Elbert White

VA Employee Jailed After Threatening Mass Shooting At Hospital

One VA employee at the Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, was jailed after threatening to commit a mass shooting at the hospital.

Elbert White, Jr., of Shreveport, was arrested on charges of terrorizing and violating parole. White learned he was being terminated on Monday. He then threatened to commit a mass shooting.

VA police placed the facility on lockdown until White was arrested. The Louisiana State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit made the arrest. He was booked into the Caddo Correction Center.

Curious in this article are a few details. The employee has a criminal record but was hired by VA, anyway. The arrest presumably occurred on federal property, but the state police was relied on the make the arrest even though federal police were likely onsite.

To me, the nature of the federal / state law enforcement relationship warrants further review as it relates to suicide. In the past, I have called local law enforcement at other locations about onsite suicides, but local law enforcement state they lack authority to be involved. The lack of local involvement then allows VA to obfuscate review of suicides.

Previously, the Overton location was the center of a whistleblower retaliation scheme linked to Director Toby Mathew. The Director was removed from his position but not terminated. Mathew was not terminated but was relocated to Central Office.

KTBS 3 News reported, “Mathew has a consistent pattern of bullying, intimidation, discrimination, harassment and retaliation against many staff members … that clearly violates a number of policies.”

It sounds like the agency’s hiring practices, at least at Shreveport, could use some work.

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  1. Almost the entire system blows. Good people leave, become numb to environment or join the party of laziness and lies. Guy probably got mad and said something under his breath as so many do, giving an excuse to show what happens. Since management does what pleases without a care in the world, who knows what happened especially since management is what is believed. They ruined my life for fun, I cannot be the only one. I can’t believe that someone hasn’t done, they don’t push the throw on the ground at quitting time so get trampled. Seriously need to close down, shows the worst side of country besides greed.

  2. Just the usual Affirmative Action Failure !!! As the VA is full of them with their chip [ log ] on their shoulders . I had gone to the ER at the Seattle VA Hospital recently . First time black female clerk having a personal conversation on her phone , speaker on . Talking to another VA ” worker ” asking if he could help her son . Set up her new TV at her home . Second time another black male clerk , same scenario . Talking on their cellphone with the same woman [ remembered her voice ] . BS about the new supreme court judge , Republicans wanting ” power ” . Derogatory words about an Asian female co-worker and her ” squishy ” eyes . That her husband worked at Portland VA [ Oregon ] Hospital . And she only could be with him on the weekends there . And that he was lucky to ” get some ” every night . And you had to know someone at the Portland VA hospital to get hired . Unfortunately , I carry a flip phone and not an iphone . I could have and wished I had recorded it , at least the conversation . And when I left , should have said ” I’ve recorded everything ” . I’ve dealt with him through the years and he has the typical ” us versus you ” attitude . Black ” workers ” are only pleasant to other brothers and sisters . As for the rest of them , they just wander up and down the hallways . Low skill clerk , food service , grounds maintenance and housekeeping are their specialties . And since on other matters and personally writing out letter’s of concern / complaint . And turning them into the Hospital Director’s office and have done nothing . I wouldn’t bother again this time , but maybe next time I will have an Iphone to record .

    1. Rabbit. Having proof will do no good especially if you live in totally corrupt states like Indiana with college PC/fascist two party rule and absolute ignoring of any laws that may help… a white person. Few will admit it but there has been a war on us for years to today everything we utter or have is offensive or raaaacist.

      The more proof you may obtain will just mean making more enemies, getting labeled, ignored, with all the groups, activist, politicians, SJWs jumping on their destroy band-wagons to fit in and be hip, slick, and cool. While the silent majority and fearful remain fearful and more silent regardless of life and death issues. Afraid of being labeled or all-out attacked and gas-lighted state wide… including the Fed level. Oh and all those caring vet groups running off with their tails between their legs to be PC and obliging to the mainstream.

      It’s like other reports to local chatter about all those groups protecting their own. The Greek college kiddy societies especially those in the medical fields that have zero ethics but seem to be more like thugs and attack dogs. Then on the all the medical associations, country club cliques, to people in-the-know fearing gang-land associations within the VA and out that can create issues. Think mainstream media or politicians will openly address these issues? Hell no.

      But then we aren’t supposed to be allowed to record things for our own protection. They all can, or have, put up new signs about no recording devices or cells in court houses, cop stations, the VA and other hospitals and clinics. But the sheep think that is okay while they (media) miserably leak out a tad of info over this guy and ignoring other useful background information. And other “people of color” or black folks who have been treated badly by the same will not go on the record about some issues or incidents at the VA or elsewhere either. The reasons there are obvious too. And the gang-land stuff is not only about ‘people of color’ or whatever word is acceptable to use today outside of being totally silent.

