GAO Audit

GAO Audit Shows VA Still At Risk, Failing To Address Major Problems

GAO Audit

A GAO audit shows VA is still failing to meet high-risk concerns in the area of transparency, ambiguous policy, and failure to hold employees accountable.

VA officials have expressed their commitment to address the concerns with the high-risk designation by creating a task force, working groups, and a governance structure for addressing concerns.

So what else is new? VA always points at the need for additional bureaucratic layers while evading pointing the finger inward.

VA has an ethics problem, and that ethics problem can be addressed in only a few ways; one of those ways is by embracing religion.

Could they find Jesus?

Personally, I have read the bible. Perhaps VA could save everyone some time by reading and codifying the 10 Commandments. There are a few that come to mind immediately which would save taxpayers a lot of money:

  • Thou shalt not steal
  • Thou shalt not bear false (no lying)
  • Thou shalt not murder

I personally believe VA would do well to return to Christian roots like these while addressing the problems we continually see from the agency.

Basically, do not lie, cheat or steal. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Or better, treat others as you would like your grandmother to be treated.

Please make a point to read the whole report. I posted the “What We Found” section here for readers in a hurry. The full report is a whopping 684 pages. Let me know what you find.

FULL GAO REPORT: HIGH-RISK SERIESProgress on Many High-Risk Areas, While Substantial Efforts Needed on Others

GOA High-Risk Audit – What They Found

Overall, VA has partially met the criteria for leadership commitment and an action plan to address the five areas of concern we identified when we placed VA health care on our High-Risk List in 2015. These five areas of concern are: (1) ambiguous policies and inconsistent processes; (2) inadequate oversight and accountability; (3) information technology (IT) challenges; (4) inadequate training for VA staff; and (5) unclear resource needs and allocation priorities. VA has not met the other criteria for removal: capacity to address the areas of concern, monitoring implementation of corrective actions, and demonstrating progress.

Although we concluded in our overall assessment that VA’s actions partially met two of our five criteria for removal from the High-Risk List, it is worth noting that the department made significantly less progress in addressing the action plan criterion than it has in demonstrating leadership commitment. Specifically, VA partially met the action plan criterion for only one of the five areas of concern—ambiguous policies and inconsistent processes—whereas VA partially met the leadership commitment criterion for four out of five areas of concern (VA did not meet the leadership commitment criterion for inadequate training for VA staff). The department must make significant progress on the action plan criterion for all five areas of concern we identified in order to meet this criterion for removal from our High-Risk List.

VA officials have expressed their commitment to addressing the department’s High-Risk List designation, and have taken actions such as establishing a task force, working groups, and a governance structure for addressing the issues contributing to the designation. For example, in July 2016, VA chartered the GAO High-Risk List Area Task Force for Managing Risk and Improving VA Health Care (task force) to develop and oversee implementation of VA’s plan to address the root causes of the five areas of concern we identified. VHA’s Deputy Under Secretary for Health (USH) for Organizational Excellence serves as the executive agent for the task force, with support from a combination of permanent and temporary staff. This senior VHA position was created in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing offices focused on assessing and improving health care quality and safety, providing VA leadership with analytics to assess VHA’s performance, and addressing issues related to public trust and integrity. For each of the five areas of concern we identified, VA has established a working group with two senior-level VA officials as leaders. These workgroups and officials are responsible for developing and executing VA’s high-risk mitigation plan for each of our five areas of concern.

VA has also contracted with two entities to support VA’s actions to address the high-risk designation. The first contract—with a Federally Funded Research and Development Center operated by the MITRE Corporation—is focused on (1) developing and executing an action plan, (2) creating a plan to enhance VA’s capacity to manage High-Risk List areas, and (3) recommending changes to the organizational structure VA set up to address the high-risk designation. The total contract value is $5.2 million, with an 8-month performance period that began on June 20, 2016 and 1 option year. The second contract—with Atlas Research, LLC—is for project management staff who will help establish a program executive office within the office of the VHA Deputy USH for Organizational Excellence, and assist with establishing the management functions necessary to oversee the five high-risk area working groups. The total contract value is $2.6 million, with a 1-year performance period that began on September 9, 2016 and the option to extend services for up to 6 additional months.

