VA is Lying

VA Is Lying To Put Up Mystery Billboard

VA is Lying

The good folks over at VA Is Lying just gave me a heads up that a new sign will go up in a mystery location in response to continued failures and dysfunction.

For the past year, a Facebook group called VA Is Lying has self-funded controversial billboards across the country that said, “VA Is Lying, Veterans Are Dying!” VA employees were deeply embarrassed about the signs, but the agency was impotent to fight against the matter.

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According to founder Ron Nesler, the reason to restart the campaign had two triggers. The first was “the bizarre appointment of Thomas Murphy, an Agent Orange Denier, to head Veterans Benefits Administration.” Nesler said the second was, “Secretary Bob McDonald’s refusal to discuss minor tweaks to his MyVA rollout.”

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Nesler claims his common sense solutions would have streamed certain appeals processes and saved taxpayers millions. But McDonald refused to continue discussions.

Now, Nesler intends to help fix VA by increasing public awareness of the continued problems in time for the current election cycle. He hopes to force lawmakers and administrators to change course when it matters most – the presidential election.

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Tune in within the next few days when Nesler unveils the newest sign’s location.

Be excited. Last year, the VA Is Lying signs garnered a substantial amount of support from the press and public at large. Nesler is also restarting the Go Fund Me campaign. Those readers wishing to support the public awareness campaign should check it out.

CAMPAIGN: VA Is Lying Go Fund Me Account

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  1. Last year I was sent to a pain VA doctor,, one they call the best of pain,,, I sat with him for over an hour and he drew pictures of all the research for several years of the groups in pain,,, after all the pictures and talk he smiled and overally spent on saying vets matter saying,,,, I looked at him and said do you have any Ideal what you have drawn for me in all these pictures and words,, and experiments and how the Va is building a big pain hospital in Florida etc etc,,, I told him with my smile and said,,, do you know what PTSD is,,, this India doctor said to me I have heard about it but don’t know much of anything about it,,,, I then told him He just got done describing all the chemicals and connections within the brains that are causing PTSD,,,, his Pain was a total description of PTSD,,, I got up and took his pictures and left and went home,,, and showed my wife,, once again the VA has tried once again a nother theory or way or what ever the inability to work with us with PTSD,,,,, Yep go to FLorida and I would be all cured,,, I rember in the 90s they had another place for us to go to for a month or so and we would all cured,,,and back to function,,,,, and all it was more talk and nothing of substance for us who fight every day to live,,, I am still looking for the country that I was spose to fight for,,,,, and why the hell do I have to continue deal with doctors and nurses of other countrys on my PTSD,,,, or others who have no ideal what it is even,,,, I today don’t even call them or try to have any contact with them,,, though I know my health one day will need help and then were do I go,,, to the butcher or just put up with bad health problems till that kills me

    1. Steve. It’s hard to get the jest of your posts. It’s easer to read if you put paragraphs. Do their is spacing. It’s easer to read.

      More people will read your post easier. Not being smart ass. Just repeating what someone told me to do. When I first started.

      Have a good day. !

      1. its just a waste of time,,,, to many real bad VA so called health care system,,,, nobody is going to fix a health care system that is filled with lyers and people pulled off of the street and or other countrys and called care takers,,,,, I’m not going to join anymore or read ,,,, To many are dying in this so called health care system ,,,,,, and who are we just soldiers who were led to a belief of doing the right thing,,,,,

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I have been listening to the Republican and Democratic conventions and from what I heard, my opinion as I understand them, the Democrats it seems to me all they do is parrot whatever Donald Trump says as it were their own idea, and still they belittle Mr. Trump on everything he says.

    I think the Democrats are just all bark and all bigte, that;s is my opinion.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon


    the money would by more effective by hiring vets to go too the va parking lot and start taking down license plates numbers to find where most va coordinators live and force them in resignation or take them hostage; make a youtube video about it start interrogation once they start talking we can starting getting to the actual corruption. i mean the government doesn’t really pay attention to u unless u have own of there dirty own tied up in the chair beat the fuck telling americans they were kidnapped for killing american veterans.

    tie these guys up make a statement if there going to put are lives in danger and are families in danger because we are disabled and we are going to die about it anyways. lets establish veterans kidnapping traitors association.

    it would be great to see that instead whole bunch old farts and young farts throwing tantrums letting va employees know hey we will take care of business our own way if this stuff doesnt stop..

    start making big hits . hey we cant convenience the government anymore these veterans need start getting there hands dirty again and take out the big wigs VA wants to put the fear in us there asking for

    .government wouldn’t dare to call such as an American veteran individuals terrorist if it did happen. because people would put out billboards thay say “Government Calling American Veterans Terrorist” .

    1. The problem in declaring a conventional war with my own government is that after after the takeover is secured is just how to implement Martial Law in a way that the plebes can appreciate. Gone forever my friend are the days when we can throw virgins into the volcano to solve these these problems because in America it is just so damn hard to find a virgin anymore plus just check a map of North America! We would have to ship all the virgins to Hawaii to toss em in and the airfare alone would kill the economy.

      I guess my age is showing now. Sure, plucking the heads off of puppies and kittens might seem like a good ol fashion ho-down barn stomping Saturday night but times are changing friend.

      Video taping the torture of these folks sounds like a grand fine idea and I concur that its use can be effective when Constitutional procedure break down concurrent with widespread armed conflict.

      I a, thinking though thatninstead of trying to toss all, those virgins into a Hawaiian Volcano that maybe we should put our thinking caps on; let’s just rig the books down at Child Support Division. Put all those Rat Bastards under a support order I say!!! Then we can cackle maniacly while they all suffer!

      I am not sure though about posting the video because I cannot contact the Great Head on subspace for guidance. My idiot brother made our hats out of Aluminum Foil, and not Tin Foil damnit! Onviously Aluminum is banned by the Great Head. Duh. Aluminum is only capable of contacting the Romulan Embassy and nobody here can speak it yet.

      What are your thoughts on the Romulan Empire? Let’s keep the dialog going friend.


    2. Do all you say and get back to us on how it went. !

      If Your still alive. !

      They will shoot first and ask questions later. !

      We don’t want to physically harm anyone. ! That’s the VA job and their damb good at it. !

      Be careful. !

  4. The I, I think.
    I get it, I don’t accept it. The USA is made up of millions of sons and daughters that were not born just to fit into a military or feudal machine. For those of us who volunteered, we signed a contract and I expect our government to keep that contract. Healthcare after the fact of sacrifice is part of that contract and I intend to fight for it in the light of day for every last veteran.

    1. Craig Files, I am glad you get it. You probably would have ran through walls of fire or accepted almost impossible tasks out of duty for your country. Now do the same for yourself. Failure is not an option. It has to be forced on you and not given. So you have the needed mindset to take the Veteran’s Adversary to task? I hope so. Because it’s a long fight and you can’t win if you give up.

  5. One of many times I came to a appointment it was located in Fargo nd,,, two in a row for my PTSD med and yak,,, my wife was with both time,,,, both times same so called phys. Oriental,,,, First time she started reading my history on the screen off on the wrong person would not accept that it wasn’t me my name yes ,,, but all info was not right,,, she would not acknowledge her mistake after 15 long minutes of building into a roar of shouting ,,, I called my wife in,,, and she tried to tell her what she had up on the screen wasn’t me,,, finally after no convincing of her,,,, we left the Va of Fargo,,, months later reseculed for another appointment to get my ugent pills refill,,,, and there she was,,, wAR WORLD II started all over again my wife there and I ,, I stepped outside the door and did not go back in for my own safety,,,, the problem never got soved,,,, wE THEN DROVE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE Sioux FALL HOSPITAL,,,AND GOT MY PILLS AND STARTED SEEING HELP THERE ,,,,, NOTHING WAS EVER DONE TO THIS DOCTOR,,,,,, hard to remember all and all and all more events after just of one of 100s,,,, I’m a 100% DAV who has lost all,,,, country,,, family,,, heart,,, soul,,, Love,, I just star into today,,,,,, Even if the government made it right,,,,,Know only GOd could give me back,,,, myself,,,,,steve

    1. Steve, my uncle has gotten the same run around from Fargo. For years they claimed they could never get the shrapnel out of his legs, and he was in a wheel chair for a time.
      Somehow he was referred to Minot AFB for treatment. They did surgery and were able to get enough of it out to where he has been walking since.

