VA Fixes Disability Backlog With Shredder

disability backlog shredder

Benjamin KrauseLos Angeles VA Regional Office was caught with key elements of veterans’ claims “inappropriately placed in shred bins” within the facility during an audit. California lawmakers are now questioning the integrity of the facility workers.

This is a repeated tactic of employees within Veterans Benefits Administration and has long been a problem since VA refuses to call this kind of fraud a fraud. The fact is, veterans are cheated out of millions of dollars whenever VA employees shred their claims files. It is unlawful and a disgrace.

So when will America stand up for its veterans and fight against these criminals caught in broad daylight?

Between eliminating the appeals process and shredding files, I presume Under Secretary Hickey will have this backlog squared away by the end of 2015 as promised many years ago… We shall see.

VA OIG just confirmed allegations that some veterans’ claims files were placed within shred bins destined for the shredder. OIG downplayed the clear fraud by claiming “only 10 files” were misplaced and that the single mistake did not show “malicious intent.”

The toothless lapdog we call VA OIG indicated the full report will be released in a few weeks. However, lawmakers are not taking the news lying down. Reps. Julia Brownley and Raul Ruiz have called for hearings to address what they believe is a clear case of misconduct.

“Such misconduct could have a devastating impact on the affected veterans and their families, resulting in the loss of critical information and adversely affecting the adjudication of veteran claims,” the two lawmakers wrote in a letter to VA Secretary Bob McDonald. “Simply put, this is unacceptable.”

Again, I am still not clear how VA employees can evade liability for what looks like obvious fraud against veterans without getting fired. Do you think the new house legislation that just passed to ease firing problematic employees will help?


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    1. Shredding a document is “altering” it…Why are these people not under indictment for illegally altering federal documents? Whoever told them to do it is guilty of “conspiracy to commit” a federal crime…Somebody call the FBI…

      1. I suspect that the FBI is well aware of the issues. I’m unclear as to why DOJ is not prosecuting offenders with more frequency. Perhaps they are relying on VA OIG’s continued statements that VA employees are not intentionally breaking the law.

    2. Thank you for your report on the shredding scandal here in Los Angeles.

      There is also an ongoing land use scandal here.

      Senator Diane Feinstein just introduced legislation that would barter health care for veterans in exchange for continuing an illegal lease for a baseball stadium on veterans’ land. The land at LA was a charitable gift to the US in 1888 for the “permanent maintenance” of a veterans Home – not just a hospital.

      The bill is entitled the ‘‘Los Angeles Homeless Veterans Leasing Act of 2015’’. UCLA Health is the VA’s health care partner at the WLA VA Hospital.

      The LA Times published an article on August 6, 2015 discussing the proposed bill. The article quotes VA Spokesman Michael Huff saying:

      …the legislation leaves open the door for UCLA to keep using the ​[Jackie Robinson Baseball] stadium in exchange for providing care for veterans.

      Here’s the actual language in the bill (please see page 3, line 10 et. Seq.):

      …the institution [UCLA] expressly agrees to provide, during the term of the lease [for the stadium] and to an extent and in a manner that the Secretary considers appropriate, [medical] services and support [for the benefit of veterans]…

      UCLA currently leases the Jackie Robinson Stadium on VA grounds for use as the baseball team’s home field. Federal Judge Otero recently decided this lease is illegal in his decision in Valentini v. Shinseki. Under the law, the lease must have been between the VA and a “health care provider”. He characterized this lease as creating a “substantive injury” to veterans. This proposed legislation is merely an attempt to give a veneer of legality to an illegal arrangement. In effect, Sen. Feinstein is attempting to turn a foul ball into a home run by redrawing the foul lines.

      The proposed legislation also violates the Settlement Agreement in Valentini, under whose terms the VA was supposed exercise good faith creating an “exit strategy” for the illegal leases. I have additional analysis of that facet of this issue if you’d care to see it.

      Thank you for reading this. I hope you will bring it to the attention of your subscribers.


      John Aaron

      USAF 1967-1971

  1. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental inalienable rights. This means that if veterans are not happy with the inalienable right of life liberty and the satisfaction of their VA care, the substance of preponderance of evidence standard should apply in the OIG investigations versus their BS “substantiation” term they use. This is a very crucial legislative issue that Congress needs to take up in their healthcare legislative proposals. “Preponderant” is the standard!

  2. As promised, this was what I “GOOGLED”—
    “Veterans Administration malpractice or incompetent lawsuits 2015”
    These are just four results. These are the titles….

    1.) “VA Is Broken: Death, Medical Mistreatment, Claims Backlogs And”
    Dated Nov. 27, 2013
    Updated July 19, 2015

    2.) Military Times
    Health Care
    “VA mismanagement, malpractice detailed in reports”
    by Patricia Kime, Staff writer.
    May 17, 2015

    3.) Government Executive
    by J. David Cox | June 26, 2015
    “The Great VA Accountability Scam”

    4.) “United States District Court Middle District of Florida Tampa Division”
    case No. 8:14-cv-2708-T-33EAJ (M. D. FIA May 15, 2015
    “Caldwell V. U.S. DEP’T of Veterans Admin., U.S. DEP’T of HEALTH & HUMAN SERVS., & HOSP. CORP.”

    In my opinion, number 4 shows how the federal court systems and other government agencies ARE working hand in hand to defeat anyone from bringing a suit to fruition.
    I also, because of number 4, do not understand why an individual can NOT bring a ‘suit’ against an individual in any government agency???
    I believe, if that were allowed, physicians, nurses and all other VA employees, would think twice before committing an egregious act. Or in some cases a crime!

