VA Pays Another IT Contractor Big Bucks

IT Contractor

Benjamin KrauseVA is set to pay Leidos, an IT contractor, $25 million to implement its new silver bullet IT fix to resolve the mangled mess that is VA’s current IT platforms. The program is referred to as the OneVA Enterprise Architecture (EA) program.

The contract has a one-year fixed performance period with two years of options valued at $25 million. In a very opaque summary of tasks, its overall goals were listed out on News Medical.

“The OneVA EA program provides critical information for decision makers transforming the VA into an integrated enterprise. Under the contract, Leidos will perform complex analyses of VA business processes, organizational structures and information technology (IT) to help the VA develop and implement the OneVA EA program. Leidos will provide data collection and analysis services; review and support portfolio management efforts; assist in the formulation and capture of business IT plans and policies; and participate in the execution of enterprise architecture in support of VA enterprise transformation efforts.”

Group President of Leidos Health, Steve Comber, had this to say about the program, “We’re proud to support the VA with its OneVA Enterprise Architecture program, designed to serve as a strategic planning and management tool that helps VA’s leadership chart the course for the Department’s transformation into a 21st century organization.”

Leidos is a publicly traded company that specializes in national security, health and engineering solutions. Leidos is a Fortune 500 company that employs 21,000 people in its variety of commercial sectors. Leidos revenues for the last fiscal years were $5.77 billion.

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  1. though I am not intimately familiar with Leidos, I suppose they are as good as any of the IT firms out there – they are a Fortune 500 NYSE company that has done this work for a while, and not overstaffed like others. Assuming they are capable for a minute, the problems are with the VA who are staffed with idiots that belong in the 16th or 17th century in their knowlege, capability to learn anything, unwillingness to dive in and do since there is no money flowing into their pockets, and just can’t wait till they go home after they pick up their weekly paychecks which they will get anyway no matter how this goes. They will drag this project on forever by being the jackasses they are and acting as if they are thrilled to death about ‘One VA’ as they will all call it now.
    The one thing that will be good is that Leidos will provide data collection and analysis services for the VA. The thing that won’t ever work is that ‘VA leadership’ will hardly be ‘transformed’. I just do not believe that. Sorry.

    1. I agree that VA leadership will not and realistically, be transformed. There is only one solution for the current management mess.

      Also- do a Google search on “SAIC” (predecessor of Leidos) and “failed government contracts”- They have a long and not so distinguished history- Start with the SNAFU on the FBI’s case management system, and the list goes on.

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