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She’s Ba-aack – Sharon Helman Sues To Regain Job

Helman VA Corruption

Benjamin KrauseLike the ghouls in Poltergeist 2, former Phoenix VA director Sharon Helman is back in the spotlight to fight her termination judgment last year. Her attorney just initiated the first stages of a lawsuit to fight back against alleged due process violations.

Don’t you think it is time Sharon Helman and other top shelf cronies get a dose of their own medicine? While I hope all Americans get due process, my sympathy meter is broken when it comes to Sharon Helman and her ilk.

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VA fired Sharon Helman not because of the fraudulent wait list but because she accepted government contractor handouts to take her family on vacation to Disneyland. Her firing reminds me of Al Capone getting busted for tax evasion and not murder.

Anyway, Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, commented:

“I think Sharon Helman’s arguments will be about as successful in a court of law as they were in the court of public opinion. Nevertheless, I still have serious concerns about the overwhelming lack of accountability at VA in the wake of the biggest scandal in the department’s history.”

Helman previously presided on her perch over Hines VA Hospital before moving to Phoenix VA Medical Center. Hines VA is a facility well known for cronyism and retaliation against doctors more concerned about veterans health and safety than toting the status quo. Apparently Helman brought her special brand of retaliation to Phoenix, which quickly became the center of a horrific wait list scandal and fraud.

Now she is back in the spotlight claiming she was wronged when VA terminated her after a full hearing with representation. She received more due process then any veteran I have ever seen fighting for access to denied health care or disability benefits. What gives?

Do veterans think its time for Sharon Helman to hit the road once and for all? Or will she be like a bad case of herpes?


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  1. If this bitch gets her job back I’ll stop using VA for anything. Hell its a 2 month wait to see anyone at mental health. In the mean time I just put my feelings on the back burner

    1. THIS NASTY WITCH NEEDS TO BE I A FEDRAL PRISOIN ASAP WORTHLSS JERK FAKE RANGER BOB MCDONALD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’d like to see her defending herself from behind the bars at Leavenworth. She can deal with her due process while building office furniture.

  3. I will bet you money that Helman does get reinstated and gets her job back ( not in Phoenix but elsewhere). I believe she has been working this out with lawyers for a year now on what to do if the hatchet falls on her, and they are now ready to make a move now that the dust settled somewhat. It will be quietly done – they will dismiss the whole thing because her team will state she was doing business with the disney people to see how disney does their customer service and her tickets were given to her to observe disney’s methods.
    You know, this is the government here… all of the departments are run the same way – the Dept. of Education people got in big trouble recently by employee theft of student personal info. You can find that on thbe web by doing a google search. Dept of Homeland security is rated the worst dept to work for – dead last – with the VA second to last in employee morale. you can find that on the web also. Environmental Protection Agency – Poor. Etc., etc. The only reason the VA boounced up in headlines is because what they were doing were actually killing people, otherwise they would have escaped all other criticism.
    We are talking about the U.S. government when we talk about any thing VA. It’s crooked, zombie culture is for real. They are the Mafia. They will do anything they want, folks. It is run by certain corporations, like Booz, Allen, Hamilton for one, and certain large financial investment banks, like Goldman Saks, for one, and certain individuals you never heard of who are a handful of the the richest people in the world. They insist on Control of all of us. And that’s the way it is. Until it becomes an all out civil war. Don’t look at Congress or the Justice Dept to do anything on your behalf except throw you a few peanuts now and then to buffer the latest news. They are doing it right in your face and don’t care what you think or how you read into their actions.

  4. The following is one of dozens of similar FBI, USDOJ, and similar links that show
    perfect matches of VA criminal conduct. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of VA staff, from the highest levels of leadership to the lowest clerk, that knowingly illegally participate in contract fraud and every sort of white collar crime there is. Not to mention medical malpractice for personal gain which is a felony. Look at this FBI case: (Can you find more FBI case like this?

    The VA has been taken over by some sort of mafia-type organization. It employees tens of thousands of carefully selected persons who willingly carry out every crime from fraud and embezzlement, contract fraud, deliberate wrongful death to second degree and arguably even first degree murder.

  5. I think we all want in on that jury. She must want to go to Disneyland again and doesn’t want to pay for it.

  6. And We are paying her lawyer fees thru tax payer bonuses I can only Pray Her lawyer gets ALL Her money AND Loses her case.That would be Some Payback at least. You would think She`d be too ashamed to show her face. Power Mad Women like this one and one ReRunning for Prez Think That are Owed special treatment and should get anything they want. These types only care about “ME” Lets talk about Me. I, Me, & My. I hope her gouging gets her thrown in Prison where BOTH she (And Hillary Belong)

  7. Why are the rules of law different for those who do great wrong and it is rewarded and doing the right thing such as taking care of patients and or whistlleblowing on the wrongs get punished? This is truly is about paying the wrongdoers to cut corners so the top can enjoy criminally the results of those cut corners, meaning giving less care to the vets who need it. When profit became more important than people. That’s the mindset was created .
    In the NIXON tapes reveal that Kaiser HMO stated that it could make more with less care Nixon agreed.That was in the Michael Moore movie about healthcare. We were told to more with less when I worked at kaiser in 1987.. You don’t want to know my response to that at the time but that. this profit driven paradigm has shifted to every thing. DO MORE WITH LESS

    1. Irene, I must disagree with you regarding the VA…..The VA is doing less with more – the budgets keep ever increasing and vets are getting less.

