VA Employee Beats Vietnam Veteran

VA Employee Brutally Beat, Body Slammed Elderly Vietnam Veteran

Court records show VA employee Lawrence Gaillard Jr was arrested and charged in brutal beating of elderly Vietnam veteran in April.

The attack allegedly happened the VA clinic at Fort McPherson in Atlanta when Phillip Webb, 73, was at the facility. Channel 2 news reported VA police and leadership at the Atlanta VA refused to provide basic information about the attack.

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The police narrative in the court papers fills in the gaps. Officers observed on video Gaillard “punching Mr. Webb in the face with both fists, moving him backwards until he was pinned up against the wall. Mr. Gaillard was seen placing his hands around Mr. Webb’s neck then proceeded to body slam him to the floor. Mr. Gaillard then kicked Mr. Webb in the head several times while he was on the floor.”

When Gray called Gaillard to ask about the attack, he hung up on him.

Gaillard was released on a $10,000 bond. Part of his condition of release is that he is “only allowed on VA property for work related purposes.”

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VA provided the following statement: “The incident involving Veteran Phillip Webb and an Atlanta VA Health Care system employee is still under investigation. Per our policy, the employee in question is no longer interacting with patients pending the outcome of the investigation.”

I think we should all be thankful Webb was not more seriously injured from the battery and body slam. The incident is another signal that VA leadership is not doing enough to train its personnel to interact appropriately with the veterans the organization is aimed to serve.

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  1. Hey, Ben,
    Happy Memorial Day!

    Got another article today from military dot com you might be interested in;

    1. Same to you Crazy Elf,
      Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

      Another follow up comment, you had put up article on Former Senator John McCain in regards to privatization. Ben this will not go either. The federal government is sunk into everything and has corrupted it all. Same thing as Elon Musk involved in the purchase of Twitter. It is about state shareholders and control and power. The healthcare system is not healthcare. This is why people have to be very selective if they know too. The healthcare is mental and physical warfare to a certain degree. When physicians make medical errors that are intentional to keep people coming back for the sake of money, this is what I am talking about. I have personally witnessed with situation near me. And because of the medical errors the situation fell on me to have to pick up the pieces. I can provide several situations that has involved private citizens having to pay independent healthcare employees out of their own pockets due to the actual healthcare employees sabotaging the patient. Oversight because the system is failing.
      Now recently I have witnessed a positive experience with a family member who recently had surgery. This is recently and now. This particular physician and his staff in this speciality so far has done a decent job. Ben this is the best that I have witnessed in a long time. I have witnessed accountability, continuity, follow up, medical expertise. Ben I am knowledgeable and I recognize immediately what is and what isn’t. Continued…

  2. I’ve been surrounded by police at the VA because I didn’t her their employee mumble through a mask. Haven’t been back since. That guy should be fired.

    1. The only way to deal with the VA is to head to the Supreme Court. I am sure they would enjoy that. Most of Veterans’ Service Organizations blow which ever way the VA blows. They get caught up in bowing down to the VA. Benjamin this many times prevents veterans from receiving fair representation. This is truly wrong and not civilized at all. Of course they monitor people. From the way that I have been thwarted I am sure they have been behind it. Oh when the Veterans say the Medical professionals are not with the veterans. Ben I do not believe this is all that is happening here. The leadership have the medical professionals by handcuffs. So therefore a big disconnection is between the Medical physicians and the veterans. Ben the physicians are so strong held held by the leadership that is almost gets in the way of delivering to the veterans. There is so much red tape and tyranny. Will the Department of Veterans Affairs ever be changed to the better? Will morality come back? My answer to my own questions is NO.

      1. I’m answering all your questions A. NO to all of them. I totally agree with you! San Antonio is so corupt that I want to stay clear of that building but, I am 100% and have some serious health issues and can’t afford the medications that I have to take to live. Do you really have Medical Physicians in your VA system? The Audie L Murphy Medical Center is full of PAs who advertise they are doctors. Today I had an appointmrent with Orthopedics to get my final knee injection. I was called into the room by a guy who was no taller than 4’5″. He looked no older than 21 years of age. I asked to see his Doctorate Diploma or his credentials because he told me that he was an orthopedic doctor. He refused and I told him to go get f**ked and I left without treatment. The Veterans are not first….the VA is FIRST! They have been scrimpping with our care and transportation so that they could have more in their wallets and to have the $20M for their stupid contest to see what the real solution would be to end veteran suicide. Well, A., if they continue to treat me like a 4th class citizen, I might be the next veteran suicide recorded. I watched a series on Netflix about a girl who committed suicide and it was very interesting and she gave 13 reasons why she was going to take her life. If I ever take my life, the VA will be my 13 reasons why! I’m tired of all the BS that they have caused and covered up. I personally don’t believe that the Sepreme Court would give a rat’s ass about us veterans. The only solution that I see is to get rid of the VAs completely even if we would have to call in the USAF and have them bomb all of the VA’s buildings with all of the big wigs in them! There are so many changes that need to be made that I just do not believe that the VA system will never get any better; only worse!

