Veteran Died Who Lit Self On Fire

Fire Suicide 3

Benjamin KrauseThe veteran who lit himself on fire outside the Atlantic County CBOC in Northfield, New Jersey has died according to a police statement. Photos of the suicide site show the veteran lit himself on fire 75 feet from the entrance of the VA clinic.


The media has been very quiet about the self-immolation of an unnamed veteran on Saturday who received mental health treatment from the VA clinic. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital but died later that day.

I received these photos from a person familiar with the situation and posted them here to give readers a better idea of what happened since the media has been so tight-lipped.

Why do you think the media is quite about this story given the linkage between VA’s continued failures to provide adequate mental health care to veterans and this self-immolation?

Northfield VA SuicideDespite the near media blackout, veterans have been very vocal about the suicide and about potential links between the suicide and poor mental health care quality due to the VA telehealth system utilized at the facility. That Northfield VA clinic moved to the new location in 2011 and boasted at the time that the move would increase access to care by making use of better technology.

Apparently for the veteran in question, the mental health care quality was insufficient. I will be doing a write-up tomorrow about a linkage between VA telemedicine and the poor quality care at the facility. Be sure to comment on any resources you dig up about the facility to keep readers informed about your research.

What do you think about the VA telehealth system and its ability to adequately treat mental health?

UPDATE: 3/25/16 – About six hours after my post was published, came out with more details about the suicide.

While I am disappointed to not see video coverage or explicit comment from Secretary Bob, the following is what was published after this post:

As of today, when you do a Google search for news for Charles R. Ingram III, the coverage is still sparse compared to other scandals. Local and state press ran a couple stories. Washington Times did a piece. However, I have not seen any “5 o’clock” news video of what happened or interviewing VA about it.

If anyone finds video, can you please comment with a link below?

There is more to this story than meets the eye given that Wilmington VAMC leadership, the head facility there in charge of the CBOC in Northfield, are reportedly bragging about the near media blackout and lack of feedback from the press. Very curious.

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  1. Weedforwarriors instagram page has a photograph of mr.ingram..kinda graphic…ive sent it out to other veterans i know so others will at least be able to see how shamelessly the media and the government will turn a blind eye….i guess dead veterans dont sell like they used to…disgusting state of affairs

  2. How tragic that this man knew setting himself on fire was the only way to bring attention to himself and MANY other veterns in his situation. Unfortunately , even that has not work. I see it monthly when I take my father, a Vietnam Vet to the veterans hospital. My dad who is almost 70 years old suffered in silence with severe PTSD and severe pain for close to 40 years because he had been told he was weak. Then they told him they could n’t find his records and even told him he had never served , even tho he had been seriously wounded and spent 6 months in a veterans hospital. His representative is Vietnamese , and for a man who struggles nightly with nightmares that is the worst kind of torture. I will never understand why our country treats these men the way they do!!!

    1. same thing happened to me call Kenneth Carpenter out of Topeka Kansas Attorney, if anyone can help he can. Hes listed carpenter charter.

  3. VA kills… My friend was killed by the VA medical doctors who prescribed so many drugs and then claimed he was bitten by a spider when he indeed was showing allergic reactions to their sorcery. His brain basically exploded and he would have been a vegetable. Even worse NOTHING for his kid after serving his country and working 15 years at the post office… A whopping $656 per month. This country funds the dregs and squanders the future. Hell is empty all the demons are here.

  4. I have been dealing with the VA since 1999………the long & short of it is – THEY DO NOT GIVE A GOOD GODDAMN ABOUT US!!!

    I have asbestosis of the lungs (service connected), which will eventually kill me… it is, it has left me unable to enjoy life to much of an extent.
    Still, they stick me with 20% S.C. disability benefits & let me fight it out for the rest I’m owed – (don’t ever plan to to see that, as it’s ” DELAY, DENY & WAIT ‘TIL WE DIE “).

    Meantime, I live in near poverty & if it wasn’t for my hard working wife, we’d be up “shit creek”…………..this is what I get for serving my country during Vietnam.
    “We care about our Veterans” — MY ASS!!!!

    We are nothing but “lip service” & “talking points” to the politicians & the VA bureaucrats…………the only time they give a shit is when they need us for a war, so they can get richer.

    1. Sorry to hear, they did the same shit to my uncle. He was a man’s man. Lived and logged timber in the Pacific Northwest. Went to the Nam as a medical. He has pictures of being covered in the herbicides they used (agent orange). He came back and was ok for a few years after his first kid had severe birth defects and died. He started getting sick found he had diabetes. Then his heart started giving troubles. His body was creating more cholesterol than he was in taking. He was on a fish turkey and boiled vegetable diet. Then he started having mini seizures. Only split seconds but it was a whole body spasm. Then he starts going blind. Meanwhile all his other health issues they were experimenting on him about the agent orange effects etc, he was in a VA hospital as much as he was home. He died at 56 after another bout with his heart. The docs at the VA said he was too weak for surgery,gave him morphine and said let it take you next bout. Well 2 days later it did. My dad is dealing with the VA now, he was scared to seeing what they did to my uncle. I really wish these politicians would stop playing God with people. Again sorry you are dealing with it. It’s sad that in death our vets get more bennefit than in life. My father in law passed a year ago and things got handled so fast we didn’t have to do anything but phone our VA rep. He did the rest.

  5. Oh we can NOT get reasonable health or mental health support but illegal alien’s get free Obama BS. Im so sick of all of this. They would rather us die before we get benefits. I get told that I need a ptsd dog every time I talk to VA for my anger issues and ptsd. Id rather put their head through a fucking wall. I have dogs at the house. Been waiting to see a foot doctor to have a pair of shoes made hoping that might help with my back and knees but va won’t approve an exray on my feet for me which the doc requires prior. My father in law has been waiting for over 3 years for a hip replacement. Which he can barely walk or fucking move with out wanting to piss down his leg. But let us be fucking refugees and we would have a $200,000 home, top of the line free health care and a check for the rest of my life that is twice what we would ever think of getting. Not what we actually get. The one that set his self on fire. I have the deepest condolences for him and his family. I wish he was still here and would have had a chance if va would have done their fucking jobs! Everyone that works for va should be fired and in prison for homicide for what they have done to all us vets.

    1. AMEN! Thanks for your service to insure our freedom. I will pray for you & your father-in-law to get help! Meanwhile, try contacting your local tv stations, with the recent new maybe you can get them to do a story, threaten a hunger strike!