    2. Did the doctor report you to the disruptive committee and who did you tell. Did you make s report about her.

      You folks need to keep records of date time and who when where and keep those records. That may help If they ever report you to the disruptive committee. !

      1. She was reading records of another person and just would not except that the records or person and meditcation she was reading was for an entire different person,,,, even with my wife going inot the office she refused to except that it was not me,,, no matter what we did,,,, then later on following months she did it again,,, that was the last straw,,,, as said we did not go back to the Fargo VA again,,,, I have no understanding of what her problem was,,,, but a total idot,,,,, hired by the VA,,,, I did nothing to implement a confrontation or anger or nothing just do what I know to protect myself from these type of so called people get out of there,,,, before they make a problem which isn’t there,,,,,, by the way this is not the first time,,, the people they are hiring are not from US,,,,, but told what to say how to say it,,,, and what ever it take to discredit us from being a VET with PTSD,,, period,,,

      2. If you ask a,doctor from the United States to describe how the Bill Of Rights might apply to a patients care in the United States, they will likely only cover a fraction of your rights un our Constitution. A foreign born doctor will not even know what a Bill Of Rights is.

      3. When I asked for help as said in the 70s after discharge they coward under a law,,,, on the first day home I went south of town on a hill that over looked the Sheyenne valley all day and cried ,,, shouted,, staired ,,,tried to see home,,,I have not told my story,,, for I couldn’t rember why or I had this uncontrolled emotions,,, called PTSD until last year when a nurse practitioners who have been set up in outpost for us,,, outside a given mileage of hospital,,, made me explode into the rememberance of why,,, now I know I remember over 46 years ago,,, why hated uniforms ,,, authority,,, metals,,, etc,,, etc,,, It was a day I will not forget,,, did it help me HELL NO,,, now I take even further measures to make sure I stay away from life ,,,, actually I got a certified letter on my method of rememberance of this event,,,, Ptsd should be pulled from the VA,,,, period

      4. If You have not done it yet. You and your wife need to get that doctor’s name and date you were seen and you both need to write down what happened. !

        Then you need to send a copy to the director and send one to your congressmen and to Bob McDonald’s office. !

        If nothing else they can’t say they knew nothing about it. All of us veteran’s must track everything and keep notes about what we see. Leave a paper trail. !

        Send it certified mail. !

        Many. Many veterans are having problems and yours is a duzy. When they use someone else information is unacceptable and thus doctor must be reported or she/he could kill someone. !

        Don’t be quite. Save another veterans life. !

        Excuse my wording my TBI act’s up sometimes.

  6. For Crazy Elf afraid to self-identify: The “whip your asses” comment was a metaphor. I do my homework. I want vets, all vets to get the care they need. For that matter, I want everyone to get the healthcare they need. I could be silent but I have a least some good information to share. If this is to be a productive dialogue, you do your homework, I’ll do mine and maybe we might just help someone.

  7. Did you know Trump did nothing to help anyone but himself after 9/11? He did not even visit the twin towers site. Google it.

  8. Hey y’all,
    Here’s an interesting article just out.
    Look’s like that alleged Muslim President of Turkey is ‘…possibly holding around 1200 American, and other countries, military men and women hostage at a “coalition air base”!’
    Erdogan (sic) is accusing America of being part of the attempted coup which recently took place to depose him!
    He’s also stating nothing or no one can leave or enter!
    He’s also demanding Obama turn over their previous Turkish President we have here. The one Erdagan (sic) says was responsible for the “failed coup”!
    The “comments section” is alive with “True American Patriotism” against Erdogan!

    I hope y’all google it. Erdagan is really being an ASSWIPE!

    1. But isn’t really surreal in a Dali way that not too much action, all talk from our POTUS whom wants to ‘negotiate’ with the very terrorists that sound like the word ice?? And last I checked, we are and have been in solid active war for many years.

      WE NEVER are supposed to negotiate with terrorists and it just shows how disconnected our so-called leaders have become or have been all along.
      What if this Turkey thing is an ops to create the situation where our glorious leader marches in and negotiates and gets his family in bronze on the D.C. Mall?
      Well, all forms of biblical revelation are quite surreal.

      We live in very scary but interesting times. Elf, I have been to that Salvador Dali museum down in your State.

      Even Dali could not paint this nightmare. However, in a very Daliesque way, it would be very twisted if the POTUS Election has just enough pissed-off at both parties on each side that Bernie ends-up winning from written-in votes and then many months of recall elections and blamegate?

      Popping popcorn. 🙂

      1. FYI– I tend to watch parts of each side of convention, often with volume off when skrillary is screeching. 🙂 Unless she is getting booed. 🙂

        Her voice to my ears and cerebral cortex is like a dozen extra hyper Chihuahuas barking violently randomly.

      2. Naaaa,
        Hit-LIAR-y’s voice reminds me of those times, laying out in a field full of “Soft Blue Grass”, and hearing the screeching of old Barn Owls tearing away at each other over what they caught for dinner!
        They kinda look like her also! Ooops, I didn’t mean to disrespect the barn owls!

        As far as a large bronze statue of “His Highness, King Obama” in Washington. Remember what happened to that statue of the “Fearless Leader, Hussain of Iraq” a few year back! I wonder if Obamy remembers?

        Yep, strange and violent Biblical Times we are in!

  9. I am only still alive do to my grandfather and parents money,,, or success,,, The VA HAS totally financially and morally bankrupt me from the beginning of 1972,,, I’m 65,,, and I have told my doctor I done trying,,,,,

    1. Do you have a service connected disability now or are you trying to get help to obtain one.

      If. Your trying to obtain a disability and it’s ptsd and need a lawyer. You might want to contact Kenneth carpenter out of Topeka Kansas. Under carpenter charter.

      If You can’t find the number I’ll give it to you. !

      Never give up. ! Took me 40 year’s !

      1. after 25 plus years of fighting and telling me over and over that I couldn’t have PTSD do to the law of place time and location,,, I have no way PTSD for the first 20 years,,,, so I struggled in failure of learning of what I could do,,, then for the next 14 years,,, I met a Helen through the PAV which sat with me and my wife and fought for years after totally being finiancially runined when all was paid for fighting for the 100%,,, and here is what actually caught them in there lies I obtained threw Helen all my records,,,, I took over a two week period of getting enough courage to open these records,,, my third wife was there,,, and on the very first page the proof was at the top of page of discarchage of why and evaluation etc,,, of my PTSD,,,, sighned by a doctor after Viet Naum,,,, the DAV would not recognized the doctor as real,,,, I had to find another Doctor to verify that is was a doctor,,,, who today is after over 26 years later is the only doctor I trust at the VA,,,, and finally running my house all assets into over 180,000 dollars of oweing money,,,, now rember I started out no debt,,,,, they gave me a check for around 130,000 back pay which really didn’t go back far enough as to when this all started ,,, to make it short the laws aren’t today laws it was not enough to start over or even break even I couldn’t even file bankrucpy do to much money even though I owed more then the ck,,,, that was the laws back then,,,, as said Terry and I have only survided on money from parents and grandfather,,, all things I a26m and still struggeling to do is money received by them,,,, Yes today I get a 100% disability but it falls short on all the items to finish this house and know to take care of my wife who is 100% disabled,,, and me as I told my doctor I have stopped trying my mental state is so far gone that my hands legs thinking consentration just wanting to look out the window is totally gone,,,, I have told my doctor both terry and I intrestest is none,,,, do toall this 26 years of fighting to get my Disabity,,,, as you can see I’m losing my consentration to write got tostop,,,,,, steve 20 or more lousy year ahead of me like this is not going to be ,,,,,,

      2. Steve. The very same thing happened. I’m waiting for all my record’s to send to a lawyer to see if they can get A CUE on my claim.