    2. If they have been monitoring all veterans including me I hope they are enjoying. Ben do you realize the amount of time they invest in strategizing to harm and sabotage the veteran community that they truly could have a world class healthcare system? Benjamin I am the one who has been cheated? I am not the cheater. And most of this is not about money.

    3. He’ll never be fired, he’s a part of one of the biggest, greasiest unions in the government. They don’t fire their criminals, err, employees, they keep them on because “good” goons are hard to find.

    4. The legal system is rigged against the people. Veterans are the people. The current administration dislikes veterans. Tell me how veterans can participate if they have already been taken out. Please explain. The Vocational Rehabilitation stands for success. Democrats are in power and they are not about success for anyone. Ben if they wanted to approve Vocational Rehabilitation and I am speaking for myself they would have already done so when I was under their eligibility time. I realize this article that I am responding to is not in the current article. I realize that I am responding in the wrong article. Ben you earned your law degree when the VA was a little more sane and the country too. So here it is. People do not want insanity and irrationality. Without civility, participation in Chapter 31 would defeat itself. Would turn into a disaster.

    5. Benjamin the VA is so stupid.
      Somehow mysteriously papers show up.
      I mean not now at least I don’t think but in the past when I lived in heavy VA area. Going through some papers that had been just kind of not put away because of having to move so much from the dysfunctional government.
      I just laugh. Somehow I believe here and there I do believe the whomever related to the VA in some way somehow finds their way into some veterans residences.
      Anyway, I had nothing to do with filling for unemployability. The DAV did that in January 1996 going forward until June 1996 when everything was decided for that part of it. I was in Rhode Island.
      Somehow I found hit and miss papers signed with signatures of whom I have no idea. It was dated in 1997 from GA. I was not in Georgia in 1997. Even Benjamin in August they had claimed they did mental status exams in late August 1996 in Rhode Island. Ben I cannot be in two places at one time. In the State of Rhode and in the state of Florida. Benjamin a mental status exam was not done on me face to face in late August 1996. These people are really sick. I am serious what are they hiding? And the letter is from GA adjudication and it would have not come from a GA adjudication. And what was later decided blows that GA letter into hogwash. The GA letter was in left field to begin with. I was in Rhode Island in Fall of 1996 and from that point on. It is like they just make things up. Ben I can prove all my tracks for years and years. Plus there are other people involved who were along the way. Ben they are all over the place. Like I have mentioned I am the one with the truth and others who had nothing to do with the VA during all this time. I would love to blow this system wide open. I don’t mean like harm physically but I mean with transparency. Just waiting for some things to happen and I am probably continuing with what I have mentioned in other posts. Benjamin I truly do not know how they have enough sense to even get out of the rain.

    6. Benjamin pay attention to your previous comment that you made about how the veterans who are already versed some of the formalities have a better go of it. Retract where you wrote about a veteran who was on track for medical school and veterans in these positions really don’t have the time to deal with all the red tape. Ultimately this is not the way it should be. Dealing with the VA whether it be VHA or VBA was and is a full time job in and of itself. Lawmakers refuse to fix the plaguing issues in this country and the VA is one of them. So where does that leave the veterans and non veterans? It leaves them without a civil path anywhere except trying to figure it out for themselves. All the VA does is kick down the road and deny particular in the more recent years. And they do not even care. I again say the system should be dismantled. Getting back to the veterans on track for medical school not having free reign to deal with the VA.
      Well translate this to me it is the difference. This has applied not only to chapter 31 but all other areas in relation to me. They have all been on the train to disrupt and destroy the country. So from the healthcare to the monopolizing utility companies to the tech companies I have had my fill of being bombarded from these dysfunctional and American citizen hating companies and government. Should I go down my list again? Yes I am on track to consult attorney and continue with Congress person. Furthermore, I maybe headed where the VA and or others cannot get their hands. Then they will surely be faced with the truth then. At this time they will not be able to spin or kick down the road anything. Because it may all land back into their laps. In this case I would not need an attorney or a Congress person. The federal government is the problem and has been the problem. The lawmakers rarely ever fix anything. Furthermore it is not for them to decide. It is them who have been slamming me just like many of the other veterans they screw. The system needs to be closed.

