New VA Shutdown Threat Documents Revealed

Robert McDonald Easter Bunny

Benjamin KrauseData sleuth Eric Hughes dug in following release of news of a potential VA shutdown due to budget shortfalls and found new documents shedding light on the fraud, i.e. magical disappearance of $3 billion.

Sloan Gibson is taking the Capitol Hill to sell VA’s position that the agency will experience a partial VA shutdown if Congress refuses to let it loot the Veterans Choice Program. Where did the money go, Gibson? This antic could be little more than a scare tactic pulling a Chicken Little, but we need to pay attention either way.

In the Sloan Gibson letters to Congress we just found, he wrote:

“It is essential that Congress pass legislation to provide the requested budget flexibility by the end of July 2015. If Congress does not take action by this date. VA will have no option but to defer all remaining Care in the Community authorizations until October 1. 2015…. If these program funds are not restored, VA will face shutting down hospital operations during August 2015.”

So I guess VA is holding its health care services to the 8,000,000 relying on them as ransom to garner support to loot the Veterans Choice Program.

Many readers were deeply troubled at the threat of a VA shut down following such a history of mismanagement and internal fraud. So, I thought we could turn some of that nervous energy into a research exercise by helping you fact check the agency while it squirms like a little piggy at the trough.

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Yesterday, VA apparently created a series of presentations I will dub the, “I’m sorry we are dumb with money; please give us more money,” presentations / cries for help to Congress. It is incomprehensible to me that such a large agency lacks the basic budgetary resources of a small business… Do they ever balance a checkbook? Duh?

Apparently not, but isn’t this the biggest and most embarrassing pathetic comedy of errors you have ever seen? How is it that our Judiciary and Legislative Branches fail to reign in this clown show of an Administration?

I do not intend to provide a great deal of analysis here since I am not an accountant and the data came to my attention last night. However, I do intend to give you as much data as possible to help you form your own minds regarding what happened before you hear it elsewhere.

Think of this as a kind of Sesame Street tiger hunt.

Here are the documents you need on your adventure:

Part of this story starts with a serious disease called Hepatitis C. Many servicemembers in the decades before were infected when DoD failed to ensure proper admission of immunizations using an air gun. The result, at least in part, were numerous veterans now suffering from Hepatitis C that VA for years has tried to keep a lid on. Next is the Veterans Choice Program VA keeps veterans from using and now intends to pillage to fund the shortfall.

Perhaps this was the plan all along and no one really intended for veterans to have a real choice?

So my friend Hughes provided us with some fodder to sift through as VA tries to explain its outlandish failures to Congress over these next few days.

Let me know what you dig up. Thanks Eric!

* * * *

And in other news, I’ve been on the search for ole Bobby Cottontail and wondering why Sloan Gibson is being sent like a lamb to the slaughter (more like black sheep). Wouldn’t you know on my search for Bobby that I caught him on camera watering the money tree humming the tune, “Here comes Bobby Cottontail, hopping down the money trail, hippity, hoppety, bouncing all day long…” I hope you folks like my Bad VA Art. I plan to do more of it moving forward. Using satire to make fun of our failing leaders is somewhat cathartic.

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  1. I found this page most enlightened, and humoring to say the least!
    As one of your “fellow” justice seeking warrior’s, who was drafted by abuse and injury, in too this cause. I feel it’s only fare to at least “remember” that the two men mentioned are Veterans themselves ! Of the Vietnam era , both served in drive on type of units of the “airborne” variety. They too have their aches, pains, and injuries to show for their service too their Country ! ( nuff said )
    Other than that reminder’ I think this is a great site & Idea !


