RimaAnn Nelson

Is RimaAnn Nelson Unable To Hack It At Phoenix VA? A New Job Posting May Indicate ‘YES’

RimaAnn Nelson

A former VA employee just sent me a job opening for director of the Phoenix VA Medical Center possibly meaning RimaAnn Nelson is set to leave after less than one year.

Last September, VA selected RimaAnn Neslon to lead the scandal-plagued Phoenix VA Medical Center after a short tenure by previous director, Deborah Amdur. Last August, former deputy director Sloan Gibson announced Amdur was forced to retire because management of Phoenix VA was so stressful, “The job has nearly killed her.” Amdur lasted about 9 months and likely had to pay back her moving incentive.

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Now, after 8 months, Phoenix VA is already looking for a new director, at least according to the job listing. Based on the language in the job listing, it most certainly appears to show VA wants to fill the position presently held by Nelson.

What will it take at Phoenix VA to hold down a director for up to a year? So far, no one seems up to the task other than the disgraced former director, Sharon Helman.

VA Public Affairs (Central Office) did not respond with a comment before this went to press.

UPDATE: Phoenix VA Public Affairs just reached out to disavow the job opening stating the linked job opening is not correct and that RimaAnn Nelson is not leaving Phoenix VA.

Of course, this leaves me wondering why the incorrect job listing for director of Phoenix VA is online at all if Phoenix VA is not looking for a director. Seem strange?

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Phoenix VA Wait List Scandal

Since the wait list scandal broke in the press, in 2014, Phoenix VA has had numerous directors take over to fix the agency. Sloan Gibson repeatedly made press appearances reassuring the American public and veterans that Phoenix VA has improved.

In fact, when whistleblower reports surfaced last year that wait time problems were still putting veterans lives at risk, Sloan Gibson dismissed the reports and even proclaimed the facility as being safe for veterans.

Yet, the medical center is apparently unsafe for bureaucrats. Veterans are fine. But bureaucrats are getting chewed up and spit out?

The most recent directors, Amdur and Nelson, were previously linked to their own scandals, so it seems interesting VA would choose them to lead THE medical center that is the beacon of criminal conspiracies of all VA’s nationwide.

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To date, no one replacing Sharon Helman, the director in 2014, for longer than 10 months.

Nonetheless, this does not take away from the most recent job posting signaling Nelson’s time at the facility is coming to a close.

Director – Phoenix VA Job Listing

Here is the Phoenix VA job listing. Any takers?

SEE IT: https://phoenix-az.geebo.com/jobs-online/view/directory/62/listing/235/id/266754909-health-system-administrator-medical-/mobile/1/

The Phoenix VA Health Care System is a part of Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 18 which includes facilities in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It consists of a 166-acute care beds; 104 Long term care beds and 24 Substance Abuse Residential Treatment Program Beds.

The Medical Center located in the Phoenix metro area, now America’s 5th largest city, offers a diverse southwestern lifestyle.

The Health System serves Veterans residing in the Gila, Maricopa, LaPaz and Pinal counties with a total Veteran population of 315,000.

The Phoenix VA Health Care System includes Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Gilbert, Central Phoenix, Payson (contract), Show Low, Globe and Surprise, Arizona. It is a tertiary care facility, classified as a Clinical Referral Level 1 facility (VA complexity level rating of 1b).

The Phoenix VA Health Care System is a teaching hospital, providing a full range of patient care services, with state-of-the-art technology as well as education and research.

Comprehensive and specialized health care is provided through the entire spectrum of clinical specialties and state-of-the-art technologies-primary care, tertiary care, and long-term care in areas of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, entistry, geriatrics, and extended care.
The Medical Center Director is accountable for many functions including, but not limited to, developing and administering a balanced financial plan for a multi-million dollar budget with thousands of employees, performing analyses and evaluation of a wide range of clinical and administrative programs, providing strategic direction in alignment with VA’s strategic plan, identifying and meeting quality and performance objectives, ensuring quality through adherence to rigorous standards of a myriad of external accrediting bodies, promoting workplace improvements, developing and maintaining community partnerships, assuring equal employment opportunity and diversity, and planning for succession by developing subordinates.

The Director’s managerial duties and responsibilities involve final decisions which have a direct and substantial impact on the health care organization and programs.
The Director has full delegated line authority to accomplish all of the medical center’s missions-patient care, medical education, research, and DOD contingency support.

As a Director at a Complexity Level 1 facility, the incumbent is required to have extensive knowledge of clinical specialties, emerging health care issues and trends, operational and administrative systems, information technology, facilities and project management, in order to lead large, complex and diverse programs with a critical affiliate relationship with a large university medical school system as a key component.
The specialized clinical services at a Level 1 facility often involve unique requirements, necessitating greater administrative responsibility, reporting, and media/VSO/congressional scrutiny and oversight.

Comprehensive and specialized health care is provided through the entire spectrum of clinical specialties and state-of-the-art technologies-primary care, tertiary care, and long-term care in areas of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, dentistry, and geriatrics.

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  1. @Ex va,@Disgruntled Veteran: Fellas, I need to get some rest, my fingers took on a life of their own, and are typing all kinds of nonsense. Sleep well, and God Bless.

    1. @cj, @ Disgruntled Veteran, goodnight and God Bless you and yours. i need to get some rest too. Take care. Talk later.

    2. @cj @Ex – – – Sleep well. SSomething I have not done since 1994. But who counts? LOL!

  2. @cj, i hope you get some really nice days to get that plot of land ready. I think this weekend is suppose to be cooler. Today was warm and we had some thunderstorms too.

    1. @Ex va: The rain is the bigger problem at the moment. I need the dirt to dry out so I can work it properly. Rite now it is a big clay like mess lol. I need it to be nice and dry and crumbly, and yes, I would appreciate some cooler weather, just till it is done. Everything in every part of my body is in pain, can’t wait till I have it all planted, I won’t move for a week……………..naw, never happen………….not allowed to stop. lol

      1. @cj, can you add any organic matter to help with that clay soil? That sucks with the clay. You could make pottery out of that stuff. Lol. Damn sorry to hear about the pain. I figured with all you were trying to do you would be hurting more. You need probably to stay in your recliner for a few days if you got one. Lol.

  3. Same as the military, you can discipline a soldier, or, you can steal their paycheck in the form of an article 15. Exactly who invented the article 15? I bet it wasn’t the military, more likely our elected officials once again. They want you to serve in the armed forces, they just hate paying you. Always telling us how they are for the little guy, or the poor. If that was true, there would be no used car tax would there? Wealthy people don’t buy used cars, poor people do. Liars all, in every aspect of any part of the law you can think of, it’s all corrupt. Lost my train of thought I am so fired up.

    1. @cj, you bring up a lot of valid points of the wealthy and powerful abusing the poor and misfortunate. The problem they validate taxing the poor harder because there are so many of us and they can take advantage of us because we do not have the resources they do to file lawsuits and claims. I just do not believe things forever will be so abusive. Everything in life changes, some changes are good, some are bad, some do get worse. I think the scales are tipping in the right direction this time. Veterans and citizens are becoming more educated on issues and that usually results in changes. It has to improve because people are becoming wiser to corruption.

      1. @Ex va: I don’t know if people are getting wiser, or if it is just because we are older, and have witnessed more. I don’t see the masses getting better, I see them following blindly along like test rats. Sad but true. The masses fall for the same shit over and over again. Why is it anytime a conservative is in the WH, he is the biggest piece of shit ever seen and the biggest idiot, and an embarrassment to the country? When a liberal is in office, they can do no wrong, in fact we are always told how so very smart they are, and always the greatest president that ever lived? You would think the masses would see through this shit, since it is played year after year after year. I think when all these investigations of trump are over, and he is found to be innocent of all charges, Those who have kept this shit alive should all be removed forcibly from office for wasting the tax payers money on fraudulent investigations, making the usa look tarnished throughout the world. Traitors each and every one of them.

      2. @Disgruntled Veteran: I am with you, I would NEVER let th VA cut on me for anything. Someone here said “we are expected to fill out complicated paper work, and claims, when we have TBI’s” I think it was you DV, and your so right about that, this is why it is hard to organize as well. Like we are stranded at sea, and nobody is coming to get us…………..

      3. @Ex va – – – ” i get shocked sometimes about it because i don’t think about cheating someone or stealing from someone. That is the way i want to live and have a clear conscience about life.”

        That has been my philosophy ever since I was a small child . . . that is the way things should be. It is not the way they are.

      4. @cj, well information is getting out and with it the truth eventually. I think forums like this blog open people’s eyes. I think we are cynical people don’t you think when it comes to our government? We expect the corruption, i admit i get shocked sometimes about it because i don’t think about cheating someone or stealing from someone. That is the way i want to live and have a clear conscience about life. People knew the Obama administration was failing Veterans. Nothing was changing. Trump is trying i think. He is getting attacked from every direction because Washington doesn’t really like him. He is upsetting the politics as usual and that is what the people wanted and voted. Well, people are getting fired for not doing their jobs and that is different than government business as usual.

      5. @Ex va: I hope your right. Also, same as you, was brought up to do what was right, not what was convenient. I too can die with a clear conscience. Sleep well Ex. sleep well DV. Goodnight all.

      6. @Disgruntled Veteran, i wish that was the way things were too. I wish people were not out there wanting to steal and cheat others. I know a lot of good people who care about others. It gives me hope. I don’t like to give up on people, that is too depressing. I am glad you try to do the right things too. That is a positive in a sometimes negative world.

  4. One thing is clear over the years as we all get older. Government likes to live high and mighty off the taxpayers, When they can stop benefits being payed out at the VA, that is more for them to spend elsewhere. It has already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the VA directors have been fraudulently stealing veterans benefit checks, in such a large scale, that they should be sent to prison for several life terms. The courts are aware of it, the house and the senate are aware of it, and nobody is about to disrupt the flow of free money. Same as immigration, you have 100’s of illegals all paying into SS under a stolen SS number. Do you think our fine elected officials are about to put a stop to all that free money? Hell no. This country is too far gone. Only one way to fix this mess, and one way only.

    1. @cj, it has to be cleaned up this corruption. Some lives are unfortunately dependent on the system and need it. The system. It has to change and i believe it will someday. I don’t see how it all can get much worse. Too many people are getting hurt by all this corruption. I think of the older Veterans and the just medically discharged Veterans, who are amputees, suffering from traumas and it is heartbreaking. We have to help change things for them somehow. I don’t know unless the system wants to change or made to change. It has to change.

      You feed Veterans and that is a great thing you are doing they know someone cares about them.

      1. @Ex va: All this rain and then high temps, is making for killer days trying to get that plot of land ready to plant. I have another couple of good long days, and it will be ready. Then I can relax a bit.

    2. @cj – – – Yeah. But the “look at me” guys who carry guns into the VA just don’t seem to merit much media attention. Maybe another “Terry McVeigh” type incident – – – and then a thousand veterans begin to speak out about how it was inevitable due to the American Public’s tendency to believe slickly-produced AFGE and useless Congress Critters BULLSHIT over what is really happening.

      It is inevitable. Just a matter of time. Hope I live long enough to be one of those veterans who are able to speak out.

      Other than my hands, I do not really relate a lot of my medical problems here. That will change when I get my S/R software. Hands just cannot do long posts. My FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA is a saved flei I can copy paste.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran: If your hands are messed up from arthritis, they can perform the same type of surgery to replace the joints in your fingers, like they do for knee replacement.

      2. @cj – – – arthritis is the LEAST of my problems. I would not trust the VA with any surgery. Rather die first. I do not let them do colonoscopies either. Same reason. No trust.

      3. Red grapes help some w/ arthritis but you have to eat at least a handful every day & after awhile you get sick of them.

      4. @Disgruntled Veteran, a lot of people are getting the FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA!!!! Who knows it may go viral. Lol!!!