      1. I will say there is nothing that I can do about any of this. Out of my realm. If they truly wanted to improve everything they would but they don’t want to. However my final word is yes I was unemployable when the VA made the decision years ago but they denied it. All of the happenings were handled by other people. I will say I do not go around getting into other peoples business but the happenings snatched me into situations that do not pertain to me due to the amount of dysfunction. People in today have no idea. I am not unemployable today but the circumstances external to me have stood in my way. Goodbye.

    7. They have truly missed the boat. I was discussing with someone yesterday how the companies and the government are so biased and not informed. The person truly added more to the topic. She mentioned it is so discriminatory what these companies do and what the government does. Unethical period…
      When they lead with narrow mindedness, they do not see the whole picture. Therefore this harms many people. Companies using third party companies to handle their HR. It is all about money and removing themselves from having to handle employment issues. Companies from what I gather are not desperate while thousands of jobs are open. Because a person is young does not make them high functioning. Because someone is older does not make them lower functioning. The identity politics should be removed from everything. Should be based on character, merit and skills, degrees, experience. I could have already been holding employment. However holding employment has not been feasible. Why? Because of the failing system. My list is long. This has nothing to do with my physical or mental health. I am decently healthy but I have been prevented from staying in my own path because of others who dropped the ball either intentionally or unintentionally. I am getting training done now that I have been trying to get done for at least since Chapter 31 denied me in 2015 but there have been so many conflicts due to the volatile environment in this country. Many people are out of work and losing their skills. Tuition is costly. And companies who knows? When the system is failing out here, Veterans cannot deal with the VA. Because the VA is just as dysfunctional. I have a whole list of companies that I am applying to. But guess what? I am not qualified for very much because the companies want specific skill sets. Not that I can’t but I was blocked. I could be more qualified but guess who got in the way and they should not have. Your pals the VA and big tech monopolizing companies., They are truly in left field. I do not fit their judgements. And I am not going too. We are a free country. I am not beholden to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  3. Again no one listens to the Choir singing, the VA is TOTALLY CORRUPT, OUT OF CONTROL, they will protect any employee because the VA is about one thing everyone keeping their jobs, the HELL with Veterans. The suicide solution is simple eliminate the VA period. I am now speaking from my own experience, in stating that no matter who I contact, and this is all documented contacts. The FBI, the VA OIG, VA Secretary, VA Leadership, VA Director, Primary Care Doctor, Senators, Congressmen, Attorneys (Civilian not governmental)
    US Office of Ethics, State VSO, Patient Advocate, Veterans Hotline, Suicide Hotline, Local police and State Police, Governors Office, Federal State Attorney General, Federal Attorney Generals Office, US Dept of Justice ( boy is that name a joke or what ) there is NOT ONE of these Agencies or folks that will do anything to help , State, Federal on the books LAWS none no exceptions here. Therefore do not expect anything to come from this event and any other as long as our government remains OF, BY and FOR the Federal Government according to the Federal assholes in elected offices, or appointed offices or hired into a federal job opening. So go ahead and tear this comment apart, and if anyone does they are part of the problem not part of the solution. Since I was 12 years old now a disabled combat veteran I have always stated the real problem is there is not enough ammunition in the worlds to solve the problem, not advocating anything judst my observation of over eighty years of life’s torments!

    1. I agree John the VA does contribute to many of the plaguing issues involving the veterans. Many reasons why some veterans are in jail or get put into jail.

    1. Benjamin it does not matter how much training the VA employees receive. The system does not stand for fair delivery of treatment period. This agency’s agenda looks to see which veteran they can sabotage next. This is abuse of power and disregard for life.

