Government Shutdown

Government May Shut Down But VA Will Not Says VA Secretary

The talk on Capitol Hill is that the government will shut down over border security as we march into Christmas, which may have some veterans concerned based on past experiences.

Around 8 years ago, a government shutdown did impact veterans where some did not receive their disability pay or other benefits. VA took no substantive steps to ensure veterans were prepared for rough waters going into November at the time.

Fortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs is fully funded through fiscal year 2019 according to the Secretary:

“Thanks to the leadership of President Trump and Congress, VA is fully funded for fiscal year 2019, and in the event of a partial government shutdown, all VA operations will continue unimpeded. 

“We thank the president and Congress for their commitment to our nation’s heroes in funding VA, and stand ready to provide all of the VA benefits and services our Veterans have earned.”

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  1. 12/28/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA has been shut down since 09/30/2018—–That is the reason why they have not been paying their bills/revoking care and services [Care Givers, GI Bill/Education, Medical Bills, etc…].

    VA Secretary Robert Wilkie is playing a mean game.


    Don Karg

  2. Right on T, But for once the sell outs “politicians” on both sides we always get the bullshit about what they Disagree on , But I would like to know every law they pass that they agree on. More likely as not you will find the red pill and the blue pill both have the same ingredients except for the food coloring

    They even have a medical version of it, Read this one and blow your mind of the corruption

    Placebo washout….U.S. Department of Health & Human Service

  3. I FULLYagree with all remarks we must hold ground against the no good sstupid democraes especially that pain in the but [so called women demoncrae ] we all hate ,,stick a rag in her big mouth ….

  4. I’m laughing my ass off at you ignorant retarded triggered dumbocrats.

    Really, I’m laughing my ass off at the assholes who responded to me but are too fucking stupid to go back and watch the videos of shitty fucktard dumbocrats advocating for border security and reduced immigration who then turned around and did the opposite just to childishly sandbag Mr. President.

    It’s not hard to find the clips of idiots like obummer, Clinton and that idiot Schumacher as far back as 2000 advocating for decreased and tighter immigration and border security but as recent as 2016 flip flopping.

    But then again I’ve learned that stupid fucks who are too dumb to do any research or critical thinking like to respond to my kind of comments sticking up for the same stupid idiot democrats.

    So let me help you two dumbasses who responded to me who are too fucking stupid and childish to think on their own. You can go on YouTube (if your not too fuckin ignorant) and look up a channel called “in pursuit of truth”. There you will find a lively and educated fellow named Patrick mac who compiled a video of said dumbocrats first advocating for more immigration laws and border security and then hypocritically changing their turned. The video was posted today.

    So now you two squawking cunts can shut you dumb, uneducated retarded fucking mouths. But I have an idea that your too fucking stupid to accomplish that. Looking at you, two johns.

    This world is vastly better off without your level of stupid in it.

    1. “too fucking stupid to go back and watch the videos of shitty fucktard dumbocrats advocating for border security and reduced immigration who then turned around and did the opposite just to childishly sandbag Mr. President.”….HA HA I saw that one long ago, ” DISTRACTIONS DISTRACTIONS” So We serfs can argue among our self’s, You ought to know that old Military Tactic called DIVERSION.
      But you failed to mention the one about Trump and Killary on one of their debates that Trump was going to get a Special prosecutor if he got elected and put Killary in jail…Yea I know Q says It’s coming,…The carrot is still dangling in front of your face.. …..If You can’t tell by now I take NO political sides I call it as I see it.

      I checked out your. “in pursuit of truth”….Q Anon/News – FAKE, FAKE, FAKE , Yeah He’s got truth in there But, Q Is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, If you did any research on the BS Q puts out its nothing more then shit you can find on the net before he says it, And claiming it as new info…White hats black hats all go by their U.N. Rulers…….No one is going to save our asses
      The ones really pulling the strings you will never hear their names, NEVER mentioned , Fuck soros fuck Zukerburger, and even toss in fake X Elon musk, Just another puppet.

      And NO merry christmas from me ….It’s a Pagen holiday
      Q is nothing more than a psychological operation.
      But I am not saying there are people that don’t like this commie agenda and work in government, They just want their Retirement Check…

      The United Nations Agenda for World Government: A New World Order
      By………..Liberty Sentinel Media …..on u tube

      And look up …..Brendon O’Connell.
      Bi BI’S Got A Kill Switch | No One Is Safe……u tube

      And don’t worry BI BI Is just doing what he is told also, You will never ever see or hear of the PUPPET MASTER, Unless you have ears to hear and eyes to See.