  6. I applied for benefits and they said I make too much money…I served my country for 16 years and get…NOTHING!

    1. I tried to sign up twice and asked for some help in filling out the papers… they couldn’t have someone help me, both times they told me to take the papers home and fill them out and bring them back…. There were a lot and I was confused…. They got lost on my desk.

    2. I am so sorry that you are being treated this way. Please tell us what we can do to help you besides forcing the government to take better care of you. Is there a good organization we can donate to? We would not be a free country without you. God bless you all!

  7. Repost this article with the hashtag #HelpVeterans or #HelpTheVeterans so this can go viral

  8. I have a mental health issue that prevents me.from leaving about a 2 mile radius. I can’t get to the VA so my mental health doctor told me she will see me when I can get there and until then, take care of myself. I have called an pleaded for help over the phone to which I am told I need to get there in person. With that being said, I make appointments in hopes of miraculously being able to get there. I’m a freaking mess with no hope of getting help because I cannot go to the VA Hospital. It hurts!

    1. Angie how far is the VA from you, If you tell them to pick you up for an appointment they can and do this. but you have to take the first step, I have been in the same boat, and when I was able to seek treatment I felt a whole lot better. I know its scary, but we, you have to trust someone and there are good employees that do care and you have to have faith in them and yourself.

      Sounds like you need help, so if you can’t wait until Monday call the hot line or call the closest VA hospital and speak with someone. I suffer with PTSD and a TBI and suffered 40 years without treatment and it was no fun and I don’t want anyone to have to suffer. Again you have to do this or have someone do it for you, once you get the proper care, you will be able to go anywhere you want, with out worrying all the time.

      Remember someone on this site would be glad to listen, we all have needed help at sometime, even if its not the best sometimes, you have to do what you have to do and that’s make sure you make an appointment or go to the VA during the day and ask for help.

      91 I found it was my phone messing up, so from now on I will reply via the computer, dumb me !

    2. Angie you should be able to contact Veterans Transportation Services VTS, did not catch your location but I hope this at least give you somewhere to start. A number you may try not sure if it is regional or not but should be able to get you set up with something 1-844-842-6040. Hang in there, contact me if you want or talk to anyone of many groups out there, every Vet is a brother or sister that desrve the best.

    3. Angie, take it slow and go a little further each time until you find the courage to get there, please try honey to get to them for help, I have an older brother too that was having a hard time riding in the car and we had to drive an hour one way to get him to the VA from our house, but we did it, is there someone who can help you by encouraging you? Keep trying honey, ask God for courage!!

  9. idiot. We deserve better. We gave freely of our selves personally.. Please return the favor. Technology is awesome for some things but not to help a vet deal with the thoughts that riddle our dreams and waking hours.

  10. Simple. Give every single VET and their families a card so that they can go anywhere and get the services they need. SHUT DOWN THE VA. It is killing Vets, and costing taxpayers a fortune in the meantime.

  11. Because the information was not made available, I found out two weeks too late that my dad qualified for special benefits because cigarettes were provided in K-rats during his 22 year service. They refused to honor the benefit for him, which would have helped. I was paying $600 per month for his care out of my pocket for two years. I did more for my father than VA did. I honored him far more than VA ever did and should have.

      1. Thats a very bold statement to say none of the employees care. Im a disabled vet myself AND i work for the VA. I care very much for my brothers and sisters. Blame the political figures who appoint the Secretary of the VA. Its because of him that the higher ups get away with their criminal activity.

  12. My dad was a 3 war vet (Peal Harbor, Korea, & Vietnam) He had undiagnosed PTSD until age 74. He died at age 76. VA never provided care for him. Civilian medical staff and I cared for him for six years. Two years after his death DoD sent collection agencies claiming he owed $85,000. But no one could tell me for what. He wasn’t the only deceased vet the DoD targeted the surviving families on. I had to tell someone else to demand what the balance was & why S400 per month was owed. When she demanded answers, they couldn’t even give her a balance, much less what the debt was for. What kind of scam was that they were doing? She lost $1,600. I demanded answers they couldn’t give so they had to drop the pursuit.

  13. I get angry every time I go to the VA clinic. 30 min appointment that doesn’t cover anything. They change doctors in different area every few months. I can’t stand the changing all the time. Having to read explain or get to know someone and see if you can trust them. I don’t trust the mental hear either I don’t want to talk to someone on a damn telephone or through video. I need you to be there actively listening and helping. I get so angry when I go there. I hurt and get so emotional when I have appointments coming up. I have an outside psychiatrist who helps a lot. The only constant that I can cope with. They need to get themselves together. Makes me angry what this person went through. So many bad things go through my mind, “if only you can here are cry from within” understand us, work with us and not work for yourselves.

    1. amen,,,, lived it for 46 and just keeps repeating and then also get certified letters saying i’m a bad boy,,,, Yep I saved lives and I get the medal of PTSD

  14. Telephone consults and conversations intervention that is coupled with face to face counseling is fine. I would not counsel over the phone until they’ve gone through extensive therapy face-to-face first. People have to understand that our countries debt is a direct reflection on what services our military and the VA can give. You cannot squeeze juice out of a turnip!

    1. You are right Angela, you can’t squeeze juice from a turnip, but the VA should have thought of that before spending $142 million on bonuses. Before they went a billion over budget on a new building in Aurora. Before they spent $6.5 million on solar panels and electric car charging stations at one VA. Before they spent $400K on moving to bimbos.
      They don’t give a damn when it comes to spending like that because they will cut care to veterans in a heartbeat to make up for their financial irresponsibility.

      1. Amen!
        Do not forget we are supposedly under a Budgetary Sequester, and the VA proposed doubling upper management salaries just last week. VA and the deficit. Just as Black Holes in outer space do not care about what’s around it, as go the VA.

  15. I hate hearing that my fellow brothers and sisters are having such a hard time with the va. We are losing way to many veterans to suciude. I’m a veteran and I deal with ptsd it’s not as extreme as others but stronger then some, everybody is affected differently. I use the teleahealth conference and I’m satisfied with my care but as I mentioned before everybody is different. If you feel as it’s not working for you or your friends or family member tell them to find another va clinic DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Everybody check your battles see how they are doing. I hope this helps.

  16. The VA SUCKS! They donor give a shit, they don’t care what you have to say and they don’t care if you are in pain and or suffer! I hate the VA! They are so unorganized and so uncaring it’s like talking to a bunch of robots! VA Hospitals should be the BEST HOSPITALS! Veterans should have only the best of care, after all, they made some hella sacrifices for us! It’s complete bullshit!