    2. Irene, the DoD did not just “buy it”, they made it up to start with. Where do you think they get the money for the $1.5 trillion F-35 project? They steal it from the VA by killing off vets with bad medical care. They steal it everywhere they can get it, from every federal agency and other sources. Who can stop them? Pretty much no one, and they know it.

  8. Hello Ben, I wanted to publicly thank you for taking the time to personally answer a question that I emailed to you some time ago. Thanks for the work that you are doing?
    K. Webster

  9. In my opinion if Helman had been fired and prosecuted for fraud in falsifying data for bonuses, the VA would not be in this mess now. But then the reason they likely did not is because it would implicate so many others.
    I would like to see her told, you go ahead with your little frivolous suit, meanwhile the House VA committee will reopen the investigation into Phoenix, and add Hines to the investigation.
    Speaking of lawsuit, how can she have access to the courts rather than being forced through the Merit System Protection Board first?
    If she does get any employment with the VA back, then the House and Senate VA committees should just close up shop and stop wasting tax dollars on useless oversight.

    1. What would happen to a disabled Vet in the same situation? Not only would they cut you off the medical rolls. But more than likely give you a nice bit of jail time to go with it. Making quite sure that you never get in the door again for any reason. You damn sure wont receive any form of bonus. I find getting my med on time a bonus. Instead of a week or so late.

      1. I agree that would happen. It would be interesting for a reporter to investigate the difference in prosecutions for a veteran fraudulently getting a few bucks for travel pay, and the thousands of dollars paid out to VA managers for defrauding the VA on bonuses.
        I get so disgusted every time I see the sign at the VA warning vets about travel pay fraud, as if every one of us walking in the door are money grubbing thieves, yet the massive bonus, contract and other fraud conducted by VA employees is ignored.

      2. Speaking of travel pay, did you know VA (and all government employees) receive, if using their own car, for government business, 57 1/2 cents per mile. We, who are eligible for travel, receive 41 1/2 cents per mile after a $6.00 deduction. A quick calculation shows that my 140 miles round trip to a VA versus a VA employees travel of 140 miles is $28.40 or 54% greater for the VA employee. I guess their cars must cost more or have lower gas mileage or……………………

      3. Rob59, the jails and prisons hold countless thousands of vets who were set up by the gigantic organized crime machine otherwise known as the VA. They have limitless resources where they set up elaborate long-term scenarios to herd vets with pending disability claims, and awarded disability claims, into prison so they cannot cash the checks and lose their benefits. If you think this is over-stating the VA’s level of corruption then you are a victim of VA propaganda. It is deliberate and calculated, everything the VA does and does not do. They have Bob at the helm now. He is still active on the Board of Directors of Xerox and other gigantic corporations that process thousands of VA claims and care into the circular file all day long every day. He and all the VA executive leadership collect huge bonuses doing that very thing. They will all end up in prison in the end. They are quite literally criminally insane. Anyone who is not a whistle-blower at the VA is a silent conspirator at best. The vast majority of VA workers and most certainly all of its upper ties leadership suffer from what is called Shared Delusional Syndrome. Look at recent group photos of several of them as published in the major media. They look like Real Estate Salespersons and well-dressed used car salespersons. Whoever did the professional photography for them arranged their wardrobes and their hair, make-up, postures, positions in the photo, the set, all of it. It is all staged, everything the VA does. One big drama of organized crime brought to you by the whores who have snaked their way into the Pentagon in the spending and procurement and budgeting departments at the DoD as the ones who actually run the entire VA show.

  10. First off, this individual and her attorney have a lot of nerve. Excuse me for my tears, but they are not for her but out of anger and disgust. She should be serving a very long prison sentence, but instead she is only terminated. As a veteran, I have to ask, what due process did the veterans who died waiting for her help get? To be honest, I have not seen any improvements throughout the whole VA System. Yes, they are settling claims quicker by taking a knife and slashing them with denials. That drops their backlog of claims but does nothing to help us. When are we going to see changes for the better?

  11. Due process, If Veterans can not have due process when the VA railroads them and the Disruptive Committee punishes them for something they never did and the Veteran never gets a chance to defend himself and when he/she does the VA states oh well those were the facts at the time. Wish they would produce the facts they used to railroad me. They will not and can not because there is not any facts or evidence NOTHING. The real fact is they broke so many LAWS doing this they should be held accountable and jailed.