Since we added VA health care to our High-Risk List in 2015, VA’s leadership has increased its focus on implementing our recommendations. Between January 2010 and February 2015 (when we designated VA health care as a high-risk area), we issued products containing 178 recommendations related to VA health care. When we made our designation in 2015, the department had only implemented about 22 percent of them—39 of the 178 recommendations. In the last 2 years, VA has made good progress, but additional work is needed. Since we designated VA health care as a high-risk area, we have made 66 new recommendations related to VA health care, for a total of 244 recommendations from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2016. VA has implemented about 50 percent of the recommendations we have made since 2010—122 of the 244 recommendations. (See table 9.) It is critical that VA implement our recommendations not only to remedy the specific weaknesses identified, but because they may be symptomatic of larger underlying problems that also need to be addressed.

If you were a VA boss, which religion would be the best to solve VA’s problems?


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  1. Okay, out till later, just sayin so you all know it isn’t the boogie man again. Boooooooooo!!!!

    1. @The Brother and Sisterhood:

      Ben had some wonk thing going with his Spam (not the Hormel kind you eat, which is DEE-LISH-US) blocker software.

      Operations appear Normal now, and I am sure Big Ben is busy getting the remnants of the matter squared away.

      Spoke with ANutterVet on phone this morning. He sends his Aloha, and will be back when able. A bit under the weather healthwise (aren’t we all?) but said his fight “not over by a long shot” yet. Tough Old Bastard! Proud to know him as a friend . . .

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran, thank you for the good news from ANutterVet. glad to hear about him and that he is still fighting. Proud to know him too. Hope he gets better soon. Had some strange things going on the blog last night or early this am. Glad to know that it was the spam blocker. Good that it wasn’t hackers or trolls. Lol!

  2. I notice a lot paid in contracts. And as always with privatization these are pay off contracts. In other words no supervision of the contracts so money paid with little return.

    And likely the GAO is in on the scam. Bad marks so you hire the contractor. Creates a morale problem deserving the bad marks. and so goes the effort to put privileged hands in the tax payers’ pockets.

  3. @cj, it says when i post “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Is that what you are getting too?

  4. @cj, i don’t think my comments are posting. I am going to say goodnight. I hope you feel better tomorrow and have a goodnight. God Bless and goodnight.

  5. I don’t think the majority of them would come to Jesus or God for anything. The va doesn’t have any reverence for God or mankind to do the criminal acts that they do against innocent people. I have not seen many institutions that i would consider where most acts are done with evil intent, but the department of veteran affairs has that intent that they want to do evil and are successful at doing it.

    I can’t say 100% of them have no reverence, more like 75% of them enjoy doing and participating in criminal and evil acts. I know it doesn’t make sense if you are someone of character and reason, unless you see things from their point of view. If you are lazy, incompetent and do not care about others welfare and have a false sense of entitlement, you would be a perfect fit as a va doctor or provider. If you enjoy inflicting pain on others, you would be a perfect fit. If you basically have a criminal mind, put in an application. You will be able to commit crimes and will have no oversight as long as your supervisors and service line chiefs are in on it. You most likely will be preselected just talk to the va managers.

  6. Alright. I’ll try again.

    A quick answer to your question Ben over which religion…that depends on whether anyone is serious enough to have a come-to-Jesus moment with anyone in the VA. Seems the preacher in this instance is asleep on his Stairmaster.

    Before I get into my rant though, I must ask…what is the VA at higher risk for? Did I miss it? Are they at risk for shutting down? Someone being fired? Someone not getting a bonus? Is it anywhere near the risk a veteran takes just walking in their doors?

    So the GAO found they have ambiguous policies or inconsistent processes. Hell any veteran could have told them the VA has been that way likely since it was created, particularly in the claims process.

    Inadequate oversight and accountability? Looks like Isakson just got his ass launched off his stairmaster. That’s a shocking finding Ray Charles could see.

    VA leadership can commit to fixing these risky issues only by first admitting there is a complete lack of both oversight and accountability at any level in the VA. Same goes for Isakson.

    IT challenges? Did a contractor slip that into the report? Yeah, how many billions will be wasted on that? I am picturing some dietitian or nutritionist working her way up through the VA now running their IT department. Same as Aurora where they are hundreds of millions over budget because their building project manager is incompetent.

    Inadequate training for staff? Well, that can only be addressed when VA leadership gets together with their IT department and blocks access to Facebook, and tells hospital management that playing Human Hungry Hippos should be further down on their priority list.

    Unclear resource needs and allocations? Does the VA even have a CFO? It doesn’t appear they have any kind of budget process when VA leadership decides millions should be spent on useless art, or someone gives a higher priority to hiring interior designers over medical care providers. Is there anyone at VA with oversight or accountability responsibility for their budget priorities?

