VA Exec Says Corruption Allegations Are ‘Crap’

VA Exec Crap

Benjamin KrauseVA exec Sloan Gibson fired a shot across the bow this week at two members of Congress when he denied that corruption linked to the wait list was widespread at the agency.

Last week, two members of Congress, Rep. Jeff Miller and Sen. Jerry Moran, accused VA of “chronic indifference” toward the scandals that have caused a complete erosion of agency credibility.

In an article to the Wall Street Journal, the two wrote:

“VA’s culture of indifference persists, and the climate of accountability Mr. McDonald promised is nowhere in sight…

“It is now clear that the VA’s most-serious problems are rooted in its leaders’ routine and pervasive refusal to seriously discipline those who have engaged in proven incompetence, corruption and malfeasance.”


Gibson did not take the news lying down and fired back. He claimed the allegations of widespread corruption are “outright erroneous assertions” that are “frankly wrong.” Gibson went on to call the statements “crap” and that such erroneous claims are hurting veterans who believe them.

Gibson has promised the agency will take action despite longtime delays and indecision from VA OIG to issue a recommendation:

“Where we can collect relevant evidence more quickly and effectively with VA resources, we will do so. Then, where evidence warrants disciplinary action, we’ll take action.”

He went on to claim the “inappropriate” claims about the VA scandal have damaged its ability to recruit top talent.


What do you think? Are statements from Congressmen really impacting the agency’s ability to recruit? Or is it the number of scandals and inability to protect whistleblowers?

Personally, Gibson’s brazen statements in rebuke of two elected lawmakers certainly raises eyebrows and support of claims that the Executive Branch is out of control and above the law.



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  1. Dear Mr.Krause:

    As I stated once before, and this second time for those who did not see my first writing; for their benefit, I do not know about anyone else but as for me I am sick and tired of the way veterans are been treated at the hands of the current government, and I am speaking for myself I cannot wait for Mr.Trump to win if he does; so I have in anticipation,
    dropped from the Democratic Party and inscribed my name in the Republican Party.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  2. 01/22/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    “Gibson did not take the news lying down and fired back. He claimed the allegations of widespread corruption are ‘outright erroneous assertions’ that are ‘frankly wrong.’Gibson went on to call the statements ‘crap’ and that such erroneous claims are hurting veterans who believe them.”

    Now these guys are lying through their teeth!
    That is good!!!
    They are on the run!


    Don Karg

    1. @Don Karg
      Yes, they are on the run. Because they know their “Crap” ain’t gonna hold much water when Mr. Trump gets elected.
      His lead in the polls show a commanding lead everywhere except for just a couple liberal states.

  3. Sloan Gibson is a PR man that used to run a traveling circus (USO). Why would anyone give a shit what he has to say about anything? What a Douche-bag.

  4. @crazyelf and all on here:

    Here’s the link to the speech VA Sec. McDonald gave claiming now he has fired over 2,600 VA workers in 18 months since he came on and many more hits:


  5. CRAP……always comes from above, meaning, a higher place.

    THAT makes Gibson the large ANUS in the sky, doesn’t it?

    …or…has the word ‘crap’ been ‘redefined’ , Mr. Gibson, to mean something of substance? Ha HA….got you, you crocodile.

    1. @namnibor
      Hey brother
      Please read my reply to 91Veteran right below here. It’s an interesting article from Ch 9 news and the one from
      VAWatchdog dot org

  6. Writing OpEds in newspapers are fine, but if Congress were serious about this, particularly given Gibson’s public comments on both redefining accountability and now crap, they should be hauling his arrogant ass before hearings. Each hearing, and as many hearings as it takes, should examine in detail every VA scandal, whether the VA fired any manager or allowed them to retire, or screwed up the firing process, etc.
    Start the first hearing with demanding McDonald appear and ask him if he agrees with his underling that Congressional questions about VA corruption are crap.
    If anything, the VAs public actions for the past 2 years minimum have hurt recruiting good doctors, and should have helped recruit quacks looking for complete protection from malpractice.