  4. I was bullied by a cop sergeant at the cheyenne vamc who pushed me in the back because he felt I was not moving fast enough. He shoved me 3 times. Another officer backed him up and was acting like he wanted a piece of the action. When we got to the door, I pulled out my audio recorder and said, “Thanks. I got it all on tape.” and when I was leaving they chased me with the officer yelling, “You can’t do that! It’s against the law!”

    The chief was glad I presented him with a copy of the recording and they were fired within a few days.

    BTW, I was trying to get medical attention when the sergeant started harassing me. I was there to get records of a lab to check my numbers to see if I needed a phlebotomy. I called when I got home and told someone what happened and said I was in need of medical attention and scared to death that the rogue sergeant was going to gun me down. They assured me it was safe to return and walla I needed to have a phlebotomy since my numbers were sky high.

    I have a deadly blood disorder that the va thinks is my fault. I proved to them that it was while active duty during MAJOR surgery and they scoffed. Erythrocytosis. Death in less than 14 years if not treated. It took the va 17 to do something. My psycho helper said I probably saved my life by drinking alcohol. I said that must be why I was graving it. The body knows what it needs.

    Anyhow, I was diagnosed back in 2013, finally, by a doctor the cheyenne vamc was forced to send me to downtown. After they forced me back into va care they refused to put in my records the true diagnosis of Erythrocytosis which is extremely deadly is not properly treated. It was NOT properly treated at all!

    Example: When performing a phlebotomy with that HUGE needle, it is only required to be inserted to the point that achieves flow. They were sticking it all the way in ruining my veins and causing horrible pain!

    Now I am downtown again under the Mission Act and am receiving better care. I told the nurse doing my phlebotomies downtown what the va nurse was doing sticking the HUGE needle in that far and she looked upset and sick.

    I have yet to complain about that abuse fearing for my life if I do. Horrible pain. Deserves PTSD designation for medical abuse!!!

    1. Thanks for bringing up the audio recording. Veterans should be aware that on VA Property only One party needs to consent to the audio recording even in states with 2 party consent requirements. The Federal law take precedent and Roseburg VA’s Public affairs officer explained this to me in writing.

      There are numerous reasons why a Veteran would benefit from recording VA medical appointments espescillay if you have multiple problems to discuss, have hearing or memory problems or do not have a spouse accompany you to the appointment to listen to the Doctors recommendation/advice.

      I have been making recordings of my VA doctor appointments since 2017 and announced this at the August 16 2017 Roseburg VA town hall while wearing a shirt that read “This Veteran is recording this VA medical appointment”

      This was immediately after discovering that my PCP (Dr. Mohammadi) falsified my medical records stating he performed examinations he did not and then reporting that except for my back I had no orthopedic problems. Immediately following this appointment I walked across the hall to Roseburg VA”s ER. The ER doctor took one look at my knee and shoulder and sent me for x=rays, ordered MRIs and orthopedic consults. The Roseburg VA orthopedic dos’ shot both up with cortisone in place of surgery which I had performed outside the VA utilizing my private insurance.

      The failure of Roseburg VA PCP’s failure to perform examinations and reporting everything is fine would continue to repeat for myself and other Veterans and there’s of list of doctors that have continued this failure and illegal falsification of records especially the Telehealth PCP NP Solomon in North Carolina and Dr. Ruben who also engaged in this practice before I called him out publicly as his falsified examination findings that were in direct conflict with he findings of numerous VA community care providers/specialists.

      There are apps for your phone which allow you to store 200 hours of audio recordings all you have to do is download the program. the files can then be transferred to your computer or saved on a flash drive if needed. I have offered these recordings the roseburg VA doesn’t want them.

      Audio recordings are another tool for Veterans to assist managing their healthcare.

      Chicago Mike

  5. I read this in horror. It is a reminder of what happened to me at the VAMC Albuquerque with Sgt Klapper of the Federal Po-lice.

    Nothing has changed Ben, its the same old bad treatment and outrageous bureaucratic enabling that continues this.

    Its starts at the top Ben. “Planet of the Apes” is here. The medical people in the VA are running the show and they treat Vets like lab animals. The people at the top are elderly, past their prime, out of touch individuals who make great salaries but who could not pass the state board medical exams. You don’t even need a license to work at the VA.

    Things would be a lot different if the Doctors working at the VA were Viet Nam Veterans and actually had a good education. Not the inculcation of ” Do not assist the Veterans to advance a claim”.