    1. Number 3, is also a great current report over mismanagement, no accountability and transparency within the Veterans Administration.

  3. This is a Must Read! After you read this “article”, would not the following question arise.
    Did anyone concider, When one is building a hospital, would it not be advantageous to ‘figure into the cost’ a parking lot?

    The article is as follows;

    “New Estimate for VA Hospital Includes $180 Million for Parking Lots”

    July 17,2015 | in the news
    By Mark Matthews and David Olinger
    Denver Post
    “According to new cost estimates obtained by The Denver Post, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs plans to spend more than $180 million on three parking complexes at the unfinished medical facility, which is expected to open no earlier than 2017.”

    I guess that question and answer period was to complex for an administration that continues to defy rational!

    1. I guess the VA was expecting Veterans to initially just show-up with drones or parachute into the entrance. Idiots. That probably does not include any cost for lighting or lines painted on the surface, or the removal of some Native American burial Ground in order to pave over it…poltergeist VAMC…LOL!

      Maybe the contractors the VA hired are literally “Rocky Mountain High”?!! LOL!

    2. Brother, I have a feeling some on here wonder how I get these “articles”?
      What I do is; “GOOGLE” what I want to find. For example, I found this by typing in the following ;
      “Veterans administration incompetence July 2015”.
      This article was on page 2.
      I’m going to “GOOGLE” next,
      “Veterans administration malpractice or incompetence federal law suits filed in 2015”
      I hope to find as many as possible.
      Speaker of the house Mr. John Boehner IS on twitter. My wife receives tweets from and about him. She also tweets him, and her ‘friends’, about the many incompetent acts performed by all veterans administration areas.

      In the news, “…before Obama leaves office…”, he is wanting to make “…RAMADAN a National Holiday!” I think his priorities are askew. There are many more “priorities” he needs to address before trying to appease the culture of dissidents. For example,
      he needs to have the IRS arrest individuals who owe more than, say $1 million.
      He needs to arrest individuals in the Veterans Administration who have committed egregious crimes.
      He needs to “arm our Military in recruiting stations across the country”.
      His “Obama Care” is raising its premiums monthly. Thereby causing undesirable results on its patients. I have read, in October, premiums will double. He needs to do something about that. Unless thats what was expected to happen WITHOUT the “people’s knowledge!?”
      In my opinion, he is NOT doing his job. Which was, and has been, set down by law before he was born!
      I also believe, the taxpayers have awoken from hibernation, and are contesting just about everything he has, and is (or is NOT) doing….

    3. Let’s see, it was reported in April and again in May by The Denver Post. The VA Hospital was at $1.73 BILLION. Because the VA wasn’t listening to the contractors.
      Add to that the “New cost of the parking lot at $180 million”.
      We now have a grand total of—-$1.91 BILLION.
      Is my math correct? I believe so!!!!!!
      I will bet anyone on here that “VA Fiasco” ain’t done going up in cost!

  4. Namnibor, one of the other persons shot yesterday was a Sailor. He died today.
    Some may not remember Osama Bin Laden’s words of; “fight the Americans like the Vietnamese did!”
    Well, that’s exactly what there doing. If people don’t know what he meant by that. They had better take a “Serious Crash History Lesson of the Vietnam War!”
    It seems also to me, we are being destroyed from within. And I hope we are not being duped by the many people running for the Office of the President.
    The only one I’m starting to trust (a little) is Donald Trump. I hope he isn’t trying to hoodwink the country. Like Obama has.

    1. And let’s not forget Ho Chi Mihn. His military tactics not only defeated America, they also defeated the French. It was called “The French Indo-China War” while they were there. Their defeat was after a long drawn out war. Just like our many years over there.
      There’s a movie out on DVD I’d like everyone watch. The beginning starts (Mr. George C. Scott’s portrayal of Gen. George S. Patton) with a speech where “America hates a loser”. He did that “speech” at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.
      I don’t care if you don’t watch the movie, I would just like y’all to watch and listen to the “speech”. Btw, Mr. Scott turned down the Academy Award for Best Actor.
      We Vietnam Veterans have been called “losers” since the end of that war in May 1975! Trust me when I say, I do believe we’re tired of it. We are not going to lose another one because of some “linpd!@k” a$$ that hates America!!!!!!

    2. I am pretty sure Donald Trump just shot multiple holes in his own campaign today. I may have my issues when Veterans-turned-Politicians such as Sen. McCain seem to not lift a hand to help current Veteran issues, let alone the VAMC in his back yard of Arizona still shrouded in scandal and many still unanswered questions…but…it’s an entirely different thing for Trump to state “McCain is only a ‘hero’ because he was captured”! He even was as far as talking about McCain’s not so great academic achievements while at the Naval Academy.
      Not cool!
      I have no idea what goes through these people’s heads when they could be using their voices to do BETTER for our Veterans, as Trump seemingly had started a course of doing in his talking points.
      Now, Trump’s voice about ANYTHING regarding Veterans will NOT be taken seriously…at all. One has to wonder what would make a person take an abrupt turn and publicly insult Sen. McCain, when last time I checked, Sen. McCain has not even added his name to the now 15 or 16 Republicans whom have put their name officially for running for President.
      I wonder if Trump’s start of being vocal and advocacy for the terrible way the VA has been run and treated Vets caused some sort of “back room deal” that effectively paid Trump a lot of cash to sabotage his own campaign, while Trump can always write anything with a “failed campaign” off as a Tax/Business Write-off???