    1. @91Veteran
      Just now in Channel 9 news, WFTV @ 6:00 pm, Orlando, Florida.
      McDonald was in front of the Committee today. It, this news story, was about “30,000 Florida Veterans Claims sitting in a warehouse in Georgia!” some years old!
      McDonald tried to “Bullshit” his way out of it. It didn’t go over the Committees heads. It was a SHORT news article!

      Also, yesterday I suggested everyone go to
      VAWatchdog dot org
      Because they had some statistics on “VA’s Claims”! One that stood out was, quote; “400,000 claims (are now) in the Appeals process!”
      There was more. Check out their website for all the numbers!!!

  7. Government live above the law and hold us to every letter of the law. And justice for all except if you are a Vet!!. Put them to the fire make them pay for there crimes, like every real Americans.

  8. The VA is the law or thinks they are.they are using the disruptive committee as a tool to harm veterans.from speaking their minds.

    We have a right to speak our mind without fear of retaliation from the VA.

    They have no clue how much damage they are causing veterans each time they let any employee claim a veteran has been disruptive.

    Most lawyers would call that slander and false reporting. The VA is being disruptive and they need to be stopped.

    Our civil and constitutional rights are being trampled on and we veterans don’t have a many veterans must be harmed or commit suicide before someone is going to stand up for the veterans.

    Veterans could win this case in court.the disruptive committee needs to answer why they punish veterans for using their first ammemdement rights.

    They punish veterans at will and the veterans have take it or be threaten with arrest federal charges and banishment from all VA care.

    Why just because an employee does not like the veteran for what ever reason and taking all of our rights away to defend ourselves.

    If a veteran is reported.they are ifs and or butts.

    Someone with knowledge and clout needs to write the veterans committee in Washington and inform them of the disruptive committee and do away with it.

    Any any employee from a janitor on up.can say anything they want about a veteran and that veteran can be punished without the VA employee proving the veteran had ever been disruptive.even if they were disruptive.the VA has no business in judiciary matters.

    That’s for our court’s to decide.there the employee would have to provide proof and if they can’t.the veterans should be able to sue for slander.including all members of the disruptive committee.who did not require proof in the first place.

    Ben you should know someone who would fight them on this illegal committee.who is taking veterans rights away.

    1. I did write the veteran committee in DC. They sent me back to the VA IG office which never answered me. The Committee states that the VA has shown documentation that these behavior committees ( yes, they. No longer call them disruptive behavior, it is now behavior committee as it includes any veteran that present difficulties in care. As always, the VA has a way of making their systems veteran friendly and in the best interest in the veterans

      1. I think that’s why I think if someone with legal matters.would be able to argue in court.that veterans civil and constitutional rights are being trampled on.

        I’m sure the VA has no legal right to punish veterans.just because they are.

        Again we have a judiciary system.that was formed to get the truth and a system where the accused would have their day in court.

        Veterans are being railroaded and the deck is stacked against them.

        No other government agency punishes people. Why because they have no right.they know if someone would become disruptive.

        That person would become asked to leave or face a judge. There would be a written the agency and the police.

        The VA is punishing veterans when they are not authorized to punish veterans without evidence.but they do.

        The VA does not punish their employees.but punish veterans everyday and are violating veterans civil and constitutional slander and by not giving veterans a way to defend themselves.

        It a shame that even the veterans committee in Washington.passes the did tell them you had been in contact with the OIG office already and they did nothing.

        The VA OIG hotline is a joke.

      2. Here is the other deal. Veteran are coming to the VA because they are SICK. Physically and mentally sick. Asking for medical help they are not coming to the VA because they are well. Many veterans are seing with PTSD and other mental wounds. They might not behave appropriately. That is why they are at the VA.

        These veterans are being identified as BEHAVIOR disruptive. Well that is a symptom of mental illness. The staff is there to work with these veterans. Maybe they should be trained to understand that veterans come with difficult wounds and need a smile and a little time instead of pucker faces and rudeness.