    2. whats really strange is that early this year VA increased the amount of vets they treat for HCV by 150% and started mainlining the expensive Hep C treatments

      then…all of a sudden…the budget shortfall is cause by…you guessed it…the high cost of HCV treatments

      They created the situation to eliminate the choice program because if the choice program actually could replace a big part of the VHA.

      don’t let them fool us…this is corruption

  2. Hello, I am a newbie and this is my first post. Am I the only one who sees the connection between the hacking of the VA and the funds discrepancy?? I am a Vietnam Era AF Vet and have been fighting for disability since 1970 when I was honorably discharged because they didn’t have maternity uniforms. I am on my 6th try and first appeal. I have been shuttled to the back of the line several times. I have an audit in for my pension since they used an inflated amount to base it on making my pension significantly less. i have breast Cancer, skin cancer and pre-cancer of the colon, diabetes and several other maladies but women Vets are the seriously under-served VA population. I owe the VA over $3500 because they used my income from a job that I didn’t have anymore. I was homeless at the time and now due to forced early retirement I don’t make a living amount. I have been getting no assistance from the VA for several things and I am very frustrated and have lost pretty much everything. This is all a prelude to my comment and still question the connection of hacking and loss of $3Billion dollars? Just askin!!

    1. Hi, Linda. I can already tell that I want to be friends. In FB I am yellowrose45, twitter @dogshowaddict45. You sre very succict in what you have figured ut, and we are thrilled yu just jumped in. Look me up, let’s get connected. I am so concerned for your health, please let us know if yu would mind being ifted up in prayer.

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  4. Ben and one other Vet organization are the ONLY ones talking about it. If it were a real issue, the news would be all over it.

    1. @burples…you said, “If it were a real issue, the news would be all over it.”

      Are you implying that this is NOT a *real issue* then? Do not be so naïve to believe that. The ONE THING the VA IS very effective at is SPIN…and the Main Stream News is controlled by BIG $$$, which even one major news company is entirely OWNED by DISNEY. Another is Murdock. Other’s can be traced to the Koch Brothers.

      If it were not for VA Whistleblowers, NONE of these things would be reported and JUST because you are NOT hearing these things from the Mainstream Media does not discount their validity. Do not fall prey to drinking the Kool-Aid the VA is distributing!

      I apologize in advance if I have somehow misinterpreted what you wrote but it sure seems like you were/are discounting the validity based on it not being reported all over in the Mainstream News and other Press. The VA WANTS people to have their heads in the sand…THESE ARE **REAL ISSUES**!!! Just because you cannot see the very air you breath does not mean it’s not there, right?

  5. All of this corruption was planned. The destruction of the United States has been the agenda for decades and what is worse is all of our leaders in D.C are traitors for letting this criminal have his way. They are all due appropriate punishment. Welcome to the NWO. SEE

  6. From today’s Stars and Stripes, do a search for this story: “Report: 28 percent of VA enrollee backlog already dead”

    “The leaked report comes only weeks after auditors found $43 million set aside to inform veterans about their benefits sitting untouched for THREE YEARS IN AN ACCOUNT”–

    This tangled mess has reached even wilder new dimensions. I also just read that a VA employee had stolen gravestones in Rhode Island that he used to PAVE HIS CARPORT…WTF?!! That was also on today’s Stars and Stripes. I’d post a link but it always does weird things when I try that here. Easy to find all this. You cannot make this up.

    1. Those were Veteran’s gravestones stole by VA employee in Rhode Island that he used to pave his carport with. It’s on stripes dot com.

    2. How bout that CBS report back in April 2015 concerning files being found in many states over dead veterans. Go to the sites I gave to read the stories and watch the video.
      I, also hope that burples gets his head out the sand.
      I bet he doesn’t believe vets are being “Turned away” from vamc’s also.
      Or how bout rats, bats and roaches have been found in va hospitals.
      Or how bout PTSD, where 22 vets commit suicide EACH FUCKIN DAY!!!!!!!
      And more………..

  7. There is no doubt in my mind that something has to be done immediately about the V.A., what I have been hearing lately that is my assessment of the whole situation, this rip off cannot continue as it has; depriving the veteran of his/her needs and the taxpayer of one’s money which tax money which one thinks is going to improve the lot of our servicemen and women.

    Someone has to do something, this can’t go on like this.

