VA Expands Camp Lejeune Disability Presumptions

Camp Lejeune

Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs just announced plans to amend regulations that will allow more presumptive disability conditions linked to toxins in drinking water at Camp Lejeune.

VA already provides 15 conditions that are deemed “presumptive” if a veteran was stationed at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between August 1, 1953 to December 31, 1987. Some years ago, the Dept. of Defense admitted it allowed cancer causing toxins to mix with drinking water at the Marine base. Numerous veterans and family members have since died of rare cancers linked to the exposures.

VA explains the particulars in its recent press release:

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs recently met with Senators Isakson, Burr and Tillis and the Director of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to discuss the creation of presumptions of service connection for diseases associated with the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune.  The diseases that are currently being reviewed for potential presumptive service connection include kidney cancer, angiosarcoma of the liver, and acute myelogenous leukemia, which are known to be related to long-term exposure to the chemicals that were in the water at Lejeune from the 1950s through 1987.  The chemicals are Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene, which are known as volatile organic compounds, used in industrial solvents and components of fuels.  ATSDR and VA representatives will meet at ATSDR offices on August 19 to begin discussions on establishing these presumptions.

VA will also work with ATSDR and potentially the National Academy of Sciences to evaluate the body of scientific knowledge and research related to exposure to these chemicals and the subsequent development of other diseases. VA will carefully consider all public comments received when determining the final scope of any presumptions.


In an aside, a special report will should air tonight on KARE 11 NBC at 10pm CST here in Minneapolis during the normal news sequence. It is about a new scandal at Minneapolis VA Medical Center. I have been working closely with NBC to pull the pieces together and will post the story tomorrow after it airs. Let’s hope these kinds of exposures of VA scandals continue to turn out real accountability. Tune in or check it out online!

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  1. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune from January 1977 to June 1979. Was there in my early twenties and now nearing the age of 61. Most of the time I was stationed at Courthouse Bay and at rifle range. Plenty of water consumption all over the base however. Since those years, my thyroid quit working and I have moderate to serious sleep apnea. Two sleep studies and now on a CPAC. Still tired during the day but CPAC helps. Also a heart attack at 46. About met my maker on that one.

    I registered when the Camp Lejeune paperwork arrived and have heard nothing to date. That was 4+ years ago. Maybe the right thing to do is go to the local VA and kick start my case.

    Seeking an opinion from others, do you think any of my conditions could be medically link to the health effects of those chemicals found in the water? I was reading up on Sleep Apnea and found it can be brought on by a number of conditions. Some service connected. It would seem that those annual re-qualifications with the gas chamber would be enough to mess up your pulmonary system!

  2. My earlier should read TB not tab. Sorry about and they did give service connection if TB .


  3. To Vietnam era vets. If you joined before 1972 you were issued service number. Be sure you include your service number or you may only receive c file with only your ssn. This happened to. I. Tested positive for tab and it went active in 2008. When I filed a claim they denied me. So I requested my c file again with my service number. Guess what I received 10 more pages including the positive tab test. So don’t trust the HAas giving you every thing. Simper. Fi

  4. I was station at camp lejune from 1973 until 1975 and been dianose with sleep apnea can sleep apnea be link to asbestos esposure and did the barracks contain asbestos in them.

  5. Earlier I read Alfonzo post on his disabilities. Where he believes his diabetes is from exposure to tce. I searched the internet and guess what I found. An airforce veteran put in claim for type 2 diabetes from exposure to tce he was granted. Service connection compensation. 1/1109114.txt. Citation nor.1109114 archive date 3/17/11. Docket no. 09 43 375 . if anyone stationed at camp lejeune during the correct time frame and have diabetes should read this case. Simper if.

      1. Glad I could helP. Little background on me. II’m a retired vet rep. My official title is DVOP. Disabled veterans outreach program specialist. I’m very well trained from the va. counseling to case mgmt. I specialized in homeless and disabled veterans IE: help file claims for medical benefit housing compensation ect. Also I have diabetes and was stationed at camp lejeune. I also have kidney diasease from TCE. Take care

      2. Tk you again. My background is retired US Navy Hospital Corpsman. Medically retired after working over nine years as a Disability Claims Assistant and Paralegal Support Technician with the Social Security Administration. You also Take care of yourself.