        I believe veterans have used every avenue the have. The issue is the system is so big that our individual issues are not on anyone’s radar. There is no recourse for IG’s not to answer complaints. If you read their site, they cover their big butts by stating that they cannot take on all cases and focus on those that affect a large number of vets. Like veterans dying and dirty instruments. Thinks that the public cares about.

        Go on line and pull up VA policies and procedures. There is one for just about every issue. I have read many and the VA does not follow their own policies. Plus they are not aware when their policy expires. The policy on record flags expired on 31 Dec 2015. I have not seen anything new so record flag policy no longer exist. Someone needs to tell the committees

      3. Hi James. Yes I did tell everyone I contacted. The veteran committee sent me to one of their members who directed me to the ethics office T the VA. She said I would hear from them. Never did, so I contacted them. No response. I even told the Hampton VA director that I had put all my e mails in a folder for my family just in case this situation leads me to becoming so overwhelming that I do become suicidal. Nothing but a call from the SPC once a week to say they are thinking of me. I am still exposed throughout the VA system.

        Don’t care anymore. There is no changing the VA. I have found many of the employees that care for veterans are just as frustrated. One provider told me she knows of the issues with her employer and feels the best way to service me is to focus on me. She asked that I show up so we can work. I hear her but find it hard to do when I feel disrespected.

        It looks like the VA even puts their staff on list. They have many list and a whole lot of research surveys and reports. Bet that is where you will find the money.

  9. From the very top right down to the toilet scrubbers are corrupt. I’ve been placed with a label on my back dating back to 1983 b/c of illegal action by the army for administrative discharges based on pos. UA’s. It went to the ABCMR and was upgraded and everything pertaining to such was to be removed. Guess what? I wasn’t, that stigma remained in my record! In giles VS the sec. of the army 1980 the court ruled that these records were to be removed b/c of a suit filing of this illegality. I’m just now finding all this out and received the decision from the ABCMR dated 1986 and they ruled in my favor. On a claim I have with the VA on an Issue I have that’s 4+ years in the process this sorry no good for nothing son of a bitch judge decides to discredit me by mentioning this discharge that was upgraded and it was to be removed. Essentially he admitted in a round about way and the outright label that was place on me for over 30 fucking years “you’re a drug addict who received a chapter 9 because of this ILLEGAL act and you’re not entitled to any benefits.” Everyone of the sonsa bitches can shove a shotgun in there fucking mouth and blow there fucking brains out and be committed to the depths of eternal hell fire.

  10. I wouldn’t lay this on the OIG really. Their leadership has a lot of balls they are juggling right now, I heard.

    The real villain here is called “Senior Staff”. I now have 5 letters from 4 Chief of Staff. lEach of those Chiefs of Staff was shown the door. The letters received widespread scrutiny by the public because they were printed in 2 consequtive articles of the newspaper locally.

    yet, after the printing of clear and conclusive proof of felony coercion, malfeasance, interferance with the delivery of a federal healthcare product, and a litany of bizarre decisions designed to muzzle this veteran, they invented yet a new type of behavioral flag. After those article printed, they informed my congressman that, by golly, they would rescind the bogus Cat One behavioral flag that was reported on.

    then, after the newspaper story, they invented a new flag. They invented a Cat 2 behavioral flag placed into my record by the Disruptive Behavior Committee requiring that all future visits at VHA that I be escorted by multiple clinicians. There is no appeal for this. There is no reason printed in my record why this was necessary for future clinicians, and they also require in that entry that all persons reading the entry report all non- face to face contact with me directly to the Chairman of the Disruptive Behavior Committee. VHA 2010-53 says, of such administrative flags, “The use of Cat 2 flags for administrative purposes is strictly forbidden.”

    Yet they did it. One each and every one of those bogus letters to me, the Chief of Staff(s) listed as the recommending body, “a group of senior clinicians.” Two of these clinicians was called out by name in the newspaper as commiting serious federal crimes against me, yet the Senior Staff, including these two invented a brand new way to restrict VHA care – a Cat 2 Behavioral Flag requiring all care and decisions be routed through the DBC Chairman who was named in the newspaper as “dirty”.