      5. @Ex – – – I wish it would. Government spends more on inmates and illegals than it does on those who have honorably served. And don’t give a rats ass about the injustice.

        I am atheist. But I wonder. If there is a god – – – where are all these “Christian” politicians and union thugs going when they die. Goodness and Mercy upon those who need it most – – – seem to be at odds with their principles.

      6. @Disgruntled Veteran, they are not true believers, because they have no reverence for God or man who was made by God if you believe in that way. If they are lying and stealing from others they are at odds with the standards that God requires from them.

        To me those types of politicians and union thugs are all about excuses for their behaviors. They think they are smarter than everyone else because they are creative liars. Never telling the truth and providing answers that just confuses the issue and does not resolve the problem. Everyone has to find their path in this life and i think people like that live in denial of truth.

  5. @Ex va: I think that they are so use to just denying a claim right off the bat, that they didn’t even look to see what the fuck was what. Stupid, and I mean STUPID AFGE QUACKS, SHOULD BE SHOT ON LIVE TV, FOR FUCKING OVER VETERANS.

    1. @cj, it doesn’t make any damn sense when they freely admit the deny the first claim. So, they put you on a waiting list regardless. They are some cold, heartless, assholes. Don’t have anything good to say about these jerkoffs.

      1. @cj, can’t believe a damn word they say about anything. They want to delay, delay, delay. Sick of it.

      2. @Ex va: What’s worse is the bonus money paid out as a “job well done” for delaying another claim. Criminal at best. I can’t stand that we can’t sue their asses in court. Elf, even saw a memo, stating not to put anything in a veterans file that could help them with their claim. WTF is that? Way to “help veterans” you fucking hack asshole AFGE/SES pieces of shit.

      3. @cj, how is that being objective and serving the Veteran? These benefits are earned and promised the va oversees the delivery of benefits. They fail at doing their jobs. I believe Elf because there is some really messed up instructions out of the va in completing a claim. You are right WTF is that? They loose all humanity when they process these claims. I guess they get a God complex in doing evil than good.

      4. @Ex va: Just from listening to all the veterans here, it is clear the AFGE/SES, and the directors, have a different agenda, I believe the only objective they have is to stop payouts to veterans at all costs. In doing so, they are rewarded with a hefty bonus. Like I said we should be able to fuck them up proper in a court of law. What they do is intentional, with malice, and the harm caused is to great to even measure. A rico act violation like my buddy VA IS LYING INC.

      5. @cj – – – VAISLYINGINC has been correct the whole time. Says so much with so few words.

      6. @Disgruntled Veteran: VA IS LYING INC. is always right, I gotta chuckle when he post’s, because your right, he says so much with so little words, and is spot on every single time.

      7. @cj, they tried suing with a class action and the courts told them to go back to the vba. That the court did not have jurisdiction in telling the va agency how to conduct their operations. The courts did it to the irs and social security. Made them clean up their acts a little.

      8. @cj, it amazes me that we are all from different parts of the country and we have the same complaints. I know directors and others in the front office are involved in corruption. They get bonuses for having specialized doctors and performing sophisticated surgeries. That is why they bypass credentialing and priveledging procedures. So they can get those bonuses. There is a bonus for managers using less employees for clinical staffing of clerks. There is bonuses for performance and that is a bad joke.

    1. @cj, doing better.. how about you? I have been trying to organize a room, not going well. Lol.

    2. @cj, when do you go in front of the board or judge? I asked for a board decision.

      1. @Ex va: Suppose to have a decision around sept. That is when I will know what to do next. In limbo till then, I mean these great fucking AFGE union member quacks, that do so much for us veterans, like add years to our claims. Fucking useless pieces of shit. Sorry about last night, storms again.
        What room are you trying to work on?

      2. @cj, trying to work on my office area so i can focus on writing my complaints and do a timeline of events. I have papers all over the place. Need organization.

      3. Also, commenting from my laptop………..you know what that means!!!!

        ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱ ..┈┈┈╰━┳┓┏┳┓┏╯┈┈┈
        …………………….. ┈┈┈┈┈┗┻┛┗┻┛┈┈┈┈

        I got your union busting bs, right here.
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

      4. @cj, yes they love to add the years to the claims. I am so sick of that bullshit.

      5. @Ex va: And in my case it makes no sense to delay the claim, When it is finally decided in my favor, and it will be, I get zero compensation, only medical care, and you already know, I will refuse that, since I have my own pro TBI doctors, and I am completely happy with them, and the care they provide.

      6. @cj, ANutterVet, was asking for you he said he misses your artwork!! Love the hand sign language. LOL!!!

      7. @cj, can you get them to choice your care to where you go now? Would that be any benefit?

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      1. @ Nitewish – – – I hope Seymore did. The comment was meant for him. I forgot to preface it with the @Seymore.

        But I think you understand.

      2. Disgruntled Veteran, I had thought so & thankx for clarifying. I would give the title Master to many here. I feel like the new born grasshopper so much to learn so little time.

  7. Oh Paul,

    Been looking into your financials. You do know that the shit you pulled with your VA home loan is Mortgage fraud. Some pretty rotten cabbage there buddy. I ‘ll do my best to see if I can’t get someone to come around with a warrant and explain it to you.

    Have a great night!

    Thanks for trolling.

    1. “https://recorder.maricopa.gov/recdocdata/GetRecDataPaging.aspx?biz1=&biz2=&fn1=paul&mn1=&ln1=coupaud&fn2=&mn2=&ln2=&begdt=1/1/1947&enddt=5/18/2017&doc1=&doc2=&doc3=&doc4=&doc5=”

    2. @SeeMost Clearest – – – Holy Fucking Shit! Other words fail me . . .

      1. Seymore Klearly, What is that. I tried a translator it came back as My Kung Fu

  8. @Paul, can you tell me, what brought you here. I’m lost as to why. You defend VSO’S, VA, and why here? Do you believe you have information we need? In your own words, you can’t expose your fellow criminals. I’m not sure of your motives. To what end. Another way… I know why I’m here; Why are you?

    1. @Paul Coupaud – – – Paul, I was just about to post some questions to you, but @Jo3n put it in a shorter and simpler form. Many times, due to the audacious thoughts that flashes through my mind, I tend to get lengthy with my postings. Paul, please take your time in answering Jo3n’s concern. – – – Thanks, Nutter.

    2. HI @Jo3n and @ANutterVet – what brought me here was simply to try to give clarity to the blog post, that the Phoenix VA has no recruitment for a new director. That was it. I’m not here to defend or trash the VA or the VSOs, I was simply trying to lend some perspective to the issue. If my answers seem like blind loyalty to the VA or any particular VSO, I apologize for giving you that impression as that was not my intent. Do I have the information you need, you ask — I don’t know, maybe not.

      1. @Payl

        You have a real audience going here Paul. If your intent was to clarify for Ben a mischaracterization of the facts offered him, is that still the reason you grow your blogging on this site?

        Hmmmm. Maybe you are VA after all? Obviously it takes paragraphs upon paragraphs of of words to perform your job duties today (I assume from the time stamps and date you are doing this from your office on VA time). In my experience folks at VA often fill warehouses full of words. In fact I am betting that the VA has more literature than the library of congress that it has produced, and your job indeed is to produce words, is it not?

        I am curious though Paul… who authorized a public relations outpouring from VA onto this blog today? I mean, exactly what line item in the federal budget is it that authorizes Paul to utilize his paid time, and federal equipment in order to offer clarity to disgruntled veterans on a highly critical (of VA) and acclaimed website.

        Does that come under Title 82? Which outreach program are you operating under?


        …are you simply wasting taxpayers time trying to blow faeiry dust up this veterans ass? I gotta go now. Tinkerbell is knocking on my door.

      2. Be careful…if Tinker Bell is knocking on your back door…run…just run 🙂

    3. Jo3n, ANutterVet,

      A short analysis of Mr. Coupaud comments and responses to comments indicate that Mr. Coupaud was paid to come here today. His purpose is to deflect and distract from Ben’s article and commenters comments that may shed a negative light on his boss.

      Although his responses may demonstrate a very artful and experienced silver tonged comment style, he lacks common sense in understanding of SEO.

      Clearly Rima Ann Nelson is on razor thin ice and she knows it.

      1. It’s also possibly a classic example of possible ethical hacking. It’s exactly the way it’s played.
        Like in that movie ‘The Matrix’, you have to be able to notice what’s only slightly out of place to spot the lost VA crow….or not a lost crow at all…it’s pretty hard to extend much trust these days. Sad, but true.

        It also struck me as odd that Paul did not even know he was a member of AFGE whether he paid dues or not…and other SEO oddities…I still smell rotten cabbage patch doll or zombie troll.

      2. In some federal agencies with unions, it does not matter if an employee pays dues to a union or not. If the AFGE is the exclusive representative of VA employees, they may have the option of representing employees whether they pay dues or not.

        What matters for Paul is what his SF-50 says. If it says FLSA-Exempt, then he is not union and cannot be union based on his position. If it is FLSA non-exempt, then he possibly can be represented by a union…dues paying or not.

        But then, this is the VA. An agency where a doctor can be paid a doctor’s salary, and be a full time union thug.

      3. @91Veteran it is my understanding that the afge is exclusive for va employees. The afge represents employees who pay dues and also those who do not. I do not understand the exemptions with the union.

      4. Ex VA, do you mean FLSA exempt or non exempt? If you do, that is not an AFGE exemption.

        FLSA is the Fair Labor Standards Act, and has to do with federal standards for labor such as minimum wage, overtime, etc.

        Positions are determined to be either exempt from the act, or non-exempt.

        I don’t recall the details, but to be considered non-exempt means an employee in that position can belong to a union. If a position is considered exempt, it means an employee in that position is barred from being in a union.

        Typically supervisory or management positions are exempt.

      5. @91Veteran, i know you are right it would be on the sf 50. I cannot remember the union exemptions, there are so many different types of employees, some can have supervisory duties and still be in the union. It can be really confusing. My understanding was positions such as upper management was exempt. Mid-level managers was not exempt. I am probably wrong, there are so many different hiring authorities and titles. USA JOBS probably would have more info on this.

      6. What about the book are the answers in it:
        Master Agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Federation of Government Employees

      7. @NiteWish, i don’t think it would, but who knows i never read the master agreement for afge workers. Lol. It has to do what grade and responsibilities. I knew a service chief gs-11 hired who had no college education, all military experience (logistics) and never worked in the medical field in any capacity. The va hired him and he also lacked computer skills and struggled with spreadsheets. Lol.

      8. @Ex va, isn’t the master agreement, written by the master bater AFGE president “lil”Cox==D. ?

      9. @CJ – – – Now how could Little Cox write if he cannot read? Thanks for the forms. Be working on them tomorrow. Get them in the postal on Friday. Will keep you posted as to results. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

        Twenty plus years of dealing with Honolulul VBA Office asking about stuff like that, and never getting a straight correct answer. Imagine! But Hey! The VA serves veterans . . .

        Not expecting a miracle – – – but then again, in my situation, that improvement would be.

        We shall remain in touch.

      10. @Disgruntled Veteran,@Ex VA, DV, hope it works out, you need a damn break. Ex va, I wouldn’t want to touch it either. I bet that fat fucker needs one of those mirrors on a stick, to even see his own peckerette.

      11. @Ex va, I have gotten really far fixing it, can’t really say how far. Don’t have enough time to type it all on this tablet. Also, can’t stay, very tired, and have an appointment with the memory center. How are you doing?

      12. Will have it up and running by the weekend, Ex. DV, did you get your computer finished?

      13. @CJ – – – This computer up and running with new drive (needed the extra space) and Windows (Clean Microsoft Install) due to requiring Voice Recognition Software. That in a month or so – – – and a training period.

        After that, should be a LOT less pain in the hands.