  6. Keep up the good work Ben Krause, it is only through exposure that ultimately change will occur and the VA will actually be in compliance with its mission!

  7. I cannot find words adequate to thank you, Mr. Krause, for continuing to followup on these very disturbing yet vitally important issues relative to the health and welfare of America’s Veterans. Without the tenacity and sticktoitiveness of journalists like yourself the United States Department of Defense would no doubt succeed in concealing infomation vital to the proper and timely care of Veterans stricken with life threatening illnesses related to their military service. You may never be adequately recognized for your courage and commitment towards getting the often ugly truth out into the public domain, but you can be sure that we Veterans will always have your back should anyone attempt to silence your message. They’ll have to come through thousands upon thousands of very angry American Warriors if they ever make the mistake of setting their sights on you.

    Semper Fi Brother,
    David K. Winnett, Jr.
    Captain, USMC (Ret.)

  8. 08/05/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    In Aerospace we used this Trichloroethylene or 1,1,1 to polish the satellites skins and in Building 13 over at the McDonald Douglas plant in Long Beach [polish the jets]—the one the Senate shut down in the early 1990s they had that special combo of chemicals that was banned–but they kept on using it…and that is why the building was shut down.

    CDC is a great source of information and in the 1990s the only government agency I recommended for real time action.


    Long-term exposure effects
    Exposure to trichloroethylene in the workplace may cause scleroderma (a systemic autoimmune disease) in some people. Some men occupationally-exposed to trichloroethylene and other chemicals showed decreases in sex drive, sperm quality, and reproductive hormone levels.

    Long-term exposure studies in animals have mainly focused on carcinogenicity and relatively insensitive noncancer end points following oral exposure; these studies are not helpful in defining noncancer end points in humans following long-term exposure. However, depressed body weight and evidence of effects on the thymus were reported in one recent study of mice exposed to trichloroethylene via their mothers during gestation and lactation and via the drinking water for up to 12 months thereafter.

    Trichloroethylene and cancer
    There is strong evidence that trichloroethylene can cause kidney cancer in people and some evidence that it causes liver cancer and malignant lymphoma (a blood cancer). Lifetime exposure to trichloroethylene resulted in increased liver cancer in mice and increased kidney cancer in rats at relatively high exposure levels. There is some evidence for trichloroethylene-induced testicular cancer and leukemia in rats and lymphomas and lung tumors in mice.

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the EPA determined that there is convincing evidence that trichloroethylene exposure can cause kidney cancer in humans. IARC considers trichloroethylene to be a multisite carcinogen (liver, kidney, lung, testes, and blood-producing system) in rats and mice by inhalation and oral exposure routes. Trichloroethylene is listed in the 13th Report on Carcinogens (RoC) as reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) is actively reviewing trichlorochloroethylene for possible change in listing status for the 14th RoC ( The National Research Council (NRC) concluded that there is “limited/suggestive evidence of an association” between exposure to trichloroethylene and risk of kidney cancer and “inadequate/insufficient evidence to determine whether an association exists” between exposure to trichloroethylene and risk of cancer at other sites.

    1.5 How can vinyl chloride affect my health?
    Scientists use many tests to protect the public from harmful effects of toxic chemicals and to find ways to treat people who have been harmed.

    One way to learn whether a chemical will harm people is to determine how the body absorbs, uses, and releases the chemical. For some chemicals, animal testing may be necessary. Animal testing may also help identify health effects, such as cancer or birth defects. Without laboratory animals, scientists would lose a basic method for getting information needed to make wise decisions that protect public health. Scientists have the responsibility to treat research animals with care and compassion. Scientists must comply with strict animal-care guidelines because laws today protect the welfare of research animals.

