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MSM Continues Slow Drip Of Mar-A-Lago Emails: Will Country Club Crony Scandals Dominate VA News Like The Agency’s Own Russia Probe When Democrats Take The House?

More emails on the Mar-a-Lago trio were released yesterday by ProPublica and then dripped throughout MSM yesterday in much the same way as continued news about the Mueller probe.

ProPublica is now calling the trio “VA Shadow Rulers” with their fingers in practically every deep pie involving dollar signs. Sounds ominous.

The new emails reveal deeper involvement in government contracting and personnel decisionmaking than previously known. Greater details are also now known concerning Apple app creation and ingratiation with VA.

Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter, West Palm Beach physician Bruce Moskowitz and lawyer Marc Sherman — part of the president’s circle at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie has attempted to distance himself from the trio’s involvement after negative press started in August. Press secretary Curt Cashour is now blaming previous leaders for failing to stand tall against President Donald Trump’s cronies.

“Although his predecessors may have done things differently, Sec. Wilkie has been clear about how he does business,” Cashour said in a statement. “No one from outside the administration dictates VA policies or decisions — that’s up to Sec. Wilkie and President Trump. Period.”

Wilkie now says the agency has cut off communications with the trio.

According to the story:

But since that initial meeting in April, Wilkie’s relationship with the Mar-a-Lago Crowd has frayed. Under pressure from lawmakers after ProPublica’s investigation, Wilkie said in September that his team cut off contact with the trio.

The loss of access has stung Perlmutter, according to a person close to the administration. But Perlmutter remains close to Trump: he spent election night with him and saw him over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

The person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe confidential discussions, said Perlmutter has begun criticizing Wilkie — as he had Wilkie’s predecessor, Shulkin, before the president fired him.

Perlmutter faults Wilkie, the person said, for snubbing Perlmutter’s calls and for sidelining one of his top allies, former acting secretary Peter O’Rourke. Additionally, the person said, Perlmutter is displeased with the agency’s releasing emails about him and with the course of its electronic health records overhaul.

“It’s very clear that Ike is going to war against Wilkie in a similar way to the way he did against Shulkin,” the person familiar with the matter said. “It’s gotten that bad.”

If Trump fails to get ahead of this story, it will likely take all the focus off real problems within the agency like no accountability for senior officials and veterans dying. Which, in a sense, is a win-win for both parties.

You can count on this story dripping out into a full-blown scandal once Democrats retake the House in January at a time when more emphasis must be on the GI Bill and continued failures to help veterans relying on the Caregiver Program of seeking Disability Compensation.

There are too many problems to focus on this kind of garbage, but it does need to at least be addressed if the nature of the involvement was unlawful or unethical in some manner. Let’s just hope the Mar-a-Lago trio does not become the VA’s version of the Mueller probe.

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  1. I have received Social Security but VA still only rates my back at 40%. I thought Social Security was the stricter standard?

  2. This recent move I did a few months ago shy of just about killed me health and mentally, but have been reading and keeping in the know.

    Rome (USA) is burning….the VA is only the 2nd largest federal agency tossing gasoline, fueling this democracy’s flames.
    Unfortunately, only Veterans and taxpayers are getting burned to the crisp because only the assholes have asbestos suits protecting them from accountability.

    I’m back and still pissed-off at these assholes.

  3. I haven’t been allowed on here for over a year. That’s why I have been quiet. The trio, is in Trump’s ear. They are affecting Veterans. The VA has become a total clusterfuck. When a claim has been Remanded, does it take years and years? After waiting 19 years, and have it remanded, I just don’t know anything.

  4. I’m baaaa-aaack. Just had some pleasant debate with a few from the right and lefties. Vet and non-vets. I pointed them to this forum, this article and previous FACA “legit” article. Seems few want to spend the time doing research on their own, to purchase some books, or simply check people out and connect some of those ole usual controlling, above the law, dots or cliques.

    Robert Wilkie. I think he’s shown he is just another DC insider puppet and mouthpiece.