        Second HDD (2 TB) arrives by Friday. Then LINUX time in other machine after I finish the build. Maybe a week or two depending upon my hands.

      14. @cj, i know you will be happy to get your computer running again. Today was hilarious on the blog. Dennis is a character he should be in the creative writing business. Lol. His stories and analysis of a issue is straight on and comical. I get too serious at times. Need to laugh.

      15. @cj, had a painful day. The blog helped me today. I couldn’t do much. I need to not stay on long too. The weather unstable, storms coming up. I am tired also.

      16. @Disgruntled Veteran, good for you, voice recognition software. That will be great, less stress on hands.

      17. @Ex VA – – – Sure will. Had it before forced upgrade to Windows 10. Worked great! Doesn’t work on 10 at all. But getting a special deal on new version of same that does.

        Once I have it and train it, going to be a regular bucketmouth on the blog.

        Got to get off the computer for an hour or so.

        You fine folks have a good night.

        Aloha. A Hui Hou!

      18. @cj, i am going to try to get some sleep tonight. I am going to sign off. God Bless you and yours. Goodnight and take care.

      19. @cj, i hope you have a good appointment tomorrow. Will talk later. Goodnight.

  9. Senior New York Senator Charles Ellis Schumer (/ˈʃuːmər/ says, “History is watching,” pertaining to President Trumps alleged recent actions pertaining to possible Obstruction of Justice, relating to ex-Trump appointed National Security Advisor and ex-Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Thomas “Mike” Flynn.

    More importantly, Nutter says, “The lives of Veterans are of more priority, and the grieving love ones of Veterans who are no longer with us. Who are answering the cries from the Veterans family members? Who?”

    Politicians will always be busy with something other than directly fixing the VA to benefit the health, welfare, and protection of Veterans and their families. Individually, when it comes to fixing the VA, each Veteran is like a Captain of a ship when the order is given; “Abandon Ship.” As others are getting off of the ship to hopefully save their lives, Veterans will watch as others are taken care of first. May I ask, “Who is standing up for the lives of Veterans?”

    “Benjamin Krause, and a few dedicated others, can’t take on this burden all by themselves.” Veterans, and their love ones, are waiting for others with the authority to stand up and take action in directly inflict positive changes into the VA system.

    Our Elected Politicians care more for the expired life of an insect, compared to the life of a Veteran. Shame on you! Veterans don’t trust VA employees, spokes-HACKS for VSO, AFGE, or anyone else connected to, or shows favoritism of, or is lacking in the implementation of the necessary reformation and re-organization of the VA.

  10. Ben,
    On behalf of VA employees, I feel I could have saved you a lot of time if you would just have checked with me first before printing stuff. First of all, I am simply not like all the other VA employees – I just do not lie about shit at all.

    Secondly, I often post corrections to the truth. It is after all my job to tell the truth. In fact “Truth” is my middle name. I can even tell you that I correct VA articles on our VA blog when they aren’t truthfull…. honest I do. This is why the VA consistently publishes truth – folks like me whose job it is to get the truth published are scouring the internet seeking truth, justice, and the American Way.

    So let me offer this truthful correction for you – Please ammend your blog to support by inserting the following, “The beloved Director, Ms. Nelson, has graced the halls of VA for decades and clings tenaciously to the truth. Ms. Nelson intends to continue clinging until she feels that her clinging can no longer serve the true needs of veterans.” (I mean of course to insert the words into the right spot)

    Your friend,
    Pubic Relations Facilitator
    Dennis Truth Tokesalot

    1. @Dennis Truth Tokesalot – – – I want to thank you Sir for being a stand up VA employee. It takes a lot bullshit to be able to post on Ben’s blog knowing that Veterans are truly waiting for you to walk home a lone. Please where your sunglasses at night so that you won’t see it coming towards you.

      1. @ANV

        No problem at all! In fact, bullshit is almost a second language to me. No worries about wearing sunglasses because I wear them all the time. I am completely blind. This is why the VA put me in charge of the truth.

        It is a gift.

      2. @Dennis Truths Tokesalot – – – Dennis, Dennis, [he raises his voice], DENNIS, DENNIS. And still no response.

        Sir, are you challenged in hearing as well? If not, my Japanese peeps use an ear cleaning tool called a bamboo mimikaki [ear pick] for wax [cerumen] removal.

      3. @ANutterVet– I had this great aunt that was a cool cultural creative, artist, naturalist, homeopath, art professor, did astrology as more than a hobby, and quite frankly, she was a witch…but a good witch. (getting to the beef here)
        She had me try this method of beeswax imbibed cheesecloth that had been fashioned into a high point cone/funnel and you stuck the small end in your ear and she lit the upper end to cause an updraft, hence a mild suction coupled with heat, and as nerve-racking of an experience as it was indeed, it worked.

        Would I do it again? Nope. Beeswax drips and spatters. Cool to know though, but I would not try making these things by yourself or allowing the VA’s version to be performed which is old heating room furnace petrol poured into a plastic funnel while small end is in a Veteran’s ear and then the VA hack uses a flame thrower to ‘light the funnel’.
        It’s a mess either way. However, the Amish way you survive, the VA way, you die.

    2. @Dennis, you have me crying and laughing ? i can hardly take this!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!???

    3. @Dennis Truth Tokesalot, Public Relations Facilitator – – – THAT has got to be one of your TOP 10 funny posts!

      On a serious note – – – I have read your real story. While I have always known the VA is corrupt and useless, I never would have imagined it could be as bad as what I read. The grace with which you bear your experience speaks quite well of you. Guys like you give me hope that “America ain’t quite dead yet”.

      Not as long as there are moral upstanding people unafraid to speak out the truth. Just wish I could get some of my useless Congress Critters and Media to listen to me.

      The entire system that “takes care of veterans” is just one BIG shit sandwich. After what I experienced during my 18 years 9 months 6 days of honorable active-duty service – – – I would NEVER recommend that any youth join the military. Not because of the military itself, although that should be reason enough. But because of the BULLSHIT VA that they will be dealing with for the rest of their life.

      Best to avoid that CLUSTERFUCK entirely if one can.

    4. @@Dennis Truth Tokesalot — You caused me to test the velocity and psi rating of this brand new pair of Depends. Yet another failed beta test pair because I lost my gut laughing at your truthful post.

      I’m starting to think these Depends are nothing but Shit Sandwiches.

      1. Another poorly crafted Ur-in-it [P&G’s] warm bodily excrement catcher that is prescribed to Veterans with loose bladder flappers. LOL Truth though.

      2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 “Ur-in-it” 🙂 🙂 So true. Better than accidentally pissing on my cat…would not be an easy ER visit explanation convincing the ER staff that the claws of my pussy did that to me. 🙂

  11. Hey Paul Coupaud

    Got a few questions for you. You still out there following? I believe that you are but are just to much of a chicken shit to respond?

    Let’s recap; during 2014 when the wait list scandal hit the VAMC Phoenix and it is now know that more then 200 Veterans likely died because of the wait list with on told suffering of other Veterans.

    The VFW had a thieving, VFW Commander, named Kirk Douglas Davis who was not only employed in patient services, a member of the AFGE and a major thief stealing from Veterans. No doubt he was knocking down some major bucks between his multiple high dollar salaries, bonuses and all the money he was steeling.

    The DAV had you working as a mouth piece for the Corrupt VAMC. No doubt you were knocking down some major bucks between your multiple high dollar salaries, bonuses and all the money you were steeling.

    The American Legion also had their guy working for the totally corrupt VAMC. I do know his name just not going to state it yet. Who also was knocking down some major bucks between his multiple high dollar salaries, bonuses and all the money he was steeling.

    You Commanders of supposed “Veterans Service Organizations” all were stabbing real Veterans in the back to enrich yourselves while walking over the bodies of more than 200 veterans and blocked out hearing the pain and suffering of thousands of other Veterans on a daily basis.

    How does it feel knowing that Veterans all over are learning about how despicable you and the others truly are?

    Are you afraid?

      1. I was going to ask him how much the VA shelled out to send him, his wife, and that little piggy of his to fat camp. I am sure it was in the tens of thousands to help with his spoiled rotten child.

        That made up imaginary disease what otter nonsense. Just a spoiled little fat piggy.

        “Phoenix teen with rare eating disease has hope for the first time in her life”


    1. @Seymore Klearly – I’m still here. I can’t address anything you’re saying about the other VSO members, but as to your comment of “The DAV had you working as a mouth piece for the Corrupt VAMC. No doubt you were knocking down some major bucks between your multiple high dollar salaries, bonuses and all the money you were steeling.” – that’s not accurate. My position with the DAV was as a volunteer — I received no pay for being commander or as adjutant. Also, I had no role in speaking for the DAV or the VA at that time. I had one paying job – working for the VA – and have always worked hard to do my very best at it.

      1. Have you ever watch the Senate committee on veterans affairs.?

        If you have then you have seen VA employees interviews and you had to see the frustration the members had with VA trying to skirt around all the questions.

        Trying to get s straight answer from anyone at the VA is nearly impossible. !

        The committee was so use to double talk and or I plead the 5th. Who was in charge.?

        Answer” Not ME. ! Well who was, I don’t know that happened before I came on board.

        O.k., how many employees were held accountable and or fired. ! I don’t know have to get back to you.

        Are veterans being denied their deserved disability claims adjudicated.?

        Yes we deny claims and 90 % of those denied will not reapply. !

        Has anyone been held accountable, Yes. !
        How many I can’t give you that number right now.

        Your job is like the patient representative to intervein ! We know that the title patient representative is the wrong name for the position.

        Its should be called Management representative to try and block the veterans complaints.

        If that don’t work go to plan B accuse the veteran of being disruptive and punish them for complaining.

        Sir, how about the employee who falsely accused an inpatient of disruptive behavior, not knowing they were recorded and the e recording showed the employee pushing the veteran.

        This employee would have gotton away with it and the veteran would have been punished.

        So your job is to debunk or cover up to try and make the VA look good.

        You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the time. !

        You can put lipstick on a ?, but it’s still a ?. Even knowing this many at the VA will disagree and call it what ever they want.

        Do you have a problem with all VA employees wearing body cams, like the police are using.

        Why does the VA punish veterans by using the disruptive committee. Why are veteran’s not given any of their rights to defend themselves.

        Like being innocent, until proven guilty. Being able to face their accuser, able to seek council.

        Why are VA employees allowed to use heasay as being fact. How can a VA employee state that a veteran wants to murder staff member’s and not have to provide one piece of proof.

        Any management not ask for any proof and cover up for the employee and let the very employee making the false allegations answer any and all inquiries themselves !

        Do you see any problem with that. How about a veteran being accused of disruptive behavior and the director telling a senator that the veteran was never punished or any action taken.

        Where they know that is a lie and not only did they punish the veteran, they threatened the veteran with federal charges Arrest and banishment from all VA care, if they ever hear of that veteran is ever disruptive again.

        See anything wrong with this.? What would you do if this came in front of you for review. !

        Would you stay quite or would you file it or would you cover up for those involved and state there is more to the story, but do to privacy I can not make a statement at this time as it’s under investigation.

        How about setting up a program where regular veterans can be the panel to judge VA employees, when they harm a veteran and their results be final.

        Employees not have anyone to defend them. !

  12. WHY NO information or PUBLIC REPORTING of this: Currently, Acting Chief of Staff Dr John Becker, MD of Black Hills Health Care System (near Rapid City, SD) was put in this position in as a Emergency near early March 2017 due to the former CoS Dr Andrea Conti, Do being “FIRED” and is “currently Special Assignment?” due to being under a “Major VA Administration Investigation” per US Senator Rounds office I was told not long after returning from Care in the Community paid by the VA in Fl in early March 2017!
    I know many VA Employees here where not happy to be near or work under the former CoS for hostile work place environment CoS created and more! Let alone it took the now VA Sec Dr David Shulkin to force her to get my proper medical care 4 times calling this VA when once should have done it! in early Jan 2017!