    1. I am not entirely sure any recent theater of war was supported by the constitution, but rather executive branch over-reaches of foreign policy and geopolitical desires to influence other countries by means of force. Since the deployments of most veterans post WW2 were unconstitutional, you shouldnt have a hard time figuring out how they are getting shorted, because I would say most did not feel a threat from any country they “served” in, or “protected freedom” in. Vietnam was not supported by the constitution, and was reunified as a communist country after US defeat. Iraq/Afghanistan were not constitutional, therefore I dont see why any benefits should be enacted or payed out in the first place. Iraq was based on False WMD evidence, and 0 afghans hijacked planes on 9/11, 15 of 19 hijackers were saudi arabian. Afghans dont even speak arabic.

      1. Wtf does any of that have to do with vets needing assistance? Do you think they get to decide which wars to fight in? When they sign up they are giving themselves to defend the country. They should not be punished for mistakes made at the top.

      2. This has to be a joke, it’s too stupid not to be. Almost every assumption/ascertation here is incorrect, but let start with the biggest ones. We do not need to be in a constitutional war to take care of service members. We maintain a military at all times because one never knows when it will be needed. If someone is injured in training (or attacked while on guard, or a million other scenarios) we do not say “we aren’t in a constitutional war, sorry, no continued care for injuries resulting from a situation we put you in”. You may disagree with Vietnam, but there specifically we drafted people to fight, not that they deserve better or worse care than those who volunteer to serve. Another argument of yours seems to be that recent conflicts aren’t like past traditional wars, so psychologically vets don’t deserve to be impaired like in WWII. I would argue that the fact that recent conflicts are less traditional makes them psychologically more difficult. The enemy, battlefields and objectives are less clearly defined, no wonder some people have a harder time reconciling what they have seen or experienced. Regardless, service members (voluntary or conscripted) don’t get to choose the parameters under which they are injured, why would we put conditions on what is treated and what isn’t? Therefore we don’t even need to argue which conflicts are more or less “constitutional” (no branch of government has declared any conflict unconstitutional) and even if you did want to put a “congressionally declared” provision on conflicts, you would be excluding morally just conflicts such as the civil war. But regardless of whether or not you feel fighting to abolish slavery is worthy of continued care of vets or not, see arguments one and two. Additionally, someone else brought up a good point that we are currently spending money in order to provide healthcare for people who are immigrants (legal and illegal) unemployed/underemployed (by choice or not by choice), why would anyone want to exclude service members?

  17. Really sad to hear that this poor man thought this was the solution. I see a shrink in Williamsport PA outpatient clinic , she keeps trying tpush drugs oh this will help. No wonder 22_veterans a day commit suicide, at times it seems better than dealing with the VA care or lack of. I personally would rather talk to my fellow Marines that I served with vs a shrink. Something has to be done with the VA.

      1. I have to agree to with location making a huge difference.
        In the mid 90’s,
        I did volunteer work in Virginia at the Salem VA.
        I worked in KT (kinesio therapy) and the veterans i helped ranged in age of about 25 or so at the youngest, and the oldest veteran was 100.
        The 100 year old veteran participated every single day, extremely sharp, and was the funniest man Id ever heard.
        He was very well taken care of, and he thanked every one of us with a handshake, after every session. Hell, he seemed like he didnt want to leave us for the day.
        That portion of the hospital was old, yellowed, and always smelled like stale, medicated piss.
        The hallway tiles would pop up if you wheeled a veteran over them at just the right spot and they would make a sharp, loud BANG that would startle most of them.
        The electric hospital beds were broken, and the veterans were basically in a “tough shit” situation if their legs needed to be elevated, or they needed to sit up, etc…
        But i can say that the VA staff I was always working with (Physical, Occupational, Kinesio) took incredible care of its veterans, and found ways around the horseshit they had for equipment, because the staff wanted to provide care, and do it right.
        We gave special attention and motivation to the physically wounded, as well as the mentally and emotionally wounded, and always had the desire to do more and more for them.
        It’s a damn shame that there are qualified, desperate and willing and able to be there for veterans, but the entire system fails them…..and it fails our veterans.

  18. Mental Health assistance by telephone? What company got that contract for the call center scam. I wonder how much money changed hands to make this pretend health program a reality. What a disgrace. We are fighting wars so that the Rothchilds can line their pockets with their ill gotten gains on the backs of well meaning young men and women who think they are fighting for the freedom of the people back home. It’s a scam. The whole thing. There is no money in peace.

    1. I agree with you. My sister called the helpline and said she was thinking of committing suicide. They pretty much told her she needs to call her VA doctor tomorrow because they can’t help her until she already has tried to commit suicide. Ridiculous.

      1. Eileen, I am also female vet, age approx. 60. I called the hotline. I was very distraught. The young negro girl on the other end of the phone told me in a very sharp voice that this line was for veterans only. I hung up. I’ve told every VA person this who tries to tell me to call this number (hotline) if you are having trouble. They try to hand me a card with the number on it.

        I guess this makes them feel good that they are doing something to “help”. I refuse the card and remind them that if they really want to help, they would not suggest someone to call and talk to an anonymous 18 year old girl, If they want to help, they would set up helpful not harmful systems for veterans.

        As for “telemedicine” … another scam on the vets and the taxpayer victims who fund this monstrosity. “Here vet, we love you. Now talk to the television screen.” And when I told them that I don’t talk to televisions, I don’t even watch them, they told me it’s a real person you’re talking to.

        How do I know it’s a real person? Could be CGI image or a robot.

        And the idea that talking to a television image shows conclusively that the VA does not understand human psychology, let alone human physiology? Maybe they do understand but choose to do harm instead of help.

        I’m 100% disabled due to service connected disability. I’ve been dealing with these VA monsters for years. I firmly believe that their real purpose is to kill the vets while siphoning as much money from tax victims as they can.

        If they don’t want to kill us, then why try to force so many DRUGS on vets when most vets would prefer to use cannabis. But if you use cannabis (a plant) instead of DRUGS, they will call you a drug addict. Coincidentally or not, every one of the drugs they wanted to give me, has suicide, death, disability as possible side effects. Cannabis has no side effects.

        Blessings be, one and all.

