VA Launches Exciting And Free IT Training Veterans Training Programs

Veterans Training Programs

Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs is launching numerous professional veterans training programs free of cost to help develop professional skill sets and credentialing in technology – free IT training!

The two new programs are called Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) and VA Learning Hubs. These platforms are aimed to help veterans and servicemembers learn skills like web development and coding.

The program is geared to be quite comprehensive but is starting lean with seven courses focused on IT-related topics. These programs include:

  • Coding/Programming Boot Camps;
  • 80+ IT Certifications in Hardware, Software, Networking, Web Services, and more;
  • Network Support Engineer Job Training and Certification;
  • Cybersecurity Training and Certification;
  • IT Help Desk Job Training; and
  • IT Boot Camps for Desktop Support and Windows Expertise.

The training programs are open to all veterans and transitioning servicemembers. For this first beta run, applications will be accepted starting August 17, 2015. Since seating is limited, applicants are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

Veterans and servicemembers seeking more information can email [email protected].

The program idea seems great and numerous community participants are sponsoring the program. Check these out and come back here to provide feedback of your experience.


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  1. Dear Ben, any updates on this program? Has anyone been successful is signing up for these courses? Is there a Point of Contact yet?

    A follow up would be appreciated.

  2. Any idea on how to check the status of applications for the VA ALP IT training programs? I was also a first day applicant and have heard nothing. The VA web site simply says “application period has closed”.

    1. I applied the first day as well and have’t heard anything yet. When I applied, someone was supposed to contact you in a few days. No response from anyone. I’m not sure how to check the application status.

  3. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a human (on-line) to interact with at the ALP site – or ANY place else – let alone by phone – I applied the first day – still have heard nothing from the school – (Full Circle Computing) called them twice and they were NO help
    Good Luck if you are trying to use the ALP

  4. WOW,the VA is finally doing what it was supposed to do many years ago,my hands are hurting from applauding so hard!!
    Is this supposed to make up for Veterans Dying while waiting for what they really needed,”Someone to listen and treat their Medical needs as was promised a long time ago”The VA instead of treating Veterans as promised have treated us in some cases worse than Dogs and instead of using their budget for good and Honorable things for Veterans have waited millions if not billions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous things including bloated bonuses for VA Employees who hid the truth about why Veterans were dying and waiting in some cases years for what they earned serving,”Our Grateful Nation”

    I have written on here before because I for one am Pissed and not alone,I am retired in the Philippines and do not get the same treatment my fellow Veterans get in the US,But I asked about it before I moved and was told I was Covered,I can not get any replies from the Congress or Senate or even a Dog catcher about this,”Why are there 2 sets of rules,I fought in Vietnam too!!
    How about someone from DAV finding out about this and getting some answers and getting it fixed,I am rated at 100% for 4 Service Connected conditions.

    I as a Vietnam Combat Veteran am not impressed,I am not a great Orator,but I am one of the few,the proud a Marine,Semper Fi

  5. Ben, when you posted this blog on Friday, 7 Aug., there were at least five (5) comments. Where did they go? I also put comments on a few of your other blogs (6 August and 5 August) and they have disappeared, Why? Please respond…

    1. The comments I’m referring to concerns,
      1.) McCain’s bill, which he submitted to congress this past week.
      2.) McDonald’s, ‘rant’ or rebuttal (which was on Military dot com website) to McCain’s bill. Which, by the way, is full of inaccuracies.

      I feel these “issues”, which were brought forth by “Stars & Stripes and other military news sources, need to be “talked about”! Your “site” is a perfect venue for this, and other issues, to be debated.

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