      Anyone else wondering the same, beside the point that people like Trump are more than a tad insane…not in a good way? Something does not pass the smell test here.

      Meanwhile, our Coward In Chief refused to make the order for ALL Military Recruiting Stations to be ARMED, so as it stands, 5 States took it upon themselves to ARM their State’s National Guard Recruiting Stations, as they can do that at State Level, but not with the Major Branches.
      Instead, the Presidential Family was getting PR on news for his family waling through streets of NYC to attend a Broadway Show…wonder just how much that security detail cost us?
      What is the deal here? Was it the possible fact that no “social injustices” were seen to exist at that strip mall in Tennessee where military were slaughtered? You can bet, had their BEEN, Helms, Sharpton would be all over it like fire ants anywhere in Texas.
      Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

      VETERAN AND MILITARY LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree 100% of what you say. Especially when it comes to the safety of Veterans and the abysmal way no one is correcting the unconscionable way VA is being run!

      2. Read what’s being said about Donald Trump on, “”

        “Donald Trump, Fake conservative”
        dated, July 17, 2015
        by; Michael Reagon

        It ain’t too flattering. As a matter of fact, this reporter says if he makes it to the end, it’ll ensure another Clinton gets in. Just like what went on when Ross Perot ran. I’m paraphrasing of course.
        I don’t know bout you, but if Hillary gets in EVERYBODY’S SCREWED!!!!!!!!

      3. In my opinion, Sen. John McCain is NOT a “war hero”! Y’all may agree, or disagree, with my ‘reason’ why.
        Do y’all remember?
        When the two wars began in Afghanistan and Iraq, it seemed the “term” HERO was given to everyone in the military. It was also bestowed upon individuals who planned to join the military.
        Then a “firestorm arose” over the “term”, or definition, of “HERO”!
        Does anyone out there remember this statement made by many individuals (MOH Recipients, Prisoners of War individuals [including. Sen. John McCain] and other Highly Decorated individuals), Quote, “I am NOT a Hero, the only true heroes are the ones on “The Wall”!!!!!
        I’m going to expand that by saying, Quote, “The only ‘true Heroes’ are the ones on all of the many “memorials” throughout our world. These “Memorials are “Dedicated to the Fallen”. They are “Dedicated to the ones who gave all” to their country and their beliefs in a time of war!”
        So, that being said, I do not like, as do the many whom I personally know, the “Term Hero” being Bantered around to just anyone!

      4. I wrote to McCain one time to ask for assistance in dealing with the va disruptive committee, his response was I help people of Arizona, you will need to contact your local representative for assistance. This is a national problem. His response confirmed every politician uses their office for state problems and not for the whole United states. We need each state representative to fight for veterans no matter what state they live in. This is a national matter when it comes to veterans and representatives should not pick and choose or ignore veterans rights. As far as Donald trump Your fired! .he is a joke, don’t care if he’s rich. Can you imagine what he would do to the veterans, if he got into any office. We have enough Donald trumps in office now. Enough. Where’s our veterans friendly law makers, when you need them.

      5. Ok Sen. McCain. He’s a Senator. He goes to Washington D.C. and sits in the Senate. He pushes a button to vote on bills. He helps the people of his state. He sits on committees and discusses whether or not a bill should be passed in his chamber. Have I left anything out.
        Oh yea, most of what I just described is, in my opinion, contingent on what is being said, and possibly given, to him by “Lobbyists”!
        Maybe that’s why the people of Arizona are not happy with him. That’s all over the news and internet.
        So, that’s my opinion of Mr. John McCain……

  5. My heart goes out to those Marines killed in that terrorist action in Tennessee yesterday.
    This was yet another radicalized dual citizenship ‘enemy within’ and when the f*ck are we going to start learning from history and using ‘The Art of War’? This President needs to step-up his game as well as Congress because this is happening all too often and the mainstream news does not report even half of the weekly people caught trying to help these ISIS and guess what? Most get every kind of public and federal benefit free and better healthcare than we have at VA, better housing…free…all under the guise of Political Refugee…yes, nobody wants to dare say it, but just as we had to do with back in 70’s or so with a conflict with Iran and hostages, we EXPELLED ALL IRANIANS, even College Students, back to their countries, while we remained in state of war.
    Many may not like what I have to say but I think it’s been a huge mistake that Obama has been almost an enabler of these terroists, more concerned with “other social issues”, and certainly not we American Citizen Veterans and Survivors/Spouses, and Active Duty.
    We are in an active long ass war. We are hearing about these “lone gunman” way too often and did you notice that’s how initially the Administration and Homeland Security downplayed it by calling exactly that, “a lone gunman”…not anything remotely to worry about.
    We seriously need to step-up both our defensive and offensive tactics…the enemy is within…and keep letting even more in…and it’s a religious war to them, the most dangerous kind because ethics are disregarded and replaced with dogma. Time to cease being political correct and call it what it is, even the very terrorist have been calling it “A Holy War”…hence the meaning of Jihad.
    Then we have the VA …and I think this new HB to ease the firing could also be warped by the VA to actually get rid of outspoken people, whistleblower protection or not, this HB is NOT addressing the REAL serpent here and that’s the Employee’s Union…they are fighting tooth and nail now because they do not like the Admin. Leave without pay one bit…and I think it should even be stronger and not even allow them to appeal when the evidence is stupidly evident.
    Again, leaving the VA to police itself, is something time should have made evident by now that it’s not a great idea to allow the fox to guard the henhouse?
    Rant over. Sorry so long.