        Don’t known if this will help but call marcari russotto Spencer 855 435 7247. These people are how helping veterans

        Remember to tell the your 100 percent and the va lied to you and you would like them to see if they can help you with a clear and unmistakable error on the VA part. !
        We’ve here no so many times. What’s one more. Who knows they just might say yes. !

        Let me know. !

      3. Look I’m 65 indebt till I die,, my wife need all I can do to help her move around I have done unbelivebale things to help her get around of course with debt load she can’t get SSS for there own law,,, I’m not goinginto details started along time ago,,, oh we just got approval she is but big deal,,,,, My house will wrought for I can’t finish it physically any longer,,, a dream ,,,,, My PTSD is worst this year then ever,,, my story islong but like I said been fighting with it since 1972,,,, till 20 years later on a roof it came to a dead stop,,,,,,,,,no more pushing no more ability left,,,,, my phone is 701 762 3602 don’t except a answer or maybe even a gretting without a warning a call is being made or from who,,,,, TRUSt is gone,,, I don’t even think this is worth the time saying anything,,,,, but my Dad was shot in the head in the Korean War,,,, sruvied only on his left side,,,,angrey man,,,, as I am ,,,, I have been gracefully set ona 15 acrea lot away from all life,,,,, don’t even bother me on anthing I have been trough ,,for I said Tery and I have lost all intrest of all were just in motion today, steve

      4. Steve,

        701 area code is ND. Do you got to Fargo VA?

        Do you use a County Service Officer?
        My Uncle was in the Korean War and took a grenade in the legs. He lives North of Cando. He has severe PTSD and has never been service connected for it. He is only rated at 30% for his legs. He has used a County VSO and they haven’t helped much.

        I miss North Dakora, I grew up North of Bismarck.

      5. Just tring to help. Just like trying to win the lottery. If You don’t keep trying you’ll never even have a chance.

        Best too yous

      6. since 1972 don’t use the word trying I’m 65 for only that reason all my friends who gave me ideals and determination are dead suicide ,,,, they just didn’t have what I have just said its not going to be nothing tolook forward too,,,,,,, by the way sucide friends 6 of them ones who worked under my leadership,,,,, and others I helped find jobs,,,, just one day with no warning DEAD,,,,,, all because of the VA,,,,,

  10. Let it be known that the following group owner censors very valuable information that would help prevent a significant percentage of unsuspecting disabled veteran members from having their VA disability compensation illegally attached and stolen: Ronald Nesler of VA is LYING is complicit in these crimes because he refuses to allow the information to be disseminated to thousands of his disabled veteran members. The information he censors has even prevented veteran suicides. Ronald Nesler seriously hinders National Security! — LT(j.g.) Greg Parsons U.S. Navy, PDRL

    1. Can you speculate upon a possible motive for this person to engage in such heinous behaviour, or are you part of the Disruptive Behavior Committee system which is not required to validate their allegations as well?

      If you have enough information to make such a claim, post it. It would be historically interesting for a butter bar Lt. on a boat somewhere to have posesion of such intimate knowledge. How did hou come by this knowldge Lt. Junior Grade Parsons?

      1. Mr. Parsons seems to be a bit too dramatic. You gotta’ give a little more support to an accusation like that. If it were true, it would get out and this sight would be no more. What is he trying to sell? He should be able to see a diversity of opinion on course of action here that implies otherwise…I definitely don’t agree with the majority here but continue to post (until I’m booted anyway). Get good security software and keep any military records files off your computer.

        National Security???

      2. Outside of the VA evidence in support of accusations is required before proceeding forward legally on even the first step to take away stuff or liberty. In VHA it is not required in the final step before they do that. If he is not a VHA employee, then I agree he needs evidence, but do not be too quick to assume he is not VHA lolz! If he is then you are incorrect.

        You just never know who the trolls are.

    2. What type of information are you talking about? Can you be more specific, Greg? Your post is confusing.

      1. @MIFNP

        I agree with you. His comment is extremely confusing. In the sense he contradicts each of his statements!
        I wonder what is his true motive!?

    3. Hey, Ltjg, (“Butter Bar”) Parsons, U.S. Navy, you made some very serious allegations against Ron Nesler!
      Yet, you’ve provided absolutely no evidence to back up your claims.
      You do realize, “slander” is something where you can be held accountable!
      Unless you have “facts and figures”, (as we on here do BEFORE we put it into print), to back up your “insinuations” – I would strongly suggest you retract your statements, ASAP!

    4. @gparsons- What a sad and very confused VA Troll or an American Legion second front attack on here. Either way, you are embarrassing yourself and fellow Humans.


  11. We need to be men and women that proudly served. It’s the United States Government that is lying to us. The VA is just an administrative branch. And the government is lying to the current service members also. All those sacrifices in the Middle East are just to make some wealthy people even richer. If the US can subdue the enemies of it’s Middle Easterner allies they are aligned with, then that is all that matters. Veterans are spent shells to this system. Which do you think will come first, a new reason to fight a war or a fixed VA system for the vets that have already given their best? The con game is old and worn out. No body in Washington is going do a thing until we stand up with a back bone and uniformly and in unison can look at all the law makers straight in the eye and call them liars and cheaters. Once they realize we no longer believe in them, the quicker they will learn going in the same direction will no longer work. Once the current service members realize we are their future, and the law makers can’t fool them about an over night change, then the system will change.

    1. @”the I says”,
      Great comment.
      My wife read an article this morning where “Obama wants to make a ‘deal’ with ISIS!”
      Can you believe that? He actually believes he can sit down and negotiate with “Radical Islamic Terrorists!”

      This clown has gone completely delusional!
      What the fuck will he be willing to give them, which they have already taken due to a incompetent Sec. of State (Hillary Clinton) and current potus?

      1. He is a weasel looking out for his own personal gain and legacy.
        I read an article yesterday about him supposedly pushing the acceleration of an attack and retaking Mosul before the election, simply do he can tout a victory before the election.
        He, like the Legion, doesn’t give a shit about those on the ground doing the fighting and dying.

    2. The I,

      Your message stirred something in me.

      I realize that we now live in a Nation that can connect virtually every person together with technology,
      we have our food delivered to our doors within 30 minutes hot and fresh,
      we have built a device that detects gravitational forces from the formation of our Universe, we have engineered a high speed network of highways that span a continent,
      we have built nuclear plants, railroads, airports, dams, and we have built so many things called “Superdomes” that the word has fallen into common usage.

      But we have not built a way to treat our sick veterans to the best care that we possibly can. Our technology it seems is not meant for the warriors who have kept it safe. Your post made me remember how big my heart swelled the first time somebody said to me, “Hey Marine, can you tell me the time?”

      From that moment on, minutes out of boot camp, I became a Marine forever. You reminded me of that again. Thank you.

    3. This should be an apolitical sit focused purely on getting disabled vets healthcare and fair compensation. Should you wish to get political….I can whip all your asses. Kill the Republican B.S..

      1. @Craig Files
        We will continue to inform any and all on here of our direct intentions of getting ALL veterans the best healthcare and benefits due to us!

        Your “physical threats” toward us, do nothing but show your complete incompetence toward which “political party” you stand behind, ie; ‘Left Wing Rabid Democratic Scum!”
        If you knew anything about the Democratic Party”, ie; how and why it began. You’d think twice about coming to their defense!
        As a history major, I’ve stopped supporting any and all corrupt organizations. This includes all VSO’s!
        As far as “…whip[ping] all [our] asses!” That will remain to be seen!
        As far as our “Republican” stance, be it known, they have had a more honorable history than any other party in American History!
        Research your history before you speak.

      2. This site is for veterans issues. I’m independent and I watch and listen. To all and make my decisions upon what I see. !