  19. The VA system is a joke. In the “mental health” wing of the one here in colorado springs, i told one of the paychologists who claimed to be prior service, of an incident where my ex wife was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend with my kids in the house. She bluntly stated she “could not understand” my feelings and desire to physically hurt this man. Did i hurt him? No. I gave my ex a few ultimatums on things to do if i was going to handle it and she refused to do any of them. So i stayed out of it. But for someone to tell you, whether they endorse it or not, that they cant understand your motivation shows they are not hiring people qualified for their jobs.

    1. Couldn’t… Couldn’t understand?!? I’d ask you to wait a minute while I get my gun to go with you. Then again this is why I shouldn’t have jobs like this. The VA is fucking pathetic. The one here in Salt Lake set up an appointment without telling me for my disability (lost most my hearing in the navy) then denied my disability claim cause I didn’t show up

      1. Sounds like a SCAM with deniability by the transgression! Where’s the Oversight- VA needs some rabid dog IGs. O’Bozo’s laser focus on fixing the VA lasted as long as the photo ops! TRUMP 2016!

    2. I had a horrible experience with the VA in Atlanta. They constantly dropped to the ball on my and my fellow vets. I was in a women’s homeless shelter with other veteran women and they treated us so badly. I feel in a very deep depression there and the shelter tried to admit in the hospital brought the police to take there. But when I arrived to the VA there wasn’t any orders for me to get admitted and they wanted me to sit in the ER for 6 hours to be admitted I just left. Than one of the other ladies that was in the shelter with me she got her houses with her kids but months later she killed herself and her kids cause the VA didn’t give her the help that she needed for her mental disorder. Its a shame and very heartbreaking that the VA doesn’t care about the vets like they should.

  20. It’s beyond a disgrace. I see the frustration my husband gos threw when he has a mental health appt. The Doc. Actually is reading papers on his desk and says aha a lot . With PTSD. It seems to be effected by the ignoring of the needs of the Vet. Who is paying attention. Not the VA. We just lost a awesome Doctor ever from our VA. So it did effect my husband and his trust issues. I helped a vet find a room over a bar. He was homeless. He was injured while working on heavy duty equipment in Germany. The VA wouldn’t help. He would have ended up in the woods. It’s horrible…. The disregard most Vets get. If they are quiet, don’t ask for to much. Well then it’s all good… That Vet will be in heaven because God says blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. God bless all who served.

  21. That is horrible to hear. My sincere condolences to his family. Fair winds and following seas, Chief.

  22. Too many people look at a handbook and figure out what each patient, or veteran in this case, needs. They don’t take into consideration the persons needs based on their pains and experiences they’ve endured during their time in the military. Take the textbooks away and just talk to the person and see what that person is like, not what the persons before him/her. Everyone is different and should receive help accordingly. It’s really pathetic the terrible care veterans get. My family, going back to my great great grandfather, has served in the military. My sister receives care at the VA in Manchester, NH and I have to fight with them to give her the care she needs. If we weren’t there, they would overlook her needs and push her to the back of the line with no care to what is happening to her. My brother and brother in law have PTSD from the desert and receive horrible care. The veterans deserve more after everything they suffered to protect this country and other countries. If veterans were the only employees at the VA, they would have empathy for the needs of the veterans receiving care and they wouldn’t treat the vets with such condemnation. I will pray for this veteran and his family. I also pray for all the veterans who have protected me and my family and continue to pray for those fighting on foreign soil.

    1. @Eileen

      I definitely agree with you in all you stated. I firmly believe there should be a majority of Veterans working at the VA, and will take it further, make it the #1 requirement to work at ANY level within the VA.
      This is not far-fetched at all because many Dr.’s go into Active Duty as Officers with their medical degrees, and it just makes sense to use the already paid for training all Military receives in various fields as a transition platform —-> VA. Even the Dr.’s end-up having most, if not all of their medical degree college loans, if any, taken care of as part of their Officer/Dr. Term, but instead we are forced to endure a majority of medical Dr.’s at any VA cannot even speak fluent English, feeling very much like Third World Medicine, and worse.
      Good thing your family is looking-out for your family of Veterans. Your positive and uplifting post made my day. Thanks for being there for your family Veterans.

      1. Thank you very much. That was very nice. I love my family and will go to the ends of the earth for them. I just wish the families didn’t have to fight for care. It should be given automatically by those who get paid to do it. The VA came out with a new program — the veterans choice program. This is such a bad program. My sister has received so many bills she shouldn’t have to pay for. Their system is ass backwards.

  23. Psychiatry is a scam. Those are the most harmful and worthless drugs of all. Psychology, of some type, is the only proven treatment.

    Beware any psychiatrist. The VA is the only ones who use the ruthless bastards, except hospitals which are more ruthless bastards.

    Just say NO! I would not ingest anything from the VA pharmacy (again), free or not. Just look on to see what the poisons are they are giving you! Then you’ll realize all the side effects are poison effects. One quarter of USA population about have Indian blood in them, mainly Cherokee, and we, no matter how small of percentage, are extremely chemical sensitive: which is noted on! Please don’t be uninformed with the information as close as the internet.

  24. God bless you brother: Charles R. Ingram III U.S. Navy CPO, you hurt no more! On behalf of an ungrateful nation (if it was you would still be with us) a sub-par government agency sworn to serve us that excels at letting us die with little or no benefits awarded while they sit under 3/4 of a trillion dollars until its time for more money this coming August, and an uncaring executive,legislative and backlogged judicial not to mention the droves of vets and affected famalies who have have sold out zipped up and the high-horse vets who do and say nothing with their rose colored glasses on;their eyes open only when they have to use the VA. Those who serve this country and have sacrificed for it broken minds injured bodies our hearts heavy but pure our pride steadfast we are not patriots anymore…..we are disciples of honor as no competent man or woman would put themselves through what we all have gone through with the measly treatment we receive by before and after We Vets love you and will remember, you are properly relieved, calm seas Chief, no more pain no more pain.