    If you breathe high levels of vinyl chloride, you will feel dizzy or sleepy. These effects occur within 5 minutes if you are exposed to about 10,000 ppm of vinyl chloride. You can easily smell vinyl chloride at this concentration. It has a mild, sweet odor. If you breathe still higher levels (25,000 ppm), you may pass out. You can rapidly recover from these effects if you breathe fresh air. Some people get a headache when they breathe fresh air immediately after breathing very high levels of vinyl chloride. People who breathe extremely high levels of vinyl chloride can die. Studies in animals show that extremely high levels of vinyl chloride can damage the liver, lungs, and kidneys. These levels also can damage the heart and prevent blood clotting. The effects of ingesting vinyl chloride are unknown. If you spill liquid vinyl chloride on your skin, it will numb the skin and produce redness and blisters.

    Some people who have breathed vinyl chloride for several years have changes in the structure of their livers. People are more likely to develop these changes if they breathe high levels of vinyl chloride. Some people who have worked with vinyl chloride have nerve damage, and others develop an immune reaction. The lowest levels that produce liver changes, nerve damage, and immune reaction in people are not known. Certain jobs related to PVC production expose workers to very high levels of vinyl chloride (i.e., pools of liquid vinyl chloride in vats or autoclaves). Some of these workers have problems with the blood flow in their hands. Their fingers turn white and hurt when they go into the cold and may take a long time to recover when they go into a warm place. In some of these people, changes have appeared on the skin of their hands and forearms. Also, bones at the tips of their fingers have broken down. Studies suggest that some people may be more sensitive to these effects than others.

    Some men who work with vinyl chloride have complained of a lack of sex drive. Studies in animals showed that long-term exposure can damage the sperm and testes. Some women who work with vinyl chloride have reported irregular menstrual periods. Some have developed high blood pressure during pregnancy.

    Results from several studies have suggested that breathing air or drinking water containing moderate levels (100 ppm) of vinyl chloride might increase their risk for cancer. However, the levels used in these studies were much higher than levels found in the ambient air and/or most drinking water supplies. Studies of workers who have breathed vinyl chloride over many years showed an increased risk for cancer of the liver. Brain cancer, lung cancer, and some cancers of the blood also may be connected with breathing vinyl chloride over long periods. Studies of long-term exposure in animals showed that cancer of the liver and mammary gland may increase at very low levels of vinyl chloride in the air (50 ppm). Lab animals fed low levels of vinyl chloride each day (2 mg/kg/day) during their lifetime had an increased risk of getting liver cancer.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has determined that vinyl chloride is a known carcinogen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has determined that vinyl chloride is carcinogenic to people, and EPA has determined that vinyl chloride is a human carcinogen.

    Acute Exposure
    Acute exposure to tetrachloroethylene at air levels of 100 – 200 ppm causes irritation of the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract (Boulet 1988). Non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can occur (HSDB 2005) .

    CNS effects have also been observed with acute inhalation exposures of 50 – 300 ppm of tetrachloroethylene. At these levels, neuromotor effects may be seen (e.g., the Romberg test may be positive), and results of certain coordination and behavioral tests may be abnormal. At higher concentrations in air, unconsciousness can occur.

    Acute tetrachloroethylene ingestion has been reported. In one case, up to 16 g was ingested by a 6-year-old child, who recovered completely, without liver, renal, or CNS injury (Koppel, Arndt et al. 1985).

    In another report, a 32-year-old man became semicomatose and experienced oliguric acute renal failure after accidental ingestion of 75 g of tetrachloroethylene. He regained normal renal function after five hemodialyses and conservative treatment (Choi, Kim et al. 2003).

    Chronic Exposure
    Chronic exposure to tetrachloroethylene may have adverse effects on the hepatic, renal, and nervous systems, and on the skin. It may increase the risk of adverse effects in fetuses and newborns through maternal exposure.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has determined that tetrachloroethylene is “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” (National Toxicology Program 2004). The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified it as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”(International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 1979; International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 1987; International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 1995) The classifications are based on sufficient evidence of tetrachloroethylene’s carcinogenicity in animals, but inadequate evidence in humans.
    [PDF] benzene toxguide-LI sw-LI
    General Populations The major sources of benzene exposure are tobacco smoke, automobile service stations, exhaust from motor vehicles, and industrial …

    Benjamin I hope this information finds you well!