    Two. Who in the hell thinks the Lago trio can be experts in anything? Or qualify enough for DC clowns to make trips for their insights or demands? How is there any defense over these three clowns pretending to be American?? Where the hell is Congress and why haven’t they stepped in and done their jobs …. for like a hundred years?? Is that like LEOS, the United Nations, DHS, prosecutors and on know what is best for us and or what we need medically or for quality of life??? Do any of those clowns in the ‘machines’ know the actual body count today or the past week of the dead or suicides? Doubt they care. It will grow due to the depressing holiday season, Merry Christmas.

    To hell with the usual propaganda, feel sorry pity party of “rags to riches” stories, it’s all the connections behind the scenes stuff that should concern people. And to whom all in DC clowns and staff swear allegiances to and it’s not the USA or us vets. Oh, they are more concerned today with boycotting Israel groups and starting more wars or globalism.
    (Yeah, just what we need more of in the failed experiment called the USA. Another foreign spy and helping turn the country into a Disney playground of corruption and perversion.)

    “” The punk is an expert in just what??

    Good luck finding the real one used in Florida, or Connecticut or New Yolk City. Of the triad of experts, well paid of course.

    It’s not rocket science to see who and what these people/clowns are and why they like many more have access to the White House, secret shit, and has Congress and others under the thumb. One set of laws for the SES types, for celebrities, for foreigners, for corrupt officials, etc. But no laws to protect us from all the corruption on every level out there we deal with, or avalanches of crap on us today and much more coming. It seems the United Nations, the NWO types, the trilaterialist, communitarians, dual citizenship types only loyal to their homelands, the commies, are getting their way.

  5. Seriously now, I feel that it is wise to seek counsel from people that have experience and wisdom in matters that are important to be manage properly. However the issue is who are these people, what is their area of expertise and how do they benefit, if at all, from giving their advice.

    Now, in the matter of national security, whether or not the President can discuss said matters with someone who does not have a national security clearance. Well, the law is the law. We gotta abide by the law, right?

  6. Well I woke up this mornin and I went outside
    and I took a deep breath, I can’t deny
    and I scream what’s goin on
    I pray, OMG do I pray
    I pray for things all day
    and for a revolution

    It’s a slow train but I see a change is gonna come


  7. Why has Ben nor any of the other VO picked up on Robert Cody Snodgres and the
    cheating of over 400,000 Gulf War Syndrome vets with the placement of their
    records in the Murrah building priot to the bombing? Listen to Cody on youtube.

  8. Wah Wha Wha, Poor baby got but hurt, Go call the white House Hotline and see if they give a shit about your problems…Or call the fbi , Your preaching to the wrong people…. And as for Ignorance all you do is blame the Re-puke-licans, Nothing new coming from your blue lips.

  9. Off topic a little.

    Something new under Wilkie. I received a notice from the BCNR (board for correction of Naval records) that a DD Form 149 had been filed for me. Also received a notice that the VA GC has received a request for reconsideration of my SF-95 Tort Claim. Both of these had been previously denied and are under appeal at the CAVC and the Tenth Circuit.

    Ben, What is happening? Has a Judge called the GC and told him to get his departments act together? I filed a motion to the CAVC to issue a warning to the GC that the attorneys working on my dispute of my RBA, that they would be dropped from the CAVC Bar if they didn’t start acting in good faith and give complete detailed responses to the CAVC Clerk’s Orders.

    I’m submitting FOIA requests to find out what has been filed so that I may supplement the filing if necessary.

  10. I’ve noticed a lot of the regulars are missing. Damn whether you liked them or not, they were an asset in their own rught.

    Yes I know, I know, not as much as yours.

    1. We are just not commenting Nutter.
      Poor MK, I think he’s got the Hot’s for Trump…LOL…
      He can’t see the Big picture they are all CROOKS, There is no savior out there on either side, Take off your blinders.

      1. OM, true true true. But I just scan past fools like MK and others who are more agents of deception and disruption than honest, ethical, harmed veterans with stories to share. Especially online we never know who or what we are talking to or sitting at tables sucking down some coffee with discussing issues or corruption with unknown types.