    Also, I don’t give a damn if the VA reads my words about them. I worked at a VA Hospital and I know what I’m talking about ( it is a house of scumbags). As for the likes of Sgt Klapper and the Klapper wanna-be’s, let me remind you of the 2nd amendment, meaning: stay the hell away from me.

    1. Read what VA is up to now;

      Read what Ben is suggesting!

    2. His work release – only on VA property for work purposes … ummm, like beating old veterans? WTF? Killing babies and beating veterans – there’s a country song in there somewhere.

    3. Russell you are correct. They don’t need any license. Because they are all politicized. They lose who they are by being forced into the group think in order to keep their jobs. Hey do you realize about 20 years ago the VA really and truly invested in more veterans in becoming physicians and engineers? Even the WWII veterans had the greatest GI Bill in American History. Current oldest still living and working engineer is a WWII lady veteran. She was featured in the Society of Women Engineers in 2017 as working for the DOT as a Project Manager for the State of Missouri. She is still working which puts her 92 years of age. So when the government harps on age I know they are always wrong. Age should never be used as a factor because it depends on the person. Hey Benjamin do you know how disgusting these companies have become? Not only do the companies want the new hire to already be trained at their own expense but if the jobs are some type of technician the companies want the new hires to already have their own laptops and or tools and or any type of required accessories. Benjamin these are big companies too. I can name some. Then they have the 3rd party companies handling the hiring process and they screw that up too. So if the companies have 3rd party companies handling their hiring and so if the universities have 3rd party companies handling their curriculum, why are Human Resource personnel needed and why are professors needed? Benjamin besides the universities having turned the schools into resorts almost , the country has the company and the university extra personnel who really are not needed. This is what too increases the tuition costs and the costs of goods.
      Benjamin look at all these companies who want a lot for nothing. I could careless about working for these type companies. They ultimately too disrespect the workers and have forgotten where their gold mines came from. No government job for me. I am running into more and more people starting their own businesses. They are going out on their own. Just think Benjamin if the worker has to pay for his or her own training and if the worker has to purchase his or her own tools, then I believe the person should start his or her own business. I say to hell with these fat cat companies and these fat cat local, State and federal governments. People should just work for themselves. Otherwise they just get screwed.

      1. Typo
        companies have the HR personnel who are not needed. This is why because the companies are using 3rd party companies are to do the hiring.
        So what are the HR types doing in the companies if 3rd party companies are doing the HR jobs?

      2. Companies have extra people who are not needed because those jobs are done by 3rd party companies. There is red tape to the max and barriers and more barriers.

      3. Ben says to me probably, “Angela you just bitch and bitch.”
        I say, “Yes you are correct.”
        👀 “Look at all this shit.”