        One party is no better than the other only the people and do the best to pick the best person in hopes of getting something done.

        One group does not speak for me and I’m not beholden to anyone party. !

        Veterans need help. That’s all I know !

      3. Craig Files, on behalf of the government, I will serve the apology you will not get from them. When you signed into the military, whatever branch, you became a political instrument. Because of any injury or suffering you may have endured on behalf of our government, your remedy will be political, as the Veteran’s Adversary has to justify cost more so than the Pentagon. National Defense measures, real or imagined, are deemed as a vital necessity. Our injuries and ailments are part of promised and expected care, which is held beneath the reality of a necessity for purposes of the United States government. On behalf of the United States government, I apologize to you for any pain and suffering that you have endured and the misunderstandings of our administrative policies. Thank you for you service!

      4. Become the Playground.
        The monkeybars are thier worst of worries. Attention passengers to Wonderland, we have experienced some Troll Turbulence and they have evolved to sloppily Ethically Hack. The offense deterrent tactic is to throw Hot Pockets in a very random pattern to cause them to go back into mammas basement where the curtains all have Hillary and Bill prints on them and everything is just…HAPPY. ‘Anything else is a fantasy conspiracy theory and at what point now does this matter?’ (paraphrasing the witch in Troll-Step)

        We cannot feed the trolls. Guilty myself because it can actually be more amusing than most things to watch but I am holding firm it’s cyber bate…or something ‘bate’. 🙂 Just do not be ‘bait’. 🙂


  12. Bob McDonald us s figure head ? Nothing more the upper management has set him down and told him. Leave this to us who know what’s going on. !

    Your job Is simple. When s ribbon needs being cut or a veteran gets am award. Well call call you and let you known your up. !

    And don’t say anything. Unless you clear it through us ? If the public ever finds out. Whats really going on and you say to much. We could all and up in jail. !

    The union will fall into place and they will kick your ass. ! So shut up and be s good little boy. !

    His about you going somewhere until the election us over. We don’t want to take a chance you might get brave and do something stupid. !

    Don’t you know we HAVE s great thing going here. Don’t mess it up. If You need money to travel. Just have Rubins or Graves show you the ropes. !

    Anyone asks any questions. Just tell them under councils advise. I plead the 5th. !

    End of story. !

    1. Well-stated, James!

      Sec. McDonald has been the most under the rock VA Sec. I really recall. It really is like that game called “Where’s Waldo?” Except you have to navigate the posh exclusive clubs at Disney to find him.

      How about an App sort of like “Pokémon GO” to locate our fearless (ha) leader?

      Sec. McDonald– People LEAD from the top and the buck should stop with you. But you first need to get that harness and muzzle off that the AFGE Union Pres. David “little” Cox has on you but maybe you LIKE that? Maybe the AFGE already had you neutered?! 🙂

      1. @namnibor,
        Great comment! I believe McDuck has been paid off by David “little” Cox to hide from everyone!
        Why else can no one find his cowardly little ass?
        Oh, wait, could he be hiding in the Disney Ride/line at “Fantasyland”?

  13. NOTE TO VA SECRETARY BOB McDONALD: The VA is LYING billboard are starting again for three specific reasons. #1. You are doing NOTHING to stop systemic VA lying to veterans, taxpayers and Congress. #2 You have insulted and injured veterans (especially Vietnam veterans) by naming Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy as Boss over ALL VA claims. #3 You refuse to even discuss simple no cost tweaks to the VA Patient Advocate system that would get these advocates out from under the thumbs of corrupt administrators and allow them to actually advocate for veterans.

  14. To all.
    Here’s two articles concerning VA, (VHA & VBA), I received this morning. ~Google each one for your own conclusion~!
    I’m not sure which one was written first. As both have the same date, 25 July 2016!
    Both are from “”, written by Richard Sisk. Both are well written and hold back nothing. Especially when it comes to each candidates opinions on how VA SHOULD/COULD be run!

    “Candidates to Offer Competing Visions on Vet Care at VFW Convention”

    “Clinton Defends GI Bill at Veterans Conference, Gets Weak Response”

    I’ve said this before, as have many others,
    “Hit-LIAR-y will say anything to get elected!”
    This #2 article proves, “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, Hit-LIAR-y is unwilling to tell the truth about anything!
    Remember when she said the scandals at VA were “…NOT as widespread as the news medias…” made them out to be?! And, how all the negativity being spread around about VA – “…was a right wing conspiracy theory!” That’s her favorite saying, when things don’t go her way!
    Well, evidently she forgot those words! Because they’re coming back to bite her in her FAT ASS!
    There were also comments from the audience concerning, quote:
    “(What about) Benghazi!” and “I can’t stand her!”
    Let’s just say, some members at the conference weren’t too damn thrilled about her being there!

    As far as Mr. Trump’s ideas are concerned, he’s NOT privatizing the VA – PERIOD! He’s giving us a “CHOICE”! Y’all remember that “Switch and Bait Scam” perpetrated against the American Taxpayers and Veterans!
    Yesterday, I gave the “four steps” on how our government agency, ie: the VA, pulled a fast one, the “Choice Program”, on the taxpayers AND veterans!

    Lastly, Mr. Trump’s ideas will NOT put veterans in a position of having to pay a “Co-pay”! Like someone, (TROLL), has already said this morning!
    I do have a feeling, though, IF a vet is not at least at a 50% (SC) to 100% (T&P & SC), the vet might have a small co-pay. Which is exactly the way it is now – I believe!

  15. Still cannot get my head straight on this idea that doing away with the VA and into privatizations will be the cure all to our veteran’s health problems.

    This is a scam, someone will fill their pockets full of money. Wake up, this assault is being lead as a means of doing away with the VA and reducing the government’s budget wood.

    I lived going to private doctors and hospitals…remember they don’t take care of you for free and this insurance card the government is going to give a vet will not cover the full cost of care, if when you find a doctor will to see you. After every visit I owed 20% of the bill no matter if it was a doctor visit or a stay in the hospital.

    And, oh, yea, I remember laying in a hospital for several days wondering what a doctor was going to do or what the found wrong. Most of the times the did nothing, found nothing and sent me home owning a bunch of money.

    Did not happen once or twice but so often that I could not wait until the VA had the means of caring for me at my VA hospital.

    They did not have doctors or techs available to treat my problems at the Denver VA…they had to fly me to the Salt Lake VA to treat me.

    So pull you fangs back in, fight your fight by joining a VSO who can care the fight to Congress or the president or the VA. Big difference between a few thousand believers and several million members.

    Another thing people say that the Legion does not fight for their special problem. The American can only advocate on issues that have been authorised by resolution passed by the membership. So if you have something that needs to be addressed, join a post and start you resolution process…not stand on the sidelines hoping a billboard will do it for you. Just saying!

    1. Darrell, if you *think* VSO’s have your back you are sorely mistaken and have breathed too much VA Fairy Dust blowing from their rear quarters.
      The very VSO’s are part of the massive problem because they are seriously opinion biased towards the VA, not Veterans.
      Titrate off the VA Kool Aid and wake-up and smell the stench.
      YOU may have received great care but that does not mean it’s the norm, quite opposite.

      Medicare does require 20% of services paid for individual. Nothing new there. However, the way all the State Medicaid is run in USA, those people pay absolutely NOTHING and that includes each and every political refugee on the teats of our $$$$. Why not give Vets a hybrid of Medicare/Medicaid so absolutely no cost?

      The trove of trolls will no doubt be a strong herd today folks. Get that Troll Spray handy and do not feed them, ever.

      1. Sorry you believe in what you wrote. I cannot speak for other VSOs, but I can speak about The American Legion. We are the advocates that fight for the veterans before Congress.

        As a newspaper editor I read everything about this VA scandal. Some of which is true, some of which is perpetrated by non-veterans or those who are veterans but don’t use the VA Health care system.

        There are people out there who believe they can speak about the VA without knowledge about the VA, cause they are outsiders who never have used it, never filed a claim, never spoke to veterans who does and have. The are even within my VSO as leaders.