    Much of this reads like clinical hogwash. Is that so nobody gets their feelings hurt?

    This looks like more of a jobs program for bureaucrats than how to improve the VA with their task forces, working groups and a governing structure so they know who is in charge. All those flunkies are doing such a bang-up job at improving the VA that nobody has ever heard of what they are doing to improve it…including the GAO since they found 66 more areas to improve.

    It looks like they found a contractor though to eventually write a report that nobody will read. Surprising it didn’t go to RAND though…it must’ve been MITRE’s turn. MITRE is the same contractor that wrote a report on chemical weapons being used in the Gulf which the Pentagon promptly hid by classifying the report.

    Any chance of Isakson getting off the floor and doing some oversight?

    I’m curious which politician requested the GAO investigate this. Was it requested to actually make improvements at the VA? Or to justify certain spending?

    PS. Good to see you too Disgruntled Veteran.

    1. 91Vet,

      Great rant and spot on! Got to share that on my Facebook page. I will title it “A few Observations from a same era Veteran Buddy of mine – – – then share Publicly.

      I’ll cut off the P.S.

      Awesome Rant!

      1. And I will attach the .pdf of the IG report to it, in case others may want to educate themselves . . .

      2. Thanks DV. I get irritated quickly when I read these reports pretty much saying, yeah the agency is a disaster, but there are plans to write plans for task force planning which the working groups will work on planning in groups of task forces.

        Just lots of nonsense.

    2. Inadequate training of staff the vaoig uses that excuse to explain the waitlists, manipulation of scheduling, and Veterans unable to schedule an appointment. There are scheduling managers, clerks, and providers all in the scam. They are such liars!!!!

      1. I agree inadequate training, lack of consistent policies and inconsistent processes are all bullshit excuses.

        They blame inadequate training for all those problems, and likely blame not having enough time to complete training.

        They certainly have enough time to scheme and conspire in how to game the system with secret wait lists so managers can qualify for bonuses.

        They just don’t have enough time to do the right thing for vets.

    3. @91Veteran every medical center has a chief financial officer and they don’t do anything even when they get caught with mismanaging funding.

      1. @Ex va: Hey Ex, how are you tonight? To everyone else, I am not going to RTFM I already know what’s in it. Nothing new here, I am older and wiser, so to the puppet masters, go stick the smoke screen up your ass and shit banana grease. I can fix this entire mess real quick………………get me a fucking rope, and let’s start swinging. Miestro from the top 3/4 time an a 1 an a 2………………….

      2. @cj, doing ok. Kinda on a rant! LOL! I tried listening to Ben on talk radio. I couldn’t listen to the whole interview. How are you doing? Haven’t seen ANutterVet anywhere.

      3. @Ex va: You go ahead and rant on, my friend the stage is all yours. I have a good feeling ANutterVet is on a mission, he is engaged in glorius battle, stomping ass, and with his left hand is slitting throats, and his right is marking the beast, victory will be his. Was a bad day at black rock with the withdrawals, I think I have kicked this meds ass proper.

      4. Just an FYI – my spam blocker is acting weird today. If your comment does not show up right away, please be patient. I will approve once I figure out what is going on.

      5. Ben, I’ve noticed several spam comments coming through. It appears some worthless POS does not like what you post, so they post comments using made up names commenting about your site, almost as if they are trying to get information on how better to attack your site.

        For any VA employees posting that crap, keep doing it. Your IP address is recorded.

      6. @CJ – I’ll give ANutterVet a phone call tomorrow to see how he is doing. Anything I can convey to him for you?

      7. @Disgruntled Veteran: Thank you DV, I can’t think of anything. Just tell him the room is developing an echo since he’s been gone.

      8. @cj, you still here? Ben has been getting the interviews! Good for him! Did you get some sleep?

      9. @cj, i really do hope ANutterVet kicks their asses. He has the brains and knowledge to do it. ROFL!!! I do wish him the best on his quest. And i hope he comes back and tells us all about kicking their asses!! You hang in there your tough. I hate starting meds, stopping meds, my doctor says the body gets sick doing both. I wish i could get off some of my meds. Tired of all of the meds.

      10. @Ex va: I am glad I am getting over this med. Altough the muscle tension has returened since no med. I am ok with that. Pain I can deal with. 🙂

      11. @Ex va: LOL Ex, for the likes of me, I can’t remember what is was like outside. If you say it was good, then it was good. Today my mind is in hebernation for the day.