    1. Interesting Jane.

      I note that the former Chief of Staff at Hot Springs South Dakota Dr. Andrea Conti was removed shortly after the hiring screw up at Hot Springs. They hadn’t hired the new employees to train at the new Call Center. They hadn’t even set up computer systems for the few employees they did hire to train on.

      Because of the screw up the back log of Veterans applications for health care have been growing at a rate of 24,000 per month.

      Of course they got the call center located there because the Hot Springs VAMC was slated to close based on a decision made by McDonald while he was Sec. but shulkin came out and claimed he wanted to close up to 1,100 VA facilities then the next day put out a press release that he was keeping the Hot Springs VAMC open.

      1. Agree the Call Center Part falls more on the Director really here! She came from Iowa from the HR Department with NO Medical knowledge per her statement to myself and many vets here! 🙁 She sent all medical problems to the CoS who was rally the Dir on many ares she should not have been!

        I am still trying to figure out how BHHCS has a “5-Star Rating!” when there really are no true specialist that VA Employees very few! the only thing I will give a “5-Star” rating to is the Residential PTSD/ Drug/Alcohol program here that is in a very Rural America setting in Hot Springs, SD!

        The Neuro here has had successful FTCA on her yet she keeps her job! 🙁 IMO she is a quack! I refuse to see her and fought for that now long ago! YEAH! but other vets here have had to suffer through her but many are able to get away from her how is that 5-star??

        My current VA-PCP is a NP as the MD who had moved here and closed her practice in FL lasted all of 8-months if that! 🙁 Part of it was former CoS! the MD prior also lasted only 8-9-months as well he came from another VA in Tulsa was a good Dr both of them! Currently it seems at the Hot Springs VAMC is only PAs or NPs for PCPs 🙁

        Honestly many times for family Dr even in civilian community I prefer NPs or PA if they have their crap together, which currently mine seems to have!

  13. Folks:

    That’s why I posted “~~GURGLE~~” as my last post last night. Was not in a great mood so I did not want that to be the cause for me to perhaps needlessly grammatically attempt to shred “Paul”….as I could smell the rank troll a mile away. The troll was kissing way too much ass…and made tons of excuses for the VA…and my suspicions were correct, per usual. Paul is not only a troll, but a MEGA VSO AFGE TROLL.

    Notice that Paul never would reply to my questions about him being an AFGE VA employee and attempting to make change from his unique position and as a…Veteran? Paul totally avoided anyone wielding a handful of VA Kyrptonite called accountability.

    Now I feel bad I did not stick around to shred Paul but just to be clear, FUCK OFF, PAUL. Get back to your AFGE and VSO Piggy Teat and suckle away while Veterans suffer and are dying while your employer the VA is lying. ASSHOLE.

    Rant Out and I feel better! 🙂 (always remember that poop canons can work both ways and some people ARE poop canons when acting as spokeshack for the VA)

    1. Namnibor,

      Have you ever seen karma in action?

      “Phoenix teen with rare eating disease has hope for the first time in her life”


    2. Another Great Article on the Phoenix VAMC and it’s relationship to piggy VSOs. Also their mouthpiece of denial Paul Coupaud. It seems one of the problems that lead to the total corruption at the VAMC is the fact the Commanders of the VSOs all work there with some very high dollar jobs. These commanders clearly had only one concern and it wasn’t Veterans. They just didn’t know when to stop feeding at the piggy trough.

      “Phoenix VA mum about employee facing felony theft charges”
      Dennis Wagner , The Republic | azcentral.com 6:30 a.m. MT Nov. 17, 2016

      “Former commander of VFW post in Avondale under indictment for alleged theft of over $115,000 from veterans’ service organization”

      “An employee at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix remains on the job more than two months after being indicted on charges that he embezzled $115,000 or more from a VFW post in Avondale.

      Kirk Douglas Davis, 56, former commander of the Patrick Tillman Memorial VFW Post 40, was arrested Aug. 31 at the VA hospital on Indian School Road and subsequently charged with seven counts of fraud, forgery, theft and identity theft.

      An initial complaint filed by prosecutors put the Veterans of Foreign Wars post’s loss at $115,000. However, other court records say Davis wrote about 20 checks to himself for $212,000 from the service organization’s account, and made additional unauthorized purchases. The indictment says Davis also forged and falsified financial reports.”

      “Phoenix VA staffers, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, said Davis had been a patient-services employee at the hospital until recently, with access to veterans’ Social Security numbers, birth dates, medical files and other identity information. He was transferred to a position as an information clerk and phone operator early this month after The Arizona Republic made inquiries about his employment.

      Phoenix VA officials declined to comment on Davis’ status, even refusing to verify that he is an employee.”

      “Seeking to erase convictions”
      Paul Coupaud, a public affairs officer for the Phoenix VA Health Care System, acknowledged via email that an employee’s position, pay and other basic information are public information. However, Coupaud said, in circumstances where a staffer’s reputation might be impugned, such as a criminal allegation, the worker “would enjoy unique privacy protections.””

      “Amid a nationwide crisis in care and leadership, Department of Veterans Affairs administrators have struggled to balance workplace accountability with due-process and privacy rights of employees. The VA has been rebuked repeatedly by members of Congress for failing to take swift or decisive action with employees who have been convicted of crimes or face serious charges.

      The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is seeking to prosecute Davis as a repeat offender based on a felony theft conviction in 2004. At that time, according to court records, Davis stole products from a stereo-manufacturing company where he worked. A pre-sentencing report says he sold one of the pilfered stereos and gave away others as retribution against his company after he failed to get a promotion. He was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay restitution.

      In 2006, Davis sought to have the theft conviction erased. Prosecutors objected, arguing that a felony record puts the public on notice, and prospective employers “should not be deprived of the opportunity to protect themselves from the defendant’s possible recidivism.” A judge restored Davis’ civil rights but did not throw out the conviction.

      A year later, Davis reapplied to have the conviction vacated. Prosecutors objected again, but a judge granted the request.”

      “Avondale VFW post

      Davis, who served as commander of the VFW post in Avondale for seven years, resigned amid the criminal investigation. In a direct complaint filed before the indictment, prosecutors said a newly elected quartermaster, or treasurer, notified Avondale police of financial irregularities last year. Investigators said they correlated VFW check payouts with deposits in Davis’ bank account. The complaint says Davis acknowledged buying tires for a vehicle with VFW funds, but denied cashing checks for personal use.

      The VFW bank accounts allegedly were drained from about $213,000 to $54,000, according to court records.

      Roger Gowen, state commander for the VFW, declined comment on the prosecution of Davis, but said Post 40 suffered a significant financial loss and members were hurt by the incident. Nevertheless, he added, the post remains fully operational, carrying out programs under new leadership.”

      Full article at: “https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2016/11/17/phoenix-va-mum-employee-facing-felony-theft-charges/93454622/”


      Also Namnibor watch were you step it seems there is piggy droppings all over this page.

      1. Oh and for a look at the smiling face of the former commander of the VFW there.


      2. Interesting Seymore. So not only does the VA hire a felon into a sensitive position with access to veterans personal data, they only transfer him to a different position when he is indicted again.

        Yet the VA has so many friggin travel fraud posters up warning veterans of penalties for committing travel fraud, one can’t tell the difference between the posters and wall paper.

    3. @namnibor – I’m not sure what I’ve said to upset you; that was not my intention. Sorry if I didn’t reply in a timely manner to your questions. I didn’t mean to make you wait. I did post my history with the DAV on another response and also, I’ll mention again, did say I’m not a dues paying AFGE member. Not sure how I can prove that to you though.

      @Seymore Klearly – Yes, I did have a short response on that article. Please note I’m not making excuses, government employees to have privacy also and there are limits on what we can legally say about an employee.


      1. @Paul Coupaud, you sound like a sincere individual, but you are part of the AFGE membership whether you pay dues or not. That is the way it is setup when you hire into a department of veteran affairs medical center facility you can elect to pay dues or not, but you are still a member of the AFGE.

        That is where i see the half truths to what you are stating. You want to walk around the truth. Sorry the Disabled Veterans, Veterans and supporters of Veterans on this blog have been thru hell and back because of their encounters with the va, vha, vba and other va’s affiliates. Don’t try to bullshit us we know the truth or will eventually find it. Veterans like Seymore Klearly can definitely find it and he doesn’t have to work that hard because he has the ability, skills and knowledge.

        I knew a public affairs officer and she was basically someone who handled the Facebook page of the medical center and talked to the media when questions were raised. She looked out for the va medical centers interest first not the Veterans. If more corruption comes out of the va medical center your employed at will you tell the truth and put the Veteran first in your story? Just asking….

      2. @Paul Coupaud, the statement sounds good, but the reality of it is a huge quagmire with very few who are able to get out without damage after blowing the whistle. You will be surprised at what lengths people will go to keep their criminal acts quiet. The amount of people who are in on the scheme will come to you as a shock as well. The numbers of people that will hate and undermine you at a va workplace will never stop increasing. You may be one of many who are in a protective bubble who have seen no corruption, negligence or crime.

        When you see real lives lost from corruption and negligence that reality never goes away for a moral individual. If you have morals and beliefs in a higher power that everyone someday has to answer to, you will have the conviction to tell the truth. Best wishes if that is your path you plan to take.

      3. @Ex va – – – “When you see real lives lost from corruption and negligence that reality never goes away for a moral individual.”

        Amen to that! In a slightly altered sense – – – it also helps to explain PTSD . . . and why the VA is the last place in the world to get the help so many veterans who struggle with it desperately need.

      4. @Disgruntled Veteran, agree with you completely. The va fails thru corruption and negligence. PTSD is a horrible mental disorder and a deadly disease to Veterans and others who have witness loss of life, war zone, and extreme trauma. Some individuals will never live a normal life after these horrific events. Every war they estimate 35% of Veterans will suffer with PTSD symptoms. And some Veterans will never heal and will suffer the remainder of their lives with PTSD. Some WWII Veterans still suffer today with PTSD symptoms.

      5. @Ex va – – – Yeah. I and I daresay millions of other veterans personally know way more about PTSD than we want to. Been a real education – – – and the “tuition price” is mightily steep. On top of that – – – the VA just keeps throwing forms at vets to fill out.

        Cause, you know – – – Vets with TBI/PTSD are completely mentally competent to understand all those legal forms without having the right to have access to an attorney . . .

        We don’t get that until WAY later in the VA Game . . .

      6. U wonder how many veterans have been living with not only PTSD but not knowing they have a traumatic brain injury.

        Turned down for treatment time and time again. Those veterans Maybe a big number of veterans that took their lives.

        When a veteran admits to past suicide attempts, this information is used against the veterans, by saying he is a danger to himself or other’s and MAY in the future become disruptive, so charge him with disruptive now before it happens.

        The way they are going after Trump is the way they should be going after VA employees that think they are above the Law.

        Anyone that cover ups wrongdoing or defends it.

        Listening to veterans would be a good start.

      7. @James Gallegos – – – “When a veteran admits to past suicide attempts, this information is used against the veterans, by saying he is a danger to himself or other’s and MAY in the future become disruptive, so charge him with disruptive now before it happens.”

        (Chuckle) Have you been reading my file Sir? You know what happened to me. (Chuckle)

        You are quite correct. And that practice by the VA further magnifies the tragedy that wounded combat veterans with unseen scars must endure on a daily basis.

        I really appreciate and enjoy your postings. Quite thoughtful.

      8. Great half minds think alike I guess. People like me and you who had these disabilities and refused care, did so with all that comes with this disability.

        Self medicating, and all that comes with it. Problems with the Law. Divorce, avoidance, suicidal attempts, memory loss. Second guessing yourself.