        To speak without knowledge is like wiping your ass with your finger, you have done it wrong right off the bat, you’ve stunk it up.

      2. I have delt with the vfw and they did 0. Stopping an employee from falsely accusing me of disruptive behavior. !

        In fact the DAV. Rep did such a bang up job. The employee who falsely accused me. Is the lead administrator at my facility. !

        And since the VFW rep did such a good job doing nothing. The rep is now working in the front office. !

        If the vfw. American legion is So good and help so many veterans. Why are they not helping fund the billboards. !

        How can so many veterans feel they are not being assisted. ! Why are veterans dieing. Why are our records on open boxes thrown in disarray on some basement. !

        Why are they not yelling at the top of their voice. !

        Because. !

      3. I have quite a bit of first-hand knowledge. I also entirely successfully filed BOTH my VA Svc. Connection Claim and SSDI Claim and guess what? I won both, the VA very first time around. SSDI was harder but utilized a Senator to light the fire under them. The website I got a lot of great info back then was had it dot com…they also have a wealth of info warning about so-called “helpful” VSO’s that have their fingers up their own asses and purse strings of the VA.

        Just why do VSO’s have their own insurance and not using the VHA?

        As Redturtle984 stated recently, my middle finger, shit covered or not, goes to you exercising my Constitutional Rights to work to make the VA a safe place AGAIN and be a better person helping others when my health allows.

        No more Troll Food for you. Back under your bridge.

        Funny you mention the American Legion. You guys are REALLY afraid your cookie jar may go away by claiming your want to SAVE the VA. For what or from what? Accountability? Yepper…..

      4. If you read that Denver Post article about Darrell, you find what he experienced at the Denver VA happens to many veterans, but should not if the Legion and VSOs were doing the job he claims.
        After 13 years of the Legion running their Save our System VA protection scam, the VA has gotten worse than ever, yet Darrell thinks we are doing things all wrong by supporting a billboard campaign.
        If the Legion is doing so great, why are they standing around with their thumbs up their asses while their own local post officers are illegally fired by the VA?

        Go back to editing your paper Darrell for the Legion. Keep telling other vets how great a job the Legion is doing using your propaganda. Maybe some will but it and join up. At least for a year until they find out how useless the Legion is.

    2. @”Darrel Myers says”,

      Your completely wrong about the American Legion. There are numerous articles on this, and other vet-centric, sites to prove who they stand behind.
      Just like many of the other VSO’s, their pivotal stance is FOR the VA, not the veterans.
      They have claimed to help veterans. They do. But, only a select few, to give them substance amoung their membership.
      Research before you spout nonsense!
      As far as this site. 98% of everyone who comes on here ARE veterans. Veterans who VA has screwed over, in one way or another.
      The other 2% are comprised of the “loved ones” VA has screwed over, and “TROLLS” such as yourself!

      1. I have to shoot straight here; it is very hard for me to look a legion guy in the eye when speaking and not giggle about the hat thing. It is childish but it reminds me of the Disney character Goofy and I no longer have the bearing to dismiss my emotions when somebody wears a hat like that and tries to look dignified. No disrespect intended – get mad at Disney I guess because they either copied your headwear style for Goofy or you copied theirs and it makes me giggle. Apologies.

      2. The v.a. deserves to be privatized and shut down. Us younger vets are tired of being injured to the point we’re dying on our couches and blowing our heads off. We’re tired of calling v.a. suicide hot lines and being hung up on. And we’re definitely sick and tired of the bandaid medical and mental health care, designed to keep us sick and in the system for life. But I guess U.N. Agenda 21 has this all planned out. Make veterans so sick we can’t fight when they implement Marshall law. Every single employee at the v.a. needs to stand in line at a soup kitchen for life. However I find it hilarious when I say this to those nimrods, and their eyeballs bug out. Just tell them Trump wins, you’re out of a job. They want to jump out a window. Lol. SCUM!!! And they know it. Don’t go to California v.a. Unfortunately the vets here think they’re getting a square deal…..guess they really do love socialisim.

    3. Hey Darrel,

      So Darrel even after last year, when you had your VA experience with your colonoscopy that morphed into a massive bleeding episode that required a four-day hospital admission and a blood test mix-up that could of cost you your life.

      Those must be some really effective happy pills they are feeding you. I guess living the life of a former commander of an American Legion outpost at a time when the American Legion was not only helping cover up for the VA but regularly fucked over as many Veterans as they could.

      I see a piece of shit troll like you is still drawing a paycheck from the legion while you are on here fighting against Veterans having a choice in their health care.

      I would be willing to bet that a cloud of urine stench follows you everywhere you go. What color pill do you take at night that allows you to sleep and wake up in the mourning and look into a mirror.

      1. I see you found the same article I did.
        I cannot fathom how Darrell squares the fact that he had such a poor experience at the VA, with the idea that the Legion is protecting them.
        I cannot fathom how Darrell thinks his treatment is the worst any veteran has experienced after 40 vets died at Phoenix.

        Likely after the Legion ignored their pleas for help.

    4. “So pull you fangs back in, fight your fight by joining a VSO who can care the fight to Congress or the president or the VA. Big difference between a few thousand believers and several million members.”

      I admire your courage in posting your ideology. I often post my own ideology however I find it unseemly for myself to conclude that others should follow my path or that I should rightly follow another path than my own

      I agree that groups of many collectively wield enormous economic power and that carrying the fight to Congress is something they have practiced for a very long time. The reaults they have achieved for their membership so joined does indeed outstrip the results obtained normally by the individual. The interests of any group by definition is to aid the constituency in their goals.

      That is why they are called Special Interest Groups, and only Special Interest Groups use the phrase “carry the fight” exchangably with “buying off”.

      You are to be commended in overtly representing special interests here because often it is difficult to know without a special resolution just who the Special Interest Group benefits, and who it does not.

      I intend to allow the special interest groups like yours to contine their decades long fight to align the sytem to the need of your group without my financial support. I beleive our interest are parallel however I a going to align myself with The People. My special interest is called The Constituion, and it does not charge membership fees.

      1. I think also I like the idea of neing called a “believer” and not a “member”. The word “member” always makes me think of Mr. Happy. ?

    5. Well, I’m just saying that you are buying into the bullshit spread by those VSOs including the Legion.
      They like to whisper about the VA being privatized to scare vets into thinking they will not get care, while at the same time holding bullshit veterans town hall meetings designed solely to protect the VA.
      How do I know this? I attended a town hall meeting held by the Legion and watched this dog and pony show. The guy leading it was a National Legion officer from Denver. Many veterans spoke about how bad the VA was, yet the Legion pushed their “Save our System” propaganda. There was even a local Legion officer who was fired from the VA a few days from her probationary period being up. She was fired because she took care of vets and didn’t want to put up with bullshit.
      I talked with that National Legion officer after and he wanted my contact information to follow up on what I spoke about.
      I got a single response from him and have not heard of him since.
      It was eye-opening though to receive a reponse to my FOIA request from the VA showing that National Legion office forwarded my email on to the local hospital director.
      The only veterans at that town hall interested in seeing the VA stay the same shit hole it has dengenerated into are older veterans getting routine care and prescriptions filled. Its damn disgusting to see other veterans turn against other veterans struggling to get even minimal care from the VA, but the Legion is leading the pack.
      As for flying to SLC for care, you must know someone. The VA REFUSED to refer me to Denver or SLC to see a specialist, even though I asked. I was referred to Choice instead and it took 2 months of hammering the VA to get that.
      You want to blow smoke at someone, go back to the Legions blogs. Nobody here is buying the Legions bullshit any more.

      1. If the Legion forwards your mail to VHA and they accept it then I suggest saving each daily post of Ben’s here online and sending it to them. I use PDF expert and an iPad for things like this.

