        Stay clean and keep applying for positions that don’t require you to be on your feet so much. They should still have phone operators!

        Since the VA don’t want to help you, try asking a higher power, he only needs you to do is ask!

        Some don’t believe, but in my darkest hours, he’s always been there to assist me to deal with people who are going against his law!

        My friend, those people that harm other people just because they can will pay a price, they will never be able to get out of! No matter how much money they cheet people out of!

        Sorry don’t mean to preach, but we need all the help we can get!

        God bless

      7. James,
        Thanks for the advice. I am currently working at a job I love. It is killing my knees but how often do you get to go to a job that you want to work for. I actually quit this job two weeks ago and they called me on Mon. asking me to come back. I couldn’t say no.
        The staying clean is no problem as I have never had a problem with that. The problem is this VAMC is stating that I have nothing wrong with me because they will not look back at my previous Seattle VAMC medical records. As a result, my service connected disability is not being treated correctly and I am suffering for it.
        The guy upstairs is a very good guy to listen to. Many people hear Him but not as many actually listen to Him.

      8. Ditto, if you’re service connected for your knees or the likes, the VA should be able to find you something you can do, where you don’t have to be in pain!

        Tell the reporter exactly what you have stated to us! The Truth is a powerful tool!

        Good luck and please keep us informed!

  12. Ben, I was just informed Volusia County reps, in Florida, had the “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying” billboard removed. I’m not sure about the other two (2), one in Orlando (on Golden Rod Road) or the other one in Tampa, Florida, yet.
    Isn’t this a violation of the First Amendment? What can be done to rectify this?
    I’m sure Ron Nesler would be upset if other states local authorities would force him to remove his billboards!

    1. If this is true, we need to find out who these public officials are. They need to be investigated for subversion, intimidation, AND, if a County Clerk can be arrested and jailed for violating a Constitution Ruling for her stand on marriage licenses, certainly these public officials can be arrested and jailed for denying Constitutional Free Speech rights.

      1. Who ever has access to finding out who these people are, please find out and let us know!

        Freedom of speech, is at stake and no one should have the right to make them take down the sign!

        Many veterans donated their money to be seen and heard!

        Truth hurts! And they can’t handle the truth! These people need to be sued and put in jail!

  13. Daniel here. First, an alert, do not move to southern Oregon thinking you’ll get medical care from the Southern Or VA. You won’t!! I had great care from the Salem VA and Portland outpatient clinics. Since coming here (to Grants Pass) I have been ignored, lied to, denied care, fired as a patient, and sent to one provider after another, who take everything I say as a lie.
    The first meeting at the WHite City (SORC) with the man responsible for completing the transferwho ended up standing over his desk screaming at me that service officers, who help vets get their benefits from the VA, always f–k everything up, and that the VA should get rid of them because they were helping too many vets get their benefits, “clogging up” the system”. I have never had such (terrible medical care in all my life.
    I believe that America should fire and get rid of every non medical employee, all the dept heads, managers, admin, should be fired, no exit benefits or bonuses. Then have our combined military personnel take over all those positions. Because, in my experience, soldiers honestly care about other soldiers.
    At the very least, stop giving bonuses to people who are just as happy to see us die

  14. I feel lucky. If had nothing but good results at the Spokane WA VA hospital. We have to take control of our health care. It it doesn’t feel right question it. Partners of aging vets, go to the appointments and make sure your loved ones are being taken care of. I agree McCain and Murray should go. They have lost touch with what is happening at the lowest levels of our country. The only way to get them out is to protest them peacefully and vote them out. We, the veterans of this country have to stand up for our rights and safety. To the VA employees, you can send documents to the press to help veterans of this country. Help us and we will help you.

    Silence DoGood

    1. Mikal, even though I am glad you had good results at the Spokane WA VA hospital, most vets will wonder what you went there for? I would bet it was not for major surgery or any challenging medical problem, and probably not PTSD, and CERTAINLY NOT a Compensation and Pension Exam. It is not fair to claim any VA Hospital is doing things right unless you tell us what it is they did for you. Courage and Candor, and Semper Fi

    1. Same result for hundreds of veterans! I hope the public gets it! And puts pressure on John McCain and the other politicians! It’s time something is done to employees whom think they are above the law!

  15. This is wonderful.

    Next is to put one up in front of do nothing Senator McCains office, and ,” as the daughter of a disabled veteran”, do even less Washington state Senator Patty Murray.

    Recently a major local TV news station in Seattle Washington did a story of a Gulf war vet who was denied treatment at the Seattle VA hospital. The comment from Murray’s office was to question the story.

    Could be this is one big reason people aren’t being fired????? deny, deny, good-by……………

  16. They are very right, it’s management who is responsible for everything that happens and failure to do the right thing in the first place.

    A little black lye, only grows into one big BIG lye! And snow balls after that and the VA goes on the attack, BLAMING veterans for the problems!

    It’s always my way or the highway for management, employees have no say and management will retaliate against any employee who tries TO do the right thing!

    If the VA keeps investigating its self and keeps employees in check, the end result will always be in management’s favour and nothing will ever be accomplished, to fix the mess!

    Thanks TO those employees, whom support our veterans plight!

    Some people know right from wrong!

  17. I think this is great news. When VA employees chip in to put these signs up. That tells me, They want to see change in the way VA does business!
    McDonald and all others who believe they can do what they want with impunity, better wake up and get buzy firing people. They better broadcast it nationwide.
    It ain’t going to get better for VA. They better start realizing it. And the sooner the better!