      12. This damn thing keeps emailing me my own comments…………..kinda like a digitaly retarded echo. No disrespect meant or implied to and mentally chalenged echo’s.

      13. A correction:

        This damn thing keeps emailing me my own comments…………..kinda like a digitally retarded echo. No disrespect meant or implied to and mentally challenged echo’s.

      14. @cj, do you hit the follow-up comments by email box? If i check that i always get a message.

      15. @Ex va: Yes, but I always do. so I know when someone replies to a comment. I has never emailed my own comment back to me though.

      16. @Ex va: I found this guy on Youtube, his name is Curtis Stone. A young guy that decided to start gardening, by leasing other peoples yards. Altogether he has 1/3 acre. His first year he made about 22 thousand dollars, his secong or third year he is making about 100 thousand growing just 10 different things. He lives up in Canada so his growing season is short. Pretty amazing what this kid has accomplished.

      17. @Ex va: Are you still here? If you are and are leaving a comment, I am not getting them.

      18. @cj, remember they had these tomatoes called mortgage lifter. They were so good and this guy paid off his mortgage planting and growing these tomatoes. This was like 30 plus years ago. i hope you do well with your gardening. People around here live off their farming. I will have to look up this guy on YouTube. I have been watching Ben’s interviews tonight.

      19. @Ex va: I grew Mortgage lifeters last year. My tomatoes didn’t do to well, so I can’t really say if they were good or not. This year I am going to rent farm land, and they should do much better. I am listening to Ben as well.

      20. @cj, i don’t know about the comments sometimes i can get them on time other times i don’t get them for hours after they are sent. I don’t know if it is the internet or this blog or my provider.

      21. @cj, we had too much rain around here. A lot of farmers had problems with their vegetable gardening. Their fields did great, some had double harvest of winter wheat and then corn. If their fields were in low areas some did have some problems. Do you use hot caps?

      22. @cj, i think the internet can be too addicting at times. I think it can cause problems. So much to read and information. I have to back off it when it starts causing me anxiety. Or it makes me angry with what some Vet is going thru with the va. It really pisses me off sometimes.

      23. @Ex va: It pisses you off because your a normal person. Those that don’t care are sub human.

      24. @cj, LOL! It is like a little tent to protect your seedlings when you plant them in the ground. Helps build the root system. So you can plant earlier. ^ i need that website you use. Your infamous va artwork expressionism. ROFL!!! You crack me up. The giant hand with the expressionist drawing. LOL! It could be Impressionism or expressionism, i don’t know now. Lol!

      25. @Ex va: Here you go: “” there are a lot more sites, but this is a good one for this blog because it has all those hashes on the left side so the picture comes out rite. If you post one without the hashes it will look like a mess like this. This is suppose to be a gun:

        ||”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” \\\\\\ \/~)
        || \\\\\\ \/_
        |~~~~~~~~-________________-_________________\ ~–_
        !———|_________ ——~~~~~(– )–~~
        \ /~~~~\~~\ )— \_ /(
        || | | \ () \\
        \\____/_ / ()\ \\
        `~~~~~~~~~-. \ \\
        \ \ \\
        \ \ \\
        \ \ \\
        \ \ \\
        \ \ () \|

      26. Now here is a gun with the hashes:
        …./ `–│││││││││———————-]
        …/==o ____________________
        …..),—.(_(__) /
        ….// (\) ),——
        ../`—-’ / …
        ./____ / … .

      27. @Ex va: My last comment says it is awaiting moderation? I din’t put any links or anything, or make any threats.

      28. @cj, it would be considered art because a human made it!!! ROFL!!! That is true!! I learned that in intro to art in college. My brain isn’t working well tonight!

      29. @Ex va: Ben’s interview was really good. I hope it get’s the attention it should from D.C. and it forces changes quickly. I like all the sides Ben took on all the issues. He is right about Hines va. I have been there many times. It is also where they sent me for my c+p exam, the crooked bastards. They will get theirs soon enough.

      30. @cj, the second definitely better than the first. So it is called text art? I will have to look that up. Thanks.

      31. @OLDMARINE: I am glad it’s over, first two days weren’t so bad, but yesterday was pretty uncomfortable. I did as you said, I went and picked up a refill anyway, even though I was stilll having witdrawals. By the time I got back home (about an hour later) it was over. Still a little foggy, but that is one of my more expensive meds. A good savings not having to take it any longer. The fewer the better.