  8. As many have commented.
    RICO investigation with

    What does any organization do when funds, especially $ 3,000,000,000 is unaccounted for and at first blush: Embezzlement, duh!!
    Bank accounts, personal assets inventory, etc. I’m not a White Collar Crime expert but for such an amount, whistleblowers would rake in some shiny change and the FBI would earn some accolades , having done something for a class of persons who are sick and dependents whose sustenance is based on what the VA has been stealing outright with impunity..

  9. The VA does not have enough hepatologists or gastroenterologists to treat all the veterans who have been diagnosed with HCV–most due to in-service exposures. The Choice program should be utilized by any veterans with HCV who cannot see a VA specialist within a month. Or if they live over 40 miles from a medical center, they should ask for care in the community. If they refuse, contact your senators.
    The VA and private provider can coordinate pharmacy benefits. This would be an appropriate use of the Choice funds and will save lives.

  10. Today I was going through my emails I received recently, and came across the following CBS/AP report dated, Apr. 9, 2015. The title; “LIVID” VA patients still facing long waits times for health care.
    As disturbing as this report was, what accompanied it (video) was even more disturbing! Its title is;
    When I brought this video to my wife’s attention, she cried. She cried folks. That I, or no one, should accept from a government agency which has proven time and time again,

    1. If you watch the video, you will hear the amount given to the VA each fiscal year just for the veterans compensation claims – wait for it – $95,000,000,000.00!
      That’s right, Ninety Five Billion Dollars. Does anyone here, besides me, wonder if this is an accurate figure?
      With all the “misspoke” verbiage being used by VA employees, from top to bottom. Could it be possible that figure is over what is actually needed?
      I’ll leave it up to y’all….to come to your own conclusions……….

      1. That’s “VA Math” for you. I think that $ figure has to be grossly exaggerated by the VA. IF that figure were true, then I would safely guess that a huge % of that is also going into various “pockets” and bonuses.

        The VA is definitely throwing everything they can at the wall and trying to see what sticks without sliding down the wall with the other lies all in effort to get that Choice Program Ca$h…they are completely rabid about getting that ca$h…surely people in Congress can see through this? If not, I am starting to actually wonder if Rep. Jeff Miller on the VA Committee knows this and it’s simply a “pony show of words” what we see play out with no one, I mean NO ONE is ASKING or DEMANDING where exactly $3 BILLION disappeared to….I find this very suspicious. Wondering if the VA is yet another way to funnel money to other DOD projects or failed projects? I am really hoping Ben and others push to get answers…and even if you do not like Donald Trump, he seems to not be afraid to ASK those very questions that everyone else is ignoring…take advantage of Trump’s voice…sometimes good publicity comes from the strangest and unexpected places.

      2. namnibor what you been saying about who else you telling your feelings too or am i am barrking up the wrong tree…..i know if you was Medical Personal at the Veterans Medical you would know how i am always on their case…….Semper Fi

    2. The site to visit is;
      Look for the one that also adds,
      cbs news finds thousands of vets’ benefit claims discarded.
      At the top there will be a video. Please watch it.

      Correction: I miss typed the $ amount. It was $95 MILLION not Billion as I stated. This pays for “disability benefits, pensions and flags for funerals” according to the newscast. Either way the figures don’t add up. Especially with the amount of Veterans receiving disability compensation.

      1. Y’all can also access the cbs video I gave first. It is;
        “LIVID” va patients still facing long waits times for health care
        About half way down the article is the video. I hope y’all watch it…..

      2. Thanks for sharing that CBS video…I hope Ben sees this or is at least knowledgeable about it because you can bet this “hiding of thousands of Veteran Claims” is more widespread than just the half dozen VARO in those mentioned States. HOW can the VA or how are they being held accountable for this number’s game?
        I know Ben has mentioned he is working with some VA Whistleblowers and if he has not started to reach out to these two in that video, he definitely should…this is huge.