  3. Ben,we have a HR/LR employee who claims to be a lawyer at Bay Pines. She even has an add in the local phone pages and lawyers.com bit she has no bar license number in any state. We found she did go to law school in MD but never took the Bar exam anywhere. Now she is considered a confidential employee by the director and sits in o. Meetings giving advice on matters on. Both legal and involving HR. Opinion?

  4. “https://www.natchitochestimes.com/2018/12/04/shreveport-man-arrested-on-terrorizing-charge/”

    Well they made sure it was a big show and plenty of LEOs involved for a show of force. To show what may happen if one is pissed off and makes the wrong comment (or not) to the wrong person in a heated moment. Don’t we all feel safe now knowing ‘they’ won’t tolerate such things or words? It’s not hard to violate parole either or to have someone wanting to create some chaos in their enemies life.

    Typical media too. No details, if any story is actually reported which many are not. They just love to leave people with more questions than answers. Like what he was on parole for or reasons for firing. If that happened locally it wouldn’t hit the news unless it was for a propaganda piece and show how well protected we should feel while supporting the machines.

    If one wanted to spend the bucks and do some research you could always pay for a background check with court or imprisonment records. Somethings odd for such a easy take-down with such a huge force of power. Or his past shows some major violence or something. Odd too they don’t mention if he is a vet or not or to fill some quota gap. Surely if he was a evil veteran they’d announce that part proudly… for reasons.

    Not to worry though. The censoring and lack of news to the whistle-blowing will deepen and most things will become illegal with newly wanted enhanced hate crime or speech crap. To ensure the sheep will fear more when coming forward trying to report something and accidental use the wrong pronoun as “him or her.” The ADL of BB, United Nations, SPLC, and others are even praising Cook of Apple for censoring with much more to come. Plus the many things, words, issues to be totally illegal. How dare we ask questions about such a article as this one or why so many others things are kept out of the news. Especially about the VA, corruption, etc. But we can sure seem to tolerate the bombardment about opioids, evil Russia, da Bush family, et al. Free? Sick ass country with people to afraid to even communicate or mention issues with health care today or the VA or the fascism.

  5. This same thing actually happened at the VA Nursing home I worked at by a nursing assistant. Nothing happened to him. His mom was a high place HR person in the HR Office.

  6. Correction to my earlier comment;

    I should have stated “criminal charges against ALL criminals in all government agencies AND and in the political network!” Which includes Republicans and Democrates across this Republic!

    I hope this clears up any confusion!

  7. I would bet $10. right now they rode him like a horse until his back broke! And after this they will solocit him for electrocution of his brain , just like they did to me. BTW: I asked Mike Pompeo why are they soliciting Veterans to undergo electr-oconvulsive shock treatment. I’m still waiting for an answer Mike, you know who I am.

  8. Strange , a black man arrested for threatening mass shooting . Nearly every mass shooting is done by some white dude . Methinks this smells rotten . Wonder WHY he was being terminated and WHAT DID HE SAY was root cause ??? One sided opinions do none of us any good . I for one want to hear what he has to say , now that would be interesting wouldn’t it .

  9. Just an opinion

    The vast number of VA employees are raised in homes without much discipline. Consequently
    they use violence, back talk, intimidation and other despicable behavior towards Veterans to express
    themselves. This is the last thing a Veteran needs. The Veteran has been traumatized enough just by
    being in the service. Few if any really understand the Veteran. It takes a veteran to understand another
    Veteran. The shit that happens at the VA will continue until the politicians give the right to Veterans to see civilian doctors with out all the paper work and approval attached by the VA.

  10. Let me tell you a few things today 12/05/18, I used to work at VAMC-Miami with DR Russell in Radiology. I am an RN with 3 Baccalaureate and a Masters. During the course of my employment my professional practice was violated by the Bozo mentioned above to include Russell and his Cadre of minion MD’s making a mass run at me in a meeting called just for me for the purpose of shutting down my autonomy of practice– I was told NOT to speak to patients, period. Suspending my 1st amendment rights and others with threats of disciplinary action , hazardous work assignments and other manipulations , e.g. “the Hovering Helicopter Boss” routine. On top of that i was required to take orders from underlings hold Associates degrees in Radiology. The real issue was: Do not help Veterans advance their claims–it’s the PRIME DIRECTIVE. OF course I was instantly made aware of the bad fit and shortly after this I resigned my appointment. BTW: I’m making a copy of this for legal purposes. As for this particular employee- I think i know why he made the threats- it doesn’t mean anything unless he had a plan and they can prove intent. They are going to let him go and be happy that he doesn’t come back. Probably watch him for a while- Oh , yeah they have their own surveillance program just like every other little dictaor in the US Gov agencies operating a Federal Reservation. What needs to be done is to cut out the middlemen and allow Veterans to get off the Reservation and get healthcare in the public domain without the DR Menfgle’s involved working to conceal the true costs of War while they put huge sums of money in their own pockets. (This post may be published later as a use case in a book for sale to the public. RB