    1. P.S.
      And our worthless “shitwad” elected officials better get off their a$$e$ and get McDonald to do what he’s paid to do!
      ie; 1.) fire everyone who has ever had a complaint filed against them! I will bet VA could run efficiently with a 50% reduction of administrators.
      2.) Start implementing what that $68 million, 4,000 page report said to do. Like yesterday! Let the physicians and nurses run the VHA side of VA.
      3.) Hire only healthcare professionals who graduated in the top 10% !
      DO NOT HIRE anyone who went to school outside the United States! Make sure they understand and speak English first and foremost!
      5.) Reevaluate them, on their dime, annually with a very stringent exam that takes at least a week to complete. If they fail, oh well, their fired. If a person wants to work for the VA. They must prove it. We want the best of the best. Not the best of the worst!

      There’s a bunch more that could be done.
      In my opinion, IF McDonald did this, he could then have reason to brag. As I see it now, he should just crawl off somewhere and lick his wounds. He’s no better than a “cure dog” right now!

  18. Thank God! “The next billboard is set to go up in Indianapolis.”

    As of October 3rd 2015: Number of Appeals 8,821

    Average time to process a claim 517 days; or if you piss them off years to decades.

    Do they use GP doctors to process orthopedic injury-claim? YES!

    IG report 11-03134-32 (November 29, 2011): March 2011 Indianapolis had a staffing level of 230 employees. By July 2011 they reduced end-strength (28%) to 166 assigned.

    Same people in charge (Michael R. Stephens and Yvonne Hamilton).

    1. Michael Stephens is a piece of work unto himself. In an effort to hide his employees mistakes he told my husband and I in a meeting on Christmas Eve 2014 he would put him to the top of the appeals hearing list and then proceeded to fill out the NOD himself!

      Sure enough in Feb 2015 he had a hearing. Sort of, as the VA wasn’t ready but we were. The second hearing they forgot to turn the recorder on for the first two hours of a four hour hearing. On the third hearing they admitted in the hearing to not following Fast Lettter op-52 and contacting SOCOM. I had to.

      Now we are in NY while I attend school. The congressman here is on the veterans affairs committee. He gave Baghdad Bob McDonald 30 days to answer a letter as to why he violated the law. He asked for 30 more days and gave it off to Hickey who sent it right back to Indy. As the congressman staff waited Friday for an answer Hickey’s letter writing machine all went home early for the 3 1/2 day holiday.

      Indianapolis needs to be cleaned out with handcuffs and a power hose.

      1. From what you stated where Hickey’s staff went home on friday at 14:30 for the holiday weekend. They should be fired also. My opinion is, everyone in Washington should be fired! That would save the VA bunches of money.

      2. I am still in a battle with the Indy VAMC. I have been back a year and I cannot get anyone at this place to include the last 10 years of my medical history from the Seattle VAMC to be included in my plan of treatment. As a result, I recently went to the Indy’s “pain Management” clinic. We were told in the orientation that “it was only a myth that the VAMC will take away your narcotics”. So I give it a shot. The first sentence out of the “pain specialists” mouth was “I am going to wean you off of your narcotics and put you on NSAIDS”. I cannot take NSAIDS due to an internal GI bleed. It is in my Seattle VAMC records that I cannot get included in my treatment. I tried to explain this to her and she told me that’s what people who only want narcotics say. I told her I have tried all of the anti-inflammatories, anti depressants, therapies, injections, and she still told me that I was only interested in narcotics. She put this in my medical notes: “He is clearly focused on narcotics”. I am now looked at as a drug addict by this VAMC. I am clearly not a drug addict as I am homeless because of this VAMC and I am living in transitional housing and I get randomly drug tested at least once a month. In Sept. I was tested three times and I have passed every test given to me. She has no basis to call me this other than the fact that I kept telling her that I cannot take NSAIDS, have tried the other forms of treatment and the Seattle VAMC Pain Clinic and the University of Washington Pain Clinic agreed on the treatment I was receiving. I hope that the local new media covers this and starts doing a more in-depth look at what is going on here..
        Oh, and on another note, my psychologist works Mon – Thur. 9am to 3pm. How’s that for not having to work much for a great amount of money.

      3. I’m done. I wrote 3 lengthy comments in reply trying to help others here, and all 3 comments disappeared. One browser says the server unexpectedly closed the connection, and another said something about jetpack and WordPress.

      4. 91,
        I have had that problem a few times. I don’t know why it does it but I have found that if I select everything I just typed and then copy it then if the page does not accept it, I refresh the page and then paste it where I want it to go.
        Give it a try. I lost a couple of long replies so I started doing this and now I never lose a comment.

  19. Awesome!

    Is Sharon Helman playing a Disney Character in that “Bad VA Art” today, Ben? She looks like Madam Mim casting a spell or she is at one of those ‘VA Psychic Meetings IN Philly”…either way, Great for Halloween. Seasonal! Love it!

    So, “VA Is Lying, Veterans Are Dying”…is *only* an ***OPINION**??? The tangible FACTS prove otherwise.
    “Problem Solving Environment”???–Are they referring to the Disruption Committee?
    “Conducive To Our Patient’s Needs”?–What are they smoking? Is that the Colorado VA Black Hole Project Blowing Cannabis Smoke up the Tax Payer’s and Veteran’s A$$’s?

    Sharon Helman caught conjuring-up a big bonus….priceless “Bad VA Art”!
    Thanks for the healthy dose of endorphins this morning, Ben!

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