    Don Karg

  9. I want everyone here to Google,

    When you read the “who, what, where, when and how”. You will then understand why Obama signed this bill into law!

    It seems, back in 2007, when Obama was a minor senator from Illinois he, Hillary Clinton and Kerry drafted a bill, (which was passed), to “reduce” this chemical.
    Now do you understand? There are many stories nationwide about this chemical being in the ground water. There are also law suits still being active in some states.

    The word is—–


    I can’t stress the importance for everyone to look this up. Then judge for yourself “Why” Obama signed it into law!

    1. That chemical as well as many other toxic Benzene derivatives and many other toxins were on a Base that I was at for shy of 5 years. Not long after President Clinton was in office they “decommissioned” some Air Bases across country and the Base I was at was not only closed but thrust to the very top 10 EPA Super Fund Clean-Up Sites and that was mid-90’s and to this day they are still using steam and outright hauling away acres of land…so make no doubt that this is not just isolated to Camp Lejeune and as fierce as the VA and DoD have been in denial over the decades over Agent Orange, this makes me wonder if this is a much larger problem than they are disclosing. Those chemicals may have been “discontinued use” labeled, but it certainly does not preclude them from being used to this date.
      For instance, you would be surprised just how toxic dry cleaning is, yet those chemicals are still used and are known for fact to be toxins. Just like how the Railroad Companies still were using Agent Orange through 80’s to clear vegetation along rural tracks…along farmer’s land.

      1. namnibor, you are correct. The reason I used “Trichloroethelene” was because that’s where I found Obama, H. Clinton and Kerry’s names from 2007! I know of the other chemicals. I myself have been fighting VA for over 47 years now due to the MANY medical problems I’ve endured. Trust me namnibor, I will never give up this fight. It’s too damn important!!!

      2. P.S. namnibor, Trust me when I say, I’m not forgetting the other chemicals. Nor am I forgetting the vets of all the wars, past, present and future.
        This “war of veterans vs. the VA” can be won. It must be won. We can and will win. “No quarter asked for and non given!”
        The VA employees are slowly seeing a defeat in their future. Why else would they try, and succeed, using veterans as pawns in their quest to gut a healthcare program? The people, veterans and taxpayers, are getting wise to their tricks. Many are just waiting to see the end.
        IMO, namnibor, I truly believe the end is near for VA, and other government entities. Some top people are going to take a fall. I believe it’ll be sooner than what they think it will be. Don’t ask me why I feel this way, I just do, OK.

  10. 08/05/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Thank You for keeping me posted on events.

    “In an aside, a special report will should air tonight on KARE 11 NBC at 10pm CST here in Minneapolis during the normal news sequence. It is about a new scandal at Minneapolis VA Medical Center. I have been working closely with NBC to pull the pieces together and will post the story tomorrow after it airs. Let’s hope these kinds of exposures of VA scandals continue to turn out real accountability. Tune in or check it out online!”


    Don Karg

    a little extra:

    [email protected]

    Dear Reporter Jeanette Steele,

    Good work on your reporting—keep it up.

    Say hello to the guys in the Southbay office if they are still alive—-Karlheinz Halter past in April—Bogart’s old friend, and Box’s too!

    Enclosed is a letter to a radio station.


    Don Karg

    Dan Noon, Armstrong & Getty Show
    Dear Radio Host,
    July 21, 2015 and no comments to date—wow!
    You are talking about treason, just like some who talked about it in 1988/1998 Cox Report.
    Homicides have taken place in Phoenix; on 08/08/2014 Secretary Bob McDonald was asked about the 293 dead in Phoenix by this writer [The other Veteran Activist failed to ask that little question].
    Nearly a year has passed, and the communications have been in a one way direction.
    Trump is sitting on the “VA Empire”—a basic book [55 pages] about the VA. During the 08/08/14 meeting in Phoenix the Secretary received my first 4 books [3,000 pages of research].
    They know it is Treason.
    Don Karg
    Congressional Candidate x 6

    1. That person (VA employee) in Atlanta was on the news twice. He got an email 8 minutes after the airing of the first interview. The second time he was on he stated, They want “to shut me up!” He also gave much more information concerning Atlanta’s VA. Evidently, he ain’t going to be silent….