      32. @OLDMARINE: It isn’t over yet, today is turning out to be a challenge. Not because of withdrawls, but because of the muscle tension that has returned. If you have ever had a heart attack, it is that painfull. I am pondering if it is worth it, or not.

        I have another question of everyonen. Has anyone here had the VA open a claim in your behalf for c+p?
        It just occured to me, that this is exactly what they did to me………..
        I filed a claim for a TBI, the TBI examiners deided it was just as likely as not a service connected TBI.
        Then the VA calls and says they setup a c+p exam for depression related to my service connected TBI.
        Then a decision was made denying my service connection for TBI, due to the decision based on the c+p exam for service connected depression, that I never filed a claim for.

        What do you all think about this BS? I think they illegally filed a claim in my name for the sole purpose to circumvent the “benifit of the doubt goes to the veteran” rule.

        Of course because i am no longer sharp as a tac, It just occured to me.

        P.S. Is everyone on vacation? or what?

      33. if i were you i would really research EDTA i know what a anutter said but look at it real good and yes 11 people died of overdose that is really hard to do take a whole bottle of anything and it could kill you and 11 people in how many years not like pharmaceutical drugs probably that many in one day. i have 2 other brothers 1 older and one younger both have heart problems. i have none and my blood pressure dropped back to normal and better circulation in my legs and neck. and then i have another friend of mine i grew up with, navy vet 100% had a mild heart attack he researched it and told me on the second day of use he didn’t get any more chest pains and he quit the VA heart med and told his doctors that its not like you take it for the rest of your life its like 8 weeks and your good…just research it, is all i ask ………Okay everyone, what is with the ghost town bit? This is kinda creepin me out………..LOL… i have been helping a friend out on his wrecked pickup truck . i have a shop full of tools might as well start using them again the less i do the more i hurt i think it distracts from my pain

      34. FBI at work on Russian trolls? Don’t know Oldmarine, but some of the crap has disappeared.

      35. @OLDMARINE: I did look into EDTA around 07, thing is, once you have a major heart attack that takes your life 3 times, there is a reluctance to try things like that. I guess I wouldn’t have any problem with it if it was before hand. Now they tell me the meds I am on are keeping me alive. What to do. I am not off the clonazepam either. I read it could do some serious harm cold turkey, and I was sure feeling it. I need a tapering schedule to safely get off this. I have an appointment on Monday with my private pc, will start all over again then.

      36. @Ex va: I see we both were having the same comment issues, with the exception of your comments didn’t have any spelling mistakes. lol

        It is called ascii art. there are different kinds of ascii art, ascii line art, ascii chat art. and even ascii gif art. They have sites like the one I posted for you, for us non artists, so we can just copy and paste.

      37. They may have flunkies holding that title, but they really seem to have no coherence in how they budget for things.

        If I had to guess, salary is paid out of a national account, with possibly other items paid out of a national account, along with a few national slush funds.

        I imagine then each hospital may be given a certain amount for running the hospital, with little or no controls or oversight over how that budget is spent.

        How else can anyone explain millions spent on art, or millions spent on solar panels and electric car charging stations.

  7. Nice. Nothing like writing a lengthy rant only to see it disappear down the fucking rabbit hole.

    1. There’s a wonderful ‘tea party’ down here in the rabbit hole and your message is being inhaled by a large caterpillar sitting on a mushroom with a large pipe. *everyone’s mad down here*

      1. Sincere Apologies to Lewis Carroll.

        “But I don’t want to go among mad Doctors and AFGE people,” the Veteran remarked.

        “Oh, you can’t help that,” said Dr. Shithead Shulkin the Fat Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

        “How do you know I’m mad?” said the Veteran.

        “You must be,” said Shithead Shulkin the Fat Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    2. Happened to me a few times. Never fun! What I usually do for a lengthy post is to draft it in word, then copy – paste – final edit in the comment box. That way, I have a backup – – – which I can repost later should it become necessary.

      Good to see ya’, 91Vet.