        If Legion is kind enough to act as an information conduit then perhaps an opportunity exists to communicate to VHA through Legion is by invitation. Plus it stamps names onto things. I do not mind my name being out there because it was necessary. As I learned, a named vet is punished. I have been named at VHA. I accept the consequences and had no illusions how they would respond to the Restraining Order served on them or the newspaper article detailing the vengence they exacted for being served the Order.

        I do not care about me so it is mind over matter. I do not mind so it does not matter. My name is now stamped on my stand. They KNOW my position about VHA and I do not fear them. In ine FOIA returned from DBC minutes they cited “…the fact that he has stated he is not afraid of police…” as the determining factor in issuing a Cat One Violent Patient Flag terminating needed care.

        A statement that I a not afraid of police, made in a,voicemail, taken out of context and perverted into meaning a threat is faery dust Democracy. If I did make,that comment into a voicemail, I am proud to be punished for having no fear of law enforcement. My NAME is on that now, and it i stills fear in the DBC. Good.

        I wonder of Legion will forward your thoughts and feeling about VHA and in so doing stamp their name on it? I would call this a manhood test for Legion, but I grew up in a cowboy redneck world so its just they way I am.

        Thx 91

      2. You know redturtle, I don’t think the Legion cares about providing any comment to the VA other than if it might help them avoid bad press.
        Darrell reminded me of how thoroughly disgusted I am at such a farce or an organization.

      3. If the vso’s really cared about us. They would have been beating down the VA doors. Demanding the disruptive committee be dismantled. !

        From their silence. We can see very clearly that this does not matter or concern the VSO’s. !

        It proves they are willing to let the VA falsely accuse any veteran they wish. I hope they have family member’s that are veterans and the VA falsely accuses them of disruptive behavior and no one comes to their aid. !

        Some. People have no clue. How illegal this disruptive committee is. !

        I would love to are how many veterans. That committed suicide after the VA punished them for something they should have never been punished for in the first place !

    6. Darrell, I see a Denver Post article about you. Given your comments, aren’t you afraid vets might think the VA should be privatized?
      Did Ralph give you permission to say those things?
      Did you ever stop to think the Aurora hospital budget going from $328 million to over $1.73 BILLION might contribute to poor care at the VA?
      Maybe you can tell Ralph that if he stopped protecting the VA and started holding them accountable, he wouldn’t have to bitch about substandard facilities.
      Rather than denigrating vets here and trying to drum up Legion membership, why not go back to editing the American Legion paper as it says in the article.
      Oh, and your comment on a VA blog on homeless vets suggest the VA is not doing too well.

    7. Oh, and as for your comment on joining a post? I’ve been a Legion member, lifetime VFW member, lifetime DAV member and member of other veterans organizations. The one organization that was the most worthless was the Legion.

      After Ralph’s little town hall, I have no intention of ever being a Legion member again.

  16. I sure hope civilians, taxpayers who have never served, wake up and begin to understand the government is playing them for suckers!
    Ron’s idea of “restarting” the “VA is Lying – Veterans are Dying” billboards, is a great idea.
    Especially, since we suspected NOTHING would come from that “conference call” with McDuck!
    In my opinion, Ron should NEVER had stopped putting up those signs. At least until McDuck, Gibson, Shulkin and all the other asswipes capitulated to our demands! If y’all weren’t aware of it before, this confirms it – “Corruption runs high in the Veterans Administration!”

    I believe it was Robin Mitchell who strongly suggested veterans be allowed to use “Champva”.
    Or, as many others have said, let veterans use their “VA (disability) card” at a physician near you!
    That way, veterans actually have a “CHOICE”! Remember that little piece of bullshit legislation that was “doomed to fail from the beginning?” Where the hell did all that money run off to, somebody’s deep pockets?
    I agree with Craig, when he says many will lose jobs. But, what the hell, most VA employees are substandard anyway. Most of these alleged healthcare professionals, need to return to their “country of origin”! I wonder how many are on that “Broken Work Visa”? I wonder how many great physicians applied and were turned down, because VHA wanted to save money?

    This “NEW” bright idea of VA, “To allow nurses to Pretend to be doctors”, is a heartbeat away from murdering veterans on a massive scale! If one thought 22 veterans/day to suicide was bad! Wait till incompetent nurses get to play GOD!

    I have a feeling TROLLS will infiltrate today!

  17. “[According to founder Ron Nesler, the reason to restart the campaign had two triggers. The first was “the bizarre appointment of Thomas Murphy, an Agent Orange Denier, to head Veterans Benefits Administration.” Nesler said the second was, “Secretary Bob McDonald’s refusal to discuss minor tweaks to his MyVA rollout.]”

    Has anyone considered that McDonald and Murphy have a seriously chronic case of that ‘God Syndrome’ in which any idea other than their own comes across as a threat to their Super Egos? I mention this because these types that have a very focused tunnel vision, only their own, are incredibly dangerous passive-aggressive types and they LOVE power but at the same time are usually spineless trolls that cannot get along with anyone aside from their own ilk with same demented thinking, meaning Veterans are a “necessary inconvenience” and also in their minds those that get in the way are simply collateral damage…just like the “accepted” 22 Vets committing suicide each day in USA…just like Thomas Murphy vehemently still holding onto his FALSE BELIEF that Agent Orange is as safe as Tang Orange Drink.

    Appointing Thomas Murphy to this particular position somehow must seem OKAY and JUST by psycho McDonald Duck and was very much akin to appointing Dr. Kevorkian to oversee all life support medical systems at the VA…and worse.

    God Syndrome can happen in about any profession/occupation but when it’s over the very lives of Veterans, I agree with Ron Nesler in this particular move of McDonald shows just how insulated he has made himself in his ivory tower.

    I think we need to make it clear to Trump that if he wins he needs to GIVE THE ENTIRE VA a MASSIVE ENEMA!! It absolutely needs the ENTIRE upper management regime to be put out onto the streets with NO chance of Federal employment again in this life. They would do well working for our enemies in these wars because as it stands, they already are working AGAINST our USA by violating Veterans. Just airdrop them in Syria. Done.
    GUT the AFGE Union from the VA. Another MASSIVE ENEMA to rid the VA of all nepotism and flunky employees at any level and allow the great ones to remain if not tainted.
    End Performance Bonus System….our USA is supposedly on a budgetary sequestration and VA employees indeed got bonuses last year when VA was ordered to NOT do so.

    GOD SYNDROME ON STERIODS will require these VA IS LYING SIGNS to physically fall upon and smash said idiots at the VA and even then it may not get through. Their Egos are as large as their capacity for fraud and corruption and very reason P&G probably had enough of McDonald and did not want to see their company dragged down to the TROLL UNDERBRIDGE.

    Definitely plan to support Ron’s group and let’s collectively shine the disinfecting sunlight called Accountability on these VA TROLLS and watch them melt like the famous witch in OZ.

    1. @namnibor
      Damn, you and I think alike! Notice the ‘time’ we posted our comments!

      1. You and I did it again. 🙂 Troll Spray~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And a super-sized Agent Orange Milk Shake for Thomas Murphy to drink in front of Vets on TV stating AO is harmless as Orange Tang Drink. 🙂

  18. The Indianapolis Compensation and Pension office should be shut down. Move veteran claims to another location, get the job done, 5 to 10 years to process a simple claim suggest no supervision at that location. But, the VA does save money while waiting for the veteran’s death.

    Don’t expect help from the American Legion, it is motorcycle riding season. VVA are planning their next convention. VFW is busy with fish frys. DAV can not be contacted on Fridays and every Wednesday they cannot be disturbed, there in training.

  19. The VA is a good example of zero oversight and an atmosphere of retaliation against not just whistleblowers, but any employee that dares to acknowledge there is a problem. Never tell even your most immediate supervisor there might be a problem. Even doctors are nothing more than semi-skilled labor in this management nightmare. Shut down every last money pit of a VA Hospital and GIVE ALL VETS UNLIMITED MEDICARE COVERAGE now. Yes many people will and deserve to lose their jobs. They are not the faces that patients ever see at a VA Hospital.