    1. Yes it is,,,, I have been watching the Viet Naum Era ,, ones I guess not many who have made it through what you just described ,,,,, remember one thing there wasn’t any help,, (IF THAT IS WHAT THEY CALL IT),,,at all of what you have just described,,, and those who were of help the VA latterly got rid of all them,,, I was there and seen it,,,, and 15 years later its worst,,,, I leave it as nothing more then BROWN NOSERS,,,, that’s all is left,,,, with orders to kick you into no help and helplessness as a solution to being a caring hospital,,, right,,, this is my 46th year and nothing even the same,,, just a total suicidal place (VA) were to go for death,,,,

  25. I receive care in Tampa and it is horrible. Went to Iraq twice. I went to the VA ER because I was lost. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my situation as I have many things going on with fighting the VA as far as them taking away my percentage rate. I didn’t know what to do so I was at a Crossroads and I went in for help. I was ignored by the nurse in the emergency room and when I made it known that about how I felt in regards to her treatment they incarcerated me on a Baker Act without NE self harm other harm ideation. I was at a Crossroads I didn’t know what I was doing and I needed help, and I was treated like a criminal. They took away my freedom, they took away my first amendment comma they strip-search me in front of four people and took away all my possessions comma and I went there for help. When a veteran is at their lowest point in life to where they go ask for help which is something we do not do comma it should be taken seriously yet where made the weight were incarcerated against our will we can’t have any say in our care whatsoever otherwise we are non-compliant. I was on benzodiazepines 4 years prescribed by the VA in the army I forgot to refill my prescription I did a little research contraindicated in PTSD. I went through withdrawals no longer on the medication yet I am completely on complying with their regimen of medications and such that now I don’t even have mental health care for me all because I asked for help this is not the way we treat veterans or shouldn’t be. I am so sad that this is what my country is coming too. Rest in peace Brother until the next time

    1. Well, the fact that Iraq was based on fake made up WMD evidence should have been a red flag to start with, lol. The US supplied Iraq with chemical weapons to fight the Iranians in the 80s, after the Iranians took embassy hostages…..? Erm, how could you possibly justify any action based on WMD against iraq when the US funded them in the 80s during the Iraq v Iran war, where Iran lost more then 1 million people….Lol. Propaganda mostly, as far as theaters of combat goes, and justification for occupation. I mean US was founded on illegal invasion and occupation of natives, so I guess its not surprising average americans think that is normal.

      1. Take your political opinions elsewhere.
        This is about a veteran that SET HIMSELF ON FIRE because of poor treatment by his VA facility but all you wanna talk about is WMDs
        You must work for the VA because you obviously don’t care about vets, either.
        If you did you’d be actually taking part in the conversation rather than bitching about WMDs

      2. Not sure why it has no reply button @Beirut Vet, but I can assure you that its not about veterans mistreatment by the VA. The US spends hundreds of millions a day on foreign wars, so your tears are crocodile tears to say the least, and the amount of people killed overseas far outweighs the few veterans who were responsible for the atrocities. While islamic extremism from the ARAB peninsula and turkey are a problem, bombing muslim countries to give ISIS and arab/sunni power did not seem to work out well. Maybe you should be required to learn geopolitics and foreign policy before given the ability to kill 3rd world towel heads, no?

  26. I have been told by the VBA that my headaches are from not taking multivitamins and my neuropathy is from dring a 24 pack a month. Not to mention my back pain is like a common cold and is not the same cold as one several years prior. Let’s not forget about the information they pick and choose to put into your file and assult you during an exam! Fu#k the VA!!!

  27. Telepsychiatry

    Lets call it what it is, just a layer of protection and a way for the Psychiatrist to feel safe when prescribing a deadly array of medications to Veterans being used in research. With no help intended for the Veteran.

    Also I would like to point out that in this article comment section I count 17 one line comments by the poster James. When you scroll over his name it list “Http://Yahoo/”

    In the past he has claimed he can only post one line comments and doesn’t know why. Although this morning he was able to post a multiple line comment Under the March 18th article on Dr. Houlihan.

    Personally I believe he is a Troll that is not only disrespecting this website and the other posters here but is also disrespecting all veterans including the one who died in NJ.

    His clear intent is to prevent discussion and coherent posting by other posters hear.

    Namnibor, Elf, 91Veteran is my count of 17 one line comments by “James” the same that you see at this time?

    1. Just to let you know last year I had enough of lies and wrong and deadly ,,, prescription they gave me,,,, I let a Doctor have it,,I’m sure I was heard through out the clinic,, and of course I received my 3rd certified letter of not cooperating,,,after 25 years ,,, with there so called safe and lies of talk and varies treatments,,, but one comment I made was on using us Vets for
      experiment for others,,,, I have seen abusive behavior to total neglect in all practices of medicine ,,,,,all for 46 years now,,,with a steadiness of no improvement but increase of total cover up and worsening conditions, (ah but the building are being totally updated,, to bad not the doctors) and 19 years prior of my Dad who had to use them from being shot in the head in the Korea war ,,,, as said I could easily write a min, of a three book serious on the VA,,, I also Noticed this James

    2. @Melvin-

      No, James is not a ‘Troll’. If you have read Jame’s plight with the VA and fighting the VA so long because of TBI from being shot in the head. We need to have empathy and compassion for our fellow Veteran’s medical issues that are never obvious from a blog posts, where even technological problems can actually impose anxiety, thus triggers for avoidance of addressing said problem or whatever the scenario.

      It’s all good.

      1. Namnibor

        I greatly value your opinion and again I am asking how many single line post has he made in this articles’ comment section? All dated March 23rd.

        Now how is it possible that he can post the multiple line dated March 23rd on the article from March 18 regarding Houlihan, but not able to post multiple line comments on this articles blog section?

        He is even using the same profile of listing Yahoo for anyone wishing to check his name that was the same profile all the Tomah Trolls used.

        He is nothing but a Troll.

        Seriously I would appreciated if you would count the number of Single line comments he has listed in this articles comment section and let me know what you count.

        Thank You

      2. James, maybe I can help fix your commenting problem. What browser do you use to post comments here? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome?

  28. Another brother who fought too hard to get too little. May he rest in peace. Hopefully, this will change something at the VA – although, I doubt it.

  29. I have a perspective about the VA that is different. You see, last year I went in for a “same day” surgery to repair a hiatal hernia. somehow, and they never admitted how, they botched it and I spent an entire month hospitalized. since then I have had 8 ER visits in the latter half of 2015 alone. I lost a good 7 months of my life in the hospital, ER, or lying on my couch in pain, unable to eat, and vomiting most of the day (was a great 37 pound weight loss plan though). Two weeks later my good friend went in for a different same day surgery. They ‘accidentally’ gave her 10 times the normal dose of anesthesia. That’s right TEN TIMES. Put her in the ICU for a week.

    My different perspective comes because I spent a couple of weeks doing clinical rotations at the Salt Lake VAMC as a nursing student way back in ’93. What I saw there, on the other side of the coin, shocked me. Nurses way overwhelmed; the normal nurse/patient ratio in a regular hospital was 3 or 4 patients per nurse. At the VA it was 13 per nurse. Care was shoddy, or not given due to being overwhelmed, the doctors were young, arrogant, and wanting the hell out of there as fast as possible. they spent on average 2 minutes with each patient. And yes, I watched as their poor care killed a WWII veteran.