      1. I hear ya. I broke my own rule of copying the entire comment before hitting the submit button.


  8. Might include the safe guarding of paperwork, and electronic records from all but those assigned to the claims or case, or patient. They have an issue with losing shit, and closing claims that have not been completed, and possibly talking about the Veterans while working on the claims or giving access to veterans relatives or friends, etc… Also hiring people from their church or relatives, and giving first hand service to claims of church friends and relatives. I have also dogged them for a lack of research on what type of dangers Veterans face on the Job. The VA claims they knew nothing about Super fund sites and Chemical contaminations for decades after other Government agencies was writing reports on the dangers of TCE or PCE. We all know that is crap, but they are just know acknowledging the science. In the mean time we all suffered, I am full of tumors as I was an Armorer at a super fund site. They have no clue at least in Indianapolis what soldiers face in war or peacetime. They should be the experts but we are made to come up with all answers? That needs to change, they should be professionals at caring for Veterans!

  9. I think the best religion th lead our useless, thieving, lying, murderers, may be the Christian Science Practioners. They don’t believe in Dr.’s. No disrespect to anyone of that faith.. I hear VA recieved a raise. It’s already going for bullshit committes for bullshit reasons. Hard to ignore “comments are closed”, but can do.. @Ya’ll, I be listening to Ben. Soon….

  10. I tried reading the Bible a bunch of times but lost count of whom begat whom and which one of those begotten condemned us all to eternal damnation for begetting when forbidden to do so. It rivals Moby Dick in its exhasperating attention to minute details about precisely how much fish oil you will get from a hork nosed dolphin.

    However it is intriguing to ponder the idea of guardian angels organizing an employees union and seeing just how things worked out for everyone, right?

    We could call it the Angels For Good Eternity (AFGE) which would help protect the rights of the angels against employer abuse, just like the VA union does. I wonder if quality of care from the winged AFGE folks would be enhanced if their jobs were protected under contract? It certainly has impacted the Earth Bound (EB) AFGE folks.

    Or we could just decide that AFGE is not the good golly best idea after all? I wonder how much oil you get from an EB AFGE worker?

    1. @Dennis: “[Or we could just decide that AFGE is not the good golly best idea after all? I wonder how much oil you get from an EB AFGE worker?]”

      Lamprey hold absolutely no nutritional value to anyone but the Lamprey. That’s why lamprey require a host like Veterans, to suck the life out of them, but interestingly, you cannot live on Lamprey alone.

      EB AFGE are the Lamprey that need completely lanced from the VA’s side.

  11. My name is Quancidine Hinson-Gribble and I have sent a subpoena via FedEx to Me. Tom Murphy about my Compensation and Pension not posting in my e-Benefits account, however it states in my e-Benefits account that the effective date is August 23, 2016. Mr. Murphy was given seven days to comply to my request. The seventh day is Tuesday, March 22, 2017. The docket# for the lawsuit is: 5:16-cv-70-FL. Quancidine Hinson-Gribble v Office of Personnel management, et al.

    1. Quanc,

      Just got my notice of denials of A, B, C, and D claims. I had no Comp and Pen review/meeting.

    2. Quanc,

      Did a quick read of your docs. Hope things go well for you.

      Take them to the cleaners! Lord knows, they have been living way too high off the Hawg for far too long. I hope you receive the justice you deserve.

  12. Two articles from “” today.
    “VA Now Paying Compensation to Victims of Contaminated Lejeune Water!”

    If y’all know of someone who was stationed there. Contact them ASAP.

    “Rural Vets May See More Options for Telemedicine!”

    This one is interesting because, it shows where veterans record (DVD) their appointments between physician and patient!
    I don’t give a rats ass what anyone says. I believe it would greatly benefit veterans IF they could record, (DVD), all appointments between themselves and their physicians!
    Because, it would show just how incompetent VHA healthcare providers really are! It would also show how these asswipes, collecting five and/or six figure paychecks, do nothing to deserve it!
    That’s my fuckin’ opinion!

    1. Crazy elf I totally agree on the recording of the visit but that will never happen it would collapse their big scam.I have even been in the waiting room where the wife or girlfriend are with them and they get up with the vet when his name is called and then get told you don’t have to come in with them. why would they even say that if they weren’t hiding something.

      1. “OLDMARINE”
        The healthcare persons CANNOT STOP anyone from entering into a physician/patient appointment!
        They, the veterans, have to start taking this shit seriously. IF they want great healthcare, they’re going to have to start “doing for themselves!”
        The times my wife goes with me, I would dare those reprobates to say something like that to her! GOD help them, lol!

        I wouldnt post something like this but this guy is one of the evil bastards hope he goes straight to hell where he belongs………David Rockefeller Just Died, Hooray! but some people deserve no mercy

      3. I just read to my wife what you said “OLDMARINE”!
        Here’s my wife’s response;

        “I would tell them, “HE”, (meaning me), has the “Right”, by Federal Law, to say WHO goes back into his appointment, NOT YOU!”