    You tell me that this isn’t corrupt? What is it called then? The SS has been in that same DBC meeting since they threatened to discontinue care, and on that basis a Circuit Court Judge issued a Restraining Order forbiddine them from doing it. Their response? The cited the RO in a letter to me as the reason I was banned from their clinic.

    If they are comfortable giving the Circuit Court the middle finger, they certainly aren’t timid about calling a congressman a crap head.

    1. Now ALL flags are category I. Category II only meant that the flag was local. Now all flags are catagory one and that means staff at ALL VA’s (nation wide) can see your flag and a TIU letter stating what staff should do if you present at their station. This is true for even suicidal veterans

      The policy you speak of also states that the flag creates stigma for the veteran as well as creates ethical concerns and a barrier of care. Yet the still do it. I begged them to remove it as it has created a huge barrier to my care. I have not returned to treatment in five months. To assist me, they renewed the flag and wrote in my records that my treatment would continue. What treatment??? ABUSE and HIPPA violations. Then to call me each week so they can document that they are trying to help me??

      Also, James, the policy you are talking about expired 21 Dec 2015.

      I am sorry they are treating you like that.

  11. I think the VA will continue to hire medical staff that is not fully qualfied for other agencies. Tell me if this is correct…..a psychiatrist who is only qualified to practice in say AZ can not practice in any other state unless they pass a test and get credentials to practice nation wide. However, ANY medical provider with just state certification can work anywhere if hired by the VA. True???? Also, I know the VA has nurse practioners working as psychiatrist and providing medications. Does that happen outside the VA?

    Does outside providers use their patients information for company research without their patients knowledge? This electronic medical record is used by many research companies. I have just learned how VA gets its statistics. Is that not corruption Mr Gibson or are you “not aware”. ????

    It all comes from the top Mr Gibson. If you were a commander in the military, you would be fired for actions your command is taking with or without your knowledge. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  12. Personally,

    I would start having documents (proven to be exact) shipped to Congress and then discuss it. If “X” numbers of Vet show proof of not having duty to assist, they all can’t be isolated.

    Just a thought.

    Air Force Veteran (SSgt)

  13. “Me thinkest thou protest too much…” from Hamlet comes to mind. Frankly, I have never heard such a self incriminating statement such as this in a very long time.

  14. SSDD. Sloan Gibson is another authoritarian tyrant in the VA’s hierarchical chain of petty power-tripping New Millenial Fascists. Tar & feather the bunch of them. Like Trump, they never apologize, and purport to believe they are above reproach. Over the nine years I’ve been trying to receive medical care through the VA, I’ve encountered this false assumption of authoritarianism permeating every level of this toxic administration. I am repeatedly in trouble with these bozos when I insist that I confer NONE of their projected authoritarianism, I don’t acknowledge nor bestow such authority upon these pinheads and pencil dicks. This infuriates them to no end, and they never tire of lashing out at me with ‘disruptive behavior’ charges ( denial of due process is a HUGE issue here), and accompanying punitive measures. ( Which is why I have recently shifted my care over to my Medicare plan.). I should not be put in this position as a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran; I should be able to receive the care & treatment that I am rightfully entitled too. But after watching a fellow vet go through two years of incredible pain without relief or help from the VA, until he reached the point where he couldn’t take it any longer and took a shotgun and blew off his own foot to eliminate the source of the pain, I realized I did not want to go down the same path. So, it’s Medicare for me because I’m tired of fighting the authoritarian feather-nesters entrenched in this toxic culture. Once the V.C. were my enemy, now it’s the V.A. Not much changed there…

  15. I think Gibson needs to that old saying that better to be thought a fool them to open mouth and remove all doubt. I just don’t get it we took an oath to defend this country and now they have declared war on us we the people need to take this country back where it belongs to the people………

  16. Thankfully he cleared that up. Congress is at fault because their, “erroneous claims are hurting veterans who believe them”. I feel much better knowing that…………..thank you Mr. Gibson, you’re a credit to corrupt management.

  17. What do I think?
    I think either Gibson has many somethings to hide. Or Gibson “…is full of crap!”

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