        This makes the VA’s statement that there’s been a huge increase in claims and part of their deficit problem…well, I am no rocket scientist but even I can see through THAT lie because yes, there’s more claims…more claims squirreled away and hidden from the system to make it APPEAR they are actually making progress on the Backlog, when that number is seriously fudged!


        There HAS to be some serious embezzlement going on. Am I only one thinking this direction of deductive logic as more is released?

        Where’s President Obama’s Dept. of Justice going after these SOCIAL INJUSTICES TO VETERANS?

        Watch that video crazyelf posted info to…Ben, please take note, this is as sinister as it gets.

  11. I believe this is intentionally designed to go after the Choice Ca$h, which they have shown was their intention some time ago when they tried claiming nobody liked it and everybody liked the VA.
    They should have known then there was any budget shortfall (which I don’t believe exists). They also floated the Hep C cost, and are now throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.
    I could see maybe a 100 million shortfall, but $3 billion tells me they are trying to cover for something else. If you want to see it hit the fan, go ahead and shut down VAMCs. If Congress falls for this, they haven’t learned from history since the VA has pulled this stunt in the past.
    Finally, I believe they are doing this now because I believe there are deadlines by which agencies can ask Congress to reprogram funds. If they don’t inform congress before the deadline, they are out of luck. As for where Mickey McDonald is, I don’t think it matters. I believe Gibson is the one truly running the VA.

    1. CONGRESS COWARDS SHUT THE FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET AND GIVE ALL VETS MEDICARE CARDS ASAP VA BUDGET FOR 2016 172 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    1. I am afraid to inform you that I am pretty sure the VA probably has a contractor whom takes all those suggestions and recycles them into the very toilet paper in bathrooms at VAMC’s…LOL!
      In other words, if I cannot be taken seriously be any so-called VA “Patient Advocate”, how am I to take any VA “suggestion box” seriously. Call me a cynic, but the track record speaks quite clearly of itself…plus, in line within last week’s news, in various locations at VAMC’s in USA, infestations of rats, bats, and roaches were found, to include a good number of dead rats at another location.

      Maybe there’s rats and bats in the VA Suggestion Boxes and the very suggestion slips are eaten or nesting material for them? LOL!


  13. Do away with the VA and issue all veterans a medicare card. it would be much cheaper for the taxpayers and a lot better for the veteran.

  14. There’s another old saying; “One has to hit bottom, before something positive comes about!”
    Well, because Sloan Gibson is using veterans as pawns to threaten Congress, Senate and the President for more cash. I feel he has now “HIT BOTTOM”!
    I also feel, he has become “desperate” in his appeal (or begging as some call it) to a Congress to receive the necessary funds. Whether he is trying to move around, or gain more money, is irrelevant. The “statements” he has made, “Shut Down VAMC’s” IS unconscionable!
    Again, I don’t believe he, or any else within the VA, has the authority to shut down any part of the VA. I believe he must have authority by an act of Congress, Senate and the President first.
    I believe I’m correct on this!!!!!!!!!

  15. Throwing away money va management at the former va hospital fort Lyon in southern Colorado just before it shut it’s doors, spent thousands of dollars on brand new office furniture. Management knew the facility was closing. Why buy new furniture if you’re going to close the facility. I guess they had money they needed to spend or loose it. The facility was sold to the state for one (1) dollar, that’s a fact. Talk about wasting money.

  16. You can add another document to the list and that is the GAO’s report adding the VA to the high risk category published in April of this year. It is quite the interesting read where some of the problems identified at the VA a quarter of a century (yep, that’s 25 years) ago, have still not been corrected.

    This is just one salient quote to the matter brought forth in Ben’s blog today:

    “We also consider the exposure to loss in monetary or other quantitative terms. At a minimum, $1 billion must be at risk, in areas such as the value of major assets being impaired; revenue sources not being realized; major agency assets being lost, stolen, damaged, wasted, or underutilized; potential for, or evidence of, improper payments; and presence of contingencies or potential liabilities.”