        Called milinger, faker, drunk and I forgot the rest.

        Then to have a disgruntled employee falsely accuse me of disruptive behavior and not have to provide any proof.

        That in itself, should be a crime against a disabled person.

        I’m afraid you and myself are not the only one’s this happened too, many are in the same boat.

        I guess they think just because we have a disability were stupid and they can do what ever they want and we will sit back and let them. !

        That’s what they get for thinking. !

    4. @namnibor, MEGA VSO AFGE TROLL!!! ROFL!!! Perfect… i laughed so hard today at some of these comments, i just about couldn’t take it… thank you!!! we don’t get a lot of those types of trolls!!! ROFL!!!! ????????!!!!!

  14. @Ex va – It is good. Its a light late night snack and not overfilling. Wife buys a big package with smaller packages inside. Even the K9 loves it. Always pushes his snout against my arm to give him some more. He has me trained already. Spoiled rotten this guy is. Good night my Brother.

    1. @ANutterVet, sounds like he loves you. Lol. Or the food. Lol. Mine does the same thing. Take care and goodnight.

  15. @cj – My comment was not directed towards you. Nor did I mean it to be offensive. I was upset because Ex referred to someone in the VA making the absurd comment about that there are no problems in VA health care.

    Good night. And God bless you: @Ex va and @cj. Ex I don’t know if I shared with you that I have to lean over unto my right side to post from my laptop that sits on a chair. So now my right side gets all cramped up and sore from laying on this side for a long period of time. So I’m going to sign off as well.

    Good night, and God bless you and your family [includes 4 legged family members, roaches, flies, and other weird pets that you may have, and don’t want to tell anyone]. I understand, we all have problems. Or out of the norm of things. Good night Ben’s World. And, you VA employees and affiliates, I hope that you twist and turn all night long, and sign off in giving a needy Veteran monies that they didn’t apply for. Or a larger sum with their approved claim. I can always wish or hope, right? Good night.

  16. This VA bullshit has me worked up that I opened a package of N. Korea’s Roasted and Seasoned Seaweed previously soaked in Green Tea. What this will do, I don’t know but it tastes good. And, I’m sorry but I lied, the seaweed is from S. Korea. Now me looking for the rice.

    1. @ANutterVet, i am calling it a night. God Bless you and yours. Have a good night. Take care.

  17. @Ex va,@ANutterVet, Got to say goodnight men. God Bless you and your families. If anyone doubts what I said about this claim scheme, I will post the info tomorrow. Just ask, or I will leave it as is.

    Later Gators!

  18. And the third thing that I picked up on pertaining to @Paul Coucaud, [3] VA employees that aren’t serious will never say that Veterans are beneficiary’s of the VA. They usually refer to Veterans as customers. WTF.

  19. @Ex va – I must of missed something. Ex you wrote . . . “I am wondering if this guy was on of the guys who went in front of one of the congressional committees and stated that there were no problems in the treatment of Veterans in the va medical system…”

    When did this happen? That is an absurd statement to make such a claim. That’s like a Police Commissioner saying that not one of his troops has a problem. Bullshit!!!

    @cj – Did you take your meds?

    1. @ANutterVet, LOL, yes I took my meds, no I am not off my rocker. I tell you the truth.

      1. No, no, I wasn’t saying anyone was off their rocker, or not telling the truth. I was referring to what Ex said about the person testifying at a Congressional Hearing, when the person said that there were no problems with Veterans receiving medical care in VA Medical Centers.

    2. @ANutterVet, it was a few months back when they met with the vso’s and ask them about problems in the va. They denied that there was any problems. I will have to look for that one. Maybe you tube.

  20. I was talking with nutter earlier about the VA. If there were no veterans to use the VA, it would still exist. It is an agency set up to plunder the publics money. The unions are the plunderers, and the politicians who keep the unions in place are the beneficiary. It is an agency being used to spread the wealth, to people from disadvantaged countries. One big money grabbing, social engineering, union payback, campaign funding scheme. It is known from the supreme Court on down to the political appointees at the VA. We veterans are just an annoyance and a necessity to fool the public.

    1. @cj, it is a sick and sad state of affairs. The department of veterans affairs is too big of an agency and cannot be corrected and will not be corrected because it exists to be beneficial for an elite few such as overpaid corrupt employees, contractors and politicians and others who wish to harm this government by destroying it from inside. It has a budget that cannot be balanced or accounted for and congress continues to fund it. I think the public wants the Veterans taken care of, the problem is the delivery of the care, the department of veterans affairs cannot be trusted.

  21. @cj – So much is going on. Are you saying that when a Veteran files a claim, and before there is a decision on the claim, that a dam VA employee opens a bogus account, and then collects monies on the said claim? Dam, eureka for the VA employee, while we eat dirt. Fuck them.

    1. @,ANutterVet, I am saying once the claim is denied, the director opens the account. It has been proven in a court of law. I have posted the link over and over again. Google ” secret code on dd214″ it is a one and a half hour video, every veteran should watch. It is slow at first, just stick with it till the end.

      1. I watched it once. Must have been tired and fell asleep during the presentation. There is so dam much that goes on with the VA. Its very time consuming [they make it that way]. That’s another means of VA confusing Veterans and making it very hard to get help. Again, fuck them.

  22. The VA denies a veterans claim. At the same time the director, opens an account with the same claim number, only under a fake name. Some upward of 500 k per month per facility. Monies from this illegal scam, are funneled to various politicians election campaigns. It is well known from the top on down. If you think your elected officials are about to stop the money flow, then your an idiot.

  23. Untill the AFGE/SES, is removed from the agency, nothing will change. No matter what any VA employee says, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Bottom line, they choose dollars over veterans every time. The ones that do step up, are destroyed.

    1. @cj, you are correct, that is exactly how they get promoted… Keep the lies, corruption and crimes a dirty secret for a promotion or a position. Their hands are blood soaked with innocent Veteran lives.

      If a commander of the dav doesn’t know how a Veteran can get benefits, then what the hell is he doing in that position if he cannot help the Veteran get the benefits he earned???!!!

      1. Hi @Ex VA – There’s a difference between being a DAV commander and being a trained DAV service office. The service officers are the ones who go through the training to help Veterans with claims and benefits. I have never been a DAV service officer or undergone that training.

  24. Hey Paul Coupaud,

    Greatly appreciate your coming here to help us less educated Veterans understand the VA a little bit better.

    I really appreciated your response to Brian Moyers comment where you stated the following:

    “Can I explain the disconnect of why one Veteran gets benefits while a Veteran in a seemingly identical situation/condition does not? Unfortunately, no – I honestly don’t have the words and that’s unfortunately not the first time I’ve heard stories like that. I really wish I could, but as I alluded above, the VA has three different administrations — health, benefits and cemetery. I work on the health side, and the issue your describing is a benefits issue. I do really wish I know more or were at a level high enough to get insight into that for you.”

    I am wondering if you can put aside your position as Chief of Medical Media at the VAMC and your roll in the AFGE Union then just call upon your experience as Commander of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter One. I think then you might find you do know the answers.

    I note that you were the Commander of the DAV chapter at the VAMC when the wait list scandal started in November of 2014. For the life of me I cannot find any news releases from you at that time. Also it seems someone is very embarrassed about their connection to the DAV.

    Here the hospital was able to get away with so much and nothing is done by the DAV. Not even a peep by the DAV about it.

    Was that because the Veterans Administration and the AFGE had the DAV Commander in their pocket?

    You truly must have been making some mega bucks at the time.

    Bet you never even lost a minute of sleep over what happened. Did you?

    1. @Seymore Klearly, thank you, thank you, you should be an private investigator. This guy didn’t make sense in his responses and comments. He would be rubbing elbows with upper management in a va medical center. DAV Commander oh great. Now a public affairs officer for a va medical center….
      I wonder if he was pre-selected for the position of public affairs officer??!!!

      Of course, why not…..

    2. @Seymore Klearly – – – I knew it!!! Thanks Seymore. @Paul Coupaud, please respond to Seymore’s statement. Not in the mood. There is no more trust to be taken away. Its gone, forever. Do you know what I picked up on Paul?

      [1] You posted your real name on Ben’s blog. This seemed odd due to others getting retaliated against for doing or trying to do something good for Veterans that went against the grain of the VA’s norm.

      [2] VA employees are always there to correct something that was previously published by Ben, but at the same time, after it is corrected, we hardly or don’t hear from them later on.

      @Underwater basket weaver specialist May 16, 2017 at 8:21 pm

      UBWS – You stated, “A significant # of followers and posters resent the VA for legitimate reasons and assume this site is monitored by VA officials. Your comment seems genuine and you don’t appear to me to be a troll. However, watch your 6 because retaliation is real in the VA regardless of your intent. Trust me I know all to well.

      Nutter’s Response – – – Ben’s site is being monitored by VA employee(s). Assumption is not in the mix. When is the last time that you seen a VA employee admit to things that were wrong, jump in to try and fix the matter, and at the same time keep you updated on what’s going on? Thanks. – – – Nutter

    3. I am wondering if this guy was on of the guys who went in front of one of the congressional committees and stated that there were no problems in the treatment of Veterans in the va medical system…

    4. @Seymore Klearly – Thanks for your comments and it seems you’ve done your homework on me! LOL! Please let me know where you found my info as I clearly need to update a few things. For one, I’m not currently the chief of the medical media department here. Second, and a couple people posting have alluded to AFGE membership as well, but I am not a dues paying member of the AFGE and never have been since I started working for VA. And yes, I was the commander of DAV chapter 1 here in Phoenix. It’s a small chapter and is one of several chapters in the state. It is not a paid position and my work with the chapter was voluntary. We met one evening a month and worked on a few fundraising activities to help Veterans that made requests from our chapter. As I was subordinate to the state and national DAV leadership, it was not within my authority to make opinion or policy comments on behalf of the DAV. My role with the DAV is not something I am in the least bit ashamed of or have ever tried to hide. I was able to help many Veterans in that capacity and look on my two years as president (and 2-3 years prior as chapter adjutant) with great satisfaction. If you judge only by news releases, I don’t think have been any in the years leading up to or since my time as chapter commander.

      A couple people have asked how I sleep at night. Admittedly, it’s not easy sometimes. I take my job very personally, and my work world goes home with me every night. I’m a Veteran too – and just as I took care of my troops when I was in the Air Force, I want to continue to do the best I can to take care of Veterans from my current position. If at the end of the day I feel I did everything in MY power to do that, then that helps me sleep.

      @ANutterVet – Retaliation is a concern, of course, but my personal beliefs in doing what’s right override that. My purpose in coming here wasn’t to slam the VA or get myself in trouble, but just provide information on what I saw as an error in reporting – Nothing more. As for my continued participation here, I do read the blog from time to time but admit I don’t catch every posting and don’t always delve into the comments. If there is something I can comment on, I’d be happy to. That said, if the regulars here prefer I don’t want my perspective or want me to participate, I’ll just as easily go back into lurker mode. For what it’s worth, I’m not here to blindly defend the VA and I’m not here to create any animosity against the VA or myself. If my presence is welcome, I’d be happy to and honest and respectful participant in this community. If that isn’t welcome or other participants can’t do the same, then I may not be very active.

      @Ben – I’ve put my work email in the blank for my comment postings. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for whatever process you have for vetting, or for comments, etc. Happy to help however I can.


      1. I don’t speak for the other 8474 fans/followers but I like him for some reason Pauls’ vibration feels right, a shimmering beautiful blue hue.

      2. NiteWish you must be smoking that shit DENNIS has to get that blue hue…LOL

      3. Actually the strand is called Purple Snowcap, feel good wanna get things done side-affect

      4. Thank you for responding somewhat truthfully Paul. Personally I see you as someone who was a Commander of a VSO and the Chief of the Medical Media Department at a very Corrupt VAMC. As a Commander of the VSO you met twice a month in Building 21 at the same Corrupt VAMC.