      It’s a ” VERY” big club and we ain’t in it …….

      1. I’m still brewing over vets/people offing themselves this month due to medical cabal’s abuse and those dealing with pain issues to the VA corruption.

        I read Wilkie’s statement and gotta laugh. Same ole BS. “Thanks” thanks thanks BS. Regardless of who is in any office, same crap. No mention of harms in the past from typical DC claims or maneuvering. Who and how many lost just what due to non-payments or who, how many, had to go into the streets over some DC/VA BS or phony claims of no harm done by Gov or VA antics. Then on to the old lines re-used:

        “We thank the president and Congress for their commitment to our nation’s heroes in funding VA, and stand ready to provide all of the VA benefits and services our Veterans have earned.”

        OH, we have earned threats, being chased off, “ordered” to bow to your VA, to retaliation and hate following us out into the civilian sectors too due to politics and damage controls? Reach out to some of us Mr Wilkie, Trump, Congress (D’s, I’s or R’s) critters, etc. Cowards, you won’t. Be sure to censor us from both sides and by foreign agents who control the works.

        As usual in DC and state affairs BS, brown-nosing, facade, DC back-patting, kissing of rings/ass, licking feet goes a long long way for the puppets and puppet masters up there. Way to go Wilkie!!! The really “big clubs” and cliques win… we lose.

        Seems to me IMHO the only thing government and the two party system can guarantee is taxes, perpetual wars, bowing to foreign interest, social engineering, creating in-fighting, chaos, distractions, nepotism, immunity, Washington DC facade, censoring, fake news/faked history, and more. The old quid pro quo and symbiotic relationships up there and in every state and town will continue on non-stop. Shut downs or not. Hell, shut it all down and re-boot the entire mess minus many aspects of “Big Brother/Sista” establishments, agencies, to their attack dogs. Let them learn how some of the other 80 or 90% have to live or endure.

  5. Good comments posted today – I’m a person who tries not to participate in distorted thinking processes such as “all or nothing” thinking. I am for “the wall”, yet I am not on board with many of the other issue the POTUS has or has tries to initiate. With that being said, Hooray that the veterans got a break! At least this is one less thing to be concerned about.

    However in regards to the first comment about benefit allocation, I have always felt that those who serve the country should receive the same healthcare benefits. Not what we have now which is healthcare for the expendables and healthcare for the plutocrats such as officers in the military and people holding political or governmental position etc. Just saying.


  6. Actually, there is more than enough mud to go around, for whichever party of multi-millionaires is “in power”.

    As to DisabledForgottenOIFveteran comment about “hypocritical” Democrats, I would remind you that the Republicans control BOTH Houses of Congress and the Presidency, RIGHT NOW.

    The ONLY and SOLE reason for a “shutdown” is grandstanding, and both Party’s want to play that game. The R multimillionaires want to seem like they are helpless against the bleeding-heart liberals in their red-blooded campaign to make America Great Again. The D multimillionaires want to seem like they are standing string against the tyrannical conservative in their grass-roots campaign to make America Great Again (see what I did there?).

    The fact is that the Republicans COULD vote funding for the President’s wall. That simple. What YOU should be asking yourself is WHY THEY AREN’T. If, as seems evident, you have decided that one particular set of multimillionaires and billionaires are “on your side”, then you ought to make a pretty serious effort to be sure you didn’t get taken, yet again. After all, Iraq is no more Free than it ever was, and in a lot worse shape—Dick Cheney, one of those billionaire Rs who “support” you, made hundreds of millions of dollars through his wife and kids on employing mercenaries in Iraq—how did you make out?

    I would say, don’t play Party politics. It’s another game people like us can’t win. If you must back a particular politician or worse, an entire Party, do so because they walk the walk they talk, and that talk serves your actual interests (good luck on that).

    As for the so-called shutdown, I call BS. If the Rs or Ds want to have a shut-down over a “moral issue”—and that’s supposedly what this wall thing is—then it should be a shutdown; everything stops. Which no one wants to do, because then you have actual consequences for actual actions. So, smoke and mirrors…and from the sound of things, it worked. How sad.

    1. I don’t think you really have any clue what you’re talking about.

      But then again, I’ve heard the same worn out argument from dumbasses who want to stick up for the party of communists and socialists and slave owners known as the democrat party.

      I’ve heard the most grandiose arguments trying to blame republicans from dumb cocksuckers like you who really have no idea what’s going on. It really is amazing the great intellectually dishonest and ill-researched lengths they go to sound like they actually did any research.