    1. Craig,

      In regards to people losing jobs I would say that the people that resort to working at an agency known nationwide for the corrupt amd deadly practices probable should not be working in the healthcare industry anyway. Most are from foreign lands or have drug alcohol or other personl defects that make it impossible to insure in the private sector which leaves only VA for them.

      But assuming even that many qualified persons work there, just because the sick go elsewhere does not mean the workers are out of work because the shift in work load will create and equal demand for more workers in the private sector.

      If VA workers are truly qualified, then they would easily find a job shift to the private sector easily accomplished. The advantage of course is in the private sector we do not have an agency to protect against retaliation from an employer.

      We have Due Process in non VA care so we do not need to fear retaliation like VA employee do and that we pay to try to protect he against. Seems like a bonus to any qualified employee and a vetting process for those who are not.

      Result – better healthcare and working conditions for all.

      1. There is increasing evidence every day that there is good reason to fear retaliation by the VA on the Veterans themselves. Why else would this website admit the need and advertise that there is a DUE PROCESS lawsuit happening as we speak and write?

      2. Didn’t notice reply button 1st time. I don’t believe it helps to confront those (VA front- line workers) that are least able to resolve an issue. Cut off the head. It doesn’t help to make them miserable when you deal with them. We will never see those responsible. They’d be idiots to let us see them. The corruption will not end. Please God, just give all vets unlimited Medicare+ immediately.

      3. I will confront any public servant of the highest office or the lowest post that substantially violates or threatens the Constitution if it is in my power to do so. I will confront them in a Constitutionally protected way so that all present may enjoy my commitment to holding myself to the Constitution higher than anyone else. I am a United States Marine, lifetime member.

        To do less than I can is to turn tail and scurry back to the self image that I am worthless and do not make a difference in the world. I lived that lie for a long time and I am done telling lies to myself and pretend that problems fix themselves. “Hope” as they say is an excuse for inaction, so it is true that I have no hope for VA.

      4. Not the proper forum. Choose your battles, et cetera. You seem intelligent and I can’t believe you would promote turning a visit to the scheduling desk into a Constitutional Law discussion. I am pretty sure I would not be the only one getting a little impatient with you were I standing in line behind you. Remember this is about all veterans and not just your ideology. If it is your goal to bring already torturously slow day to day operations at all VA facilities to screeching halt, please go ahead. That will be one step closer to an UNLIMITED MEDICARE CARD for all veterans.

      5. I have never been accused, even by VA of interfering with operations of any kind. I have been accused of leaving voice mails and obtaining a Restraining Order To Prevent Further Abuse under the Oregon Statute of that name and both statements are true. I did indeed obtain an Order which was written by a Circuit Court Judge.

        Now, she accused the VHA of “molesting” this disabled person and her interpretation of her duty was to send a note, called a Restraining Order asking if they would pretty please stop molesting me.

        At no point did any discussion of anything except my hemoroids and PTSD symptoms ever come up while on VHA property with the minor maybe of some other more routine medical items.

        I really have not given much thought to attempting to engage front line VHA troops in cognitive debate about anything. The idea does have merit though.

        Semper Fi brother

    2. Lets get to the truth. VA employees who are paid to evaluate our claims for disability compensation, they are given a paid bonus for every claim that they deny irregardless of the truth and validity of the claim. This is why there are so many denials. They are rewarded for putting the screws to our veterans. The truth is those scumbags should be fired. I have been informed by two VA Lawyers who represent veterans that this is the way the system works. That is why our disabled veterans suffer and probably commit suicide. I am sure that the VA is laughing every time one of our fellow veterans commits suicide. They see it as one more less disability claim that they have to pay. Nothing but a rotten corrupt system that has contempt for the law.

      1. Thousands and thousands of veterans have had their disability denied or once granted taken away. !

        People like Diana rubins and Graves. Are running the show and ruining veterans lives and their families by using fear and retaliation again their employees. !

        They warned their employees. Ok go ahead and laugh. Well see who’s laughing when this us over. !

        All they had to say is I. We Plead the 5th. Which ment go to Hell. You can’t do anything anyway. !

        When they asked s VA employee who was responsible and he said he was. ! They should of said ok. Then your going to be held accountable. !

        They. Change chairs so often. That They could say that every time and no one would get into trouble. Because someone else did it. !

        So your right deny. Deny. Die. !

        If they could get away with it. They would ⛽ us all and then laugh. !

        Were in a world of hurt and McDonald needs to be fired publicly. !

        And the other management shipped off to jail. No get out of jail free card. !

      2. I do not see why a VA executive would risk such an overtly controversial policy when the covertly profits to be had were orders of magnitude more profitable. Such a policy would only serve to bring public scrutiny to an agency that will terminate care for menatally ill just to prevent public scrutiny.

        This is how I came to the same comclusion lolz as the less wordy fellow above. I gotta be me cause nobody else wants the job, right?

        I call bullshit too.

      3. Huge issue. Archaic is the word being used by 3 Georgia lawyers as we speak. Not only are the codes so out of date they are a joke, they are a violation of a veterans DUE PROCESS rights. So is a 4 year average appeal process.

      4. I called bullshit on Brigid’s comments regarding bonuses being paid to VA employees for denying claims. How ridiculous.

      5. Tell us. If that’s not the case. Why are there being paid any bonous anyway for just doing their jobs. !

        Why are veterans always getting letters denied. We need more information. Your records were destroyed in a fire. !

        Why are there reports of records being shreaded. Why are thousands of veterans records thrown in a basement. Not placed thrown. !

        Why are veterans whom Get their disability contacted shortly after that requiring a new c&p and they take away that disability. !

        His many veterans have you been instructed to lie about. Their disability claim. Is Rubins and Graves you idol’s. !

        Or are you know of them. !

        You have blinders on. !

        These clerks have assisted in thousands of veterans suicides by taking away their deserved benefits or don’t give them at all !

        Excuse after excuse. People like you only want the bonous. ! That’s your only mission. !

        Former VA Administrative Assistant. !

        You can lie to some but not all. Some of us know better. !

      6. I’m one of the Vets who records have been partially vanished for the several years till they all of a sudden started recording my life of being there,,, the person says its bullshit ,,,there are a lot of bubble heads out there,,, the Va is totally broken ,,, I have seen the great doctors got fired and the brown nosers left in charge,,,, getting to old,,, seen not only my generation,,, but my Dads treatment of being a 100% DAV,,, at the end,,, we took dad into private care world ,,,, and lived and died a honorable way ,,,the way all us Disabled Vets should have,,, for serving ,,, shure is funny how not one comment is talked about what all of give up,,,,, so that we can be totally mistreated in a government va facility,,,, that is being totally capitalized by incompetent personal who will receive all the benefits of the greatest when they retire,,, and us who get to live in areas of one step above poverty,,, BUT as one Nurse said to me we are getting such a great salary and care far above other countrys,,,,,, I didn’t know I was in a war so other countries care center,,,, Of course I said in response to her ignorance,,, with facts and figures,,,, and soon after I got another certified letter on my not being able to work with there guidelines,,, of killing us off OPPS,,,

  20. Those injuring Veterans, corrupt union , and VA Officials and the politicians that Allow the killing to Continue . Not Veterans and their families suffering inadequate Health care and the financial drain of fighting for deserved compensation and benefits.

  21. It is a sad day in America that veterans have to resort to HUGE billboards to direct attention to the horrible plight of disabled and dying veterans. I pray it helps. Just one question– Just who in the hells “homeland” is Dept of Homeland Security serving and protecting??

    1. NOTE TO VA SECRETARY BOB McDONALD: The VA is LYING billboard are starting again for three specific reasons. #1. You are doing NOTHING to stop systemic VA lying to veterans, taxpayers and Congress. #2 You have insulted and injured veterans (especially Vietnam veterans) by naming Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy as Boss over ALL VA claims. #3 You refuse to even discuss simple no cost tweaks to the VA Patient Advocate system that would get these advocates out from under the thumbs of corrupt administrators and allow them to actually advocate for veterans.