    1. namnibor, did you read the article I posted on here about “Jihad” on U.S. Troops in not “Circumstance”.
      I believe it told of many such attacks within our country on many occasions.
      It’s sad our Administration can’t see the trees for the forests. I believe we are at war finally, within our country! America had better wake up, and it better be “Damn Well Soon”, as my father’s generation would say.
      Why the hell did our administration make this “deal” with Iran? I believe someone, or many, are getting rich(er) over it!!!!

      And now Obama has stated; (on 17 July 2015,) …”our justice system is racist” because “too many blacks are being arrested!” In my opinion, it’s statements such as this which cause “social discourse” amoung the people. Does he not realize, if a person goes against the law, that person gets arrested!
      On that note, I’m gonna take a nap…..

      1. That SOB needs to take steps out of our White House through impeachment or otherwise. The other thing is someone needs to question the integrity of California lawmakers.

  6. Here’s another article written in, Which should make your blood boil.
    The title is—–
    “Jihad on U. S. Troops is Not a “Circumstance”
    It was posted 17 July 2015.
    It is well written. It shows, in the authors words, how she feels Obama is not treating the “acts of terrorism” in the U.S. seriously. Although her article may be her opinion. It is becoming the opinion of a growing American public.
    As long as I find articles such as this and anything else (ex; VA) I will post on here how to get to them…..

  7. Google the following,
    From: The
    July 16, 2015 – 04:16 pm EDT

    “Obama to address VFW convention”

    “The group also hopes to hear how Obama “will create, enhance and protect veteran and military health care programs… as well as hear a renewed White House commitment to return our fallen from their battle fields,” Stroud said.”

    Besides this being the first time since 2012 of speaking to the VFW, I wonder if he will address the “unconscionable actions (the use of disabled veterans to gain monies or do a partial shutdown of VA) of Sloan Gibson?”
    Or how about the MANY tax evaders? How about the many illegal acts committed by VA employees? How about that “disruptive list” which is causing veterans to stay away from VA!? Or the question over how a vet can truly get a VA employee fired, without the vet getting into trouble?
    There are so many questions that need to be answered by him. It would fill up Many of those “shredding bins”. Of course we all know he ain’t gonna answer the important questions plaguing the many government agencies…..

    1. P.S. It has also been reported the U.S.Army, by 2019, will have lost around 70,000 troops. That’s the size of a brigade, folks. I wonder if Obama will discuss that? Our military can’t afford such a reduction. I read this has to do with the “spending sequester” in place now. If this sequester is not followed now, by all our government employees, our country will be like Greece- BANKRUPTED. Just recently the European Countries bailed out Greece. Against what the Greek people wanted, by the way.
      It’s been said by many, WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?????????

      1. From:

        “Kerry: we’re “Hopeful” Our Citizens Imprisoned in Iran will be freed.”

        Wait one damn minute Johnny Boy, Why wasn’t that part of the “Deal” you just brokered with Iran.
        Oh, wait, what can America expect from a person who not only put himself in for the “Purple Heart”! But thru his “medals over the White House fence to protest the Vietnam War! Thereby bringing more protesting against the veterans. We, men and women fighting in Vietnam, ended up having to deal with more crap because you became very high profile in the protest arena. Going on tv was a bad thing Johnny. It caused, and gave, the protesters more ammunition to protest anyone getting off the plane, upon returning, to have “balloons filled with urine” to be thrown at us, and more.
        Thank you John, you just caused Americans to have less faith in your ability to do what is right for AMERICA!!!!!!

  8. That’s the spirit U.S.A.F Vet says, that’s the spirit that’s the way we felt when we were ready to serve our country when we went overseas and why should we change now?

  9. what has been planned and, or supposedly, put forth by the V.A. is unequivocally detailed on the letter written and signed by Eric K.Shinseki Secretary of Veterans Affairs supposedly for the benefit of the veteran, in it he carefully breaks down what the cost and what each amount will be earmarked for; well that’s not what I see veterans getting.

    From where I stand I would say nothing, additionally I call that conversion of funds,a felony, that is what I see as the end result, as the saying goes,” no matter how you slice it, it is still baloney.”

    It shouldn’t be difficult to prove, and seek indictments of all responsible, to me it is irrelevant if it is a felony regardless who perpetrates the crime all should be subject to the same sentence.

  10. P.S. I hope the Australian Government comes after the people who did this to all Vietnam Veterans…..and bankrupts the company’s involved…….

    1. Dow Chem. effectively had that subsidiary of theirs that produced the many different TYPES of nasty crap put through Fed. Bankruptcy incredibly quick, making it untouchable for all the legal web they wove…with help from U.S. Gov’t., like a bull dozer…look up Agent Orange on Goggle or Wiki and you will be amazed at the plausible denial that was constructed…I too hope this causes like an international crimes against humanity case or something, but ultimately, I just want to see right things done for ALL Veterans affected and the damn DoD and VA stop slicing it and denying it’s existence and use in “Blue Water vessels” or Green Water Vessels”, let alone all the toxic proving grounds in the USA at various branch military bases that were actually CLOSED under President Clinton’s Admn., and I only know because one such USAF Base I was at for shy of 6 yrs alone, was one of those and IMEDIATELY placed in the TOP TEN EPA SUPER FUND CLEAN-UP SITES…and Google maps show 25 yrs later, they are still removing tons of toxic soil by rail car, to where, no one knows…plausible denial. The ground water bubbled with an effervescence after it rained and we were warned not to be on ground when it was wet, even from dew in mornings around the huge weapon storage area.
      That warning was a ‘general warning’ from higher up Command HQ Chain. We still were ordered to be down in that wet toxic muck for daily/weekly/yearly war games and training.
      Dow Chemical and Halliburton Corp. are truly evil and bedfellows with DOD.