    This report was just for VHA and not the other branches of the VA. This is like giving your son money. Then he asks you for more and you ask what happened to it? He tells you were most of it went, but when pressed on the remainder, he just shrugs his shoulders.

    If the GAO, Congress, the VAOIG, The Office of Special Council, The FBI, The President and all the negative media stories and exposes about the VA can’t change the culture, tell me, what will?

    1. Also, Ben is right, where is Bob McDonald? The last reference I can find of anything he did was April 29, when he responded to a letter of Rep Miller which accused him of lying about the number of VA employees being fired.

      Is he in hiding? Has he decided the job is too big for him? Or, does he hope to ride out this latest VA transgression?

      1. I read somewhere ol Bobby is in Hawaii solving their homeless veterans situation. I lived in Hawaii, hope he has a lot of security. Cause the locals are still pissed at what happened to Queen Lilioukalani. Back around the turn of the 20th century. And they definitely don’t like liars…..

  17. Any fair judge would say that the VA has been doing this for years, blocking vets from health care. Arrest McDonald and the rest of them! Charges: Theft and Conspiracy, Misappropriation of $3 billion.

  18. I’ve said it yesterday and I’m saying it today.
    Go ahead “Shut the VAMC’s down!”
    If they believe they have bad press now, go ahead, shut down the vamc’s down.
    If they think the amount of whistleblowers they have now is many, go ahead shut the vamc’s down.
    If they think they have “disgruntled veterans” now, then by all means, shut the vamc’s down.
    If they think the spouses of seriously ill veterans are pissed off now, wait until those veterans are denied health care. Again, go ahead shut down the vamc’s!!!!
    Shame on Sloan Gibson, and Shame on the VA !!!!!
    Now whatcha gonna do????

  19. The one thing at which VA is skilled, is prying money out of Congress. I have watched for decades. None of this wild spending helps veterans, the first step to fixing VA is to cut off the money. If this were First Aid for VA it would require us to “Stop the Spending, Clear the Bureaucratic Air Ways and Treat for Corruption.

  20. The article in yesterday’s ‘Stripes’ talked about how the Gov’t Employees Union (AFGE) is already rounding-up all their resources to FIGHT the proposed HB to make it MUCH EASIER to fire and also while being investigated by Whistle Blower Reports, the HB proposes they shall NOT be placed on Administrative Leave WITH PAY, sometimes for YEARS, while these things are “investigated”…I am ALL FOR IT, but this still will not be effective as long as the same crooks are in-place that will train potentially good new employees HOW to reap and rape bonuses by denying veterans earned benefits and giving incredibly substandard health care.

    Also, I do not mean to come across so pessimistic, but as long as we have a President that has FULL FAITH in “the VA and VA OIG doing right thing by Veterans…”, well, absolutely nothing will change!

    The VA is obviously feeling the “squeeze” and are showing this by using Veterans as pawns and hostages in order to fly through even more money.

    Audit. Why is NOBODY apparently even trying to find out how this but one example, the new Denver VAMC being $ 1 BILLION OVER BUDGET?!!! WTF…seriously, WTF?
    Just think if that amount alone were used to clear the backlog and give benefits where deserved, their Disability Compensation?!

    On the Hepatitis C Vaccine…this HAS to be the largest desperate “spin” to acquire the Choice Ca$h of all of their conniving methods because why is it the VA has not tried to be THIS aggressive with medications and update their damn RX Pharmacy Formulary? I say this because with other Infectious Diseases such as HIV, for example, the VA *could* add the very drug cocktails that actually been found to work better, give better quality of life, and have been available since 2006? No, the VA Formulary still adheres to HIV meds from the late 80’s and very early 90’s that if HIV/AIDS does not kill you, the meds surely will do the job before the disease.