        That’s straight forward, and to the point! Like I said, brother, “GOD help those reprobates!”

      4. Also, “OLDMARINE”,
        Did you notice how the healthcare person says, “…you don’t have to come in with them!”

        Kinda like saying it’s NOT a rule or law. But more of a “suggestion” the wife or girlfriend doesn’t have to be in the room with the veteran!
        They’re only trying to keep the appointment secret.
        “Because they don’t want any witnesses to their FUCK-UPS!” another quote from my wife!

      5. @Crazy elf- That is suggestive thinking being projected upon a Spouse and Vet when they say that. Do reverse-reverse psychobabble on them and do exact opposite and get a chuckle as the aardvark shaped RN’s eyes cross and remain that way for a while and hope she does not have to take your blood later. 🙂

      6. My wife or one of my other “close friends” ALWAYS goes into the room with me. Been my personal policy since 2015. When the suggestion is made that “You do not have to come in with him” to my companions – – – I just look the provider square in the eye and say “My companion has already seen me naked several times at various locations. I am not here on behalf of National Geographic. If you have a problem with them coming in with me, please find me another Doctor within the next ten minutes.”

        Only once has the provider shuffled me onto another one. However, I do suspect that my “disruptive behavioral statement” has NOT won many hearts and minds.

        Fuck ’em. They haven’t done much to win mine, either.

    2. @Crazy elf: That is what really pisses me off, they have no trouble fabricating reasons to deny a veterans claim, but have no trouble at all paying these incompetent boobs, not only hefty salaries, but bonuses on top of it. It is a money making factory for everyone involved except Veterans…………’ sickening.

    3. *IF* the VA Telemedicine were to allow DVD recording of the visits, you can rest assured the witch dr. on other end will be well-rehearsed and as I have suggested on here before by reference, it would not surprise me one bit if IBM’s Watson and the VA collaborate to make a “Virtual Witch Dr.”, that’s very akin to that TV series from late 70’s called “Max Headroom”. Where you would not “see” the actual real VA witch dr, but rather that real witch dr. will be controlling the algorithms of the “Max Headroom Virtual Witch Dr.”, where the VA would experiment on Vets with illegal subliminal visuals and audio to turn us all into passive non-human rats.
      Speaking of passivism, and to add what Crazy elf and others stated above, I learned from quite a few possibly deathly medical experiences and some great advice from a cognitive therapist, that YOU and ONLY YOU (and spouse, if applicable), can take charge and OWNERSHIP of both you chronic health issues AND your medical care. THEY work for YOU, whether VA or Private.
      Even if you have no spouse, if you want a good friend or say and undercover attorney ( 🙂 ), to come with you to be a second set of eyes and ears, put your foot down and stick your position.

      I fear that the VA has far too-long taken advantage of the humbleness and quite often, passivism of Veterans and although I am NOT blaming US for the VA’s error ways, but I am suggesting that through our assertiveness, demanding to be treated as we should, we may help things along by taking our VA back.

      The VA still needs a massive enema and prosecutions to place the fear of God in these hacks. (Subliminal Suggestion via video means between the many frames was proven SO effective back in early days of film, that it was declared ILLEGAL. It was tested in many movie theaters. Cant tell me the VA would not miss the chance to utilize subliminal crap in their telemedicine sessions….sad to have to think this way but it is what it is…)

      1. namnibor, Very well put!

        As I’ve said, veterans need to take charge of their healthcare and anything else pertaining to the VA!

        If they don’t, the VA will fuck over them every chance they get!

      2. How fast would that DVD recorder be found to be broken or someone claims they didn’t push record of the provider were caught screwing up?

  13. “IF” I were boss!”
    Two words—-

    Give VA employees, from top to bottom, (including “Shithead Shulkin”), one “CHOICE”!

    Straighten the fuck up, fly right, buckle down, do your fuckin’ job, fire all inconsequential personnel, fire those two outside firms, fire ALL persons like Graves and Rubens, fire all healthcare providers who are incompetent, get all those VSO’s out of everything, get rid of the UNION, basically ——-
    or be paid $1 each pay period until you’ve learned your lesson!

    Have I left anything out?

    1. One dollar is good, But many should be Arrested and put into jail. Anyone connected to wait times, reporting veterans as being disruptive and not furnish real evidence should be fired and the VA pay each and everyone money for “Libel” not slander.