        The “Mar-a-Lago Crowd,” Veterans Admin, is just a symptom of deeper issues and the many peoples, groups, nation destroyers, provocateurs out to ruin the nation… and has beyond repair. All regardless of party affiliations. Been going on long before the Trumpster’s disappointments. It’s more about foreign nations, our scum lying allies, fake media, corporations/contractors, the well established “machines,” corrupt bankers, the deep-state and shadow governing forces that should be focused on and exposed. Won’t happen though. The ‘machines’ are too busy oppressing and silencing any one they can, any way they can. Like the war machines being mainly protecting some foreign nation, for oil and foreigners whims will continue on long after we are gone. Academia to Zoos have been totally infiltrated and corrupted by lying activist and filth and by foreigners…. including media and DC types. With all those loving, caring vet groups too full of fear to tackle some major issues or help some targeted vet due to politics and PC-ness, or afraid to lose that quid pro quo they have among the corrupt leaders somewhere. But all sure do put on a good showing for TV and fake news outlets.

        Been dealing with more local deaths and loss. Also unlike others I don’t live online or have a cell or blue-tooth stuck in my head 24/7. I deal with attacks on me in my own time not theirs too that desire immediate responses. I don’t allow scum to eat my lunch or occupy that much space in my head constantly. I also have better things to do and chores to get done. If the majority of vets and public want to play activist or remain if fear and trembling of the government and activist, so be it. Future generations will pay for it too. Americans should be like France and be out in the streets in protest but seems good ole ‘Muricans’ lost their spine or too afraid to offend someone or may be forced to sleep on the couch. A lot of people benefit from corruption, staying silent, and/or being paid activist. And many sure don’t want to piss off the West Palm Beach, DC or New York cliques. Might lose some of that top secret ‘black budget’ monies like the need it.

      2. @OLD-MARINE Been Seeing the Big Picture for some time, each admin has their Own method of Criminalizing the VA which isn’t hard to do, Its just Dumps turn but, his turn isn’t One one based on Secrecy its one Based on Normalizing Criminality and expecting you like a Good “stick yr head in the sand” Republican to just say oh well its the VA, not Pointing your finger or Blame at the Lifelong Con-Man. I believe you got the Hot’s for ignorance LOL Like a OLD-NAVy MARINE…

    2. Been sick, brothers. Got out of the hospital a few days ago.
      Trust me more, when I say – The VA is a corrupt government agency. Where their whole life is to “DELAY, DENY UNTIL ALL VETERANS ARE DEAD!”

  11. With this Criminal Administration, every turn they have made or Firing or Hiring has Unfortunately for the American People, been a Systemic or Dysfunctional method to Trumps Madness Literally, and Who Suffers, the American Populace, and the Veterans. Look at the past 30 or So years of this Guys Professional Career has been marred in Lawsuits after Lawsuits etc, so His Legalese or his Penchant to be Involved in some sort of it has Continued at the Highest Level of Government. Everyone on this Board or at least those who didn’t have their MAGA Hat Stuck so far up their Ass they couldn’t Breathe, knew the Coming of this Con-menistration were attempting to further Criminalize and make the VA Death/Healthcare Private.

    1. I see you are suffering from trump derangement syndrome, MK. I hardly doubt you have been seeing the big picture of any damn thing other than the delusions in your mind.

      Maybe you should try shutting the fuck up and showing some respect to the commander in chief and president of the United States soldier! (That is if you even were one).

      Such disrespect is unamerican and shameful ya little commie bastard.

      1. @MentallyDisabledBitch What is the Big Picture? oh, it’s getting the VA to Self Correct itself within Right? When you have the Illegitimate President/Cronies/Co-Criminals are creating their own Reality for VETS right? DumbAss why do you think they Try to Protect WHISTLEBLOWERS Because of they have the inside track to Expose whose in on the Take, Dumbass be it your Moma or a Dumbass Crook in Charge. This Fuckn Twitter in Charge Lost my Respect when you Get in Snowflake Arguments with your Citizens, he kinda put himself in a Disrespecting Position. Commie bastard is more Appropriate for Putin’s Bitch…

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