    I am not diminishing the need for this new Hep C Vaccine, but I really feel this is ONLY being used because the VA has some CONTRACT with BIG PHARMA that just happens to have a price tag of what the Choice Program is funded for. Coincidence? I think not. They, the VA, is showing their desperate state and felling the “squeeze” of the word getting out of just how dysfunctional and downright EVIL the VA System has evolved to be.
    Sloan Gibson was ACTING FOR Sec. McDonald when he addressed Congress and effectively held Veteran’s Healthcare Hostage…I guess Sec. McDonald’s backbone is missing entirely or he’s on a permanent Disney Cruise. Why did not Congress tell Sloan Gibson to show-up WITH Sec. McDonald and Under Sec. Hickey ASAP and grill their asses.
    No business, large or small, all of the SUDDEN come-up with shy of an unexpected $3 BILLION DEFICIT?
    Meanwhile, our President wants to give $$$$$BILLION$ to IRAN…to only *delay* their acquisition of WMD’s, and it’s not brain surgery to figure out they will use that very $$$ to further fund the very terrorists we are engaged in war. Last I heard, the USA Gov’t is still under auspices of Budgetary Sequester.
    I cannot locate an ounce of logic in all that’s taking place. Too bad our enemies are not only these terrorists…the VA is indeed a reckless enemy and disservice to our veterans and the terrorists must be laughing at the hypocrisy of it all.

    We need a 2015 form of the historic post WW2 Nuremburg Trials for charges of Crimes Against Humanity/Veterans/Taxpayers.

    The Gov’t. Employees Union needs to go as well…the civilians have caused and relished in this mess…time for Plan B.

    1. namnibor, your good. You say what others, except for a few, are NOT wanting to say.
      Here’s something our government hasn’t thought out too much. Years ago, from the 1990’s back. We, military and civilians alike, didn’t have communication devices that we have today. Ipads, smart phones and other electronic gadgets.
      Haven’t they figured out our enemies watch and listen to EVERYTHING that is put on/in our communications. Including, radio and television! We hear more and more how ISIS is using “social media” as a recruitment device!
      Our government evidently has their head in the sand…..

      1. Also, with advent of better communication devices, doesn’t our government realize our own troops, in WAR ZONES, are being better informed as to the MANY FUBARS occuring right now. It came out our troops are at the lowest in moral since ??????
        Wake up folks, the time is now. Blast your news media with millions of emails, Twitter and more to “SHAME THE VA INTO SUBMISSION!”

    2. yep, this Hep C thing stinks badly. Poor old VA, they have to deal with another DoD immunization screwup, and what’s worse, althugh they knew how many vets are ill, the medication (costly, of course) wasn’t invented before they had their previous budget submission.

  21. I just went through the documents Ben put on this blog. I find certain “facts” disturbing.
    The amounts of $$$ VA has spent, and the amounts VA wants to spend. They just don’t add up. Or am I missing something?
    Also, Gibson said “workload has risen”, or some such B/S. I don’t know about the rest if the country, only here in Central Florida, VA’s are ‘shutting down shop’ around 3 to 3:30 in the afternoon. After lunch one can see very few patients waiting to see a physician. If they, as Gibson says, working overtime. Many veterans here don’t see it.
    There’s more questions than there are answers here. And I believe Sloan Gibson, since he is writing the letters, needs to give “straight answers to the MANY questions!”
    I think the VA needs to have OUTSIDE CPA’s come in and do a complete audit. Let the chips fall where they may. If fraud is found, arrest all involved!!!!!!

    1. I too, read all those posted articles and all it did was generate MORE questions unanswered and much of what is depicted just does not pass the ‘sniff test’.

      The timeline of events only sheds brighter light on the simple FACT that the VA has wanted that CHOICE PROGRAM CASH from the onset and find it quite insulting that they claimed to have NO IDEA they had shy of a $3 Billion deficit. One would think that even when the VA was in state of a deficit of even a few Million or even less, it would have been reason THEN to petition for more $…with no accountability nor Congress even asking for it, HOW do we REALLY KNOW this deficit is not just a manufactured crisis in order to get that Choice Program Cash?

      Rant over on this today until more comes out. This is utterly disgusting and unacceptable.