      Also, please look up


      You will then understand “WHY” Obama signed this law today. Seems he, Clinton and Kerry were involved in this back in 2007! Please look it up.

  11. I joined the Marines in perfect health, 2 years later at the age of 21 i was diagnosed with Hypertension, I ran 10 miles every day before i went to work and ran some more with 1BN 8th marines. this high blood pressure # meant very little to me. when i got off the ship and went back to camp lejuene I did not follow up on it, i just served the rest of my time. Then later I started having problems, stage 4 kidney failure ect. I had my medical records on micro fish, so i ordered a paper copy, about 2 years ago. I received them with the hypertension papers missing, along with the papers saying camp lejune I made my claim saying i was diagnosed with hypertension and was denied because I did not say what problems it was causing me. so i appealed and included that I have stage 4 kidney problems,eye problems ect.ect. they acknowledged they got my appeal and let me know they are backed up 4-5 years to review it. I will be luck to still be here for 2 more years and if I am the quality of life will be very little. the Viera va has been pretty good in treating me.But i do not feel like i served my country in the Marines but only big business. I also feel the Va is a testing ground for medicine, And for the most part the people they test on do not have many That have any real power, who really care or options,just like when we joined.

  12. I am thinking I might be dreaming, a good dream for a change, but get this: my VA claim for Aid and Attendance was just approved. Please don’t apply my case to yours because there truly were exceptionally unusual extreme circumstances to my claim. Things like: I was tortured in the line of duty, including skull fracture and other head area injuries, severe permanent internal injuries that nearly killed me from blows to my torso from a helicopter crash followed by blows to the same areas during torture and interrogations, etc. And the worst form of PTSD resulting from it all to where I cannot function physically or socially without a constant caregiver who happens to be wife number 4 at this time, the previous 3 having divorced me due to the extreme severity of my service-connected condition. It literally took decades to get this approved though the retroactive amount that went through is much, much shorter than that at just a few months per the usual way the VA manipulates application times. Ben knows a few things about my claim and my condition and I have talked about it here before. As Ben knows, a lot of the factors impacting my claim all these years was the highly classified secret aspect of what happened to me and where. It has all been declassified but I have learned not to talk about it. That includes, especially at the VA where I was warned not to under severe threats and consequences. My congressman, Doug LaMalfa, and especially his assistant Erin Ryan, worked years on my claim, and Erin in particular deserves many thanks for the deep investigation she did on my claim and for many other vets in our district. She even made a trip to “The Company” in Virginia to access files on me that they hold in vaults that you can only see by going there under special circumstances. What is important here for everyone though, is that my claim being approved proves the VA is approving claims somewhere. If you have a pending claim all I can say is continue to be persistent. Talk to Ben, and others here like ‘Crazy Elf’, and most importantly, try not to end up getting arrested, jailed or shot by VA or civilian police as these are true major and real risks when dealing with aspects of the complicated and obviously highly corrupted VA system. I cannot stress heavily enough the true and severe risk there is to vets who have even common forms of PTSD, much less anyone with an absurdly severe case like mine. VA cops will work with private security and civilian cops to put you in prison or shoot your ass in a heartbeat with literally no provocation, so be careful just like you would be walking point on patrol in some f’d up jungle or desert shit combat hole from hell. I could be wrong, but I strongly see major indicators that McD is going to bail soon and deploy a golden parachute to end all golden parachutes. There is shit going down at the VA right now that no one can solve, more like no one wants to solve. We only see small parts of it. If someone like Trump, or he himself gets elected and backs up his rhetoric about how badly vets are treated then does something real about it like he says he will do, we will see major changes in the next administration. Lastly, I thank God, the Christian real God, and my savior and Lord Jesus Christ, who saved me not just spiritually but physically in the face of impossible odds against that in the Marines. I thank Ben here too. I will see what I can do to help his organization, including buy some of his rehab manuals/books for him to distribute to vets in high need. Semper Fi