    Put it all together, and though my service connected disability gets all my medical care at the VA for free, I have opted to pay the money to get on a private insurance and never go back to the VA again.

    “the VA. Where the care is free, and you get exactly what you’ve paid for”

    If anyone knows of any group or person that is trying to fight and fix the VA, direct me to them. This shit is ridiculous.

    1. I know what you mean about free care firejoe, but I believe many veterans paid dearly for that “free” care.
      The problem is far too many VA employees and politicians don’t understand that.

    2. Yes, I do. Donald Trump wants to help. He said in the beginning of his campaign that he wants to give our veterans a card and let them go to any doctor of their choice. That is the first time I chose to support him. My late husband was a Vietnam vet who died at 46 yrs of age. The VA was no help in ’94 either. I am voting for Donald Trump for he is the only one who is talking of helping our veterans!

  30. The medical industry is not for our benefit, it’s for the benefit of industry. One example is a number of neurotransmitters are being ignored in mainstream medicine, and they do not do any testing for a serotonin deficiency before handing out SSRIs like candy to people despite the VA’s and other research saying otherwise for TBI, PTSD and many other conditions.. It is more beneficial for industries to maximize the number of medications they can put us on.

    The most critical system in the body is not being taught in medical school. But a few doctors have read the research on it but most have very limited knowledge if any unless they were made aware by another colleague or stumbling on the research. This system is the largest neurotransmitter system in the body, it is called The Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is throughout our brain and body in our cells (including immune cells), and tissues just about everywhere…. When we move receptors that make up this system (cannabinoid receptor 1 [CB1] & cannabinoid receptor 2 [CB2] etc..) get excited and when we exercise we excite these receptors even more which then release more endocannabinoids also known as lipid mediators and lipid messengers. Runner’s high is caused by an increase in endocannabinoids in the body. These endocannabinoids are what regulate the entire body including but not limited to regulating temperature, immune response, inflammation, pain, energy balance, healing, stress, reward, cellular regulation, appetite, fear memory, senses and body & brain protection just to name a few… When a person consumes certain substances they increase the amount of endocannabinoids in the body, however some of these substances like alcohol increases and then causes a decrease in endocannabinoids after the fact, causing the body and brain to have a recovering time to bringing the body back to center. Other substances such as cannabis increase the amount of endocannabinoids because THC is a phytocannabinoid (fats), which has the ability to stick to our cannabinoid receptors causing them to be excited. Thus THC increases circulating endocannabinoids. Other phytocannabinoids such as CBD oil increase endocannabinoids in other ways without the same runner’s high.

    Yale found that stress and depression causes braincells to die. Numerous other research papers and patents have found that endocannabinoids are neuroprotectants and antioxidants. Also depression has been linked to inflammation. This is why stress can make us forget things because endocannabinoids flood our brain under stress. If we are deficient in endocannabinoids memory can be affected because we need endocannabinoids to encode memories…

    So the problem is that TBI, PTSD, wrong foods, repeated stress, etc etc can cause the body to struggle making endocannabinoids on demand or affect the signaling system in the body in one way or another…. If this system is dysregulated then we will have a number of varying issues from migraines, stomach/GI problems, bad stress response, memory problems, healing, bad dreams, age related diseases, brain aging and the list goes on ..

    Here are are a few quotes and links

    “Recently, an accumulating body of evidence has implicated the endocannabinoid system in the etiology of PTSD, and targets within this system are believed to be suitable for treatment development.“. . .“There is convincing evidence from multiple studies for reduced endocannabinoid availability in PTSD.“. . “Of particular relevance is evidence showing reduced levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide”…

    United States Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder & two others
    “These results suggest that abnormal CB1 [cannabinoid] receptor mediated
    anandamide signaling is implicated in the etiology of PTSD”
    Veteran Affairs
    VA – PTSD/threat processing
    “A long­standing literature linking endocannabinoids (ECBs) to stress, fear, and anxiety has led to growing interest in developing novel anxiolytics targeting the ECB system.”
    Laboratory of Behavioral and Genomic Neuroscience, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
    Molecular Mechanisms of Cannabis Signaling in the Brain. (Veteran’s Affairs)
    DOCUMENTARY – The DSM: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam
    “Everything in our body is homeostatically regulated by our Endocannabinoid System.. and yet its not taught in medical school?? There is something a little flawed here…”
    – Dr. Bob Melamede
    “The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) started revealing itself to researchers in the 1940s and by the late ’60s the basic structure and functionality had been laid out. Today we know the ECS is a comprehensive system of biochemical modulators that maintain homeostasis in all body systems including the central and peripheral nervous systems, all organ systems, somatic tissues, and all metabolic biochemical systems, including the immune system.” – Dennis Hill (Biochemist)
    … “Studies have revealed that the endocannabinoid system is involved in almost all major immune events” …
    Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Israel.
    Cannabinoid Science Sheds New Light on the Darkness of PTSD
    Yale – Stress and depression
    Could Depression Be Caused By Inflammation In The Brain?
    “So depression is an inflammatory disease, but where does the inflammation come from?”
    Brain Inflammation
    National institutes of Health
    “Is lipid signaling through cannabinoid 2 receptors part of a protective system?”
    Memory storage and encoding
    Runners High
    Altered lipid metabolism in brain injury
    Brain Injury & repeated stress breaks Endocannabinoid Signaling
    Dr Ross (Neuroscientist) on Endocannabinoid Deficiency
    Dr Ross (Neuroscientist) — Vitamin Weed
    Gary Wenk, professor of psychology and neuroscience at The Ohio State University, Cannabis and the brain
    Care and feeding of the endocannabinoid system

  31. These images can without a doubt trigger suicidal ideation and self harm traits. This is a trigger issue for really messed up folks. Think about the man who hasnt slept ffor more than 7 minutes at a time for a few years. Throw in a dose of a wallet that cant get a cheap room at some hotel. That vet might think its as good as anything he has going and if it makes a difference, why not? In this case these images should only be punlished with this in mind.