        All the while trampling over the bodies of Veterans who were suffering and dying and yet you did nothing about it. That doesn’t even include the thousands of Veterans who suffered needlessly or their families. Yet you did nothing about it.

        And not to mention the fact that you are supporting organizations that are fighting against Veterans having a right to choose their own health care providers or use attorneys to represent them in matters dealing with the VA.

        I take it from your play on words that you have never been a dues paying member of the AFGE means that in reality you are one of the VA employees who also works for the AFGE on our taxpayer dollars.

        Given you are coming here to blow smoke up our already Chapped rear ends.

        Maybe you could review the Document at the following link and tell us all how the DAV differs from the subject of the document.

        Also wonder if you care to share your membership info for the other so called VSOs.


      5. @Seymore Klearly – Didn’t intend for that to be a play on words about the union. I know union coverage is different depending on if you’re a supervisor – which I am, thus I’m not a member of the union as the union could not then represent both myself as well as someone who reports to me. People who are supervisors can elect to join the union for the benefits, but I’ve not done that.

        As for other VSOs, I think I signed up for a one year membership with VFW shortly after I retired from the military in 2007, but have never renewed. I’m also not a member of any other VSO. As far as my work with the DAV, it’s important to know that our chapter — though large in number of members enrolled — struggled most meetings to even have a quorum to vote on how we did business. And while the DAV and other 501(c)4 VSOs can lobby Congress to affect change, they can’t do anything directly about how VA operates.

        As to the link, I’m not really familiar with AMVETS and can’t shed any light on how they are structurally alike/different from DAV or other VSOs. All I can tell you is what I know from when I was active with the DAV: Our priority was helping homeless Veterans and our efforts and money were spent to help as many as we could.

  25. @Ex – Are there any pruning techniques to improve the yield of the fruits?

    1. @ANutterVet, the problem with strawberries is sometimes they want to send out runners for daughter strawberry plants. They don’t want to produce, so i cut the runners. I guess that would be pruning.

    2. ANutterVet, I tried to buy some time so Seymore could research him. We sure could use some insiders on our side.
      I know a trick it came from the book What a plant knows: a field guide to the senses by biologist Daniel Chamovitz & I’ve been using it since 2013 so I know it works. You need a RED Laser light ~ cat toy~ a dark moonless night. It only takes a second just hit your plants that you want to bloom between the hours of midnight & 2am with the red light. It must be dark. Watch out for weeds, they’ll bloom too. Works on anything indoors or outdoors that produces a flower except an Orchid.
      I also use B.C. Bloom Hydroponic Nutrients. Its expensive I use any left over solution from MMJ grow & dilute it a lot before I put on outside plants. All plants love that stuff & reward me with many flowers. Worked really well on the winter Peas this year & my blackberry’s are full with flowers already.

  26. @cj – Same for me. It was taking those cheap generics yellow capsules with no relieve. And like you, VA will not prescribe the big C = Clonazepam. Better yet, Klonopin.

    1. @ANutterVet, I am lucky, not having to depend on the VA, and have great private doctors. I wish all veterans had the same choices I have.

  27. Sorry for the delayed answers, still using a tablet. Will have my laptop up and running by the end of the week.

  28. @Ex va: They are on well water, and the plot they are letting me use, is within 200 ft of the spigot. Very lucky to have use of this. Very nice people.

    1. @cj, sounds like you are all set up. Lol. Well water is good for the plants. Glad the people are nice.

  29. @cj – Glad to hear that you can now figure out a new treatment dosage, and finally get some relieve from that painful neuropathy. I don’t recall if you ever mentioned at any time of the VA trying to pump you up on Neurontin/Gabapentin. This is one of their go to meds. I know of some Vets that take upwards of 3.6 grams/day divided into 3 doses of 1.2 grams. I tried it once, didn’t work.

    @Ex va – Sounds like your pain eased up. Don’t forget to fert those berries. The both of you should be having some nice weather. We hit 80 today [bout 37 miles South of Philly].

    1. @ANutterVet, Good to hear from you. The weather is better. Glad you are getting some warm weather. I use the miracle grow, last year i used all the specialized strawberry fertilizer, probably need to get some more. That stuff is expensive. The leaves are huge this year, i hope the plants are not putting all the energy in the leaves.

      1. @Ex va: Doin okay, sore from preparing a new garden area on a local farm. It’s good to hear your doing better.

      2. @cj, how is your health issues? i hope you are doing a little better. You got the land!!! Good for you! You have a huge harvest this year!

      3. @Ex va: The problems I have been having, are due to nerve damage in my back. The great VA, has me trying to taper off the wrong med. Private doctor has me all squared away.

      4. @cj, had a few ripe strawberries this week. Only a few were big. I thought with this rain they would be huge. I don’t know, maybe need fertilizer, i put some on over the winter. Sounds like you have been really busy. That is great.

      5. @Ex va: Excellent you have strawberries already. I hope to have this new garden planted before the weekend is over. I need to make it look professional since they refuse to charge for the land. They know it’s to feed veterans. Our politicians don’t give a shit about veterans, but it’s clear the farmers in this country do.

      6. @cj, glad your private doctor found that. The great va, another unsuccessful diagnosis/treatment. Glad it can be corrected. You are going to have your hands full with that extra land. Lol.

      7. @Ex va: All the farmers I have ever met, love this country, and its veterans.
        Unlike our politicians who only give a shit about themselves.

      8. @cj, that is great that they know you are using it to help feed Veterans. God Bless you. You are reaching out to Veterans who you probably will never get to meet, but they will be so happy to get the fresh vegetables. So glad they are letting you use it for free. You will make it look great. I live around some good farmers and they would feed you for free if you asked. It is shameful that the people care and the government doesn’t care. I think these farmers should be subsidized and supported like other governments do for their farmers in bad years so they don’t lose their farms but they are not.

      9. @cj, i hope you can get to the water for that new land. Hope it is not too hard for you to take care of those plants.

  30. @Ben, about the art. No pictures hanging, and nametags looked phony at best. I’m really tired of the same old names. Hasn’t Shulkin been there long enough to expose these criminals? The secrets in the VA is cancerous. Their lies turn into our deaths. Their fraud turns into Veterans wait time scandals. What they won’t report turns into thousands of families suffering. Why is this acceptable? Our Country has fired Presidents, and these sick sons of bitches who are responsible for this mess are safe from responsibility, and get rewarded for making Veterans lives miserable. Have I mentioned we need Dr.’s? I also have heard there’s a cure for PTSD. It’s sad that disabled Veterans have to raise money for their own health and deal with all the unnecessary crap they put us through. Some day…. I wonder which upcoming and unnecessary death will be the one… how do the Paul’s in our world sleep.

  31. Whatever the mistake in the post brought Paul out of the closet. I’d like to welcome you Paul. I hear another VA representative saying, ” I know, but “. Keep coming back… God Bless the Veterans and their families, and maybe a few……………. a couple….. employees.

    1. @Namnibor – – – Wipe your chin. That garble came from the VA pharmacy. It will eat your skin. Federal DA Sessions is on the prowl.

  32. @91Veteran – – – I don’t believe that it is me, but it sure seems like VA employees have a hell of a lot more protection that backs them up compared to us, “sign on the line” boy’s have. After today’s incidents, I’ve lost any traces of trust the I have in the VA system. Shootz, the VA doesn’t even have an open door policy where employees can freely submit complaints where they know that the VA system needs to be changed. And if they do, their retaliated against for speaking up. That’s when I ask myself, “if an employee can’t freely speak out about things that are wrong, its all talk, all talk.” Just saying.

    And, if most VA employees want the best for Veteran care, then our Elected Officials and those that are authorized to make changes in the VA, their phones and doors should be a welcome mat to hear from VA employees and others the areas of concern. NEXT.

    1. Off Topic – – – Hillary Clinton has a new PAC, Onward-Together. The next Presidential Election is going to be something. The resistance of the left will not let up. Lock her up! Shootz, lock them all up! Open all Elected Officials books up to be inspected for accountability. They’re running now to get their second set of books.

      1. AnutterVet, I believe this was the post by Ben I was talking about where she gave a disastrous PR response to Tucker Carlson.


      2. NUTTER Open all Elected Officials books up to be inspected for accountability….. I would suggest all the politicians disclose all there stock holdings and you will see why they vote for certain bills and not other ones its all about fatting the wallet

      3. @91Veteran – Thanks for the reference pertaining to HRC.

        @OLDMARINE – Yeah, disclose all stock, bonds, and other areas of investments. All hell will break out.

    2. Anuttervet, you have to look no further than the DBC’s to realize veterans have nowhere near the rights VA employees have.

      As for Coupaud, yes, he is a veteran, but Ben posted an article here on Phoenix recently which linked to another news article in which Coupaud was quoted…or misquoted if he wants to claim that.

      From what I recall, the quote was misleading at best.

  33. Ben, I posted a comment suggesting you are being played, but I think it might be stuck in your spam filter. It contained some links such as to this LinkedIn site at: “https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/256754993” showing what results come up when searching on the job title used at the Geebo site. I thought I put the links in quotes, but I may have missed one.

    Within that LinkedIn post is a Job Announcement number, VHA22-PN-16-1787190-PDS, which is for a VAMC Director position…at Phoenix, but the post shows the announcement closed in September 2016.

    Anyway, if you can allow that comment, it contains other details on VA job postings…and none of them are posted at a free classified ad site like Geebo, which is a registered domain in McLean, VA.

    I think you were fed bad information, or your source was fed bad information.

    Would I be surprised the VA is hiring another director for that shithole? No. Not as long as they keep recycling other corrupt, incompetent hacks into that job.

    1. Phoenix VAMC is just the location where the turds surface in the swamp water system, then rollover a few times then dive back down into the bowels of the VA meat grinder to surface where, no one knows. Much like the earth’s water conveyor system, the VA has an entire turd current network (TCN).

    2. Interesting. Within that LinkedIn post is another vacancy number for SES if they don’t meet the education requirements. Searching on that vacancy number produces some interesting results.

      For vets that have been screwed for years over VocRehab benefits, did you know the VA has their own Learning University? “https://www.valu.va.gov/slicksheet/view/62”

      Or that they have a Corporate Employee Development Board where management flunkies can attend some prestigious schools to learn how to be a good little stooge? “https://www.valu.va.gov/SlickSheet/View/10”

      I guess if your Voc Rehab is late, maybe the VA was too busy paying for their upper management getting training.

      Another interesting link is to this Senior Executives Association page where many SES’s in VA were against moving the SES workforce from Title 5 to Title 38.

      The article includes:

      “Key findings include:

      • 64% do not support the proposed move to Title 38 – where career executives would have few workplace protections, but an opportunity for an increase in salary

      • Frustration with Congress, VA leadership, and fear of unfair media or Congressional scrutiny are among the top factors for an executive to consider leaving the federal workforce, as well as providing pause for talented candidates considering executive roles at the VA

      • 97% of VA executives expressed some degree of concern about the ability of the agency to fill SES vacancies with highly qualified candidates

      The report also offers several recommendations as alternatives the Title 38 proposal, such as the full utilization of Title 5 authorities to address compensation, performance, or misconduct. This would include the use of critical pay to better compensate qualified medical professionals.”

      The page is at: “https://seniorexecs.org/21-news/press-releases/633-va-ses-weigh-in-on-va-proposal-pr”

      Another interesting link is to the MSPB site at: “https://www.mspb.gov/vases/” showing various VA flunkies appealing their removal, including Helman, Rubens and Graves.