      4. Oh I have been meaning to mention. It really does not do any good to continue to rehash everything. But these experiences do relate. When it comes to the treatment of Veterans under the VA and even in the private sector but still under the VA, the treatment is poor. I say for some maybe not all. I do not truly know if there are some veterans who ever receive a fair shake. Let me retract what I witnessed and had to straighten out and clean up in relation to the VA community care. Let’s just go back to the Trump administration. Let’s start with 2017. Ok I have a large family. I have uncles near my age and near my mother’s age. Well one of the uncles near my age was a Navy veteran. Benjamin over the years what I witnessed from the VA towards him and at him just turned my stomach. The care was disgusting but there was nothing I could do. Of course Veterans have conditions but in most cases the VA adds to the problems particularly in the more recent years. Let me list the discrepancies. 1. The VA shut me down when I tried to engage them about his medical status. 2. When I would try to speak to the VA about transportation for my uncle they would shut me down. 3. Benjamin when my uncle who was near my age was transported to the Lake City Medical Center from the nursing home in Live Oak, I had to communicate the medical details about him of which I did not know because the VA would never be transparent with me. Benjamin when they transfer veterans to healthcare facilities in the community they transfer them without any records. Ben, I had to fill in the gaps and clean it up for the current practicing Medical team at the Lake City Medical Center in Lake City Florida. How in the hell can any medical facility see about any veteran in community care if nothing travels with them. When I speak about having to do their jobs this is some of it. Oh this is just the tip of the iceberg. Benjamin this was under the Trump administration and US Congressman Ted Yoho. Trump was lied to. I witnessed it over and over. Benjamin no physician cannot do any type of job if they do not have records. What I am saying is no joke. Now he was placed in a nursing home under VA Community Care before this Medical center and after this Medical center in which both situations I had to intervene due to the negligence of both the VA and the Nursing home. Of course he was not my responsibility but Benjamin family members are scattered across the country. And my mother could not fully deal with it because she was awaiting a procedure herself. Plus she knows zero about dealing with the VA. Plus my uncle had been placed in Florida which is a long distance. Benjamin I have moved 4 times packed and unpacked. Plus all these medical situations where the system dropped the ball in and out of the VA. But getting to the Nursing home this is what I observed. Veteran left laying in feces and urine. Medications put into cup and sit on table by bed. Benjamin he had zero way of chewing. In the nursing home, I got into an argument with the nurse trying to find out information about his condition. Ben everything was shush. Although the family needed to know what was going on to prepare. Benjamin the nursing home was shush so was the VA. The nurses kept asking me if I was a cousin. I said no. He is my uncle. He was near my age. Benjamin I have first cousins who are in their late twenties and early thirties. And let me say what this led too. Oh finally the head nurse intervened and what came out had to do with how the physicians push the pain pills. Say when a person goes into the emergency room the first question he or she asks is are you in any pain and what level is it. If the person just says level 1 the physicians are quick to write a prescription for pain medication for very minimal pain. This head nurse had been in the industry for years and she did not like what had been happening in the healthcare system either. What a mess Benjamin. He passed in 2018 after the hurricane that came through. I not only moved but I had to help with his situation and too I was having to help clean up from that hurricane. Now less move into November 2018 when he passed. Ben what I come to witness was a disaster. I mean the Medical supplies that was packed and packed through his home. You wonder where are the medical supplies? Why the shortage? The private sector and the VA both just send and send whether the supplies are needed or not. What a waste Ben. All kinds of supplies and some were still good and some were not. Thrift store took some as they had a nurse who worked for them to screen if the products could still be used. I took at least 3 car trunk loads of medical supplies and medications to the police station to be incinerated. It was logged in and destroyed at the police station. Yes of course some of the family helped a little when they were here for the funeral but ultimately I had to clean it up or hire it done. Like I said my mother was waiting on a procedure herself. Ben it took me 2 weeks to clean out his home. Most of it was medical supplies from the federal government Ben. No way would I ever yield to listen to any VA employee with what I have had to clean up. Ben and this is not even my own care. I did the same with mine. I have learned over the years this healthcare system is not healthcare regardless if it is in the VA or out of the VA. Former President Obama destroyed what was left of the decent and affordable care when he enacted Obamacare. The purpose of this care was to take control of the people not deliver medical care. Ultimately when people in leadership have questions about my situation well Benjamin here is exactly what I have been communicating over and over. When I am having to do jobs of other people, my own path is non existent. See Ben they denied the Chapter 31 in summer 2015. Basically since the VA physician wrote the positive letters I have been slammed to hell and back. I ultimately do not care what the VA thinks about me. I am not the one who is delivering the evil. I am fighting to do my own path whether they like it or not. Continued

      5. Any comments Ben? The system needs to be changed into a different type of system similar to Tricare.

  6. That POS who attacked an elderly veteran needs to be fired, and then do some jail time. Where is the VA getting these people? If I witnessed something like that happening at my local VA, even though I’m female, I would literally see red, and do my best to protect that poor older man. There is no excuse for abuse period!

    1. Here’s an interesting article out by military dot com today. It’s about the VA and money they’re giving away –

    2. They get these people the same place they get everything else like VA transportation…the cheapest they can find! For instance; I had a medical appointment today at 1400. Acurian ( the VA transportation provider) came to pick me up at 1357 to transport me to an appointment that takes at the least, 30 minutes to get there. By the time they would have gotten me strapped in and travel to my appointment, then get me off the van, I would have been 45-50 minutes by the time I got checked in! I used to be afraid of the VA but not any longer. FYI I’m talking about the VA SOUTH TEXAS SYSTEM….YES, SAN ANTONIO TEXAS!!!!

      1. Hi Denny,,

        Yes. South Texas Healthcare System needs lots of improvement particularly with regard to effective, timely communication to veterans. They spend millions on call centers, etc. but never show caller id or extension on the veterans phone when they call. They do not know how to leave a voicemail message. Most of them apparently can not be bothered to send an e-mail.