    I am old now and would like to leave a portion of my estate to an Organization working on behalf of Veterans to bring Constitutional Arguments before the Supreme Court to
    restore VETERANS Civil Rights and Protections that we may be free once we leave military service to receive care and jurisprudence by and independent judiciary free of DOD INVOLVEMENT
    that keep us on the Reservation and in VBA Tribunal/Court Martial-ed APPEALS HEARINGS like we are deranged Indians. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS who that organization might be?

  11. The criminals are the people in congress that will not fix anything except their pocket books. Everyone of them I don’t care D or R they are all committing crimes against the taxpayers.

  12. Here’s my opinion, take it or leave it.

    Until “We the People”, after learning of all the criminal acts committed by VA employees, awaken and demand Justice be served against ALL the law breakers, nothing will change!
    This shit has gone on far too damn long!

  13. Yale University Law School got a lot of Army and Airforce vets with bad paper discharges and criminal records PTSD reprieves. Was this guy one? Is that why he was there in the first place? Army and Airforce had an 80% of applicants get their records corrected. Navy including Marine Corps only 17%. Yale Law School is still going after the Navy BCNR.

    The question is always, “Where do the problem VA employees come from?” Mostly the answer is, they are one of us–Veterans who used priority hiring to get in and the AFCE to stay.

      1. Didn’t mean to seem unhappy with it. A lot of these guys really deserve it. Also I was just pointing out the subject of this article may be a TBI/PTSD victim someone tried to give a break. But the fact is some of us are too far gone with the possibility of going berserk, including me. Can’t put my self in a situation where that might happen. No guns around. VA and FBI have made sure my family doesn’t loan me a gun. So I know better than to put myself in an employment situation where I have to deal directly with the public.

        There are two areas of the brain that, when damaged, cause you to have minimal control or “reality check” before action. The actions of the subject appear in that range.

      2. I in no way meant to imply that you were unhappy with it. Just stating my own view. You and I both deserve justice, Doc. One of the reasons I am unemployed today is due to how easily I could go berserk on someone in a very stressful situation. Working out, and martial arts are what keep me ‘sane’.

        Simple truth: We both deserve justice, Doc. You’ve kept it together this long. Have WE done perfectly? NOPE. But we are still breathing. We are still fighting. There is still hope.

        What happened to me is something that I would NEVER wish upon another human being. As I know you would not as well . . .

  14. What was the reason for the termination? Maybe I’m missing something. I can go more than one direction with this. More info please.

    1. There’s never any justification for violence or threat thereof if a person is being terminated or disciplined of any kind.
      Last holiday season about this time in a suburb of Columbus, a USPS worker was being terminated for repeated disciplinary actions for…stealing mail….the asshole went butt-naked, with a gun, walked in to postal center and wasted a few then, still butt naked, drove to his USPS supervisor’s condo, (still butt naked) got out of car and wasted her, his supervisor…claiming he was….**disrespected**…nevermind all the stolen mail…alll asshole cared about was ME, ME, ME.
      This true story and todays article about the VA have a common thread: BOTH are AFGE finest.

      Violence or threat of, makes one an asshole as well.

      1. (A friend of mine’s partner was killed by that asshole AFGE minion last year…still fresh)

      2. I was just wondering if a Vet needed help getting off the floor back into his/her wheel chair and was told to let the janitor do it, and it pissed him off.

  15. Veterans: Go to the Louisiana VAMC’s if you really want to die quickly by the hands of VA employees.

    On the menu for selection , based on recent past AFGE finest felons, we have:

    1)Blunt-force trauma from VA Medical Assistant and death, for simply disrespecting asshole…while in hospital bed. (likely a nepotistic relative of asshole #2 below)
    2)We now have similar asshole AFGE employee that upon being threatened to be fired, threatens to do a mass shooting in same area where asshole abused oxygen that Veterans could be using.

    Either way you choose, know that the VA does not give a shit, but before congress, “The VA Cares”.

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