      No PR News Release from Sec. McDonald’s mission to fight/eliminate VA Homelessness in Hawaii? I certainly hope it was not a PR guise for some “VA Seminar…code…vacation”…at a time the VA is supposedly at shy of $3 Billion deficit.

      1. Agent Orange was also used during the Korean War. It was also used throughout the U.S. by many RailRoad Companies to clear away brush and trees next to the main lines and ‘rail yards’ (commonly called “sidings”). There were other areas of the U.S. that were also sprayed after it was “Banned”!
        The article I referred everyone to, also has two other articles which are pertinent. Please read those also.

    2. As far as Ol McDonald goes he’s been staying outta site. Why didn’t he go in front of the veterans committee?why did he send Gibson? Did Ol McDonald even know what Gibson was going to pull over using veterans to get monies or do a partial shutdown of VAMC’s to fund the next couple months? If he did, then that “BOY” has some fμ[king explaining to do.
      Let’s keep the pressure up folks. It’s working……

  11. Y’all need to “google” the following.
    “Australian War Memorial to Revise Official Record of Impact of Agent Orange use in Vietnam War.”
    The World Today-by Nick Grimm
    Tues. at 2:55 am

    “The AWM commissioned independent historian Professor Peter Yule from the University of Melbourne to write a new volume for it’s official history Medical Aspects of Australia’s involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts, 1950-72.”

    There’s a great deal of info in this article concerning Agent Orange. I know Someone else on here was trying to find it. So I searched and got for y’all.
    Please Google it and read it. It’s very informative…….

  12. I do not understand hoiw the V.A., knowing what it is doing or not doing is tolerated as it has been what has transpired for so long with the V.A. reminds me of an old saying in Spanish that says,” no le hechen la culpa al indio sino al que lo hizo compadre,” the somewhat weak traslation in English would read something to the effect;” Don’t blame the indian but the one that made him the godfather,” in other words you know what the indian is up to and who he is, so don’t blame him but yourself you knew who he is ; and you still made him the godfather.

  13. Did anyone catch and read the article from the Australian version of the VA – its about there decision on Agent Orange. If I can find it again I will post the link. I seen it on twitter.

  14. If it is an established fact that someone placed even one claims folder in a bin to have it shredded, then he/she must be canned. We don’t yet know all the facts.

  15. I believe the new legislation would be a positive step in the right direction to keep VA employees from purposely doing the wrong thing. This legislation will only work if the practice of firing employees is exercised. Most of the times employees receive guidance from higher authority and there may be times unscrupulous employees are possibly hiding files to receive a bonus to may believe they are meeting the standard. Nobody is watching them. It’s easy to say we never received your paperwork and we, Veterans must start from the beginning. Is it so difficult to communicate with Veterans. The call center should be able to answer question pertaining to benefits. The Veteran should be able to call and ask what the hold up is, if one document is missing to adjudicate a claim I am positive a Veteran would find that document to finalize a claim, but instead the claim is in limbo for one document and years of waiting. There are no proactive measures to get these claims complete. Fire everyone who is part of the problem and hire those who can be a part of the solution. If you are tired of your job serving Veterans then quit and allow someone who has the motivation to take your place. That check is the only reason they stay!

  16. Lets hope these young veterans have the guts to keep the pressure on, and I think they do. The VA needs to be reorganized into a non-profit like the Red Cross, and ALL Veterans should receive a medicare card for medical care. The VA is corrupt to the core , and it will never operate in an efficient manner. They are downright mean. If you complain, you are targeted just like I was. You lose benefits. They read this site and they retaliate. THis is Congress’s fault. They can legislate and also vote to send all veterans to private docs. I have seen several studies that shows it would be cheaper for the taxpayers. THE VA IS SUBSTANDARD, and always will be. Read the IG reports. They whitewash everything.

    1. USAF Ralph, we need everyone to keep the pressure on. Not just the young ones. But all of us.
      Fyi, during the Revolutionary War, all men ages 16-65 were called to act. It’s no different today. Today, we who believe we are too old to fight can do it in other ways. For example, your doing it right now. You have shown you can type and use you intelligence to get an idea, or ideal, across to the younger generations. This is what we need. Keep the pressure on ALL government agencies. From your local representatives all the way to the White House.
      Just today, channel 9 did a story over two local Orlando, Florida council members spending at least $25 K more than their three other counterparts. For example, one councilmember (Corrine Brown) used her credit card to use valet parking downtown. Because she didn’t want to “walk the short distance” to a something or other. She also used her credit cards for many other things.
      Who did channel 9 interview? One young African American girl, and one young Caucasian girl. Both thought Ms. Brown had overstepped her boundries.
      So, keep up the good work………….