    Who will help a Veteran who has been wrongly accused and punished which is still effecting me, as the staff has all ready seen this in my chart and considers me as a threat, when I have done nothing to deserve this type of treatment. The VA has a NAZI way of doing things. Ben could do some research into this matter, I know that there is no standard to what is considered Disruptive Behavior a cross the board and each VA makes up their own standards and it is hurting hundreds of veterans, No Wonder why so many Veterans take their lives, It just seems that no ONE even cares.

    I wrote a while back stating that my E-mails to Bob McDonald have disappeared from my E-mail box. I sent him another message about a week ago, saved it under McDonald and it also disappeared from my E-mail can someone like McDonalds office be able to delete my E-mails. Its very strange.


    1. James, I will try to help you, by way of example, on the Disruptive Flag and false arrest the VA Police pulled on me. My wife and I contacted our congressman (LaMalfa and his asst. Erin Ryan who is a real bulldog and others like Ben. We had no choice but to report other vets, one in particular, for their plan to murder a VA employee. VA police kept calling our home on their investigation. After weeks of helping protect the intended victim and our personal contact with her and her thanking us for that, the VA asked us to ID the suspect by photo line-up, which I did. The VA Police then arrested me, badly injured me, as the intended victim appeared and rushed to my aid then she called an ambulance. After the hospital we went home and soon found a Federal Ticket for $275 in the mail. Later we obtained a Disruptive Behavior report with deliberately false data that I was supposedly part of the conspiracy. Long story short, it turns out the VA Police are obviously part of this deadly criminal conspiracy to kill their own Administrative Director. Everyone is trying to downplay that, including me, but it has to be said. We have received two letters of apology from VA Police, an apology over the phone, the ticket was dismissed, and Congressional Assistant Ryan confirms to us that our version is the same as what VA Police superiors admit to in their internal affairs investigation. There is still a Disruptive Behavior flag on my file that was put there by these corrupt VA police. It actually says that I was part of the criminal conspiracy. That puts me and my family in danger from VA Police and civilian police who have been involved in this, as it makes me look like a dangerous vet with a plan to carry out a sniper attack on a federal employee though everyone admits that is totally the opposite of the truth as I took great risks reporting the actual conspirators. Our Congressional Asst. Ryan continues to work on the aspect of the flag on my file to have it removed. I will never be able to go to the VA again for anything as they have so many times proven they are literally crazy and dangerous, even including their Police. I am 100% service-connected for PTSD so this is not exactly easy for me. Regardless, if you want to talk about your case you may email me at [email protected]. Reply here if you see this so I will know to look for your email. You might also find me on facebook under Bruce Wallace where I have talked about my case there. Finally, yes, the VA can and do delete emails. There is something called disappearing emails and they do have access to that software. Take it easy and I will help you clear that flag.

  12. Due process? Screw her due process – how about the vets who died waiting for care? Did they get due process?

    The one thing positive this latest news shows is the entitlement VA employees feel they have to a job at the taxpayers expense. This woman is the personification of the VA mindset. There is no denying the facts of her illegal behavior in accepting gifts. What the VA needs to do is press the matter with the DOJ to file criminal charges and then she can get all the due process she wants – in a criminal trial.

  13. Sharon Helman seems to exude classic sociopathic behavior in her public self-serving VA ‘martyrdom’…she and the many other tripe like herself should be in a Federal Prison as the outcome of her suit.
    Sad thing is, the VA Employees Union will probably end up getting her reinstated with Pres. Obama and Sec. McDonald transferring her to a VAMC near you soon!

    Does the VA have some sort of lobotomy procedure that completely removes all VA employee’s conscience and integrity that makes them feel entirely entitled to treat Veterans like crap? The audacity she possesses astounds me!

    She should never be allowed to work in the VA in ANY capacity, let alone any pet shelter. But given the VA’s cronyism, Helman will probably be promoted and be working for the VA OIG…it would not surprise me in the least.

    Burn witch, burn!

  14. As I’ve stated before, VA and all its systems needs to be placed under a federal court order and then monitored by that court for the next twenty years to bring it in compliance with rules, regulations, and laws. Congress won’t make the VA do any of that, because, politicians, like most people could give a crap less about veterans. Take VA out of Congressional authority and place it under judicial authority for twenty years to bring it into compliance..

    1. You are absolutely right! They also should make it so that any VA Secretary, Director, including General Counsel for the VA and OIG office, there is a requirement to carry a security clearance and subject to polygraph. The Houlihans, I mean Houligans would not even be able to get away with any of the malfeasance. The Wilmington VA Medical Director lied just the other day stating that she was “unaware of any retaliation during her tenure”. There are 3 public whistleblowers at the Wilmington VA and she said this in a public forum despite numerous queries that were made to the Senators in Delaware.Title 18 is nothing to be playing with, but the Senators we have in Delaware are part of the problem.

  15. Wow. The audacity of some people really stuns me. A person (who is largely responsible for bad outcomes) sues to get her job back, after she likely retired with full pay and benefits. Shouldn’t she be going to JAIL or something? Or at least be grateful that she’s not being sent that direction?

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