  34. @Paul Coupaud, @NiteWish, @Seymore Klearly, @Namnibor, @cj, @Ex va, @OLDMARINE, @Crazy elf, @Dennis, @Brian Moyer, @cj @Ex va, @Disgruntled Veteran, @91Veteran, @Lem, @James Gallegos, @Jo3n, @Bill, @Windguy, @Don Karg, @OLDMARINE, @Ron Nesler, @Gary, @Warhorse, @Dan F, @Fred Locke, @Rick B

    Paul, I’m sorry for seeming to be harsh in my response to your posts. So for me to have no doubt that you want to make positive changes in the VA to protect Veterans, you have your work cut out for you. I don’t know how long that you’ve been monitoring, or to just stop by to read the posts on Ben’s blog, but as you may have noticed, we have many valid complaints against the VA.

    So to make things easier for you, I cut and pasted a couple posts, to present a unfinished list of areas that the VA should have fixed long ago. And, let me remind you, every day between 20-22 Veterans commit suicide each and every day. That’s priority number one; to save lives.

    Here are the posts [my fellow Veterans, please add to the list];

    [1] are committing suicide at a reported rate of about 22 lives a day [personally, I think this is low], [2] Veteran’s claims are held up for double-digit years due to no streamlining during processing, [3] the granting of compensation and pension have been reneged, [4] unnecessary stress has been put on Veterans to repay monies that were previously granted to Veterans, [5] Veterans are shortchanged due to VA using Evidence/Experienced-Based Medicine (EBM) to diagnose and treat medical conditions, [6] VA Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Pharmacologists are prescribing Generic Medications that have less efficacy compared to Brand Name Medications (this frequently occurs, VA does nothing about it, I know because I informed my PCP and Pharmacy), [7] Veterans are given poor quality medical supplies (band aids slide on you skin, lidocaine patch falls off your back, containers break during shipment), [8] when VA does prescribe Vitamins, Minerals, or other Supplements, they are of low quality, and they’re inadequately assimilated in the body, [9] dangerous and deadly spoiled rotten bacteria infused VA cafeteria food products, . . .

    and [10] – – -> If I missed some areas where the VA is lacking, please list them below, under my post. <- – –

    I would like to keep a current running list of VA problems. – – – Nutter


    Ex va May 13, 2017 at 2:46 am

    10). Wait list time scandal, fraud and negligence. 11). Negligence is covered up. 12). Over prescribing of medications. 13). Non-sterile equipment and bandages 14). CREDENTIALING AND PRIVELEDGING doctors/providers…… I know i am missing a lot of issues.


    James Gallegos May 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    You missed no 15, they just don’t give a shit !
    Whom they harm. Who’s going to believe a veteran anyway.

    Paul, the areas listed above are only some of the issues that need attention. I don't know how long that you've been with the VA, but if you're in any position to make changes, you should already be aware of these points of interest. And if not, well, here we go again.

    Thank you, good luck, and please list any clarifications. – – – Nutter, May 16, 2017 10:25pm [per my system]

    1. Nutter — good list, comprehensive. I wish I were in a position to make those kind of changes, but I’m not. The only one I can personally address is #15 — yes, there are some people who are just collecting their check, but I also know many who do genuinely care and want to provide the best care possible. I’m not in any position to affect policy, employee performance (other than the few who work for me that I’m responsible to and for), medical purchasing, and so on. What I *can* do from my position is just try to help the Veterans I encounter on a daily basis. Whether they wander into my office, make a note on a comment card or through our website, or post to our Facebook page – I do try to own the issue and see it through as far as I possibly can. Some days it does feel like I’m one guy fighting a forest fire — not in the sense that I’m the only one, but just that it seems there are an overwhelming number of Veterans who need help. That said, I’m printing and saving your list – it’s a great reminder to me. Many thanks!

      1. @Paul Poupaud – – – Thanks Paul. Please do these two things; send your contact information into Ben for vetting. Afterwards, change your handle so that no troll from the VA recognizes your name, therefore setting you up for retaliation. Since the VA retaliates against a well know practicing physician, they’ll retaliate against you. No offense. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      2. Sorry about that. I thought I told my finger to push the C key, but it landed on the P key. VA meds.

      3. @Paul Poupaud, do you not meet with the front office weekly or daily as a public affairs officer? You do meet with the Director, Associate Director, Chief of Staff, and other Chiefs of service/care lines? You could pass the information on…

      4. @Ex VA and @ANutterVet — thanks! I did send a note to Ben with my info for whatever process he needs.

        Most of our day-to-day communication is email or phone as it’s usually more efficient, but I’ll definitely pass the information on — thanks!

        And no worries on the name, it’s an easy one to mess up. 😉

  35. Just an observation! I think what we are expecting from the VA, and our politicians is ludicrous, we veterans must be absolutely insane. Think about it, the above VA art drives the point home. We sign the dotted line to protect our country, and some even gave their lives. Those same politicians that would send us to our deaths​, defending this country, are the same politicians, that turned around and gave it away, as evidenced in the bad art. And we think these assholes will change it? Are you fucking insane? I think, we would be better off getting together, and having one hell of a party every year, and watching each other’s 6. At this party we could strategize and advocate for each other’s​ issues. Think how huge this party would grow, and how powerful of a group we would become after just a few years. So,….. Dennis and nutter, start rolling them joints. Even if we aren’t insane, we could sure act it. LET’S PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. @Paul Coupaud – – – I applaud your effort to reach out to veterans on this site. My own experience here in Honolulu pretty much mirrors with what your comment presented. The biggest single problem that I see is the lack of proper, accurate internal communication between the VHA and VBA.

    The Spark Matsunaga facility has millions of dollars of computers – – – yet the VHA and VBA sides can not “talk” to each other in a timely manner even though they are located in the same building?

    I have seen other veterans claims (as well as my own) held up for years because some knuckle-headed doctor did not fill out the admin form correctly. When the incorrect info went to the benefits counselor, it just got shitcanned because – – – the benefits counselor DID NOT HAVE the ability to just send the doctor a brief e-mail to say “WTF is this Horse Fuckery? Get the damn form filled out accurately. This vet has been waiting far too long”.

    With the technology we have today – – – there is no earthly reason a veterans claim should ever take more than 90 days to resolve. The argument that the system is over-loaded just does not wash. Rather than buying 50 gallon drum-sized solar trash compactors at $30K or so a pop – – – perhaps that money would be better spent on IT User training for VHA personnel.

    We have certainly seen enough money squandered on useless feel good amenities for the workers that do little, if anything for the veterans the VA is supposed to serve. It is HIGH TIME to:


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not jus limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. Completely ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Gonna practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    1. DV — I *SO* totally get what you mean!! I just went through paying back a few thousand to VA because VA and DOD computer systems don’t talk to each other. I got divorced and removed my ex from DEERS. Silly me to think that government computers talk to each other. [shaking head] But no, only a couple years later do I find out that what computer system “knows” is only in that system. (But the IRS can take your refund if you’re not paying your student loan?! — (Not me, just had heard stories of it before.)) So it was a couple years down the road before I realized what was happening and then ended up in debt mgmt program to get it sorted. And yes, I’ve seen the same kind of thing you’ve described in VBA-VHA communication here. Heck, communication can be a challenge when a Veteran moves from one VHA facility to another.

      Good list! (This is where I mention you have to work your congressional folks to change the rules we have to follow) Thanks!

      1. Problem is the congress critters all have their balls in the vise of the VA’s AFGE…your Union is obstructing ANY real positive change. Can’t you, as a dues-paying AFGE VA employee speak-up…and as a Veteran? If you push the AFGE then the AFGE can continue pushing Isaacson up his stairmaster without interruption each morning without flying off.

        Better analogy: look-up “LAMPREY”….that’s what the AFGE is to the VA, a parasite.

      2. @Paul Coupaud – – – What about the ability and the freedom of not being retaliating against by your superiors, if you were to bring up the issues that need to be changed with the VA?

        I was mentored and taught, that if an organization wanted to truly change, that the leadership would freely open their doors for suggestions that could [in the VA’s case], save lives, monies, or to stream line the process of claim filing.

        What say you? Put your spin on it. Oh, and the number [4] reason for why I was suspicious of you Paul, is that one way or the other, VA employees will most likely always put the problem in the laps of Veterans for them to solve the issues at hand.

        Paul, you know for a fact that this is a tiresome process, and most likely would not go to far in changing the VA. Get vetted by Ben.

      3. @Paul Coupaud – – – I am glad that you get what I meant. My numbered items one through six will be an effective way to get it done. In fact, to make sure there can be no misunderstanding – – – I will reiterate them:


        1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

        2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

        3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

        4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

        5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

        6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

        THAT is quite probably the ONLY thing that will save our veterans with regards to Veterans Healthcare.

        I did not research you prior to replying to your post. Too pressed for time. I did do a quicklook last night after I got back from my scheduled appointments. Seymore Klearly and others are right on the money as usual.

        As a veteran on paper, you certainly are. As a veteran in moral principle – – – not even close.

        A BIG Mahalo Nui Loa (Formal Hawaiian Thank You) to Seymore Klearly, ANutterVet, 91Veteran, Namnibor, and others who had the time yesterday that I did not. I have no mobile technology other than my old flip phone which only calls and texts SMS. If I am on a computer – – – I am at home or at the public library. I was amazed at what I found out about “our good friend” Paul last night. Nothing you guys did not uncover hours before due the timezone difference. But hey, that’s how the world turns.

        Thank you for all your efforts.

  37. Paul,
    It takes some stones to post here defending the VA as an employee. I may get some grief for stating this but I applaud you for doing so. A significant # of followers and posters resent the VA for legitimate reasons and assume this site is monitored by VA officials. Your comment seems genuine and you don’t appear to me to be a troll. However, watch your 6 because retaliation is real in the VA regardless of your intent. Trust me I know all to well.

    1. Thanks – I do appreciate the reminder. I’m really not trying to defend the VA, just trying to say that’s not what I see from my view here. Totally understand the legitimate reasons some Veterans have for the anger and hate they feel for VA. I’ve never stood in their boots and would never disrespect them to try to explain that kind of thing away. Again, thanks for the check 6.

      1. But, if your view is one of up your own ass, then of course you are not going to see nor smell anything amiss in “your view”. Perspective is everything, so are blinders and selective hearing.

      2. May I ask you, what have VA employees been told about the presidents executive order. !

        On holding employees accountable. !

        In you opinion is the union causing problems with stopping accountability.

        Do you See clicks in the facility. ! Where employees will get together and lie to management.

        Or is management lieing to the employees. !

        Why is nothing changing.?

        How bad is VA employee retaliation.?

    2. Underwater basket weaver specialist I agree at least he didn’t shrivel up like a snowflake and had the balls to reply to others

    1. Sorry you feel that way, ANutterVet — I didn’t take this job to stab my fellow Veterans in the back, I want to be here to make a difference if I can and help other Veterans.

      1. @Paul Coupaud – – – Hey Paul, in the late 70’s I worked for one of the largest computer and electronic companies in the world. I accepted the position to do my best. And, if I came across something that ruffled a few feathers of my superiors because I pointed out things that needed to change in the work environment, so be it. Or to stick up for an employee that was flagged, bullied, and outcast by a few favorited employees that knew many in upper management, so be it. Or to stop a production line before someone got hurt, so be it. Or to speak out because a testing process in the field was inaccurate, so be it. Or to stick up for senior management’s new employee directives when most of my peers were against it, so be it. This it what I did; I spoke out for what was right.

        Sir, let me calm down here, because like other Veterans who post on Ben’s blog, were tired of VA employees [Veteran or not], coming onto Ben’s blog and your input is to either back up the VA or to correct a reporting error, and this is fine.

        But what ticks me the fuck off [because I don’t like facades], and other Veterans as well, is that you, Sir, like many other VA employees, will never recognize and agree with the corruption, mismanagement, favoritism, nepotism, and other disservices that affect/effect Veterans, in which you’re aware of, but you people never admit to anything.