    1. Congratulations Mr. Bruce Wallace on your win. You deserved it long ago.
      And thanks for the vote of confidence. That was a good thing for me today. I was kind of feeling down today. My 3rd wife is also dealing with my “disabilities” I suffer with. She’s an angel!
      Btw, today is our wedding anniversary and her birthday. So guess I’m gonna be a LITTLE busy, lol. But, I still have time for any and all to help in any way!!!
      I do understand when some of us “aren’t allowed to discuss where we were” attitude at VA. You know, like which country we “patrolled” in!? (Ho Chi Mihn Trail comes to mind)!
      I also have a feeling Ol McD is gonna bail. Don’t know why, just a strong feeling. Only it’s gonna be a “get out” type of scenario. Like when he was at P&G. That’s what I think.
      I also think he’s gonna try to gut the rest of the Choice Program monies to pay for the marines stationed at Camp Lejeune. It’s gonna be this one, I think, that’s gonna be his downfall. Because, if you remember, he left P&G with more than just that “severance pay”!

      To all you veterans on here and on any electronic communications devices- don’t get angry at anyone in VA. Stay calm, cool and loose.
      Remember “Those who make you angry, control you!.
      Put the “facts” in front of any and all VA employees. Shame them into submission! It works, trust me! When speaking to an employee ( physician, nurse or administration) of VA, always make statements which puts the “ball in their court”! Make it where any answer they give is wrong. When they get caught they more than likely will walk away. That’s been my experience over the years. If they get angry, and start yelling at you. Look around for a cop to make a report on their abusive action and attitude.
      If no cop is around, ask POLITELY to speak to their supervisor. Always be polite……..
      Well that’s all for now. And again thank you Bruce!

      1. Elf, you are most welcome, and I would not have made my own little commendation of you here if it was not true that you are a most valuable asset here and elsewhere for vets. You remind me somehow of a few guys I knew in the service, and by that I guess I mean it triggers some memories. One was a SEAL and I won’t go into why you bring him to mind. Another was a Marine who had been through so much Hell so many times he didn’t care about anything, I mean nothing seemed to bother him, and he had a sort of surfer look to him and how he acted. His name tag said “I CARE” instead of his real name, and he actually wore that name tag on his uniform. Some of us had no name tags or names that were made up for reasons you can guess. So when an outsider including some hotshot high ranking mission specialist or even a flag officer questioned him about his name, they would always start out by saying, “Hey, ‘I care’ …. what’s your real name, Marine?” He would respond by saying something like, “I am so glad to hear that you care… and so on, something like that. He had them, and they always dropped it. Then there was this one guy who was so amazingly messed up that he never bothered to put a name tag on his uniform. He was a top secret courier who carried classified messages from in-theater places to safe areas on the other side of the world. He would show up on one end of his route or the other looking like the most incredibly wrinkled rag bag, not a square inch of his uniform not severely wrinkled and dirty, even blood stains. This was at a time when couriers still carried satchels and brief cases handcuffed to their wrist. He would be coming into a unit to dump some nerve shattering intel shit off, the kind of things that when carried out explained why virtually everyone in these units literally pissed the bed or wherever it was they crashed. He was coming from a part of the war that was far worse than any other part, and everyone knew it, so he was left alone about his appearance. Picture that, but how he managed to pull off looking totally squared away in his demeanor. It was an impossible combination. Well, that is vague enough for the censors, not that anyone cares anymore. Anyway, thanks again for being one of those vets who continue to serve, especially since it is other vets that you help. We all appreciate you. Semper Fi. P.S. please tell your wife that a real, REAL messed up Marine says thank you for her service in caring for one our walking wounded, namely you, ‘Elf’.