        The exception to the rule is Chaplain Kathy. She is a star In my eyes. Her Moral Injury Spirituality group is the most helpful group I have ever been in at the VA.

  7. The Atlanta VA may want to present as this being an isolated problem when in fact this is a systemic problem, “The Toxic Culture” at the Roseburg VA in Oregon is responsible for many problems and Congressman DeFazio stated so from the House Floor in DC on 10/12/2017.

    As related to Ben’s article here, Congressman DeFazio knows exactly what he is talking about as his office represented a Vietnam Veteran who was brutally beaten by VA Police at the VA in Roseburg Oregon and then locked in the seclusion room for three days and shot up with Benzos.

    The Veteran did file a tort claim but did accept a resolution fostered by DeFazio’s Office which resulted in an increase in this Veterans PTSD rating and compensation increase to 165%. Changes to the operation and utilization of the seclusion room were also promised.

    The Veteran, a good friend, provided documentation of these events. For every case that is reported in the media you have to wonder how many are not reported on or are settled out of court?

    Chicago Mike

  8. Hey, Ben,
    This came out today from “military dot com”! You might want to see if there’s a way for you and all the vets who come on here can make some money!


    One way many have suggested is to allow vets the use of their community healthcare facilities!

    Which brings up a question;
    How many vets who’ve committed suicide did so after having a bad experience at their VA facility? I bet the VA won’t answer that!!!!!
    My wife and I have had numerous bad experiences from the VA. The worst one, IMO, was they somehow believed I “never served boots on ground” in Vietnam for over 25 to 30 years! The wife and I noticed this occurring often since 2005!

    1. Holy elf, Elf! Great idea. I think this calls for a Zoom of high-functioning disenfranchised veterans from this site, no?! Any readers or aspiring marketers here know the buzz words to focus on to charm VA purse holders? “Machine-based learning.” “AI.” and then add some 8 zeros after the first number.

      1. Ben, here’s my no. 1 suggestion; “Fire all healthcare people and let vets use their own community healthcare providers! This is one way to stop the VA employees from harming veterans!”
        Turn the hospitals over to the Universities. Let them “practice” on civilians AND illegal aliens! Like the upper VA echelon was wanting to do, before they got caught!
        Instead of letting a VA employee off with a slap on the wrist, put their butts in prison WHERE THEY BELONG.
        Here’s another suggestion;
        Stop hiring serial killers! They’ve hired some real winners in the past few decades! West Virginia is the latest FUBAR by VA!

    2. The VA tends to run like the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE! THEY ONLY TEPORT WHAT WILL MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. FOR EXAMPLE: I WENT INTO THE USAF IN 1971 AND WAS IN TRAINING FOR ABOUT ,4 WEEKS AND WAS RAPED! OH, I’M SORRY … THEY CALL IT SEXUAL ASSAULT! They never recorded this event, as they call it. I was 18 years old and spent some time in Wilford Hall and was called every name that gays are called. That incident scared me for life. I have MST PTSD and it’s something that I can not get out of my mind. Yes, I consider it as a wound that can never be healed. It really pisses me off when I hear about these recent veterans who get a purple heart for stubbing their frigging toe while in the military. And what do I get? I get more harassment and less benefits! That’s what I get for trying to be a lifer in the USAF and for letting 3 guys who were much heavier than me, rape me! I hate the military for what they didn’t do and I’m getting the same feelings about the VA system as a whole. The ONLY REASON I go to the VA is for my medical because I have some serious health issues. And yes, I could go to community care and get better care than I do at the VA, but the VA still runs the show. The damn pharmacists still controls what medications can be dispensed. The VA system is a place for veterans to go to DIE!

  9. He’s no longer interacting with patients means he won’t be disciplined or fired. I cannot fathom how a 73 year old veteran deserved to be kicked in the head and body slammed. This seems to have become the new norm now. Do we need to be in fear of the VA goon squads wearing their combat boots and black uniforms now? This reminded me of the day homeland Security showed up at the VAMC in their black uniforms ordering us around like we were prison inmates, ordering us to get up on the wall while we’re standing in line to get our prescriptions filled, and don’t stand in the hallway when you’re there waiting for a clerk to open their office back up, and don’t stand in front of the elevator after you’ve mash the go up button. You know, there seems to be some perverse enjoyment they get from messing with old sick veterans.

    1. Wanna make some money? Look what the VA is up to now!

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