      Yet it always comes out as conjecture and opinion rather than fact. Btw republicans did vote for the wall and right now the republican party is trying to weed out all the rhino scum who suck libtard democrat crack pipe.

      But then again I’m speaking from research and actually having some kind of education and not my opinion.

      1. “But then again I’m speaking from research and actually having some kind of education”

        The Higher your grades in so called education just means you can repeat the bullshit they spew at you.
        Here’ another one for you.
        Victor Rothschild was a “Soviet” Agent – henrymakow dot com.
        Show me where your “Q” Friend tells you any of this.
        And Henry Makow Is Juuuuish so don’t get your panties tied up in a knot .

        Even the Rothschild’s have their puppet master, Find out who they set a plate out at their dinner table and doesn’t show up in human form.

        And you can look up “Ja Nicholson” on the tube he might give you a hint

    2. By the way Mr. Ford, making disingenuous and snyde remarks about my campaign service and lack of pay compared to mercs is pathetic.

      At least I had a ballsack huge enough to enlist in a combat mos and volunteer to go to an unpopular war, do my duty and not cry about the politics of said war like a little cunt.

      Name one soldier who got to chose their theatre of war. I’m sure over history plenty of soldiers complained about the godforsaken shithole they had to wage war in. At least they did their duty regardless of the politics of war Something tells me you either did not serve or are just a raisin nut commie fag.

      1. Correction Mr. Steven Ford High. Johnny Cash song “Lord, Mr. Ford” stuck in my brain housing group. Apologies.

  7. Entitlements like VA Disability Compensation, Social Security Benefits, etc are not required to have an “appropriation” and therefore the only way they can be affected is by treasurer personnel that cut and mail checks being furloughed.

    I’ve been receiving these benefits since 1985. No shut down has ever affected my direct deposits. Find a bank that offers free accounts for these direct deposits with an ATM card and no minimum balance to insulate yourself from this crap. Plenty of them around. As long as the Donald (Don) is in charge it is going to happen again and this one may be long.

    1. Yeah but it was funny as hell to watch Chuckie shitmaker and Nancy ” skeletor” Pelosi stomp their feet and throw tempertantums at POTUS during a white house interview, then try to get it shut down when they realized arguing over the border wall made them out to be the complete studgies they are.

      Democrats are so sickly hypocritical that they supported a wall when hilldog said something but flip flopped and waffled in the issue just to get in POTUS way.

      Btw Mr President just fire em if they won’t serve the peoples will. No benefits or severance packages.

      1. You have no clue what you are talking about actually there are large amount of ex Dishonorable claiming they can’t work and honestly BECCAUSE OF THEIR DRUG PROBLEM OR PRISON SENTENCE.They are the ones who needs to stop taking actual Veterans money that had honorable discharge that was actually hurt in the Service. And if you are the of these you don’t deserve it. BUT IF YOU HONESTLY SERVED THIS COUNTRY WITH HONORS THEN THERE IS NO EXCUSES THEY DO PAY BENEFITS. And stop blaming Democrats It was your president only who dis this.

  8. just as well shut it down also. You can’t get any service that I would call effective and efficient from most of them right now or in the past. You’re hard pressed finding a few people at the VA that gives a rat about you’re problem

    1. Sunvale…I would ask that you not speak for ALL VA care centers. I receive my care at the VA Medical Center in St. Cloud Minnesota and I have received nothing but top notch care and treatment since President Trump was elected by the people into office.

      Even prior to that, under Mr. Obama my only complaint was wait times being pretty long…but once I was in for care I feel it was very good.

  9. The VA sec couldnt shut this down even if he wanted to as the VA is already funded for the next year, and so are all the branches of the Military. The only ones who still have to work are the non essential parts of the US Government and what they are worried about is if the Government continues to operate without them, then maybe people will start to wonder why they are even needed. Heck even the IRS is saying this will not effect your income tax returns if you file them early.

  10. “”

  11. No Shutdown:
    VA employees collect monthly accrued vacation throughout the year, and the agency in its wisdom implemented the ¨use it or lose it¨ policy many years ago, after long term employees would accrue extreme vacation, then choose to use it all at once, e.g. three months or more. Now, they are limited but still are able to take December off. This is the time of year where it is virtually impossible to receive assistance from a Regional Office VBA. The good news is the system cranks back up about mid-January, and decisions, SOC´s, etc., start to appear again. It holds for VRE also, as I filed an NOD per a denial at the end of November, and was informed I could expect the SOC with the VA Form 9 in thirty days – right on schedule.

    Happy Holidays

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