      1. Hi Ron,
        Thank you for your work with and advocacy for veterans. How can I donate to VA is Lying?

      2. I agree with something being done about the Patient Advocates.
        I had been in the VA system for about 7 years before I even knew they existed. The one at the Madison, WI VA was great.
        They had at least three here at Grand Junction, and all 3 are absolutely worthless liars.
        Mainly because the guy in charge of them, the “Chief of Customer service”, also is the press spokesman for the hospital.

      3. Yes that’s the problem VA policing themselves and paying them off with tax payers ? (bonous) for everyone they bam busal. !

      4. I’d like to see them or anyone try to put one of those up in Indiana or dare blemish anything to do with Indiana policies, VA, or anything else. Won’t happen.

        Over umpteen years I have let a lot of things slide concerning VA abuse, neglect, seeing MDs and staff “burn-out” to having anger issues to all out tantrums in public. Which didn’t seem to affect other by-standers or others much. Just so some would not lose their jobs, out of pity, not to create issues or problems, or get my folder flagged like we hear about constantly. And I didn’t want to upset the obvious sorts of activist working in the VA and clinics loving their power positions and big egos.

        Those smiling glamor photos of PAs hanging in the atriums and hallways are not the ones here that actual handle severe issues. Seems our clinics/primary care teams in Indiana have their own PAs we have to contend with. Plus the same ones our state’s politicians, leaders, medical boards and medical tyrant advisors to heads of state, attorney general and state’s staff keep referring us back to.

        There are good and bad of course, but some, many seem to actually smile and enjoy confrontations and trying to take it to higher levels of engagement/arguing, or to push buttons to get our worse reactions possible. Many of them are young activist and others that have no business working around hospitals or those in ill health, or seniors. So how can any well protected and supported staff and unions members be dealt with when all those at the very top seem to enjoy making things as bad as they can be and filled with distractions, worthless paperwork, and threats.

        The VA lies? That is putting it very very mildly. I finally broke down and going through my requested files from them over my care. What a load of lies, assumptions, false reporting, mis-diagoniss, mal-practice, incompetence, and ending up with me being labeled “dangerous.” Is that some of the “flagging” stuff that they won’t admit to but insert this crap in our ending files and last attempts to discuss matters with the VA? That along with a broken jaw for a tooth removal, more lies, civilian MDs and surgeons afraid to report what they had to try and repair and why is what we get for being nice, over-looking years of abuse and incompetence, then putting our foot down trying to stand up for our rights and care we deserve. I have never been “dangerous” or threatening to anyone at the VA, never. Nor nasty or rude like I have been treated, but now this is in a permanent file of mine??

        Indiana is a total mess and totally corrupt. Even my new civilian clinic seems to have lost the record release forms I previously signed on my first visit. And the VA is dragging their feet getting my info out and both refuse to communicate by phone or use the E-health info sharing for health care and emergencies that we were told would happen with E health and record sharing among health care quacks. But it all seems such stuff is our fault for not keeping all our records at hand and from birth.

        To change the VA would take changing the entire establishment, academia, media, Hollywood, unions, ad infinitum. It will never happen in my life time or the time in my life I need good proper simple care, not a bunch of lies, cover-ups, passing the buck, greedy professionals, etc. Or having to deal with a pack of anti-American veteran hating special interest groups or activist.

        Sorry for the rant but after scanning just the first hundred pages of about fifty pounds of files I am totally frustrated, livid, ticked-off, really POed, and if I had teeth could bite through railroad rail to make spikes. So it seems the VA, Indiana scum, the incompetent, college kiddies, and all the rest keep winning while we lose or continue to have no other choice but wait and play their damn games. Sorry.

      5. You have nothing to be sorry for. If other veterans would look at their files and what the employees put into our records about us. Would piss anyone off. !

        You tell them something and they put it down in their words. Not the veterans words. They twist it. !

        The VA disruptive committee us an illegal system that punishes veterans at will. No concern for the wellfare of the veterans. !

        Have you tried to have any of it corrected. They won’t change anything. They tell the veterans to write a letter what’s wrong and how it should read and they would file it. !

        File13. Trash can. ! Actually they file it in your administrative file hand that letter would never see the light of day. ! Because no one every looks at that’s file !

        They reported me as being disruptive and I know I had never been disruptive and requested any and all written evidence they used. !

        VA response there is none and the director of the Denver vamc. Even told a congressmen. That do to the reporting. James never was punished. His official medical record’s were never coded for disruptive behavior hand his record’s were never red flagged. !

        That’s s bunch of bull. ! They punished Me for 5 year’s. They called the FBI. They called my local police department and told them I wanted to shoot staff members at my local VA clinic. !

        They said I would come in at least twice a month and become disruptive. One would think if someone would come in twice a month and become disruptive. Someone would make a report. With dates.times and what happened. !

        VA realizations require any and all employees to make s report of contact on any unusual event’s. !

        This Is happening everyday at some VA and we need help form a lawyer who can see though their deceptions and call them out in a court of law. !

        As they are acting in a judiciary component if our justice system and take away any and all civil.Constitutional and Bill of right’s afforded to every other American. !

        Ben can you defend us or do you know someone Who can.?

        See his it effects me hand other veterans. Please we can’t let this illegal committee to continue to punish veterans at will. !

        Isn’t 22 veterans deaths a day enough. ! How many Veterans killed themselves because of this illegal committee !

        It must stop !!!!!!

    2. Mary,

      Our Country began not because a bunch of lunatics decided to leave everything behind and get on a wood boat and go on a permanent camping trip likely to kill a person.

      It began because we were fed up with His Majesty’s bullshit. Period. At the time, the men who decided they had been fed just enough cow dung to really want to gurk it up once and for all started printing stuff and spreading the word that as a group a line in the sand was drawn.

      For us it is billboards. For them they had a Tea Party in Boston. They dumped His Royal Assness’s tea into the bay and all the tax revenue from the tea floated away. His Majesty was pissed and decided to hurt those guys. He convened a Disruptive Behaviour Committee who decided the American Patriots should die.

      His Majesty Concurred. Studies showed his men would win any fight against these new patriots.

      He decide to send his boys dressed in bright red and white to march in straight lines down the road and shoot people who lived in the land and knew it well. Unlike the Kings Men, our boys (the first US vets) chose to use dark drab clothing that blended well with the shrubs and trees in which they hid waiting for the straight line of English troops to walk by….

      We won. Who would have guessed? (RAND 1776)

      I would say that it is not a sad day at all Mary! The first vets who fought for Freedom from tyranny to preserve our way of life did what all freedom fighters have ever done; they bought us a little time to prepare for the next set of soldiers marching in full view down the road in bright clothes – Homeland Security.

      We are living in good times Mary when the vets themselves take up the fight on our own land again to stop the troops from marching down the road. One billboard at a time the vets themselves demonstrate for America that which is hidden from view inside the hearts of so many veterans; unflagging courage in the face of hardship and pain is a challenge we accept. We are veterans of this way of life.

      The billboards are a profound sense of Pride For America because it means the spirit of the warrior and the cause of freedom is not dead and the new veterans will indeed succeed as they did all those battles ago. I figure if those guys could conquer the new land AND defeat a despot Kings attempt to kill them in order to secure freedom for our land then it is good enough for me too.

      I love those billboards precisely for the reasons the VA hates them.

      Never back down. Never quit until the finish line is crossed. Never say it cannot be done.

      Semper Fi

      1. Its time to demand the resignation of all Agent Orange deniers as well as deniers of the Camp Lejeune, N.C.
        water contamination that has caused millions of soldiers and their families to die or to suffer with ill health. Major health problems.

      2. MR THOMAS MURPHY YO WILL BE FIRED ASAP VETS NEED YO LIKE WE VETS NEED THE AIDS VIRUS NOT SCREW YO FAKE RANGER BOB MCDONALD FOR PUTTING LITTLE FATSO TOM MURPHY OVER VETS CLAIMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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