  22. Here is a thought, let them start closing VAMCs and expand the Veterans Choice program so that veterans can choose their own health care providers.

    It would certainly increase Veterans protection and access to health care.

    If they keep throwing money at polishing this trud, called VA Health Care, it will still be a trud that just keeps coming back around.

    1. After all don’t Veterans deserve at least the same legal protection and access to health care as someone on General Assistants and Medicaid?

      Currently we don’t have that.

      1. You are correct. In my major city, there’s just shy of 80,000 Somali’s here in the USA under guise of “Political Refugee”, the very same villagers that brutally killed our military depicted very well in movie, “Blackhawk Down”. These people have not worked -1- day in the USA, never paid any taxes, yet…they get REALLY nice specially built Public Housing separate from other demographics, they receive EVERY FREE PROGRAM available and more, AND ALL get State Medicaid Health Benefits and do not even have to pay ANYTHING and get better Medical Treatment and Medicine than we Veterans do at the VA…and WE SERVED, pay taxes, and often have to make the choice between food or medication.
        WHY IS THIS disparity acceptable?! Hell, the very terrorists we are fighting are RECRUITING FROM these very ‘Political Refugees’ and many of have been caught, many not…yet, even though some of these “refugees” are still stabbing our USA in the back, we do not hold their medical care HOSTAGE in order to get more $$$ for a huge agency that cannot manage it’s money.

        It’s incredibly SAD that those in just the above REAL example, and only but ONE example, there’s many others, receive MUCH BETTER CARE and BENEFITS than those of us in the USA that have served to preserve the very freedom these non-Americans relish and enjoy and quite possibly our “enemy within” just waiting to be “activated” by radical elements we are engaged in war on terrorism.

        Please help me understand how we Veterans have become the hostages being used as leverage for FAT CATS wanting more $$$$? More $$$$ is NOT the answer to the VA’s many problems. All it will buy is a continuation of a dysfunctional system making evil people, yes, I said EVIL PEOPLE…fill their pockets and defrauding the American Taxpayers and thumbing their noses at the Very Veterans they are supposed to be there to serve, laughing all the way to the bank.

        Speaking of banks; you know full well that if we Veterans could not manage our own affairs properly, the VA would be so quick to appoint a Fiduciary to $crew you even more…I think the VA System requires a completely non-VA connected FIDUCIARY since they obviously cannot manage a huge budget, while acting no better than DOD Contractors that are War Profiteers. That’s what these crooks are quite simply put; WAR PROFITEERS of the highest order.

      2. Last Fridays article posted by Ben, “Is New VHA Head Qualified to Lead Dysfunctional Agency?”, Ben points out that the current budget for the VHA is $59 Billion and that the VHA currently is serving about 3 million Veterans.

        That come out to a cost of $19,666.67 per Veteran covered by the VHA.

        Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources. During 2013 Medicaid was budgeted with $457.8 Billion and provided services for 58.9 people.

        That comes out to a cost of $7,772.49 per person who was on Medicaid.

        That means Tax payers are paying $36 Billion more a year to keep VHA afloat then it would cost Tax payers to provide Medicaid for Veterans. My personal experience Medicaid is definitely a major step up from VHA.

        I was disabled by a surgery at VMAC Minneapolis land of disappearing and falsified Medical Records.

        The numbers I used for Medicaid are available at: “”

  23. Part of me wonders if the same would happen if Congress wrote VA a blank check or the problems would get worse? The other part of me thinks that VA along with every other agency should operate within their budget. However, either way, the bottom line is that both Congress and the VA have a duty to fulfill and that is to ensure that we as veterans have every single thing we need regardless of cost. We wrote them a blank check, now it’s their turn.

    1. HAVE ANYONE WHO EMAIL THE FOUNDER BENJAMIN KRAUSE OF THE DAV…..I AM GOING TO BE NOSING WHAT WAS YOUR COMMENT TO HIM…..I have about 5 different times and if you want to know my comments asked me…….Semper Fi.

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