    2. If anyone on this group think Donald support us Veterans then we are in serious trouble. I’m a retired Hospital Corpsman stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1984 to 1987 not at the Hospital; but with 2nd FSSG. I truly believe the contamination aggravated my Diverticulitis with numerous poplys too many to count which is left of my colon. No longer have a gallbladder any more and such as other medical problems such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure just to name a few. I’m still waiting on my unemployability along NOD. I completed twenty years of active service because thirty days before retirement had unset Diabetes Two and just shy of working after retirement in the federal government had to medically retired. Sick more days then able to work.

      1. Alfonzo, if I understand your post are you saying that the chemicals at camp lejeune caused your type two diabetes? Caused I was stationed there from 71 to 72 H&S2/6 I’m a marine. I already been diagnosis. With renal toxicity. I’I’ll search the internet but would be thankful of a response from you on that subject. Thanks. Google luck.

      2. Richard I’m saying that the chemicals are contributing to my current medical condition. I’m also always looking toward more coorelation. If you hear or learn anything please pass my way.

  13. Ben, how bout telling VA and others about whats being said on here. Concerning the other health issues plaguing veterans. Due to these chemicals being used and then banned in the early to mid 80’s. There’s enough veterans to prove these allegations. All one has to do is ask!

    1. Carbon tetrachloride was used extensively for cleaning equipment and none were ever told it was dangerous or life threatening back in the day.. At TI alone there was 750 cubic tons of toxic waste removed from where all the barracks were located, it was covered with two feet of concrete and sold to hapless citizens afterwards.. Talk about a coverup !! &50 cubic tons, could that be a problem…Dioxins, Furans, VOC’s as well as every Agent used for weed control,, lead, radioactive materials, just the tip of the iceberg and all acknowledged by the US. NAVY, documented by them……?????? How many are ill now because of this…..

      1. BTW, Ron, it did come out on the news, I believe 60 minutes or similar show, concerning that property in San Francisco. There was quite a stir over it. The problem lies not only with the news media quitting the reports, but veterans stopping reports on these coverups…
        Like I say, keep it in the publics eyes. Now matter what anyone says, keep fighting…..

  14. All you reporters should look at another station.. I know Camp Lejeune is important.., But treasure island San Francisco was even worse.. I did the research and still have a binder an 1 1/2 thick of toxic waste areas on the Island that has made many Navy personnel sick.. And yes, I am one of those ill service members..Not a one of you so called reporters have never said a word about that place.. Open your eyes and look around more than you do.. Just about every service member that was stationed there is ill and you people say nothing…You need to bring attention to that base as well..

    1. Your correct Ron. There has been many coverups within the militaries, VA and the government for years. We need to keep on this. Tweet and email everyone. Keep it in the news. I just called Fox 35 news here in Central Florida. They had no knowledge of the new law.
      Hope they report on it! Call your news stations everyone!!! Keep it in the news!

      1. I have tried, everybody ignores the proof as well as the things I tell them, cause I am a crazy Vietnam era vet…Took 47 years of fighting the VA to prove they have always been liars and disrespectful to us.. And that does not even include the disrespect from every, and I mean every VSO I have ever tried to work with..They have never lifed a finger to help and always denied anything I had to show them..I fought on my own with no help and finally proved and won thru the courts..But I still do not have the ability to convince anybody that the VA has been liars and cheats….I hate the organization as well as the VSO’s….

      2. Ron, I know your pissed. So am I and everone else, veterans and taxpayers. That’s WHY we have to blast our Congressional leaders, Senators and the President.
        This “tool” we are on right now is being viewed by the powers that be. “They” know of our dissatisfaction over what they’re doing. You, and everyone, need to voice your “facts”! This is the reason why veterans and taxpayers are being listened to now. We do have the power. Don’t give up. This is a battle and war we can win.
        Do you tweet and email people? My wife’s Twitter name is——
        “Katterkat” —–
        She has MANY followers. One is a Senator. Others are Donald Trump, the White House and Congress (John Boehner and more)!
        Now, think of this, my wife, for example has 100 followers, those people have 100 followers each-thats 1000, those 1000 have 100 each and so on and so on.
        If each person tells their Elected Officials, “there’s no need for a “term limit law”, because [their] “term” IS NOW in jeopardy because they have forgotten one important fact! That “fact” is, they “work for the people” NOT the other way around!!!! They just might start doing what they are being told to do….if they know come next election cycle they WILL be voted out!!
        So, again, don’t give up the “Good Fight!”