  17. It won’t do any good if they don’t use it. There is so much good old boy mentality, they will cover up each other’s willful misconduct. They probably use this to fire employees that bring problems up and the ones that are hurting veterans will do the firing. What is a firing offense? . If the offense is against a veteran, how does that veteran get heard and action taken. There is no process that assist the veterans, you have the patient rep, who gets paid to stifle any veterans compliant. There has to be an outside source to investigate what the employee did wrong. The va is unable or unwilling to do the right thing. If it’s found that employees are covering up for each other, then all employees concerned need to be found guilty of conspiracy and fired. Again the va can’t and Will not effectively police it’s self. Still the lingering question where does a veteran go for assistance, when no one wants to listen or after the veteran makes a complaint they are placed or charged with disruptive behavior and tormented by the va and do so with impunity and not have to worry about getting into trouble and the veterans pay the price! .

    1. Great point, how does a vet complain and not be targeted as a troublemaker according to this new ruling?
      Ben, can you explain this one?

    2. When working for Kaiser who “TREATS’ patients that are civilian or military, the patients wanted to see a specialist. The specialist would decide what patients were to be seen. The specialist doctor would then throw out the rest of the consulting applications, 1 out of ten was the quota to be seen, and the doctor was one of the administrator’s as most were. This was a money saving tactic and most patients would wait even up to a year to get seen, after repeated requests to be seen if they didn’t give up. The money comes in for the patient by the patient, employer or tax dollars but it is the goal to not spend what it is for, patient care. There is no one that will audit either and our congress and senate, (kaiser has pull, clout and loads of federal and state tax dollars to contribute to legislators) know all about kaiser which has managed to manifest itself into most govt agencies or organizations. It’s money solving techniques and tactics have permeated in the way all agencies or businesses operate. It’s all about profit and as corrupt as it can get. Racketeering is our country’s way of doing business and insurance companies like kaiser with other self insured agencies are no different. Insurance is a racket borne on our,civilians and on our vets. One of these days, hopefully, and soon, that the people and our vets will figure it out and demand all that is right from our legislators..
      Google Injured Worker, Dina Padilla and maybe you’ll see the parallels in kaiser kare and vet care. There is no difference and why kaiser would just love to get ALL tax dollars rather than the VA. .
      I’ve tried to bring forth the truth about kaiser kare and to show it;s wily ways.into most health care in our nation.
      God Bless us all.

  18. This issue as with most DVA Scandal are now filed with 4th Cir., in Trueman v. Obama, et al. After 22 years I win at “BVA” wherein CUE was negotiated to date of my entry into DVA statutory system. Case remands to RO South Carolina [a RICO Act organization] … and they do not honor the settlement and instead of an effective date under the “SCOUS-FDM–second-rationale” of January 14, 1994, they set effective date for 100 T&P in January 2015. Thus stole over 660K of my family’s Cushman property interests with no end to the corruption as this article points out.

  19. I would like someone answer this.
    The $$$ amounts have reached into the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS, over lawsuits against VA in malpractice and incompetence over the past ten or eleven years. Physicians, technicians etc etc have caused this problem. Instead of being fired, they have either been transferred to another VA, or have been allowed to continue to make the same mistakes year in year out.
    I have been informed, maybe incorrectly, that VA gets $$$$ from the “allocation monies which runs VA” to pay off these “Law Suits”!? If this be the case, then why hasn’t VA FIRED these incompetent individuals?
    Wouldn’t any normal person see the futility of keeping these “So called professionals” as a detrimental to the taxpayers?
    As far as “Shredding” documents. If a person is caught, as reported recently, what’s the excuse for them NOT BEING FIRED AT THAT MOMENT!?
    As I stated on yesterdays blog, I honestly believe VA IS going to have a VERY HARD time in the next couple of months (ending on September 30th) convincing the “Committee’s or Commissions” over any allocation of monies.
    We, civilians and veterans, need to keep the pressure on. It’s working. We can see lots more “Negative Press on VA” coming out almost daily. Keep forwarding these articles to your “Friends”. Have them forward to their friends, and so forth and so forth. The power of the people is paramount. “We the people” is what it’s all about, Not “we the government”!!!!!

    1. My wife has said, when you forward these news reports on Twitter, you can address them to the White House, Congress and the Senate. When your “Friends” receive them, and they “forward” them. Their “copy” also goes to each “house”. And so on and so on and so on.
      This way all in government gets the same twitter.
      I believe the more people do this our ‘law makers’ will get the message and do something about it. “Embarrassment” and “Shame” is a powerful tool to make someone do right. We can’t let up on them. Keep the pressure going. I believe it’s working!

  20. Saw an article yesterday or the day before…a full 1/3 of the Vets in the backlog are dead, and the VA claims they have no way to remove the names from the backlog..(I guess the don’t know where the delete button on the keyboard is…is this a ludicrous statement or what..) I guess they are trying to reduces the backlog by shredding them…

  21. It takes 8 months to process a C&P claim in Detroit; 18 months in Indianapolis; and 24 months in LA. Why?

    Answer: There are damn few competent Senior Executives employed by the VA; any government SE can be replaced with a stroke of a pen. The VA is leaderless!

    Download the VAs: Monday Morning Workload Report Data. It clearly shows the number of NEW claims being reduced.

    That report also highlights claims shifted into: Appeal status. The VA is kicking the new claims into the Appeal category and giving the false appearance of reducing their backlog.

    For 13 years Indianapolis denied a veteran his earned benefits and the benefits did arrive; one day after he died!