  32. Ben we need to be heard! the VA needs to be gutted and redone head to toe, I know you are only one person;there are Vets that keep silent and do not want to do anything because they are currently fine and dont need the VA; then when they have a devastating vet-related issue, they loose their Job,their house,health coverage and then have to depend on the VA…guess what bro…its too late! register to vote, help fellow veterans when they have issues with anyone who wants to take their rights as veterans TAKE OFF YOUR ROSE COLORED GLASSES AND GET OFF YOUR HI-HORSE AND ACT YOU MORON! Next time it will be you, your family your brother your best friend. Our benefits are not welfare! pull that idea from the same duffellbag your head is located. Get Active,get involved,help those who who are down and pull them up!!!!!!

    1. This morning I got off the phone with the VA,,,, They are not going to fill my Medicine of Hydrocodone which I use only for the pain ,,, been on it for over 10 years,,, never did nothing wrong on it,,,, Now they are ordered to give all these subsitutues for it that cause suicide,,, told them to go to hell,,, I’ve been there 3 times don’t need help,,,,,,and your write they pay us a welfare life style,,, after all of us gave up the life of others are having are carriers our dreams all gone Fought a war,,, and I’m still fighting,,,, Can anybody tell me were HOME is thanks,,,,,

  33. Right now the news media is focusing on the presidential race and O’bummers communist Havana trip and doesn’t want to spend their time on veterans issues even of a veteran lighting himself on fire outside a VA clinic. O’bummer is busy lining up part of his TPP trade agreement by going to communist Cuba and getting Castro and them to agree to it so that the corporations can send American manufacturing jobs to Cuba to get cheap labor in that communist country. After all, communist Cuba isn’t but 90 miles away and a hell of a lot closer than communist China and communist Viet-Nam are. O’Bama doesn’t give a damn about some vet lighting himself on fire and killing himself!!

    1. @Dennis
      Let’s not forget the other South American Countries he’s going to visit. With the wife and their two brats. Oh, I forgot, his mother-in-law is also tagging along on the taxpayers dime!

      1. And NEVER forget that POTUS and Family went ahead and went to Canada before Cuba, never mind First Lady Nancy Reagan was still on Open View right at that moment.
        Talk about a “disrespecting” POTUS.

        At this point I would really be happy with a pet rock as POTUS. That’s a “Change I Can Believe In”. Only -9- months and counting left.

        Is it asking too much for a President/Commander In Chief, to acknowledge this Veteran’s horrific suicide and do something about this madness?

  34. The VA is no help to me ever since I came back from Iraq I been mess up and every time I go in for pain its like they think I’m lying. Give me BS prescriptions that don’t work with the high ass price. OMG don’t let me talk about the nurses. It like they all having a bad bad and treat you like shit.
    John Cochran VA in St.Louis

    1. dre you may have to move to another state on the westcoast preferably ive found the VA on the east coast are very crowded and with fxxxck up attitudes cause the nurses and doctors are over worked and over observed just google the best states for vets etc and most are on the westcoast and go see a competent VSO at the state level to get your claim started and if you have to or can see an outside doctor and keep up with your records from the VA and the Private Doctors to have as evidence for your claim….

  35. No one cares. It is a veteran….The lack of major news outlets coverage is proof of the lack of concern. The VA will never change. Save yourselves and seek private care . The game of government is rigged by both parties. Go vote and do not vote for anyone already in office.

  36. Plain and Simple! We need a President who has been there and Served! Not sat and Watched from the Sidelines!!!

  37. This should ruin your morning coffee……….

    When I learned that other evidence was available following the decisions of the Merit Systems Protection Board, I made a commitment to review all of the facts and take any additional accountability actions that I believed to be in the best interest of Veterans and taxpayers. That meant looking through an enormous amount of additional evidence,” said Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson. “After my review of that evidence, I believe that, within the scope and intent of the law, additional accountability actions were warranted. We have already reinstated Diana Rubens and Kim Graves to their positions as Regional Office Directors and I have been encouraged by their immediate effort to get back to work. Ultimately, that is what these decisions are about: getting back to the work of serving America’s Veterans.”

      1. Notice he says,” Ultimately, getting back to work,” nothing about being held accountable for breaking the law. Being back to work and getting paid…. screw the taxpayers……… fat dumb and happy, the VA way…..

  38. “Telemedicine” is what killed my “Brother”! This past sunday we had a great turnout for his “wake”! About a hundred people showed up to morn his “passing”!
    He now is “riding”, with our other brothers, in “Harley Heaven!”
    I, along with other “brothers”, will miss him! He and I always “brought up the rear of the pack!” We enjoyed the “wind and freedom of the road!”

    On today’s blog by Mr. Krause. This “Navy Veteran” should have never been treated so poorly. Yet, the VA is known for this kind of
    Sooner or later, there will be a “RECKONING” against all of the VA employees! I pray it will be sooner!

    “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!”

    Here’s two articles out today, 23 March 2016.

    1.) from “Military dot com” through the “associated press” | by Mathew Daly
    “VA Suspends Top Official in Relocation Scam”

    2.) from: “TownHall dot com” by Paul Greenburg
    “The VA is Still the VA, Only More So”

    Both are getting widespread coverage on the internet.
    A must read!

    1. Amen!

      Telehealth and those tele-group-discussions etc? They suck and are not worth the costs of computers or specifically trained staff to make it all work, if the connections work at all, and to moderate and censor what is being allowed discussed. Like.. the depleted uranium issues to Agent Orange, how it will affect future generations, to VA failures and mis-treatments not allowed. Neither is trying to give advice to other vets or tell them how to use a TENS unit…not allowed. We are too stupid and told ” NOT to give advice or research information on our own.”

      It’s another one of those centrally located and networking that keeps, or supposed to keep, everybody happy, connected, on their topics of choice, for using the same training techniques and same BS propaganda to stay on the same lying pages, lies, and for seemingly being served, pretending to care, but fails many.

      Psychiatry today is IMHO a joke, a money making joke of destruction. It’s destroyed many people and vets. Whenever the VA and their sick professionals disagree with civilian doctors and specialist then something is wrong. When the VA staff creates a condescending and abusive situation for vets causing tears to upset, it is not the time to call in the cops to have a vet jailed and abused by cops. All the VA freaks want to do is push their head dope on people, dumb them down to compliance and drooling the corner of their house and they think they’ve done a good job. Just like the dumb down and numb out elders in nursing homes. Which I have seen plenty of times, and it causing more harm than good along with all the side-effects the pill pushers don’t care about. We are all expendable and dollar signs or stats in their minds.

      Veterans need to speak up and not be afraid of the file flagging and other subtle threats that fill the VA and used by their minions. But many just turn their heads not willing to be non PC and speak out. They fear offending someone when there are many that NEED and warrants being offended or driven away from the VA. Including veterans whose bread and butter come from the VA and seem to have lost their integrity, honor and morals for a VA position.