      3. I have never used twitter, don’t know how….But I will never give up this fight, all this business of 47 years fighting, and the VA is still messing with me.. NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Oh yeah, one more thing….Any congressmen or senators I called basically said that they would not even get involved in my issues with the VA.. Every dang one of them…They do not care either.. From the horses mouth…..

      5. To Ron and everyone, there are many ways to keep up the good fight. If the major news stations, news papers etc., don’t want to listen. Then take your “documents” to an lesser known newspaper. You’ll be surprised what the larger media outlets will do once it comes out in a “Rinky Dink” media source. The larger news media editors will jump all over their so called reporters asking “Why didn’t you report on this?”

        Now for Twitter (the how)—–
        Goggle the word “Twitter”, then “click onto where it says to ‘sign up’ or ‘register’.
        Then put in your “email address”, “user name”, and “password”. Thats it. Just like what you had to do to get on here!
        Now once your on, there will be a “search engine”. For example; once your on search the name-


        that’s my wife. You can also message privately to another Twitter person.
        It’s that simple. I’m sure you can do it. If you have problems someone will help you, I’m sure. Guess who just signed up on my wife’s Twitter, Goldie Hawn. Now my wife has 119 followers. Just think, those 119 have, for example, 100 × followers. And those have 100 × and 100 × 100 × etc., etc., etc., uh don’t ya think it’s worth it? Before ya know it millions are looking at what your looking at!!!!
        Go get em Ron…

  15. As a corpsman I know this quite well, when many deployments occurred , where many soldiers and sailors were aboard ships where the never mention about the process of desalination and the effects of too much flouride in the water.
    This why the VA is failing to address dental as a toxicity issue with the “Blue and Brown water NAVy (Silent Professionals) .
    The mercury and amalgam fillings are dangerous and has a nexus to renal toxicity.

    They need to be called out on this and the purification tablets.
    Old McFuckboy does it again!

  16. Hate to have to tell y’all about this, while I was in the Navy (1975-1982) the chemical “trichloroethylene” was a component of a “spray”. Which was used to “clean” parts of electronic components and many other objects.
    In either 1980 or 1981, the government “banned it’s use”. We, people who were concidered “torpedoman”, “sailors in electronics fields, etc., etc.” were instructioned by CNO (Chief of Naval Operations), to “bag all cans” (liquid and spray) and it would then be “picked up by Hazmat”!
    Now, on those lines, I am a “dual service veteran”! Army first and then Navy, with at least 5 years separation between them. I did spent time in Vietnam, “boots on ground”! I had gone on “patrols” and I physically watched as helicopters sprayed AO and other chemicals around areas in “II Corp” (Central Highlands)! And now, the VA wants to inform us of other “chemicals” which causes multiple deadly illnesses…. I have been fighting VA for years on these subjects. No one will listen. Hell, It wasn’t until last year(2014) the medical side of VA admitted I had even served in the Army. That’s why I believe I have never had an Agent Orange exam!
    Can’t get the truth to stick in their heads. No one can get anyone in VA to admit their incompetence. Let alone anything else.

    1. namnibor, here’s the next fubar from VA. You know, the one where Ol McD will try to move monies from one pocket to his pocket..
      Hope he doesn’t get stupid!!!!

  17. Finally. I was stationed at camp lejeune 71 to 72 in 2014 i was diagnosis with renal toxicity . am already in the va health care system so I am being taken care of and I am registered with contaminated registry. Now I can put in for service connected. I’m currently at 50% service connected and I had to retire due to my health and the advice of my doctor this is load of my mind thanks to send burrow and tills for getting this done .

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