    1. I had a C&P exam in Battle Creek about 6 weeks ago. In less than 2 weeks it returned from Detroit – ‘DENIED’ plus they said there was a ‘serious error’ on my first claim from 2 years ago that was approved and they took back 10% of that. I ask my VSO what was wrong but my VSO did not know (right, I’ll bet). Something is fucked in the whole system. I would not be surprised it the VA tries to sue & screw veterans to get their comp monies back. They sure act STUPID like they don’t have a clue – I’m so feed up with it all…………………………………………………….!! If our military was that way we would belong to another country by now. Who is the enemy here. They are doing a better job getting rid of veterans that anyone or anything.

      1. I was told, in confidence, “Do not, under any circumstance, file any type of ‘claim’ now!” It was because “VA WILL could lower your ‘current rate’ without warning!”
        It was also stated, “VA is under pressure!” from a number of sources. What was meant by that last statement is unclear. I can only “presume” the taxpayers (corporations, wealthy individuals, etc., etc.) are pushing for “transparency and accountability” from all government agencies.
        We see almost daily where, from the White House on down, are being bombarded with questions concerning ALL aspects of the “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How” incidents are NOT being addressed in “transparency”. Basically, “government spokespersons” are getting away, they think, statements that are, in reality, “smoke screens”. The news media, not all but some, are “calling them on it”! Like the other day when a reporter questioned Obama over the Iran Deal and NO MENTION over the four (4) prisoners still being held there. He may have been “curt” with that reporter. But that helped bolster ‘nonsupport’ of the White House.
        There are MANY issues which have arisen since last year’s VA scandal that the people have become aware of. In my opinion, ALL parts of our government has come under fire. Because the taxpayers are starting to come out of a long hibernation. They’ve had enough. Especially when they see first hand the amount of persons who are concidered “Tax Evaders”. Plus the amounts some of these “tax evaders owe the IRS.”
        When someone goes to prison for owing say $20K, and they see another person still walking around owing say $4.7 million (Al Sharpton for one example). One should understand why the people are pi$$ed! And there’s more, lots more which could be discussed.
        That’s all for now.

    2. I replied to your statement but it disappeared and my computer is shaky – hmmmmmmmmm

    3. @Agent Orange –“[For 13 years Indianapolis denied a veteran his earned benefits and the benefits did arrive; one day after he died!]”

      Makes one wonder if the VA in those types of cases where they may have been actually collecting on a person that long and placing in a special account in escrow or something. So what am trying to say is, is think it was and never is a coincidence that when you hear too often a day or week after a Veteran has died, been waiting years, decades on such claims, like the WW2 Vet and his wife was interviewed she had no idea she even had survivor’s benefits….it’s no coincidence that such a Veteran dies and all the sudden the claim is fully approved, because my theory it’s the VA playing a huge CYA (cover your a&&), but I could be over thinking this but nothing surprises me any more when it’s many things on different sites and atrocious things that the Main Stream Media either is ignoring or they are not getting bombarded DAILY by MANY OF WE VETS/Survivors, to our various State’s and National Media, and get it out there.
      Ben, I want to save in my DVR forever the day you get interviewed with huge exposure by 60 Minutes or Face The Nation or Meet The Press…we need that kind of spokesperson/investigative reporting/legal knowledge and voracity. With you “minions here” (but certainly not of the Disney variety), keeping even talk radio programs and all the over two dozen Presidential candidates, of which will be “weeded-out” through debates, gaffs, dug-up dirty past, et al, so we need to utilize getting these things addressed and action taken be broadcast even by talking blow-heads you may not like their politics…communication is key here.
      We need to ensure that fixing the VA is a solid Election Topic that’s unavoidable as the wars and Hillary’s damn emails or the economy.
      We can collectively do this.
      All we want is an efficient and improved VA that we can be PROUD of and have NO FEAR OF, and a VA that absolutely required transparency and an Auditing Firm appointed by non-VA contractor with these audits having the strictness and thoroughness, at unannounced times even, just like the early S.A.L.T. negations were and new ones with Iran and Iraq in past have been…all we Vets is better care for not only ourselves, but so future Vets can see that corruption that we fought England in Taxation without Representation/Stamp Act, etc., is no different with our plight with the VA because the Founding Fathers WARNED ABOUT these very problems when a Gov’t/Bureaucracy and absolute power absolutely corrupts, and the VA has made this a sociological text book example of this and many levels of advanced Psychology/Abnormal Psychology.

      So in closing, I believe there’s a LOT of embezzlement yet to be found…you wait.

      1. I personally would like to see someone of Ben’s qualifications sitting on “60 minutes”, “Face the Nation” or some such program of that quality. Especially, if he were to sit across from McDonald or/and Gibson. I believe Ben could “Best Them” in all areas concerning VA.
        He would only have to keep them on the ‘specific topics’. You know, take one question at a time. Then stay on that topic until resolved……only I doubt whoever shows up for VA could do that…..

      2. @crazyelf, I too was warned not to file a claim. I am trying to get the mess the VA made corrected. My appeal took six years to get an approval and an increase. During that time, the VA changed my coding and diagnosis from “Chondromalaicia Patella/ Patella femoral Pain syndrome” to “scars status post surgery”. the problem, I do not have any scars as my surgery was arthroscopic and done in 1984. I received a QTC questionnaire about scars and filed it out with every answer stating that I never had any scars and I never had any that would meet the requirement for scars.
        The VA told me on the phone that the messed up and it should not have been scars. Now the good part, I was told that if I want it changed back to the previous diagnosis and code then I would lose the disability rating for that knee. My latest C & P exam shows that my knee has worsened and that I should have had an increase. Now I am threatened with a loss if I do anything to correct their mistake. I now have to worry about any future increases for my knee (which I need to file for one now) because if they look for “scars”, they will find none and I will have a huge fight on this. I want things to go back to how they were so I can have my current disability treated and handled correctly.
        The service offices in Seattle and Indy have told me different things and neither of them state they can help or know how to get this corrected without loosing my current rating.
        I am told not to worry about this and told not to file for a new claim now. I know that I am screwed again by the VA.