        You’re not fooling us. You’re only fooling yourself. Stand up Paul, and set a higher standard for the VA health care and benefits system. Does the word accountability mean anything? Yes, no, need more time to eloquently answer the question? I’ll be expecting your reply.

      2. @James Gallegos – – – Paul Coupaud is a Public Affairs Officer. – – – Nutter.

    2. Damn nutter, I know your in pain & miserable but Paul reached out to Ben, maybe he’s the real deal & we could give him the benefit of doubt, then again it may be as you say. Who to trust? Trust no one.

      1. Thanks NiteWish, I appreciate the benefit and will work to build and keep the trust. @ANutterVet, you might be surprised to learn that I do NOT deny those things happen in the VA. Heck, they also happen in the TSA, the IRS, Intel, WalMart, and every other company to some level or another. Yes, the VA absolutely has problems and we have to be accountable — not only because we are funded by taxpayer dollars — but even more importantly because we are responsible for taking care of the Veterans who served our country.

        So yes, I do know of people who *I* think in the VA are corrupt, favor others, create hostile work environments, and couldn’t manage their way out of a maze even if the rats helped. Personally, I’m not in a position to make choices that affect those people. There ARE a lot of processes and red tape to get anything done. If I see an employee do something wrong, all I can do is report it. In most cases, I wouldn’t even get a follow-up with the results of my report due to privacy laws. Similarly, there are Veterans who I’ve seen (and experienced) who treat VA staff like crap. I’m not slamming on Veterans – far from it – I’m just saying regardless of a person’s Veteran status or place of employment, anyone has the potential to cause problems, hurt others, etc. We ALL have to be accountable — especially those of us who serve others.

        I see the frustration from both sides every day. I’ve experienced it to a degree as well – nowhere from what it sounds like you’ve gone through. I’m not trying to put a polish on my answer or dodge your question, I’m just trying to add my perspective for your consideration. I don’t mean to look like I’m coming in and blindly defending the VA – that’d be pretty stupid and wouldn’t be honest to my own experiences. At the same time, my job is also to correct “the record” when I can. I honestly have no idea how that job listing appeared online — heck, it’s not even a requirement for our medical center director to be a physician, as that job posting infers from the title.

        Finally, I’m not trying to sway your opinion about the VA, ANutterVet. I really wish you’d had better experiences in the past. I wish the VA was perfect. I wish no one suffered or died due to the VA or wherever else they received their healthcare. I wish I could change the past, but all I can do now is hope our country will find a way (be it through VA changes or Veterans Choice or something other way) to provide the best care for Veterans in a timely manner and in an environment that is respectful of the service we gave to our country.

        Thanks for letting me give my two cents worth – nite!

  38. Mr. Coupaud,
    You do realize that the VA has a severe credibility problem with us veterans. I for one am a Agent Orange Veteran of Guam. I was on Guam for two years as a Sea Duty Marine on the USS Proteus AS-19. I was on Guam from February 1974- February 1976 while M/Sgt Leroy Foster sprayed Agent Orange, White, Blue and Silvex on Guam at multiple locations plus I witnessed spraying going on along the fence line at Apra Harbor, Guam. I was 20 feet away from spraying at one time while a working party from the ship was conducting spraying procedures. Leroy Foster testified at my hearing in St. Petersburg as did I under oath plus I presented to the hearing officer 3000 pages of documentation as to what was sprayed and or witnessed. The hearing officer told us right from the get go that Guam is not recognized as a Agent Orange contaminated site.

    I then respectfully disagreed and presented ten different BVA citations that had been approved by VA for Agent Orange exposure on Guam. One of the veterans that was exposed is the former lead Adjudicator for the VA Buffalo, New York. Mr Coupaud can you explain to all of us Agent Orange Veterans of Guam how the aforementioned former VA employee is receiving 100% compensation for Agent Orange exposure on Guam and he never set foot in Vietnam? Is the individual that I am talking about a recipient of being part of the “good ol’ boy” network? Croynism? Corruption?

    We also have managed to get legislation introduced in Congress HR 809 which is known as the Foster Act which was introduced by Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida. We also have a on going GAO investigation into the DOD’s constant denial into the use of Agent Orange on Guam even though Dow Chemical and Monsanto have admitted to its usage on Guam. Plus the US EPA, Guam EPA, ATSDR reports, US Superfund have verified the presence of dioxin levels at 19,000 ppm on Andersen AFB.

    So Mr. Coupaud could you please forward this on to your superiors in DC and lets see what kind of fairy tales they come back with for our entertainment value if they respond at all. I am also inviting you to come over to our Facebook page which is called “Agent Orange Veterans of Guam” Thank you for your time sir.
    Semper Fidelis,
    Brian Moyer
    Agent Orange Veteran of Guam

    1. Hi Mr. Moyer – I do totally understand that. I’m a Veteran as well and have had my own share of challenges with the VA, both on the Health and Benefits administrations sides of the house. (Thankfully haven’t had need for the Cemetery administration folks yet [grin])

      Can I explain the disconnect of why one Veteran gets benefits while a Veteran in a seemingly identical situation/condition does not? Unfortunately, no – I honestly don’t have the words and that’s unfortunately not the first time I’ve heard stories like that. I really wish I could, but as I alluded above, the VA has three different administrations — health, benefits and cemetery. I work on the health side, and the issue your describing is a benefits issue. I do really wish I know more or were at a level high enough to get insight into that for you. That said, I do know a couple people from the VA benefits regional office in Phoenix and will see if I can find the appropriate person/department to whom I can pass your information. I also know the Agent Orange registry contact at our hospital and will see if he can provide me some direction as well. And I’ll definitely check out your Facebook page – I look forward to learning more!

      Thank you for your service, Marine — I appreciate you!

  39. I think the VA did not want to be caught with another whack-a-mole departing director and as SOON as that VA Kryptonite called accountability shown it’s rays of truth upon the Phoenix VAMC, the VA quickly pipes-in…”That’s not really what we meant….we have now redefined job openings…”! WTF VA?!

    RimaAnn Nelson is more than likely staying put and in-fact rarely moves because she is a weeble and “they wobble but they don’t fall down!” 🙂 She is the epitome of World Class Veteran Health Care.

    “Weebles wobble but they….don’t fall down!”

  40. The inmates and the union must be in charge.

    They can not find a warden with the ability or back up from the Secretary.

    President Trump signed the executive order to help in holding employees accountable.

    What I read is the Secretary is still asking the Senate for more assistant in passing a law to help him hold government employees accountable.

    I am confused, did the executive order give him that authority.?

    Why is the union running the facilities.?

    They are going to stop this and our elected officials must pass whatever is necessary to hold VA employees accountable.

    That is the only way anything will change when you have a gang running the facility and you have no authority to decpline anyone, your hands are tied.

    If the executive order does not give the Secretary or director’s the ability to hold VA employees accountable because the union is blocking all the corrective action.

    Noting will ever be done, when this happens the inmates will drag down the facilities until we have no other choice other than close the doors.

    I’m not even an employee anymore, yet an inmate conned upper management.

    I maybe wrong about the union being the problem and they are all corrupt.

    It like a parent trying to teach their kid’s right from wrong and try to discipline them and the kid tells them, go ahead and punish me. !

    I will call the cop’s and tell them you hit me and they will arrest you. !
    In other word’s the inmates gang up and threaten anyone that they will say what ever they have to to get their way.

    These people have forgotten about the mission of caring for veteran’s and made the VA their own little play ground with pay and anyone that tries to fix it will be set in their place.

    You don’t run this facility we do and if you don’t like it so what !

    We have enough gang members in house we will report you or frame you. ! So shut up and maybe we will let you stay.

  41. Hi Mr. Krause, I’m not sure who you contacted at the VA that did not give you a comment, but as the public affairs officer at the Phoenix VA Health Care System, I know it was not my office. I wish you would’ve contacted us to verify the information as I could’ve saved you the probably significant amount of time you dedicated to creating this post. I’m not sure where job listing you linked to in your post originally came from, but it is not accurate. We are not recruiting for a medical center director and Ms. Nelson has no plans of leaving the Phoenix VA.

    Although our VA sometimes posts job advertisements on non-government job listing sites, those external advertisements are only to help spread the word about a position we’re recruiting for, and those copies of the job posting will always link back to the official recruitment on the USAJobs.gov web site. Should you ever have any questions or need assistance in regard to the Phoenix VAHCS, please feel free to contact me.

    Many thanks for the opportunity to clear up the confusion,
    Paul Coupaud, USAF ret.

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for commenting. I asked VA Central Office Public Affairs about the job posting but they did not get back to me in time with a comment. I will update the post at the top section so readers know what Phoenix VA says about the job listing. Very curious as to why the job listing for Phoenix VA Director is posted at all…

      1. Totally agree. Strange indeed — I went on USAJobs to double check and contacted our HR to triple check in case I missed something on the site, but we’ve got no recruitment for the position. First clue that ticked to me when I read it (not that a lot of people outside VA would know, is the recruitment said we were part of VISN 18 — we moved under VISN 22 several months ago. Thanks for the update on the blog!

      2. @Paul Coupaud – – – You and your pansy ass VA Leadership don’t get it, “you’ve lost the trust of many more Veterans than you think you’ve gained.” But you already know this, don’t you? – – – Nutter.

      3. Doesn’t the Congressman of the District the VA is in have a lot to say about the appointment of the Director and Assistant Director?

    2. Paul, you say Rima has no plans to leave, but that does not clarify whether others have plans for her to leave.

      I think many vets would help her pack.

    3. @ Paul Coupaud, where does you loyalty lie on informing the media as a public affairs officer concerning corruption, fraud and abuse? Would you inform the media of negligence and wait times created by corrupted employees or would you not say anything? The public affairs officers have been known to not to give full disclosure on criminal activities at va medical centers across this nation. I am asking what does your morals tell you to do if you came across such information? Just asking….

    4. Paul,

      Your VA is America’s biggest disgrace. Your VA is responsible for the untimely deaths and serious injury to Americas veterans. Your agency has destroyed the lives on good men and women. Your VA commits horrific acts of negligence, criminality, and malice towards veterans. Your VA pisses all over the American Constitution and the rights of veterans. Your VA has been called into the spotlight for lies, deceit, malfeasance, misconduct, malpractice, and misappropriation.

      Thank you for your service.

  42. Nice VA art, you have captured the essence of the VA! Do any of those piggies even speak English? Looks like Papa, Momma​, and grown up baby piggy, also looks like Helman on the right behind momma pig Nelson. Good riddance. I hope she gets run over by a bus full of veterans.

    1. Do any of those piggies even speak English?

      Exactly my first impression also….

    2. @CJ – – – Are those REAL doctors on either side of Honey Boo Boo?

  43. If I’m correct, RimaAnn Nelson, is/was just another washed up VA swamp creature that was shuffled into that position – after leaving her previous position/workplace in a slimy slither of slime.

    Hoping that they send her home and not shuffle her into another position (where she can continue spreading the plague); and, that they put a fresh person in there who is ready to do things differently.

    1. @ThisVet2017 – – – You are correct with respect to Rima Ann Nelson. She was the director of the St. Louis, MO facility when they exposed approximately 1800 veterans to HIV and HEP C due to not performing correct sterilization procedures on equipment.

      After being relieved of her command – – – she was PCS’d to the Manila Embassy VA Clinic, and given a pay raise for “stellar job performance”.

      Now she has been “RIMAing” our brothers and sisters in Phoenix for the past year or so. McDonald’s or Burger King would have fired her FAT PIGGY ASS were she working something as complex as a drive-thru order window – – – and displayed her special brand of “stellar performance”.

      But Hey! It is the VA . . .

    1. THHIS BIG FAT VA COW WAS WORTHLESS AT VA PHOENIX VA DEATHCARWE A TOTAL FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET THE VA IS THE TITANIC SHIP ITS GOIN DOWN ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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