      Once they publish it and it not be true it’s “libel” a class 6 felony and cause for Termination with evidence and can not be over ruled by any judge. The Secretary has the authority to fire, when real evidence is furnished.

      VA will become real dangerous for Veterans as VA employee’s who have done wrong will take down as many veterans as they can, before they are Fired. They know who the are and you know who they are. Yes it’s time for Veterans to take back their VA.

      Many employee’s have friends and relatives who will try and still cover up for wrongdoings and if so those employee’s should also be terminated for interfering with an investigation. As they become part of the problem. Everyone must remember that the VA has had decades to stack the deck and we all know that the VA can not Police themselves.

      If the are still able to police themselves, its just going to be one big circle jerk. This new bill has to have teeth and substance and not just talk. Take no prisoners approach. Shock and Aw ! Wipe that smug look off their faces. Its time to pay for their misdeeds.

      And I did not think you were reading my posts. Great day for our fellow veterans. But we still have to see it in action !

  14. Holy crap. What did they NOT find? Seems like the VA is barely even trying and that’s being generous. Will read more of it later…my computer is complaining from the document still wreaking of VA industrial sanitation chemicals and asking me to confirm that I want to continue viewing the 600+ pages of VA Industrial Toilet Paper…because it seems the VA has wiped its ass on the requirements to improve.

    Benevolence is the VA’s meme. Not even God wants to try to reform the reprobates. FLUSH…right back to hell, the entire VA and start over from scratch. There’s no reforming Satan’s Assholes.

    1. @Nam

      Pretty damning document with what I have read so far. Take me a few days to finish, and make my notes for transference to letters to Congress folks. Your computer complaining from the VA industrial sanitation chemicals? Mine is screaming in agony, and begging me for some of my CBD Vape.

      Gotta do some rundown because I want to hear Big Ben on the radio today. Since my test post seems to have made it through – – – will continue to ignore the “Comments are Closed.” statement. Appreciate your confirmation reply.

      I think Elf’s solution is truly the only viable one with regards to what needs to be done with the VA, in order for the tide to be turned – – – so that the (did)organization can serve our veterans in the manner that they have earned.

      1. Disorganization Dammit! Fucking auto-correct bullshit! Auto-correct when it changes the context is unacceptable.

      2. I also hate spell Czech . To make things even worse, I have extreme poly neuropathy and any capacitive touch screen goes crazy like I am the electric man or something.

  15. Buddhism might work.

    And who is continually playing these silly discouragement games with the blank “Comments are closed.” remarks?

    It ain’t over until Big Ben says It’s Over.

  16. “[If you were a VA boss, which religion would be the best to solve VA’s problems?]”

    Well, I would take a page from the lyrics of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and since the VA is very benevolent in nature, it’s only befitting that we only recommend a Satanic Mechanic and even ‘The Candy Man’ was in original lyrics:

    (lyrics to “Sweet Transvestite” from “Rocky Horror Picture Show” by Richard O’Brien)

    “How d’you do, I
    See you’ve met my
    Faithful handyman
    He’s just a little brought down because
    When you knocked
    He thought you were the candy man

    Don’t get strung out by the way that I look
    Don’t judge a book by its cover
    I’m not much of a man by the light of day
    But by night I’m one hell of a lover

    I’m just a sweet transvestite
    From Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha

    Let me show you around, maybe play you a sound
    You look like you’re both pretty groovy
    Or if you want something visual that’s not too abysmal
    We could take in an old Steve Reeves movie

    I’m glad we caught you at home
    Could we use your phone?
    We’re both in a bit of a hurry (right!)
    We’ll just say where we are, then go back to the car
    We don’t want to be any worry

    Well, you got caught with a flat, well, how about that?
    Well, babies, don’t you panic
    By the light of the night, it’ll all seem alright
    I’ll get you a satanic mechanic

    I’m just a sweet transvestite
    From Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha

    Why don’t you stay for the night? (night)
    Or maybe a bite? (bite)
    I could show you my favorite obsession
    I’ve been making a man
    With blond hair and a tan
    And he’s good for relieving my tension

    I’m just a sweet transvestite
    From Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha
    Hit it, hit it, I’m just a sweet transvestite (sweet transvestite)
    From Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha

    So, come up to the lab
    And see what’s on the slab
    I see you shiver with antici-
    But maybe the rain
    Is really to blame
    So I’ll remove the cause
    But not the symptom”

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