      3. figure8fan. I know how you feel. I had been diagnosed with a “specific condition” while in the military. Then right after I got out, I was diagnosed with the same thing (over 35 to 40 years ago.).
        Now comes the funny part. Here in Florida, the Vamc changed my “military and VA diagnosis” in Orlando.
        What I, along with my wife, do is take in the “results” from the “Real Professionals” and say to the incompetent VA doctors, “don’t make a wrong diagnosis until you look at these documents!” We have had some good results doing this. And, we’ve had some bad experiences. When we get bad responses from a “Quack” we laugh in his/her face.
        Here’s another tip. If your married, let your spouse answer ALL phone calls from the VA. You’d be surprised how the VA changes their stance on many of “their facts”. They know a spouse can do more damage to their pride than you.
        Basically causing the VA employee to insult himself or herself over the phone.
        Something a friend once said to me, “Never get angry. They who get you angry, control you!”
        Stay Cool Brother. Stay loose!!!!!!!!!!

  22. “[VA OIG just confirmed allegations that some veterans’ claims files were placed within shred bins destined for the shredder. OIG downplayed the clear fraud by claiming “only 10 files” were misplaced and that the single mistake did not show “malicious intent.]”

    I think we can all agree that was 10 files too many that were placed in shredder bin. I am certain that if the VA OIG had found 200 Veteran Claim Files “inappropriately placed in shredder”, they would also then claim it did not show “malicious intent”…kind of how it’s not fraud at all to the VA to be in a surprise -1- Billion $ deficit…it’s only considered serious enough to REPORT when it nears $3 Billion.


    Also, what the HELL do they mean by trying to soften the language by stating, “inappropriately placed in shredder”?
    THAT implies there IS an APPROPRIATE method of placing Veteran files in the shredder, right?

    Does a serial killer “inappropriately tie-up and hold victims in their mom’s basement?”

    I mentioned the above sentence as an example because the word “inappropriately” should be REPLACED with ILLEGALLY…not inappropriately. Placing the Veteran Files in shredder is essentially KILLING Veterans and any hope for living a better quality of life in spite of medical/mental conditions.

    “Language is a virus from outer space…” –Wm. S. Burroughs

    “The VA is a virus and our enemy from within”–Me.

  23. Those SOBS been doing this for years, either they shred yr claim or file it in a they look at once a year

  24. 07/17/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    History will repeat—-especially if you are locked in—– Kenneth Lay right hand man to Bush [died suddenly at a Shatto/same place where General Powell had his heart attack the next day].

    Justice Channel had a show on about the explosion in Puerto Rico.—Propane and Enron’s pipeline.

    ENRON’S MANY STRANDS: THE DOCUMENTS; Enron Says Shredding of Records Was Not Stopped Until Recently
    Published: January 30, 2002

    Correction Appended
    Enron acknowledged yesterday that it had contracted until mid-January with commercial shredding companies to destroy company records.

    The disclosure outraged a congressman whose subcommittee is investigating document destruction at Enron and its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, though Enron insisted that the records being destroyed were unrelated to the continuing investigations of the company’s collapse.

    F.B.I. agents were in the company’s Houston headquarters as recently as Monday, government officials said. They have been working there to preserve potential evidence since last week, when an employee came forward to say documents were being shredded earlier in the month.

    In Washington, House Republican leaders backed President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in their refusal to tell Congress about contacts between Enron and the administration’s energy task force. But several Republican senators called on the White House to disclose the information. [Page C1.]

    Mark Palmer, an Enron spokesman, said the commercial shredding was a routine matter. The materials destroyed by a private company, Shredco, included items like payroll runs, old personnel records, performance reviews, medical records and other items that he called ”sensitive employee documents.”

    Representative James Greenwood, the Pennsylvania Republican who is chairman of the investigative subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said last night that he was dismayed that even routine shredding had continued for so long at Enron.

    ”It is stunning to me that this company, which is being investigated by the Congress, by the Justice Department, by the S.E.C., would get anywhere near a shredder without at least seeking the permission of the Justice Department and others, so that everyone is clear on what it is that they were shredding,” Mr. Greenwood said. ”Otherwise they are either incredibly arrogant and out of control, or somebody’s incredibly stupid.”

    We all have read the recent comments—We know it is time for a face to face interaction on the Hill.

    This ship is sinking and they are throwing everything overboard and getting rid of all evidence—Standard Corporate Procedures.


    Don Karg

  25. Personally I know that the VA will use the new house legislation that just passed to ease firing problematic employees to weed out Whistle Blowers. Also they will use the new legislation to fire anyone who doesn’t do as they are told to do, including sending files to the shredder.

    After all this is the Veterans Administration we are talking about.

    1. I read, somewhere, in the report “Whistleblowers” were protected. That was one of the ‘concerns’ one person had. It was stated, the concern was, an incompetent employee, would “Claim Whistleblower status”. Thereby protecting that person, or persons, from being fired immediately! (Paraphrasing).
      This ain’t “B/S, it was in there…..

      1. The more someone tries to control my actions through intimidation the more I fight back!!!

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