      Shut down the socialist VA system totally, saving money and grief, then allow us to see civilian MDs of our choice, but would still be a challenge because many in the medical fields over-charge, refuse new patients especially if we have been in the VA, charge “new patient fees” on top of other messes we deal with. Nothing medically concerned today is far from the old practices and concerns of say, twenty years ago. All of it seems like a fast paced, hurry up and wait, conveyor belt, pay first, over-priced fiasco with no end or change in sight.

      His insurance? It will be classified as a suicide so insurance won’t pay. That is why so many others are classified as over-doses but are actually suicides to give stats for the drug war and their propaganda money and control game, and swept under the rug like this poor gents story will be, is. If anyone has been deep in volunteer work or ministry they know this is true. But it doesn’t fit in with mainstream propaganda or the media’s/government’s game plans for us all.

      It should be, if one veteran is being abused and oppressed then we all should go to bat for them, not just for ourselves or to keep some crummy lying POS job for the government and VA with the ability to get away with murder and mis-treatment of their pet Guinea Pigs, psych subjects and test subjects…us.

  39. I just wanted to add that I also think it’s unforgivable that The Commander In Chief nor the VA Secretary, nor even the VA usual ” VA Spokesperson says…”, NOBODY has even acknowledged this, shedding light on the horrific costs of freedoms, even after the Veteran is back on USA Soil.
    Is Public Image much more important to a scandal-weary VA, POTUS, VA Secretary?

    Enraged and livid, I am. Also ashamed of my VA and so-called Leaders maintaining radio static.

    1. You must have howled then at the disregard the House and Senate have when funding issues for veterans programs come up then!Oh yeah, THEY are Republican led so that’s okay! Presidents and their cabinets cannot make changes or repairs when the funding is controlled by the opposition party!

      1. @Michael Coon
        There’s absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between either party!
        They aren’t called;
        for a reason!
        (And I apologize to the “Bloods & Crips” for using their names in vain!)
        The whole of Congress and the Senate, plus that poser of a C.I.C. occupying the White House are the reasons behind all the corruption. Their ALL bought and paid for by lobbyists, pacs, superpacs and a whole slew of criminal entities!
        You may disagree. Only what has either party accomplished since they were voted in “BY THE PEOPLE”? Answer, NOT ONE DAMN THING!

        I get to wondering why anyone would want to defend anyone in government or its agencies!

        Not one person has kept their word on any issue. Which, by the way, got them elected. Why? In my opinion, all they care about is their “self-serving agenda”! That is; to rape the taxpayers of as much as they can!

        Do you really believe anyone in Washington D.C. all the way down to your local established government, cares on iota about you or I or anyone?

        The sooner ALL the “Sheepies” wake up the better!
        Your “Constitutional Republic”, along with your “Constitutional Rights” + the “Bill of Rights”, are slowly being stripped away! We’re already seeing our 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments being challenged.
        Before long, that “piece of paper” will be a thing of the past! Is that what you want?

    2. Actually the updated pressofatlanticcity dot com news article has comments from a county VSO, a statement from the Wilmington VA about being saddened, yahdah yahdah, with nothing more said because it’s an ongoing investigation. There is also a statement from Representative Frank Lobiondo about a pilot program for vets to get community based care, but McDonald saying it will never happen.
      As I understand the news, vets go to a CBOC at Northfield where this happened, but they have to go to Wilmington or Philadelphia for other care.
      There is also claptrap about vets applying for a waiver to get community care which is infuriating. I have been told by the head of the Patient Advocates at my VA that a vet can go to any ER, as long as the VA is notified within 72 hours. The problem is as many know, the VA refuses to follow the law and pay the bill.
      It is disgraceful that Lobiondo doesn’t know any better.
      The story ends with more claptrap from David Shulkin about taking new steps to prevent veteran suicide.
      The tone of the statements really give the impression they just do not care that this happened.

      As for telemedicine and mental health, I would refuse to participate. Not only does it remove any human interaction in such sensitive treatment, but I would be worried about what the shrink on the other end was doing at the time. Are they recording the session for a highlights reel during their holiday parties?
      In my opinion, telemedicine should be barred from being used for mental health treatment because the shrink cannot see non-verbal cues from the veteran. An appointment may be very triggering to a veteran, and a shrink would be unable to tell if a veteran was becoming very agitated requiring something further than a video chat.
      The VA claims they are getting all kinds of suicide prevention resources, but they push telemedicine simply because of cost. The article says the VA is adding 3 regional Tele-mental health hubs.
      As I said before, why not just tell the veteran to go watch a few YouTube videos.
      It is also disgraceful that zero media outside the very local news has covered this.

  40. Firstly, this pains me to no end and thoughts/prayers go out to his family and all in his periphery.

    Secondly, I realize where in some cases the VA Telemedicine is both convenient and perhaps cost-saving, BUT for Christ’s Sake, when a Veteran is living with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, or any chronic health issue and is already somewhat preferring to live isolated, the last thing beneficial would be a remote VA Quack issuing Fast Food Medicine, further keeping that Veteran isolated.

    I do not know all the specifics with this Veteran since both the VA and News Media is more concerned about reporting on the cool old cars in Cuba with the POTUS…then Brussels, Belgium attacks takes place…not one peep about this Veteran’s Suicide.

    Not one.

    However, the VA is heartless and clueless enough to at a future date, more than likely USE this event after light has been shown on the cover-up, as an excuse to yet again beg Congress for $$$ for “Veteran Suicide Prevention”…and we have seen this rerun a few times. It always ends-up glum. Here we are yet again!

    VA and Psych and Telemedicine would never be my first choice when there’s real Witch Dr.’s from Haiti that could do better.

    This is a travesty and should be a HEADLINE, what, three or four days ago.

    1. If you read the updated news at the site I mentioned above, the VA is already talking about adding resources and Tele-mental health hubs.
      Why even fuc*ing bother.

      1. Thanks for that updated info. Been having trouble with this site on and off today and just now see your post.
        I guess it would be too much for the VA to even plant a memorial garden or tree where that Veteran took his own life.

        I just do not get it. Was on phone with a few Veteran buddies late last night, being an open ear, as who knew things could get worse with the VA?

        This Veteran Suicide has not upset a whole lot of Vets, but also equally all upset we do not see this anywhere in the MSN news cycle.

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